Finally, a way to tell your boss he smells worse than your gym bag

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gator-bossIf being in the professional work force has taught you anything, it’s that you really have to think before you speak. I mean, really stop and think. The jokes that fly between you and your BFF don’t always translate well between 9 and 5. And the brutal honesty you share with your friends (“Why are you dating that loser?” “That shirt makes you look like my grandmother.” “Really, a little Listerine goes a long way.”) won’t earn you any new work friends. It might even get you fired.

Never fear! Your days of working under a garlic-breath regime are nearing an end thanks to’s new site, Anonymous Tip Giver.

Just go to the site, pick a fun character to use a the visual (such as the reptile to the left), decide whom you want to not-so-gently give a tip to, and hit send. You can tell your co-workers or your boss that their make-up could be toned down a bit or that their cologne has been giving you asthma for years now. Or you can pick from a pre-made list of tips like, “One out of 10 people think your barking dog ring tone is funny, that one person is you.”

Have fun!