INFOGRAPHIC: The new job hunt

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While catching up with a friend from college, I asked how her job search was going and she shared the regular frustrations over applying for jobs: how time consuming it was, how random the entire process sometimes felt, how irritating it was not to hear back from hiring managers and so on. But perhaps the most significant story she shared was some unintentionally bad advice her mother had tried to give her, suggesting that she print out copies of her résumé, walk into the companies she was interested in, and hand them out. While she and I laughed at how unrealistic this approach was today, it pointed out just how much the job hunt has changed.

Want to find out what job seekers today know? Check out CareerBuilder’s infographic about the new job hunt, and learn about the profile of a job candidate, the generational differences, discovering opportunities and research and how job seekers are treating new jobs.

  1. Thank you, Susan. Times really have changed! Today it’s interesting to see that so many people are still searching, even once they’ve found a job. It isn’t just Millennials who are doing this either. It’s truly interesting to see that 67 percent of individuals searching for jobs are using job boards.

  2. This infographic does a great job of explaining how today’s job hunt is markedly different than previous generations. I was especially glad to see the inclusion of the breakdown for how candidates research companies online during the process—helpful for our Westwood College students who want to branch out and make their search more comprehensive.

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