Thanksgiving at work and at home

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In a few days, workers across America will trade their commutes, co-workers and to-do lists for a day of overeating, football and crowded dining rooms to celebrate Thanksgiving. But while most workers will be taking another slice of pumpkin pie and enjoying their day off, a growing number will be on the clock and with their fellow employees. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, one in five workers will spend Thanksgiving with co-workers at work.

Before raiding the grocery store or checking how much overtime you’ll receive for working on Thanksgiving, check out a breakdown of the survey to see what Thanksgiving will look like for some workers.

Home for the holidays versus paid overtime
While the majority of workers will be home helping cook or devour the family feast, 17 percent of workers say they have to work on Thanksgiving. By industry, here’s a look at the percentage of workers who will be working on turkey day:

So happy together
The majority of workers in America would rather be with family than co-workers for the holidays. When asked who they’d rather spend Thanksgiving Day with, co-workers or family, 90 percent of those surveyed answered “my family,” 2 percent said “my co-workers,” and 9 percent said “neither.”

Which workers celebrate Thanksgiving with co-workers the most?
Whether they prefer it or not, a number of workers will be spending time with their co-workers. Some will be on the clock together; others may be invited to share in the festivities. For those who will be together, here’s a more detailed look at the workers who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with co-workers.

By cities with the largest economies:

By industry:

By diverse groups:

  • African American workers – 26 percent
  • Hispanic workers – 25 percent
  • Workers with disabilities – 22 percent
  • Asian workers – 18 percent
  • LGBT workers – 17 percent

This compares to 16 percent of nondiverse workers.

By age:

  • Ages 18 to 24 – 24 percent
  • Ages 25 to 34 – 23 percent
  • Ages 35 to 44 – 18 percent
  • Ages 45 to 54 – 15 percent
  • Ages 55-plus – 18 percent

Whether you’re with your fellow workers or your family members this Thanksgiving, take time to be thankful for what makes you happy this holiday season.


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