December job numbers redux

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The BLS released the last unemployment numbers of the year this morning and overall job loss numbers declined by -85,000 in the last month of 2009.  Among the largest industries, constructionmanufacturing and retail lost jobs, while health care and temporary help services added jobs.

In December, both the number of unemployed persons, at 15.3 million, and the unemployment rate, at 10.0 percent, were unchanged. Additionally, October’s number was revised from -111,000 to -127,000, and the change for November was revised from -11,000 to +4,000.

What does this mean for you? To get a better understanding of these numbers and what they mean, watch CareerBuilder’s CEO Matt Ferguson discuss the latest numbers and the 2010 job forecast on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

  1. I always hear about other sectors such as the healthcare industry. Something you don’t seem to blog about much, but has become a problem, is outsourcing in the Legal fields. Many law firms are outsourcing their labor to places like India, where it is cheaper to hire both attorneys and paralegals. I would like to know if the legal firms will be hiring more this year, and if so, what is the area they will hire in? I have found when I jobsearch that there seems to be more positions in the area of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Is that cyclical or the norm now?

  2. Job loss figures hide factors such as seasonal adjustments in the numbers. The more important figure, in my opinion, is the employment-to-population ratio. It just fell to 58.2%, which is the lowest ratio since 1983.

    I don’t think that this collapse has found it’s bottom yet.

  3. I read your remarks today about why you won’t get hired.

    My major problem is that I was fired from my last job because it was felt I was not doing a good job. While there, I learned that they have had staff replacements for this position on an annual basis for the past five or more years. I’ve had over 40 years of experience doing this particular line of work and am one step away from retiring within the next 7 years. Only one place I interviewed at asked the question and they accepted the fact that I was fired without any real concern. My resume just indicates that I was at that particular job and what I did.

    Any suggestions about how I should approach this situation in future face to face interviews?

  4. i am commenting on your ad about reasons why you dont get hired. first of all thats bullshit. these people dont give you a chance to prove yourself and i think thats crazy that they can judge a person by the things that was written in the ad. people react differently to certain things. that does not justify if they are capable or not to do the job. i have been in situations where my experience of more than 10 years and professional license wouldnt get me hired on but the guy with no experience got hired on. ok. not a lie nowhere in my application and had substantial evidence to back it up. i have been down this line too many times. i think the people doing the hiring should be checked out. because it is clearly who you know and not what you know in the usa unless its a job that nobody else knows nothing about. this economy sucks and the people are not doing enough to help out. this is a greedy country and thats why we are where we at. not because people lie on the application but because they are always judging a book by its cover.

  5. Article “Not Getting Hired? 10 reason why.

    #3 hit a nerve because I am over 50 and I met all the other crieteria’s 1,2 4 -10.
    So how do you overcome this avenue?
    I intend to be with the hiring company as long as possible. So how do I address this issue?
    3. You don’t show long-term potential
    Employers want people in their organization to work their way up, so it’s best to show that you want to and can grow with the company. If you were asked where you see yourself in five years and you gave an answer that wasn’t related to the position or company you’re interviewing with, kiss your chances goodbye. Ask questions like, “What type of career movement do you envision for the most successful candidate in this role?” It shows that you have envisioned your future at the company.
    Thank you, I greatly appreciate your response, time and help.

  6. According to articles like this, people should basically run over each other in competition and we should be the perfect asshole. Stop writing this b-s-t for the public to read.I see it at work, co-workers keep raising their standards, I see as a result of this crap they read because generally people can not think for themselves.We will never be good enough according to your writings which creates so much tension at work. Thanks!!!

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