America’s in-demand jobs: Financial analyst

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Last week we profiled health-care case managers, one of the six most in-demand jobs in the U.S., according to information from CareerBuilder’s database. Today we’re highlighting another in-demand job: financial analysts. People with these jobs provide guidance on investment decisions for businesses. They assess performance of investments and help decide what moves the company should make when it comes to a portfolio.

These workers are often employed at banks, insurance companies or securities firms. According to CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal, the average national salary is $65,500, and the top cities hiring for these positions are New York, Chicago and Boston.

Watch the video below for more details:

And if you’d rather see it as a snazzy infographic, we have that, too:

Check out all the financial analyst positions we have on CareerBuilder today!

  1. Thats B.S!! I know a person who has a masters degree in Finance, graduated with a 4.0, has 4 years work experience and is currently unemployed for the last 6 months

      • I said he has 4 years work experience with the top insurance companies in the country. Secondly a person who has no common sense can never graduate with a 4.0 gpa in finance

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