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VF pollLast week, two of our posts were dedicated to holiday parties and year-end raises and bonuses … or the lack thereof this year.

This morning on my daily bus ride, I found the results of yet another poll. This one came from a joint venture with 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair magazine. This monthly poll covers the gamut of news and pop culture asking multiple choice-questions like: “Could you confidently explain what exactly the [Health Care] public option is to someone who didn’t know?” and “If you could add a president to Mount Rushmore, which one of these would you pick?”

Here’s how the 60 Minutes watchers and Vanity Fair readers to the following question: “Which one of the following are you most likely to do at your company holiday party this year?”

  • Drink way too much:  3.79%
  • Only stop by for 10 minutes to show your face:  15.15%
  • Kiss a co-worker:  4.41%
  • Take a picture with the boss:  2.00%
  • Forget someone’s name:  12.47%
  • What holiday party?:  62.19%

How would you vote? If you want to see the entire poll and vote yourself, click here … or watch the Web cast below:

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