Another great excuse for being late to work

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Jeff LewisOne of my Saturday morning rituals is catching up on my reality TV filled DVR and this Saturday was no different. I was especially excited because the new season of Bravo’s Flipping Out — about obsessive-compulsive, junk-food eating house flipper Jeff Lewis and the people who work for him — debuted this week.

This season, Jeff has taken hired Trace the intern and I can’t wait to see more of him. Not only did he shrug off the need to eat lunch upon arriving to work (“I ate yesterday”), but he also gave one of the best excuses reasons for being late I’ve ever heard.  (And you know we love them!)

When Jeff questioned Trace about his tardiness, Trace explained about his morning ritual: He must play a game of checkers on his mobile device, and win, before he gets out of bed every morning. That morning, he had to play the game three times before winning, thus delaying his arrival to work. Jeff’s reaction? He wasn’t incredulous or mocking, but rather pleased at the intern’s frankness and sympathetic to the intern’s idiosyncrasies.

The lesson: Next time you need an excuse reason for being late to work, be truthful … or at least play into your boss’s personality.

Tell us, what’s the best one you’ve ever used or heard?

  1. My top 10 favorite excuses for being late to work from my clients:
    1) I was chillin’.
    2) I couldn’t find a band-aid after cutting myself.
    3) I thought there was a 1 hour grace period.
    4) My wife wouldn’t let me out of bed.
    5) It was raining.
    6) I accidentally locked myself IN my house.
    7) I was waiting for the cable guy.
    8) My interview for another job ran late.
    9) My favorite episode of “Will and Grace” was on.
    10)My toe nails weren’t dry from my pedicure.

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  6. I can’t say much about reasons for being late for work because, at my first job, the manager gave a pep talk at the beginning of the shift one day. As a person was coming in about 5 minutes late, the manager noticed. He then said that being late was a bad thing. His “mantra,” he said, is “if you’re early, you’re on time. if you’re on time, you’re late. if you’re late, you’re fired.” I took that statement to heart and have been late for work only 3 times and those were for legitimate reasons (car wreck on interstate twice and flat tire once).

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