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CareerBuilder recently launched a new browser extension for Google Chrome. It allows users to receive job notifications on sites that feature open positions that are posted on

In addition to delivering relevant jobs through a user’s Web browsing experience, there are also several other shortcuts in the Chrome extension that allows individuals to quickly search for jobs in a variety of ways.

Type ‘CareerBuilder’, tap the space bar and start your job search.


You can type ‘CareerBuilder’ followed by a space to turn your address bar into a job search field. In the image above, we typed ‘CareerBuilder’ and it immediately turned the browser into a search field. We then typed “marketing chicago, illinois” to narrow our search and it populated the search on, letting us then drill further down by industry, more cities and sign up for email alerts.

Find jobs on the sites you visit


As you browse the web, you’ll also see each website’s available jobs if they’re posted on CareerBuilder–and you’ll even be able to apply. In the example above, when a user with the CareerBuilder Chrome Extension installed visits, they’ll see the orange CB button floating on the right-hand side of the screen. Once clicked, it will open the positions posted on for that company.

You can either then go further and click the ‘view all jobs’ button at the bottom of the widget, or sign in or register for a new CareerBuilder profile.

Perform a browser quick search


When a user who has the extension installed clicks on the ‘CB’ icon in the top right-hand of the browser, a mini search window opens up where a user can do a quick search. So if someone is browsing the web and thinks of a potential job opportunity, or wants to learn more about a certain role, he or she can do the quick search.

Our extension is all about saving time. Instead of spending hours on our site, we’re bringing the job search to you in your day-to-day Web browsing habits. Let us know what you think and, if you love it, tell your friends!

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