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We’ve heard a lot about the job outlook here in the United States, so I thought it would be interesting to take a glimpse at some career-related news stories from around the world.

IRELAND: An Irish bank is offering some of its employees an opportunity to take a paid career break. According to the article, Permanent TSB will pay roughly the equivalent of $12,000 a year to employees who are willing to take a “break”. This could be a win-win situation. Employees would get a partial pay for time they can use to take classes or relax, while companies would save money by not needing to pay full salaries.

CHINA: A study by a human resources consulting firm in China revealed some trends and attitudes among workers there. The most notable trend? Workers seldom leave a job because of pay, but because they feel that their opportunties for development, learning and career advances are limited.

EUROPE: Another study that encompassed several European countries suggests that European workers who used social networking sites at work were more productive. The study did indicate that some users were distracted by the availability of these tools at work.

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