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Social media is exploding. It seems that with each day comes a new social network or socially powered business model and what we’ve learned is that consumers (and job seekers) are relying heavily on their own connections with friends and families to influence their purchasing decisions, as well as their job search.

How does play into all of these spaces? Well, consider your current location as home base. is a place for career and job news, job search advice, tips and resources on how to start your career and provide you with information on how to continue progressing in your field throughout your life. And hopefully we can do that with a little light-hearted fun mixed in.

Our social networking sites provide this content and other quality content from career experts to allow you to stay in the spaces you’re already in daily and keep you in the loop. In addition to information, we use our channels as a place to communicate with job seekers and engage in dialogue and answer questions.

Here are all the places we’re at on the Web, and we hope you’ll connect with us:

Working at CareerBuilder
If you’re interested in jobs with us, check out the accounts we have to learn about job opportunities at CB:
Job & Industry Feeds

Want to connect with our other job feeds? You can check out our expanded social directory on

Watch our video on how you can use social media to impact your job search and the ways to properly communicate with potential employers and research companies you may be interested in:

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