Celebrating the cubicle

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According to this article in the Kansas City Star, the dreaded, misunderstood office cubicle is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The article reveals some interesting history about the original design of the cubicles. For example, the idea was to have two levels, so that the worker could sit or stand at their desk.

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the cubicle, here are a few that have been decorated by their occupants in fun and unusual ways!

  1. I hate cubicles.
    I have personally known 2 cubicles in my post-college life in the eng field.

    Dilbert is dead on in 99% of his jokes. If your reading this and have never worked in a cubicle then read Dilbert comic strips at Barnes and Noble or in your sunday paper. This will show you exactly what to expect.

    But I suppose a cubicle is better thanhaving to stare at your co-workers all day long.

    On the flip side I get alot more luaghs out of The Office simply because it shows what its really like in an office.

  2. you know i have to agree… cubicles should be celebrated!

    i think that they are pretty funny if you think of it. theres a contest going for the messiest cubicle where you can win a free new decorated cubicle! I suggest either signing up for yourself or a coworker! Always a good laugh anyways!

    contestfactory.com/pimp to enter for free

    or see this youtube link


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