47 percent of employers plan to add workers by year’s end

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We’re halfway through 2011 and many job seekers are wondering what the state of the job market is. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases employment figures each month, the data can be informative but still doesn’t answer the questions a lot of people have: Who’s hiring? What are my chances of finding a job? Where should I be looking?

One way to get answers is to just ask employers. Since you probably won’t get a response if you call an HR department ask, “So, what are your hiring plans for the rest of the year? More than last year? In what fields?” Instead, we did the asking for you, and some of the results are promising.

For a reminder of what employers expected 2011 to be like, you can look at the 2011 Job Forecast and the 2nd Quarter Forecast. What we found then was that employers expected this year to be better than the last few, and this latest survey indicates they were right.

As we pointed out in June, job cuts are down this year, online postings are up, and manufacturing grew for 22 consecutive quarters. Plus, more states have improving job market than worsening ones. In other words, despite some occasional setbacks and slow growth, the overall job situation is better than it has been and seems to be heading for more improvement. The latest results from the 2011 Mid-year Job Forecast echo those sentiments.

Here’s some of the good news we found:

  • 47 percent of employers plan to hire new employees between now and year’s end
  • Actual hiring exceeded expectations for eight quarters in a row.
  • 50 percent of employers say there is a shortage of skills within their organization, which is good because it means they need qualified job seekers to apply for their positions

Here’s a glimpse of employers’ hiring plans:

  • 26 percent of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in the third quarter
  •  35 percent of employers are hiring full-time, permanent employees (up from 28 percent in 2010)
  • 15 percent of employers are hiring part-time employees (the same as 2010)
  • 12 percent of employers are hiring contract or temporary employees (up from 9 percent in 2010)

Where should you look for a job?

  • The biggest shortages of skilled workers are in information technology, customer service and communications.
  • The South expects the most hiring in the 3rd quarter, with 38 percent hiring full-time, permanent employees, but the other regions aren’t far behind
  • The areas where hiring managers expect to focus on hiring are customer service, information technology, and sales.

Ultimately what the survey tells us is that we can expect a promising second half to 2011, especially compared to last year. And if history is any indicator, employers are being cautious about broadcasting their hiring plans. They’ve consistently hired in greater numbers than they anticipated, so we could be in for two quarters of strong hiring and happy job seekers.

Check out this (delightfully colorful) infographic to see what else the mid-year survey found and read the full survey results here.

  1. I would really like to see these results. I am losing my unemployment because AZ supposedly is doing so well now (in terms of getting people back to work), but I do not see it. I send in applications on a daily basis and never hear back from them. I just had an interview last week, the first since 1/2011. Tell me that is not completely defeating. I have years of experience in the medical field and it does not count for anything any more. And at my age, most of my best references are no longer available. There is no job market for me.

      • The thing happening with NEW jobs is that they are created at a lower pay rate. This way people who are desperate for a job will take it. This recession is not over nor is it better. Unemployment may not be as low but the pay is way lower than what it was before. And knowing that we will never be paid what we are worth anyway makes it even more discouraging.

        What should happen is to put a cap on the salaries of CEO’s and other high paid managers. It’s obscene what they get paid to do little or nothing at all except to be figureheads. They should take that salary and spread it amongst the people who do all the work.

        Wishful thinking.

        • Cap CEO pay? What are you a commie? I thought capalist won the cold war not the red commies. Maybe we should cap Actor’s salary? A person salary is based on demand. Right or wrong a CEOs salary is based on his/her demand. Lets not go after the rich but rather the stupid. It is the stupid people who got us into this mess. It is stupid people who got housing loans that they can not afford. It stupid people who have credit card debt. Instead of capping CEO salary lets cap the stupid people on they run theirs lives. Lets make it impossible for them to take out loans and impossible for them to get credit cards.

          • java… If we take your advice and go after the stupid people, will will be left to provide for your family. Grab a toke and go back to your video game!

            • That is what is referred to, I believe, as a BURN. And quite correct. Also if this “recession” that is really a depression is over, why are so many people still finding it so difficult to find work? The housing market isn’t the only area where things are upside down. The country is in worse shape than what is being reported and is not recovering. Those dog eat dog days are here and not going anywhere. A shame.

          • You must be a CEO. It is not the stupid people who took loans, it was the stupid CEO’s in the banking industry seeing dollar signs and approving loans with no income verification. They were practically spinning a wheel to see who they could give thier next bad loan to. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing, but did not care because they were benefitting from it! What CEO do you know that actually does a job besides spending all sorts of stupid money on stupid things when it can go to the employees that do all of your freakin work?

            • Absolutely! Java could not be more wrong and is obviously ignorant of the real world. Does he really think that some “ignorant, stupid borrower” walked into Goldman Sachs and said. “Hey, don’t hav a job or a down payment so how about a twelve tranche loan with no income verifications that can be converted into a Collateralized Debt Obligation, repackaged, and syndicated around the world?”
              Java is either very short of critical thinking power, or listens to FOX News, that Republican propaganda vehicle. By the way, just in case you do get your facts from Fox News keep in mind they are the most cited media for mis-informtion and have recently shown their true colors n Britain..hey, integrity, or the utter lack of it runs all the way through an organization… but what would one expect from Rupert the Tabloid King?

            • I agree with Shari, the lenders should be reigned in and the colleges for the loan amounts they approve to pay for outrageous tuitions asked by schools. Then after they ruin everyones credit telling them now is the time to buy a home or now is the time to go back to school the employers run credit checks and then refuse to hire someone because they couldn’t get a job or lost their job after the fact to pay their bills and their credit check came back “questionable”. This country is so broken! Athletes can demand outrageous money to play a game they like anyway, actors get to live lavish lives for doing what they love and the majority of us fight to feed ourselves or keep a roof over our heads after we have done everything we were told to, stayed in school, went to college, etc. SOmething is seriously wrong here!

          • The stupid people as you like to call them are the CEOs. The CEOs of the banks and Wall Street investments firms who didn’t realize what they or their companies were getting into. They had no idea how exposed they were, but their greed took over. To blame this on the working stiff just shows your ignorance of what really happened!!!!

            • In the 80′s the big commercial banks went after real estate big time…the fees were great…the leverage and credit quality (the more market share you lend to, the riskier it becomes as you assume more risk down the ladder) ate them up. They were not too big to fail…so they did.

              Since no one learns about greed, Wall Street found a way to do them one better. They ate up market share but ublike the big commercial banks who stood (or fell) and took t, these guys were smarter. They took the fees and sold the risk…they spread their crappy loans all over the world. They had the mechansm and the charters to syndicate and distribute. THAT made them super dangerous…and now we are all paying for it…

              And these guys don’t need to be regulated? Come on…

          • Who’s calling who a commie? Is it right for an employer to crank the AC in the office and turn down the AC for the physical workers? Is it right to threaten employees to charge them $_____ for being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, etc. when most if not all are already seeing a doctor for the problem. Is it right to make it mandatory to have screenings (cholestrol, blood pressure, blood sugar) but the form you have to sign is stating that you voluntarily doing this? Is it right for CEO’s or any management to get higher pay when they do not wish to give anything to people who have been with a company for over 20 or 25 years? Is it right to fire people close to retirement age, just because some idiot desided they did not like working with them? Is it right? Sounds like were on a the way to sweat shops all over again! Oh this CEO made the comment that this year he couldn’t buy a new car, how about his workers who are having a hard time putting food on the table and keeping needed medication in the cupboard, while putting up with unclean and unhealthy work enviroment! Who’s the commie or socialist NOW!

          • I’d say it was those who were both rich AND stupid, who got dumber (and more foolish) in their attempts to get richer, who created this mess.

            Let’s face it, folks. As a nation, we are drowing in stupidity, foolishness, and greed.

          • WISE UP JAVA! You don’t have a clue as to the truth about what is happening to the masses in the USA and abroad! Our massive 60+trillion dollar deficit was planned decades ago when the Kennedy’s and King were murdered! You and all of the rest of us ordinary working people are being CONTAINED, CONTROLLED, AND MASSIVELY MANIPUALTED! What type of government does this by policy? It’s COMMUNISM and SLAVERY! How ironic it is to know that this nation has returned to slavery because the rich and the titled legal administrators are desperate to maintain their lifesyles and power that they have put plans into action that even include large numbers of Caucasians. They have already contained and destroyed the majority of African American men and women.

            Why did they do such massive damage to America??? It is mainly due to their strong dislike for enacting a Marshall Plan of restitution for the effects of slavery and Jim Crow discrimination against the African American people. YES!!! All other peoples have been paid restitution, but not African Americans!
            So, they “invented” the Viet Nam War to kill, beat up , and control the masses for their “NEW WORLD ORDER”. Have you even read “1984″? They are taking away libraries, destroying the formative education system by deliberately forcing the public school system to collapse, ever increasing college tuition, and restricting free TV instruction while herding us to pay websites.

            Now comes the ultimate indignity of a push for increasing the retirement age so that we can NEVER RETIRE..or in other words DIE BEFORE WE CAN GET OUR SS CHECKS! Now get this..the new world order riche have stated that the world’s population must be reduced…..for them of course.

            What can we do? There are three steps to stop their plans. We must all pray in unison against this evil pricipality and then God will destroy them. Secondly we must massively unify and force our government to reveal those manipulating companies and wealthy elite, force legislation change, and slow down the government by work stoppage and tax revolt. Third: We can harass the wealthy until they drop their plan and change their hearts.

          • It seems to me that you’re agreeing with the person who says cap the CEO’s salaries. By saying cap the stupid people and the one’s who got this country into the mess its in with the credit scandal, they are one in the same! We put a cap on professional athletes and people in non upper management are capped, do you consider that communist? It seems to me that the people with the majority of the money are also the stingiest and greediest and typically the people who defend that probably belong to that group. Better go hide, the revolution is coming.

        • Anonymous, the first thing you should do is stop worrying what every body else gets paid and learn how to spell if you want to find a good job. Misspellings are one of the worse mistakes you can make on a resume. All of this wealth envy burns me up. It doesn’t affect your salary one penny whether the CEO’s make $3 million a year or $50,000 a year. Most CEO’s are paid what they are worth because of the knowledge and connections they bring to an organization. We only read about the few CEO’s making $100 million as head of GE or Oracle, these are the exceptions, they’re few and far between. Most CEO’s run a medium sized company we’ve never heard of. Most of these people started the business themselves and employ 100-3000 people. They’ve worked in the company for 20+ years and deserve every penny they make. There are too many people out there these days like you who have no tangible skills, you graduate from college and expect to be hired in as VP without putting in your dues. Sorry the market pays for hard work, usually now you need a Masters or MBA, you need to have 10+ years experience and then you can expect to possibly get hired as a VP. Wealth envy is a negative for the economy and for the nation as a whole. Keep your nose clean, study and graduate, work hard long hours for 10-15 years at the same job and then expect some of the pay offs. Everybody has an opportunity to make it to the top if they apply themselves but most don’t have the drive, patience and determination to succeed.

          • RE: (It doesn’t affect your salary one penny whether the CEO’s make $3 million a year or $50,000 a year)
            —Actuallly it does. When a firm is unusually top heavy and the CEO is ridiculously overpaid it affects everyone from stockholders to the rank and file. The money stays at the very top and those below get cut to support the insanely high salaries which are often not deserved. We all know that its the rank and file who do the day to day heavy lifting of keeping the firm going.

          • Hey Doc: I’m new to this site, and I think you make a lot of good points. Your Obama bashing kind of hurts your credibility though.

          • Got my degree and worked for the same company for 15 years and still got let go. Making only 45,000 a year, I heard that it was because I made too much. Meanwhile, the CEO makes 500,000 a year, been with the company less time than me and is dumber than a box of rocks. Heard that the cuts were coming because He almost had to send his 6th child to a state run college rather than ivy league and almost had to buy them a Audi rather than a Lexus. This IS typical of corporate CEO’s, crapping on the people who put the money in their pocket.

      • your daughter probably isnt the most qualified candidate…i don’t think people realize — especiallypeople graduating or having graduated college in recent years know how necessary it is to “kill” the interviews and be as agressive/passionate as possible. or you won’t stand out.



    • Agree 100%. I think a lot of this is forward looking statement and wishful thinking. One point I do want to make. I live in San Antonio, TAXes. The employers here are wanting people that are already trained and with 3-5 years experience. No job transitioning is being considered. In addition they are paying slave wages…pay ranges $7.25 – $15.00 per hour and that does not include any benefits. The high end wage I noted is for people with Bachelor or Master degrees to boot. Finally it was pointed out last week during a meeting between President Obama and so-called business leaders, that they have many positions open but that these positions require skilled workers. Now get this, they onl want to hired previously trained workes for those positions as they do NOT want to spend the money themselves to train people to do these jobs as they may have to downsize, (fire employees) if the economic cycle requires it. Translated- they don;t want to invest in their own employees which means they will bring in labor from outside the US that is willing to work for peanuts. The mainstream American has been cheated like a dirty spouse through thsi economic meltdown that for all purposes the government willing let happened to the most degree encouraged.

      I have heard it said on blogs that only the lazy, undereducated or just “dumb” people are the only ones not now working. Don;t listen to that crap and don;t let yourself be depressed by those stereotypes. The economy is NOT better, it is NOT improving to the degree that will force corporations to add more people in the amounts necessary to regain our traditional 5% unemployment rate. I myself with two degrees, a commission in the military with honorable service have sent out over 400 resumes and applications from Walmart to Citibank…not one single call back. I have even tried transitional employment options but due to my background and I also know my age (52) have been pidgeon holed by the corporate mentality of today.

      I wish all those seeking gainful employment the best of luck!

      • No translation is they don’t want to waste money training people when they’re not sure what the government is going to do. Is the government going to raise taxes, is Obama and his sharks going to attack your industry.What will Obama do to raise fuel prices next? Until Obama stops his attack on private industry, companies are going to be reluctant to hire or train.

        • At least we are actually adding jobs now. In 2007 and 2008 we were dropping jobs – not adding. I think it will take a long time to get those looking for work hired. I wish you all the best. I work commission only and I can tell you it’s rough. But I do believe it will get better.

    • I totally agree! I have been told Im either over qualified and when I adjust my resume they found a better candidate. Damn if you do, damn if you dont!
      These companies are just playing the system.

    • I have 20 years in the medical field and find it very difficult here in WV to find a job that is willing to pay what I am worth, I did not get into this field to make “barely” over minimum wage, but unfortunately most physicians in this state would rather hire someone with very little experience at a low pay rate as opposed to someone who “knows what they are doing” at a higher pay rate…it’s rediculous, I could make just as much working as a cashier in a retail store, but that’s not what I want. Thanks again Mr. President

    • I went back to school at 39 to further my career, now I have $25K in student loans, graduated with a 3.96 GPA by the way and can get no employment in the field I studied so I went back to office work and got laid off due to finances. I will be 40 years old in a few weeks and have been looking for employment here in Pennsylvania since November. I also apply for jobs daily and the 7 interviews I have had they tell me how they’ve never had a response to an ad like this before with over 200 applicants. This has happened at EVERY interview. Then they question why I am trying to get back into a field I worked in for over 15 years when I went to school for something else and then they don’t want to hire me because I worked for awhile in the field I had studied. It’s maddening, truly maddening. Then everyday you see a new “rule” for your interview, for your resume, for how you apply. You do all the online testing, you go onsite for the testing, you pass it all and then 2 weeks later you get an e-mail if your lucky saying “sorry”. My unemployment ran out, my forbearance on my useless student loans ran out and all I see is how the unemployment rate is dropping. Seriously?! No the states just stop counting those that run out of benefits!

    • I can identify. I have been seeking work for over two years, and have experience in a number of industries but lost a small website based business during this tsunami. Anyone over 40 is being discriminated against, because of those questionnaires on employment forms asking if you are under 40, or in the military, or Hispanic. THAT is where all those jobs are going – to the young, military or Latinos.

      They call it diversity – a new politically correct term for job discrimination because these companies are getting tax credits for hiring those workers. And if that is not a violation of the “privileges and immunities” clause, I really don’t know what is!

  2. Cherly i was going to try to get a job in the medial field. I am 41 and was wanting to go to a community college to become a cardiovascular tech. Do you think this is a waste of time? Are there jobs in the medical field that are hiring? What did you do in the medica field? Any advice would be much appreiciated.

      • you tell him to be a nurse. Not that easy. My youngest is trying and they have a 4 year waiting list at some colleges. Plus there are not enough instructors and i am unemployed as well…with my resume spelling to its perfection. Yet all the resumes I sent out none even replied if they looked at it. None even emailed stating they recived it. I have one job that I applied for Feb 11th and it still says in progress as I log on

        • To Ron and Paul re: becoming a nurse – check your local job advertisements first. Perhaps there are not nursing jobs in some areas. In my area (Illinois), there are plenty of RN and all kinds of medical jobs always posted; in fact, the RN’s and Sonographer jobs have sign-on bonuses ($5K) as well as commitment bonuses if you stay for 2 years. So research your area first unless you are willing to relocate.

          I was laid off in 08 and have sent out thousands of resumes. I have a degree and 20 years of corporate experience. I’ve had 7 interviews in 3 years. I work two part-time jobs to make ends meet each month. Best wishes to everyone here looking for solid work.

      • Im in Ohio and and it is tuff right now to get anything. Nursing is something i will look into. A friend that i used to work with went into trucking in 08 and now he is working for Fed Ex. He says its good money but its hard to be gone all the time away from his kids.

  3. I remember working in the Steel Mills in western PA in the late 70′s and early 80′s. Ron Reagan began fighting the Air Traffic Controllers union and quietly fought the Steel workers and Auto Workers as well. Jobs disappeared. Many of us had to reinvent ourselves. Young and old. Because the overall picture is not good for some does not mean it is not working. In late 2007 and early 2008 we were losing 750,000 jobs per month and headed to oblivion. At least that has turned around. Stop whining and pull yourself up by your bootstraps! If you can’t find a job, create on but complaining and blaming will not get you anywhere…!

    • I’ve been unemployed since October. I finished my bachelor’s degree and knew for sure that I would get a job on the spot why because I had a degree. Well once reality sat in and I had no job I started looking for one; sending out resumes and cover letters daily. I applied to so many jobs with no response back from anyone. I called and harassed everyone I could still nothing. So instead of pointing fingers and blaming everyone I decided to find out what I am good at and what I would like to do. Now I am in the process of starting my own business and I am having fun doing it. I think too many people are waiting for the government to step in wave their wands and fix things. In today’s society you have to be aggressive and take control of your situation.

      • Nobody is waiting for the gov’t to wave a magic wand, the ones that were gave up long ago. We just want to work and be appreciated for what we can do. In more than a pat on the back, or well you didn’t do that quite right so we will not be giving you your full yearly raise of a dime. Thank you. After you have spent years giving yourself to the company, working overtime and just trying to please them. After a while you give up, why try when it is no use. Then you look else where only to find the world you grew up in is gone. Depressed I was but I do believe in the USA, not so much the gov’t anymore, but the good honest hard working people, rich or poor. Only problem is you can’t tell anymore who’s lying and who’s not. So it has become a roll of the dice. We need companies who care and stand behind the workers who made them money over the years, and who can still do that if you give them a chance. TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYEES AND DO NOT REPREMAND THEM FOR BEING HONEST! Sorry no spell check.

  4. As one of the millions unemployed I don’t exactly see the glass as “half full” as this article. I see the same job listings as 6 months ago, lower wage offers, and slow interview/hiring processes.

    Do the math, If job creation continues at 80,000 to 200,000 jobs a month how many years will it take to put 13.9 million+ people back to work.

    And at your 35% planning to hire that still leaves 65% not hiring by years end.

    Sorry but from where I sit it doesn’t look so great and the saddest part of this is that if companies actually hired it would increase consumer spending and tax revenues.

    • I am replying to my own post because I see several comments below and above that state the unemployed complain too much, don’t try or look hard enough or they should just take something lower . To all those

      (a) You can’t take a lower job/entry level job because these companies won’t hire you because they know as soon as you find something else you’ll leave.

      (b) If you where a highly skilled worker with multiple degrees and years of experience would you be happy working an unskilled job.

      I don’t know about anybody else, but I get up every morning look for a job, improve my skills, and have had about 2-3 interviews per month.

      80% of these jobs never hired anyone, or hired a temp worker, or a lesser candidate.

      Don’t assume

      • dissention,

        This echoes my sentiments and experiences exactly. I AM working – in an entry level, dead end job with no responsibility, and it’s highly dissatisfying after all my years of experience.

        My main concern is that the longer I’m working at this level, the more I’ll be perceived by hiring managers as incapable of more responsibility.

        I am still applying and searching faithfully, and interview on a regular basis. I’m finding that most companies aren’t actually hiring for the positions they’ve advertised… or never set a deadline and end up postponing the process indefinitely. I’ve even been told condescendingly that after such a lengthy job search, I have the answers to interview questions down pretty well, as though interviewing well were a deficit.

        • Hopeful:

          I hear you loud and clear. It seems as sometimes that if you interview too well the person feels threatened that you may take their job.

          The way I look at it if someone tells you interview too well in the end that is probably not a company you want to work for anyway.

          From your post you seem motivated to keep fighting on and that is a quality that will help you win in the end.

          Best of Luck.

  5. I have a job and temp to hire agencies have been calling since I was laid off in May 2009. I got hired back at my company in Jan 2010, so please don’t tell me that there are no jobs. You may not be able to go back to the field that you once worked i.e…ME, but there are jobs. I have friends who sat back for two years and got unemployment and now that they have gotten cut off they are worried. Why didn’t they go back to school? They could almost have an associates degree by now. I don’t buy this ‘there is no work’ mentality. I’ve been there and took what I could, now yes, I started back by making lower than what I made when I got laid off (in May 2009 as an hourly waged worker) but now…I make more than I made after being back to work for over a year and a half. You have to take what you can get or go get certified in something. I’m almost 40 years old, no college ed, just college creds, have always been an hourly wage worker (under $13 per hour), live in Chicago…but have made it work.

    • Windy: I was downsized/outsourced from my job and I will tell you, there are no jobs. I agree that a lot of the jobs advertised are from temp, agencies and some of their ads are bogus. When you inquire about them, they “just filled that position.” You should consider yourself very lucky that your company hired you back. Maybe the people you know were lazy and not looking for jobs, but there are many people out there who are sending out 100′s of resumes and are lucky if they get a couple of interviews. These people HAVE applied for minimum wage jobs, but are turned down because as one poster said, the companies know that they are still looking for a better position and do not want to put in the time or money to train them. As for going to school, that takes money also, even if you qualify for grants or loans. And if you are going to school full time, you cannot get unemployment, because you must be “available to work.” So, what do you live on? Most people cannot even live on unemployment. There have been several posts here from people in their 40′s and 50′s (I am 55) and their age is a liability in their job search. I know someone who applied for a position where they had a “group interview”. This person has over 20 years experience in the job he was applying for (machining). The other people in this “interview” were very young and worked at fast food places, in retail, etc. The person with the actual experience was not hired. Perhaps the company would rather hire the young people with no experience and train them, instead of someone older that may keep looking for a better paying job, or won’t be working for another 10 years. I don’t know what the answer is, but all of these articles that are saying things are getting better are not out here in the real world.

  6. You have to eat, right? Be a barista at Starbucks for $8. I’ve noticed here in Chicago, there are older people doing kid jobs now. Some have had to take two low wage jobs to make ends meet. Not trying to be Debbie downer but I’ve been there and yes, could be there again. I guess because I’m used to being the working poor before all this layoff stuff happened, I’m not worried. People can blame politicians and this and that all they want……sitting on the sidelines whining is not going to put food on the table and it’s not going to get jobs faster. Sorry..

  7. I have absolutely no idea why all of you are complaining about having no jobs. yeah, if you are a factory worker or something. i arrived in the US last year and on my third day got a job. i quit looking for another one and had at least 5 other companies for me to decide where i wanted to be- and i do HR entry level! so what does that tell you? YES, there are jobs, you just have to be vigilant in applying and not expect an employer to call after you’ve done your ‘hard work’ by submitting 1 application on Monster.

    • HELLO!@! I could not have said it better myself. A lot of people sit around, and think that a job is going to fall into there laps. I used to have that same mentality. After being laid off from a previous job, I was out of work for a long time. When it was time for me to get back to work, I expected someone to just come and hand me a job. Once I started meeting employers face-to-face, it opened a lot of doors. In a drought such as the one that we’re experiencing, each individual has to take charge and go after what he or she wants. Employers can smell determination and desperation from miles away. If you approach an employer with confidence and reflect what their mission statement is all about, you will go a long way.

      • We don’t sit around, so please don’t assume. It’s like looking for the end all cure to cancer (all forms). After a few high’s thinking they’ve got, only to fail, your optimism dwindles.
        Don’t assume people are lazy. You don’t know them.
        You’re other points are well put though.

    • It isn’t too difficult to get a job IF you are aiming for entry level positions which are great when you are young but when you have children to support and years of experience you need something that pays better than entry level salary. Besides, I have applied for semi-entry level jobs and I’m told over and over again that I am overqualified and they wouldn’t consider me. That is a fact for people who have been in the workforce for a while.

  8. It is really tough right now. After 20 years in a position, my position was eliminated. However, I am reminded that 0-0=0. Thus, having money coming in is important so that all savings does not get depleted.Unfortunately, I am not eligible for social security yet so adjusting to this new situation after working for over 30 years meant “cutting spending” but certainly looking fora potential revenue stream. I currently have a seasonal contract and holding on to the dimes for survival. Best wishes to all in your employment journey.

  9. I agree a little bit with every one on here .I have been in a situation where i went from 15.00 dollars a hour to 7.25 an hour so yes you do have to do what needs to be done even if it isnt any fun .I also agree that sometimes CEO’S and people in those positions take advantage and for the people saying not to look at them I guess the poor people with Enron deserved what they got ? I am the type of person I will work hard for what i got I will take what ever Job I can get I am also going to school to be a vet tech and I have worked in the computer field,animal care field,Customer service so im not picky I work hard .

  10. Hey All:

    I assist people in looking for work after they finish at my school. Here are four things that can drastically improve your job search:

    1. Research the company BEFORE going to the interview.
    2. Refine your answers to the interviewers questions (No personal).
    3. Always ask questions at the end of the interview.
    4. Have a logical chronilogical formatted resume.

    I agree with a couple of the other postings:

    Spell Check everything
    Amount of time you put into job search = what you gert out, otherwise spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week looking.

  11. I’m 59 with 35 years of manufacturing experience.

    Unemployed now for over 2 years. Which of you posters would want to hire me as your customes service or I.T. professional..?

    I didn’t think so.:(

    • I,m 60 yrs old and keep getting the phrase you are overqualified. My last position in the state energy field was eliminated due to cost cutting. I had one employer tell me it was not my qualifications, but I had more knowledge of the position than the director. On my last unemployment extension.

  12. CEO’s earn every dollar they make? Been on the pipe too long?? CEO’s salaries are based on performance- not theirs however. Their salary is set in stone, the bonuses & perks are usually based on how well the company is doing. Oh & let’s see….why does the company do well? Because of the employees.
    Not all CEO”s work their way up and whether they do or not is inconsequential. It should be about the job they do, how they manage and motivate the employees. What they make is disgraceful, absolutely obscene especially as they drive towards taking away from employees. According to a recently published article, American CEO’s make approximately 400+% more than median paid employees. In other countries the difference was substantialy less than 100% and yes, it referred to countries such as England, Germany, France, etc.. Capiatlism at it’s very finest….repulsive and embarassing, untterly embarassing.

  13. I relocated from Michigan to Arizona. The prospects are encourging but my experiience and background is of no value. I don’t mind getting paid less than before. But everything else has to adjust as well. I won’t be able to buy groceries or gasoline for my car. If wages are rolling back, shouldn’t prices? I am so tired of corporate executives getting pay increases and bonuses just because they decided to cut my wages.

  14. I constantly hear about the major corporations sitting on two trillion dollars in cash from their profits and not hiring. The answer is found in econ 101. Companies hire when demand for their products is greater than their ability to produce. Over the last ten years, in order to compete when one company can sell their products at lower prices because they have out sourced their manufacturing to low labor cost countries, all the remaining manufacturers must also, or lose their markets. The policies of our government have encouraged this. It is as simple as supply and demand. If four million people lose their jobs, they have no money to create demand. With no demand, no new factories, no new jobs. Yet these same unemployed people insist on buying products made in other countries because the prices are lower. Walmart and others have been a major factor in creating the economic recession, along with the American Chamber of Commerce, (not the local small business chamber) and tax policies that do even more to encourage remaining manufacturers to out source.

    Some time in the future we must realize that all the greata free market agreements with other countries are killing us. The major American corporations are making record profits, while the American work force is dying. When do we realize that these are no longer American bur multi nationals, with no loyalty to the United States? They do not salute the flag, only the dollar. Of course it will not change as long as politicians appeal to these same corporations for money to help get re elected. Nothing will change until that system is changed. Ideas anyone?

    • I have a micro business. My wife and I make novelty products and wholesale them. We employed about 6 local women to help in the assembly of the products. I went to S.C.O.R.E. a division of the SBA, to ask for advice on how to grow my business. They told me the best thing to do was to outsource my production to China, and concentrate on sales instead of manufacturing. So, 6 Americans without jobs, 6-10 Chinese with jobs. Thank you US government!. We’re back to local help again now.

  15. The talk of jobs is noting more than government spin tatics to try and fool people into thinking thngs are getting better, my company imposed a hiring freeze in June, why is that ,when supposedly the automotive industry is growing fater than most.
    Never mind the fact that I am a veteran and no one want to hire a 45 yr old male at 50-75K a year when they can hire a 25 yr old at half the cost.
    What our president fails to understand is that all the jobs that are being created are either low end retail jobs, or for the younger workers that dont have the family oblogations of a 45 yr old male.
    I always felt that my country would take care of me but I was worng. The very employers that built there businesses while me and thousands like me served this country no longer want us or if they do they dont want to pay us anything near our worth. We served so those employers could built there businesses and now they are turning there back on us.
    So Mr President what are you going to do about this mess, this was change I voted against and change I could live without, can’t wait to sent him back Ill where he belongs, and not running our greeat country into the ground.

    • Don’t worry there is plenty of other people (congressmen, representatives and such) trying to do the same. If I did own a company I personally would hire every vet I could find. Why? Because for the most part they’re honest, hard working, take direction well and are not afraid to give you and honest answer when asked a direct question. My Dad (God rest his soul) was in the military for a total of 30 years. God Bless our soldiers and GIVE THEM A JOB!

  16. First thing that threw me was “job postings are up”…….if you count how many of those are recruiters and search firms posting the same garbage each day for several months at a time. No company I know would take that long to hire someone because there were no right candidates. Take out the recruiters mass blasing the job boards and you’re left with pretty much nothing. Recruiters need to go, PERIOD, and companies need the means to hire good employees that will have lasting careers and can provide for their families.

  17. Apparently, the author of this article has not visited or interviewed the multitude of small businesses and others for that matter! Is this yet another propaganda vet for the current administration just like the unemployment under l0% which is rare with double figures exceeding l0% to 40% across the USA and continuing. ALmost 50 million graduates cannot find employment–not even at McDonalds! And there are others as their parents: outsourced, downsized, offshored etc… What is gone is long gone!

  18. I lost my job due to “reorganization” after nearly 20 years with the company. The best advice I was given is that employers would rather hire someone that is already employed. So take that retail job, making $8 an hour, I did and was able to get into Customer Service field making twice as much, within nine months.

  19. I agree with “Beenthere”. You have to take what you can get for now. I use to own my own business. I had to shut it down and move on. I found a job in the banking industry about a year in a half ago. I survived during the down turn of the late 80′s and early 90′s and I will survive during this. I have a friend who has been out of work for 7 long months. I know for a fact she has not been looking full throttle. She was making 60k a year and this is what she’s use to making. She told me she won’t settle because she just can not make her bills if she settle and takes a lower paying wage. Well, guess what, now her money has run dry and she is going to have to settle. She may even have to work 2 jobs. All I know is that I would’ve put my best foot foward and found a job ahead of everyone else who is out on the pavement searching. It’s dog eat dog out there. I do know for a fact that many people have told me that it is easier to get a job if you already have one. I feel sorry for any individuals out there who are actually hitting the pavement and really searching diligently for a job and still have not landed one. It’s very frustrating and I cannot imagine. The only tip I can give an individual who is experiencing this is please update and revise your resume. Make sure your resume stands out. I write ALL my resume’s and I hate to be smug but I usually get an interview immediately. If you are not a good writer, then you need to have a very good friend that knows you well and who can write well, do your resume. Just a thought and good luck job searching ……

  20. I had a recruiter tell me that I haven’t worked in 3 years.. duh, that’s how long I’ve been looking… I’m 52 about to turn 53 and Have Constantly put in JOB app’s since i lost my JOB in 2008… and after all this time putting in countless of app’s had aprox 5 interviews all that TIME!!! I worked at my last JOB for 17 1/2 years and before the last job I worked at another 12 years… Now I can’t get or FIND NOTHING!!! In all my Grown LIFE I have never been with out a JOB.. this is the longiest I have ever encounter being without a JOB, Ii even try to get a JANITOR POSITION!!! when I lost my Job from a POPULAR SHIPPING company I haven’t topped off.. at that time Ii was making $31.80 an Hour… now you figure out why I was LET GO!!!!! $$$$ I feel Like a Pup chasing his own TAIL!! I keep hearing people say there’s Jobs out there… there’s JOBS.. someone Please Tell me where.. I totally feel like I’m being discriminate due to my AGE!!!!! and I have been told that several times my age is prob the factor!!!!

  21. C’mon. all you whining oldpharts. there is no such thing as age discrimination in hiring. After all, that is illegal. Nobody uses age as a reason to deny employment.

    And if you believe that BS, I have some real nice oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

    • No Alberto, It’s called a government infiltrated by Radical Ideologues trying to kill this capitalist system from within. To then complete the fundamental change to a more social system! This economys problems was all by design and planned over many years by progressives in both political parties.

  22. What actually started the ball rolling wasn’t the housing market it was OUTSOURCING people. Think about it, research it with your company. The CEO’s got super greed! Every industry was in some way or another affected.

    • JJ, It’s not greed, it’s simple economics my friend. With a government that regulates business to death in this country. That other countries like China do not do to their companies. Plus’ the fact the United States has the second highest corporate tax in the world. It’s no wonder we have out source and companies moving off shore to more business friendly places. We have been getting screwed by our own governments greed, not corporations!

      • Greed is people who quit thinking about others to make money off of others demise. Greed is wanting and taking everything for yourself. Greed is watching others die because you yourself could not lend a hand or a heart. Can any other people find more to my sentences. Please add.

    • Also JJ, the housing bubble is what tipped the economy! This people of this country lost about seven trillion in property equity. That had a ripple effect through the economy that is still being felt.

  23. I’ll tell you all something, this economy and jobs outlook will not get much better any time soon. The change will come when the current administration along with their radical anti-business policies are replaced with a more business friendly administration. Also’ with the planned health care overhaul being repealed on constitutional grounds and replaced with a not so government centered plan thats geared more for the people.

    • ok I did not agree with the obama health care plan but did not get to read much of it either. Hopefully this NEW plan is better. But will EVERYONE be able to afford it?

      • If the Obama health care reform (takeover) was really about reform and whats best for the people of this country above whats better for government. The ending of the health care insurance companies interstate commerce clause would have been the first thing added to any reform! That would allow the close to 4000 insurance companies to sell policies through out the entire country. Not just in their home state of head quarters as it is now. That would develope policy cost competition all over the country with all health insurance companies, thus driving down cost to the consumer. Obama didn’t want that because then his bloated government wouldn’t control everything and he wouldn’t be able to drive insurance companies out of business like his reform will eventually do! We have had socalized health care in this country for years, it’s called medicare & medicaid. This government has done a fine job driving them both into the ground. Why anyone would trust them now with the overhaul and takeover of the entire private health care sector is very foolish to put it lightly!

  24. Stay in positive, folks!!!
    Don’t listen to any negative comments and let yourself down!!! Even from your mom!

    Never give up!! It is time to show how strong we are MENTALLY!

    Hope is a good thing! Hang in there!

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