The big game’s commercials

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If you’re one of the people who tuned into the big game yesterday–and seeing as the audience is expected to top 100 million people, you probably were a viewer–you saw a heck of a game. And by now everyone accepts the fact that the commercials are just as much of a draw as the game itself.

In case you were away from the TV getting your third plate of food (or, let’s be honest, opening up another bag of chips so you could eat bean dip straight from the jar), you might have missed some of the commercials. This year, CareerBuilder did something different from our usual big reveal during the game. We held a contest where anyone could submit a commercial idea to us and we’d pick the winner. We narrowed it down to three and let everyone vote on which should air during the game. And the winner was…”Casual Friday!” In case you missed out or want to watch it again, here it is:

If you want to see the other two commercials that didn’t air, check out our YouTube channel.

  1. Hey Anthony,
    Was reading an article you wrote that was up on concerning Obama’s pay and jobs that pay more. A little concerned that your numbers don’t quite add up. I know that no one is going to care about this, but you took a $400K a year salary, divided it by the total number of hours in a year and got your total. Then compared it to jobs that are only worked 8 hours a day, 21 days of the month. According to you, at my $50 per hour rate that I make I should be making more than Obama makes, yet I have never made over $120K a year. Your numbers just don’t jive. I am sure that you are figuring that Obama is on the dime 24/7, but then you would have to call that an apple to the orange that is my job. I am also guessing that you were using some kind of humor to prove your salaryistic point, however, there is now a Harvard grad judge out there somewhere trying to figure out why he isn’t pulling in $430K a year using your math. I know, I know, I am the only one that said anything, but running apple figures against cranberry numbers just equals crapples and that makes as much sense as global warming.

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