Credit checks on the job hunt: The debate continues

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We previously discussed the validity of credit checks as part of a job hunt and you had plenty to say. If you’ll remember, we wondered whether an employer should be able to check your credit history and use that information to decide whether to hire you. Based solely on your comments, the overwhelming majority of job seekers think the practice is unfair, and here are just a few of your reasons:

“There are thousands of people in the work force who have bad credit, from major to minor credit issues. If everyone was given a credit check, [from the] president on down the line, how many jobs would be lost? I’d say the vast majority of congressmen, senators and those who work in positions of authority in the U.S. would have some explaining to do. Credit checks do not give an ethical picture of the person; there are many reasons behind poor credit. This does not mean the person will steal from your company or trade secrets to foreign countries.” — Lenore

“I think that [it] is a disgrace that an employer can check your credit and use it to decide if they want to hire you or not. There are many things in life that can cause one to have bad credit. What about companies that go bankrupt and can go under a different name and open back up? Maybe the person that has a bad credit history should be able to go under a different name to re-establish their credit.” — Bre

“I am just wondering: Do the companies that require a great credit score pay all their invoices in less than 30 days? … What’s their customer satisfaction ratio? BBB information?” – Bill Bailey

“When you are unemployed, you may very well get behind in your bills. Heck — you can have a job and be behind on your bills! On top of that, you may or may not have erroneous marks on your credit report that even if you know about them, it takes time and money to get them corrected. It is not as if a simple letter will make them go away.” — Cats

Recently, the Arizona Republic ran a story on the same topic, due in part to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s concern about credit reports. Credit checks, the EEOC  says, might hurt women and minority groups more than any other job seekers.

Reporter Jahna Berry explains:

“Financial pressures often are a motivation for employee theft, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2010 review of more than 1,800 workplace-fraud cases worldwide. The study found that living beyond financial means accounted for 43 percent of the cases, and money difficulties accounted for 36 percent of the cases.

“Those fraud statistics are disputed by consumer advocates, who argue that the fraud examiners’ report suggested that men, older workers and divorced employees were prone to theft, but employers don’t screen based on those characteristics.”

Berry interviewed job seekers whose finances took a hit after layoffs, which then made finding work more difficult. One job seeker and his wife sought a loan modification on their home after he was laid off. In order to get the modification, they had to skip some mortgage payments, and that naturally dented his credit history.

According to the Washington Post’s coverage of a recent EEOC meeting to discuss credit checks, employers aren’t running the checks just because you give them permission to in your application.

Columnist Michelle Singletary writes: “The Society for Human Resource Management says job applicants shouldn’t worry too much about credit checks. Although about 60 percent of organizations use credit checks when selecting employees for some jobs, only 13 percent conduct credit checks on all job candidates.

“‘Credit-check results are one important component of the hiring decision but are not typically the overriding factor in the consideration of a job candidate,’ Christine Walters, a human-resource professional and lawyer, told the EEOC.”

Of course, as Singletary’s article explains and many of you explained in our last post, your financial concerns don’t turn you into criminals. You might be behind on a few mortgage payments, but you’re not necessarily going to embezzle from your boss. After all, you took the job to make money and stay afloat financially, so the last thing you want to do is risk losing your job. That’s probably the reason you allowed the company to run the credit check in the first place — you didn’t want to say no and lose a job opportunity.

According to the EEOC, more meetings in the coming months will look at potentially unfair hiring practices and how they affect various groups. Although no recent significant changes have come regarding credit checks, hopefully discussions about them won’t die down. If more employers understand the nuances of financial hardships and personal responsibility, they might be willing to look beyond and credit score and find the candidate who will actually do the best job.

  1. Oh sure, don’t even mention the fact that PRIVATE medical information can be on a person’s credit report. Someone with medical debt, even if since paid off in full, would surely be a target of discrimination. Where are the HIPAA laws to protect jobseekers?

    • The actual medical reason would not be posted. The doctor/hospital may NOT release the medical condition under HIPPA privacy laws. The fact that a doctor might send someone’s account to collections does not mean they can reveal the medical condition that was treated.

    • What we check the history of the company before applying and we all now know that this is an individual not an entity. So you think its right to judge an individuals success before applying yet they can’t do the same?

      Low lifes (deadbeats) should of thought about that before you lost your job and got bad credit. Find a rock to crawl under it!

      Stop bothering our politicians with your snibbling they have a world to conquer!

      • Oh, yes, everyone without a job must be a lowlife! Obviously there couldn’t be any other reason for losing a job! In our current economy, there are many people who were just a number when the rounds of lay-offs hit their companies. Unemployment says nothing about a person’s character, and credit shouldn’t either. Sometimes people have to make the best choice from among several bad options. Hmmm….should I feed my kids tonight or make the car payment on time? I hope you never have to face the kind of life others do.

        Credit checks are not a reflection of how well a person can or cannot do a job.

        • Mark would probably let the kids starve or have them beg on the street before he would tarnish his spotless precious credit rating.

      • You are so ignorant to the current situation the country is suffering. Not having a job is not equal to being a low-life. Not having a job can, however, be equal to CRISIS in our country. Read the newspaper, look up the news online, there are so many options…. but update yourself.

      • Question: if your credit is okay, but you can’t write a simple declarative sentence, should you also be considered a lowlife? Or is that deadbeats are lowlifes, but illiterates get a pass?

        “Low lifes should have thought of” what before they lost their jobs? And how would someone know they were about to lose a job? Ouija board?

        I’m fortunate enough to be able to make my monthly payments and have a decent (although not stellar) credit score, but the total amount I owe is pretty steep. Most of it, $16,000, is from medical bills. For many people, incurring debt for medical care and other NECESSITIES is the only option. They deserve compassion, not idiocy.

      • Okay by me, Mr Holier than thou, but let’s see what haoopens when something occurs to put you in the same boat

        But people like you, it’s ALWAYS okay then, and you wouldn’t be a deadbeat.


      • Mark is likely a young ‘twenty-something’ who has yet to live in the world most grownups are faced with on a day-to-day basis. He likely has parents who provide him with some means of financial support and has not worked very hard for much of anything his entire young life. Therefore, I wouldn’t take him so personally….Life has a way of teaching us the lessons needing to be learned – and he obviously has some learning to do.

        That said, it is an absolute disgrace that companies are allowed to ‘judge’ potential employees based on credit score. I had perfect credit until one family crisis after another essentially bankrupted me because I was committed to helping my family out. I was self-employed at the time and was compelled to enter ‘the job market’. In spite of the fact that I am dedicated, loyal, responsible and hard-working, I was denied employment by one company based on solely on my credit report and was actually discharged by another after working several months when it decided to conduct ‘background checks’ on everyone.

        Frankly, that is nothing less than heartless. It was not a position where I had access to any critical or financial information. The only reason employers are doing this is because they can, and who can object in today’s job market? Banks caused the problem, now they’re making us pay the price of their own corruption.

  2. I was in lawenforcement for over 23yrs until two years ago. Now I cant get a job as a wal-mart door greeter. Almost every job I apply at does a back ground and credit check. I have bad credit because I don’t have a job and I can’t get a job because I have bad credit. That realy sucks..

    • @Hardin. Get this. The VA has a release of information department. And any clerk so foolish to release any infomation about a vet’s health record to any inquirer is going to get a visit from a supervisor with possible let go. My point if that many people in poor health are doing a fine job at work; so why does it follow that persons with poor credit cannot be productive workers?

    • want a job for bad credit, sell cars they don’t care. Bad credit could make you management material. that’s my experience.want to move up quick get addicted to pain pillz, and lie on your application about everything, you’ll flourish.. good luck hope this helps,

    • i feel you sooooooooooo much i was in the same boat i finally got a good job who over looked my credit i made good and some what fixed it only to loose my job on 10-23-10 so here i sit all over again pay bills or feed the family well thats a easy one ( or is it?)

    • I recentally applied for a job at a convience store and was told I couldnt work there because my husband and I have to much debt. I told her I know that….thats why we are both looking for second jobs. Our middle daughter has had cancer and the medical bills pilled up along with our other bills. I tried to explain but was told to bad. How am I suppose to pay off my debt if no one will higher me? I am willing to work but it seems like now that weve been knocked down coperate America wants to keep us there.

  3. Divorce caused my bankruptcy that ruined my credit a while ago. Yet I’m well educated, never been arrested, a veteran, & live a fairly well organized, ordered, responsible life. I got screwed by the system in the country I helped defend not only on credit checks, but also auto insurance, which btw I’ve never had an accident. Oversight, regulation, transparency, common sense, & logical reasoning is highly needed!

      • Right on both of you. To much CROOKED GOVERNMENT. I love our soliders they are only doing what they are told to do but hate the crooked peoplethat run it! We need to stand together. Good luck to both of you…..

    • Oversight and regulation are the two things the Tea Party and Republican Party are fighting against!
      The voters just sent a whole bunch of both to Congress, so until at least the next election, the insurance companies, Big business, banks and any employer who made large contributions to these people, will get their way!
      Most likely, any regulations and/or oversight will either be overturned, starved for cash so they cannot take effect or softened to the point where they only serve the Big guys!

      As far as the vets, it is an absolute shame, how the country is treating all of them! The healthcare, the jobs, the financial help or lack of for returning male troops is atrocious, but not as bad as for returning female troops!

      I guess the lack of education and math skills of the American people shows up whenever people talk about taxes! How do we expect to pay down the enormous debt this country owes if nobody wants to pay taxes? This whole thing is a big Ponzi scheme, Madoff would be proud of. We keep borrowing new money to pay back old investors. When are we going to draw the line in the sand and say: Enough!!!

      The myth that cutting taxes creates jobs is just that, a myth that politicians like to dust off and bring out around election time. Bush cut taxes, yet very few jobs were created and many more were lost!

      So all of us unemployed, who feel we get the short end of the stick, or feel things are unfair, or feel we’re getting the shaft, need to suck it up, shut up and quit complaining, because nobody who matters is listening or gives a sh*t!

  4. After being laid off, I was offered a job, then when the credit report came back, they told me the offer was rescinded due to my credit history. I was devastated! Took me almost a year and a half to get another job offer. I had to live off my 401K, which I am now having to pay the IRS interest & penalties for. How fair is this? Not!

    • Read this and understand:

      Everyone on this board should read this:

      Please understand the job market is, and has been for years, manipulated by the government and corporations.

      The entire College, interview, job, unemployment, bankruptcy, college,interview, job, unemployment, bankruptcy, college, interview, job, unemployment, bankruptcy……..It’s job rotation, not job creation. Are you all starting to get the picture yet?

    • I agree with Eric, I had to live on funds from my IRA when I was laid off a couple of years ago. Now I am paying penalties and interest to the IRS on what was essentially a savings account that had MY money in it. It’s not like I pulled the money out to buy a new TV or take a grand vacation. I needed that money to pay things like rent and car insurance so that I had a vehicle to go on job interviews.

  5. As an unemployed 57 year old female who is single,I find myself exhausted trying to re-write resumes to try to suit the opportunity,now with this new “Credit Check it’s now ten times harder to find employment, So if your over 45, have any marks on your credit, your not worthy of a paycheck, amazingly enough, I probably would be the one in the company who works harder than some who have been in the company for a while, because I am grateful to have work..So where does it end? What’s next they incinerate us, if we can’t get past the credit..Sounds like the black hand effect to me…It simply is an invasion of your personal information from what I can see. I seem to get by on the age thing, although I have had potential employers ask me my age, which again is in violation of my rights, whoever allowed this credit check to happen in the first place, and really, if you have bad credit, it’s probably because your unemployed, seems logical no?

    • Hi Deborah. See my post #9, I am 53 and worked long and hard. I agree with everything you said. They should make it illegal for any credit report to be ran when seeking employment with the way the economy is! Did the big banks have to have stellar credit when our government gave them a bailout? Maybe the government should be helping those of us who are unemployed with a bailout (that we do not have to pay back) and I’m not talking unemployment either!!

    • Over 45? I am 35 and cant get a job because I filed bankruptcy after 2 emergency surgeries 8 years ago!!!! Lost my job after 10 years, have no criminal history.

    • Dear Deb,
      I am so sorry your going through such a hard time like most of us replying on this site. I would like to know WHO (the name of the person that made this rule) so if you know or can find out or anyone else on here reading this can find out please let me know. I dont plan on letting this go. We need to stand together. I know for fact and I do not say that unless I know beyond shawdow of doubt they are not not allowed to ask your age although a lot of resumes now ask your DOB. I do not think you have to answer it. They are not suppose to ask you anything personal. If they want to play dirty with credit check crap lets just say 2 can play games. If they ask you anything they are not suppose to sue them! Give them a taste of their own medicine they get enough of this it will stop. We need to find out who passed this law. I will try to google it and see what I can find out. Good luck to you Deb, I wish you the very very best in these hard times. I also will pray for you as I am everyone on this site (i hope it does not offend you). Keep your faith as I told someone else on here because God WILL get you thorugh. BELIEVE!Have a great night.

  6. So at 61 years old after paying my bills on time since the age of 16 that’s right 45 years thanks to the last 2 years of economy the bankruptcy finally got me in August of this year.After depleting my lifes savings there was no choice. So now being self employed there are no jobs to be found and no bail out plan for me because I’m a REALTOR.If I had the creditors hounding me they still would’t hire me. Why is it OK for corporations to be treated like gold GM , Chrysler but individuals treated like second class people.

    • Everyone on this board should read this:

      Please understand the job market is, and has been for years, manipulated by the government and corporations.

      The entire College, interview, job, unemployment, bankruptcy, college,interview, job, unemployment, bankruptcy, college, interview, job, unemployment, bankruptcy……..It’s job rotation, not job creation. Are you all starting to get the picture yet?

    • I feel for you! I do understand I am in a different sitution but dealing with some of the same. Good luck to you my friend. I will keep you in my prayers. I try to pray for as many people as I can because even if you dont someone it still helps to pray. Keep your faith and dont lose it God will get you through. Have a great night.

  7. OK guys, as an HR professional, background and credit checks are a requirement for hiring. However, these are only initiated after an offer has been extended, and contingent on a favorable background and credit check. I will ALWAYS give a candidate a chance to explain blemishes on each of these. After all, when it gets to this point, I have expended alot of time and expense to get here. Understanding the economy has wreaked havoc on a person’s credit, I look at overall history. On background, absolutely no DUI’s or criminal activity. Good luck!

    • So as a “professional” can you explain how credit checks (like age and race, perhaps?) are relevant to jobs that don’t involve handling funds or valuables, with or without a system of checks and balances for all such employees? I can see not hiring someone who already has a criminal record for senitive positions, but it seems that using credit checks to determine who “might” be tempted to steal is unfairly discriminatory, like saying that older workers “tend” to be (fill in your favorite prejudice here). And why extend an offer before doing the check if credit checks are a contingency of being hired? Sounds a bit backward and closed-minded from here.

    • Julia | Nov 8, 2010

      OK guys, as an HR professional, background and credit checks are a requirement for hiring. However, these are only initiated after an offer has been extended, and contingent on a favorable background and credit check. I will ALWAYS give a candidate a chance to explain blemishes on each of these. After all, when it gets to this point, I have expended alot of time and expense to get here. Understanding the economy has wreaked havoc on a person’s credit, I look at overall history. On background, absolutely no DUI’s or criminal activity. Good luck!


      Julia, you say nothing in your background that is criminal. What if someone was actually innocent of all charges but pled guilty because it was easier?
      My daughter who is a law abiding citizen was in a store with her ex husband and he shoplifted but because she was with him (and didn’t know) they arrested her too. She pled guilty because it was easier (no more money for a lawyer) and it was reduced to a misdemeanor and not a felony.
      Would you say no to her just because of that? Maybe you should let them explain themselves too. Besides there are people out there who did stupid while a teenager or young person, say that there has been 15 years go by but it is still on their record, you wouldn’t let them explain to you? All they want is a chance. I would really hate to work for your company. Apparently you think people are not human and not prone to mistakes.

    • Dear Julia,
      How arrogant and smug you sound. “ALWAYS give the candidate a chance to explain…” “After all, …I have expended ‘alot’ of time and expense…”
      First off, ‘alot’ is two words, it is ‘a lot’. If you are in such a high position that you can make a determination over hiring perhaps you should educate yourself a wee bit better.
      Then you go on to say “absolutely no DUI’s or criminal activity.” Tell me, dear Julia, is your company so high and mighty that you cannot “ALWAYS give the candidate a chance to explain”?
      I may be unemployed but I feel fortunate not to work in your company.

    • Julia,
      You are trained to talk that jibberish! There is absolutely NO reason for a company to know what your credit score is…NONE! Bernie Madoff….do you suppose he had bad credit? Or how about the executives at Enron? Probably not, and yet your HR department would have hired guys like that! Based on their good credit! Equal opportunity is just that…equal! My credit score does not dictate my level of integrity or who I am as a person! Bad things happen to good people! Unless I’m mistaken, even our court system is innocent until proven guilty….companies need to follow the same guidelines! The fact is, some of your most loyal employees will be those who have had to fight in life…make it through the rough times…bad credit score and all! There job means more to them! They are working their way out of a tough spot! Trying to anticipate a persons actions is impossible….so why don’t you give all candidates the same…EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! Job skills should be the deciding factor in a hiring process! Criminal checks should be enough! If they’re criminals like you’re insinuating by using a credit check to decide the outcome of a potential employee….it will have already reared it’s ugly head! If not then there isn’t a reason to not offer that person a position!!!!!

    • I say it should be job requirement based….if you are going to be working in a financial type position then I could understand the credit check but like you say, give the person the chance to explain blemishes…..otherwise it’s invasion of privacy. Criminal history checks should follow the same…is it really necessary for ANY type of job? When I was 17 I was convicted of a Class D felony for something the courts would call a misdemeanor now (that was over 20 years ago) and I have been a decent respectful citizen ever since. I know I have been turned down for jobs and I still have to explain myself to potential employers if they ask about it.

    • Julia not sure how credit checks are required when many places did not do them until recent years. It is discrimination against people who have had hard times due to medical expenses, lay offs, etc. I had a job offered to me and the place was very excited to get me started. The last thing I had to do was have a credit check done. I have worked in the profession for over 8 years have a college degree and certifications in the field. I signed the paperwork for them to do a credit check and the next day I had a letter saying I was not going to be allowed to continue the process. A credit check is all they had time to do, my background was done, and it came back spotless, interview was done they all recommended hiring me. I can’t get an answer from the place because it is “policy” not to tell people why they were not hired. I have yet to figure out how companies can get bailed out and given all this money to help them yet they still lay people off. This country is going to crap fast. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Jobs are being out sourced to other countries.

      My bad credit has not bearing on how well I can or can’t do the job. It is discrimination and something needs to be done about it fast.

    • Then you are a very good HR Pro. because today most are NOT. A job I had, required credit checks and they got into trouble finacially and of course to keep the company open, employees to cuts, my husband has MS, I got behind and got canned for bad credit. I would not have been there but for cuts in pay to SAVE the company…..

    • yp, Julia, if a person is UUNEMPLOYED, and looking to get a job at the company you are working for, as an HR ‘specialist,’ chances are they might be behind in some of their bills….that is why MOST people work, to have an INCOME? And yes, private info, such as medical history, etc., which is supposedly deemd as CONFIDENTIAL via FEDERALLY imposed rules and regs, is included in credit reports, so who are you, or any other HR “specialist” to look at my medical history?? You’re not qualified to see it or make ANY decisions re. that, (if you were qualified, why are you just working in the HR department?!), so WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE THERE??

    • Hello,

      After reading the last sentence where you said, ‘On background, absolutely no DUI’s or criminal activity. Good luck!”, I might say you are certainly right about that, but for a person like myself who works as a recruiter, I would have to strongly disagree with you. I have hired many people that possess a criminal record regardless of the dispostion. For 25 years of recruiting successful candidates I never once discriminated on a person’s background, nor have I ever denied a candidate that was negative to the job with or without a record. I think you should be aware that there are people who deserve a second chance and there are people who do not, depending on the circumstances. The only thing that I can say is use your best judgment when deciding to hire that qualified person.

    • You only check an applicants credit history if an offer has been made? Nice. Then they are given the opportunity to explain their blemishes? What business is it of yours to know ANYTHING about that persons credit history?

      As an HR professional perhaps you can explain why it is thought to be necessary.

    • Julia – HR Professional You have a lot of nerve saying credit checks are a requirement. What do they have to do with someone’s job performance. Do you make your credit history public to people you are investigating. Why are they even necessary? I understand a background check to make sure the candidate does not have a criminal past but no one should have to explain their credit to you period. You should not even think of judging someone for a job based on their credit history. What are you assuming that they can’t do a good job because they had a credit issues in the past. I am sure Bernie Madoff had good credit would you hire him for your firm? Do you get my point? I have never had a credit check when being hired which means I have worked for firms that get the idea that this is stupid and has nothing to do with someone’s job performance. What you are doing it adding to the economy problems and unemployment numbers by denying work to candidates for things that are really none of your business.

    • Julia obviously has never had any bad experiences, silver spoon or too young as recent grad(see silver spoon). Credit checks are unfair, they do not depict a true picture of a persons character or work ethic. As a former debt collections manager, what you see are not deadbeats but bad situations happening to good people. Here is some food for thought, Doctors and Lawyers do not possess stella credit scores and are notoriously late payers. Not because thay can’t pay, but because the are busy saving lives or prosecuting/defending. So, listen “HR Managers”, the next time you need medical attention, if that hospital had run a credit check, your attending physician may not have been hired.

    • Employers still have no right to check credit. they are getting into personal information. It is not there problem why they have bad credit, mostly bad credit comes with no job. Is that what this freakin country has come too. I see alot of homeless people on the horizon.

    • I don’t agree with Julia. As a former owner of a temporary agency, one should only look at qualifiers. Qualifiers are for job positions and should not even be checked on credit history. Those who qualify for money related upper end jobs that require money handling such as bank cashiers, those who do the companies deposits, etc. are the ones that require the checks. Most blue collar jobs and many white collar jobs do not call for credit checks.
      I also feel that it is unfair to people like me, who were self employed, and have depleted their life savings to live. Majority of people think that the self employed have lots of money to spend and they are millionaires. I did not choose to be out of business. Like everyone else, the economy cause my business to go under along with my credit and now I am fixing to be homeless, because I can no longer pay for my house. I cannot even afford to rent a place. I have no family to fall on. Times are hard enough without someone wanting to do a credit check. Two years ago, I owed just my house note and my regular utilities. Today, I owe everybody.
      To Julia, you are dead wrong. You probably have had your job all this time. Suppose you didn’t. You would be singing a different tune.

    • Julia,
      I personally think that you are off base with the no DUI’s or criminal history, A DUI gives you a criminal history and a criminal history neverr goes away. It should be taken into account about how long ago, the age when it happened, people do do stupid things, that’s inherently human to screw up somewhere in life. We all don’t lead or have led jaded stellar lives, but the past is just that, the past.
      Sometimes you need to look past paper and looki into the persons eyes, the window to the soul. Most people are genuionely sorry for their screw-ups in earlier life and shouldn’t be penalized infinitely for it in most cases.

    • That is all well and good. But the question begs why look anyway? You’re hiring me for my skills, not my credit standing.

      I think you need to walk a mile in one’s shoes before you get it.

      Think about it. One needs a job but can’t get a job because he/she has bad credit. One can’t clear that credit up until they get a job. Can we say STUPID?

      Where is COMMON SENSE when we need it?


      #1 – FACT – There are companies right now who use credit scores to not hire good people, but get paid by the government $2,000 if they hire ex-convicts.

      #2 – FACT – credit checks are not requirements per se; they are hiring “policies”…which means that they are neither laws nor fderally mandated regulations. If you don’t know this, then you don’t belong in the HR field.

      #3 – Background checks are one thing….which I think anyone would find reasonable….and are to some extent an indicator of a person’s potential job performance, or lack thereof. However, credit check do not have a scientific or business basis for being used to determine a person’s job abilities. Besides, in this economy…where over 43million….that’s right…million……americans now have bad credit scores – how would you weed out those with legimate and explianable bad credit from those who have led an irresponsible life?

      You know very well that, bad workers come in all shapes. For instance;
      - anybody can pay to have their resume enhanced (will you hire the one with the best looking resume?)
      - just because a person has a PHD does not mean that they will be your top performer (do you hire people based on their academic credentials?)
      - just because the first interviewee had a more expensive suit on does not mean that they will work out better then the last peron who had a suit from Target or KMart (is this another one of your indicators that you allow to cloud your mind when interviewing?)

      Bottomline Julia, if you do work in the HR field, you should be the first to be speaking out against this stupid credit check practice. Why?

      a) because the next person you interview with bad credit simply fell victim to the terrible economy. He or she, had worked all their life; had paid for their own schooling…and has great references that say more about their potentials then a unscientific credit report.

      b) hiring the right person begins with te capabilities, insight and wisdom of the person doing the hiring. Most of the time, the wrong people get hired because of the wrong people doing the hiring; because of connections, because of racism, sexism, because you don’t think that person would “fit in” with the rest of the team…… let’s get real here.

      In most cases, credit checks are simply a tool companies are using to cover themsleves for not hiring the right person. As a matter of fact, there are companies right now who use credit scores to not hire good people, but get paid by the government $2,000 if they hire ex-convicts.

      I rather hire someone with a good head on their shoulder, who has great ideas for my business, but may have scirmishes in their credit score….then hire someone who has a great credit score but can’t work with others or has a fried brain.

      So, please Julia…stop with this ” I am an HR professional..” thing; if you want to be helpful to people looking for advise…..use your experience to empower them with real information.

      • BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!!
        Credit checks mean nothing but a sorry excuse for employees to dismiss or weed out great potenial of people who may acutally do your company some good. It is interesting how we have come to rely on a system of numbers and some outdated mess of a credit report instead of looking at the heart and soul of the person who sits in front of you ready to do the job applying for.

        To Juliea…. WOW!!!! Wall street whould be proud of you HR Specilist. They have programmed you well.

    • There is absolutely no reason to use credit history for employment puposes. I used to think that maybe in cases of financial institutions it would make sense, but I’ve changed my mind. If any business has any loophole that could be used by any employee, it should be plugged, bad credit history or not.
      I think this is actually a corporate attempt to put pressure on the people.

    • Wow, aren’t we lucky that no one ever ran a background and credit check on “W”. Just goes to show how important those things are.

    • That still doesn’t answer the question, “What is the purpose for you knowing my credit status”. I know a realtor who manages over 30 properties. She only requires an income that shows you can afford to pay the rent and a positive rent history the past two years. She told me that the only tenants behind kept her abreast of what was happening, and caught up within 1-3 months. If she doesn’t need a credit check, then why does an employer?

    • A persons credit score is private!!!! Screw all of you corporate a**holes that are infringing on ” The Peoples ” rights to privacy. What are you going to try and control in ours lives next. HR should stand for Human Rejects!!!!

    • Frankly, that is the attitude of a corporate tool. I really don’t give a worn-out shoe sole how much a company spends to hire me or anyone else. If you want to run a criminal background check, be my guest. But running my credit is an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

      The argument that someone with poor credit might steal just doesn’t hold water; someone with an unblemished credit history might also steal–I’m sure it’s happened plenty of times. Did the Enron brains have poor credit?

    • Well, as an HR professional myself…I ran a credit check on a Controller I had job offered. Well, a divorce and the economy turn out a not-so-favorable credit check for her and i was told by my Corp office to resind the job offer. I felt horrible…and, the candidate was very upset. I really don’t think the credit check should have any bearing on who gets a job now a days. Not in this horrible economy. Quite frankly, SH*T happens. Give people a break.

    • I really don’t feel that it is any employers business what your credit history is. We are applying for a JOB NOT A LOAN!!! It’s bad enough that the government is all up in our business and now employers want to be there too. I think that if an employer wants to delve into our personal business so deeply, then we should be able to ask for THEIR SSN to delve into theirs. After all, what makes these employers think that we want to work for people who may be embezzling money and frauding, cannot properly run a business, etc. Just look what happened to the people at Enron, Chrysler, etc. Just because someones credit has gone down does NOT make them a thief or a potential thief. And how terribly presumptuous of employers to think that.
      Do you think that we (potential employees) have not expended a lot of time and money ourselves in trying to find work?
      It must be really nice to be so ‘self-righteous’ with your job and be able to pass judgement over other people. I hope that you never lose your job, lest someone starts throwing stones at you.

    • Is your credit unblemished? Some people from HR need their credit checked, too and also who are already at the workforce, bet the results will be worse than the applicant.

    • Isn’t discriminating against people with criminal backgrounds illegal though? Except in certain industries, like banking its illegal to employ anyone with a “breach of trust” crime like theft, embezzling, but not, for example, smoking pot.

    • Julia you are one of the few HR preople who actually go by common sense versus a stricked adherence to some policy that is only a small indicator if a person would fit it and satisfy the role.

    • Julia, Your dad Wrong Im a HR also and i hire people based on the Skills Not there past history. you sound like a bigit. to tell you the truth. I have convicted felon’s people of all greeds that work harder and are more dependable. than some of my college grads.

    • ok really i dont think you have really hit hard times. no matter how you slice it it,s all bad they have no reason too check any ones credit as many have explained there too many reasons why it is the way it is so stay away from the credi thing and realize that dose not define (no one)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Okay HR specialist, why dont you explain to me and everyone else on this site why my creidt has ANYTHING to do with job performance???? You think I am going to steel your office pencils? I know many many rich very rich people that are crooked – look at WAL-STREET but yet we all bailed them out. If your such a specialst you explain to me how that is NOT DISCRIMANATION??????? You simply “THINK” I will steel or not perform my job to the best of my ability which is total BS! I can understand checking “Employment background and personal references” that is as far as it should go EVER!

    • No dui’s on the people you hire. You can get a dui driving home from an office party with just 2 drinks. Sounds ignorant to me, but I’m not in HR.

    • No DUI’s? Wow what if they had one 20 years ago? That stays on your record forever. I know cause I got one at 18 and guess what it is still there but I am a decent employee. This credit check thing is silly too. Should only apply to finacial jobs.

    • I really don’t think it is any of your business to check a person’s credit. They are not applying for a loan. I don’t know where you get off not realizing it is none of your business. I don’t know how your employer thinks it is any of their business either. Even if there were sound scientific studies that conclude bad credit means potential thief, which there are none, that still doesn’t mean someone would steal from the company.

      Human resources? What kind of college degree do you have?

      YOU always give a candidate a chance to explain their blemishes on their credit score? Really? Who do you think you are?

    • I believe a background check is absolutely reasonable… but why should an employeer or future employer be able to look at my credit history? What does that have to do with getting the job? If I’m a qualified candidate what does it matter that my credit score sucks?

      Please, as an HR employee, why does a CREDIT CHECK prove someones ability to do the job?

    • Not that I can imagine you caring, Julia but consider how humiliating it must be for a person to have to explain a divorce, illness, family tragedy or loss of a business in order to satisfy the morbid curiosity of a stranger in a position of puny power.

      I understand the need for a criminal background check. However, potential employers are not granting credit. In fact, most hold back at least a partial pay period that employees don’t receive until they leave the job. Get over yourself and get over a pratice that is unnecessarily intrusive.

    • Julia, the ‘credit check’ review makes NO sense. I could understand if your applying for a job as a cashier, bank teller, ATM Technician, anything that has to do with $$$.; but if the job does NOT involve money, why do you require a credit check?
      I’ve been unemployed during the entire year of 2009. I have dual associate degrees along with a bachlors degree and because my credit is considered ‘questionable’ (due to divorce) the best job I can obtain is through temp agencies, which pays ‘nothing’. That ‘credit check’ nonsense really needs to stop!

      • aw, c’mon guys… i agree with each and every one of you, but about 20 of you just jumped all over julia for doing her job…. yes, she’s a “corporate tool” as one of you said, but when it comes to companies such as julia’s, the problem doesn’t lie with HR, it lies with corporate policy makers… the only way to stop employers from doing credit checks is to make it illegal, period, and not provide them with a loophole like “asking” for your permission… if there are specific industries, companies, or positions in which such background/credit checks are reasonably related to the job at hand, the organization can apply for “category something or other” status which would allow them to do such digging if they can prove the necessity therefor…

    • Its only a “requirement” because your company has decided that they have the right to invade our personal lives and because the government hasn’t gotten around to making it illegal. I think it’s hilarious how people think that just because something is a certain way..that that is the way it should be. This ‘requirement’ needs to be made illegal NOW.

  8. I’m curious what does and doesn’t count against a prospective employee when a credit and background check are run. I’ve been unemployed for about 9 months, kept my minimum payments up, so my credit still looks pretty good, although my balances are getting kind of high.

    I am behind on my child support though, and my ex is threatening to file with the state for the arrears. I could try to make some payments on my child support, but I’d have to skip payments on my credit cards. Which looks worse to a prospective employer?

    • Making those credit card payments, are you, while your children do without? You’re asking the wrong question. Instead of asking which route would make you look better, you need to be asking which route should be your priority? If I were you, I would choose the children since they have to eat three meals a day whether you have a stellar credit history or not. From the day they were born, their well-being was YOUR responsibility, not just their mother’s. I wonder what her credit history looks like while you futz around trying to make yourself look good at the expense of your children, so that SHE has to fill in the gaps THAT YOU CREATE. You make me sick.

    • Stephen it does not matter what looks better to an employer. You say that you have been unemployed for 9 months, but credit card is still up to date.
      Does your minimum payment cover the cost of the child support? It would seem that your child support comes first, isn’t your child(ren) more important to you?

      Apparently since you are still out of a job, it isn’t due to your credit rating. Jobs are very hard to come by right now. If a future employer does not realize that your credit took a hit because of it, then you really don’t want to work for them. Worried about your bills? Go to work at Taco Bell or a gas station. Hubby is also out of work and if he doesn’t get one by the end of this month his credit is going to go to toast. He is past the point of not caring about his credit.

      Sorry, got on my bandwagon. What would look worse to a prospective employer would be not taking care of your kids first. That is your number one responsibility. Maybe they figured if you can’t take care of them, you won’t take care of your own work.

    • Stephen… you are unbelievable! You’d rather your children go without than god forbid your credit card doesn’t get paid. I hope the ex sues your a$$

    • Why are you worried about which looks worse? Your children need food in there mouths and clothes on there backs! This is your responsibility as well as your ex wife. You have enough money to stay current on your credit cards, but not enough to feed your children??? There is something seriously wrong with your morals!

    • You seriously shouldn’t be worried about your credit history – you should be taking care of your kids. If you are unemployed, you should file for a temporary modification. Also, you should be spending more time with your kids (picking up from school, taking to events) and look for a job when they’re in school. Take the time to figure out what is most important – your credit score is not – your kids’ well being is. I filed for bankruptcy 6 years ago and it was the best thing I’ve ever done – for me and my kids. I live in a cash environment, sleep better, switched careers (for a lot less money), and have more quality time with my kids. Sure, we don’t have all the “things”, but we have closer and more meaningful relationships.

    • Trust me, I’m speaking from experience, you do not want to mess with the child support system. I live in Wisconsin and once the the state and legal system ball starts to roll your life is a living hell. Your credit will be quickly destroyed.

    • well, trying to get a job with an employer that sticks to the credit report as a deal breaker, i would continue with the payments to the CC and explain to CSS to make some type of arrangements. I see this all the time in my job. Good luck…

    • Pay the child support. First of all, its morally right your child(ren) need to be taken care of, Second you can and will go to jail if you do not pay. Third, credit is important but not as important as feeding your kids. Grow up, be a man and do the right thing. P.S. If you don’t pay your credit, you won’t go to jail but if you don’t pay your child support you will. What do you think a potential employer is going to think about a criminal record for non support of your kids? If they are going to deny you based on poor credit or criminal history/deadbeat dad, most likely they will deny you on the latter, not the former.

    • Stephen,

      If you don’t make the child support payments and your ex is a bi*** about it, you go to jail. That makes it really hard to get work. Best bet is to go to court and get your order modified. If you’re not making any money now, it will be a lot easier to do. I have dealt with an irrational woman on this same topic. She is not likely to give a flying f*** about you or the children. She just wants to know when the check will be there – even if you’re a 50/50 parent… makes no difference to her. She has the state on her side no matter WHAT the circumstances are. Women’s groups believe that if the judge made the order, you can magically live by it no matter what. What skin is it off her back? If she does not care about your relationship with the kids, she loses nothing by seeing the state harass you and put you in jail so she may as well go for it. I suggest you get that deal off your back before you worry with anything else.

      Good luck!

    • Stephen, tough situation. I am not in HR and can’t speak for everyone, but doesn’t an explanation to a prospective employer that your poor credit is due to continuing your commitment to help support your children better than saying I paid my bills instead of supporting my children? Seems common sense to me……but just my opinion.

    • Stephen -

      Don’t fall behind in those child payments. Go to court and explaine it to the Judge, they will help in bad situations, but you make yourself look bad by not telling them (your ex and the judge, allways trust the judge!)

    • Your duty to those you chose to bring into this world is a far, far greater priority than your duty anywhere else. Any employer who is worth working for knows and lives by this.

    • Dude,
      It’s a no-brainer. Which is more important to you? If you really can’t stretch the dollar, and you have to make a choice between providing for your kids or paying on credit cards; forget what a prospective employer would think. Take care of your kids first.
      Having employed a few hundred people in the past, I know that I would much more respect someone who sacrifices for their kids. Not that I would condone stiffing the credit card companies either. But kids should come first.

    • Stephen, go back to court and have the child support ‘modified’. You can do this even if you don’t live in the same state that the children reside in. Beware, three months in the arrears is the magic number, that sets off their computer system to track you down. Take my word for it!
      My support was from NY and those people don’t mess around. The company that I was working for didn’t send the support (they received the support order) and the NY CSEU came after me. What a mess that was to clean up. At the time I had a P/T job and the CSEU took $$$ from that to catch up.

  9. The only reason I got a $120K a year job after 18 months of unemployment in Michigan is because the boss was once $5 million in debt and knows how it feels. Now I can’t buy a new car because the banks that were more irresponsible than me, and got bailed out by my tax money have decided that I am a dead beat and won’t loan me the money. So I now drive an old Ford truck with 210K miles on it and love it. And the banks can eat it.

  10. I am a single mom who has completed her BS because she felt that it would lead to a better life for her and her kids. My ex left because he didn’t want to do the family thing but wanted to party with his friends. I relied heavily on my credit to finish my degree. If I had a crystal ball and foresaw what the future would be I might have made the decision to get my degree. I lost my job and was not able to find work. It should be of no surprise that I got behind on my bills and finally got to a point where I just couldn’t pay them. I can’t even deliver pizzas. I’ve never felt this low and have no idea how I’m going to get out of my predicament. I can hear the free credit report commercials taunting me in the background. Is there really any opportunity left in the U.S.?

  11. It seems to me that I am one of the few that agree with credit checks. I am 63 years and came to the States with virtually nothing 12 years ago. Hard work and being financially responsible with money I earn and spend, has enanbled me to get through a tough time recently with no employment, until another position became avaiable.
    Most people who complain seem to be those that had bad credit for a while before they lost jobs. Why ? Because they never allowed for a time of unemployment. Always spend less than you earn and save money for that rainy day. Dont live beyond your means.
    Bankruptcy in the USA is a crutch – in most of the world it is a stigma and you lose everything – here it is a way of life and you get to write off debt and keep assets – thats unfair as others have to cover you reckless spending and debt.

    • i disagree with you that here, bankruptcy is a way a life… most of the middle-class people that i know, myself included, would be mortified to declare bankruptcy, despite the fact that under the common (as opposed to legal) definition of “bankrupt,” most of us would qualify!

      the current economic climate has raised the number and visibility of bankruptcies, as have credit providers, and the blame must be shared… for years now banks, in particular, have actively solicited poor credit risks to bleed dry through use of balloon payments and exorbitant interest rates while ducking government regulation… and when the government did step in to curb unfair practices, they just found other ways to gouge the public…

      shortly after last year’s credit reform, each of my credit accounts saw a rate increase of 10%… when i called the banks to see what negative behavior on my part triggered the increases, i was told “nothing, we’re just doing that to everybody.” in one case, my monthly minimum payment was DOUBLED – add that to student loan payments which went up by $100, and common charges which went up by nearly $100, and PRESTO! i’m effectively changed from someone who paid bills on time to someone who sometimes has to wait for the next paycheck… sure, bankruptcy would be easier, but as long as i have a job, i’ll be working my get-out-of-debt plan without it…

  12. I would like to see the original author of these articles to do a bit more research. Many states do not allow a credit check prior to employment. In Oregon it is illegal to even ask someone if they would consent to a credit check as part of the application process. But because that law is not well known by job seekers, they readily sign consent forms to allow the credit check. The only companies that are exempt from the law are banks and loan companies. Maybe another article should be written with the current credit check laws for each state.

  13. A life lived has ups and down that include credit ups and downs. The problem with todays world is the downs stay with you for 7 years, even after you have pulled yourself up. You can fight for a reforemdum in your state to make credit checks illegal. If you fight for that in every state, you can protect your privacy. The public never concerns themselves with legislative issues until they are directly effected. Just know that just because something does not effect you today, does not mean that it will not effect you tomorrow.

  14. Try being someone who has no credit score simply because you have never used credit cards and have no debt. There really are such people in this world (I’m one of ‘em), and let me tell you, everyone looks at you like you’re some kind of wierdo.

    • so what are you complaining about, exactly? it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to establish a credit history without getting yourself into debt… some of us here have real problems.

  15. Hire those with bad credit, at least you know they wont steal. If they were stealing from past employers, they could of bad their bills. Before anyone makes a comment about this, just proving a point. Credit and ability to do the job have nothing to do wuth each other in most cases.

  16. Usually credit does not impact a number of jobs and should not be considered when hiring. However, there are some positions that mounting personal debt could present a problem. These positions are usually those in which the incumbent has access to the way the company allocates and uses its assets and resources – for example, a purchasing manager or chief financial officer. An individual could finally feel so pressured that he/she would cave in to the temptation to accept kickbacks or divert company resources to personal use. I have seen such situations whereby the company was finally destroyed because of the resulting fraud. A credit check should be made for those few positions.

    However, a credit check should not be used only as the sole determining criteia. To do so would be unfair to applicants and a disservice to the company. For those few positions, there are other criteria to be also considered.

  17. Here’s a for instance, I applied for a delivery driver position, I was turned down. Not for my work record, but because, due to my credit history, the companies insurance would not cover me at the normal premiums. They wanted more to cover me. So the company would have to shell out more to hire me. I even offered to pay the difference till my credit got fixed. No sale. So, credit decisions do not solely lay with the company, but with effects to the company. I hate it, but there it is.

  18. I have an excellent credit score and no money problems or outstanding debt other than a mortgage (which is always paid on time), but I’ve been unemployed for more than 2 years. If employers really care about financial responsibility, I would be working by now. I welcome them to run a credit check on me as I have nothing to hide. In addition to that, I was awarded and recognized several times for outstanding performance in the workplace, yet I’m having trouble convincing people of my past work history.

  19. I dont think its anybody business. We the people have enough to think about in life. Now we need to think about CR to get hired. That alone causes enough stress in its self and either keep the shity job I have or in my case since 2006 havent found a steady job. I not happy about my CR now.

    Of course I wont just lay down because of this, even though I do but get back up and walk through the maze of life.

    When we the people have had enough and truly enough we will fight back.

  20. I think a persons credit history, for most jobs, has nothing to do with whether they can do the job or not and that should be the deciding factor.

    As far as a persons character, shouldn’t that person be afforded the benefit of any doubt and the chance to prove themself?

    We always want to gage or judge a person by some standard. I don’t think a persons credit history is a fair or accurate method for this due to the variables or circumstances that that person may have no control over. It is false standard and unfair. In my opinion.

  21. I think this practice is VERY unfair. Being someone who is a victim of identity theft half of the derogatory things on my credit don’t even belong to me! But getting them removed is not an easy, simple or short task. It requires a lot of work, and most usually a lawyer and even then it doesn’t get removed over night. I have been trying for over 3 years to get a vehicle that was purchased in my name that is not mine off my credit, it is still there and now has been repo’d all this happened in Florida and I live in Arizona!!!

  22. What a country were turning into what about the saying were the best country in the world does not apply anymore. Think about it our country is going down the tube fast part do to the fact so many people are out of work so many caused by the economy yet find it hard to get work because of credit checks.If companies are going to use credit checks the least they could do is to find out why this person is in this situation i mean you could tell if a person is a low life or not.


  24. I agree that Employers should not use Credit Checks as a means to hire UNLESS the individual is going into a job that deals with financial (Money) transactions. However, why is it I’ve been reading lately large corporations and local State and City agencies have hired individuals who have stolen big monies!! Huntington Bank recently (July 2010) caught one individual who stole over $150,000 and she worked at the bank for over 15 yrs!!!! Another case was the Ohio BMV who had a woman getting kickbacks!!

    So what I am saying is Employers can do checks all they want – it won’t help. Why not focus on those who have a great work history and needs a job…I mean if someone worked for XYZ Employer for 23 years and never was a problem and the company closed their doors, look at that track records and hire that person!

    Too many people need jobs who are honest hard working folks—

  25. i dont think credit should be part of a job back ground check and it should not be part of your car insurance ether credit is for getting a loan and thats all it should be used for

  26. This is just another way of elimating not discrimating against people because of the shortage of jobs. If we ever get over this and there is an abundance of jobs, all employers will care about is criminal checks and can you do the job.

  27. Bottom line, a credit report is for determining if a person would be likely to repay a loan. I am not asking an employer for a loan, so my credit is none of their business. I have been in the jewelry industry for years and they use the excuse that someone with bad credit would be likely to steal. Of the internal thefts that I been made aware of they all had good credit. The decision to steal is a moral and ethical issue and a credit report can not tell you that. The crdit report industry, which is one of the most error prone that there is, pushed the idea of credit reports as part of an employment process as a way for them to male more money.

  28. Most jobs do not require the employee to directly handle money, so a credit check is nothing more than an invasion of privacy that should be illegal. If, in fact, my employer pays me (not the other way around), shouldn’t I be a bit more concerned about his or her credit history? I have worked for idiots who fire people for no reason except that they don’t want to have to give them a raise, and idiots who hide the fact that their business is failing even while they are hiring. As a 52 year old married woman forced into bankruptcy because of my husband’s past business failures, I believe that now is the time for many of us to seriously consider self-employment.

  29. Credit should not be a part of employment unless you are responsible for a credit card account for the company you will be working for. Illness and hospitalization with no insurance caused us to declare bankruptsy. Our work history is impeccable. Credit does NOT show the character of an employee, hard work does.
    We should be able to do a background and credit history on the employers that we will be working for since a lot of them are going under and then popping up under a different name. The cause for most of the negative credit history after all is because of unemployment due to being laid off by the very employers which are running these credit reports.
    Where’s the justice?

  30. Seems to me to be a question of what the prospective job is:

    If the job entails handling cash, and the prospective employee had a horrible credit file because he/she couldn’t handle his/her finances better, then perhaps it is relevant to check their credit history…and their history of arrests, as well.

    On the other hand, if the job entails nothing to do with handling money and simply rests on a persons experience, references and what they can bring to the job, then, no; checking a credit file is NOT called for.

    Nothing is ever just black and white; there are grey areas aplenty.

  31. This credit check nonsense is too invasive and must stop. The credit bureau’s need to be better regulated, inquires should not be allowed to hurt or affect your credit rating. I’ve been out of work nearly a year and a half. Recently, because I’m desperate for worlk I have allowed employers to check my credit. What I didn’t know was that 3 or more inquiries of any kind into your credit history within a 6 month period with cause your credit ratiing to drop. Although I am current in all my payments, my credit rating was dropped form good to fair. The credit card, who monitor your ratings, raised the minimum payments on my card while reducing the credit limits. Now all my credit card are max’ed out as they lower my limits to my current balances. I’m F**CKED. And I still don’t have a job!

    I no longer will give permission to any employer to check unless they are extending to me a legitimate job. Why should I let them hurt me when I’m already down and hurting?

    Another thing, DON’T GIVE ANY EMPLOYER YOUR SALARY HISTORY!!! They use it to eliminate you from consideration as they don’t want to pay you what you are worth. Ignore that employer and just keep looking for a job elsewhere. None of the employer that i have worked for over the years required my salary history. Only the cheapskeate’s want it. Scr*w them. As I see it, you’re already under the gun by being unemployed, why give the CHEAPSKATE EMPLOYER the bullet he needs to shoot you down. Beside’s, even if he wants to hire you, you have already hurt your ability to negotiate a good pay and benefits package.

  32. That is just another BS way for these people to make fees, just like checking it and driving up car insurance. My credit could be bad but i have paid my insurance with no accidents for 35+ years.

    If your business collapses or your health there is nothing you can do. It’s the scum of the earth people selling the reports then selling information about you back to the banks that start the collapse. All of a sudden your insurance and interest rates go through the roof even if you miss 1 payment like say a mortgage payment. they start the spiral.

    Maybe we should be checking criminal backgrounds and drug addiction instead. People addicted to drugs or with multiple criminal records are far more likely to steal and feed a habit.

    They don’t want to tell us the truth because it’s a controlled study and lots of people are making money along the way on the tests. Most of the time they don’t even have valid or accurate information in the reports then try getting them corrected. It becomes my job to tell them where they messed up.

    Maybe we should be able to charge them back for ever error in the reports.

  33. In times like these, when there are way more applicants than jobs, the corporations are going to ” cherry pick ” to try and find the absolute best. It’s just the law of the jungle. I rememer the stories my Dad told me about how terrible the companies treated people during the Great Depression. It was a lot worse than it is now. Labor unions were spawned during that time to give the workers protection against predatory practices by employers. We have to do something to protect ourselves from unfair hiring practices. Labor unions are not the answer, but lesgislation is. Look how effective the Tea Party was during this election cycle. Imagine how much power we would have, if we could become that well organized against this dispicable practice the companies are engageing in. Oh yeah, try being me, in excellent health physically and mentally, been out of work for two years and 69 years old. I may as well be dead as employers are concerned. Good luck. I would be proud to stand with my brothers and sisters in protest.

  34. I have just 1 question.

    Can the prospective employer tie a direct correlation between credit history and job performance, not rumor, not subjective ideas, but performance.

    If not, than credit history, just like sex, race, and creed, has NO basis in hiring decisions. Lets get real, credit history is just another subjective idea poorly prepared HR people use in an attempt to justify their poor decisions.

    Want to hire the best person for the spot? Hire the senoir, most qualified person after back ground checks, criminal investigations, and previous employer interviews. Than put them on a 90 day temporary status to prove themselves.

    Want to use credit history? Sure, just show the applicant your D&B rating, stock performance in the last 5 years, record of accounts payable, % paid in 30/60/90 days, bank rating, etc, etc. Did you company benefit from the bailout? We’d like to know how stable you are before we apply.

  35. What is going on in this country? Former military people who defend this country cannot obtain a job due to a credit report. While some yuppie at the credit bureau more than likely did not sacrifice for this country. Lets do a study on all of those employed at the credit bureau, what military service did they do for this country?
    Why is just one study of some bad apples the common denominator for all?
    Was there a lobby by the insurance company, banks, merchants and etc., instrumental in passing this law. It is the near same for the pharmaceutical companies and the FLU SHOTS, what revenue it generates in this country, in addition to all other vaccines. When I was young, the senate and the house of representatives did not make a career in Washington, DC. The President has two terms of office period. The former have careers spanning years. This is why these lobbies are so strong. Sooner or later they will be requiring helmets with a meter for all citizens and bill you for the air. Congress and the House of
    Representatives should have 2 Terms of office as the President, therefore the lobbies could not enforce these hardships on the citizens. Wake up America.

  36. I’m sure that Bernie Madoff, the Hunt brothers the Enron players etc. had ample resources to insure them all good credit however, all of them have criminal records not related to their good credit but rather their character issues.

  37. Isn’t interesting about who’s checking up on who. If I can be given checks for credit and background then employers should be subject to the same. There are employers, senators, law officers etc. that are not all tthat great if you check the closet.

  38. This is an overused practice which is abused and should be better regulated. How can you expect a person who’s having genuine financial problems to have stellar credit if they can’t get a job? Many of the posts here are from good people who had a tough run of luck. That’s life and they don’t deserve to be discriminated against because of a tough financial situation. I bet most of the spies who got caught betraying the US or our corrupt government officials don’t have bad credit reports. So to use a credit report to judge a persons character is assinine.

  39. Being unemployed for over a year has been a personal and financial disaster. The part I don’t understand about employers doing credit checks is this…. if you do a background check that’s fair, but doesn’t that tell you what “type” of person you may likely hire? If the “reason” for a credit check is due to the likelyhood of employee fraud, wouldn’t you be able to weigh the chances of fraud by a persons CRIMINAL background but WITHOUT a credit check? This is rediculous! Like one person said, the banks and american car manufacturers get a bailout (they ALSO have bad credit) while we the people are without jobs and are struggliing to survive in a bad economy – get our credit checked when trying to become an active employee and tax paying member of society???
    Employers and big corporations commit a form of fraud to us – THE POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES on a daily basis by outsourcing jobs to other countries, laying off a 76 yr old. woman because of her age (like my grandmother) and having the odacity to ask her to train the new hire that has absolutely NO experience but will do the job at a fraction of the cost. You get what you pay for. You want a good employee.?. do a background check, drug test, ask the right questions during the interview, offer them benefits (i.e. medical, dental, vision, IRA, etc.) pay them a REASONABLE amount for the quality of job they are required to do instead of trying to cut your overhead by outsourcing jobs to unqualified individuals or other countries or to technology BUT don’t invade somebody’s private financial life that may not reflect the type of person they really are.

    There was an undercover study of a person who registered hamas as a BBB company and paid BBB off to receive an A+ rating. Then a guy who WOULD NOT pay them off but had a successful business practice SOMEHOW received an F. Go figure. So BBB – suppost to be the BETTER business bureau is committing BAD BUSINESS practices themselves. They deserve an F Rating for misleading people and should be forced to close their unworthy doors. Yet they aren’t.

  40. I just ended a 5 year contract with one of the largest military contractors in the world. I did not renew as it was costing me too much time and money to collect my checks. It was turning into a quarterly whipping to get paid.

    Of course when they wanted something i was to drop any other projects and help them immediately. This was for the military after all.

    It takes them 6000 hours to watch 60 minutes.

    My checks were 90-120+ days late and i had to call and call and call as it passed over desk after desk after desk. I billed them 45 days in advance and had the purchase orders but then it took forever to get it through all the BS procedures.

    So they ruin my credit and now we know why hammers cost 700 bucks

    They should be the ones with bad credit not me. if i delivered the service 120+ days late they would sue me or fire me.

  41. While I think that the majority of the comments are warranted, most reasonable employers will look at a credit report to see how responsible the individual is. While most may have some may have dings and delinquent payments, I look at their responsibility to take care of items. Have they been paying but just a few behind, even though they are behind and unemployed are they opening up more credit they cant afford, how old is say bankruptcy and have they been doing OK wise since.. it shows they are responsible and accountable and can breed for a good employee.

  42. I recently had to resign my position with my employer of 17 1/2 years due to the fact that I am now disabled, plus the fact that I have had a total of 8 surgeries in the last 3 years. So I am unemployed, old (65), and have poor credit. What are
    the chances of getting a job? Slim to none I expect. Since I am only collecting Social Security, there isn’t anything that the creditors can do to me with any unsecured credit because it is against federal law to garnish Social Security. Besides do I need good credit at my age? Will I get turned away at the Pearly
    Gates due to unpaid bills? I think not and if I am I will have lots of good company with me. Oh and one thing in all the years that I worked I have never taken a penny or pencil home that wasn’t mine.

  43. Any job where handling funds, or doing books SHOULD check credit. It protects the business from someone in trouble lifting $.

    It’s only common sense and fideriary responsibility to stockholders or owners.

  44. Checking credit reports is a slap in the face for people looking for a job. There are many, many reasons that a prospective employees might not have a perfect credit report. Maybe it is a women that is newly divorced and just returning to the workforce – her credit report may not be so good since her ex-husband walked away with a good job with a good credit score. Hers is not so good because she had little credit in her name. Maybe it’s an excellent employee that was let go because of budget cuts – he’s struggling to make ends meet so there is a immediate drop in his credit report – he’s still an excellant employee. These are hard working employees and should not be lelt out of the work force because of their credit score. Your credit report ping-pongs all over the place for many reasons. It SHOULD not be a factor in any part of the employment decision. It’s discrimatory especially to people such as women, minorities and people that have been dutifully looking for employment for an extended period of time. Credit reports have no place in the work enviroment. People should be hired by the knowledge and experience they have for they have. There are too many reasons your credit score might not be perfect that have nothing to do with the job you are looking for.

  45. No! Absolutlely Not! A person’s credit history has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to do their job! The only thing they should be checking for are major criminal records, which in many cases is almost worthless too because records can and have been expunged.

    The entire job and interview process is such a farce anymore it’s ridiculous…….the cattle prods have worked well for the masses over the years, but it’s time to put an end to all the bull crap………Here’s how the masses can revolt against the “you have to stand out in the crowd BS”

    1. Send your resume, but DO NOT SEND A COVER LETTER. Drop them off in person, mass mail them, or send them off through the internet job boards.
    2. DO NOT memorize the same old rote answers for the same old rote questions that the employers ask……… yourself, and be honest.
    3. You DO NOT have to wear a suit to a job interview. Be clean, dress nicely with whatever you have available, comb your hair.
    4. Remember, the employer either has a job that they need done, a job that you are qualified to do, or they don’t.
    5. Remember also, 99.9% of people really aren’t “qualified” for any job they interview for, they have to be trained to do things the way their prospective employer does things.
    5. Employers have forgotten one very important detail over the years: You are just as interested in finding a place to work that you like, with people you like,with pay scale and benefits that you like.

    In other words, stop allowing employers to manipulate you and your job hunt. Stop allowing them to make you jump through their hoops in order for them to “grace you” with their job opening…………because honestly, at least 80% of the jobs worldwide are “created”.

  46. I’m also an HR professional and I can tell you that we’re looking for stability, no criminal record (although minor offenses will sometimes not disqualify a candidate), no record in the sexual predator database, and an average credit history. Honestly, the emphasis is on the background check and the credit check is only one component of getting an over-all picture of the candidate. I always take into account the dates the person has been unemployed and the dates they stopped paying their bills. If you have lousy credit history from the very beginning – then it can show a lack of discipline. We want employees that demonstrate they have some control of their own life before we entrust them to meet commitments and deadlines at the business. The flip side is that you wouldn’t want to come to work for a business that routinely couldn’t make payroll on time, would you? It’s a partnership – you want a good company and we want good employees. We encourage the top candidate to explain their circumstances so we don’t have to start the whole process over after the time and expense already spent getting to the point of offering the job to this person.

  47. I am in my twenties. I got in cc debt when i was in my late teens early twenties, one of my relatives had physical problems that required me to help. The only finances that they had at the time was the cc that I used to buy food and pay for fuel etc. I got a job for that lasted almost a year, but by the time I payed monthly bills, car fuel etc. I had nothing to pay off my cc debt. My situation got even worse after I lost my job. I haven’t worked in 5 years. Perhaps companies should be their quota some other way that using credit checks on their “future employee.” In my opinion, credit checks are actually being used as a form of discrimination and to violate your personal privacy. Particularly if the company(s) in question notify the debt collector.

  48. Hell no potential employers should not be able to look into ctedit as any basis to hire. Ssomeone’s credit report has no bearing on how anyone can do a job or grow as an employee. The fact that this is even legal is astonishing. Where is the representation on this? Given the unemployment rate in this country you would think that a congressperson would be able to run with this…. Might be wishfull thinking as there is no lobby to push this through.

  49. I have had telephone interviews and personal interviews and no job offers. I am 55 yo and have no hope of getting employed in the near future. I have stopped paying three credit cards and expect to be sued soon. No unemployment benefits, they ran out. I had to use the money to pay my mortgage which is under water. I cannot refinance since no job. I cannot sell the market is flooded and I cannot move to a mobile home park since they check credit. I am in a lose lose situation. am thinking about moving out of the country to see if I can find a job in India. I do not know what to do.

  50. Wonder how many employers pass up excelent employees for crap showing up on a piece of paper with we as indivdulas have litte control over. In this day of identity theft a horrible economy etc…the only thing that should matter is experience, references and criminal background!

  51. I was in the restaraunt business for 25 years . I took my savings, what my business investment was worth and bought some homes and rented them out . They were not cheap either. My fault for exspense. But I had them rented and started a Real Estate company and built custom homes. One home did not sell, two of my renters lost their jobs and then I could not sell my home. I was paying 20k a month for 16 months. I could not give a home away.I had tro relinquish back to bank and file BK . I Bk’d nothing more than the homes .I retained my car payment and personal loan to a credit union etc. Now at 57 I to am being questioned for my credit of which I had built to a high of 762. Now I cannot get a job because of my credit. I am a good person . I lived within my means and never thought the country would do what it has. There are many who are in my position that wanted nothing more than to have a decent retirement. Give us a chance to prove ourselveswe are not bad people just caught in a bad situation.

  52. A company being able to do a credit check is simply NOT right. That is your personal issue and who do these high and might companies think they are? Are THEY perfect? Can you do a credit check on them when you apply there?

    Its inhuman crap.

  53. I am an RN, but I had to go through a bankruptcy as well. They automatically think , you don’t want to pay your bills..bad risk.
    Mine came as a result of bad things happening to good people.
    My husband worked for Asplundh, fell 110 feet out of a tree, while working. He was in the hospital for a long time, left as a functioning quadraplegic.
    My son later ended his life, at 16. And then my husband, being a functioning quad.,was in a car, couldn’t get out, after it crashed, and burnt to death.
    They never look at the circumstances, they should. I do not think they should even be looking at the credit reports. That has nothing to do with job performance.

  54. I truly believe that the three(3) credit reporting bureaus should be completely done away with. They’re just there to deliberately keep people separated into different classes and in my opinion(if you ask me) the american people are eventually going to get fed up with those agencies and do a witch hunt on them once and for all.

  55. Prospective employers should not have access to this information simply because future employment should not be predicated upon past history. They just are not compatible especially in today’s market. Today there are more people who are a single paycheck away from bankruptcy because of misfortune beyond their control! Good, honest hardworking emplyee relationships are based upon mutual trust and this starts it off on the wrong foot.

  56. Do employees have to right to do a credit check or background check on the companies?? Especially the ones that hire after all of these checks and the company goes bust because as it turns out, the company was broke and just getting through to eviction and does’t say anything or pays the employee…… that is going on all the time!!!!!! Credit Checks, I think not and well it is a two way street. These companies have forgotten, the employee that they are interviewing IS ALSO INTERVIEWING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Overwhelmingly, a dichotomy between individuals with high moral character and bad credit and low moral character with good credit is emerging. The bad credit (high moral character) often do what is right–morally responsible and socially just–when faced with deteriorating economic conditions. In contrast, the bad people who have low moral character do WHATEVER it takes to make money: lie, cheat, pay-off politicians, graft, borrow (look at our government, bankers, and financial hedge-fund managers who care VERY little about this country and what is morally responsible). So, who would YOU trust?
    Credit checks are for CREDIT!!!!!!! If I want to get credit, the scores and reports are appropriate. Now, these scumbags want to create score for HEALTHCARE!!!!!! Talk about fascist and Orwellian!

  58. Any employer refusing to hire someone with bad or less-than-perfect credit is passing over lots of potentially great employees over something that may not even be their fault to begin with. My husband (ex now) stole my credit cards, maxed them out, then hid the bills from me. When we divorced, I was left with thousands of dollars in debt from payments and penalties. I finally got everything payed off and managed to avoid bankruptcy, but my credit is destroyed. It will take years for recovery, and in the meantime I am being turned down for jobs because of his actions. I have explained when asked, but it makes no difference. If someone has been proven to steal from previous employers I can understand not hiring them, or if they have been convicted of certain crimes, but a person’s credit report should not be held against them. In fact, in most cases, it should not even be legal.

  59. No, I don’t think they should check your credit.
    So many people are having a really rough time and they need any job
    they can find. If they do a good job for the company, that’s all that
    matters. They probably have bad credit because they didn’t have a
    job and couldn’t pay their bills!!!!!!!!!


  61. My father made me check the credit of the person I married. How a person handles their money is a direct reflection of their integrity as a person. They don’t pay their child support or have filed bankruptcy they may be subject to bribes or theft. I don’t even want to know you if your score is less than 640, which is average. Any thing lower means you are dishonest not unfortunate.

    • Yup. and just as long as you dont get fired, dont run out of money, dont suffer a major medical crisis and have huge bills all at the same time you can keep right on with the self righteous attitude. If it does hapen, be sure to tell us how you kept your integrity by pulling money out of your butt.

  62. You are forgetting that 80% or more of the people who go bankrupt do it for medical reasons. This is an excellent filter to keep out applicants who may cost the company more medically.

  63. I have huge medical debt and very few late payments but if credit will be a deciding factor above my willingness to pay while unemployed we are all screwed. school debt would also count allowing college grads to miss out as well because of their credit. what is the point of going to school, showing up everyday if it doesnt count?

  64. All I have to say is no, no, no!!! Employers should not have access or use my credit report to determine whether or not to hire me. That should be private information, just as someone else pointed out that medical information should be private and definitely not considered when looking at a job candidate. How about keep it to the qualifications of the job candidate? That makes sense!

  65. Ok Julia, who decided that background and credit checks are required? You? Your boss? Why are they required? But why is a person’s written permission required before you can get the credit check? … your requirement coerces them into providing it…”you give us permission or else”.

    Requiring us to give permission is simply an easy way to find out whether we are desperate enough to do it and, rather than providing information about our possible propensity to steal, it provides a quick check as to how easily we will drop our pants and bend over for you.

  66. catch 22 and so very unfair..people have become homeless because of this practice… Many people have bad credit due to their spouses or ex-spouses actions….This country will employ undocumented aliens and or pay their employees cash in order to avoid taxes and workers comp coverage but worry about the credit history of someone who may have hit hard times and are now grateful to have the opportunity to get a good job;

  67. Forget about being qualified for the job, having education or experience or performing exceptionally while on the job let’s just look at who has the worst credit score and give that person the job. They obviously need the income. We should also reward applicants with skills that are not required or even used in a particular job just because.

    Oh and by the way let’s base your insurance premium on your credit score not your driving or claims records. There is logic somewhere in that. How are those two things related. THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!

  68. I feel a persons work history and education should be the most important items when being considered for a job. A credit check is an invasion of privacy. Insurance companys use credit checks to determine what you have to pay, i can kinda understand this on a home. jewlrey, or other expencsive items but when it come to car insurance? If your a safe driver then you should pay accordanly. The government made insurance mandatory, but again they did it half way, now the insurance co. have you where they want you. I feel credit checks should remain for there intended purpose, borrowing money.

  69. Yes employers should check your credit. Especially if you are in banking! Sorry, if you can’t handle your own financies you certianly can’t handle mine!

  70. It is almost standard procedure now, somewhat thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley, ironically to catch execs, now used against everyone. It is so cheap to check credit scores or SURROGATES so they don’t need your permission. WalMart does it best.
    Yes, another age discrimination mechanism, de fact. Unemployment is now barrier to employmen? HR person is just plain wrong about checking credit after offer is made contigent on “good” credit. More lies. There are so many surrogate databases in addition to the Big Three. As I said, try WalMart. Remember, too, new HR processes have software or junior clerks screen resumes for top 10 keywords, ELIMINATE OLDER APPLICANTS!, perform credit check, etc. on candidates BEFORE YOUR RESUME GETS TO THE DECISION MAKER/HIRING MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. about 6 years ago i was offered a store mgt position with a company that is now out of business. they retracted the offer after they did a credit check. i simply asked the hiring mgr what i can do to correct this, and she told me she didnt like my attitude for even asking about it and glad she didnt hire me. and i was more than qualified for the job. between credit checks, and those questions that are asked on applications where you respond anywhere from highly agree to highly disagree, its impossible to get a job anywhere. my last 2 jobs ended with the companies going out of business. and all my interviews are either your over qualified or your not low enough income. bottom line, credit check is a factor that shouldnt come into play for most jobs and shouldnt be mandatory.

  72. As an employer i sometimes use credit checks if i suspect a seroius problem because of wage garnishments and the hassles that go along with them. I dont think anyone thinks these people are crooks but the hassles and paperwork that go with these garneshments are very time consuming for my office personel and it usually means the applicant will quit when half of their wages are taken away.

  73. As an employer i sometimes use credit checks if i suspect a seroius problem because of wage garnishments and the hassles that go along with them. I dont think anyone thinks these people are crooks but the hassles and paperwork that go with these garneshments are very time consuming for my office personel and it usually means the applicant will quit when half of their wages are taken away.

  74. Today in the US we don’t produce much. We simply trade and sell paper and/or information. If a person is being employed in a position that gives them access to any confidential information about others, they should have good credit. If someone has bad credit, I give them an opportunity to explain if I am interested in employing them. However, bad credit is generally a red flag that the person isn’t a good planner or manager of money. It is a worthwhile tool.

  75. Interestingly, on the botton of my Social Security Card it states:


    When I give an employer a copy for tax purposes. I highlight that line & state that any other use, without my written permission will be prosecuted.

    SS numbers were not given out for ID, random credit checks, etc.

  76. I am really sorry for anyone looking for a job in this rotten economy. The employers should hire prospective employees based on their background, integrity, not a felon, and have fallen on hard times. The employers have no business meddling into someone’s medical background or their personal and private lives. The job is based on experience and the skill they have to do the job right. I guess the good ol’ days are gone. What is the background for Congress? Many of them DO NOT have a pristine background. Hang in there folks, it has to get better. I am not bringing up politics but what will happen in the next two years and the year 2012? It will be the same ol’ problem. Nothing changes and hard working americans pay the price.

    A senior living on SS which may be cut????

  77. I think it is insane to have a job offer contingent on your credit history. MY personal finances have nothing to do with my ability to do a job. The Tea Party Patriots should be rallying against this kind of invasion stuff, instead of whining about healthcare and “death panels”!

  78. background criminal check, yeah, sure, but a credit check, no way,I dont think thats ok at all. if you have engaged in some criminal activity,I say too bad, but like a lot of people in this economy, a lot of people have fallen behind on some debt, that doesnt make you an unworthy potential employee.

  79. How ’bout this…
    We need a copy of your drivers lic so we can book your air travel for the interview…yea sure…you’ve now exposed your DOB.
    Or “yes, YOU will fund your travel, and we’ll reimburse you..(6 weeks+ later)
    (some cases $5-10k/month…try and stay current on your credit in this scenario…

  80. This is insanity! I’ve been unemployed for 14 months. Four months ago, I received a job offer contingent on my background check. Yes, I was not given the job because of my credit history. What planet are these employers living on? It’s so difficult to find a job, it’s unbelievable and extremely frustrating.

  81. isnt the employers business what your credit is. another one of the governments take over. if you cant get a job, then you cant pay your bills. we dont have a chance. obama and his adminstration suck.!!!! the middle class people pay taxes or go to jail. the senators make millions, and the movie stars, and they get by with paying no taxes, no jail. is it fair.!!!! wish just once they would have to live like the middle class people, and the poor people. sick of this government.!!

  82. “Recently, the Arizona Republic ran a story on the same topic, due in part to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s concern about credit reports. Credit checks, the EEOC explain, might negatively affect women and minority groups more than any other job seekers”

    Huh? Are we implying that being female or of a certain ethnic group some how reduces your FICO score???

    “Financial pressures often are a motivation for employee theft, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2010 review of more than 1,800 workplace-fraud cases worldwide. The study found that living beyond financial means accounted for 43 percent of the cases, and money difficulties accounted for 36 percent of the cases.

    I submit that the motivation for theft is selfishness and people of weak character steal, especailly from people, like their employer, who trusted them. “I had money trouble” is just a nonsense excuse. Do you expect anyone caught stealing to come forward and say – I didn’t really need money, I did it because I am a crappy human being?

  83. nothing is fair with this government. people cant help being with out jobs.!!does our government care.???? i can answer that no. they just want your vote. they have private jets, millions of dollars. they wouldnt have that if the people didnt vote them in office. has any thing been done to help the people.??? no.!!! all they can do is sue arizona so more illegals can stay here and take jobs.!!

  84. There is some value to credit checks for certain professions. We hire caregivers who are placed in homes with elderly. If an applicant has several accounts in collection, I hesitate to put that person into the home of an elderly client, especially if that client has some dementia.

  85. Always had great credit until some things went south on me causing me to file for BK. Applying for a job and a credit check, guess what? Those in charge of making those decisions of bad credit, no job, had better hope they don’t ‘reap what they sow’.

  86. I don’t think an employer sould check your credit. Actually it is none of their concern wether a person has good credit or not. As long as the employee does his or her jobs there shouldn’t be a problem.

  87. Well just to name one company that does Credit checks, JP Morgan and Chase does and they use it against you. Which in fact is down right wrong becaue JP morgan and Chase ws one of those banks that the government baild out of their own debt…..If they work in glass houses they shouldn’t be throwing stones. And it is surpose to be equal oppurtunity employment, that should also mean good or bad credit. Having bad credit doesn’t make a person a bad or dishonest person.

  88. I think it is utterly rediculous to run checks.

    Most of the melt down was created by people putting together toxic programs and helping companies such as Countrywide, etc market these products. I’m sure they all passed their credit checks and now people that would have otherwise had good credit are suffering the consequences. Fact is that I work for a very large corporation and there are various managers that float company credit card withdrawls, buy items at discount prices but turn in receipts with inflated prices, etc. These guys all make 120k plus with car allowance and again they all passed the credit checks. HR people can tow the line all they want, bottom line is that people can not be effectively screened by credit checks. By the way, our custodian, been with us forever, quaint house two kids in college, wife died, loss of income and I’m sure that there will be an impact until insurance pays. If he were to be let go, there would be questions, but the very guys that are stealing from us will no doubt run unscathed.
    An ex-HR guy, that sees the fact that all we do is justify our work by screwing others.

  89. My question is this? When did our society become so complacent and allow any and all of these invasions of privacy. We as a people just sit back and allow all these officials to make and govern new laws that affect each and every one of us. Where is the American spirit that says no more and enough. On watching commercials I hear them tell us to check your credit scores because one bad score could prevent you from a loan and yet nobody wonders why this would be so, since if these companies are accurate as they should be then ALL the scores should be EXACTLY the same. The public is being dupped as usual. And then this hogwash about statistics on those with bad debt would steal from their employers. Give me a break. A good person is just that and a thief is what they always were. It is and will always be about the upbringing.

  90. Im 55 .. own my Cars outright … own my Home outright .. do not owe ONE Penny to any bank .. i dont use credit cards and havent since the 80s ….

    HOWEVER because i was found in a coma in a hotel .. air lifted to 2 Hospitals … was told i would die … then told i would be on dialysis for life till transplant … ended up 2 months in hospital .. walked out > NO dialysis / No Transplant … however i did get a $386,000.00 Medical Bill > I of course cant and will never pay > Thus my credit rating is as bad as it can be ….

    t has nothing to do with the kind of person i am > Hell I have never even had a parking ticket ….

  91. Whatever happened to the right to privacy!!! I believe that a criminal record is all that a prospective employer has the right to check. In this economy, the number of people with credit ills has grown exponentially. So many have lost everything because of the greed, sloppy management, book cooking or corruption in the upper levels of corporations. Enron, Worldcom, Arthur Anderson, Citibank, AEG, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, BP –the list goes on. And who pays the price for it all? Why, some poor joe on the street who now needs to find work to fill in the gargantuan hole in his own financial security caused by those who now can pitch his resume out the door because he has trouble paying bills because of them, and of course, all while they padded their pockets with mega bonuses for work crappily done. Rotten injustice.

  92. I think they shouldn’t mess with a persons private information. That’s why they are looking for work so the bills can be paid and make a living. Now days they want to know how many times a person goes to the bathroom. Where,when, and why. Its crazy to how the rich keep getting rich and the poor keep getting poorer.

  93. I’ve had it all and I’ve lost it all, but my credit report should NOT be part of what I am capable of doing on a job. Until medical issues took me out of the workforce, I was a good employee. Although every day is now a struggle, I’m darn glad not to have to look for work and darn sorry for those who do – the lack of jobs available is bad enough – to have your credit work against you is absolutely unfair. Bad credit should NOT count against someone looking for a job. Criminal history is one thing – credit history is another.

  94. American companies steal billions of dollars from consumers and taxpayers yearly, but they freak out about employee theft which is much less. 700 billion bailout money (taxpayer money) and all that was produced from it was bonuses to millionaires- talk about (Capital) B- (Capital)S !!!!!!!!

  95. I believe that credit checks by employers is discrimination. The problem is that employers think they are getting a good employee based on credit checks. However 99% of the credit checks does not give the employer any better employee based on credit. You can have bad credit and be one of the best employees out there. The illusion that HR will get better employees with credit checks is considered an optical illusion. HR should do background checks but, should not do credit checks.

  96. I agree with all the above comments that redit hks. do NOT show the complete picture, at ALL !!! There R many reas[ns that people get in trouble with their credit picture and should not get hired because of the lousy economy, that we R stuck in the last 2 or 3 yrs * it dosent look good 4 the next couple of years either.. Thats Y mosy people R in credit strss & behind on bills.. Look at the housing market, 4 the last 3 yrs. IT SUCKS!! & I know I am in real estate in S. Fla. & its the worst I have seen in 50 years. So, employers get off the backs & hire more good people To help this lousy economy.. I’m very glad I have savings, cause thats what i am tapping into. Good luck guys !!

  97. The only time a credit check is call for, if the position you are applying for requires a secruity clearance. Working for Mickey Dee’s is kind of stuipd if you ask me. If the position is high level then yes a credit check should be done. But for a normal everyday life. Then No. As they say, they is a time and place for everything. It appears to become a little to radical, I say blame it on Obama and his Liberal/Democrats who none of could pass a credit check to include Obama himself. And I still don’t understand how he got a security clearance being a coke head and dealer and smoke dope PRIOR to him even becoming a Senator let alone the President…I’ll promise you 90% of America wouldnt get one with that kind of record. I had at one time a Top Secert SCI clearance. Thats a big one..and then even check out my underwear…

  98. An employer checking credit is deplorable. As has been said before, how many of them have stellar credit? It’s all a ploy by human resources to add more justification to their jobs. The more responsibilities human resources has, the more power the department has.

    How long are we workers going to take this kind of harassment? I’m not some hippie union tree hugger, but workers are getting the raw end here. And we just continue to take it.

    Unfair practices towards workers cannot continue indefeintely, but the more we complain about anything, from lower and lower wages and salaries to unfair hiring practices, the more jobs these AMERICAN companies will ship overseas.

    It’s almost treasonous.

  99. The whole country has outgrown common sense in every aspect including Government who has passed and contiually passes new laws that create new problems instead of resolving old ones. The whole process of legislation needs revamped but it won’t happen because greed, stupidity and outright theft are in vogue now. Employees have no one to rely on to protect them.

    Jobs at every level should be based on honest interviewing techniques and only such background checks etc. as are required for the job and the areaa in which an employee will work. It should not be an excuse to eliminate without legitimate cause… Stupid Stupid America. First we changed from a robust industrial base to a service base with no prep or rhye or reason and that will come back to hurt us. I could go on but as long as baseball and short skirts are
    more important than the reality of Country, limits on Government, employers and employees we will continue to give away this country piece by piece and before it ends will America be a market for anything as the un employed can not pay for what they buy. Our goal as a nation should be to create jobs prevent companies and politians from destroying this country and its citizens.

    With realistic planning, goal setting and a new legislative bill passing and law containment set of statutes there is hope instead of the chaos we see in the job market and every other phase of life in America.

  100. This is just another reminder that unless you are financially comfortable, you are crap.
    Unless, of course, you know the right person.
    America is officially a caste system, for and by the wealthy.
    When it comes to a job, it does not matter what you know, but who you know….
    Also, if you are beyond middle age, bad credit and or health…..forget it.

  101. I am lucky enough to have saved and invested so I have a livable monthly income. But I still want to work. Every time I apply for a job and they request a credit check, I require the same for all managers, officers and others that run the company and the company itself. They all get very offended at this and when I tell them that it offends me they say that the rules only apply to applicants and that once you are hired you can have the worst credit in the world and they do not care. It shows that the wwhole idea is just a B.S. way of discrimination and should be stopped. By he way, I did apply and was hired by a company after my discussion and they no longer do credit checks.

  102. I have been unemployed for almost 3 years this coming February, due to being laid off. I had been in full time employment for almost 30 years at that time. I’ve applied all over the place. Yes, we are behind on everything, I’ve exhausted my unemployment benefits (not eligible for anymore-due to 99 weeks) and our income is only one-fourth of what it once was. Yes, we are behind on our mortgage and I am not a dead beat. Our only option at this time, which btw we have not done so yet is to file bankruptcy. It looks like we will be. In the meantime, I have been applying all over the place and still no offers. If it is the credit thing, that’s doesn’t mean that I cannot do the job! I would never, ever steal from anyone, not even my employer! You get behind because you are out of work, we tried to work something out with the creditors and then funds ran out. Cannot do it anymore. I just want a job and not to be judged based upon what my credit score shows.

  103. I’ve had to file bankruptcy. I figure, if it’s good enough for corporate America, it’s good enough for me. [before all the new rules applied] I feel credit checks for 95% of workers are an invasion of privacy. If you have a job where you handle money, then I wouldn’t have an issue with a credit check.

  104. I do not believe that prospective employers hav the right to check the credit of prospective employees unless they would be handling large sums of money which they would be responsible for bank deposits.

  105. What in God’s name has one thing do with the other??? I don’t think it is none of a prospective employeer how someone’s credit score. Isn’t that enough that most of our liberties and confidentiality has been taken away??? Oh sure, why not ask for my mother’s underwear color while you are at it?

  106. If I had not lost my good paying job back in August of 09′, I would not have been forced to file for bankruptcy. I know that I probably will never get another good paying job again. Luckily for me, I got at PT retail job and have been able to collect partial unemployment benefits. I am 62 years old and always paid my bills on time. I was sick when I had to file for bankruptcy. Employers should take people’s circumstances into consideration. This is just another stumbling block with find a job. The government should be bailing us out and not the banks and wall street. I am totally sick of it.

  107. The ONLY jobs that should look at some one’s credit report are those in which a person would be involved in accounting,pay role, high dollar inventory, or issued a company credit card. And banking/bank teller.

  108. Should be illegal. Bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person. Does being handcapped make you a bad person, oh wait that can’t discriminate based on that.

  109. I’m 23 years old and have chosen to not use credit cards or loans ever again. So does that mean in 5 years or whatever I will not be employable because I’ve decided to be responsible with my money and only buy things I can budget for? That’s messed up.

  110. No, I don’t think they should be able to check credit score, if you are unemployed, you are probably behind like everyone else. With a job your credit report should greatly improve.

  111. This cou ntry is really going down the drain. Companies should go on your work, education, and background history..not your credit. It’s crazy how a credit score is used to judge the type of person you are. What, are you going to start require good credit to get a date? Our country is a joke and so are our laws!


  113. This credit thing has gone way too far. A persons credit has absolutely nothing to do with how you would do your job. There are thousands of reasons and millions of people that have bad credit but that don’t mean those people are thieves or they wouldn’t make a good employee. Shoot, the biggest majority of Senators and Congressmen don’t have good credit but that don’t seem to stop people from voting them in and it don’t stop them from earning a six figure income and getting at least a 65,k raise every year.

    All these companies want you to pay your bills on time and then they want to charge you ten or twelve dollars to pay that bill if you pay it on line. Man, what a rip off.

    I think its high time the American people start standing up for our rights and kick all these thugs out of office. Democrats and Republican…..what a crock. They can’t get nothing done for whining and crying like a bunch of two year old babies.

  114. I’m 55 years old and became unemployed when the store I worked at burned down. That was a year ago. I still have no job and have had no credit cards for over 10 years but I still can’t get hired. By the way I am a veteran, too.

  115. A savvy employer will check credit of respective employees. personal financial responsibility is a good indication of a persons overall level of responsibility. It should not be the end all measure, but one factor of many in the hiring decision. I have hired people with bad credit before. Why? because when i asked the candidate about it, they aknowledged their responsiblity. I have passed on candiates that blame everyone else for their woes.

    • 95% of the time we are not given the opportunity to explain why we have bad credit. The job i recently applied for did a credit check, I have more than enough experience to do the job, and I was not given the position because of bad credit. I wouldn’t have bad credit if I could get a dam job t pay it off.

      • Every time that your credit report is checked, its lowered 30 points and it takes three months to recover from that check, being unemployed and appling for job and having you check checked 3-4 times dents your credit score by 120 points, tell me thats helping out my credit.

  116. Absolutely not! This a matter of privacy. It is none of their business. Background checks for criminal activity and drug tests are a different matter.

  117. “Financial pressures often are a motivation for employee theft”

    Another example of guilty before proven innocent. I guess since most people can’t find work for the minimum of about 3 or 4 months they are all criminals now. It is absolutely NONE of their business to check a persons credit history. If a prospective employer runs a background check and there is no criminal history then what the **** else matters? This is just one more impact of the undeniable lack of common sense america is suffering from. How results are derived from these studies are a reflection of the education kids are getting in college. They can’t seem to think for themselves and don’t know how and when to just apply a little common sense.

  118. I think credit checks in some cases are needed but only for positions where there is a chance of fraud, So many people have lost so much in this resession and do not have jobs that they can’t help but be behind savings run out,children get sick, family’s can only help so much.If credit checks are used I would hope all H/R people look back at a long enough history and ask for explainations on why a applicants credit took a nose dive.

  119. I can readily agree with abouve persons…As a woman past retirement age attempting to work a bit to subsidize Social Security, I cannot get hired. I appiied at the Social Security office as a paid volunteer o.j.t. They immediately ran an FBI background, When it returned, I was called in and told I was dirty from an insufficient check of 30 years ago. I had to explain that had been dismissed, restitution made and I thought was over with…Seems as tho our local DA office “let me fall thru the cracks” and did not discharge the claim against me..I had to go to my own expense for an FBI print and letter to get the charges expunged..THIRTY years after the fact. And it still remains on my history.

  120. The only one who needs to know my credit history is someone who I am trying to get credit from (in the form of a loan) What happened to my personal rights? Next employers will require video tapes of what I do in my own home!

  121. I guess nothing is private anymore. I should be able to do a background, credit check on my employer. Maybe they should give me 5 personal references too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  122. something to consider, after listening to my favorite money guru last night, will this credit checks hurt our credit score??? i understand that inquireys from financal co can hurt your credit score. if that is the case, will not the credit checks from potenial employers not also hurt? it should be illegal to base the eligibly for hiring on the credit scores. hey lawmakers get off your cans and do something that benefits the american citizens!!! make it illegal to use the credit score for jobs

  123. If the position one is being hired to fill has any check signing authority or any responsbility related to finance, then yes, their credit should be checked. If their personal finances are a mess, more than likely their ability to effectively handle a company’s finances would be in question.

  124. Wait until you’re 58 high up in the corporate world and try to get a job…now 62, no job, all 401K gone due to paying bills, mtg. and IRS. Credit shot, losing home and since owned my own company, no money paid to me in unemployment payments, no food stamps, just me and my savings! Now, I’m being discriminated even more… first, age, now bad credit. I am going to be homeless soon and I have done everything under the sun to get a job…any job said too educated….tooo educated…health care field .need previous experience or schooling…Walmart…too eduated even said that I would leave for a better job and it was a waste of time to hire me… could keep going on and on…. so, if you want a real picture of what life is going to be like… re read my comment. for all the baby boomers, if you’re not laid off and replaced by younger, offer to sweep, make coffee and clean the corporate toilets so you can keep your job.. life is very, very different today…experience, wisdom, work ethic and dedication do not count if you are an older employee.

  125. What about asking if they are on unemployment, those skills can be used against you, after all most people woudnt collect unemplyment if they were let go from there job, not!

  126. Yes,on a case-by-case basis. I don’t want my business to be susceptible to stealing, whether it be merchandise and/or money because you need to pay your bills, back child support, or bookies! But if it was a situation arises to where you had to use your credit card, etc. to keep afloat in this tough economy, then I think that should be taken into consideration.

  127. Well, I feel that if you’ve ever been late on a payment you should be completely publicly humiliated. I mean really what gives you the right to be late even once on a payment. Don’t you know what credit is? It is financial slavery and you are the slaves! No you shouldn’t get a job after being late on a payment. You’ll only steal from the company once you’re allowed into the building! Oh sure you may say you have a certain dignity in not wanting to steal something, but dammit you’re not to be trusted!!! Ever!!! Oh yes, and to further humiliate you your car insurance is going UP, UP UUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!! Along with your rent, and now you won’t be admitted into things like art galleries because you’re a common THIEF!!!!!!

    Let’s get real for a minute. I have 25 years of experience in my technical field. But got caught with no available work in my geographical area. I did get an offer to go to Iraq but when I asked what kind of work I would be doing I was told it was classified. Ok, get shot at or blown up while doing spy stuff, hmmmm….sure! Sign me up! Ahhhh NOT!!! An employer would be STUPID not to hire me. STUPID! But then there are those IDIOT companies that make STUPID dumb decisions because they have NO ability to see human potential. In my opinion those companies deserve to fail to attract talent and maybe even become hugely inefficient because of STUPID hiring policies and then eventually fail. They have no ability to keep things in proper perspective. My credit? Completely shot! I don’t give a S**T anymore. What needs to happen in this country is that we put a stop to financial slavery. That’s exactly what this is. It’s getting out of hand. In my opinion organizations are losing the ability to see the customer or employee situation. These credit card companies know exactly what they are doing and then blame the consumer for the loss. My favorite credit card call came from someone from India asking me to make a payment. Here is a guy who got his job from someone here who lost their job. Can you imagine the person who lost their job getting a phone call from the collections department (in India) they used to work for!?! I just laughed my ass off! Really, I looked…my ass is literally gone!!! Well, for all of the HONEST people that got caught in the difficult economy, I sincerely wish you recovery and eventual success. Perhaps without any need for credit at all. God Bless you and God put a stop to the ahole credit companies.

  128. It is totally unfair, It’s happened to me!! A CPA I hired a few yrs back made a mess of my Tax returns and as a result IRS say I owe an outragous amount in penalties etc. but a payment plan is in place as soon as “I start working” I will start pay them. Well guess what!! I can’t get a “freakin’ job” in “my profession, ‘law enforcement’ unless this debt is paid first, and I can’t pay this debt if I don’t have a job” It’s unreal, it’s depressing, this shouldn’t happen. I know a couple of other people who are going through the same thing. They should NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS TO DETERMINE IF THEY SHOULD HIRE YOU OR NOT.

  129. what i dont see covered here is that, many, many jobs dont require handling money, so how would this employee or potential employee embezzel or steal money. the statics listed here dont account forthis, it simply isnt an employers business what credit history is, Period!
    And it isnt fair, To allow credit reporting firms, To keep negative information for years and years! Especially when congress member sit on bank boards (dodd) andmake decisions based on lobby money (bribery), And compensatation! Which they shouldnt be recieveing while employed by the people! Period! They
    work for the people, And thus shouldnt accept anything of value except their pay for tgheir employment by the self governing people!

  130. Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you would be a bad employee or steal for your work place. Bad credit is caused by many things, some of which we can’t control. I’ve had bad credit twice, both times were due to leaving relationships/divorce. I have since busted my butt to repair my credit and kept it in good standing. It wasn’t easy and took years to do but I did do it.

  131. It is a disgrace that they require credit checks. Especially unemployed. Those who are unemployed now have bad credit because they can’t find a job and if they require a credit check it makes it even harder to find a job. People are looking for a job so they can either keep their credit or get a job to halp fix their credit. How can one improve their credit without a job in the first place. It should be illegal for them to do it.

  132. Due to losing my supervisory position (and pay) to company downsizing, we lost our home. Major strike one against our credit. Due to being unable to find a job in two years (the closest I have gotten to an interview was a polite “don’t call us, we’ll call you” from ONE out of over 100 companies I applied to) my unemployment compensation has run out, and my husband’s job disqualifies us (by $400 per YEAR) from any state help, our credit has gotten even worse. We are now facing bankruptcy.
    I am intelligent, hardworking, professional and HONEST, and the smash to my credit score is not of my doing. It is an outrage that something not of my doing could cost me a badly-needed job. If I had been disloyal, or dishonest, I would have earned the difficulty, but I was not.
    Employers need to stop and think about those credit scores. What if they hire someone who has maintained a perfect credit score through subtle embezzlement from their employers to gain money to keep things paid up? If they are clever, that will not only not show on their credit report, it won’t show on their work record, either.

  133. The Association of Certified Credit Examiner’s Review 2010 found over 1800 cases of employee theft worldwide. Worldwide? Out of the millions to perhaps billions of employees worldwide? Credit checks for employment purposes need to be banned! This practice is a crock and detrimental to potential employees and their families. The EEOC needs to get on the ball to make sure this unfair practice does not continue.

  134. There are a lot of reasons why people have bad credit and there are a lot of ways to keep one’s credit good–like skimming a little cash off the top behind the boss’ back to pay one’s bills on time and live the high life.

    Bet those nosy, credit checking idiots never thought of that.

    How about if we make it even? The interviewer gives us their personal information so we can check their credit. I bet personnel directors wouldn’t think credit checks are a good idea then.

  135. One way to consider the data would be to see if there is any correlation between low credit scores and number of hires dismissed within reasonably short period of work. High correlation equals possible relationship. Auto insurance companies also check credit rankings to see if low score correlates with significant number of claims. The connections may be indirect, but if one shows up it’s going to be considered, rightly or wrongly. It shouldn’t be the only factor for hiring and shouldn’t be in first tier of importance. It’s a shame that companies don’t have to disclose any correlation-type data because doing so would help application understand rejection and what might be done to oveercome it.

  136. Unless the position sought involves handling money, awarding contracts, access to sensitive information, etc., there is no good reason to go rummaging around in someone’s credit history. As an attorney who assists individuals with financial problems, I can represent that most people with credit history issues are not morally defective. People lose jobs, have illnesses in their families, and suffer cutbacks in work hours resulting in substantial income reductions in households. Most people over the age of thirty-five have had some kind of problem in their life; whether it be financial, an illness, a divorce or other family difficulty, an addiction issue, or a brush with the law. Whatever limited benefit there may be for a prospective employer to have access to a credit report, it is not in most instances more important than the individual’s understandable desire to have some of the more unpleasant aspects of his past kept private.
    Enough already with the intrusive and unwarranted vetting of individuals. Legislation should be enacted making it illegal to ask for access to credit information except in certain statutorily prescribed exceptional circumstances.

  137. Do they think that people with good credit only needs a jod? I can see doing a back ground check. It is no concern of the employer about there credit report.

  138. This is directed to Julia. Julia, I have absolutely NO problem with an employer conducting a criminal background check on me. I have always been conscientious about keeping within the law. However, if it came down to a choice between two equally-qualified candidates, if the other person had slightly better credit, it might cost me a job that I and my family desperately need. How would you deal with that?

  139. Dear Julia, Human resiurces professional, No credit checks arent a legal requirement for employment, They are the results of self grandure, Public employees/business and their
    unethical relationships! Again why would credit matter when I drive a dump truck to build the roads you drive on. Why is it, Julia that not all employed pay taxes, Why is it that
    the billions and billions and trillions religion takes in arent taxed, The religious damn well use the services and infastructure, Thetaxed pay to build! The myth (lie) that God
    is the only entity able to create life, Has been dispelled, Earth bound gods have now, Before our eyes, Created life, From Brick, Mortar, and steel, Through imaculate conception
    Persons, People, Human beings. The back taxes raised in the non existant/Never proven existance of god and jesus would amount to trillions of dollars, And the current taxeswould fund social security for a hundred years. of course, the eltist rich and big business paying taxes would do a great deal as well. But they can buy their way out with lobby money, Politispeak for bribery!

  140. I think it’s ridiculous that businesses can run a credit check and use the information not to hire a person.

    It’s so easy to get behind on bills when you are unemployed. Is that a crime? Good grief, people work in order to pay their bills! If they can’t get a job, it creates a “Catch-22″ situation the person may never be able to pull out of.

    I have known countless people, including myself, who’ve had struggles with bills, and who never once stole a thing from an employer. My credit hasn’t been stellar, but that doesn’t mean I take it out on my employer.

    Look at Bernie Madoff, who probably had the best credit on earth for years. What a liar and cheat. How many people did he steal from? He stole from his own business! It’s a big mistake to say “Someone lies, therefore he will also murder.” I think it’s also a big mistake to say, “If your credit is bad, then you are likely to steal from your employer.” I don’t believe it’s true.

    And hey, if employer statistics support this (and we all know you can fudge statistics), then hire the person anyway — with a caveat. “We checked your credit and know you are struggling. We want to hire you, however, we also want to get you into credit counseling to help you get this under control.” How about that? Help the person out, for God’s sake. At least they’re trying to work and trying to earn money to pay their bills. They’re not f*ckin’ dead beats, nor are they like the Bernie Madoffs of the world who take people’s money in order to “help” them, and then bleed them dry.

  141. I have been laid off for two years after an unblemished career in automotive engineering. Without a degree, and being a little older and less than stellar credit, (lost my home after being laid off) I am told by the head of Chrysler HR that even though I held many titled engineering positions, I am not qualified anymore for any engineering position. I’ll bet my credit and age are part of this age of discrimination that we are all battling as well as “lack of a degree” discrimination.

  142. We have to face the facts that our country has gone to complete shit. I would move away to another country if I could. I rather hate this shit box now :)

  143. I love that the whole damn government of USA is permanently in the rears and we have to beg other countries to buy up our debt that is getting worse by the day, and they have the balls to say that it is allowable for jobs to check the out of work private citizen’s credit to determine if they deserve a job? No one is doing worse managing money than the President and Congress, mayors and so on….what a bunch of hypocrites!

  144. This is the ultimate injustice.

    Most people who embezzle might have financial problems BUT most people who have financial problems do not embezzle, so their reasoning and their interpretation of the facts is flawed.

    This would be the same as a police officer assuming most white men are pedofiles, because most pedofiles are white men. Anyone with half a brain would know that is a false assumption just like the assumption of poor credit and embezzlement being linked is crazy.

    Credit checks for employment would only be justified if they checked all people who have bad credit and saw what percentage of them actually embezzled and it was a high percentage. Embezzlement in general is not a high percentage crime.

    Also, credit checking employees who have been hired randomly every few months like they do with drug screening would make more sense if they truly believed their own crap, because credit change all the time and the employee you just highered may not have the same stellar report 6 months down the line. If you are so worried about poor credit and embezzlement risk why isn’t everyone being checked both new and old hires.

    Based on what I’ve heard about embezzlement it is usually a long term very trusted employee who often does the embezzlement.

    I personally believe that credit checks for jobs are pushed for two reasons – one is to make money for the credit bureaus and the other is to have a legitimate excuse not to hire minorities who have historically had a poor financial base in this country due in large measure to racial discrimination.

  145. I had almost perfect credit before I lost my job. My job went to a foreign country like so many of american jobs are. I decided to go back to school because it was being paid for because they kept saying you can get a better job when you get a degree. In the mean time I was on unemployment and couldn’t make all of my morgage payments. I am an honest person and would never think of stealing money or anything else for that matter. Because there are people that steal from their employers, we the honest people can’t get a good job. I feel that wether I get a job or not depends on my credit is unethical and is an invasion of my rights and my privacy.

  146. First things first, as bad as the economy is and the unemployment situation is who in the hell do these companies think they are using peoples credit ratings for employment? I think people need jobs to repair thier credit, and how can you go about doing that unless you have a steady income? STUPID COMPANIES WAKE UP we are all in this together.

  147. No I dont think your credit history is anyones business but those who lend you money. An employer is hiring you for your skills/talents in that field. I think that if a person found themselves laid off, or unemployed, for a long period of time, as we currently see happen every day, it is safe to assume their credit is shot as well. Why make it more difficult for them to get their life back on track?

  148. I can understand just why a criminal history check is required but a credit report? That’s bordering on invasion of privacy. I know that employers do it because they want to see that a person can handle their bills with responsibility. People are in the econimic mess they are in BECAUSE the due mostly to the actions of an irresponsible government over the last 10 years. I think that the practice of credit history checks needs to be put on hold for at least 10 years. I know that we are supposed to be on an economic upswing, but way too many people are STILL OUT OF WORK and deserve a chance to catch up!

  149. The problem with employers acting as if they have a right to check your credit is that no one seems to tell them to “Kiss it” it is an invasion of your 14th amendment right to privacy and the expected right to privacy that comes along with that amendment… Credit checks are FOR WHEN YOU NEED CREDIT, not a job! This thing that is happening in the American system is destroying us all… When are enough people going to have enough of this?! There can be no employer checking credit if enough people tell them they can not… eventually they will need someone to work for them, so they will have to pick from the most qualified from other actual reasons. WAKE UP AMERICA, it’s time. P.S. my Credit score is 783 so, no this is not a person with bad credit yacking about anyting.

  150. Stephen if you fall to far behind on your child support the courts can attach your wages fro payment and that can also count againt you.

  151. If a credit check is used as part of employment screening, then the opportunity to defend or explain a poor credit history should also be offered. A negative credit history should never be used to deny employment arbitrarily. But, I support the use of credit checks because there are certain positions that could be compromised by someone who is financially irresponsible. There are too many examples of organizations, businesses and government agencies that have been bilked of hundreds of thousands of dollars; many of these situations could have been avoided by a more thorough background investigation of potential employees.

  152. Credit checks absolutely should not be required for a job. There is too much information which can contribute to identity theft for every potential employer to check your credit and background in today’s world of the internet. Also, I’ve noticed potential jobs not only want to check your credit, background but they want your addresses and whereabouts for the last 10 years, etc. That’s a lot of information floating around there, plus in this economic recession (major depression) everyone’s credit is taking hits. Also there is a lot of discrimination in the HR, hiring person dept., for instance, I’ve been a legal secretary for over 20 years, lost my job and can’t find another in my field as no one wants to hire more employees now and the longer I am out of work the harder it is to get one as they want “stable previous employment” and won’t hire me, even with good references and excellent skills. I’ve then tried for “any” job and am either told I am “over qualified” or they just come out and say I’ve made too much money at my previous employment and they can only pay min wage or a bit higher, to which I say, that’s fine I’ll take it, but NO, they keep harping on how big a difference in pay it is and won’t give me a job, saying I’d not be happy working there even though I can clearly do the job and in some cases, even have previous (although it was years ago) experience in cashiering, waitressing, customer service, receptionist, etc. and they are so jealous of the money I used to make, they won’t give me a chance, some outright saying they need to save these jobs for someone who can’t make the kind of money I used to. Also, more and more jobs are REQUIRING you to speak spanish, they won’t even interview you or hire you unless you are latino. There needs to be a law that in America you speak English and for all jobs you are required to speak English, not Spanish. One other way I’ve found of discrimination is these so called “personality tests” they give you these psychological tests before even interviewing you to screen you out if they don’t like your personality, they won’t even let you review the results, they just won’t hire you if they don’t like you. Something needs to be done about these unfair hiring practices so that people can get jobs and work and take care of themselves and their families.

  153. Julia, what gives YOU the right to check my credit? You’re not a finance professional so you have no idea on how to analyze my report. It’s like asking for my salary history, it is irrelevant. Tell you what, you want me to work for your company, I want to see YOUR credit history. I want to see just exactly what kind if people it is that I am expected to work with.

    And as for credit checks in the finance industry, you did know that there is a database of lawsuits and the like that you can look through to see if someone guilty of financial crimes has been caught, they are listed in that database. And furthermore they have signed agreements acknowledging their crime and guilt and that they are henceforth barred from working in the financial services industry. Gee, I’m not an HR “professional” and even I knew that.

    HR “professionals” are nothing but a drain on the company. Your job is a clerk and a paper pusher. A trained monkey could do your job just as well. The only people you should be checking for credit history are people that handle money. And guess what, as a technical professional, I’M NOT ONE OF THEM! And yet you HR morons constantly press me for information that you have no right to.

    You’ll notice I don’t bring up background checks because that’s an entirely different beast and it depends on the job. In fact, if you want me to come work for you, I want to see YOUR background check. HR people have access to way too much information that can be misused. You are the people in the company that need to be locked down, not us.

  154. I don’t think anyone has the right to review my credit unless I am asking them to risk their money and me paying it back. My credit does not say that I don’t show up for work everyday and put in more than a full 8 hours. My good or bad credit doesn’t say that I won’t try and steal the country blind because to laws in place on Wall Street didn’t catch the financial woes that the country is now going through. My good or bad credit did stop the government from bailing out companies who risk our economic security in the world. My employment record speaks for my reliablibility as a potential employee and that are the guidelines that should be use. To the women who spoke as an HR person, who appointed you GOD. I give them a chance to explain their blemishes. They are none of your business. I do have a job, and I do have good credit, however I know many good people who do need a job with NOT so good credit. How are we suppose to survive if we do not work together to help each of succeed.

  155. It appears that if things remain as they are currently, companies will exhaust the employee “pool” of potential candidates. However, fear not fellow Americans, the federal government will just simply relax all restrictions on immigration (including illegal immigration) to accomodate big business’ lack of “quality” potential employees. Seriously, where does one think that the funding for unemployment and social security for true Americans is going to come from? If one wants change, one must be willing to work for it…oops…forgot…no one is hiring, unless …

  156. Enough is enough If we did credit checks on congress, none of them would have a job. There has to be a limit to what an employer can do and they have already crossed that. Something has to be done.

  157. I’m 58 years old and i have never sercomed to so much crap as just to look for a job. I have worked all theses years, should be thinking about retirement down the road. doesn,t matter how hard you work all those years the federal goverment ,and state will figure how to screw you out of it. Beleve theres no hope in this country unless your a worthless foreigner. i have lost my retirement that i put in a 401 -K be cause of our wall steet crooks. guess you could say i could give a rats a——– bout a bad credit report.

  158. The state of Oregon outlawed credit checks on all except law enforcement and banking financial institutions. All states should enact this.

  159. If you will notice, all those concerned, have blemishes on their credit. I’ve worked hard to keep mine above 800 and I’ve experienced three times in the past 20 years in which I was unemployeed. I’ve always lived beneath my means which allowed me to stay ahead during those down times. Does that mean I am the best candidate for a job? It certainly does not. When an employer looks at a potential employee he needs to use every tool possible. Maybe the job doesn’t require a bachelors degree either, but having it on your resume will certainly set you ahead of the next candidate. Just as having an 800 credit score vs a 600 credit score should. The problem is people get married to early, have kids before they can aford them, buy homes that are much too large for their needs, and purchase cars which have payments way higher than than necessary. One needs to think more like an employer and utilize every tool possible to get that credit score up, get an education and live so you aren’t a slave to your wages.

  160. I think the amount of people with bad credit the whole country would be on the uneployment line,only the rich it will not affect, times are hard and they need to stop checking on people and give them them the damm job skills is what matters,if we dont have a job we cannot pay them.

  161. Come on! You “HR” people cannot be serious!

    Sure, in these days when an employer can have literally thousands of candidates apply for a job, they aren’t going to pull a credit report on every application. However, once they narrow it down a bit, the HR people WILL pull them on those if for no other reason than a quick/easy way to further narrow down the applicant pool.

    The irony, especially these days, is that if you have been unemployed because of cutbacks/layoffs (pretty darned common these days), your credit report will almost certainly take a hit before you can find another job. A fact with the time to find a job skyrocketing in this economy.

    While there MAY be some ethical HR people who can add 1+1 and get 2, many don’t care what the reasons for the bad credit are. They are lazy. THEN they, and the companies they work for, complain that there are no qualified workers. That they have to either (1) hire foreigners to fill the positions (but they don’t run credit reports on them… because they frequently won’t show up being from another country) or (2) move their operations overseas to find “qualified workers”. Riiiight!

    I wonder how many of these firm’s current employees would pass those same credit checks. Especially the management and HR people. Oh, wait, I can see it now, you might lose your current job because your credit rating takes a hit.


    Let’s face it, corporations are a legal fiction (they “they are a legal entity with the same “rights” as people) to protect the wealthy from criminal prosecution for bad faith management, privatize their losses, and, if they are “big enough” to socialize the losses.

    It is a rigged game in which “we, the people” do not have a fair shot so long as our officials can “legally” be bought off for the price of campaign contributions. The fact is we are becoming/have become a “plutocracy” in which it is effectively “one dollar, one vote”, not “one person, one vote” as our founding fathers intended.

    FACT: Nowhere in the US Constitution does it include ANYTHING about the rights of corporations. This was done for a reason. The founding fathers had seen the problems in Europe with royalty and the rich controlling things due to their wealth, with the common man getting the shaft.

    How does this tie in? It is because we are being brainwashed 24/7 about how what is good for business is good for the country. This is only about 1/5 of the truth. The fact is that businesses are a partnership between the interests of money (the stockholders/board of directors of the firm/executive management), the employees (all employees, including much of middle and lower management whose actions directly affect the firms products), the government (local, state, and federal which create the business environment in which the firm operates), customers (those who purchase the firm’s products/services) and society (everyone else with which the firm interacts).

    These five entities (money, employees, government, customers, and society) work together to create the success/failure of “businesses”. However, the cards are heavily stacked in favor of the interests of “money” at the expense of the rest, without which even “money” won’t survive.

    It should be a symbiotic relationship, but it isn’t. It has become parasitic in that money succeeds at the expense of the rest. You can see this in the dramatic increase in the separation between the rich and the poor, with the middle-class being devastated over the last 40 or so years.

    This whole credit report issue is just more of the same. It is bad enough that they wealthy are benefitting at our expense, but it is worse because pulling a credit report (something that is only designed to indicate your worthiness to receive CREDIT, i.e. a LOAN) on employees to try to get an idea about whether or not they will be a good employee, is just rubbing salt in the wound.

    It is “class warfare” alright, but not the way you hear it in many of the media sources, it is the rich versus the common man. If you don’t believe me, here is are a couple mind boggling facts:

    * In the 1970′s, businesses (I’m primarily referring to large corporations, say the Fortune 2000) used to keep some money on hand “for a rainy day”, now that money is as quickly as possible distributed to executive management, the board, and the stockholders (most of the value of which are held by the wealthy).

    * In the 1970′s, the average CEO earned about 40 times the lowest paid full-time worker. Today that average is up to over 400 times.

    * In the 1970′s, most executives did not have “golden parachutes” when they were fired. If they didn’t do their job, they were let go with about the same severance package as everyone else. These days, the executives get their “parachutes”, while the average worker is lucky to get a severance package, if they even do anymore.

    * In the 1970′s, the executives had relatively closely the same insurance package as the firm’s average worker. Today their insurance still covers basically the same as the 1970′s, while the average worker’s insurance covers substantially less and they must pay substantially more for it.

    An interesting note related to this is GM. Their insurance problems were because they took the money that they WERE setting aside (during good times) and put any “extra” it was earning into profits, then when things got bad and the returns weren’t the same, the problem was the “tremendous burden” forced on them by the unions. Originally, the unions just wanted to share in the good times, but “management” didn’t want to share so the unions fought for whatever they could get.

    * The top 1% of the wealthy (not income, but wealth, total assets) have more wealth than the bottom 95% of the people in the US COMBINED… many times over.

    * The next 4% STILL have more wealth than the bottom 95% combined… many times over, though still less than the top 1%.

    Do those last two sound rediculous? Think about it. How many peolpe do you pass every day who probably have ZERO wealth, they own very little beyond their clothes and live “paycheck to paycheck”? We know them as “the poor”. Heck, for that matter, much of the middle class is financially “upside-down” (they owe more than they “own”).

    This makes for some intersting reading:

    Yes, the rich are paying more of a share of the nation’s tax burden now, more, in fact, than at any time in our country’s history. However, you only pay income tax on INCOME, which, by necessity, means that they are being paid more, as a percentage of our country’s income than ever before. In other words, the rich are becoming richer while the rest of us are becoming poorer.

    One final thought. We have record deficits and national debt. High enough now to threaten our country’s financial foundation. As we all know, the only way this can happen is if less money is coming in than is being spent. We experience that reality every day.

    HOWEVER, the blame that is normally assigned (spending is too high) ignores the fact that our tax burden is nearly the lowest of any industrialized nation and is at the lowest point in our nation’s history. While the middle class has been being gutted, the rich have been getting richer, while the national debt rises.

    How do we explain that? Simple. The rich are paying less as a percentage of their income than at any time in our history. If they were paying the same nominal tax rate as they were in the 1970′s, even today, we would almost have no national deficit spending. Yes, the rest of us would have to pay a bit more also, but over the last 40 years, the vast majority of the tax breaks (and relief from paying the country’s bills, especially relative to their wealth) have gone to the rich, while the poor and middle class have had to pay, relatively, the same amount.

    The bottom line is the rich have been engaging in “class warfare” for over 40 years, but the “average Joe/Jane” just didn’t realize it. And now we are paying the penalty for it.

    And we just handed the House of Reps over to the same people (literally, the same people, not to mention party, who have been in charge for most of the last 20 years) who have driven our country to the brink of ruin. Their solution? Keep doing the same thing, while expecting different results. (In case, you didn’t know, that is commonly referred to as the definition of insanity.)

    Let’s get involved. The rich stay rich because they DO NOT spend money. They save it. A country’s economy is driven by spending, what is being done by the poor and middle class. If the poor and middle class get their fair share, it will benefit everyone. “A rising tide raises all boats.”

    Fight this insult of pulling credit reports for employees. What is next? Credit reports for students to attend schools? Credit reports to see who gets to date who? Credit reports to see who can drive?

    Vote for what is good for the country and fight these insults. We should ALL be saying, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” — Peter Finch as Howard Beale in the movie Network (1976)

    Best regards,


  162. I agree with a lot of you on this Subject.. The way someones credit is should have nothing to do with being hired for a job, this is ridiculous and cold… just because someone has bad credit, should not be looked upon for trying to find a job and make a living. This is an outrage!!! what happened years ago? people could apply for a job easy and nobody looked at there credit.. What kind of world do we live in? people have to make a living, so people have credit problems, so what?? Some people did not bring this upon themselves. I was divorced years ago, and my credit slid way down since then. How can we pay for a bankruptcy, or pay for something we owe when you wont hire us? This is a good question ha? maybe we will all go on welfare will that be a good solution? Govt needs to set rules for this now, or there will be more of us American’s on the street or living off the govt.. Credit has nothing to do with the way a person works and this has really gotten out of hand…. We all deserve a job, and not to be punished because of someones credit score….

  163. It should be a federal law that credit cannot be checked when you are applying for a job. It has nothing to do with how you perform on the job. If we keep checking credit, people will never get a decent job.There are millions of people out there who would like to work but they cannot because no one will give them a job –reason BAD CREDIT.(divorce-lost a job etc) The congress must pass a federal law now before it’s too late. Some states already stopped this practice -Obama follow.

  164. Interesting topic. I know the federal agency I worked for the last 25 years did credit checks something like every five years. Of course we had bad credit people employed, even those who had misused their government credit card for personal instead of official business. Some took expense checks intended to pay the govt. credit card and paid personal obligations with it or just simply spent it. No consequences, the agency even FORGAVE some of them of the obligation. So wrong….I think they should have been fired! As far as hiring goes, with credit checks, it really depends on the type of job one is being hired for. As a bank teller I would say it is a requisite or in a high level security position as well.

  165. Stephen, I conduct background checks for those who intend to work for or keep working for the federal government. I may not know the entire behind-the-scenes aspect in terms of who gets hired or declined. But from experience and observation when conducting my background checks and touching base with prospective candidates much later during the process, I have noticed that the potential to not hire or later terminate a recently hired employee due to adverse credit history is very very high. Unfortunately, in your case, you may be in a catch22. Any debt is bad regardless of the type. Yes, some wield more affect on your credit history than others. But until someone, somewhere can develop a magic formula or bar graph depicting what types of debt does the most damage to your credit, we will always be left in suspense.

    It’s not really a matter of finding which is worse in terms of delinquent credit cards or child support arrearages. You have to look at the overall picture and consider the following, especially if you are looking to apply for a county, state, or federal government type of job that will ALWAYS conduct a prehire and post-hire background check (which includes a credit check):
    1) How much overall credit debt versus how much in arrears.
    2) Duration of delinquency
    3) Types of debt with regards to court-ordered versus non-court ordered.

    These are just a few examples. You might want to consider debt consolidation or debt counseling. Either one could possibly help you combine all of your credit debts and make one payment each month. Although, be cautious, there are a lot of scams out there.

    It’s always best to pay off or at least begin payments on ALL debts. But if you had to choose, the best option would be to handle the oldest debts first since I assume they would be the largest and have the most damaging affects to your credit. Get your credit report and find out. Remember, charge-offs do not necessarily mean you don’t owe someone or some collector or creditor money. Do the homework and contact them. If they say that you don’t owe them money because they wrote it off, get the proof in writing.

    Lastly, I am not a lawyer, but if the court ordered me to pay child support, I would honestly be more intimidated by the justice system than a collector or creditor. Plus, you have to consider the possibility of other factors if you dont pay a state or county the money that is court-ordered. It could affect your ability to register to vote, keep your driver’s license, and other local/state benefits that we all tend to forget about.

    Overall, there is no clear-answer to your question until you gather all your debts and lay them out on the table. Handle the court-ordered debts first and if possible, take care of the oldest and or smallest credit debts simultaneously. Then work your way through everything else.

  166. Thank goodness Oregon passed a law that prevents an employer from checking (unless they are, say, a financial institution and a couple other exceptions). I agree that its a load of crap. Unless I am dealing with money directly in that fashion (Banks, mortgage companies, etc), my credit has NOTHING to do with my sales ability, or ability to perform customer service. I’m hoping that this becomes a federal law or something so that we dont have to wait for each and every individual state pass a law like Oregon (and I think a couple others)….

  167. I recently applied somewhere that did credit checks because the company believes “good credit makes for a good employee”. Now, the manager of this store has known me for years, knows my work ethic, and knows I’m as honest as the day is long. Because my credit has taken a hit the past couple of years, he couldn’t hire me, even though he knew I would be at work on time everytime I was scheduled. Instead he had to hire a slacker kid with outstanding credit who can’t show up for a shift to save his soul. If I could afford to pay all my bills on time, I wouldn’t be looking for that third job. Just saying!

  168. Oh yeah, one more thing. My financial situation is none of your or your company’s business, dumb ass! If I get asked this question in an interview, I will walk out. Of course having wasted the HR idiot’s time. Really, if they pry into this, DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR PRIVACY! Smaller companies have no time for this B.S. So people may find an opportunity there. Careful “Julia”! You wouldn’t want to have a a lawsuit would you? Ok, not able to be pursued in court? Perhaps…a private reprisal. Having worked in many industries, it never ceases to amaze me what idiots HR people can be.

  169. Ok ,I’ve seen this before it’s just another sleazy way to invade somones privacy.
    We all know that in this economy you’re very lucky indeed if your credit isnt trashed, frankly anyone who uses a credit check to decide if they want to hire you isnt using good sense,and might even be suffering from delusions of GOD HOOD.
    The vast majority of people out there who are on unemployment are in deep financial trouble, and if they arenot they will be due to not having a job in the first place, compund this with the fact that most employers try to “cheap-out” and pay far less than they should for new hires, and you have the makings for a bonafide, certified mess

  170. It is not a fair practise because it harms your credit scores. Think this way: suppose for sake of argument I submitted three or four job applications every day for a week. Each prospective employer would screw up my credit (which is poor) even more….For that reason alone, eployers and prospective employers should not be allowed to check anyone’s credit.

  171. NO they should not! If someone credit is poor that because they are unemployed, I know this because I have been unemployed for almost 2 years! I am a great employee what does that have to do with my credit!

  172. The whole thing is unfair. I myself have bad credit but happen to be one of the best workers a company could ask for. Maybe for some the credit reflects the individual, but that doesn’t mean everyone is that way. The studies that show people with bad credit are more likely to steal or do something bad to a company and be a bad driver can be biased depending on the group the study was conducted on. So to sum it up, I have bad credit, perfect driving record, and bend over backwards for the company I work for. Yup, I’m not worth the job I have and need high insurance rates.

  173. Why is credit check so important? As long as you don’t kill, steal, cheat and not lazy, for sure you are a good worker. This credit check thing just make person’s life miserable. If these employers will rely on credit check results, for sure the more the economy will go down. Credit check were created by people who just want to make more money, they are not perfect people. Make the job hiring fair, give everyone a chance.

  174. this is just what people need some more gov in our life boss knowing to much info. this country is tittering on the edge of civil unrest.we have a prez that wants us all to bow to alha he is running us all down . the people not the elected that should finaly stand up and take control yes i do mean get ride of anyone in office for more then 2 terms. stop all these huge bennys thay get. let them get out and get a reg, job

  175. Credit is only remotely an issue of character as we all have troubled times now and then. Consider if you fall in arrears it will take most people two years to “fix” credit ratings. The ratings system itself is highly flawed and does not reflect ones work ethic or ab ility to do a particarlur job. PS- An employer must have a signed release to even check credit for individuals and this is often abused. Smart employers will stop this practice as it is lazy HR work. Just talk to previous employers.

  176. At the risk of some of you wanting my head on a platter i say it could be your fault that we are stuck with these problems. There are two reasons for this, one is My family has always voted Dem./Rep. and two is you didn’t vote at all.

    Just as you are given an anal exam by prospective employers you must, I repeat MUST do the same to any & all who present themselves for your consideration and vote to any public office.

    Next sit down, you could have a neighbohood get together, and write a list of all of these onerous rules & regulations that this administration and the uber left controlled congress have laid on us. Once you have that list completed start writing letters to City, County, State and Federal Law Givers (a little Planet of The Apes lingo there) and tell them that you want these big government control the masses laws & rules recinded post haste. Then at least once a month follow up with a “have you done that yet” letter, then at election time if these laws & such are still in effect one last letter in the strongest you wish to use let the turkey know his days are numbered.

    It’s time to get active and push these elected types that the pro FREEDOM / pro CONSTITUTION road is the only way to go or you can kiss your FREEDOM goodbye.

  177. Well to start this, our country was built on the belief in God We Trust, that allows our forgivingness of all of our past stupidity, only to eventually find our true meaning, whether it by work or knowledge in our contributuion to our country, and maybe the world.
    I know some pretty wealthy people, and corporations and not by all standards of practice did they make their money by being a saint. I could also point out a lot of political people, who surely should have had credit checks prior to election.
    No a persons financial past is nothing more then a glitch, in life. A persons true benifit in hiring is his/her character, and what they might bring to the companies table. We have insurance and other means of dealing with theft. and fraud..
    Its surprising who you might end up hiring that opens a door that was never opened before. Forgive, forget..and move on.
    The past is the past the present is the future and beyond….

  178. Without getting into to many reasons why or why not, I believe it is totally wrong to check anyones credit. I have had people use that ruse to get my ss # then oopen credit cards thus doing havoc on my credit rating without me even knowing it until i pulled a report. Bottom line NO

  179. Credit checks should have no bearing on wheither you can get hired at a place or not. I am over 60, just lost my job, my wife is disabled and can’t work. I had to apply for bankruptcy last year so now I may never get a job. My one daughter who has 2 children is trying to get by on less then $1100.00 a month but couldn’t get a job she was more then qualified for cause she has bad credit. Should it be aloud NO. Neither should a place of residence for the same reason.

  180. I was laid off from the auto industry a few years back and because of this, I went through bankruptcy due to the absorption of marital debt from a divorce and losing my job didn’t help matters. Also, I surrendered my home due to absorbing the martial debt based on court order, which forced me to exercise deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, another negative liability shown on the credit report. In addition, my ex always took me to court for the silliest reasons, usually for more support. Attorneys aren’t cheap especially when you’re forced to pay for hers and when the Atty. General from the state she resides starts meddling in affairs that doesn’t concern them … then comes the tax intercepts from the D of T, arrearage reports from the Atty. General’s Office and so on. It is a fact that arrearages show up as unpaid debt in your credit report … another bad mark.

    Still, I had the opportunity to interview with those various companies in my profession, so you figure if any company went through the trouble and expense to fly you in for an interview, all is promising. But, because of the blemishes in my credit report, I feel these actions have cost me to lose those opportunities because in the eyes of HR, if you can’t manage your finances; what make you think you can manage ours?

    Well HR specialists, put yourself in my shoes … when you lose the means and the ability to pay your bills, absorbed marital debt, child support (based on income or who makes the most, pays the most) and just trying to live in general; it seems that the bottom line (credit score) is the determining factor in hiring potential job candidates. In my eyes, this is discriminatory and any company shouldn’t place judgment on hiring based on someone’s financial woes. Any company could miss the opportunity of actually hiring a good employee. All I can say is that a lot has changed after 9/11 and I feel that the hiring process and protocol should be looked into.

    When I interviewed with those companies, they never asked about my credit situation … it was all after the fact after their investigations and their response was “We’re not hiring or we’re not considering you at this time.” Then there’s the issue with age, and companies can toot their horn playing the EOE and Diversity tune, but it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t want to hire based on age and I’m in my mid-50’s.

    As W.C. Hardin stated in his post … “I have bad credit because I don’t have a job and I can’t get a job because I have bad credit. That really sucks …” I have to agree with that. As for Julia’s post … “However, these are only initiated after an offer has been extended, and contingent on a favorable background and credit check. I will ALWAYS give a candidate a chance to explain blemishes on each of these. After all, when it gets to this point, I have expended a lot of time and expense to get here.” Gee Julia … where was someone like you when I interviewed with those companies? Companies need more people like you. I figure if the company, the hiring department and HR went through the trouble in investing on time, effort and the monetary resource in flying any potential candidate across the US for an interview based on one’s talent, experience, education, skill sets and so on; you figure they’d ask or inquiry about the discrepancies and I’m all for “full disclosure of information” in order to gain professional employment if the folks at HR are willing to spend the time!

    I’m sure I was judged by someone at HR looking at my credit report with the report from the state where CSP’s are paid, see the arrearage calculations and recommend to the hiring managers … “Don’t hire him, he’s high risk and doesn’t pay his CSP’s” without knowing the real reasons why. Scott P’s comment said it all … “Oversight, regulation, transparency, common sense and logical reasoning is highly needed!”

  181. As a business owner myself, I can understand the need for credit checks of anyone who will be handling company funds or inventory. Aside of that single condition I could not agree more the practice is unfair and, at least by us, never used because we feel it unethical. We do conduct a criminal check and civil records check on everyone yearly.

    Yes times are hard, and I do not know a single person who has not had credit problems at some point in their lives for a variety of ligitimate reasons. I am reminded consistantly of the corporate frauds (who started this proceedure) unqualified background investigators and trying to determine exactly when the three credit bureaus suddenly became the determining factor of an employees worth.

    Take heart job seekers, the small industry business sector knows your situation and share your plight to survive and have a decent life – without credit checks.

    • Richard, although my credit stinks, if I were handling your money, the only way it would be safer is if you hired an armored car and crew to handle it for you. My credit is bad simply BECAUSE I will do nothing illegal, dishonorable or dishonest just to make a buck. If I WOULD do anything underhanded or unlawful, I’d have PERFECT credit.
      Now, a criminal background check, I have absolutely no problem with. I have always kept my nose clean, along with my record.

  182. This issue just makes me sick…I am in my early 50s now and lucky enough to have a decent job, but if I lose it, chances are because of my age and credit history I will be living under bridge soon enough.
    I have a bankruptcy in my past because we had a child with many medical problems, we were underinsured with crappy commercial insurance and then
    I lost my job and had no coverage. I have been dealing with the consequences
    of that bankruptcy ever since.

  183. Ok, so where do I fail the credit check? I have always paid cash for everything, from the used cars I have always had to the every day things like grocerys. I don’t have “bad” credit, I just have no credit, so my score is low. This practice is punishing people like me who have been taught from a young age to “pay as you go”. I have always said ” if I don’t have the money for it, I must not need it very badly”. Also I rent my home, so there is no mortgauge payments, and I don’t have or want a credit card ( never did, never will).

  184. I dont think its fair for anyone to discriminate against a person because of their credit i was verbally hired for a sand blasting job i gave my 2 week notice and was moving out of state me and wife and child moved on the way down i get a call from my “new” employer telling me that because of my credit i can not be employed this is the third time its happened i owe about 4 thousand why cant i get a job without being discriminated against

  185. This is total BS! Just because you are behind or have or had problems on your credit score should not effect your “insurance rates” you “getting a job”. There reasoning is us “poor folk” are the ones to file false reports. Let me give you this example: How many times has littly sleezy HILTON gotton millions of dollars of her jewelry stolen no proof “had to be an inside job right????” BS! The rich are the ones that file most claims because “why oh why would they ever do that they are already rich?” so much crap. My bills have NOTHIING to do with my job performance and its sure as hell does not make me a thief. THIS IS PURE DISCRIMINATION. Now I am sure the rich ass’s will come on here and blast this I DO NOT CARE. Live in our shoes! Stop pushing your stinking pencils behind a desk and work in a factory for 10 hours a days at min wage with NOTHING to fall back on have no insurance BE IN MY SHOES!!!!!!! AND MANY OTHERS HERE ON THE SITE OR LIFE IN GENERAL. More Government control! Because I have bad credit does NOT make me a bad person I have had BAD BAD luck and I dont get any breaks like the Kardashions….I know I will sell a sex tape seems to work for everyone else. Selfish Selfish people, insurance and employors that would EVER consider that!

  186. Cough-Cough, (excuse-me),

    Should an employeer ask for such irrelavent information, be polite, excuse yourself from the interview, application desk or where ever when asked. Thank “God” for telling you, and go find a real job.

    Even in roman slaves were not required fill out these stupid applications for a position.

    I will give information as needed, thus – I’m working on your aircraft – I will tell you everything I know about aircraft – where I worked, references and the like – but if you ask me if I have ever worn a condom ? ? ?

    I only answer questions about the job I am applying for, sometimes more if I, repeat I feel it may seal the deal.

    An employeer has no right to ask questions outside of the job. You may not get it for not answering – but I assure you, you don’t want it.

    Employeer’s are asking me to work for them, I am asking them to work for me – and if there is a lack of respect on either side – I’m glad it did not work out.

    Oh – I have never made more than $500,000.00 in 3 mos, so it is not class difference, it is simply respect and management that knows it’s job.

    And Good luck to all seeking a job, seems most of us are these days.

  187. It seems reprehensible that a prospective employer can run a credit check on a private citizen. There are many reasons beyond someone’s control for why they may have bad credit such as divorce, identity theft, etc.

    I have great credit. (Knock on wood.) However, I would consider suing an employer that rescinded a job offer due to a credit check.

  188. I think there should be a law passed stating that a person’s credit history cannot be used in decideing whether that person can get the job or not! It’s not fair to that person and as far as I’m concerned it isn’t anyone else’s business!With the economy the way it is right now and people loseing their jobs,its kinda hard to keep your credit straight! I’ve been out of work for almost 2 years now and can’t get a job because I have less than perfect credit,how is it a person can get their credit straight if you can’t even get a job so you can pay your bills!

  189. I think employers shoud not have the right toyour credit reports becuse thay do not need them it is none of thar bisnes it is another way of controling you and away of telling you that we are stuped and we cant control of our lives as adukts

  190. Interesting that a private entity, for whom we do not vote nor have any meaningful control, can exert over our daily existence the very forces of life or death. A pointless job, a fortuitous loan, just a couple examples of what this credit rating can or will do for you. Psst – tell you a secret, folks – this was once called EXTORTION, the threat of harm unless you cooperate. And to top it off, we pay MONTHLY as we would to a protection racket, to prevent our information from being used illegitimately. How much longer before such a Capitalist Tax is levied from birth? Pay to protect your childs’ information, yes? Pay corporations to protect us – they’ve done so very much better than government ever has, eh?

  191. Do like I do, if a prospective employer states or says they are going to do a credit check, I simply grab my resume, application and tell them I would not work for them.

    I have worked the same field for 26 years and considered in the very top of my field. If an employer doesn’t like that I keep my credit personal, too damn bad!

  192. You should not have to pay for the rest of your life because employers will not hire you.Therefore you fall deeper in dept or your credit history and scores suffer more.Some of the companies ceo,s often take pens,labtops and even the company car home rather than use their own cars.This is madness.Stop this practice right now!Companies should hire based on someone,sw ability to do the job not whether or not they have great or very good credit

  193. I wouldn’t mind a prospective employer running a credit check on me. As long as I was able to run a credit check on them first. I would like a copy of theeir Dunn and Bradstreet rating as well as a BBB report and references from the local chamber of commerce, a criminal background check of all the supervisors, CFOs, priciapl investors and owners.

    But the most appaling thing I find on an employment application is when they ask for your social security number..

    Most people don’t give that out to just anyone, yet hey hand it out freely for just a promise of employment with no reguard as to who will later have access to it..

    I went to apply for a carpentry job and was met by a gall with tats at what I guess was her and her boyfriends house and she wanted me to fill out the application on the hood of her car….

    It asked for all linds of personal information, enough to steal my ID if they were so inclined…

    Needless to say I put down my name and listed a couple references and entered “upon employment” for the blanks that askked things that should have remained confidential…

  194. i dont think it is none of thier bussiness , as long as you do a good job, it isnt anyone bussines what you spend or have in your past credit,wotn be long befor ethey are doingbedrroom checks to see if you are too kinky for thier moral thoughts,

  195. It is sad that your credit is checked even if you are applying to a position in which you will not be handling money and if you had to claim bankruptcy it is held against you. BUT you can get a job as a cashier at one of the big box stores….I was fired and can’t get a job even as a secretary now.

    Discrimination comes in all forms: age, weight, size, color, nationality, sex…and this is America.

    Shame on them.

  196. As a small business owner, you can darn well bet I run a credit report on everybody who has or ever will work for me.

    I am in residential construction. Our work is inside customer’s homes. Often times there are valuables just sitting around. I pay my people top money and I expect, no, demand, that they conduct their financial matters in a reputable fashion.

    Often times I have one of my people pick up a payment for me and to take it to the bank. Creditworthiness PLUS the hiring interview tells me a lot about the character of my employees.

    I learned my lesson years ago when I accepted what I was told with a handshake. No more!

    If you have had money problems, just let me know what they were and how you are handling them. Don’t lie to me. I can use you if – and that is a big if – you are up front with me. I might even lend you some money. I[ll be fair with you if you are fair with me.

    • No that means you need to do a CRIMINAL back ground check. Your telling everyone that a person with a credit score of 800 isn’t going to steal and that a person with a credit score of 650 will. Thank god that you are not in the government because we do not need another narrow minded idiot in office.

    • Alpena Bob:
      I have been unemployed for two years. “Supervisor” looks great on a resume – UNLESS you are in dire straits and are willing to seek an entry-level position. I really resent anyone asking to run a credit check for employment. I have never, and WILL never, steal money from anyone. If I were to pick up a payment to take to the bank for your company, the only way it would be safer would be if you had an armored car pick it up for you. I may have trouble with my own money (it seems that something – medical bills, car repairs, etceteras – always comes up when I think I have a bit ahead) but I am downright militant about my employer’s money.
      Yes, my credit now stinks. When I have to choose keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table over other bills, you can bet I will pay the rent and buy the groceries. It has come to that a number of times this past year.
      When I apply for a job, I apply for a JOB – not a loan or a line of credit. I will not ask for an advance on salary and have actually turned them down when a previous employer offered. We just did without until things stabilized again.
      My credit has NO bearing on my honesty or the quality of my work. My employer gets my best, every single time.
      What happens if you hire someone with impeccable credit, then you trust them to pick up several payments for you, and you find out the hard way that they got that impeccable credit by stealing from their employers?

  197. Our credit report has nothing to do with a person’s character and job performance. Obviously if someone is looking for a job they are possibly unemployed and need work to pay their debts. It is none of their business and its very personal information. That information is suppose to be used for obtaining more credit, not employment. Where is my privacy protection?

  198. This whole credit check thing is way out of hand. You can’t ask someones age but you can check their credit.

    It’s just like car insurance raising your rates because of your credit history. Couldn’t believe it when I found out that they feel your a worse driver because of your credit history. More like the majority of Americans have blemishes or worse on their credit history…therfore we can charge more money.

    Who monitors the credit history people, can anyone start a company like equifax, trans union or others. How come lawyers don’t sue them daily for things on people’s credit that shouldn’t be there. Ruins people’s lives in seconds and takes years to fix.

  199. Not only should employers not be able to check but neither should apartment rentals. I was denied an apartment because , according to the owner, I owed a student loan which I might add which was not in default.

    I ended up renting an an apartment down the street from the previous apartment and have been for 9 years paying the same amount of rent the previous apartment which denied was asking.

    however, sad to say I have bachelor degree, unemployed, receiving only five hundred dollars from unemployment and being asked to move out of the apartment I’ve lived in for nine-years with no place to go.

  200. Not only should employers not be able to check but neither should apartment rentals. I was denied an apartment because , according to the owner, I owed a student loan which I might add was not in default.

    I ended up renting an apartment down the street from the previous apartment and have been living here for 9 years paying the same amount of rent the previous apartment which denied me was asking.

    however, sad to say, I have bachelor degree, unemployed, receiving only five hundred dollars from unemployment and being asked to move out of the apartment with no place to go I’ve lived herefor nine-years.

    • To me it seems very reasonable that someone who you are obligated to give money to each month should have a right to know if you have a habit of not living up to such agreements.

  201. I can see credit checks if a person is being hired who would have access to funds and actually have a job function that could allow them to embezzle. But in reality, how many jobs give that much leeway? If your internal controls are so lax that it’s a real possiblity, that’s an issue for the company, not the employee. For the most part, credit checks are not a good indicator of how someone will perform a job – therefore they shouldn’t be factored into the decision. i agree with a criminal background check, just not a financial one, except for the few positions that fall in the above criteria.

  202. I have to say that I am a tried and true awesome employee in every job I’ve ever been given…I’m not patting myself on the back, but I will tell you I give my 110% in whatever job I have been given, and have never been considered less than “the go-to-girl”. I will also tell you that my credit is “NOT GOOD”. I was a single mom for 19 years of my daughter’s 20 years. Of course I had 2 long term relationships, but the two men also had children that needed supported so I was left to make sure that my daughter had everything she needed, plus a luxury every now and then. If a future employer used my credit as a guidepost to hire me…they would truly be missing out on a”diamond in the rough”.

  203. As someone who has worked darn hard my whole life, saved, saved and saved some more for a rainy day, never paid a bill a day late in my life, and have a 829 credit score to show for it, I say absolutely, go ahead and check my credit score! I deserve the job because I am RESONSIBLE! Stop with the excuses people. I find it pathetic that people are bankrupt these days after only being unemployed (and many collecting 99 weeks of benefits to boot!) for such short periods of time – like less than 3 years.

  204. NO No No They should not be Allowed to check anyones credit report… The only time it should be checked is if you are going to borrow Money from a bank or when u apply for a credit card. There are too many things that can cause someone to have bad credit, this does not mean they will make a bad employee….

  205. Background checks should be sufficient for HR purposes. If I have no felonies, no record of theft or embezzlement, no DUIs (if the job requires me to drive for the company) then how I pay my personal bills is MY business, it does not mean I will steal from the company, any number of factors could have a negative effect on my credit. And to the HR person who posted above, YOU may give people a pass if they can explain poor credit to your satisfaction, but I’m willing to bet a paycheck that you are one of the few who do so. A clean background check and good references from former employers should be sufficient.

  206. Credit checks for employment is a form of revolving jeopardy: can’t get a job because of bad credit, and can’t improve the credit because one can’t get a job. This is unfair.

    Cited in this article are very weak arguments, based on spurious statistics, in support of employment credit checks. Truth is, it is the credit bureaus who are behind this, as they stand to gain from the increase in credit checks.

    Credit checks should be banned as well for insurance & housing as well. Again, it is the credit bureaus who have convinced insurers and landlords that this is necessary. Credit checks should only be used for… credit.

  207. Multiple credit checks on a person in a short period of time lower their credit score. Potential employers SHOULD NOT be able to do credit checks on a person as consideration for employment. After all, the person is not buying anything from the company, the company IS buying the person’s services by hiring them. ON CREDIT too. By that I mean you are going to work for them with the promise they will pay on the schedule agreed to when employment starts. If anything the employee should have the right to run a credit check on the employer.

  208. it’s completely unnecessary. criminal record check yes, credit/medical check no. in canada, employeers can request a criminal record check but has to be provided by applicant. they cannot access any credit or medical info, but they can ask certain questions about surgeries, medications, prior conditions that could affect your job. even in jobs in the financial section, credit info means nothing. people with good credit can be criminals and irresponsible

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  210. Not surprising considering we are a society the focuses on what people do wrong! “Corporate America” certainly hires for skills a potential employee can do well. But, anyone who has worked for a typical company will find their reviews, training and overall value predicated on what they do not do well. So, a company will certainly look at an employee with bad credit and focus on that negative. How about focus on the positive and what that person can bring to the job. Oh…and this is a crazy thought; maybe an employee with poor credit is hightly motivated to regain financial security! That would be illustrated through hard work, loyalty and probably incentive to ‘move-up’ through the company ranks….

  211. This is such an invasion of privacy, not based on credit being negative or positive but simply based on it’s not some 25 year old HR kids business what is on my credit. I had plastic surgery after a car accident but it was long enough after that my insurance did not cover. I used the Dr.s financing as it was no interest for a year. I paid off before that year but now on my credit report it says “So and So Plastic Surgery Institute”. So yes credit reports can reveal personal information that is NO ONE’s business. I don’t sign back round or credit check waivers unless i have been made an offer. I also don’t provide my SS# until then. I am not about to give every Tom, Dick and Harry all my personal info. This is how identity theft and such things happen.

  212. I am a job hunter myself and have absolutely no problem at all if the check my credit. hell the can check what color drawers im wearing if they want because i have absolutely nothing to hide. the reason they check credit is because embezzlement and fraud is on the rise. the only ones that has a problem with there credit being checked is the criminals or the ones thinking about being criminals

    • If they’re afraid of employee theft, I got news for them. We all know that employees with good credit are just as likely, if not more likely, to steal than employees with bad credit or mediocre credit. Look at the numbers. Is empl theft down? No. Is it on the rise? Yes. Does it show signs of waning? No.

  213. Credit reporting agencies are private companies maintaining public data. There are similar insurance databases. That fact alone should create significant public heartburn. The sale and use of such data has exploded with the expansion ofl pseudo-statistically justified reasons. Credit scores should be limited to applications for credit, period. Any other use is unproven and unsupportable. There is only an assumed connection between poor credit and temptation for embezzelment or fraud. There is no proven link. Moreover, how many employers denying applicants interviews on the basis of credit scores (an action not required to be reported to the applicant) are doing so for jobs that actually involve the opportunity for stealing of funds or fraud with company assets? How many jobs actually involve such opportunity? Anecdotally, the conclusion is precious few. Since credit data is so hard to modify or expunge and the picture presented is foggy at best, perhaps an employer should only have access if he or she can prove the job at issue actually involves an opportunity to commit fraud with company assets or embezzle company funds. If he or she cannot prove that, no access, with appropriate punitive measures to enforce the law. Yes, yes, stymie business, the argument goes. Bull. The credit system is so heavily stacked against the individual reportee that some balance needs to be restored.

  214. A pre-employment credit check is simply FINANCIAL DISCRIMINATION. Employers who practice this are financially profiling innocent people to be future criminals. Hello ACLU why do you still exist if you can’t protect Americans from something so blatantly discriminatory to everyone.

  215. Just to clear a few things up, your medical history does not show on your credit report. Race, marital status, religion, and all the other things people are complaining about also do not show up on your credit report. Your credit report shows info related to your credit, thats it.

    Companies use credit reports for several reasons. Statistical studies have proven that people with poor credit are more likely to steal from the company. This does not mean that someone with bad credit is a thief, it means that without any other data available, people with bad credit are more likely to be thiefs than people with good credit. Companies use this type of info because it has been proven to be accurate in the past. Once the numbers start showing that this is not true, then companies will stop using it.

    Another reason companies use credit reports to decide who to hire is because people with poor credit are more likely to have to deal with collection calls at work, have wage garnishment, and a vareity of other issues that end up costing the company money. Statistical studies have also shown that people with financial problems are more stressed and therefore more productive at work.

    I am not saying that I agree with the their decision to use credit reports during the hiring process, but these are some of the reasons that they do.

  216. IF YOUR CREDIT IS DECENT AND YOU RECENTLY LOST YOUR JOB–DO THIS!!! Print out your free credit report from all 3 agencies (make sure it shows the as of date) and PAY THE FEE for at least one credit score–again, make sure it shows the date.
    This way if a prospective employer wants to run a credit check, you can show that prior to your layoff your credit was good–that you’ve become a victime of the bad economy. This worked for my sister who got the advice from a heads-up human resources manager. You might wait until you are actually out of funds to print out your good credit reports/score, so the dates are as late as possible.

  217. HAving bad credit does not reflect my ability to do a job… reflects the so called American dream (illusion) we all live in in that we ALL live beyond our means…..It does not mean I am NOT going to work to my full capacity to hold and maintain my job so that I am able to sistain me and my family….it does not mean I do not want to work and be a part of mainstream society,,,,,,,xit does mean that if I am not hired, a omapny may lose the best employee they could have had for the tasks at hand as I will alwyas try harder, perform better and accomplish more……..

  218. I feel it is extremely unfair. My boyfriend has been job searching for over a year now and the only reason we can think of that employers are not even calling back is that his credit is terrible. The employers have no way of telling why someone’s credit is bad from what I understand – and while it may be a red flag in terms of how responsible a potential employee can be, it can still be unfair especially in my boyfriend’s case. His credit is only bad because he was unable to pay back the loans that he received in order to be able to attend ITT for an education he’d be able to use to get a better job in the future. They obviously did nothing for him.

    This is a viscous cycle. =/

  219. Anything to do with Credit Card or credit checkers is all bull. They proved that right on TV. Join BBB and watch everything about your credit get better. But just remember. There are hidden files we’ll never see. Even when they say they take a wrongful or unlawfull or even expired credit reference off your report. THEY DON”T.Without credit all those forclosed homes would never have been borrowed on.

  220. Your credit is used for everything you do. God help you if you have bad credit. It’s a vicious circle. If your credit is bad you don’t get anything. Job, house, or anything else you might want.

  221. So what if I don’t have perfect credit? Look at my salary history. Look at my employment hiistory. Yet they probably don’t even consider those things. All they want to know is crap like what race you are, have you ever had a felony conviction, have you ever received food stamps, stuff that most of us would rather not tell strangers.

    Honestly, I think the only reason they want you to have good credit is so they can send you out to get a huge loan. It’s is their interest that we have good credit, not ours.

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  223. Drew, What “statistical studies”? You write like you might be college educated, so you know that in order to be taken seriously you need to cite your “facts”.
    I hypothesize that you are incorrect and that people with poor credit, especially in the last few years are LEAST likely to steal because by having poor credit they are essentially proving that they are not willing to steal to maintain good credit. The deed is done. The bad credit is there and there is no reason to steal to compound the problem. However, I further hypothesize, that those with good credit may indeed be likely to steal to protect their good credit. Now I will open a new tab and look for evidence based “studies” to back up my assertion…BRB…5 mins later I have: Eric Rosenberg of the TransUnion credit bureau states in testimony to Oregon legislators  “At this point we don’t have any research to show any statistical correlation between what’s in somebody’s credit report and their job performance or their likelihood to commit fraud,”…Furthermore, Drew:
    Jerry K. Palmer, a psychology professor at Eastern Kentucky University, said his studies, though relatively small, found no correlation between the quality of an employee’s credit report and that worker’s job performance or likelihood to quit.
    He said he was not aware of any studies that showed a correlation between poor credit and employee fraud or violence. But he noted that more research was needed to show what credit reports could predict.
    Source: The New York Times, Andrew Martin Feb. 10, 2010
    So Drew, quit acting like a know it all and just spewing the garbage that popular media, pop culture, and credit card company rhetoric that has permeated yopur brain as if it is fact, when it absolutely is NOT fact…Drew.

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