One-third of workers need this to get through the workday

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As a rule, I hate alarm clocks. But there’s no alarm clock I hate more than the one that goes off on a Monday morning. This morning was no exception and hitting the snooze button was not an option; I had an 8 a.m. breakfast meeting with my boss.

These are the times I’m most thankful for a hot, steamy cup of the coffee. What can I say? I’m just not one of those people who jump out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work every morning.

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In honor of the recent National Coffee Day, Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder released a study on the beverage that keeps the nation’s work force productive and energetic.

Turns out that 32 percent of workers said they need coffee to get through the workday, and 43 percent of coffee drinkers reported they are less productive if they don’t drink coffee while on the job. Here are some additional items the survey found:

  • Working people need coffee to perk up. More than 40 percent of American workers say they are less productive without coffee.
  • Younger workers more dependent on a coffee fix. Forty percent of American workers 18 to 24 say they can’t concentrate as well without coffee. Forty-three percent of workers 18 to 34 said they have lower energy if they don’t drink coffee.
  • Keep the refills coming. Thirty-seven percent of American workers drink two or more cups of coffee during their workday.
  • Convenience matters. Seventy-five percent of American workers who buy coffee during the workday travel only a quarter-mile or less for their daily brew.
  • Coffee equals congratulations? Twenty-four percent of American workers 18 to 34 buy coffee as a way to treat themselves for a job  well-done.

According to the results, the fields with the highest proportions of workers who say they are less productive without coffee vary widely.  Those who need coffee the most are:

1.     Nurses
2.     Physicians
3.     Hotel workers
4.     Designers/Architects
5.     Financial/Insurance sales representatives
6.     Food preparers
7.     Engineers
8.     Teachers
9.    Marketing/Public relations professionals
10.  Scientists
11.  Machine operators
12.  Government workers

I usually can get through my day with just one cup — two sugar-free sweeteners and skim milk. If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll add a little sugar-free vanilla syrup. I want to know what WorkBuzz readers think drink. How many cups of coffee do you go through in a day? How do you take your coffee?

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    • Recently moved into a new office. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker before, but they always have a pot ready. Now I’ve found it really helps me get through the day. I usually take it straight black, nice and bitter with something to munch on like donuts or cookies. :P

    • I drink two to three cups of coffee in the morning then i go to high school where I can’t drink anymore. One day I drank 20 ozs of coffee then three more cups when I got home so Im pretty sure I need that coffee fix to get through the morning….haha

      • COFFEE IS AN ADDICTIVE DRUG. you can tell just by reading all these comments. and im not talking down on anyone i drink coffee, smoke pyramid 100s, and smoke weed all day long every day, and i admit it im an addict. but dont get confused because coffee is just the same as a cigarette, only a little less deadly.

      • Mavis Staples said once that her vocal coach told her to avoid coffee and tea like the plague then she felt her voice improved. Do you find it affects your voice adversely at all Susan?

    • I drink at least 3 cups every morning. I have developed an addiction to sugar-free coffee syrup. That, plus some skim milk, makes me feel like I’m at Starbucks.

    • I drink about 20 oz of coffee withmy breakfast and then another 20 oz on the drive to work. I take it black with 2 – 3 tsp of sugar.

    • This just sickens me how is it that the mind altering substance know as coffee that KILLS so many americans every year is so accepted in the work place and the non addictive drug known as canabis that has NEVER KILLED ANYONE is tested for and u cant get a job if u use it. In my opinion i would rather work in a office full of stoners than an office full of people GEEKING on coffee Yes i say GEEKING becouse Coffee is an upper just like METH/CRACK/COKE/EPHEDREN.
      Who wants to work with a bunch of crack heads!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Caffine is definitely abused and in dangerous amounts because it is quick and dirty as well as readily available trendy. But it is not smart and the toll will be paid eventually. This is very unhealthy over time. I believe in drinking plenty of filtered water, (plenty = based on BMI) and eating fresh, vine ripened fruits and vegetables. Preferably a wide range of assortments. The more colors the better for a wide range of nutrients. Also, know what your PH level is. If you are balanced you will feel many times better and efficiently handle nutrition entering and exiting your body. I have followed this practice for about 3 years now and reversed some bad chronic ailments and my energy levels are spot on! I am 40 and better than I was at 30. Best wishes!

      • Daniel, you have GOT to be my nephew Dan! If you’re not, this is so weird that there would be two Daniel’s who would say the exact same thing!! Way to go! Agreed!!!

      • I’m not sure the tone of your post really pushes forward NORML agenda. Pot WILL be decriminalize and then legalized. Be patient, maybe another 5-6 years. I’ll pick a date…….4-20-16.

      • I completely agree with you, I sit between two coffee drinkers, and becaise I am the first here each morning, it became uncomfortable hearng hey, you made coffee, hey coffee ready, oh somebody didnt make just geez get a life, come on time, I no longer drink it in then office as I did socially. But 90% of people eat green, but yup, we are the bad ones or cant get hired. Have you noticed everything bad for you is legal, you know the rest. Question, why are people practicing each day their suspesion of belief, choosing to overlook the obvious in life- we all are geting the short end og the stick.

    • whats the first thought that crosses a cigarette smokers mind when he wakes up? i need a cigarette. what about a heroin addict? i need some h. whats the coffee drinkers first thought? i need a cup of joe. we are all the same whether your addicted to nicotine, caffeine, sugar, crack, or sex. theres no difference. im a coffee drinker too so im not talking down on you im just saying if you find yourself drinking 2-3 cups a day please realize that you yourself are a drug addict (caffeine is a drug that alters your mind)

  2. I don’t work in any of the top 10 field. I am in Information Technology… which is a fancy way of saying I fix computers. Traditionally I put lots of cream and sugar in my coffee. About six months ago I came to the reality that I was make UN-healthy decisions so I slowly cut back the sugar ans switched to 1% milk. These days I drink more coffee than ever and I drink it without any sweetener and only some 1% milk and I find I love it even more.

  3. Try doing a study of military personnel. I do not drink coffee myself but most of my fellow Soldiers drink gallons of coffee and Energy Drinks every day. When deployed it is common to get only 4-6 hours of sleep a day so we live on stimulants (caffeine and all the stuff in energy drinks) to keep going. You typical respondant’s 1-2 cups a day wouldn’t even take the edge off.

    • I agree. Try running. Try any exercise that gets your heart pumping for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You won’t need caffeine. You also won’t need as much sleep so you’ll be able to stay up later or get up earlier and hence get more done or simply enjoy life with more hours awake. You will awake feeling energized and refreshed. The quality of your sleep will be better, too. Regular exercise seems to produce a deeper, more restful sleep. Anyway, I never feel the need for caffeine . . . provided I run everyday.

  4. This is a great story in regards to how we as Americans in general, are addicted to Caffeine!(Coffee, Energy Drinks, Diet Pills) But how many people are aware of the fact that Caffeine is worse for your body than most illicit street dugs? It is also According to the American Medical Journal ” The # 1 cause of cancer. heart disease, stroke, aneurism artheriosclerosis. 2nd to Nicotine, which is less caustic to your health when ingested oraly.Caffeine!NO one is going to tell you that on prime time news,and frankly, you dont want to hear it because then you would have to admit that your an addict like everyone else out there addicted to some drug to keep them asleep or awake.

    • Where’s the data to back up this BS statement?????

      “It is also According to the American Medical Journal ” The # 1 cause of cancer. heart disease, stroke, aneurism artheriosclerosis. 2nd to Nicotine, which is less caustic to your health when ingested oraly”

      1, It’s not American Medical Journal. You have JAMA, NEJM and others, but stop making sh_t up.

      2, it’s not the nicotine in cigs that’s so bad, it’s the formaldehyde, cyanide, lye and hundreds of other carcinogens that cause cancerous changes, not nicotine. It’s just about the most highly addictive substance out there next to meth, coke and heroin, but your statement is pure BS.

        • i talked to the cashier in my local 7-11 and he sells 12,000 cups of coffee a day. and i dont live in a big city, its actually relatively small. and this is only one of about eight 7-11s in the city. 12,000 cups! if were not a bunch of addicts i dont know what we are

      • That won’t be hard to find for you and everyone else that thinks the like. If you are still around when the proverbial light comes on, it will be blaringly obvious. There will be no argument. Just the many sick and dead as more folks feel they have no option but to drain their bodies of anything good and replace it with caffine, sugar and similar DRUGS. Our bodies were not made to run on this crap and systems will fail as the body is abused. As I said eariler on this page, I believe in drinking plenty of filtered water, (plenty = based on BMI) and eating fresh, vine ripened fruits and vegetables. Preferably a wide range of assortments. The more colors the better for a wide range of nutrients. Also, know what your PH level is. If you are balanced you will feel many times better and efficiently handle nutrition entering and exiting your body. I have followed this practice for about 3 years now and reversed some bad chronic ailments and my energy levels are spot on! I am 40 and better than I was at 30. Exercise is a plus. I get at least an hour of good cardio a day. Best wishes!

    • Jared – I’d have to go with “really now??” on this one. Whatever “medical journal” you’re reading is not a respected journal in the medical profession. Yes, caffeine is addictive, but so is chocolate. Even food is an addictive substance to individuals with certain psychological problems. The big difference between caffeine and illegal drug substances is the actual harmful effect on one’s body from them. Caffeine, as well as many other substances on this planet, acts as a free radical in your body, which can lead to cancer in those who are predispositioned for the disease. It’s not a guarantee that just because you drink coffee every day, you’re destined for cancer.

      However, using meth, speed, or some other highly corrosive drug substance every day is guaranteed to have major health effects on you no matter what your predispotion is! Even cannibis has health effects on your brain due to the chemical THC, which affects some nerve receptors that can be damaged permenantly. Cannibis will also raise your heart rate, while dropping your blood pressure for a longer period of time even after the psychological effects of the drug has worn off. This is considered “bad” if you continue to smoke pot to keep your high…if you’re predispositioned for it, this will lead to a weakened heart which could lead to heart disease.

      And by the way, nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarrettes, not the harmful portion. The additives in cigs (can anyone say TAR) are what causes the harmful effects in your body, nicotine just makes you go back for more.

      *stepping down from soap box*

      • Actually, Nicotine does cause damage to the body. It constricts the blood veins which reduces blood flow which leads to blockages and clots. I am 30% blocked in my left leg and 15% in my right. The Doc’s say if I don’t quit smoking soon I’ll be looking at surgery to bypass the blocked arteries.

    • I think that is only when caffiene is added artificially to stuff. Coffee beans and tea naturally have Caffiene in them and I personally have never heard of them causing cancer.

  5. Am most definately a coffee fend. I drink at least 3-5 cups aday. If I dont have it first thing in the morning I hell to deal with all day. Its such a staple to my day I dont even call it coffee, I call it nectar of the Gods. LOL!!

  6. I like 2-3 cups of coffee with milk in the morning. After I start working, it is too hot for coffee. On cold(or wet) mornings, though, sometimes more is better.
    I wouldn’t do sugar-free because it tends to be sweeter than sugar…milk makes mine sweet enough. (I don’t really eat sweets.)

  7. I just have to laugh because nurses are listed number one on the list of professions who need coffee the most. I am a registered nurse, currently working the night shift, with my cup of coffee in hand!

    • I am an RN also, and have drunk many. many cups of coffee on 12 hr night shifts.I ‘m having a cup now. I’m not surprised nurses held the list and physicians are second. For the afternoon I cut down on the volume and have a Cuban buchito or cortadito. Latinos, esp Cubans, drink a lot of coffee too. I love the variety!

  8. I don’t drink any coffee or tea. Try eating a light and healthy breakfast such as fresh fruit and whole grain cereal instead of drinking coffee, your bodies will thank you for it.

    • I agree 100%. The body is a walking miracle with what it can do when treated right. BUT! I only wish your solution was as easy as shoving doughnuts and coffee down their throats. I’m afraid that your solution requires too much planning for most Americans. Besides, even if they take your advice I wouldn’t be surprised if they are picturing a bowl of Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms with a side of canned peaches in heavy syrup. About one in 5000 will open an ear to good nutritional advice in my travels. The rest are in denial, don’t care or too lazy. But keep telling folks anyway. That one in 5000 is worth it.

  9. Keep the refills coming. Thirty-seven percent of American workers drink two or more cups of coffee during their workday. – Yikes, I am way over this and I just woke up!!! I usually have 6 or so cups before I head to the health club and then another 4 or so at work after the health club. But then I am done for the day. Back to the coffee pot for a refile…………………….

  10. I have a coffee mug that holds two normal cups of coffee in it and I drink two and half cups of my coffee mug, so about five cups. I take my coffee with french vanilla creamer only.

  11. Wow! I am a stay at home mom with two sons ages 4 and under, two 9 week old kittens, and school full time. I don’t know what the average is for that category but I drink one to two pots of coffee a day. It doesn’t keep me awake or help me concentrate, rather it’s the quiet safe place I escape to through out the day :) Two sugar w/ french vanilla creamer, mmmm :D

  12. Try decaf, water and exercise. I get up at 3:45 am, work out for 60-90 minutes-drinking lots of water, have a cup of decaf while I get ready for work, and another decaf at work. Sometimes I have a decaf tea after supper before bed. I feel 100% better when I drink water first thing in the morning than on days I don’t. Even try drinking a glass of water for every coffee you drink. My guess is you will really be surprised how it affects how you feel. Good luck!

  13. Can you guys not see that this is a gross addiction? Try to ween yourselves off of this. The human body does not have to be dependent on caffeine to get through the day. It’s also nasty and stains your teeth. I can always tell if someone is a coffee drinker by their breath and teeth. Even if they bleach their teeth, it’s still gross under all that bleach. How about exercise?

  14. If we are talking about standard eight ounce cups, then I drink two a day. I take it with three splenda and sugar free flavored creamer- tis the season for Pumpkin Spice. If I don’t watch myself, I can drink ten of those a day.

    • Folks, Please! do some research on Splenda, sugar free flavored creamers or anything else not found in nature that you are ingesting!! Don’t listen to a faceless commenter like me. Research and you will find this is draining the life out of you and that is just what they want. Try Stevia. It’s 100% natural. Oops, can I say that here? 100% natural sounds like foul language…at least that is what the manufacturers want you to believe.

  15. After years as a flight attendant, it seemed as though a whole demographic was missed with pilots and flight attendants consuming obscene amounts of java morning noon and night.

  16. hah, i spend roughly 15 dollars on redbull and energy shots each day. it’s the only way i can maintain a positive attitude.. without it instead of taking on a workload, i get pissy and hate my job.

    • seandon, dude that means your an addict. how do you think a crackhead feels when he hasnt smoked any boulders today? dont get me wrong though dude im an addict too. i drink cofee smoke cigarettes and smoke weed all day long. im just shedding some light on the fact that COFFEE IS A DRUG and if you use it you get addicted. just look at all the caffeine-heads on this post

  17. In a sense you can’t blame the part-time wage earners. Corporate america is cutting manpower to a minimum everywhere you look, in addition to imposing unrealistic expectations on it’s employees. I find it funny how the corporate offices are always fully staffed, but this is a topic for another day. With this, though I don’t drink coffee myself I can understand how workers working under these conditions need an upper to keep going. Especially those in the customer service fields, dealing with the irate and irrational customers they see on occasion. The only problem though, coffee, or caffeine I should say, like any drug has a tolerance factor. You may just need one cup now, but that will change if you drink enough of it. You need to find out whats wiping you out in the first place and change that factor. If your jobs the problem try to find a new one, but don’t quit until you hooked it. If your not taking care of yourself, or sleeping only 4 hours a day like I used to when I first started working the overnights 7 years ago, then life style changes are necessary. I weened down on my caffeine intake, which used to be between 4-6 20 oz bottles of mountain dew and a lot of fast food to almost none. I’ve since become an athlete, started college, changed my lifestyle, and changed jobs on two occasions, until I found a job better suited to me. Now though I’m somewhat overworks, feel a lot more in balance and don’t need stimulants to keep functioning.

  18. I work 12 hr late night shifts. I usually down a quart or more over the course of the shift. I don’t drink coffee other than for work. Don’t really like it that much. It’s just cheaper than pumping money into the Coke machine for my caffeine lift, and making my own allows me to have some control over what goes into it, like when the machine is out of sugar or lightener (odd term). Besides, I’ve known some folks to get multi-legged critters in their coffee out of the machines. Kind of like an oyster, sometimes you get a prize.

  19. I am 24 years old and work in Washington D.C. I work full time and go to school full time, which means I get up early and go to bed late. I wake at 5:00 each and every morning as if I never went to sleep. I am not saying that I am a morning person, but I don’t need coffee to get my day going. I love coffee, but limit myself to two cups throughout the day, because anymore causes me to stress out! I find that the surge in caffeine makes it difficult for me to concentrate. Also, I brew my own coffee at home and we are provided coffee at work.

  20. Luckily, I work more evening shifts most often (2 p.m. to 11 p.m.) so I don’t need anything, but on the days I do work during the a.m., sometimes I need a little boost. If I’m totally exhausted, 2 straight black shots of Espresso. If I just need a little pick-me-up, it’s usually a regular coffee with some skim milk and a few Splendas. Luckily, I work in a bookstore with a café, and I can go grab a cup on my break without even starting the car.


  21. So uh, define cup.

    I have a Keurig on my desk, and I brew 4-6 K-Cups in the morning, with a follow-up of some sort of caffiene at work.

  22. Between 15 and 20 cups each day, black. I do not make it extremely strong like most people, but I do drink a lot of it. My drink of choice. Water and coffee is what I drink.

  23. I just had to give up caffeine, but was hooked on a morning espresso. So, I bought decaffeinated coffee and am still enjoying my espresso–MINUS the stomach pain!

  24. Coffee drinker here and don’t know what a work morning would be like without it but do know I don’t really get going until after that first cup! LOVE my coffee!

  25. Making coffee is the second thing I do in the morning. I have 1-2 cups creamer only. For the afternoon anywhere between 2:30 and 5:00 pm depending I how busy I am it is another 1 to 2 cups. If I’m out and about I stop at Micky D’s, small cup w/ 4 creams and I always say ” It has to be fresh, I am willing to wait for a freash pot.” Most of the time they have me pull up and they bring it out to me. I am addicted to MD’s coffee it is better than the other brands. I am waiting for them to sell it at the major stores.

  26. I really dont need coffee to start my day. I feel like I can still function without it, but its just something about having a cup of coffee on your way to work that just makes the morning more tolerable.

  27. I drink my coffee black, no sugar, no cream or milk. Have from one to three cups druing the work day. On the weekends just one cup.

    Trying to change over to tea, but no success so far. :)

  28. I thought I was one of those who needed her cup of coffee, but when my husband deployed, it just didn’t seem worth the effort to just brew myself a cup, so I stopped drinking it. I actually feel the exact same energy from just drinking a cup of water.

  29. I drink between 3 and 5 cups of espresso with extra sugar every day. Without it, I just don’t seem to function well at all, and if I don’t have coffee at all, I get headaches

  30. I like mine fresh ground, one of those one quart mugs for the morning. In the PM I’ll settle for the jobsite petrol consuming about 2-3 mugs per day.

  31. I’m working 12-14 hour days at the moment, so I feel downright depressed if forget my morning coffee, with some skim milk, sugar (I find Splenda makes coffee taste bad), and creamer… sometimes I’ll have afternoon coffee too, but usually it’s an energy drink depending on how hot or cold the day is…

  32. I was a coffee and strong tea addict. But at some point in my life I found a much better healthier alternative: only carbs breakfast (any you like, but healthy options are preferable, such as whole wheat breads, low sugar jelly, fruits, cereal and etc…) and a glass of cold water! This breakfast gives you energy and cold water wakes you up, and you do not feel sleepy at all!

  33. Add Pastors to the list of big time coffee drinkers. It’s hard for most of them to sneak out the backdoor and smoke…and what more acceptable vice is there??

  34. I have had a cup of coffee every morning for the last 30 + years. No Cream or sugar-straight up. I think work is the reason I continue to drink it thru the day however I have started to scale back on the amount I drink. I also like the occasional latte. (Fat Free and no favorings) My family all drinks coffee. My husband does not drink coffee but drinks lots of diet coke. His family were not coffee drinkers either.

  35. After years of the caffeine rollercoaster -(jumpstart the day with coffee, tea or soda , more caffeine as necessary through the day, then too tired or wired to sleep at night) I cut back and then finally cut out caffeine along with high fructose drinks and most carbonated beverages. Amazingly I now feel much better – good sleep at night, more productive during the day, no tired feeling after lunch. Other things like clear skin, clear thinking and easier weight control were some of the surprising other bonuses.

  36. Honestly, it depends on how my day starts out. I wake up to no alarm clock, biologically set. However, I am dragging out of bed, and thinking about work makes it all that more difficult. I set coffee as my goal, it awakens my senses. If I am sluggish I say, “Hey, Jessica, how about a cup of coffee out today?” This motivates me out the door. Once I am at work though, I may or may not drink more Joe, but most of the time, I do. Focus is the key, and whether I am tired and need a boost, or just need more energy for the larger more detailed tasks at hand I tend to reach for a cup. I love tea, and enjoy it often, I have programmed myself to drink it to relax, so black coffee is still my key to an eye opening day.

    • You got that right! I have 3-4 cans of Diet Pepsi Max per day. I don’t like coffee, but need that pick me up! For warmth, I love hot cocoa. My employees know that until they hear the can snap the day has not started!

      • I’m not a coffee drinker, love the smell of a fresh pot but can’t stand the after-taste. I usually have a Coke Zero when I first get up, and then at least two more during the day.

  37. Well I love coffee so I drink at least 4 cups a day. I like it with sugar and milk. Some times with a little caramel creamer from Sheetz.

  38. I drink one cup of coffee with a packet of half & half stirred in when I first get into work in the morning and that normally gets me through the day. Sometimes in the afternoon I will make some English Breakfast Tea if I need a pick-me-up.

  39. the cup I use is a large travel mug about 24oz, I drink about three before 9am and will have at lease two more before noon, then I will drink around two to three more before 3pm. depends on how my day is going. and they are all black , don’t want to waste a good cup of coffee.

  40. (2) 12oz coffees in the morning – black, no sugar – if I’m feeling like I need a buzz I’ll have another one around 2 or 3. I’m thinkin of kicking the habit and heading back to tea…

  41. I just like to drink warm beverages. Its not the caffeine for me just that warm soothing feeling in every sip. So coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm apple cider, warm ginger ale it all works for me.

  42. I must have at least 20oz of coffee by 10 a.m., I wake up at 3:30 a.m. for work–so your 8am breakfast with the boss sounds wonderful. I always buy Hazel Nut coffee from Circle K, which is only 1/4 mile from my job. I add three hazel nut creamers and two artificial sweeteners. I have backed off on the doughnuts with every cup and now eat a breakfast bar with my coffee (usually Cheerios).

    This was a fun post to read as I am at work and trying to wake up. :)

  43. I work at a hotel myself. Usually one 12 oz cup of coffee will do it. I like it with Interntional Delight creamers. My favorite is caramel machiato. I can function just fine without coffee, but it makes the day that much better.

  44. I used to drink about a pot per day! And if I didn’t get it, WATCH OUT! I weaned myself down to 2 cups and I don’t allow myself any more. I like it black with a tiny amount of splenda.

  45. I drink 2 – 3 cups every day. 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. MUST have my coffee! I hit it heavy with 5 pkgs of blue stuff sweetner and some hazelnut flavored creamer. I can drink it with just sweetner if I am out and about, but I do admit to carrying a tiny tupperware container of flavored creamer in my purse.

  46. I work in maintence in a factory. We all drink coffee there. If anyone finishes a pot and doesnt start a new one, thats always enough to get cussed out. These guys can not function without coffe and refuse to go to work without it.

  47. Used to drink expresso – real sugar, the whole bit. Now, GARD doesn’t let me drink coffee anymore. I have found that I get up refreshed, find my energy and do as well as I did. What I make sure to do is eat a good breakfast when I get up. It’s all about training yourself.

  48. Why didn’t they mention the recent study saying a week after you QUIT drinking coffee you are just as productive and able to concentrate WITHOUT drinking it? You only tell part of the story.

  49. I’m glad my job requires me to be moving on my feet all day. If i had a desk job or had to stand in one place all day, I’d fall asleep. Nothing helps. Caffeine and such makes me sleepy.

  50. I used to drink any where from 5 to 7 pots of coffee a day. The Doctor said that may be why I could not sleep at night. So I cut down to Three Cups of Decafe a day. It seems to help.

  51. I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee!!! French Vanilla is my faovrite with a little cream only. I brew a small pot each morning (and I mean EVERY morning) that makes two good-sized mugs full of it. Lord help me if they go out of business.

  52. I drink about 4 or 5 cups in the morning, and 5 to 6 during the work day it also depends on how cold it is out side as I will drink even more.

  53. I start my day with a diet Mountain Dew. The caffeine and carbonation combo really wakes you up and gets you going. Then, when I get to work it’s 1 – 2 cups of coffee before lunch.

  54. just a good hearty breakfast is all I need… but that meant i had to cook, and I didn’t know how to do that.. then my girlfriend bought me this hilarious beginners cookbook last Xmas and I have been cooking ever since.. I can’t tell you the name of the book here cause it’s a bit politically incorrect and some of you will freak out at me.. but if you google “whipped and beaten culinary works” you can find it.. but seriously, don’t go if you can’t take a good joke..

  55. Believe it or not, I work the night shift and i go through an average of 10 to 12 cups a night. It’s free and always available. A couple of sweet and lows and a little cream and I’m good to go!

  56. I drink two cups of very strong home brewed coffee (12 oz minimum) at least per day….cannot function in the am without it. No sugar, a little half-n-half. If I have something to do later in the day, I will definitely stop for another cup, but if I don’t pass a place that sells good coffee, I will brew my own at home. I have been told that I am a coffee snob, and make my own blend…never the same, depending on where I purchase, but usually 4 different roasts.

  57. I have been caffeine free for over two years now. It is an addicitve drug that forces you to rely on it just to live your life. Since you are all shaking your heads or getting angry I suggest you quit and then tell me I am wrong. You will have heavy limbs, stomach cramps and extreme irritability. That is what is called detox.

    Without caffeine you will wake up on natural endorphines and will hop right out of bed like the author suggests. The caffeine is what makes you lethargic. Youer body is in withdrawal by the morning and refuses to operate until it gets it’s fix.

    So please, go ahead and rant for me about how I am just bitter. (pun intended) Put it down folks, you will find eneergy you never would believe you could have. But BTW, Mondays will still suck.

    • Robert, I completely agree! A blanced diet and proper nutrition will do the trick just fine. I rarely rely on caffeine in any form to get me through the day. Don’t get me wrong, I do go through phases where coffee is enjoyed, but I rarely drink it. I don’t think that people really “need” the coffee, they’ve just come to rely on it so much that they don’t know how to function without it.

  58. I go through almost 6 or 7 cups a day. I work nights until 11 or so and sleep is not an option during the day. So I make my own coffee. Very rarely do I buy coffee already made. I take mine a little strong with half and half and sugar for the first 3 cups and black the rest of the day. And I only drink Maxwell House.

  59. I used to drink coffee throughout the entire day. Now, I drink 1 cup in the morning and nothing further through the day. However, I must add I use diet coke as my “pick-me-up” in the afternoon.

  60. Strong and black! Grind my own beans. I have at least an eight-cup pot of coffee a day. Used to have a coffee problem, drinking sometimes two or three pots a day. I think I’m doing quite a bit better now. ;)

    I stoke my daily desire of the Elixir of the Gods by having a quad-shot hazelnut latte (venti)… at least once a week. Because I deserve it.

    (yes, I live in the Northwest)

  61. 2 cups of coffee most days…3 on a tired day. I put a teaspoon of coffeemate and 1 or 2 sweetener packets…sprinkle of cinnamon, pinch of cocoa powder and a drop or 2 of vanilla…tastier and far less calories and cost than any overpriced coffee place.

  62. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. The first cup to jumpstart my day, while the other two are for suppressing my appetite to get through the day without snacking. I take my coffee with sugar and cream.

  63. I usually have two mugs (4 cups) of coffee while working out in the morning, with about another two quart thermos of coffee throughout the day. No point getting a slight buzz, better to be a bee all day long.

  64. Kinda surprised that “architect” only made it to #4, but I’m honored to have been nominated with the likes of nurses and doctors in the running.
    I make two travel mugs at home each morning. One for the road, and one to keep me going once I make it to work. Half caff with cream & sugar.

    • To Rick: You should also be honored to be nominated along with teachers. They are the ones who made it possible for you to post here.

  65. If I’m drinking coffee it’s with a packet of Stevia and some low-fat or non-fat organic milk, but lately it’s been lots and lots of Yerba Mate tea with a little honey.

  66. On my second cup now. Probably 2-3 cups a day on average. Our preferred beverage: PapaNicholas Black and Tan Whole Bean (we grind our own), Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Cold Water from fridge. Half & Half Creamer. (I’m drooling just writing this). When we are out, its Dunkin Donuts coffee.

  67. Coffee…… A legal liquid speed, yes, very addictive, but then so accepted in our society. Ok, I am a tea drinker, green tea, and mostly do non-caffenated. All of my coffee friends and relatives cannot even wake up properly without their “fix”, yet are astonished when I wake up full of vim and vinager without any stimulents ??

    • I agree 100%. Served in the Army and Air Force and worked closley with the Navy. EVERYBODY drank coffee until noon and it was punishable by court martial to finish the pot and not make more. LOL Our military thrives on coffee. Forget fighting over oil. Protect the coffee beans!

  68. I am a 41 year old retiree and wake up early each morning to start my day. I am what most might consider a heavy coffee drinker, consuming a 12 cup pot of coffee before 8am. I used to drink coffee to get me started in the morning, but now I drink it for the sheer enjoyment of coffee. Many times I drink a pot of coffee while reading a book before going to bed. I like my coffee as is with no cream or sugar and I will drink any brand as long as it is strong. Do not ask me to meet you at a Starbucks or any other over-rated coffee shop. I simply refuse to pay a ridiculous price for a name and a place to sit.

  69. I just drink water… I hate the way coffee makes me feel. If your tired it’s probably because your dehydrated to begin with or don’t have some kind of exercise routine.

  70. I work in retail… I drink two in the morning to ease into the day, and then most days I drink a medium cup of starbucks coffee to ge through my shift in the evening.

  71. I want to see a study on those ridiculously expensive energy drinks. Almost without fail, when I stop to fill up iin the AM I will see piles of people carting these mammoth “energy drinks” out to their car. Usually multiple ones.

  72. I drink two 20 oz cups in the morning. Very sweet – 5 Equals – and real cream. One as soon as my eyes open, and the other on my way to work. I keep large, insulated mugs to keep it nice and hot till the last drop. But I rarely have another cup during the day.

  73. Strong dark-roast coffee (which actually has *less* caffeine; roasting destroys caffeine in coffee) with flavored creamers. Love Irish cream, hazelnut, buttercream, toffee, caramel. And several cups throughout the day. Yum.

  74. I have usually found that, at the places I where have worked, things have gone especially well when there have been attractive, vivacious women present. Thet certainly have made the atmosphere looser and more fun.

  75. Some people have blood pressure … I have coffee pressure. I learned long ago that water is unsafe to drink unless brewedwith coffee grounds or mixed with bourbon!

  76. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Brew at home dark roast if I have it. Take it with fat free half & half and sugar. Besides water the only beverage that I regularly consume on a daily basis.
    I consume approximately two to three pots daily, and no it does not keep me awake at night.
    I have a drip pot, a french press and a cup at a time machine, and a rarely used expresso machine.

  77. I have usually discovered that, considering the place where I have worked, when there have been attractive, charming, vivacious women present, the workplace has been more fun.

  78. I have usually found that, at the places where I have worked, there has been no “workplace fatigue,” nor have I suffered any, when there have been attractive, charming, vivacious women present.

  79. I havew usually found that, when I become down in regard to my workplace, that the attractive, charming, vivacious women who have worked there have picked me back up.

    • There are no good coffee shops near me so I brew my own and take a flask to work most days. Usually take it black unless I have flavoured liquid creamer. On no coffee days I take a pot of tea. Know it is a lot of caffeine….can’t help it.

  80. I don’t have much faith in all the studies that go on or how acurate they are, but I do know, I drink or should I say, I sip coffee all day long while I’m on the job. It isn’t a perk effect…It’s simply a habit. I don’t think clearer, I simply make myself think I do. On days with no coffee?…I simply make myself think I’m doing better because I have no coffee. It’s all in the mind…not the coffee.

  81. I try not to drink coffee everyday… maybe twice a week. I love the vanilla iced coffee from McDonald’s. Or I’ll make it at home, but either way, it has to be very sweet and creamy!

  82. I guess at this stage you can call me an addict. If I skip a day, or maybe don’t drink enough coffee, the following day I wake up with a horrible headache and lethargic, not to mention body aches. I have been trying to cut my consumption by not drinking it after noon but sometimes I grab a soda which also has caffeine without thinking about it. I probably drink around 6-8 cups a day. My last job was as a customer service rep in a call center. Now I’m a full time college student at 52 years young.

  83. A bowl of weed is just the thing to get me going in the morning. Maybe it’s just motivation to get up. Anyways, it’s not as bad for me as coffee would be and by the time I’m ready to leave the house it’s mostly worn off.

  84. It’s been said that the only reason coffee drinkers rely so heavily on it is that once you start drinking it, your body gets use to the added caffeine and then relies on the coffee to add that to your body to get you up to the same level as before you started drinking it. If you don’t start drinking coffee, you won’t need it in the future.

  85. My coffee?I grind my own, mostley flavored, rather strong, always extra hot and plenty of it. I turn on the coffee pot as soon as I get out of bed and make the second pot after lunch. My last cup is injoyed while getting ready for bed that night. Also I sleep very sound.

  86. I drink a cup of coffee at home before I leave for work and when I get to work I switch to one cup of black tea in the morning and decaf or herbal tea in the afternoon and take a mega ginseng capsule after lunch and never feel sleepy.

  87. I’m up at 3 AM most mornings, so coffee is a big help! It’s even better during the winter when it’s the coldest part of the day. An automatic coffee maker set to brew a pot a half hour before I get up makes it very easy, given that I make the effort to set it up and hit the ‘delay’ button before I turn in for the evening! If I can’t smell it when I wake up, I know I forgot or something else went wrong and I still have some time to get it going before I hit the shower. I don’t need to buy ‘good’ coffee like Folgers or one of the premium brands…instead, I get the cheapest stuff I can get and add chocolate powder to suit my tastes. Usually not enough, just enough to mask any bitterness cheaper coffee is plagued with. A touch of cold milk brings it down to safe drinking temperature so I can actually drink some without burning myself during my five minute commute to work. Missing a day isn’t the end of the world, but the early mornings go much, much better with it! I never drink any past 6AM, unless I’m working on something outdoors during the winter. Never had any problems with caffeine addiction as a result.

  88. I only drink one cup a day, first thing in the morning. I have a small cup and even make it half-caf sometimes but I need it. I put warmed soy milk in it or CoffeeMate Vanilla creamer.

  89. I love my morning coffee. I wait until I get to the office to have my first cup. Starbucks Cafe Verona brewed at work, black with 1 (raw) sugar. Usually the one cup will be enough to kick start my working day. Funny, I am the only person in the office (of only 4 people) who drinks coffee. The others like their diet sodasQ!!!!!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!.

  90. I drink 1 – 3 cups of coffee a day. However, to save money, I get the large cans of coffee and make it at home. For my refills, well, thankfully, my company provides that at work! Cream or creamer and honey (not sugar) and I am set.

    If I had to go and buy cups of coffee from a cafe/shop on a daily basis (from 3 – 10 $ a cup depending on how fancy you go) I’d be broke.

    @8$ every two months for my coffee at home (for me and my husband), free at work; I’m set. So yes, I jumpstart my early morning at work as an Administrative Assistant with a cup of coffee. :) Can’t live without it.

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  92. I don’t need caffeine to get through my day…Usually a blanced breakfast and some B complex, and I’m good to go for the day!

  93. I usually have two cups per day. It’s not so much a felt need as it is a comfort food. I can work w/o it, or on decaf, w/o any problem (after the 2-3 days of detox from the caffeine addiction). I just like the coffee and the buzz, so I indulge. I didn’t actually start drinking it until well into my 30′s, so I made it through my university days on just tea. Now the question I have for readers is what’s the size of your cup. Mine holds 12-16 oz., but many others hold more, especially if they buy their coffee (I make mine at home).

  94. I hate coffee. When I worked I got through each day (HORRIBLE company) with several Diet Raspberry Iced Tea Snapples. In the winter I’d get a huge hot chocolate at the gas station in the A.M.

  95. I work in sales and I drink one cup of coffe per hour thru my work day on average a little more during the summer months. I find coffee allows me to concentrate and stay alert thru the day.

  96. I typically run through starbucks drive-through in the morning and always order a Doppio w/3 pumps of classic syrup and cold whole milk to the top in a short cup. Its basically the same thing as a store baught Starbuck’s “Double Shot” from any grocery store but costs about 19 to cents cheaper. If you wanna try this particular drink, they are strong but delicious, however most Starbuck’s shops won’t know what your asking for and don’t realize that it’s a layered drink so be sure to implore your server not to stir the drink before serving it and also advise that it must be drank after about 30 seconds of being made otherwise it may become a bit more bitter and not quite as good. Ahhhh Yes!!… The science of coffee :0)

  97. Learned to drink coffee due to the shifts I had to work as a brand new nurse:
    days, evenings and nights. Not possible to do this without caffeine. I exercised daily as well – but still needed the coffee.
    I now have an excellent schedule and still love my coffee:
    Hot, black and strong.

  98. I am a project engineer, and I start my day with a big (32 ounce?) cup of coffee. It’s 10AM now, and I’m just finishing the first (32 ounce?) cup…

    Another thing that really wakes me up in the morning is if I fly one of my remote control airplanes before heading into work. Sometimes a near-crash will really get my heart racing — then I’m ready for work! :)

  99. If you feed your body good nutritious food, instead of trying to survive on fast food, soda pop, donuts and chips, you may not need coffee.

    • I eat a healthy breakfast every morning usually consisting of oatmeal, grits or a fruit filled protein shake, a light healthy lunch and a sensible fairly healthy dinner that I try to eat as early as possible. When I snack it is on things like nuts and fruit. I STILL require 2 cups of coffee in the morning and without it I am a mess. I just wanted to comment because although I drink coffee I generally don’t eat things like donuts and chips and never soda.

  100. I was surprised to see government worker’s last on the list. I work for a municipality and everyone I know always has a cup of joe in hand. I drink one-two mugs in the morning, preferably strong French roast with (ok, I admit it) non-dairy French vanilla creamer!

  101. You feel more alert, because of the caffine. I too used to drink regular coffee, until I started having Anxiety attacks. Then I had to wean off (and I do mean Wean off) caffine and get used to drinking decalf coffee or tea. Sure doesn’t give the zing, but it’s better than nothing!

    • :) that’s the way it’s always been, especially the tea drinkers.
      The goody twoshoes of 20′s and 30′s and earlier would sit around sipping tea- which is loaded with caffeine- and bitterly complain about the drug useing population, drinking beer, whiskey, coffee, 7up, coca cola, or after alcahol was outlawed, pot, which took the place of beer in many nightclubs. The Jazz nightclubs…those dang beatniks!

  102. I really don’t like coffee. I prefer tea. After taking years of Excedrin (i tab) daily as doctors said was healthy, my tolerance for the Excedrin in my stomach changed, so I now take a coated aspirin daily. But I found in the switch that I developed daily headaches. (The caffiene was missing.) That’s when I deduced that I was addicted to the caffiene in the excedrin.
    I therefore started drinking a cup of coffee every morning…and the headaches stopped. But I don’t like ‘hot’ coffee, so I make a cup at night, refrigerate it, and drink it in the morning.

  103. $tarbuck$…TOO expensive! Go with Folger’s or Maxwell House! Any way you get your coffee, enjoy! And my profession, Teacher, #8! I take good care of my staff by making sure the coffee is fresh and hot every morning before we get teh students!

  104. When I worked at a coffee shop during college, I drank TONS of coffee! Over the last few years, I’ve drank it mainly as an occasional pick-me-up or as a snack/dessert (we’re talking frappes, etc.). About the time I got pregnant last year, I WAS drinking the stuff every morning since I had to be at work early… but then had to cut back. I found that mostly, I crave the taste (not the caffeine), or just something to sip on while I’m working. So decaf coffee or something else (almost anything else… water anybody?) to sip on at my desk was really all I needed. I love coffee, but let’s be honest… it’s not good to over do it. Moderation and healthier alternatives are the key for me. :)

  105. I love coffee! But usually not before lunch, and never ever ever never before breakfast. This whole discussion is makin’ me thirsty for some coffee right now! :-9

  106. I’m a receptionist, and I like to add coffee to my hot cocoa every day :) Sometimes I make it with milk… If I’m not feeling the chocolate vibe that day, I’ll make black tea instead, with sugar and 2% milk.
    At Starbucks, if I’m out of cocoa mix, I’ll get a Marble Mocha Macchiatto (white and milk chocolate with steamed milk and espresso shots) or an Awake tea misto.
    Today I mixed a coffee milkshake (with chocolate chips) with Starbucks Via instant coffee and milk, and added ice. Mmmm….

  107. Actually per gram there is more caffeine in tea than coffee. Real tea of course. Not that powered junk in a jar. I dont know what that stuff is. You let tea brew long enough and it is like rocket fuel.

  108. I grind fresh beans each a.m., pour ONE CUP OF COFFEE; and, NEVER SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE CUP, the rest of the day . . . until it is MARTINI TIME!

    The time between coffee and martinis is simply a WASTE!

    68 years old, 47 years of martinis (1 per day) AND 56 years of coffee! 1 Cigar a week (while driving my tractor) and a wife (#3) who is 17 years younger than me (married 16 years this time . . . FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT!). STAGE 4 COLON CANCER 6 years ago . . . Dr’s said I had 3 months to live; now, I’m completely cured! The Dr’s also told me to stop drinking coffee and martinis over 40 years ago . . . those Dr’s are all dead now!

  109. You guys all sound like a bunch of drug addicts that need your fix. Coffee (or any caffeine for that matter) is horrible and makes you a dependent zombie without it. I hate working or spending mornings with people that drink coffee because they’re grumpy idiots with saggy eyes that won’t do anything until they get their coffee fix.

    And I work 12 hour or longer shifts often. Now I do understand being deployed and staying awake for 2 days straight, but that’s a different story.

  110. I drink a lot of coffee, primarily because I love the aroma and taste, not so much for the pick me up. Buy and grind the beans; French Press coffee is the best way to make it. I don’t use decaf, because it used to be processed with formaldehyde [most is water processed now]. No need for sugar if you buy good coffee. Starbucks tends to burn the coffee, leading to a more bitter taste – high price, low quality.

    I have overdone it in the past, drinking at least a pot or more a day as a litigation attorney. Had caffeine withdrawal; not fun. Do not really understand drinks like Red Bull. But to each his/her own. Viva Juan Valdez!

  111. I like some coffee in my cream and sugar!!! However, I found out while working on the old DEWline in the Canadian arctic (the canadians drank tea), that there is nothing like rich sweetened tea to really rejuvenate you in that cold weather. coffee came in second in that category!! arturo

  112. I HAVE TO have at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning to be able to function normally. I used to drink more than I do now but I feel worthless without my mandatory 2 cups.

  113. I suggest replacing coffee and tea with fresh apples.

    They are full of water, are refreshing, clears out your throat, settle your stomache, gives you energy with natural sugars.

    In addition they provide fiiber and about 14 different vital nutrients and anti oxidents. Plus they are natually ant acid. No more heartburn, and sour stomache and burning intestines. No acid reflux.
    Nutritionist recomend eating 5 or more apples every day. I eat 10-12 apples a day on the average,the apple juice replaceing coffee and soft drinks which I no longer buy.

    My experfience was that the more apples a day I ate, the better I felt, the more energy I had,

  114. I work in a Nursing home/Rehab Center for residents ages 18 – elderly, and one of our young Supervisiors (according to the grapevine) felt the need to keep up with his job, by hardly ever eating, drinking Red Bulls and taking pills. He also has a back problem. Recently he had a neurological incident (anneurism, etc. I suspect) and ended up on a respirator, in a drug induced coma and on a Gastric feeding tube! There is no substitute for eating properly and pacing yourself, and not trying to be Superman/woman! Apple juice will give you more alertness than coffe or tea, surprisingly, and tomato juice will give you energy, from our natural fruits and vegetables (remember Popeye with his spinach). Of course Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks etc. don’t want you to know this, because like the cutsy cook gets paid to say, “America Runs on _______ ! Forget the fatty carbs and caffeine, and eat right America, and run away from that stuff, for your life! Yes, occasionally we all need a lift or a boost, but c’mon now…….


  115. Two cups. Both before I leave the house.
    I drink a mild breakfast blend, truvia, vanilla creamer.

    I am very surprised that anyone who works in a radio station [or in broadcasting in general] didn’t make your list. I think it is another food group here.

  116. For 23 + years I always kept a part time job at D & D’s to support my 2 pot a day habit.(I cut down from 3) .. In summer iced with baileys ….yum !

  117. I need two cups of coffee every morning. And don’t talk to me for an hour. When I am ready to hear your voice I will ask you a question.

  118. My mom drinks a pot of coffee each morning. Even though it’s bad for her, its what she likes.. She’s been drinking a pot of coffee for who knows how long. My brother just joined the Oil fields a few months ago and he’s half asleep when he’s walking out the door. He usually just drinks a coke or juice and smokes a few cigarettes before he’s usually awake. So there’s my little story to that.

    P.S. I don’t really drink coffee because its kinda gross without a buttload of sugar and milk, but I LOVE Starbucks frappachino’s! :)

  119. A study on Latter Day Saint men who don’t smoke or drink tannic acid based hot drinks, which are coffee and tea (that can erode your esophagus) were found to live ten years longer than the average American male !!! I drink a all natural coffee substitute drink called Roma, that is by far much better tasting to me than any other substitute, and made from roasted grains of malt barley, with chicory and rye. I quit smoking when I developed chronic asthma, and am so proud to be smoke, alcohol and caffeine free, but I do love chocolate !

  120. I make 2 coffee mugs worth of very strong coffee every day, french-press style. It is THE best way to enjoy coffee, although the strength of it makes everyone elses seem weak by comparison. No one wants to know me without coffee. I believe fire-breathing dragon comes to mind. Oh and I’m a full-time bartender and student.

  121. Funny, I’m sitting here drinking my two cups of coffee right now as I read this article. I drink about 16oz a day with flavored creamer-I like hazelnut the best.

    I just buy a canister of coffee and make mine at work. I used to buy it at coffee shops but that was too expensive for my addiction. I used to wean myself every now and then from it, I hate being dependent on anything, but then I reasoned with myself that I could have worse additctions so I allow myself this little joy. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh brewed coffee to awaken the senses.

    SN: Number 12 is my occupation.

  122. Well I just love the taste of coffe, have been drinking it since I was 5 years old. I drink a pot or more a day, like Pat Stearns, I find that if I drink lots of coffee it also keeps the migraine headaches away. I really enjoy the flavor of good coffee, Folgers is my prefered, but I find some restaurants have good coffee, and others don’t I don’t eat at restaurants that have bad tasting coffee. I would rather drink coffee and enjoy it than take medecine for my headaches, so i was glad to discover that it was that simple to stop the headaches. Coffee and conversation is my favorite way to pass the time with a good friend.

  123. I’m good for about 5 pots a day unless I have to share…. then it’s more and it’s black, hell I don’t need that much sugar…..

  124. I am a government worker. My routine: 2 robust cups at home before work (i.e. getting ready). One cup on the road in the coffee mug. One additional cup anywhere from 1:30 to 5:30 P.M depending on the day, circumstances, level of fatigue, etc. To DD or any other researcher: it is one of the most wonderful creations God (and those who discovered it) gave us…. It DEFinitely “gets me through” ANY day, makes me feel better emotionally, most CERtainly does “help wake you up,” mentally (i.e. at age 51, I can attest: it DOES help you think more clearly, even minimally on days that you are TRULY exhausted)–What can I say? Coffee is a miracle to me–unless one is allergic to it, I cannot conceive why anyone over say, oh age 17-18, wouldn’t induge in at least 1-4 cups a day! As just mentioned, I average 4 cups a day, but I do avoid drinking it past, say, oh 6-6:30 P.M. because it COULD, on occasion, keep you up at night when you’re heading to bed (if before rooughly, 11:30 P.M./Midnight. And do NOT minimize the “REWARDS” motivation, particularly for that late afternoon cup and especially on a “bad” day when you’ve really been battling TO “get through” a rough day/time or to cope with/complete some important work assignment–it’s like saying to yourself–Hey! You’ve been workin’ your buns off on this thing–take a break, go for a little walk. get some fresh air and re-energize your batteries/brain (and spirit)! YOU deserve IT! But, lastly, and MOST importantly to the sellers–keep it INexpensive! Those 99 cent or $1.00 cup deals, coupons, and MOSTLY, from time to time, the FREE Cup deals do NOT go UNappreciated by me–I’ll remember and I’ll be back to buy coffee and/or other food products from you–and it doesn’t matter WHO–if your franchise (or small business folks) care enough about ME to meet MY needs, I WILL be back–but DO–ALWAYS– keep at least ONE size (at least Medium size preferably) NO MORE expensive than a BUCK–Times ARE tough guys n’ gals!!!

  125. I can not clear the fog from my cranium after I get up without 4-6 shots of espresso at home. When I have to go to my local roaster to buy another pound of beans, I’ll treat myself to a New Orleans ice coffee. DEE LISH

  126. I need only one cup of black regular coffee. My husband has one cup of reg coffee with cream and 1 natural sugar only. In the mornings I get on the scale and then I have my 1 cup of coffee, even before I workout!

  127. i work for a gas station and i work the night shift from 10pm-6am or 12pm-8am and i have to start the coffee making at 4am and we go threw it fast i see how many people come in and how much we go threw…………..i have about 1 cup a day my boyfriend yells at me for spending to much money on coffee lol..

    • I too work at a gas station,11p-6a, although I don’t make the coffee anymore in the morinings, I do watch the others aggonize over it. And if we run out be prepared to give someone a free cup of coffee. I personally perfer “high voltage” from my ampm store but when I am at home I drink 32 oz of instant from my local save-a-lot. And sometimes I drink it black.

  128. I’m a 30yr biologist and I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like it. I’ve been walkin’ around in the woods lookin’ for everything not running on coffee…can’t touch the stuff…makes me all jittery. I drink regular tea in the morning when I’m real tired. If I’m feelin’ tired throughout the day, I drink water.

  129. I drink at least 3 a day. All different ways. I work for Starbucks and I’m not sure how I would get along with out working in a coffee shop.

  130. its disgusting the way this article,and american society,glorifies the addiction to speed this way…coffee is speed,pure and simple,and caffiene is the most abused drug in the US!! if you feel you need something that you dont,if your production is lower if you dont get something,thats a DRUG that you are ADDICTED to….istead of going after pot dealers,that sell an HERB that isnt deadly,the DEA should be raiding starbucks!!!


  131. Back in June I cut out caffeine from my diet. Mostly due to the fact that I definitely addicted to the stuff, to the point that it didn’t keep me awake anymore. It was hard. First came the headaches and then a few weeks of this desperate need for coffee, soda, tea, something. By July though I found that if I got a decent amount of sleep, usually 6-8 hours, I didn’t need caffeine to get me through my day. Now, I drink it occasionally, but I save it for the days in which I didn’t sleep as well or want to stay up later. Amazing that we can function without stimulants, huh?

    • I was advised to cut back my caffeine consumption due to thyroid problems. I found reducing gradually (increasing the amount of decaf in my daily dose) worked a lot better than cold turkey for the headaches and fuzzy head. Now I usually have a cup of green tea in the morning for my hot drink fix. Still has a little caffeine, but it’s a lot milder going up and down. And if I go on holidays somewhere with great coffee, I’ll get hooked all over again, but find it easier to reduce and stop than I used to.

  132. I love my coffee! I don’t drink alot of sodas, never energy drinks, so I enjoy my coffee. I cheer when a report comes out that says coffee is good for you. If a report comes out against coffee, too bad, I am still a coffee drinker. I drink it with a non dairy creamer. I do like an iced white mocha or an Americano from you know where, once in awhile.

  133. I need coffee in the morning to keep me awake. Though I always drink one glass of water after drinking a cup of coffee. I’m healthy and athletic due to exercise, a fast metabolism, and I like to stay active in ways Americans find too troublesome…ie, I take walks to places instead of driving a car on short trips and NEVER go to Starbucks or any over-priced coffee joint to purchase coffee I could get for free and which tastes better from the pot at work.

    Simple living + exercise = a truly extraordinary life

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