Happy National Boss’s Day!

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Today is National Boss’s Day, a day for employees to show their appreciation to their supervisors for their kindness and fairness throughout the year (that’s the hope, anyway). Not feeling like your boss deserves anything for his antics? Suprisingly, your co-workers probably don’t agree with you.

In a recent study by Robert Half International and CareerBuilder.com, most of workers surveyed said they are satisfied with their boss’s performance. Six-out-of-ten respondents said their supervisors are trustworthy, while only 25 percent said they would do a better job if they were boss.

The day was initiated by Patricia Bays Haroski with the Chamber of Commerce in 1958. She chose October 16 because it was her current boss’s (who happened to be her father) birthday, because she thought he was an exemplary boss.

Looking for a way to show your boss your appreciation? Try the following methods to say ‘Thanks, boss!’

  • Give he or she a greeting card. Or, if the holiday slipped your mind, go online and send an E-card. Make sure to write a sincere message.
  • A funny book, such as “The Worst Case Survival Handbook: Work,” or “Cube Monkey’s, a handbook for surviving the office jungle.”
  • A bottle of wine or basket of gourmet food.
  • A desktop gift set, like a picture frame or a new planner.
  • Treat he or she to lunch.
  • Something that he or she can enjoy outside of work, like a gift certificate to a restaurant.
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  1. Maybe it’s just me but, even though I’ve had some cool bosses but the thought to give them gifts has never crossed my mind except for the normal holiday parties and such. Now,if my boss starts giving raises on National Bosses Day I’m in!

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