The 10 strangest holiday gifts from our co-workers (GIFs)

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Snow GlobeNobody wants to give their co-workers lame gifts for the holidays, but some go further than others to make the season memorable. It’s important to note that memorable doesn’t necessarily mean good.

While you probably didn’t go shopping for your work buddies this year—CareerBuilder’s annual holiday survey found that only 22 percent of employees planned on exchanging gifts with their co-workers—you still may be on somebody’s nice list. Let’s just hope they understand your sense of humor, or you’ll end with a picture of that guy from the next cubicle over… inside a snow globe.

The following is a list of notable gifts people *actually* decided to give their co-workers this year. We had the same reactions you did.

1. 50 pounds of *fresh* Louisiana shrimp.

2. A toothpaste squeezer.

3. A hand-painted porcelain clown complete with silk clothing.

4. A unicorn calendar.

5. A painted concrete chicken.

6. A plaster cast of a co-worker’s hand.

7. Camouflage toilet paper.

8. Homemade laundry detergent.

9. Stamps. That’s it. Just stamps.

And, finally…
10. A talking fly swatter.

Have your co-workers gotten weirder than that? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your bizarre gifts in the comments below.

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