Hate your job?

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hatemyjob2These days, most people are just thankful to have a job. Satisfaction or dissatisfaction with those jobs can be a luxury. Still, workers do have an opinion about it. And when they’re really fed up, hopefully there’s an opportunity to leave.

CareerBuilder.com released our 2009 Workers’ Satisfaction Survey this morning.  Even with slower hiring predicted for 2009, 19% of workers say finding a new job is on their list of New Year’s resolutions and the same amount say they actually plan to leave their current job before the end of the year.  Six-in-ten workers say the economy and the tightening job market are not making them hold off on their plans to change jobs.

Workers cited a variety of reasons for wanting to leave their jobs in the new year, with the most workers, 49%, reporting that better pay and/or career advancement opportunities are the primary reasons they plan to leave their current positions.Other Highlights include:

  • A quarter of workers are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their pay; 35% of workers did not receive a raise in 2008.
  • 26% of workers are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the career advancement opportunities provided by their current employers.
  • 18% of workers are dissatisfied with work/life balance and 54% report their workloads have increased over the last six months.

What do you love the most or hate the most about your job? Are you going to look for a job this year or going to be one of the six-in-ten holding off? Tell us!

  1. I hate my job because even though I have taken on more and more responsibility in the nearly two years that I have been here, I have never been given the raise that I was promised when I was hired.

    I was given many promises when I was interviewed and hired, and none of them have been kept. Even as recently as 2 months ago, I was promised that my travel expenses for attending a conference that would benefit the company, would be reimbursed. I haven’t seen a dime of that money, and I turned my receipts in as soon as I got back. I should have kept copies to take off my taxes.

    Fortunately, we are moving due to my husband’s job with the military, so I am counting down the days until I can quit.

  2. I hate my job, alot. and its the most easiest job and the people some of them are cool. but the pay sucks now since overtime has been discontinued and commission has flew out the window. And besides the point im ready for a change. I’m tired of doing the same work for almost six years.

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