Summer job season not too hot

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Summer jobsWhenever I think of summer jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is “Meatballs” and those wacky CITs from Camp North Star. Sure they complained and wanted pity — the kids were brats; the food was hideous – but you know they were having fun.

Alas, rarely is a job – summer or otherwise — like how it is in the movies. Those vying for a seasonal job this summer may not get that Hollywood ending they are hoping for, according to the results of CareerBuilder’s Annual Summer Job Forecast. On par with last year’s forecast and in line with current economic conditions, job seekers are facing more competition for fewer jobs.

Here are some of the major results of the survey:

  • 22 percent of employers say they plan to hire seasonal workers for the summer, in line with estimates from 2009
  • 15 percent of employers say they are planning to hire the same amount of summer workers as last year, while 5 percent plan to add fewer
  • 71 percent of hiring managers will offer the same pay to seasonal workers this year as they did last year, 14 percent will offer more
  • 43 percent) plan to pay summer workers $10 or more per hour and 6 percent plan to pay $20 or more per hour. Thirty percent anticipate paying between $8 to less than $10 per hour, while 9 percent expect to pay less than $7 per hour.

If you’re hoping your summer job will fill the gap during your unemployment or lead to full-time work, consider this: More than half (57 percent) of companies reported that they would consider some of their seasonal recruits for permanent placement within their organizations when the summer ends.

Across all industries, the most popular summer positions are being offered in:

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