Are co-workers important to your ideal job?

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I’ve written my fair share of articles about annoying co-workers. Really, I have. I admit it.  Yet, I like my colleagues quite a bit, even when their interesting conversations distract me from getting work done…or maybe because of that–I don’t know. Either way, co-workers often get a bad reputation. Some specific co-workers deserve your disdain, especially if they’re anything like the articles linked above. However, if you didn’t have someone to chat with or exchange eye rolls with, you’d probably end up stapling a Post-It to someone’s forehead out of bottled-up frustration.

Yet, I read this article on NPR this morning and was amused but not surprised by it.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Then one day he heard about New Work City. It’s a rented office space in Manhattan where workers like Prentiss can drop in, hook up their laptops and work away with other people similarly mobile, while making face-to-face connections.

Membership at New Work City is kind of like going to a gym. The plans range from $150 a month for two visits per week on up to getting your own key.

New  Work City is interesting because it seems to defy the logic that working from home without distractions and a knuckle-rapping boss is the ideal work situation. The article goes on to explain that people who work from home often get lonely. Whether they own their own business or freelance, these professionals miss the chatter or even just knowing someone is a few feet away from them.

In the wave of the layoffs that began in 2008 and continued into 2009, many people cited their co-workers as one of the things they missed most about having a job. (I’m certain compensation was at the top of the list, though.) I’ve held jobs on site, where I was in my own office and hardly interacted with anyone. I’ve been in a sea of low-wall and high-wall cubicles. I also worked from home and only interacted with colleagues through phone calls and e-mails. In their own right, each workplace is kind of strange, though I do know that after working at home for so long I was a bit stir crazy. Going to a cafe just to work in the presence of white noise often made my day  much better.

But the story did make me wonder how important co-workers are to most people. Is your ideal job one that involves interacting with colleagues (and clients) in person or would you rather be in your own home office away from everyone else? Right now, if you’re looking for a new job, does co-worker interaction factor into your decision to apply? Let us know.

  1. People make all the difference! I stayed at a position that was lacking in upward career mobility for far longer than I should have, because I enjoyed the caring and supportive work environment, as well as the generous benefits.

  2. My coworkers are the best part of my job. We don’t make a lot of money and our job is pretty boring, but we have a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that our employer encourages everyone to wear an iPod at work, in order to keep us focused!

  3. I wouldn’t call it ideal but necessary nonetheless. I’ve personally felt that social knowledge is as important if not more so than the typical collegiate based education. Meaning the dealing with and interaction with people, coworker or not aids in the development of the common person and thus the common worker. The more interaction one has with an individual whether in a work environment or elsewhere manifests itself into a base level for interpreting others in like circumstances. Christ i’m drunk and i’ve got nothing better to read, long story short people are nuts and there is no such thing as an ideal “job”. Hobbies, now that’s the ticket! But hell, they just end becoming jobs too, there is no hope. Kill yourselves, i need the space.

  4. I am a teacher, and despite all the pressures with my job, I stay at my current location mainly because of my co-teachers. We’d go crazy without our planning periods together, bouncing ideas and stories off one another. We’ve become a very tight-knit family since we all are long distances from our own. It doesn’t make the job perfect, but it makes the days much easier.

  5. I hadn’t ever really thought about it much, because I’m in a job which requires a lot of self-suffiency. However, in looking at that, I realize that the people make a lot of difference. We all(at my workplace) do have to be very self motivated. Our boss is not so much a supervisor as a manager by exception. The people I work with are a very important source of interaction and diversion. The people in the group do support each other a great deal, both at a professional level and a personal. It’s a subculture within, but seperate and different from the corporate. It’s very necessary. The corporate wouldn’t be as strong without it.

  6. I totally agree with Dana! I’m currently in a position that doesn’t pay as much as I could be making but I stay there because of my co-workers. Two years ago I actually left a company due to the enviroment created by negative co-workers additudes where I was making much more money. Where I work now the people are great, personally and professionally supportive, I get feedback from my co-workers and managers and I have a blast when I go into the office.

  7. Co-workers absolutely make a difference. I LOVE the job I am in right now (I work for our area’s economic development office…a quasi government agency) and one of the things I love the most is the people I work with! We are about 2 dozen people and somehow we all get along (first job I have EVER had where it is like this!). We celebrate everyones quirks and differences and use those strengths and weaknesses to help make our team great. Our boss allows us to just be ourselves and indulges our wackiness and even participates because he sees how it helps our productivity. On even the MOST stressful day I know that we will all pull together and get the job done because of our friendship and at the end of the day we will more than likely leave the office laughing ABOUT how stressful the day was.

  8. It does and it doesn’t. I enjoy the conversation with my co-workers during our downtime but when it comes to having time sensitive work and deadlines there are just a few people that still chat away and don’t understand that you might be busy. I end up bringing my computer home with me and locking myself in a room to have no distractions. In the end I’m more concerned about getting my work “done well” then having an awesome relationship with people who don’t have any influence on my career.

  9. I have no real co-workers. Just an occasional person drops in . I hate it. No one to share with. No one to just talk to. My days go by at a snails pace. Co- workers do make a big difference.

  10. I recently had to resign a position because of a “co-worker”. I worked part-time (20 hrs), had Fridays off. She always wanted to take Fridays off. When we were moving into a new home, I said that I needed that Fri. off to move our belongings. She said “too bad”, I’m the office manager, you work for me. She’s the one that told me after I’d worked a week, I didn’t pick you as my first choice for this job. She made life miserable for me, giving me wrong information, not telling me other important things. I finally just had to give up and move on. It was a small office, not even cubicles. Hope she’s happy now, cause I sure am.

  11. I left a job after almost seven years because of co-workers. I had been stabbed in the back so many times, when I took a drink I looked like a water fountain. I was not the only one to leave because of it. However, the bosses didn’t want anything to do with the office crap so they told us to work it out ourselves. I loved the job and the pay, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

  12. I’ve worked at home as a medical transcriptionist for years and absolutely love it. No distractions, no drama, just my own quiet space, breaks when I want them. No hassles, no pressure. For me, and most other transcriptionists, this is the absolute dream job, and I’ll never go back to on-site work.

  13. i haved work alone in a unit alone for two years at my job. i really had no problem with that because i like the peace and quiet, not having to get into confortations with co-workers and the noise and nonsense they are discussing.
    There were no distractions plus i was able to do my work in a timely fashion.
    i missed those days because now the unit i am working in is exactly the opoosite. i do not like the work and some of the co-workers are very annoying, putting up with their ever-changing moods is work enough. mayby working in a group does have some benefits but such is not the case where i am.

  14. I used to work for a biopolar boss one minute she would praise me infront of everyone and a couple of hours latter yell at me infront of the entire office. I was hulled into the office interragated over a spreadsheet that had the wrong color codes and nick pick all my other daily task to death. I finally got tired of the abuse and put a petition out on the office to EEO. She had no education and we had to help her do her job. She ended up boss by marrying another boss in the same departement. I hated to go to work you came in everyday and walked on eggshells never knew what mood she was in.

  15. Regardless of title, if co-workers embrace their work and participate as a true team player, then yes these co-workers are great! However if any co-worker (regardless of title) is a true negative impact (attidude / work participation) then this can truly dedrogate the work enviroment (outlooks, foucus, productivity). For example I have seen way too many times a Supervisor / Manager / even higher positions get on power trips and pursue their own agenda and crap their “whips” so to speak and cause so much intense – non-productive – non-encouraging changes / direction that it creates a work environment that dedrogates as time passes instead of learning and growing together. I believe it is best to pursue your career form the heart, cause even though a particular job (title / company) may sound intreging / powerfull – you may end up working and find you are leaning on the wrong wall (so to speak)…. Best wishes to all!!!

  16. The two-person company I’ve worked for for the past year was recently acquired by another larger firm in the area. I was lucky enough to be brought on with the deal and maintain my title. While some of the perks of working for this larger company include better health benefits, fully paid company cellphone plan and a significant raise, the thing that I have appreciated most is the interaction i know experience on a daily basis with the 40 or so other workers in the office. Being able to have the daily “water cooler” talks has done wonders for me and is worth more than any amount they could have offered me as a raise.

  17. I work much better alone and not distracted by ongoing conversation around me. Even at the office, I often have the door closed, which helps me focus and I”m much more productive. Additionally, bad co-workers can ruin a job. My current job is a great job and, in many ways, the best I’ve ever had. However, a co-worker’s behavior and treatment over several years now, has finally made me so miserable and I have been forced into the decision that I am going to have to leave this really good job. We’re a small company with no HR department, per se, and the bosses and management allow it to continue despite repeated requests from me for help.

  18. I have felt for years that 95% of a good job and a bad job is the people you work with. If my co-workers can take the job seriously but not themselves, then I’m good. If not, then I’m gone. Life is too short to not have fun on the job.

  19. Co-workers absolutely can make the difference in job satisfaction. My last job wasn’t my chosen field, but I loved most of my co-workers because everyone worked well together and most personalities got along great. My current job in my chosen profession is awful and most of the problems are my co-workers. Half of the people I work with are so lazy and find every reason to not do their jobs. I’m currently seeking new employment because of this.

  20. Oh yes, I quit a better paying job after 14 years because they hired an absolutely horrible co-worker who made my life miserable. I now work in a very happy, supportive, wonderful office. It has made a huge difference in my work and personal life. Life is too short to hate your working atmosphere.

  21. I hate my job and can’t stand my co-workers. I’ve been in my job for 25 years and I’m not going anywhere – I have great benfits and a retirment plan – I just come to work and stay in my cube and do very little – over the years I’ve learned how to be a total slaker and do nothing for the f—- up compnay i work for – they’re so stupid they don’t even know the difference – I started my own company and half the time I’m making money on company time. I should write a book on how to be a total f— up and get away with it – I’d make millions.

  22. I am one of only two women in a company of over 120 males. You would think that me and this other women would band together against all the males but she is absolutely the worse. She will stab you in the back without blinking and is constantly gossiping about someone in the company. She is dating one of the higher supervisors so she feels that she can say and do whatever she wants. Surprisingly it has been all the guys that have been great to work with.

  23. Co-workers make a difference in productivity, work ethic and job satisfaction. stay away from those who get on your nerves. i’m not going to allow another employee to ruin my days at work. i go to work to work not to make best friends. my co-workers are very nice. everyone works 2gether. it’s a lovely atmosphere. for those of you that have problems with co-workers, be the bigger person and speak up and then bury it.

  24. Co-workers and your bosses make or break your job. I depends on what state your in and how much intelligents people have. The last place i worked people were rude and crude, they cheated at the hours they put in on the job, played lgames on the computer. Lied , harassed their fellow employees, one person actually destroyed equipment , and they are still there. One person disobeyed and played games and would walk around and talk to others and for hours at a time and he was promoted. His excuse was he was bored. We had several people who talked so loud you could not hear yourself think. Women were treated second class. We were not to have a original thought, we were like robots. WE had one boss that liked to fire people for not reason, he like to make the women cry. he made alot of mistakes and blamed the employees, i used a note book so when he try to come after me i was ready. He did everything he could to get rid of me. He was fired after two yrs. He was hired by a friend in the company and not one checked his references , he had been fired from 2 other companies. Where is the protection for the emplyee from management? We hire on sell ourselves for $$$$’s and we are treated like a dog , we get kicked about, were is the protection? We have to give a company 2 weeks notiice and give none , where is the fairness in that , if it was not for the emploees they would not have a company. Where is fairness, where is kindness, that want our best and i expect the same from them. Where is our protection?

  25. A work place would be much better if the older grouchy workers would just relax and try to have an enjoyable day at work. Instead of doing no work and complaining about everyone else.

  26. Great co-workers are VERY important for job satisfaction!! I absolutely love my co-workers. I never in a million years imagined that in my career choice I would have such wonderful and supportive people around me! The people I work with more than anything will keep me at my job for years to come. They make coming to work a joy! There is a sense of support and comradery that I have never experienced in a job before. They are like family!

  27. During a stressful time at work it seemed to be the coworkers who kept things together, once we were broken up due to layoffs the place wasn’t the same. The boss noticed the general atmosphere changed and so did the pleasantness. Being laid off them wasn’t as big of a deal. We don’t miss the job, but we miss each other so we still meet for coffee and lunch as much as possible

  28. Yes, co-workers do make or break your job, although as I have read above I believe management can make all the difference. I would probably be one of them people that has a negative attitude and complains way to much, which haunts me everyday. I try so hard not to complain because I do realize it is very annoying to other people. What bothers me is when management does not make people responsible for there jobs, life is so much easier for everyone including managers if everyone would just give 100% in their job and follow through on their responsiblities there would not be the negative attitudes and complaining all the time. Because it’s when people are not doing their jobs to there full potential and what is expected of them is when the attitudes come in, the gossip starts and people are not happy with themselves so they talk about others or cause problems to make themselves feel better.

  29. I am continuously stabbed in the back by co-workers due to women being so damn jealous (I am not talking looks wise). I am nice and helpful to everyone but they often see me as a threat, I don’t want anyone’s job I have my own and I would give anyone my left arm if I liked them but for all the back stabbers you get no more help or kindness from me, you are on your own. That is why I will be looking down at you!

  30. I have no choice in my workforce other than work with lots of people with different personalities and attitudes. I am a flight attendant and the worst thing about my work are not the flying public, but being stuck in a pressurized tube for 12 hours with some annoying and inconsiderate co-workers. Some of them have started to work in the airline industry in 1963 and are not planning to retire anytime soon. Now I was born in 1975 and started working in the airline industry in 2000. Its probably bad if you have to work with your parents generation but try to work with your grandparents generation. Try to educate them on the concept of new airline technology, like computers, Ipods, inflight entertainment systems, and even how they bid for their own schedules. In fact the majority of them cannot and will not work with a computer in this day and age especially when the world is full of new technology. Now if this is not frustrating enough, I have to work with grandma and do my job and grandma job because grandma hardly can push the beverage cart down the aisle.

  31. Reading these comments brings me great relief. I had a horrible group of co-workers and an equally horrendous boss. My husband accused me of allowing them to “run me away” from my job of nearly a decade, but my health (and theirs, little did they know) was at stake. I’m at a lower paying job for now, but the peace is priceless.

  32. I hated my former co-workers and now that I’m unemployed, I so do not miss them. They always questioned me about how I should do my job, etc. Most of us spend a lot of time (one way or the other) with our co-workers so if you can’t stand these people, its only going to make your life miserable.

  33. I worked with a vibrant, personable, bi-polar or other category woman. She had a daily drama and always asked advice but never took it. If ignored she might throw herself on the floor and act like a dog. It became so disruptive, I asked her to seek professional help and she took this opportunity to turn on me in front of one of the bosses and throw the name card for a counselor at me screaming maybe I should go there. When I asked this boss if I could not ‘help’ her on office time,(because they basicaly encouraged me to mother her) he said it was my job to be there for her. In the middle of stressful job bidding she would tie up phone lines by talking to her friend or entering radio contests. Eventually she got me fired from the only job I’ve ever been fired from. It felt wonderful and I smiled as I told the two bosses, they got rid of the wrong person. They didn’t believe me, but the company no longer exists.

  34. I have worked with my fair share of doozies. I once worked in an office where the owner was a wonderful person to work for, his family, no so wonderful. Unfortunately his business was family related and after 3 years I could no longer put up with the nonsence they consistently through at me. I loved all of my co-workers who all on different occasions asked me why I stayed on with the company after the way I was treated and i always told them it was them that kept me there, as long as I knew I had them, the family nonsense was tolerable. I finally after 3 years has a confrontation with a very domineering family member of the owner and that was that, I quit on the spot and then was fired for quiting…dummies did me a favor, I got to collect un-employment and be very picky and chosy about where I would decide to work next. They had no idea that they did me the biggest favor in the world by being pig headed and refusing to let me quit, they had to have the upper hand always, I left and have been very happy at my new office, same business, different people who are the greatest of them all. Some times, if you can, waiting for the right moment can do you alot of good. I still see all my old co-workers from time to time and it’s like we never left each other, still e-mail and go out now and then, it’s the best of both worlds.

  35. I’ve stayed in horrible jobs much longer than I should have because of great co-workers. I’ve quit okay jobs because of co-workers as well. All things being equal, co-workers make the difference between looking forward to being at work verses solely looking forward to a paycheck.

  36. I had a job once working with a state government agency where I made several life-long friends. If it wasn’t for coworker friends, I’m sure that it would’ve been unbearable to be there 5 years. We all agreed that the environment was the stuff that TV shows are made of. It all came to a bittersweet ending when the agency was downsized and eventually shutdown.

  37. I hate my current job !!! There is maybe two co-workers that are cool. The rest I wish I never met. Prior to this job I worked for a man who was a complete moron, but I stayed because my co-workers were awesome. Now I am staying only out of necessity, but I am starting to develop health problems because of this job. My marriage is suffering and I am completely miserable. The thought of going there everyday makes me want to cry, cry and cry… Awful environment.

  38. I work where my boss down grades you very chance he gets what happened to job discrimation man it is hard to work with him im a office girl and he has me go into the warehouse and do cycle counts and the warehouse guys sit on a counter. I am the only girl in this branch i am looking for a new job but they are hard to come by

  39. Coworkers make a huge difference. I have a decent job at a great company and like the work I do, but am looking for another job because I do not get along with my coworkers. It’s depressing, and I can’t stand coming in to work.

  40. I absolutley love my job. I work in a long-term care facility and have been here for three years. I am the administrative assistant and love the interaction with our residents but my co-workers have made my job and my life extraordinary. I have been through several admnistrators, good and bad but love, with all my heart, my co-workers. It is so refreshing to enjoy coming to work everyday. They truly are my extended family and I am thankful to have been so blessed by a wonderful work family. The money really isn’t what it’s about for me. It’s about an enjoyable and rewarding working experience.

  41. I think it’s important to have good co-workers in you job. I’ve always been in a position as an individual contributor. No one works directly for me and that’s how I like it. I know when, where, why and how to get things done as it pretains to my responsibilities. My manager is a theory ‘”y” person and pretty much leaves me alone to get the job done. He jumps in if he thinks I’m going off course but other than that, I’m in charge of my destiny. From time to time I do get to share some war stories with my other co-workers and it’s sometimes very interesting to hear how they handle certain situations.

  42. Coworkers make all the difference. They will argue with you, redo your work, make others dislike you and there is nothing to do but quit! Mgt, or lack thereof, does nothing but say “Oh, she has issues” No s—-, she does. Bosses the mgt around like they were children. Sad state of affairs. Time to go now…..

  43. I recently left a career in nursing after twenty years,due to stress and health problems,I worked with some of the nastiest people you could ever encounter. It semmed like they enjoyed you to fail, or make an error. Now I’m working in a company that has nothing to do with nursing, and the pay is terrible,but I’ve never been happier at a job,I love my co-workers,we have fun,and every one supports one another. Sometimes pay and status aren’t everything.

  44. I have to agree that coworkers have a real impact on your work life. There are days when I am miserable because of a particular coworker, and it is horrbile to hate your job. On the other hand, I have had some of the best conversations and laughs with other coworkers and that is worth its weight in gold.

  45. I have run into workplace violence,incompetance,BULLIES menace morons
    and I really need to have been working instead of running job to job to job.

    Managment Has to take the Bullies and disruptive behavior far more serious.

    Coworkers who attack another coworker ????????????? Verbal abuse backstabbing, dumping work, I still can not UNDERSTAND why this people were not fired on the spot. The extensive damage done over the last 20 years— I have had a terriable time with coworkers.

  46. Absolutely , Co-workers make the difference. I worked for an FBO where team work was a must and at times the job could be pretty rigorous. Most everyone on the job was pretty good and never a problem except for one individual who was completely toxic, the original Work Place Bully. Management was alerted to this problem and declined to act. I left the job, this jerk and the way management behaved proved both the job and the FBO just wasn’t worth it.

  47. I work for Orange County Governement – yes co- workers important to job. I did not put in for promotion, so the guy that I supervised now supervises me. He was the only one that applied – so upper management gave him the postion – instead of holding out and getting a better qualified applicant. He is an uneducated, micromange, power hungry, self serving sacred lil boy. “The pen is mightier than the sword” is his mantra. He loves to write people up. He has no formal education, he has proclaimed that he hates people. Why the hell Upper management can not admit to the error of thier way in selecting this guy for this position just slays my soul. But then again, Orange County Government is always promoting people that have absolutley no business being promoted! Typical government waste of money and staff. A leader should build moral – not destroy moral dreams. Co workers do make the work atmosphere.

  48. I love my job except when my co-workers don’t do theirs. It’s like a house of cards. If I sell it, they check for problems, they clean it, they show it to the customer right, WOW, everyone including the customer is happy. but if one of the co-workers has a beef they often take it out on the work that should be done,
    then NO ONE is happy and the reputation of the company goes to hell in a hand bag quickly. Is this true in most places?

  49. I was fired from a job that I loved due to a negative, nasty co-worker. She scrutinized everything I did, interferred with my doing my job, repeatedly complained to my boss about me, and never admitted that I would never have bothered her if she had just not attacked me regularly. It kind of makes one wonder how she had time to do her work between this, cigarette breaks, and her husband calling several times a day….point made. She was very rude to everyone, clients included, but she never saw it that way. The good news was that she was fired, too! Every one of the people left in the office has thanked me for making their life better.

  50. i agree…co-workers can make ur boring or stressful job fun & interesting…unfortunately i got no one to talk to at work…everyone is older than i’m and they’re mostly men…they talked to each other not to me…one of them recently said really nasty thing about me even though i don’t talk to him other than work related….the pay is not even good…now in this economy, i want to quit so badly but i’m doubting…at the same time i’m dragging to get out of bed every morning…if i can find another job (any job) that even pay less than what i’m getting paid yes i would take it…in return i would love to have coworkers i can share/talk with….

  51. I wished I had good co-workers! I recently lost a job becuase of co-workers who were only interested in sucking up to the boss! I believe in having a good relashionship with everyone and respect people the way you want them to respect you. But in my case , doing your job without ruinning other peoples reputation was’nt good enough! If I did my job right, envy was the primary vibe you felt around you, even though I tried to get along as much as I could there was no way of getting through with them. I hope they never get to lose their jobs becuase of others conspiring against them, the way they did this to me. Thank God my family and me are not dying of hunger. He always provides!

  52. If I was in the market, I would love to work from home and drop into the office once a week. It may sound mean but it really wouldn’t phase me if I never saw any of my coworkers again.

  53. I’ve been at all sorts of environments: from consulting work where I was pretty much on my own to support work for offices with close to 70 people. I’m currently at a job that started out bad and has slowly improved with time: the workaholic boss was moved elsewhere, the despotic HR manager left the company because of illness, the dotted-line manager has clammed up to the point where he’s not a nuisance anymore. We went from a conference room full of computers where seven people where getting in each others nerves (one of them barely worked one out of every 8 hours and farted constantly) to a low-wall cube cluster where people aren’t intrusive at all. The work itself is good, most coworkers are good natured and agreeable. However, we do have a co-worker that ruins the experience for all of us. He’s part-time bully, occasional prankster. Once he joked about a teammate’s hysterectomy… to her face. Fortunately the guy is telecommuting part-time, and I won’t get to hear his teasing and cannon mouth but only twice a week. Life’s almost perfect, except for that guy.

  54. I have a psycho supervisor who drives me absolutely crazy every day. Without my coworkers, I would have been institutionalized a long time ago. Seriously, there is no one besides them who can understand the dynamic of what is going on in my “work world” every day. We help each other sidestep the landmines planted by our crazed boss who is constantly trying to sabotage each of us everyday. In this economy and in the small town we live in, we all need our jobs and we need each other to survive. We have become friends and confidantes and we know that we have each other’s backs at all times.

  55. When I really feel the need to buckle down and focus I need to be alone, but over all the people you work with really do have the biggest impact. I’ve never really like my “job”, the work sucks, but I use to love coming to work everyday, it was my escape from home, the kids, the mess, etc…. but now i absolutly hate it…every morning on my way to work and as I am walking in the door I can feel my brain cells dying, and its all because of the people I am surrounded by. The very flexible schedule I have (being a single mom) has made me hesitant to leave, but I am so miserable (just because of these people) that I am now looking for a new job, probably in the same field, with the same pay just so I can have different coworkers.

  56. i have been working a job i love for 38 years and i have seen guys come and go. its a job that requires safety rules that everyone breaks, and thinks nothing of it, they could lose their job if they get caught! we have stricter rules for our protection thru a dispatcher that they break, i dont know what has happened to common sense but they have lost that too, and they dont care or have any pride in their work! i try my best to try to keep these guys from getting fired. used to be only the foreman on the job was the one who got into trouble but now the whole gang can be disaplined if something happens. i do my best to do the job the way it should be done and i try to keep my sanity in dealing with the work load we get. and we are men short on all of our jobs so we put band aids on everything we fix.BUT i can retire in 2.5 years what do you think im going to do? i still love my job because i am blessed to have one

  57. Some coworkers are miserable and heavily medicated or need to be medicated. And they tend to feel like someone owes them something.

  58. You sound like the co-worker from Hell. Thank goodness I don’t have to work with you! Talk about negative attitude. I bet you are just a joy to be around.

  59. I have found that other people don’t always see things the way I do and while I am uasually right in my conclusions I need another point of reference once in awhile. Co-workers can be a pain or a blessing or anything in between. One needs to find a place where they fit in and can endure the difficult moments that must inevitably occur. So, in essence, co-workers or working solo does not matter but rather you make the difference.

  60. I love my job! I hate my boss and everyone I work with. I have never worked with such a horrible group of people. Unfortunately, my company doesn’t hire ‘employees’, they hire ‘warm bodies’. They are the biggest bunch of lying backstabbers ever! Yes, co-workers can make all the difference in the word. The only thing I look forward to these days is clocking out. What a BUMMER.

  61. I get paid so little I could qualify for welfare, there is absolutely NO upward mobility, and I think the people who run things are morons, and yet I love my job! I am not normally a very social person, and in fact would love to have a job with minimal social contact, yet one of the best things about my job is the people I work with. I work at a high school, which is one of the most social environments there is. The kids crack me up, my coworkers pick me up, and even the squirrels out in the quad make my day.

  62. It’s all about managers. Manager happy and considerate, co-workers happy and considerate. Manager angry and abusive, co-workers angry and abusives.

  63. I am the type of person that goes to work to work & I don’t see a need to socialize out of the office ‘just because we all do it’. I choose my friends carefully & have experienced after hour gatherings in a not so friendly light, esp where drinking is involved, so I tend to shy away. Where I live the women want to be friends with female office co-workers to the extent that it makes working difficult at times. For example, if I asked one lady to join me for dinner after work and others found out about it I would be shunned for the next 5 days and not talked to by anyone which left me feeling like I was in 4th grade.

    I worked at this firm for over 10 years & had never received a negative performance review from the boss or any client complaints about my work. I worked my way up to a nice position, made very good money & received excellent benefits & perks. Two years into my employ I had my third supervisor come in & she was beyond controlling, had bipolar issues & immediately ‘took over’ for the president who didn’t have the chutzpah to tell her to back off. I tried to cope with her personality & always played it professional but she had it out for me because I wouldn’t socialize or share my deepest secrets with her. After working with her nine years and 11 at the company I suffered a nervous breakdown from her stress and asked the president for a transfer – he denied me because he even though this woman was a pill to everyone -he didn’t want to approach her about it. So I quit with no job to go to and ultimately took a job with very few benefits and close to minimum wage but no devil woman boss. I struggle to make ends meet & can barely afford healthcare but my life is better off without that place.

    I don’t understand management who do not deal with personality issues within the workplace and let bullies do their business on company time. You can’t be a nice guy all the time & personality issues can either make or break the workplace or the employees. Heck, we even had a woman there who bullied co-workers for what football teams they cheered for. ridiculous!

  64. I left my last job mainly because of the co-workers, some were really snarky. I liked the job and if I hadn’t had to deal with some of them, I’d still be there. I pretty much ignored them and they ignored me, but, I’d always have to listen to everyone else they had treated like crap and it was a real downer. I got really tired of constantly trying to cheer people up or pat them on the back after the “management team” tore them apart.

  65. The current job I have has to be the most horrible. I love the work itself, but my co-workers are the most childish, cliquey, bizarre AS*(oles.

    The ones who make it to the higher positions are the ones with the qualitys I’ve described above. The ones who actually care about what they do, and who smile to those who aren’t their ‘friends’ either quit or remain on the lowest rung of this already low totem pole.

    The way to fit in is to be into vampire movies, like Bon Jovi and (Oh sweet Jesus) Nickleback, saying ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ in that 80s Valley-Girl talk, and to just hate anyone who is generally happy. And these are not just 18-somethings. Some of them are older than me!

    Oh well. The economy f’d me so bad I need this job.

  66. I reallly think people make a huge differance! I consider myself a postive person and try to put my best foot forward each day. The last job I had was so hard to bear because one of my co-workers , actually my “manager” was just an immature and miserable person. She was so negative and hatefull, it just made the days drag. I thought my positive attitude would wear off on her but it only seemed to piss her off I finally quit and now I have a job where my “manager” is so positive and supportive and my other co-workers are the same way. It definitly helps the day go by faster and I do think its possible to find time to laugh and enjoy yourself with your co-workers. If you work a 40hr per week job you prob see them more than your own family and friends so its so nice when the people around you are plesant. Life is too short to waste it being surounded my negative people :)

  67. I have two jobs. My first is great and my coworks make it alot less stressful. My second job i would like to staple a post-it note to my bosses and co-workes. there all a-holes. I have worked there for 9 mo. I yet to see my boss smile. He treats me like a stupid kid. When in fact I have more education then he does and more management experance and I am older then him. He just pisses me off.

  68. I don’t really care for too many people so if I don’t work with them the better. Annoying, back-stabbing, quibbling little people only get in my way and keep me from being productive. Bosses, I’ve had quite a few mean and self-righteous bitches to say the least. If I never work for another woman…it’ll be a blessing. Women make THE WORST bosses. They always get jealous and petty. Co-workers…I’ve had some real dumb-ones. I can do without co-workers, just make sure my paycheck is right and on time.

  69. I have a 29-year-old daughter with learning disabilities. Although she cannot deal with numbers, and can barely read she does not qualify as disabled here in Colorado. Therfore no help. So, when she is able to find a job, it is always a low level part time job doing janitorial work, stocking, or general labor. It takes little time for her co-workers to discover she has learning disabilities, and they start riding her. They make fun of her. They play practical jokes on her. They put pornographic material in her locker. They give her misinformation so that she makes mistakes and gets into to trouble. She comes home from work and cries. Talking with her supervisors does not good. Eventually she becomes over whelmed and either quits or gets fired. In general, people treat the disabled like dirt. Coworkers suck.

  70. Having a bad co-worker is the pits. But, having like minded ones with whom you share a mutual appreciation for one another make all the difference in a lousey job. I don’t make much money and I have to pay alot out of pocket for my health insurance, and we are always being told how much we suck. But, then, when the boss leaves the room, we all smile at each other and joke that we are the “winners” of the losers club. Working from home does get lonely and you lose motivation. So, I prefer having co-workers.

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  72. I have been employed at my current job for 14 years. I like my boss and several of my co-workers. I also have co-workers that are dead beats and does not care about anything or anyone else. they complain everyday and try there best to destroy your day. I think if you live and work in a small town you need to travel and read more so you can edify your mind.

  73. Heck yes!! A bad co-worker can make a person quit a wonderful job, especially if that co-worker isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon. And a great co-worker can sometimes make even the most demoralizing, mind-numbing jobs tolerable.

  74. I share the same story as fmarieh. I left a job I loved because of evil and annoying coworkers. The boss/owner of the company was oblivious to any problems and avoided conflict, so he was just as much a part of the problem. I am now working a job that I only LIKE (not love) with a much better coworker situation. There are still some annoyances, but at least we’re on the same team.

  75. I live in a small town and it seems everywhere I work, I come across the same type of co-workers that make life miserable. I hate almost every job I take but the job market sucks and it’s hard to be choosy. It makes life depressing when you can’t enjoy a job where people instantly decide to hate you without getting to know you. I agree that too many females have jealousy issues and no matter how nice and helpful I am, they always stab me in the back and create trouble. I believe all these crazy people had serious family issues growing up because we are way past high school but am continually being treated like dirt by adults who act like bratty teenagers. I also believe that it is solely the managers in charge that create such an atmosphere. I was recently fired from a job where the administrator was never there and put a low end manager in charge who couldn’t do her job and no one could stand her. She didn’t like me because I got along with everyone and did a good job and came to work every day. I just didn’t kiss up to her and make her feel like a queen. This company tends to hire the same type of low class gossiping troublemakers who shun you if you don’t socialize with them and make them feel important. It does make a huge difference when you go to work for a company that has a positive image and tells its employees daily what a good crew they are and what a good job they are doing. I am now at a lower paying job but it is well worth the peace of mind of having zero stress level!

  76. I don’t think the question can completely be answered unless you first consider how much you bring to the table yourself. I work for a company with approx. 467 coworkers, and everyday that I arrive to work gets better than the day before. I think job satisfaction with coworkers depends strictly on each person’s attitude and their ability to see the more positive side to every situation. My motto for the past almost six years that I’ve been here is that I will work with anyone. If there is no cohesion on the unit, it’s because I’ve failed to bring out the best in someone other than myself. I wouldn’t trade my job for another, and I love my coworkers despite how diverse we are.

  77. My boss rocks!! She always spills her guts to us and we get to listen to all her secrets. Our workplace would be soooo boring without all those juicy gossip stories and interludes. She’ll probably get fired one day for displaying all her personal problems, but we prefer her to some of the other harda## bosses we’ve had.

  78. Your last statement said” Now she’s happy,….” I bet if you were a fly on the wall, you’d see she’s making someone else’s life miserable. Because SHE is not happy. I left a job I really liked because my new supervisor was always on my case. I used to be “an asset to the department”. After she came I got warnings, written warnings, anxiety pains in my chest, crying in the corner,… Some people just shouldn’t be in positions of authority. Glad you are happy now.

  79. Co-workers can make or break a job..I had a job I loved and a wiggle butt,cleavage showing trouble maker stabbed the rest of us workers in the back by kissing the bosses butt and telling him lies about us. Ofcourse he believed her after oggling what she had to offer him..She was his favorite and she could do no wrong…go figure.

  80. Without coworkers I don’t know what I would do with the six out of eight hours I DON’T work. I’m too efficient at my job…I need coworkers!

  81. I use to work for a company that the owners mother was the office manager.
    She was such a unhappy person, and there was so much disfunction between her and her son. It was just she and I in the office for the 1st 3 years. It was so hard coming to work everyday. She would take her misrable life out on me. The son, hired a couple friends, a mother and daughter part time, to come in and do some of the work. The daughter did help out some, but most of the time
    she did her homework. The mother hadn’t worked since she was in college, and had no clue how work fax machine, typewritter, phones, so she sat there and let me do all the work. What pissed me off is he started them out making more money then I was even after being there 3 years.
    His mother got so bad with her crap that, It started causing me to have panic attacks on my way to work. Finally on Halloween day his mother was more then I could take. I gave my 2 week notice. I didn’t even last the 2 weeks, she started acting like she was in highschool, and this was a lady in her 50′s.
    I left the next day, best thing I ever did. Your co-workers/Boss makes all the diference. I work for a great company now, and great co-workers.

  82. I would rather work from home. Coworkers usually drive me nuts because they usually gossip more than work. It drives me nuts!

  83. Never go to work for Epic Products in Santa Ana, where Matt Dubow and his mother own the company. You will never meet more Narcissistic people in your life. After two years there, you have to go, or slowly go insane. Most of us prayed for someone to go postal and take this idiot out.

    • It sounds like you have some serious issues DG and probably need some professional help. Take some personal responsibility for your ineptness.

    • Until you experience it yourself you would never believe how awful is is to work for Matt and Ardeen. The company should be ashamed and put on a WORST COMPANY TO WORK FOR LIST.

  84. Being an RN your co-workers make all the difference. This being said, I find a lot of RNs VERY lazy in the last 20 years I have been in the profession. Those that aren’t lazy – those who are team players like I am are the key to happiness in an RN work environment. I wish more RNs would look inside themselves and see they would feel a better sense of accomplishment and overally happiness at work if they gave more of themselves. Personally the answer to the question is YES, co-workers make or break a job. I look on the schedule and dread when certain nurses are working with me as I know I will be feeling the pressure of the shift alone.

  85. I would say the bosses make or break a job. Employees can be a factor sometimes. I worked for this one bi -polar bitch two years ago. Nothing I did was ever good enough. She was n’t emotionally mature enough to see that her gross ill-experience was the doom of her pizzeria business. Another company that I worked for was a father and son sandwich shop.The bitchy, fat whiny son would always find something wrong with what I did. To make matters worse, his weak father would co-sign for his bitchiness. Case in point, in my opinion, there is a valid reason why people who do food service as a living are viewed as lesser than. They make food for other people:( Soo glad I stopped doing food service last year. Too many loser ass bosses with inferiority issues and mental illnesses. Whew I feel better!LOL!

  86. I work with two of the most toxic co-workers ever. They are like a cliche in high school….very manipulative and childish. i think it can make or break you….I’m planning on leaving….

  87. Try being older than everyone else and your staff cause chaos for you and keep things stirred up among the staff that try to work and be team players. If you think it is easy to manage a multigenerational staff…you need to go back to school and get a degree in diplomacy. My boss wanted me to “go easy on the staff,” “the staff are fragile,” and all I wanted was for people to do the job they were hired to do. A job is not a party or social club, it is a responsibility and people have to be held accountable for their actions. Has anyone heard of team work and productivity…obviously not in my workplace. I was just forced out due to a lack of management support and the antics of “needy” and “fragile” ego laden staff that want to get away with doing the minimum.

  88. I second that. Or how about the old women who are jealous of the young women who make more money than they did at the same age and try to make them look bad — and badmouth and lie about them behind their backs. Why is it the women who are the meanest?

  89. I have several co-workers that make all the difference (in a positive way). It’s easier to handle about anything life sends your way (work or personal) when you are part of a team like this. Each day I remind myself how much I appreciate them and try not to dwell on co-workers at the other end of the spectrum. (Yes, I let them know how much I value working with them).

  90. Too many ‘managers’ don’t know anything about managing, they just knew how to claw and scratch enough to get the supervisory position they will now cling to at all costs. It takes leadership and some sense of ethics to adjudicate office problems such as you describe, so it’s no wonder that such people as I describe are useless in that situation. I never expect anything from managers, because most of them schmoozed (or sucked) their way into the job in the first place.

  91. I’m currently seeking a transfer/new job because my co-workers, two in particular, are making my days miserable. One is extremely nosey. The other makes me “uncomfortable”, if you know what I mean…

    So yes, colleagues certainly do make or break a job just as neighbors make or break apartment life.

  92. People ! Please do NOT stay at a job with awful co-workers and , or bosses! And do not expect corporations to help out either! Get out and realize LIFE is too short to be unhappy. It will affect your health, marriage, everything! I was at a job for 15 months where my boss made advances and when I refused made my life hell! My co workers were so scared for their own jobs, they turned on me..I was completely alone and filed a complaint and , well three months later I was conveniently let go!

    Unemployment is scary but I am sleeping better and so much more happy. Never again will I let another miserable human being affect my business life!

  93. I work in a small medical administrative office with only 2 other people. I am the newby. The other 2 are the boss and a woman that kisses up to the boss all the time. They waste SO much time chit chatting that it is ridiculous. I would somtimes participate in their conversations to be socialbe; but it got to the point that I could not get my work done… I mean once the chit chat lasted for 2 hours.. so no work got done for 2 hours. But the boss doesn’t care because she is the one who initiates the talking. I am the only one that has enough to stay busy for 40 hours, so I see how they don’t care if they waste so many hours a week goofing off. They also pad the timeclock, play games on computers, go on Facebook and other personal uses of the computer, to name a few things. And they invited me to go to their church. Christians like this make people not want to go to church. Enough said, I need the job.. because my husband recently got laid off work; but I would love to find a place where I liked the people I work with. Not may jobs to be found in our area though at this time. Oh, yeah, I did once tell my boss to just leave me out of
    the chit chat… that lasted one day… her memory must be failing. I have to hear her tell me the same stories about family or past people that worked there over and over again. I could complete the stories myself by now.

  94. I think my favorite jobs were those in which I collaborated with people and we bounced ideas off each other in order to reach a common goal. The work environments in most places are so restrictive that I feel as though I’m hearded like a cow or sheep or the person in charge thinks that I’m some kind of robot. Your work environment is key not the people even though some can tend to be agressive or anoying. People have problems they are not problems themselves. We all need people even if we don’t like to admit it. Human interaction is emportant to our mental health and I guess it’s ok to be driven a little crazy but I always try to keep a since of humor along with it. When looking for a new job I consider the atmosphere of the working environment the most important factor. In the right atmosphere I can get along with almost anyone.

  95. I think my favorite jobs were those in which I collaborated with people and we bounced ideas off each other in order to reach a common goal. The work environments in most places are so restrictive that I feel as though I’m hearded like a cow or sheep or the person in charge thinks that I’m some kind of robot. Your work environment is key not the people even though some tend to be agressive or annoying. People have problems they are not problems themselves. We all need people even if we don’t like to admit it. Human interaction is important to our mental health and I guess it’s ok to be driven a little crazy but I always try to keep a sense of humor along with it. It’s always more fun that way. When looking for a new job I consider the atmosphere of the working environment the most important factor. In the right atmosphere I can get along with almost anyone. Life is to short to worry so much about the job that will replace you instead of the people that will miss you when your gone…

  96. Quit a full-time job about 4 months ago to relocate to another state after two years doing the same job. Got so sick & tired of co-workers sucking up to get ahead…as well as supervisors & managers who had axes to grind with anyone who fit their image nor suck up to them.

    Even though I am working part-time & having trouble paying my bills…not having the back-stabbing…bad management & co-workers makes it all better. Have never been happier & my mental/physical health has improved drastically.

  97. Co-workers and managers do make/break a work environment.
    I’ve had good and bad and worked for myself. The company is nice if it is nice company. When it is bad it is awful!

  98. I work with all male co-workers, and trust me, they gossip and backstab just as much as females, if not more.

    Apart from that, they make this job go by faster.

  99. WOW!! Theresa, I think we’re co-workers , I totally agree with you. yet over the last year and a few months I’ve got to back up you Stuck, cause these people are going to great links, in trying to make my time at work unbearable. and while I can’t stand most of my co-workers but the ones like theresa makes it bearable, Izzie was right as well. If you have managers that act like 12 year old assholes. the workers will think it’s ok to act like 12 year old assholes. Just stop it !!! think of that person at work that you love f#*!%! with as you kin would you want someone doing that to them? hellna!!! So stop, It’s not going to work. ( WE LOVE THE JOB) and (WE ARE NOT QUITTING G)

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  105. Hi! I just read your post and wanted to know where your work. I think having a harmonious work environment and likable co-workers, is more essential than a high salary.

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  110. I just hate co-workers that talk loudly. I have this one co-worker that laughs so loud throughout the day over things that are not all that funny. Other then that she is just naturally loud. She is annoying to be around.

  111. I read your comments re your workplace. Only when I decided after taking a career inventory, the types of jobs I waw suited for and went to a local community college to take courses in that field (health), did I finally find work I liked and people who appreciated my work.

    It took years….but I have a secure pay and benefits as a result. Did I mention that the counseling at the community college was extremely helpful in helping me deal with the real world. Best wishes in a future successful job, wherever you go and whatever you decide…Sincerely, Patricia from St. Louis, MO

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  114. I so agree with this sentiment! I get up early to run before work, but now have to do work before work. I work with four females ages 30-60 and they shop online, chat about shoes, home decore and things that are not related to our jobs/education…Most of the day. Made the mistake of going to my boss, we have “cubbies” no privacy and explaining I could not focus with constant chatter and complaining, ugh. She was furious with me. Now, I just do my job. Sort of an outcast at work, and I am so positive as my clients keep reminding me:o) Any thoughts??? How’s your situation?

  115. I think that some are truly allergic, but I also think that this bit about “drowning in ounces of fragrance” is way too dramatic. I think there are people out there with control issues who think if they smell one whiff of something fragrant, they should run and complain. The perfume police, if you will.

  116. It was pretty obvious from the “get go” that she wanted you gone the day you started working and the Friday thing was just one way to run you off. Very passive-aggressive on her part I must say. But I applaud you for having the guts to walk away from this nasty situation. I have been in your shoes and trust me I know exactly what you went through. Hopefully, you will find something and someone better to work for.

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  127. If you ever have an interview with a company called Epic Products in Santa Ana, Whatever they tell you are all lies, as once you are hired everything changes. You become a underling and will be controlled by everything including asking to go to the bathroom. Matt Dubou is a very controlling bully who cannot stand anyone who does not agree with his narcistic, negative attitude. His attititude is if you don’t like how he thinks that hit the door. This company manages by fear that you will loose you job if you totally agree with every thing he says. He tried to bully people into quiting, so that he does not have to pay them unemployment. However, the unemployment office know what a awful place this is to work. They have had so many people quit as they were mentally abused by Matt. They hire illegal immigrants and make them work like slaves. Most good people leave because they cannont stand Matt and his Negative, unprofessional management. They recently said the company was doing extremely well. When asked when employees were going back to a 40 hour week, he said he was not sure. Why should he, when he can get his slaves to do 10 times the work in less time. Matt’s father committed suicide, and most of us know why. He’s a nut case. Run as fast as you can from this company .

  128. @Puple Pumperninkle  Your Right,  Dubow is a monster and I hope he is not long for this world. I came close to breaking fat boys face when i left but didn’t want to be arrested.

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