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As you’ve probably noticed, we frequently reference the Bureau of Labor Statistics in our articles. The BLS is a really helpful resource for data and trends on employment and the workforce. Recently the BLS released its American time use survey, which looked at the amount of time per day in 2011 that Americans spent doing various activities, such as working, household activities and childcare.

Here are some interesting work-related statistics from the survey:

  • On days that they worked, employed individuals spent an average of 7.6 hours working. More hours were worked, on average, on weekdays (8 hours) than on weekends (5.7 hours).
  • Employed men worked 47 more minutes than employed women. This difference may be due to the greater likelihood of women working part time. However, even among full-time workers, men worked longer than women — 8.3 hours compared with 7.8 hours.
  • On the days that they worked, 21 percent of employed individuals did some or all of their work at home, and 85 percent did some or all of their work at their workplace. Men and women were about equally likely to do some or all of their work at home.

If you’re spending your days job searching, hopefully we can help you save some time. Here are 10 companies that are hiring this week:

1. 24 Hour Fitness
Sample job titles: Personal trainer, membership counselor (sales), department manager, IT professional

2. Coinstar Inc. (Redbox and Coinstar)
Industry: Automated retail
Sample job titles: Field service, technology and various corporate positions

3. Elsevier
Sample job titles: Senior content strategist, technical product manager, sales manager

4. FirstGroup
Industry: Transit management and contracting
Sample job titles: Bus driver and technician

5. Fresenius
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Clinical manager, patient care technician, acute RN, IT

6. It’s Just Lunch 
Industry: Specialized dating service
Sample job title: Sales representative

7. Moorehead Communications / DBA The Cellular Center
Industry: Wireless retail
Sample job titles: Sales, sales management

8. Panera Bread Co. 
Industry: Restaurant
Sample job titles: Restaurant management, customer service associate, baker, driver, marketing, information technology, help desk

9. TeleTech
BPO/customer care
Sample job titles: 
Customer service representative, .Net developer

10. UHS-Pruitt
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Therapist, therapy assistant, nurse, director

  1. @Maxwell_Careers did you really just let me know that panera and some gym are hiring? Wouldn’t working there mean my MPA is meaning/useless?

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