America’s in-demand jobs: CNC machinist

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Last week we profiled CDL drivers, one of the six most in-demand jobs in the U.S., according to information from CareerBuilder’s database. Today we’re highlighting another in-demand job — computer numerically controlled machinists. CNC machinists program machines through a computer in order to cut and shape metal parts.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNC machinists typically work in machine shops and toolrooms and on factory floors. While they usually have a regular work schedule, overtime is common. According to CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal, the average national salary is $48,000, and the top cities hiring for these positions are Houston, Minneapolis and Cleveland.

Watch the video below for more details on this position:

And if you’d rather see it as a snazzy infographic, we have that too:

Check out all the CNC machinist positions we have on today!

  1. I agree with this outlook on the Machine Trades.  I have been doing this for 36 yrs.  I started out as a Lathe Machinist and have worked my way up threw the ranks though out the years.  Been programming since 82′,  Heavy into turning,
    I have held position as foreman, supervisor, plant manager, programmer. I have made 50k-87k working these positions. As a High School Grad, w/ classes in areas of interest.
    I love what I do.  Machine shops don’t have to be dirty and hot.  Most have AC.
    I am now currently a Manufacturing Engineer for one of the biggest Private Shops in the world.
    I am in Insourcing for the company. I work with parts for Swiss and TSTT Mori’s ( twin spindle twin turrets ) I am the first one to work on any given part. I set up the orders for mat’l and tooling and work holding devices, Prepare programs to complete the part, Get outside vendors quote when needed. Be ready to go out to shop floor to correct any features of the part not conforming to print by adjusting program or advice on machine performance. This trade is a science and very exciting knowing you are building the world not just our nation.  You can train with willing companies like the one I work for. Or start in a small family shop and have a very fulfilling work life with good pay and most times full benefits.  You can always learn and do more. 
    In my position I love it because I am on the floor helping solve problems with the knowledge  I have learned thru the years. Helping others is my biggest thrill. Its a fast pace world but not without dull moments. 
    Talk to someone who has a career in the Machine Trades, the future looks very bright.

  2. I think you are completely right in saying that CNC machinists are in high demand. That is because there is high demand in the milling industry. Do we have enough professionals? I think the computer numerically controlled machines were a development that was needed because it is quicker and more accurate.

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