Happy Halloween!

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Hey Buzz readers, hope that you’re having a great Halloween!

I saw some unusual costumes on the way into work this morning, and a few more once I got here! Unfortunately, I waited too long to look for a costume and am out of luck.

If you or your co-workers are sporting some fun, fabulous costumes, let us know. Add a comment, let us know you’ve got photos, and we’ll post them here on The Work Buzz!

These are some of our suggestions for awesome, yet appropriate workplace costumes.

1. A Day Off — Using black lettering, write Oct. 30, 2008 or Nov. 1, 2008 on an orange shirt. When people ask what you are, say, “A day off!”

2. Running Late — Show up to the office with messy hair and disheveled clothes with your pajamas showing underneath.

3. Vending Machine — Dress in black and fasten snacks to yourself with the cost of each item displayed. To be really evil, place an “out of order” sign on the real vending machine and charge your co-workers for your snacks. When they pay, make sure you throw their snacks on the ground as the vending machine does.

4. Office Gossip — Make up fun stories about your co-workers. Fasten the stories to yourself and put the name of your favorite grocery store tabloid on a hat. Hang around the watercooler and invite people to read the latest news.

5. Pink Slip — No one ever wants to be served the dreaded pink slip at work. Wear a pink slip over your work clothes and chase your co-workers.

6. Post-it Note — Wear all yellow. When people say “trick or treat” at your cube, pass out real Post-it notes.

7. Red Tape — Buy red tape and tape it all over your clothes and cubicle. When people ask what you are, make them cut through some red tape to get the answer.

8. Leftover — Wrap yourself in aluminum foil and give yourself an aluminum swan hat. Place a sign on your chest that says, “Anything left after 4PM Friday will be thrown away!”

9. Happy Hour — Wrap a tie around your head and carry around an empty (yes, empty) martini glass with you throughout the day. At 5PM, scream, “Happy hour!”

10. Headhunter — Carry a mannequin or doll head around with you, holding it by the hair.

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