Workers tethered by the e-leash in some strange places

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They do it while walking — oh so slowly — down the sidewalk. They do it at the gym. They do it at the movies. They even do it in the bathroom.

They are using their smart phones. While some people are checking out Facebook, getting directions, reading the news or just plain addicted, many are still on the clock.

While smart phones have made it easier for workers to stay connected to the office, they have also made it more difficult to disconnect during personal time.

CareerBuilder conducted a survey on this topic, and workers with smart phones said they are checking in with the office on their smart phones from virtually anywhere and everywhere, including:

  • During a meal – 62 percent
  • On vacation – 60 percent
  • While in the bathroom – 57 percent
  • Lying in bed at night – 50 percent
  • At a movie, play, musical, etc. – 25 percent
  • On a date – 18 percent
  • Working out at the gym – 17 percent
  • At a child’s event or function – 17 percent
  • At church – 11 percent

Here are some other interesting things workers admitted to:

  • 14 percent of workers said they feel obligated to constantly stay in touch with work because of the current tough  economy.
  • 21 percent of workers say they check their mobile device every time it vibrates or  beeps.
  • 18 percent report they are required by their company to be accessible beyond office hours via mobile  device.
  • 23 percent of workers who are required to be accessible beyond office hours report that being too connected to their jobs via technology has caused issues or arguments with their friends and family.

“The lines between work and life can be very blurry these days; 17 percent of workers said they feel like their workday never ends because of technology connecting them to the office,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder. “To reduce burnout and avoid potentially risky behavior, workers should allot technology-free time when away from work.”

In related news, watch the clip below of Jerry Seinfeld doing stand-up in his recent appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” At the 2:45 mark, he starts his bit about smart phones.  Can you relate?

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  4. To be honest, Iv used my smart phone while having sex with my wife too. I cannot believe myself how obsessed I am with my phone. I am seriously thinking to overcome this problem now. Although I dont know how to !

  5. @ Jones… easy… TURN IT OFF!! At the very liest while you are having intimate relations with your wife… what an insult to her to be on your smart phone!

  6. I think back when we didnt have cellphones was way better. These days, people get too distracted. and it really annoys me when im trying to have a conversation with someone, but they are too busy texting. I hate cellphones, even though i have one :P

  7. I don’t like cell phones either but unfortunately to keep up and stay in the loop in business you had better have one. I often think even email is worse. I have spent as much as two hours trying to get through and answer all of them in the morning and it’s worse after the weekend. I find it very annoying to have someone say to me WELL, I emailed you! As though I do nothing but sit all day waiting for every email that pops in the box. I work quite a bit from home but that brings in a brand new problem because no one ever believes ( including myself sometimes) that I am off work. Some how because I work from home I am available 24/7. A good answering machine has now become my best friend.

  8. It is truly sad that our personal lives no longer exist due to fear of losing our jobs. I was the same way. Unfortunately my job was still cut due to downsizing because of the crappy economy. I was available 24/7, worked 60-70 hours a week, alienated my family, and on top of all that I was on a fixed salary so was never compensated for all the extra hours. And where did all that loyalty get me?! Unemployed with a lousy 4 weeks of severance pay. That was back in July, I am still w/o a job & cannot afford health insurance because of high blood pressure.
    These companies expect us to give 1000% of our lives & what do we get in return?! Where is their loyalty?! It is total BS.

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