Ham or fruitcake? Annual holiday gifts

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Are you a ham or a fruitcake? Giftwise, that is.

That’s the question asked by HON, a company that designs and manufactures office furniture. HON surveyed over 800 workers across the country about what kind of gift they received from their employers.

Here’s what the survey revealed:

  • Over half of the employees who responded (54 percent) received a cash bonus.
  • On the flip side of that generosity, 24 percent said their company gave them nothing – nada, zip, zilch. (Bah, humbug!)
  • 22 percent received a gift certificate or gift card.
  • Some employers (18 percent) gifted their workers with some sort of food. Five percent gave employees turkeys, and another 4 percent gave out hams. Nine percent fell under the category of “other food items.” (Probably those dreaded fruitcakes!)

What does your company do?

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  1. OK – our company, a “major municipal utility district” in Sacramento for 10 YEARS of service… I got… a refrigerator magnet. Yup. And for 20 – TWENTY BIG ONES – years of service, I got an LED Solar Flashlight.

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