Gettin’ lucky on your job search

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Oh, St. Patrick’s Day.

Each year you provide us with a day to pretend a lot of things. You let us pretend we’re Irish when we’re not. You let us pretend our livers are impenetrable to alcohol, but they’re not. You let us pretend we look good in tacky green clothing when most of us don’t. In many ways, St. Patrick’s Day, you allow us to revel in more fantasy than anything associated with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

One item associated with St. Patrick’s Day that we should probably embrace is the “luck of the Irish.” Apparently no one can pinpoint the etymology of the phrase, and no one can agree whether or not said luck refers to true good luck or ultimately bad luck. For our sake, let’s go with the first reading, as everyone could use a little good luck these days — especially job seekers!

Wishin’ and hopin’ for good luck doesn’t pay the bills, though, does it? If you’re like most job seekers, you’re not waiting around for luck. Today’s job seekers are working hard, trying to land an interview or find a job posting that suits their skills. The idea that finding a job is its own full-time job rings true, and yet, you can’t help but wonder how long ‘til you receive an offer.

For some job seekers, the path to hearing “You’re hired!” was long but turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened to them. By their own admittance they feel like luck played a significant role in their lives. To give you a bit of inspiration, we asked them to share their lucky stories with you. You might not believe in luck, but come on, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Put on some green and see if you find your own professional four-leaf clover!

Here are some success stories from job seekers who found themselves on the receiving end of some good luck.

Vikki T.’s tale …
Vikki looked for a job for over a year and didn’t have luck landing an interview. When she finally did, she made it to the second and final rounds but wouldn’t receive an offer. Finally, after she’d given up on finding a new job, she received a call asking her to interview. The position was great, but she knew she didn’t have the qualifications for it. Still, she went on the interview on the off chance she’d be the perfect match. She made it to the second round of interviews where she was told she wasn’t the right person for the job because she lacked experience. She said, “OK, well here is why I think I am right for the job.” And she got the job, which she has fallen in love with.

“I am now a probation officer,” Vikki says. “I love my job. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I was meant for this job. It is hard to get to the final selection stage and then get told no. It hurts, especially when you have been on the hunt for a long time. If I have any advice to give anyone, it is to keep on keeping on! If you’re not selected, don’t think there is something wrong with you; you just weren’t meant to have that particular job. The job your were meant to have is still out there.”

Lauren Rotchford says …
On January 1, 2010, I relocated to Atlanta (from Naples, Fla.) to be with my fiancé and was very concerned about securing a decent job in this economy. Within three weeks, I was offered two jobs on the same day. Needless to say, I was both shocked and thrilled. I spent a lot of time researching jobs online and sent my resume to Atlanta companies while still living in Florida. It was a lot of work, but it certainly paid off. I’ve been working for Rubicon in Atlanta since February 1st. I want to share this with others to let them know that jobs are coming back as more and more companies are hiring again!”

Chelsea Levy’s journey …
Chelsea Levy chronicled her job search for a public relations position on her own blog. She went on 11 interviews, sometimes getting rejected, sometimes being offered a position she didn’t actually want, and other times being rejected initially and then called back for an offer. One day she received an offer from an employer who had turned her down once already. In the end, the position she accepted offered a significantly better salary than one of her other offers.

“To all of you recent college graduates out there, know that it is possible to find a job in this economy in a competitive field such as public relations … I am living proof that if you work hard on a daily basis, researching, networking, applying and interviewing, an opportunity (or several) will arise. In the meantime, keep interning and gaining industry experience. It was one of the most discouraging, emotional and frustrating experiences I’ve been through yet, but in the end I succeeded!”

Anna G.’s ongoing search
Anna G. is a marketing specialist in search of a Silicon Valley position where she can put her good writing to work. Although she’s still looking for the right job, she gave us her own take on luck on our Facebook page:

“Serendipity: Get out of the house and let every person know you are job hunting, what you’re seeking and where. Never know when someone knows someone. Go to non-unemployed support events, too.

“Good Luck Charm: Start a very time consuming, time sensitive project (e.g. fixing and selling the house). Put professional clothes back in the storage unit. Take a long trip with nonrefundable, nonchangeable ticket and don’t check your voicemail or e-mails. During any of these [activities], calls for interviews will pick up … Haven’t landed a job yet but have started to get a lot more calls in past month.”

Admittedly, this St. Patrick’s Day getting a pot of gold would be nice because you could sell it for some serious cash and not have to worry about a paycheck. But that probably won’t happen, so here’s hoping luck pops up in your job search.

(Editor’s note: If you’re an employer and would like to contact Anna, please email

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  2. I think what most folks miss about the job search process is that it is SALES. “Luck” happens rarely except through discipline, diligence, follow-through and hard work. It isn’t fun, not many enjoy it, but it has to be done so get to it. I was laid off in September and found work by mid-November while juggling a month of contract work in between my job search. I am a software engineer, but I used a customer contact software to track my leads and ensure followup at the proper times.

  3. I’ve been through so much regarding work. I had the same experience as those in this blog. I had interviews and some of them, I believe I was the right candidate for them, but when I thought I finally get it, I kept getting turned down because I either was not a local candidate or I m missing a single thing on the job description. I kinda got to the point where I start giving up. I current job which I will start on the 22nd of this month, I applied for it so many time thru, but kept getting rejected until I decided to go the company website and created my own account and kept up with the job openings. I finally got an phone interview, then face to face a week later, then a 3rd interview with an IT Manager and took an assessement test. A week later I got a phone call, I got an job offer, sign the job offer letter on the same day. Now here I am. I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. God knows where our place is. So if you are up there searching for a job, don’t give up on, keep fighting. God knows what’s in the basket for you. I was unemployed for a full 7 months. I was starting to get worry about the Job gap. I was frustrated, some days i didn’t even want to get up. When I got this Job, it’s like it was the best day of my life. The best thing about my story is that I even got a job at one of the Best Company to work for and one of the companies that I always wanted to work for. Money doesnt even matter as I was an IT Consultant, but now I am just gonna settle with this company, grow, learn and enjoy all the benefit they provide for their employees.

  4. Its curious that most of the shared stories, in fact all of the shared stories are by ladies. This just goes to show we are making progress.

  5. What worked for me was working with a Temp Agency. I worked with one while in NJ and when I moved to Fl they had an office there too so I stay with them. Because I had a good track record, I temped for a company for 3 months. After 3 months they knew I was the person for the job and offered it to me. Right now in FL I make more than I expected to!! And have a great job. There are jobs out there you have to be willing to think out the box and do things that are a little uncormfortable to get something that finally fits

  6. I have been looking for a job for over 2 years. I have been on several interviews but have yet to receive an offer. For a short time I did give up my job search, but recently I applied for a position and had 3 interviews in 2 days for the same job!! God is good, and while I grow increasingly frustrated, I know that my blessing is coming. Stay encouraged and good things will happen.

  7. As I read through all of these comments I must say my first reaction is to tell all of you that God does care about each of you and has a plan for your career path if you just stay in faith and continue to have hope in him as well as yourselves. I pray for each one of you, including your families, that you may be richly blessed with abundance and that you find the job that is just right for you. I too find myself unexpectedly unemployed and searching for the correct career opportunity hoping for an interview or offer. I wish you all great success in all of your endeavors as we all need to keep hope alive and never, never, never give up give up our hopes, dreams and desires.

  8. I have been out of work for 18 months. I had several interviews but never receive an offer. It is quite frustrating and it seems I only get a call about once every three months for an interview. However, I am trying to stay positive and keep praying about it. I know God has a job for me and I know it will happen when He’s ready for it to happen. I won’t give up! Good luck to everyone trying to land a job and congratulations to the ones that have landed a job in this terrible economy. God bless!

  9. I have been deprived of a full-time employment for over ten years now…Graduated from college ten years ago, can’t find a decent pay job, then finding odd jobs here and there that pays peanuts. I went for a master’s degree three years ago and I’m about to be done, but now I’m worried if I can repay my $34,000 student loans. Well, Que Sera, Que Sera…The average salary for my master’s degree is $57,000/yr, like if a company would pay me that much to do my job…Fat chance. I went to the job service office provided by the government, and the case worker asked me if I’m willing to take a job that pays for a lower salary range…I said: “sure…why not…put me down for the minimum wage as well…God…while the white men makes six figures…a minority woman has to take a minimum wage…” I strongly believe the EEOC is a so fake and the affirmative action flushed down to the toilet long time ago. Now, I’m on government welfare…Well, at least it’s fair…no discrimination there. I used to have so much faith in myself and the job market, and the government, after ten years of hoping and struggling, I don’t hope so much anymore…I weeped myself to sleep and pray for a miracle from God every night, and hope I never wake up in the morning because there’s nothing to look forward to.

    • To: jobseeker321 | Mar 16, 2010

      How are things? Did you find better employment?

      It appears we have to strongly believe God will do what we ask or better in order to increase our chances of it happening. Think of it as if it is guaranteed even though the evidence says otherwise. The “or better” part is a source of frustration, because while we’re waiting we’re suffering. We don’t know if the reason God hasn’t given us what we asked is because God is planning to give us something “better” later, or the wait is because of something we’ve done wrong or haven’t done right, or a combination.
      I‘m looking for work and it’s scary, but I believe if we seek God and obey Him He’ll help us endure until we reach a better situation.

  10. It is really quite frustrating here. This is so because everywhere you go for an interview, they will only say the need some experience. Where will young college graduates get the experience? If these companies not employ us where are we going yo get that experience.

    May God help

  11. Jobseeker321, you have to continue to believe in yourself and that God is able. Forget those things that are behind and ask for the courage and strength to move forward. Forget the discouragement, forget the disappointments, forget what didn’t work the last time you tried…, etc. Evaluate your skill set and what you have to offer an employer to meet the responsibiliites of a particular job. You have to exude confidence, but not to the point of arrogance. I’m in a similar situation–lost my job 8 years ago when a telecommunications company outsourced jobs to other countries. Tried the grantwriting consulting thing. I had to start from the bottom, but worked my way up. Then, the recession hit. Nonprofits lost funding and didn’t have funds to pay grant writers. Decided to dust off my old dreams and try again. Put myself around people who have been where I’m trying to go. Don’t allow any other to advise me. It’s those people who can be honest about their failures who give me the courage to continue to try. Wishing and praying for the best for you.

    • This is what I know, Believing for the financial flow and trusting only God for the answers.It’s going to be fun even though it’s been rough already, I am sure holding steady on a job can be just as challenging. I have decided to rise above the defeatist attitude who was spinning wildly although reaching in the right direction. I simply need to keep at it! Thanks for your encouragement today. Happy St. Patty’s day.

  12. I think the general thing here is: Don’t give up on your job search. The day you stop looking is the day you miss the chance to land that dream job. I found my dream job on Career Builder after being unemployed for 7 months and working dead end jobs for another 5 months. Keep at it and you will land the job you have been looking for.

    Luck has nothing to do with it.

  13. No one else seems to see that everyone in the article who got “Lucky” finding a job, IS A WOMAN!!!! I mean I think it’s great the ladies are getting jobs but why aren’t the men. More men are out of work and losing their jobs than women. WHY!!! I lost my job, and have been working hard to get another. Mean while my girlfriend has had the same steady high paying job for 5 years!!! I used to make more than her bustin my ass in a hot warehouse for 12 hours a day. She not only has never lost her job but shes been promoted and given raises several times. I applied at her job. Didn’t even get a phone call. We have the same exact educational background. So why the not me?

  14. jobseeker321…I just wanted to let you know that someone cares about you, that’s me and God. I am going to include you in my daily prayers starting tonight. I don’t know why you have had to go through this valley for so many years. Please turn over your burden to God and let him carry it for you. Your burden is heavy and God’s yoke is light. You are God’s child and he will take care of you. He’s knocking at your door. Open the door and let God’s love in and receive it. He will fill your heart with a peace that surpasses all understanding. Believe, have faith…God will not let you down. He has a plan for your future, a good plan, have faith and remember that you are not alone, God is with you and I am praying for you.

  15. What is all this talk about god?
    God will not land you a job, only you, yourself, and your relentless undying efforts and determination to get a job will prove that you are worth the salary to the employer.

    God may help you believe in yourself, but YOU ultimately, are the one that will land the job, through your hard work, relentless searching and presentation of your past work, accomplishments, and experience.
    Good luck to all, YOU seal your own fate and destiny, don’t give up!

  16. I had a traumatic experience with a female office worker in my previous job (a financial company). My bad luck she used to work in the HR department. She got me fired and it devastated me to the core especially since I have not been fired in my life and have always been a star employee. She went on to sabotage every job interview I went to after wards when companies called to check for reference. I would be called to interview, get the offer and would be called back a few days later saying that they would like to retract the offer. One company gave the offer, I signed the contract and although I informed them of another offer I had at the time that offered the same money but longer hours, they assured me to turn it down and go with them. I was at the stage where I was just waiting for them to inform me of start but didn’t hear from them for months despite my many calls. Finally I got to the lady who was handling my recruitment despite her not answering many times. She told me that they decided to retract their offer to me but she could not tell me why. She sounded very apologetic and embarrassed. After two months and not even bothering to tell me????!! I was devastated, fell seriously ill and had no one to talk to but God. This happened 5 times within the span of 1 year and ½. I know it sounds cliché but all I had was my faith in God. Finally I got a job; they offered the same money as the first company and are paying for my MBA in finance. Many people tell me I am lucky and the devastation I went though is to get to the lucky position I am in right now. I am thankful and grateful to God every day for my fantastic boss but the traumatic period doesn’t seem to leave me and I think I am forever changed. Every time I feel tired to study for an exam I remember that wretched officer worker I quickly get back to studying diligently and get to the best position I can in life.

  17. Vicky, Lauren Chelsea, Anna … looks like women have all the luck. So my problem is either I’m a white male or I’m not Irish… or both..

  18. Dont know what to say but I am gonna keep on trying and hoping!! It has been close to two years I am still in jon hunting!! I think employers are making it too hard on job seekers, I had an interview 4 months ago and it is still open!! What else do they want? no clue,, even tho I have an education and related experience!! So upset and hurt, I am investing all my time in job searching and yet landed on right one.

  19. I was laid off from a job I hated in November of 09. I had very few calls for interviews, but finally landed my dream job. I now work at our church as Church Secretary. Part-time, not much benefits, but loving my job very much, because that is what God had intended for me all along.

  20. Out of work for seven months here in the NY metro area (I know that is not a long time in comparison to some).
    Phone does not ring, no e-mails, etc. Sure, many here can preach about effort and diligence, but I for one have yet to even get a phone call. I am up to 300 resumes since October, and not even a phone call.
    Faith? In what?

  21. It may be a man’s world but the USA has become a woman’s country run by women in HR.Yes men are not finding work as fast and are losing their jobs faster. The war on men will lead to ourselves becoming men once again by fighting back. We need our country and soon.

  22. Travis:

    Obviously, you didn’t read all of the postings, such as that of Prashant Bajaj.

    My wife would say, ‘Of course the women are getting hired, because either most of those doing the hiring are men who don’t see them being as much of a threat to their jobs (or worse), or because women tend to be paid less than men in identical jobs (wrong, but it is reality).”

    Perhaps it is just that women were more likely to answer the request for their stories, or that these stories stood out to the editor in some other way.

    I’m staying positive, but I have noticed that most of my work acquaintances, who have experienced job losses, are men; and that the work force at the mid-grade levels seems especially saturated with females the last few years. I enjoy working with, or for, women; but, mostly, I just enjoy working.

    Even here in Michigan, I’m getting some responses and interviews; so, I have to assume that some of it is the quality and technique of applying – good cover letters and resume content. I just haven’t found the right combination for the right opportunity yet.

    By the way, Jeff, I’m in month 11, and I once went 13 months between jobs. It’s horrible, obviously, but the faith you have to maintain is faith in yourself, your education and background, and your value.

  23. I built a successful business for 9 years but a deteriorating market and tanking economy forced me to sell for whatever I could get, which barely kept me from bankruptcy. I let some people down. I did some contract work, but it was a struggle and my self-esteem plummeted. I was recommended to get psycho-therapy, but I retorted that what I needed was career counseling. I googled for “career transition” and found the Career Transition Center in Chicago. Mostly funded by large metro churches, only required a small contribution from me. Went there for 3 months and got tons of practical advice, feedback, and support. But the thing that made it all happen was the “elevator speech”. I put into words, about 2-3 sentences, what I could do (or wanted to do), for who (moderately specific), and what they would get by hiring me. I practiced it in conversation, with anyone, while networking, at support meetings, and people got it! I was recommended to a recruiter who had a client that was looking for someone just like me. I even got the salary I believed was fair market for my skills (but kept that under my hat). Do what you can do for yourself, have faith, hit the pavement, and let God connect the dots.

  24. I was recently separated from my employer of nearly 8 years. It wasn’t working out for either of us so thank God they offered me a package and will pay this semester of school for me. I have almost 20 solid years of practical experience, will have my psychology degree in May 2011, and I am looking for volunteer opportunities in the meantime. If you aren’t doing anything like working part time or taking classes, I recommend volunteering to keep something on your resume. I am confident that my decision to focus on my education and couple it with my practical experience will land me the nonprofit or other humanities position I’m looking for.. Use this time to consider transitioning into a new field and take the steps to acquire those necessary skills. Good luck.

  25. I have read all the comments for a job seeker, they were all the best, encouraging, loving, and blessed words from all. If anything, God would be very pleased to see we can all pull together in these trying times and help each other that is it plain and simple, love and care for each others needs. I am still looking its only been 3 weeks, but small time or long time, it is still hard and mind blowing, but I am on my quest to find my passion again. I am looking from hotel sales work, to change to recruitment in colleges and universities, maybe I can be more fulfilled in my everyday work. Thanks to all for advise and I am in Tampa, Florida and it is tough in this city to find a job…Best to all job seekers!

  26. Job hunting really had changed since I last looked for a job in the early 1990s with the internet and no face-to-face job application process. I was transitioning from a SAHM for ten years to looking for a F/T job with benefits to help contribute to our family’s income. My husband is an independent business man in a one-man shop, and business had slowed down considerably.

    Although I could accept that not every job would return calls or acknowledge receipt of my application, the shocker I got was even the what-used-to-be-reliable temp agencies weren’t returning calls!! Tough market.

    I wasn’t job hunting seriously at first, but when our health insurance jumped up $400 to $1600 per month, it was time to get going. I looked in the newspapers, online, on Craigslist, & stopped in at offices that looked promising. A lot of junky emails came in w/ bogus jobs, and I learned to spot those quickly. I discarded Craigslist as a waste of time because I was getting so much junk response from there. wasn’t very helpful, but Careerbuilder seemed to have some good leads. After a couple of months, I revisited Craigslist and decided to post my resume there (no personal info) and looked over jobs there again. Ignoring the junk ones, I applied to a few, and after about 1 1/2 months, I had been to some interviews and received three job offers within a week’s time – all from Craigslist.

    Maybe you just have to saturate the market with your resume and apply to EVERYTHING you can to find that job with the right fit. All I know is I was extremely lucky and was in the right place at the right time for this job.

  27. I have been with careerbuilder since January, 2007 when I got downsized. I always check the job recommendations that they email me constantly and regularly. I got some temporary jobs but the permanent jobs elude me because I am in my sixties. I do not even get an interview. One day in November,2009 I applied to one of the companies CareerBuilder sent me and I got a call, then 2 rounds of interview from the Human Resource and finally from the Director of the Department. I started work January 4, 2010. Thanks first to God and second to CareerBuilder for sending me the job recommendations.

  28. My quest for employment was similar to many of these stories. I took a year and a half off to be a SAHM which was the best decision I could have ever made but, when I decided to return to the job market I discovered that things were not as they used to be. I had been accustomed to finding a job relatively quick. I had been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years and 10 of it in management; I also have a degree. I thought that my job search would be short and sweet as it had always been. In retrospect I was being very idealistic and a extremely overconfident.

    At first I entered the job pool tentatively, I still had several months of unemployment remaining and I really wanted to find a position that was perfect for me. I immediately discovered that I was not going to find a job quickly or easily. I was competing with other job seekers that had doctorates for entry level positions.

    After exhausting my unemployment claim my job search went into full panic mode. Every day I sent out my resume to any job opening. On a Tuesday afternoon in mid-November I actually applied to 21 different companies. I was on every job search site including Craigslist. I finally received a job offer from a small restaurant group as a general manager; my salary was far below market standards and included no benefits. I took the job anyway, it lasted only two months. Then one of the companies I had set my sights on finally made me an offer. When I resigned from the job as a general manager the owner was in shock. He knew he had low-balled me on the salary package but I believe he was confident that I had no other option.

    I now have a wonderful job with an amazing company. Perseverance and lots of hard work got me the job I truly wanted. Prayers and good thoughts from my family and friends kept me sane and during the long and arduous journey. So, to those of you looking for a job keep your head up and know that things will turn around.

  29. I have been employed at this company for 27 years. It has become my second home. I rarely called in sick. I felt I would always be here until I decided to quit. I made myself available at all times did whatever was asked of me. My family was second to the job. I have learned my lesson well. Be true to yourself first. Don’t compromise. Family has to come first. Any company that cares about you will have to care about your family obligations. I feel I have stayed in one place to long and was not true to myself first. Opportunities for education have passed me by. Don’t let this happen to you.

  30. Careerbuilder helped me choose a career path. When I was laid off from a technology company due to the economy I was not sure what I would do next. I had Careerbuilder job alerts setup and posted a resume. I noticed Medical Office had high demand. I already had extensive office experience so this sounded like the perfect new direction. I went to Pierce College to check out their Certificate of Medical Office Assistant program. I enrolled and graduated one year later. After a one month internship I was hired (The day after I finished school) by a local and reputable Medical Clinic for exactly what I went to school for. And I love my job!

    Thanks Careerbuilder for letting me know what was hot in the job market,

    Lynnette M.

  31. Find a job that allows interns. Then do a good job and you will get hired. Employers that hire interns love that you work for free. Best news, is that because is unpaid it does not affect your unemployment.

  32. I’ve been looking for a full-time job for three years. During that time, I have had some stints as a contractor, but no solid offers. I spend three to four hours every day sending out resumes, applying for jobs online and networking, but nothing has come my way. Part of the reason, I believe, is because I’m over 50.

    It’s strange how some companies operate. They won’t hire new grads because they lack real-world experience. And they won’t hire workers over 50 because they’re “too experienced.” How can anyone be “too experienced” anyway? And why wouldn’t anyone want to hire someone who is “too experienced”? I’ve heard some HR people say it’s because they’re afraid “too experienced” people get bored and leave. Maybe someone should tell them that in this economy, no one is going anywhere…

    As for finding a job, I’m at my wit’s end and about ready to give up. I imagine I will soon have to sell all my possessions and join the homeless community. All because I’m “too experienced” and over 50. What a sad world we live in.

  33. I read your comments and can’t believe you are blaming the white man. I’m a white man with three- yes, three- degrees and I’m loading freight right now. The job is part-time. My situation is no better than yours and many of my white male friends are in the same situation. Get over this race business and identify the real reasons you and I both are underemployed. Using race and gender as a crutch in today’s America is LAME!!!! I’ve lost out on many jobs because I AM white. Quit whining and keep searching for the good job.

  34. Sent my comments to wrong person earlier. I cannot believe you are using race and gender as a crutch in today’s America. I am a white man with three- yes, three- degrees and I’m loading freight. The job is part-time. I’ve been passed over for promotions and jobs BECAUSE I am white and a minority was needed to fill the position.
    Get over this stupid race and gender business and keep up the search for a good job. With any luck, you and I both will get something worthy of us soon. Good luck.

  35. Jobseeker321, Never give up faith, hold on! Trust in God and believe in yourself. You have made tremendous milestones, you have completed one degree and almost finished a master’s degree. Look at what you have accomplished! Your turn is coming. Keep your head up! I’m praying that the door opens for you soon.

  36. I have been looking for fulltime employment for alomost two years now with no job offers besides part time minimum wage jobs. I have a BS degree and right now I’m thinking what was the point of going in to the debt in the first place. The company that consolidated my student loans has contacted me several times to start repaying my loans, but I cannot afford to do so at this time. Lucky for me the company understood and decided to agree to a forbearance until I can get on my feet.

    I’ve had dozens of interviews from all kinds of companies and it seems like my resume works on paper but I don’t know if I am lacking something during the interview process. I am a communications major and I have been told by several interviewers that I am very articulate, but when it comes down to the final decision, I’m never chosen for the position. It’s heartbreaking to say the least. What are they looking for? What do they want from me? I come from a religious background so I pray constantly and my parents try to keep me encouraged, but somedays it’s hard for me to get out of bed. I still manage to make it to my computer to send out resumes just so I can feel like I accomplished something that day. I am truly heartbroken about the way our society has turned it’s back on education. I say that because, why is you can go to school and receive a certification in a trade you learned in a year or less and find a job much faster than someone who has endured tests, exams, papers, final projects, etc…than someone who has received a four year degree or more? I’m not knocking certification programs but does anyone else see a problem with that?

  37. i totally agree my little brother is getting ready for college…i told him make it easy on yourself go to nursing or trade school for welding in two years you will have very little debt, job security, and a good salary i have a business degree not to knock nurses but nursing school is nothing compared to business school my ex was going to nursing school and shes no genius

  38. It seems that some of the writers may have a slight language barrier that might be keeping them from getting a job offer. One idea is to interview for jobs where your native language is required or preferred, in addition to English. Another idea is to enroll in a course of some kind, especially a college course. It will improve your resume. Good luck everyone.

  39. mary, a slight language barrier, apply for jobs where your native language is required? What exactly are you trying to say? Most of the people who posted comments are college graduates looking for employment. Are you referring to typos made within the posts? Maybe you need to read the posts again and keep your negative comments to yourself.

    I find your comments highly offensive.

  40. Going in for an interview nowadays is like going to a used car sales lot, where suddenly there’s barely any cars and clunkers are now considered luxury items. More bs & hidden facts than anything, and all while YOU are on the spot to impress. Any question you have for them will be presumptious & will put a strike against you for being too demanding, yet they will ask you any and everything, even things they legally are not allowed to. But who will do anything about it, or even follow up?!?

    And forget about not giving them full access to check your background & to talk to every former manager & related worker. You won’t even be able to apply unless you sign off that they can ask your former managers & references any and everything.

    Women have it much easier than men do these days. All those manly jobs that a woman would realistically never do are the ones that are disappearing and have gone to cheaper 3rd world countries or illegal immigrants here in the US. Bye bye construction, maintenance, manufacturing, factory, farm, mechanical, repair, & blue-collar jobs. Those that have them should just thank their lucky stars they still have them, & hope their unions don’t push the companies too much that they get laid off entirely. Or 1,000 illegal immigrants aren’t in the area & available to do the same job for a fraction of the price. Just keep watching as average wages keep getting lower and lower.

    It’s becoming a service economy here in the USA, & even though certain companies and industries may stay strong, who has a better chance of walking into somewhere brand new & getting a job, a man in his 40′s who used to make double or triple what the new job pays, or an attractive woman or young sorority chick with a tight dress & cleavage who knows nothing? My guess is the boss & managers somehow won’t mind having to spend alot of time on & off the clock having to teach them what they need to know for the job.

  41. Here Comes the Sun, doot N doo doo;-) And believing for the RIGHT job too. Chin up, shoulders back. Ready for the what next and believing for fruition of all I have been and continue moving forward. My hands now pressed to the grist mill ready to harvest it. A laborious expression but it makes the right statement for Today,hope shall not be denied. Let faith arise to each occasion for something new. This also a declaration to do my all in all where I can and to follow through. Happy St. Paddy’s day

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