“America’s Oldest Worker” Passes Away

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waldoSorry to put a damper your Monday morning, but I just found out some sad news in the working world: Waldo McBurney, who was named “America’s Oldest Worker” in 2006, passed away last Wednesday. He was 106.

Experience Works, which provides training and employment for senior citizens, gave McBurney the “oldest worker” designation.

McBurney, of Quinter, Kan., got his first paying job at 13, guiding the lead team of horses pulling a wheat thresher. He graduated from college in 1927 and worked a variety of jobs: He taught for three years; spent 17 years as a county agricultural agent in Kansas; and spent another three years working for the Midwest Cooperative in Quinter. In the 1950s, he started a seed-cleaning business and ran it until he was 91. He also turned his beekeeping hobby into a honey business, but sold it last year, saying he was slowing down.

McBurney was also a published author of his autobiography, “My First 100 Years! A Look Back from the Finish Line.”

Let McBurney be an inspiration to workers everywhere. R.I.P, Mr. McBurney.

  1. Hi Watchdog Guy,

    Mr. Hoenig actually did not plagiarize because he cited me as the author and included links to the original piece.I did something similar with Marilyn Maslin’s great article on how job seekers can learn from hockey players: http://www.theworkbuzz.com/fun-stuff/learn-from-hockey-players/.

    It’s all just friendly content sharing. Had he not mentioned me as the original author, then yes, I would agree that it would be plagiarism.

    Thanks for your concern. Keep reading!

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