Monday good reads roundup

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Hello, Work Buzzers. Monday’s been pretty busy here. And even if your day wasn’t busy (lucky you!) you’ve probably been caught up in the busy news day. I think all eyes are on Iran right now.

Plus, you’ve got the stock market to watch, a missing South Carolina governor, Jon and Kate filing for divorce (which isn’t on the same level as the other, more serious news but it’s all over the media). And that’s just the above-the-fold stories.

In case you didn’t get to delve down further into other stories, here are the articles we think are worth reading:

See you Tuesday!

  1. Anthony (NOT just plain ole Tony) provides all the smarmy clues for people who want to be perfect little worker bees. Regardless of the matter at hand, individuality and genuine personality are persona non grata in all of his articles. All the little people that want to “fit in” to corporate culture should play close attention to what he writes. Buzzwords, cliques, proles, metrosexuals all are de rigeur in his world.

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