A fable for grownups: Recognizing Richard Rabbit

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All of us have to navigate a tricky world in the workplace. There’s office politics, interpersonal relationships and channels of communication that are often blocked off or loaded with metaphorical landmines.

It can make you wish things were as easy as they were in childhood, when communication was simple and where you were more open to new ideas and new people. Countless self-help books suggest the same thing: that personal and professional success can come to those who are willing to let themselves be more open.

“Open” might mean being more vulnerable, or even being the fool from time to time, but it also means that you embrace the humor of the situation and just let it be.

I’ve been reading a very intriguing and unique book by Peter Weddle, Recognizing Richard Rabbit. Weddle’s book tries to get a message to us via these two channels: on the left side pages, there’s text asking us questions about our lives (and careers) in language that we’re accustomed to.

On the right-hand pages, there’s an animal-filled fable that takes us back to childhood days and recasts these questions in simpler, more colorful terms. It’s a fascinating way to approach ideas – like giving up what you “should” do for what you really WANT to do – that can be tricky or uncomfortable to think about in traditional terms.

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