Horrible bosses: How to get revenge on one

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Prior to opening weekend, much of the hype around “Horrible Bosses” — the comedy based around three men who hate, and subsequently decide to kill, their bosses — stemmed from media headlines like “Jennifer Aniston Looks Great in her Underwear.”

While the actress, who had a starring role in the film, certainly did her underwear justice (we can’t deny it), we’ve got a bit of a different take on why the film raked in $28 million during its opening weekend.

Our hypothesis? Boss-aversion is pretty common, and an $8 movie ticket is a pretty cheap therapy session.

Besides the fact that we’ve talked to our fair share of workers about their flirty bosses, bossy bosses, idea-stealing bosses, stupid bosses and downright abusive bosses, empirical data also tells us that a lot of people have boss issues. A recent survey by Office Team found that nearly half of all workers said they’d worked for “unreasonable bosses.” Of these, 59 percent reported staying in their jobs anyway. (No word yet on how many of them hashed murder plots as a result.)

Bad bosses are not only a fairly common problem, but also — as demonstrated in the movie — one that can cause those under their management serious stress. Still — unlike in the movies – sane people don’t usually see murder as a viable problem-solving option.  But that also doesn’t mean sane people don’t like to get revenge — they just do it in a more subtle way.

“I was lucky enough to have the best possible retaliation against a boss, a corporate vice president,” says Barry Maher, a motivational speaker and author of the books “Filling the Glass” and “No Lie: Truth is the Ultimate Sales Tool.” “Even though I was one of his top people, when accounting told him I’d been slightly overpaid for a year, he decided the best course of action was to threaten me, throwing his weight around and issuing an ultimatum. Either I either paid the money back or he’d let me go. Since I considered myself underpaid, I simply resigned. Shocked and amazed, he immediately cut the amount of money I supposedly owed in half but I’d was immediately so relieved upon announcing my resignation, that I didn’t budge.”

Mere months later, Maher got the greatest kind of revenge there is in the corporate world — success. “After I left, I immediately began consulting, writing and speaking,” he says. “Within a year, the same company brought me in as a consultant, at a rate several times higher than the ‘overpayment’ rate. And a few years later, that very same VP got to sit in the audience and listen as I delivered the opening keynote at his new employer’s annual conference, for a daily fee that was considerably in excess of what I’d been ‘overpaid’ in a month when working for him.”

Ah, victory.

If you’ve got a terrible boss, doing well for yourself is probably the only kind of revenge you can get without jeopardizing your career (unless you want to be an author, in which case ‘jail time’ might be a nice premise for a memoir).

“Success and empowerment in your current and future job is certainly the sweetest revenge and can elevate you over the bad boss hump,” says Diane Gottsman, etiquette expert and owner of The Protocol School of Texas, a company that specializes in corporate etiquette training. She offers these tips for getting revenge the classy way, through success.

1. Don’t be a victim: If your boss is threatening to derail your career (whether she’s literally threatening you, or her actions are starting to compromise your sanity), decide to take your future into your own hands. “[Get a transfer] to another department away from your boss, and take whatever steps (emotionally and physically) to tune out the person’s behavior until you can find another job or corner office away from him or her,” Gottsman says.

2. Find a mentor: Your boss doesn’t have to be the only professional influence in your life. Choose a mentor who can be a positive, supportive figure in your career, as well as someone who can help you develop your skills. Your mentor will also be a valuable connection should you ultimately decide to change jobs.

3. Continue your professional training:  Take advantage of any opportunities to expand on your professional skill set, whether it’s finishing your degree, taking a class outside of work, joining a professional group, or even simply reading books or industry publications.

4. Write things down: “If you have a boss that constantly changes the direction of a project, immediately after your meeting, email an overview of his or her directives for confirmation, including a projected date of completion,” Gottsman says. “When your boss changes the terms you can refer to the original request and alter the deadline date as needed, based on the additional time it will take to go in another direction.”

Put these into practice and you’ll up your odds of success despite (and, ultimately, to spite) your horrible boss.

Do you have a bad boss? Tell us what he/she did, below. And learn how to describe your worst boss in a job interview.

  1. I had a horrible, terrible, awful boss. She lied, cheated, fabricated evidence to fire several people (myself included), was undiagnosed manic depressive/bi-polar and I think a paranoid schizophrenic – all this in addition to using racial slurs. She set me up to get terminated so she could bring in an unqualified former employee in for my positions – she had offered it to her last fall when I still worked there.

    Being terminated over fabricated evidence was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. And karma did happen – she “resigned” two weeks to the day after she terminated my employment.

    The best part? I have a much better job now.

    • Same here. The best news was I got a settlement. Six weeks after I was “separated” my VP got canned. Luckily, I knew most of the VPs and let them know why I got canned. The truth prevailed.

      • My new boss of 2 months layed me off (fired!) stating that I wasn’t qualified for the job I had been doing for 10 years. She hated me from day 1 because her boss listened to some untrue gossip and spread more lies himself, some of them about me. Well, a year later she was fired and 6 months after that HE was fired. HR had worked it out so I got severance pay and unemployment. Sold my house, moved to another town, took early retirement and have been living the life of leisure ever since. My boss and the boss’s boss? Houses foreclosed on and still can’t find jobs. Hahahaha! Eat that sucker!

          • George,

            Typically I don’t call people names in public forums. However, Sir you are a Bone Head. I think Jan has every right to Gloat. I had a similar experience 20+ years ago. I was Fired from a Job by a woman that wasn’t qualified to carry water for me. She didn’t like me from the day I started working for her. I always made her look good, yet everyone knew I was the real brains. After I was Fired, I went to work for another local company, the company that fired me sold Credit Union Data Processing Services. The company I went to was looking to bring their Credit Union processing services in house. Needless to say, my old company did not get to extend their existing contract with my new company, it cost them 7 million dollars in lost revenue. My old Boss, and her idiot savant boss both were terminated down the line. I also got to Gloat….

    • How do you deal with a boss that sabotages your career by giving you bad annual reviews even though the numbers show I am a top performer? I work for a big corporation and I can’t transfer out of the department for this. Although I have solid skills in several areas in the company my manager derails them. Since I am an “older” employer I feel like I am stuck because of my age and the high unemployment area in the area I live in. I have only a few years left until retirement. I would appreciate all suggestions.
      Thank you! The goal of the company is to make life miserable so they can hire a younger person at a much lower wage. Sound Familiar? Just wanted to add that this corporation is HUGE and has deep pockets.

      • Nathan, you should rebut your review each year. Cite figures and remain calm. If it still continues, I believe I would take it up with HR or your bosses boss.

        • HR departments always protect the company not the worker, just like in Dilbert. Don’t expect them to be interested, they are very risk averse. They have no interest in being nice.

          My ex boss had an agenda to dump me before he was transferred to my branch, the reason; my success developing new business made him and another colleague jealous as my earning potential grew, as did my reputation. So they both fabricated lies and sold them to their manager. To cut a long story short I left after negotiating a severance package. In hindsight I should have sued. They are still influencing my future by spreading innuendo and lies about my capabilities to my prospective future employers.
          Meanwhile they are losing business, their pig headed behavior and lack of intelligence the business is losing money. One day the CEO will wake up to it, maybe.

          I look forward to laughing at them when the shit hits the fan.
          Meanwhile, when trying not to think about bashing my ex boss with a 2×4, I imagine pouring a dumpster full of month old offal into his home…
          Legal revenge that doesn’t put me in jail is required… any ideas anyone?

      • Proven fact: older workers are better employies. Most care about doing their job right. They are better role models, are on time and hardely ever absent. I worked at one plant where some worked until they were 70 years old and one put in 52 years with the company. These were laborers not office workers.

        • Not where I work. They bring in college kids on their first job and then promote them. We have a dozen directors who can hardly tie their own shoes. they steal ideas because they have no experience to draw on and they stumble over themselves in meetings. But the top brass thinks they are great!

    • I had a boss like that once, and she ultimately forced me out. I immediately took a short vacation with a friend–a cheap package tour to Cancun, where I sat on the beach with a strawberry dacquri at a time when I would normally have been at my desk. Ah…living well. After came back and got a new job at a nearby organization, I made sure that the gossip network heard that my new salary was 15% higher than what I’d been making…she loved gossip so I knew it would get back to her!

  2. I experienced a horrible Office Manager. In order for her to “protect” the over usage of sick leave, she would come in (very late I might add) the next day and ask me to show her the body part that was hurting. She once asked me to show her all of my stitches from an appendectomy. Of course, the stitches were in a very private place. I showed them to her. She did this on several occasions for the various illnesses that I had. By the way I worked for attorneys who knew she was performing this harassment. Now I plan on suing the office for harassment!

    • I am the top car salesman at a Nisson dealer. Hardly any months will I be second. I have always loved cars and I wanted to buy a Lexus and the owner ( my boss) said he would fire me if I did not buy from our lot the Make we sale. This can not be right. Dan

      • If you don’t like Nissan, go sell Lexus. Your boss and the company needs every employees support. Whether its buying cars or oil changes, a good employee should want to support their store. If a Pespi guy showed up driving a Coke car…

        • Not true…if a pepsi salesperson was drinking a coke in their pepsi uniform, then yes, the employer may have a reason to say something. However, an employer cannot mandate personal possessions, regardless of who he works for. I know…I was a former Nissan salesperson. If he continues along that line, sue.

          • depends on the state you live in. in states with reasonable employment right to work states like Texas, employers can terminate worthless rejects for just about anything except for those things covered by federal laws–discrimination on color, creed, etc….otherwise you can get fired for being a moron. which is most cases

            • Do you know what right to work means? it has nothing to do with employers firing you for whatever reason….They can do that anytime, anywhere even if you do live in a right to work state…all that means is that if you live in a right to work state that by law they can not pressure you into joining unions as a condition of employment…nor can they force you to do so after you are hired.

          • Well one of the employees at one of the soft drink companies was fired because they let a manager go down to thier car to retrieve something they had forgotten to bring in and the manager saw the drink from the other softdrink company in thier employees car. Fired for bringing a competitors product onto company property.

          • The posts on this site are the nastiest I have ever seen and will never revisit. This is absolutely sickening!! Does no one monitor this site at all.

  3. I worked at San Ramon Boat Center for 13 years. At the time they had 2 stores, one in north Tahoe only open for about 3 months a year & the one in San Ramon. What they did was take away 50% of the sale commsion away from the salesman just because it was going to Lake Tahoe which all salesmen involved didn’t like, but if you didn’ go along with it you wouldn’t have a job. They would give a stupid excuse for doing it was they have to handle all the warranty work which was a joke- they were getting paid from the MFG.This guy Frank & his Daughter Kathy were the most greety people i ever came across. I just hope what goes around comes around, and I hope this kind of treatment happens to them two Frank & Kathy. And someday they will get sued for big money & his pockets aren’t as deep as he thinks.

  4. yeah ago when i was like 18 i worked for a older lady boss id say she was at least 50, she would come by the desk and ask me if ihad gotten any over the weekend, i would no ,,, she goes well atyour age im surprised,then one saturday i was at home and she showedup at my door, and let sjust say i got a good pay rasie come that monday, i wonder to this day was it sexual harrasement? or just fun? i did have fun and i wasnt at work, so i dunno

        • this website is full of idiots who cannot spell. I hope none of you apply at my company. I’ll run your stupid butts off in about 5 minutes. you stupid fucking miscreants are probably fulll of tattoos and piercings. Go express your individuality on your own time you fucking mother fuckers.

          • Hey Jerkoff….I’m sure they can spell but probably type so fast it looks like they are morons which I’m sure they are not. It’s idiots like you that I would hate to work for. Karma…..everyone gets theirs in the end. Your time is coming.

            • anyone know how to report this “william” guy for the way he is responding to us? i would LOVE to see his “comments” get deleted!

              • Mudmouths with one-word vocabularies should probably not lecture others concerning their writing abilities. It simply underlines how acutely disqualified they are to judge anyone other than themselves. Nice post, Moronicus!

                • So why are you commenting, hypocrite? Since you have nothing intelligent to contribute you resort to name calling (like a spoiled brat).

          • I worked for a large textile manufactor and had a boss who was a drunk. Many fridays he would come in to work late hung over bad and Saturday he would come in drunk and call in the second shift supervisor to work for him. He did this quite a bit and got by with it as far as us workers knew. We never did anything right because there was 3 ways to do the job , the right way, the wrong way and HIS way. It better be done his way or else. He had about 20 people under him and at least 18 hated his guts. Several quit their job or transfered out of his dept. He would ride and abuse 2 or 3 people until they had just about enough and were ready to have a verbal fight with him. Then he would not bother them for a month or 2 and would pick on someone else for a while. He would goof off for an hour or two while the dept head and plant manager was away then get busy about time for them to retun. All this time things would get backed up, truch drivers could not haul anything and we had to play catch up with moving the cloth while trying to maintaining production. He was always late but if any of his workers were not there several minutes before shift change he would be on your butt.( he was supposed to be at work 30 minutes before shift change.)
            We never understood why the plant manager (later VP) liked him so much. Boss worked on 3rd shift a while after came to work there and was named a supervisor in another dept. He stayed half drunk and slept so much that the workers ran the jobs without his supervision or they would wake him to ask what to do. He would tell them something and go back to sleep. He was relieved of his duties and moved to first shift. Later with new department head he was named to supervisor again. That is about when I hired on. Everyone knew what an A$$ he was but he got by. People in other departments talked about him and wonderered why he was like he was.
            When the department head made VP we had a new plant manager and department head. Our boss wanted off on a Friday and Sat. He knew every person who could do his job was unavailable to fill in for him. but he stayed out anyway even when the Plant manager told him he had to be there. The manager came in about 2 or more hours after our shift change and was looking for the boss. Things had gtten in to a mess. Manager had to get things back to normal best he could. He was MAD as heck. He fired the boss. VP called from out of state checking on things and the manager told what had happened and he was firing the boss. Heck NO. Boss would get laid off 2 or3 days and a repremand but not be fired. What does that do to the moral of al workers? Boss kept on his harrassing ways screwing up costing the company much money untill he was about a year before retiring age and they moved him to some easy job untill he would leave. He was very unhappy about that. The V P and plant manager gave him a retirment party and many were there because more were retiring. Boss stood uo and told about how badly he was treated and bad mouthed many of us. He really peeded of everyone there and ruined the party for everyone. The way he showed his butt was talked for a long while. Now all our jobs are offshore and the company is all but a memory.

          • You’ve got a lot of class…most of it “lower”. I’d be willing to bet that if I gave you three IQ points, you would be able to bark.

            Next time, try holding a discussion without resorting to trash talk. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that you were my old boss.

          • William,

            You must be off your Meds. I’m sure there is a CVS Pharmacy close by that will be willing to assist with refilling your prescription.

  5. my former boss blamed me for everything that went wrong, including a bill not being paid to our printer. I had NOTHING to do with paying the bills, so HOW is this MY fault.

    Then she FORCED me to take time off my my disability and while I was gone, promoted someone to a management position ABOVE me, gutted my job, made up “mistakes” i had made, stripped me of my title and office and pretty much made it pointless for me to stay. But I stayed because I needed the job.

    THEN I asked for a reasonable accomodation for my disabilty in order to SAVE my job and she FIRED me for it!! She said “I am contacting my attorney. get your things and GET OUT”. So I left.

    A week later they called and said “We didnt fire you! We did nothing wrong. Moving from an office to a desk is not an ADA violation. Come back or quit but we didnt fire you.”

    Unemployment disagreed with that. They were just trying ot make sure I didnt GET Unemployment. But I DID get it.

    • And now that Unemployment made it offical, I can, and will, sue them for discrimination towards a disabled person, wrongful termination, retaliation and anything else i can think of.

      The EEOC complaint goes in the mail on Monday.

      • I hope that you are not banking on receiving a quick settlement. I was in a situation a few years ago and almost filed a compalint against a manager who refused my reasonable requested to move equipment to assist me in performing my job after getting permanently injured at work.

        From what I read about EEOC, they have something like a 2 year backlog on complaints concerning the ADA laws. Good luck, and I hope you have sufficient evidence to support your complaint!

        • actually i AM working at a new job and i think calling me obscene names is just rude.

          and i am not banking on ANY settlement on an EEOC claim. i just want them to realize they DID do something wrong.

        • William,
          I doubt very highly that you own or even operate a business. If you did, you would not call a disabled person a slut. (a human woul not do this). In reality I think that you are a sad, pathetic, weak little child who was, and still is,being sexually molested by a male alcoholic family member. In turn you take out your frustrations and impotence on people who you deem weaker than you. You have some serious issues that need to be addressed. Seek therapy and stop trying to masterbate to internet porn

          • Seriously I think William is my boss, who does speak to his employees that way, minus the vulgar language. He has even threatened to hit a few of the women at work when they made a mistake or asked a “stupid” question.

  6. i was working on the road in another state and my girlfriend was about 7 and a half months pregnant. while i was gone she went into early labor because of complications. i chose to catch a plane home to try and be there. i missed the birth by a few hours(even though she had to be sesectioned and wouldnt of been in the room anyways). my boss decided to lay me off because i left work for a birth of a child. i havent worked since and its been almost two years.

    • You had a lawsuit for being let go over going home when your child was born. Check into the Family Leave Act signed into law by none other than the 1st President Bush.

  7. I had a boss that never motivated me our his co-workers. It was an example of how not to take care of people and get short term results. Over a 4 year period of time you become numb to the “what you didn’t do” vs. “what you did do”. I received a call from a banker freind that was a client about purchasing some hotels. I jumped at the opportunity and started my own mangement company. Today I own 2 hotels and look to partner with a brand to manage a pack of 10+ hotels by 2012. God has blessed me with this opportunity.My sucess feels good when all I heard for years was….. my VP title can trump your regional title. I use to hear from him, but my success really showed me that he was just a boss and nothing more.

    • Sean,

      I just got layed off after being employed for 20 years 11 months. I am highly qualified in many areas and would like to send you my resume. Please let me know.

      Thank you in advance,

      • I will accept your resume as soon as you learn how to spell. It’s “laid” off not “layed” off. Dumb fucking idiot.

        • William, I came on to this site to read other people’s stories of psycho bosses who’ve fired them unjustly, just as has happened to me recently. Reading your bile is actually quite disturbing, and I sincerely hope you’ve sought and received help in the 3 years since you originally made your comments.

  8. i am glad that all of you that have been terminated wrongfully have found employment. i wish i could say the same

  9. I too had a boss that was a liar and a cheat. He made fun and rude remarks about the mexican employees we had and used threats against them to get more work. A manufacting plant with only two employees to do it all. I complained several time to HR who was located in another stated about the unsafe conditions there. She even came out to see for herself what was the problem and did nothing about it. The place was a fire trap.But just passed inspection 3 months early after spending a week to clean and get it ready. I felt so unsafe there I quit. Applyed for unemployment and lost my case.I wrote to the owner and CEO of the company in Germany. Not more than 3 weeks later he was gone..so dont get mad get even.

  10. I live by the phrase, ” It’s best to keep you friends close and your enemies closer.” So, I make the bosses coffee every morning.” (insert imagination)

    • Well, there is a long tradition of brown nosers being promoted over those who actually know what they are doing. Good job!

        • I totally agree with you about dsr – too bad there isn’t a “block” button here.

            • William, I don’t think that this is the proper place to be slandering these hard-working Americans. These people have dealt with jerkwad bosses in their lives, and they certainly don’t need to put up with the likes of you either. So, until you get the chance to work under a jerkwad boss, SHUT UP. Then, and only then, will you understand what it’s like to be in these people’s shoes.

            • william get back to making those fries! u keep bothering these people about their jobs, how would you like someone to come to your job and knock that cock out of your mouth and ass?

            • William, I notice that you have problems with more than 4 letters. You remind me of a local dickhead with a 8 year old who has the same habit. He called the bus driver a “bitch” a few days ago! Monkey see, monkey doo doo.

  11. There is a lady named Susan Jones from Northport, AL and went to Huntingdon College and UA-Tuscaloosa and is the clearest, overt nastiest, 2-faced abnormal psycho woman ever to be born! She clearly has no mind and is the most unethical, lying and hypocritical vixen with the worst craziest temper, trash talks to everyone and behind people’s backs, unreasonably throws a fit with petty complaining and pretends to be good when with her actions she cleary is not. Hospice Complete in Alabama is unfortunate to ever have this most worthless, inhumane and indecent one-sided female bully sadly as the volunteer coordinator and good that they eventually canned her. KARMA worked out when she was fired and brought to light with no people skills and labeled “a bad person”. It is sickening to see any human acknowledging her bc of how she unacceptably is as an adult with clear worst unethical, inconsiderate actions and breaking rules,laws and promises and going nuts on tiniest irrelevant crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I had an awful boss about 7 years ago. She was a total micro-manager and perfectionist – every document the people in her department produced was returned with changes, sometimes through 20+ versions. She also liked to attack peoples’ performance publicly in meetings while explaining that she was trying to “train” us to do things right; needless to say the only “right” way to do anything was exactly the same way she would have done it, and not being mind readers none of us could produce the perfection she insisted on. Her most annoying characteristic was her delight in berating her employees as to how “someone at YOUR level” could commit such a “terrible error in judgment” (which meant doing something differently than she would have), and any failings she accused us of would be brought up over and over again for months. HR and the CEO knew what was going on, but tolerated her because she got the job done. They finally got rid of her after 2 directors and a manager left after less than 2 years, and the company realized she was costing them a fortune in recruiter fees to replace every person who bailed out.

    • Tiger, I believe we work for the same person! everyone says “I know” when they see me frustrated or I have to make last minute changes. perfectionist and micro-manager indeed! oh yes! I have caught several of her errors and it’s all “oops! my bad!” but if you have one? oooo la! it will not be forgotten. i resigned 2 days ago and am hoping that I’m allowed to simply leave immediately

      • Do we have the same boss? Er, sorry I should say ‘ex-boss.’
        I got laid off thanks to a company re-org and while I miss being employed I do not miss the soul-eating, unspeakable evil of a boss I used to have. She is truly evil. And unfortunately she is destroying the rest of the department. None of those talented, wonderful, hard-working intelligent co-workers I used to have deserve to have to suffer under her reign of terror.

    • blah blah blah…Tiger translated is “I never told them in the interview that I would show up late, be a complete asshole to co-workers, do the least amount of work possible to get a paycheck and bitch about everything the company does.”

  13. BTW, this Susan Jones who is the worst 2-faced sociopath hypocrite and female bully as a volunteer coordinator dumbly revealed to all in the office how she was a raging alcoholic in college. She is the worst racist and bigot with her actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I had a horrible boss, with a foul fithy mouth, and more. I filed a complaint against him. I had everything written down. Guess what I got fired.
    Because I filed a complaint against him. I got shafted, I was at my former place of employment for 10 years. My co worker worked both sides of the fence and so did the new second in command. I was hated, ( no chip on my shoulder)
    I worked with sexists. now the dept is all men. I was the only woman in it.

    • Its the same where I work, If you complain about anything your gone. After being told myself and another employee was gay during a shop meeting in front of 14 other people, and trying to take that to the owner of the company I was told “I did not need to talk with the owners and if I did not like the way things are being run, you know where the door is”

  15. After many years as an HR Manager, I decided to try something new and went to work at – - – WalMart! Over two years, I was sexually assaulted, had employees show up too intoxicated to work and was told “that’s just how kids are”, management staff would come onto the sales floor and call employees “stupid” in front of customers, I was knocked down by a customer and not allowed to leave work even though I had a broken rib, and I was told I could not take any sick or FMLA time when my elderly mom fell and broke her arm. After working 10 straight days (with no overtime) I finally took off my badge and shoved it in the store manager’s face and walked out. I had heard how terrible WalMart is but needed to experience it to fully understand just how terrible they are. Unfortunately, with the economy in it’s current state, they have an unlimited supply of employees desperate for work. I hope everyone realizes that when you shop at WM or work for such a terrible employer, you are aiding and abetting their continued abuse of employees. The smartest thing I ever did was to walk away even though there are no other jobs in my area . . . I’m still looking!

    • well uummm, it was Walmart…duh. what did you expect? look at our society and see the morally bankrupt fuck ups everywhere…making babies and living on welfare. What did you expect you stupid dumb fuck?

  16. Many years ago, I was sent to a shop to report through my union. I arrived and was escorted into the owners office. His first words to me, never having ever seen or known of me, asked me if I was part of the problem or part of the solution. I stared at him in shock at the question. I replied good day. I am not about to even keep a relationship with a psyhco and walked out of his office and out of his world. There are too many good people to work with and work for to have to look forward to the outcome of having to deal with such idiots.

  17. My worst boss became my best boss. I was a reservist called to active duty for 6 months (which kept being extended), coming in at 6:30 a.m. and leaving about 6 p.m. and working part of each weekend day as well. There was a lull between recalls and I was told that my leave time would carry over – but it didn’t which took away about 12 days of my leave. I asked him if I could have a 3-day pass to do something with my family – and he responded that I was hardly ever there. I spent long hours pulling up files to show my hours and left the proof on his desk – he was surprised I worked many more hours than anyone else in the 1,000 person compound.

    Once he knew my commitment and value, he was my best supporter and wrote a Promotion Recommendation that took a lot of effort. He was the best thing that ever happened in my career.

  18. worked 4 yrs at a fast food place.was makeing a halfway decent wage with some benifits.they cut my hrs to half,after 2 weeks i filed for partial unemployment.they did not like that so 3 out of 5 days I got wrote up and,threatened .after 5 months of this,i quit.did not get unemployment benifits.I think they backdated the write ups.in previous 4 yrs got 1 for being 10 min.late.was replaced by latina with very limited english.ran into an older lady who had been hired to clean lobby,when they decided to get rid of here-moved her to broiler.no way she could lift 30 lb boxes of hamburger patties.oh,if one worked front counter and they wanted to get rid of you.all of a sudden your till was short-quit or we press charges for stealing…

  19. After working for this boss for about 3 years altough I had been doing the job for 10 years, I finally had reached the point of no return. Everyone on my team was doing triple work loads. When people left they did not replace them. In addition to being called stupid and incompetant because our work was not perfect (we were all putting in 14 hour days). We were told on a conference call that we all had to do about 5 hours a day extra work in addition to our regular work and this included weekends.
    At the end of the call which included all of my teamates in US, Canada and Puerto Rico. I told my boss that perhaps our work would be more accurate if we were not carrying triple workloads. I told him I would not allow myself to be victumized by him anymore and that I resigned effective immediately. I don’t think I ever felt so good in my life. Needless to say almost all of my teamates contacted me and wished they could have done the same. I was tolds I had the balls of King Kong. I decieded toi take an early retirement and am loving it.

  20. Cyndi Marraffino was my horrible boss at Sierra Health Services seven years ago. She is one of the most unfair and biased people I have ever worked for.
    She managed two groups of people; her group was allowed talk and laugh out loud, and the other group was not allowed ot talk at all-I was in this group.
    She also did nothing when two or three other co-workers began playing boss
    without the proper authority. One of these phoney bosses then went to the
    supervisor and said that I was going to commit suicide, which was a complete lie-That led me to be sent to unneeded and unwanted therapy.
    One day, two co-workers fabricated a story about me almost hitting two nurses
    with a door. I was written up in front of the division manager for that, and the
    two nurses I supposedly nearly hit never came forward. I was also sent to
    a therapist again for anger issues, and I really had none.
    I accidentally left a co-workers desk a mess, and she cursed at me in front of
    several people-When I brought this point up to the lead person, and eventually HR, nothing was done.
    The last event happened when I was accused of not doing my share of work. I was then written-up in front of my lead person and an HR manager. As soon as I left the supervisor’s office, I handed over my letter of resignation.
    Even though Cyndi Marraffino had two Master’s Degrees (in some form of art),
    she has no people skills, and at best is an unfair and inept manager. I don’t
    know how she got her job there; she isn’t fit to run a daycare center, let alone manage adults. Maybe management there will see one day who and what they really hired is, and that she is unfit for the job. If there is such a thing as karma, I hope Cyndi gets her due.

    • What is it with these health service companies??? I just wrote several paragraphs about my horrid experience with Medco. I see some people added their bad boss’s names, good for all of you for calling them out. I should have put my bad boss’s name: Marcy.

      • To the person who said “Marcy” was her boss: As a former employee of a company, what can our former supervisors do to us-Fire us? I’m not afraid
        to mention a former supervisor’s name, because I can document the events
        as they happened.

  21. I worked 3rd shift in a grocery store up untill a few months ago. My boss, if nothing else was way to full of himself. For years I put my full efforts in to my work, sacrificing my health to do the job. All that effort just made him look good to the higher-ups, while I had nothing to show for it. In the end, I wound up getting sick from overworking myself. During that time, policies changed just suit my particular situation. One of these was that I could not call in from an accident. I won’t go into that to much, but suffice to say, he’s just another foolish creature. The day I was fired, I made a special effort to be there as the night before I couldn’t get to work. He was all happy and smiles before I clocked in. How quickly that changed. Pulled me in the office, gave me two write-ups and told me it was inevitable that I be let go. The point: karma’s going to bite him and probably has. Puts a grin to my face!

  22. The fact is that all companies are demanding more and more from fewer and fewer employees. But, given the current employment environment, if you need your job as most people do, you simply cannot quit unless you have another job lined up (and good luck with that). Two other major points:

    1. If you quit you job, you absolutely WILL NOT be approved for unemployment. If the job is completely and absolutely unbearable for you, you must get fired or laid off to draw unemployment. Additionally, the employer may fabricate evidence that you were insubordinate or dishonest and that that’s why you were fired, in which case you still may not get unemployment. Not fair, just a fact.

    2. If you have been discriminated against, whether for your race or your gender, you can file an EEOC complaint. However, unless you have irrefutable proof of discrimination, or several of your co-workers are willing to testify in court that you were discriminated against, regardless of what anyone tells you, you WILL NOT win your case. Usually, the employer has more money and lawyers than you do, and co-workers will not jeopardize their jobs by sticking their necks out for you. Again, not fair or right, just a fact.

      • And how are you going to prove that if your colleagues don’t stand up and back up your story because they don’t want to lose their own jobs? As DSR said…

    • dsr in WY: I quit my job and got benefits. Here’s how: I had a fist in my face daily, always being asked for hugs from a male boss, and had inhereited the position of chef even though I was hired as cook. I did everything in the kitchen from open to close and all other cooks quit. I was the only one in the place for a year. I did banquets, lunches, dinners, private parties, and all the labor in this private golf club. One day, the boss sent for his assistant and upon reporting to him, she asked what he wanted. He replied, “my penis in your mouth>” I was shocked. Because we had a private party that night with no help nor any dishwashers, and he said that, I was stressed out to the point that I quit. Immediately. The next day I made appointment to see my doctor because I had trouble with my breath, my heart rate, and just stess. He ordered me to immediately get to the emergency room which I refused because of finances. I applied for unemployment and got it for the reasons stated. I tried to go thru EEOC which was a joke. They denied my request for age discrimination even though that was not the reason I gave. I told them I was sexually harassed by the male boss (I’m not that pretty). EEOC could not get that right. So I gave up. However, it just goes to show that with a valid reason, benefits are available. This boss did the same with everybod; not just me and he is still there even after I tried unsuccessfully tried to contact human resources and the general manager to no avail.

      • I am really glad you were able to get unemployment. You must have been able to clearly prove your case. Most state unemployment departments look for any reason at all to deny you. Unemployment is not as good as a job, but it’s way better than nothing. Congratulations!

  23. My worst boss was this horrid woman at Medco. She and one of my co-workers are best friends. The co-worker was ridiculing me and spreading lies about me, saying that I was sleeping in meetings repeatedly behind my back (so she thought). I finally caught her laughing at my expense with a co-worker, saying I was asleep during a meeting. Now if I had been asleep, how did I catch her??? I immediately asked her in a very nice but firm manner that her behavior needed to stop, that she was not to tell people I was sleeping unless it was true. She sent me an instant message telling me “someone was out to get me.” The co-worker apologized and then went straight to her best friend (my boss) and told her I dragged her into a conference room and yelled at her. I did no such thing! My boss had been complimentary to me until that day. My boss confronted me about the incident. I told the truth but my boss refused to believe me, sticking by her friend. Her friend’s statement about someone being out to get me didn’t seem to be an issue for her. I think that’s a pretty nasty thing to say to a co-worker and the friend should have been disciplined…but that’s me. The biggest problem was my boss was allowed to work out of her home clear across another state so she never knew what was really going on and relied on whatever lies her little backstabbing friend told (I learned I wasn’t her only victim). What really gets me about the lying co-worker is how she whined about having to quit high school because she had slept with all her brother’s friends in middle school and ended up with the reputation of being the school slut when she entered the 9th grade. So she knows what it feels like to be the victim of vicious gossip (in her case it was true) and she goes and gossips about other people (and fabricates derogatory stuff about them)!

    Anyway, my boss wasted valuable time over the next four days going on and on about the incident when she was supposed to be training me as I had only been at this company for one month. Then my boss got her boss (turns out this was a little middle school clique) to try to tell me that my co-worker had done nothing wrong and everything was my fault. Now the two bosses started telling me that they thought I looked like I was sleeping during meetings. I reminded my boss that I had reiterated her Instant Message conversation with my co-worker verbatim during the time my co-worker claimed I was sleeping. That didn’t stop them. The harassment continued. Now my boss found fault with everything I did. She began dumping tons of projects that needed to be done yesterday in my lap and then yelling at me when I couldn’t get them done. When I tried to nicely speak to her about the amount of work she was dumping on me, she complained that I had poor time management skills. Yeah, right.

    The last straw was when my boss agreed that I could work from home for one week. Three days of that week we had mandatory compliance training with a test that we had to get an 85% or better on at the end. My boss harassed me by instant message and email the entire week, stating that I had lied to her, I had deceived her, she didn’t remember that I was going to be working from home, and demanding that I go into the office. I firmly told her “no,” as we already had an agreement in place.

    I appealed to my boss’s boss, asking for a transfer. She told me to she didn’t want to hear it and asked for my resignation. I appealed to a Vice President, asking for a transfer. He told me “he’d see what he could do.” He then came back to me saying that he didn’t have any positions for me. This is a huge company. My boss’s boss now whined at me that I had gone over her head. I reminded her that she had asked for my resignation. She then told me that I shouldn’t have stood up to my boss and then tried to tell me that she tells her son that “just because someone hits him, doesn’t mean he should hit back.” I told her I didn’t agree with telling someone not to defend themselves (I guess she wants her son to get the you know what beaten out of him). I remember this woman, drunk at happy hour, bragging about how she had it easy in high school because her sister could “beat anyone up.” Needless to say I didn’t buy her story about what she claimed she was telling her son.

    It got worse and worse with my boss sneaking HR into phone conversations. My boss tried to tell me HR was there for the employees and HR tried to tell me they were there for employees and managers. Yeah, right. HR kept asking me for my resignation, too. HR played prosecuting attorney with me, put me on the defensive and then turned it back on me. I finally resigned. My boss and her friend made the workplace hostile and antagonistic. This was a grown up version of the movie Mean Girls and these adults acted like they were still in middle school, except with wrinkling, sagging skin and greying hair. I can’t believe how they were allowed to get away with it. I even had people going up to bat for me and they still got away with it. Good riddance to them. It wasn’t worth it. And, last but not least, they refused to give me severance and didn’t even offer me COBRA which I couldn’t afford anyway. They won’t give me unemployment either. They also refused to just provide the dates I worked there and my salary when asked for verification. It had gotten so bad, I took it to the CEO, who just ignored me. Great company, really knows how to motivate and treat people .

      • I hope more people see Medco for what it is and do like you are doing – then they will be forced to change and get rid of their problematic management.

        • Since so many others added the names of their horrible abusive bosses, I am naming names to:

          My horrible boss at Medco: Marcy Schurer Morgan
          The co-workers that ridiculed me and made up lies: Vinita Chawla and Erin Panfile (Erin was the one who whined about having to quit high school because she became known as a slut after sleeping with all her brother’s friends, oh and yes, read further down, after admitting she willingly slept with them, she tried to tell us she was sexually assaulted, yeah, right).

          Marcy’s boss who asked me to resign: Jillian Lucas

          The VP: Scott Helmus

          The mean girls from HR who twisted my words very well: Rebecca Bourdeau and Tricia McDermott

          And last but certainly not least: The CEO of Medco who didn’t even bother to respond to me: David Snow

          • Those of us who have suffered abusive bullying bosses need to stand strong and continue speaking up until better legislation is passed to protect all against abusive bullying bosses and lying, backstabbing co-workers.

          • yeah I had a boss Linda Campbell of Comprehensive Health services who was a real mule, if you know what I mean. She told one new employee if she wanted to keep her job not to be friends with me, and she spread vicious lies about me and Mark. Her gift certificates she received for services for the VP were legendary, not to mention her ability to actually report for work. I got fired because of her lies, I lost my home, health and she is still working. Were is the justice.

    • Good grief! The actual events couldn’t have taken longer than the time it took to read this.

      • I was only there 3 months (3 months too long!!!). To think I left a really great job for this nightmare at Medco (hey, sounds like a movie title) – the job was a little different than what I had been doing and I thought would offer me better career opportunities – what a joke!!! Another example of the kind of people I was working with, after the co-worker that had to quit high school told us how she had to quit because she had slept with all her brother’s friends and now everyone in high school was calling her a slut, she tried to tell us it wasn’t her fault, they sexually assaulted her – sure, she admitted to repeatedly going to her brother’s parties (so she must have wanted it) and her father was a police officer (no one is going to sexually assault a cop’s daughter, especially with her brother right there). So it figures, she did something wrong and cleverly twisted back on me.

  24. Not going to go into details, to long to mention anyway. My worst boss was fired before the labour board hearing over the bs suspension I received the 21,22,23,24 of December one year.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  25. My boss wrote a false and misleading contract stating that I would be paid on gross. Only to find out that they intended on paying net. I have been refused a raise and they would not reconsider a contract negotiation. I am out at least $120,000. It’s really hard not to be pissed off and I can not afford a lawsuit. It’s crazy what companies with deep pockets can get away with. Several of us hae numerous complaints including mistrust, theft, etc.. Looking for a new job…

  26. I worked for a bad boss once. He was all over me every day for the exact same thing “the boys” were doing and he would say nothing to them. He gave me the worst assignments and made me finish all the jobs “the boys” couldn’t. He would pay “the boys” overtime and tell me,”overtime is reserved for people who produce.” I would finish the jobs and he would pay them because they produced what? when I finished the job.He made the comment more than once that, “woman should be home barefoot and pregnant.” He would have group meetings and be talking about the great beer party he had the night before at his cabin, which I never attended. Once he wrote me up because I finished a job on time. He fired me by saying, “give me your badge and don’t come back until you hear from me, and then mailed me a letter to tell me I was terminated. Since then, I have started my own engineering business, and am teaching Master Degree engineering classes at a state university. The greatest revenge is that I won a discrimination case against the company to the tune of $244,000.00 for his discriminating, harrassing behavior.

    • kathy d. How did you manage to win your discrimination suit (I assume starting with an EEOC complaint)? My wife went through something similar, though not quite as overt, about a year ago. The EEOC action has been ongoing for over a year, but does not seem to be going well, despite the fact that my wife has a photographic memory and can document all her claims. However, other women in the company that have gone through the same thing with the same manager have not had the courage to back her up, most of them either quitting or being terminated, but others in the company are protecting the company’s interests (and their own jobs) by backing the company against her. Even though she is right, she will not win. I’m very interested in know how you prevailed.

  27. I was a personal assistant to a 20 something female dictator in the publishing business. I could go on and on about the emotional abuse I was constantly subjected to, but I caught on to her antics early and started saving her sexually explicit emails she would participate in with clients, and send them to my personal e-mail at home. When I couldn’t take it any longer and gave my notice, she was going to refuse my request for unemployment benefits. I sent HR my resignation notice, along with copies of her sexually explicit client emails (and photos) and several instances in which she made my workplace a living hell. I also pointed out that her client e-mails were written on the company computers which was a nationwide publisher, therefore endangering the company should a hacker decide to take an interest. Not only did I get my unemployment and eventually a much better job, but she was promptly fired. That was the best vindication I could have gotten.

  28. I have a Manager whom at a going away party, made me feel her breasts, because she said this is what real ones feel. I worked for Bio Life Plasma Serves, and it was my first year working. The last year before I got fired, the assitant manager came buy my house, had some wine with me, then fell asleep in my bed and later had sex with me. Neither one of these things I wanted to have happen, but felt if I refused I’d be looked down upon. And I’m a guy complaining about 2 different women. Bio Life is part of Baxter Internation, LLC.
    Wonder if I’d have a good chance to sue Baxter for this/

  29. I work in a car dealership in Atlanta doing accounting. Maybe it’s just me but in my last 5 years I have seen the worst case of management in life. The dealership I am at now the controller was initially just a regular worker and was so envious of the person in charge at the time, lied to the owner and sabotaged her job. She became the boss and I promise you this girl is a true nut case. She is by far the most unprofessional, unhappiest, 20-faced, liar I have ever encountered. She is even horrible to her husband and kids. Talks to them like crap and is sleeping with one of the guys at the job. She lies on the owner and tells all of his personal business. If only he knew how she hates minorities—he’s one. She talks about everybody behind their back to other employees and tries to draw them into her nonsense. And to top it off—she is a straight coward and cry baby on top of it. I was gonna talk to the owner but I figure she will get what rightfully is due her because you can only get by with doing wrong for so long.

  30. I truly hurt for each of you. I hope your situations have improved! Some nice thoughts, well worth remembering; think of the enjoyable moments in your life out side of work, that’s what that job is providing! Also,(silent, private) compassion for the villian(s) due to the pain they must be enduring. You know a mentally healthy person simply would behave as a mentally healthy person. My job has all the aspects of a fantastic job. I have spent many years doing (very well) this job, albeit different locations. I am saddened to be having such great difficulties now.

  31. My bosses are technically married and have 2 bars, a liquor store and a dinner while also running a catering business. They just opened their 2nd bar and have dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to their other businesses. No one was left in charge so employees are left directionless. One employee, a co-worker of mine is allowed to bring her 3 chidlren to the liquor store because she can’t find a babysitter. They leave boogers everyone and are constantly yelling. She doesn’t do her work. I complain to the bosses and they have done nothing over the last 3 months. In fact they have tried to blame me for some of the problems! Needless say, I found a better paying job closer to home!

  32. Dentist – Dr. Marla Donohue worked for her for two years, as a dental assistant very happy to move on; work for someone who values my skill and accepts me as an equal.

  33. My ex-boss would always steal your chips or peanuts if you had them anywhere on your desk. So — finally I had enough and bought peanuts and some ghost chili powder and sprinkled the peanuts with the powder. Nonetheless — he never ate any of my food again. :-)

  34. 1. unsafe – climbing on top of an operating equipment 15 feet in the air with no safeties, required to stick your head in drums of materials to mix it, open electrical circuits, etc. Equipment that could cut off your hand that would slip, etc.
    2. abusive boss – screamer, table pounder, threatening and demeaning. Everyone’s fault but his, changes priorities at end of day when you couldn’t do set-up for the next day then freaked when your numbers were down.
    3. understaffed (mostly because boss drove them away within 3 months) to the point that it was a safety issue
    4. conditions – Tx heat in a plant with hot machines and no air – people were sick day after day from the heat.
    5. intercompany politics – corporate and boss were in a war with employees as pawns
    6. hours – 14 to 16 hour days 7 days a week were expected and required. Salaried staff made to work all shifts. had to go in every 6 hours even when not working production to deal with certain machines that were running unattended.
    8. treated employees like Kleenex – used them up and threw them away. Since TX is a right to work state, he hired on salary then fired you if he only wanted you for a project since it was cheaper and unemployment was so little compared to consulting fees.

  35. I had a boss that was constantly wanting to fuck me. So one afternoon I finally let her. Sucks to be her because I have herpes and guess who has it now – fat nigger bitch

    • @Kelly – You do realize that having sex with your boss and giving her a STD is not a win/win situation for either you. She can and probably will press charges against you. Depending on the state you live in, it can be considered a felony.

  36. I work as a second in command. I have been in the industry for about 20 years. My boss has had numerous complaints about her made to HR by a number of employees over the years. It really feels like junior high, I have been there for 2 1/2 years and don’t plan on making it to three. This boss singles out one employee as a pet and bullies the rest. She picks a “target” and REALLY hates on that person, and if the (usually new, b/c you can just imagine what turnover looks like in that environment) “pet” goes along with her it is even more stressful. The one she is using right now has told me numerous times that “he does not want my job”, which is good because he would never be able to do it. He hangs out with the boss a good part of the day and they gossip and badmouth everyone else. My boss has told me I am a bad person because I drive a nice car, live in a nice neighborhood, and like to shop. She and her “pet” regularly insult the other employees’ children, perceived political choices, clothing, food choices, you name it. One of her favorite things to do is come over to me when I am engaged in an activity with my staff and start picking apart something I’ve done or pointing out “mistakes” I have made, which do not turn out to be mistakes at all. At one point she even told me she thinks I need to be relieved of my duties and her “pet” take over for me. I told her he isn’t capable and she would lose the entire staff as none of them want to work with him. When I have tried to tell her that this gentleman is not working out or want to talk to her about how to resolve critical errors he is making by doing some retraining she will not hear of it. These two also seem to have a relationship outside of work. They live in the same part of town and he drives her in when the weather is bad, and they openly speak about phone conversations they have had over the weekend or at night. My employees have complained to me, and I have reported it. Recently the “pet” made an egregious error, I have never seen anyone commit this error and keep their job but somehow she convinced her boss he didn’t do anything and he is still with us. Now my staff is upset because each one of them feels there is a double standard and they are bitter toward this person who does not know his job yet is the “golden child” who gets anything he wants from my boss as he continues to defy me (yes, he reports to ME) and the rest of us have to pick up his slack. Even worse is that no one trusts this person any longer, the thing that happened has everyone looking over their shoulder, and the part that sucks for me is that since I am the one assigning tasks and responsibilities, I have to watch him constantly, which interferes with my ability to complete my own tasks for the day or mentor or assist any of the other staff properly. Mere words can’t express what this inappropriate relationship looks like or how it affects everyone that works there. I just don’t understand how it is allowed to continue. I am getting ready to go out of town on a trip I refuse to cancel but as soon as I am back I WILL find another job. I would rather work two jobs flipping burgers and cleaning toilets than working in a “professional” atmosphere like the one I am in now.

  37. My married boss had been in an affair with the secretary in the next office. Lins favorite past time was to go through our office screaming about my bosses ” crazy bitch wife/crazy bitch ex-wife”. Yeah, she caused the divorce. After a couple of years, I asked my boss to to stop this constant noise from the “lady” next door. Long story short, I lost my job and the very screwable Miss Lins” is still there.

  38. How about a horrible HR dept. I was a manager reporting to the VP. We all did 360 degree reviews including of the VP. His average rating among 5 managers should have been around 2.5 out of 5. Instead he came back from his review with HR and he bragged about getting a 4.6 which was numerically impossible. I rated him at a 1.8 out of 5. It was known that he was having an affair with the VP of HR. She was the sponser of the reviews. There were numerous attempts by HR to fire me after the reviews for no reason. Finally the CIO stepped in and I proved my point, but HR never even got a reprimand. What do you do when you cannot go to HR for help in supporting your people? I was finally canned for no reason (none given) when the CIO left for another position… The VP and HR VP (who divorced her husband) have since married…

  39. One of my first jobs I worked for the state of Iowa as an Office Manager for one of the Regional Libraries. My boss turned 50, I and the other worker decided to cater in a meal in. There was just the three of us and I answered to both of them. I paid 50 dollars total of my own money for our meals. The other girl decided she wanted liquor with our meal and purchased 2 bottles of something for over 30 dollars (for three of us?). I was a nursing mother at the time so I told her I would not partake, but would pay for the boss’s serving (I had no choice). When it came time to settle up the other worker refused to pay me anything stated she didn’t care if I didn’t drink that was what the cost was. ( she took the unconsumed liquor home) I asked what the board who over saw us would say if they found out I was forced to pay for liquor during working hours? She told the top boss who we treated. I was called in and told I ruined the whole party and I was a drama queen. At that time I made less than 10 dollars an hour, both of them made over 50K. I quit shortly after that.

    Top boss was asked by a colleague to be a reference. Every time someone would call for reference she would rake him over the coals. I asked why she did this, she said he should of asked for a favorable reference.

  40. I work at a warehouse for a retail giant. My husband works there also and we have made quite a few friends. When we worked 2nd shift during the winter we routinely invited work friends to stay with us when the winter was bad. Eventually one of these friends was promoted to manager and sent to a different shift so we saw little of him for a few years until we all started working the same shift again. He was drinking heavily at the time and going through women woes. I was pregnant and he would get my husband to go to concerts and bars with him. I even had to pick them up from a bar one night and take care of this guy while he puked off my front porch. He would show up drunk at work and expect my husband and my husband’s manager to cover for him.
    Less than a year after my daughter was born a job opportunity came available in his department and it was the perfect job for me. It was a mentally stimulating job with very little heavy lifting and I loved it. The woman who had transferred out of this job complained about what a bad boss this guy was and how he always refused to give her any help. Within 3 months of taking the position they made me employee of the month. I received numerous e-mails from both my boss and his boss about what a good job I was doing. Then my boss had a falling out with my husband and started verbally harassing him in front of co-workers and then coming to my desk and asking me if everything was ok. He had nicknamed me mamma after I had my baby and he would put his hand on my shoulder asking if “mamma” needed anything. The only thing I could do was stay as professional as I could be. It seemed that I was always working 3 or more hours of overtime a week and he kept added more so I asked for help. His response was that I needed to get my job done without overtime. He didn’t care if I had overtime until I brought it up. Then he insulted me by bringing in the woman who did the job on the weekend shift. She was doing less work in 13 hours a day than I was doing in 10 to 11 hours, and told me to just put my foot down.
    I liked my job and for the next year I held my tongue while my boss ran my husband’s name into the ground. If someone screwed up he would ask them if they were having a “my-husband’s-name” moment. Then the company made him my husband’s manager. Before he even officially took over he threatened to coach my husband every single day for low production numbers. My husband wasn’t in charge of production , he was just in charge of running the converyor lines. Four coaches is a step and four steps is termination. My husband transferred to a different area as quickly as possible. I was left with the boss from hell though. He thought everyone in the warehouse would line up for my husbands job because it comes with a pay increase, no production, and the prestige of being in charge of 10 miles of conveyor systems on the best shift. The person who filled in for my husband as a back up refused the job. Then everyone who was doing the job on a different shift refused it and so did everyone who had ever done the job in the past. They had to post his job on the board and beg someone with limited experiance in the area to take the job. That poor guy just wanted to work the weekday shift. Well that really pissed off my boss, and guess who was working her butt off trying to do 13 hours of work in 10 hours. I left the boss a to-do list one day when I was running late. I asked him to call a manager about a problem and maybe 4 other things. They were all things he had done before without any complaint but I made the supreme error of writing “blank’s to-do list” on the top of the note. He was so insulted that he showed it to the assistant general manager of the whole warehouse and said I should be fired or at least stepped for such insubordination. He called me in the office the next day and had his finger in my face telling me that I was just too slow to get my job done and he was through making excuses for me. I left a member of managements office crying 3 days in one week and before the week was over I signed up for a job in a different area. I loved my job but it was not worth it. After I had safely gotten out of the area I took my complaints about the harassment to the personnel manager at our facility. She reviewed the situation and said that since he had been such good friends with me and my husband he thought it was all right to talk to me like that. You know “like a parent is harder on their kid than someone elses kid”. Yeah with friends like that how could a person possibly need enemies.
    My husband and I are still clueless as to why he turned on us. We were always good to him – opening our home to him and his ex-wife, buying beer and covering his ass at work. Come on, how many 8 month pregnant women will bably sit their hubby’s drunk buddy. My husband only drinks socially and went from drinking twice a month to 4 days a week, and I kept quiet because I was incubating and knew this guy would find someone else to hang out with when we had the baby. I never felt like he was sexually harassing me because I know what his type is and I am not it. But he also sees himself as a ladies man and maybe he thought I would just fall all over him if I started working for him. Maybe it blows his mind that me and my hubby are happy, faithful and trusting of each other. He threw his current(?) wife/girlfriend out 3 weeks after she had his baby to get back with his ex-wife. She came crying to my husband and for 2 hours they sat on our porch and all my hubby could say was “that is the way he is, he runs hot and cold. One minute your his best bud, the next he doesn’t remember your name.” And no, I have no idea why the new mom would take him back. All my hubby knows is that they went to a rock concert one weekend, jerkboss hit on some girls, and the next week he was acting pissed at my husband.
    My husband and I still work at the warehouse. He has worked there for 21 years and I have worked there for 17 so we really can’t quit over this arrogant blankety blank black f—– blank. It has been a year and I still cringe when I hear his voice on the intercom. I really don’t know how to let go of the hurt. I am being literal too because I have rheumatoid arthritis and went from a physically easy job to 40 hours a week of heavy lifting and constant movement. I used to come home and play with my toddler, now I am in too much pain. My husband isn’t thrilled with his job either but we are stuck. Sorry, a long story but maybe venting it will help with some of my anger.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. Women can be nasty, and sometimes I think it is the competition thing that so many women seem to be so into. Honestly, I think my own boss is jealous because she thinks my life outside work looks better than hers, but everyone just needs to remember we all have our own cross to bear and if she truly took the time to know me and what challenges I have faced and will face in the future she would be happy for me instead of insulting me and my significant other and even my kids. Just the other day I actually had to remind her that she does not even know me when she insulted me about my attitude (which is extremely positive) toward a serious health issue I am facing. I just don’t get hateful people.

  41. I have a boss that is 6′ 5″ and is 36 years old, who acts likes he’s 2 when he doesn’t get his way, has the filthiest mouth because he feels we are a small office and he can do what he wants, with a wife that says the reason why he’s successful is because of his filthy mouth, (DUH). Talks to his wife like she’s a piece of dirt but cries to her if he cuts his finger. They have 3 kids but I really think his wife has 4 kids. One of them is just really big for his age. He steals work from others to make sales. He drives a girly white porche with his pink shirt. Unfortunately, he pays my bills.

    • His name might be William and he has 16 years of (duh) educattioon, hee gadgated 8ttth grade two times and has a filthyyy Ahole for a mouth.

  42. 1. Boss fired me in 2008
    2. Boss did not pay his company’s bills.
    3. Boss’ creditors came after me and sued me two years later, and sued him.
    4. Boss filed Chapter 7 in January 2011
    5. Boss did not list lawsuit against me ( and him ) on Bankruptcy claim
    6. I got the creditor suing me to admit there was no evidence against me
    7. Boss still did not list lawsuit in bankruptcy claim
    8. I still had to show up in court !
    9. Creditror dropped suit against me. January 28, 2011

  43. Several posts here mention the EEOC — if you want an example of a joke for a workplace, let alone a so-called government agency, they’re it.

    What former coworkers will or will not do is largely beside the point: the EEOC is a racket run by incompetent idiots, usually minorities who, of course, can’t be disciplined or held accountable in any way because doing so would constitute racism (as is true for much of the taxpayer-subsidized “public” sector). I dealt with them last year over a pretty clear-cut case of retaliatory dismissal, and they couldn’t be bothered to return phonecalls or emails; when I finally got the “agent” who had supposedly been working on my case on the phone, she, of course, had no idea what I was talking about.

    We would all do well to remember that the first President Bush nominated the former EEOC Director, none other than Clarence Thomas, to the Supreme Court, where he still sits and contributes to taking the country back several decades. How do you eviscerate the public sector and deprive workers of rights? Appoint incompetent morons, play the race card when it suits you, and give it time: the situation we all descrbe has been developing since at least Reagan.

  44. I worked for an overbearing, micro-manager for a year and a half! He was such a tool.(Richard Tomanek) Very sexist, and not appreciative of his staff what-so-ever. I had been hired as a Night Auditor in a well-known hotel brand. After 9 months on the job, he asked me if I would be interested in moving to second shift because I was “being under-utilized as the guest did not have much contact with me.” My reaction? Awesome! Psyched to get off the night shift, and get some recognition right? WRONG. Turns out, that when it came time for our reviews, mine was skipped because I was not eligible for a raise because I was hired at Night Auditor’s salary. (Which is much more that front desk agents.) How is this my fault? Did I ask to be moved?….I would have never made the move had I known.
    I walked out a few weeks later. Still with the same hotel chain….much better property….

    Oh and within 2 weeks of being hired…..22% raise! :)

  45. I had a manager named Angie Elliott at Allied-Signal 20 years ago. She was a manipulatve, mean person, who didn’t care who she screwed-over to get to
    a top management position at the company. It was well-known that she slept with married and divorced managers there to move up the proverbial ladder. She personally divided the Metrology Laboratory into whom she wanted to keep, and whom she wanted to get rid of, and she got rid of the people she
    ididn’t like, to bring in her friends who were about to lose their jobs at the company in other departments.
    I’ve been laid off numerous times, but my work load at Allied-Signal did not decrease at the time of my layoff there. But she and her designated “boy”
    Victor Martinez, convinced top management there that I was no longer needed there nor wanted.
    Less than a week after my layoff, she told her huband, division manager Craig Stevanus that
    “She had made a mistake in laying me off.” She brought in her friend to take
    my place, without ever considering re-hiring, as sometimes the company does.
    When I spoke to the corporate lawyers there, they said “Go ahead and sue
    Allied-Signal: There’s 110 lawsuits in front of yours.”
    To close, a former co-worker said “Angie Elliott is a sick woman; she will get her due.” I hope she does. She’s an example of the phrase “Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate-She has made her share of enemies at what is now a division of Honeywell.

  46. I was working at a local grocery store for about a month. I couldn’t find a job anywhere within my field (graduated with a degree in marketing). My former boss fired me because I was opening up one box around 11:00 AM. I had already opened up about 15 (it was more than that) and then he just told me to go home after that effect. He didn’t see that I had cleaned up chicken blood and everything else in between. I really hate that man and some of his fucked up managers there. (only 2 I hated, his mom and that old bitch that places prices on everything, I wish both of them would die). Now I’m stuck finding another job, but I decide to just go back to school instead because this whole job hunting thing sucks! God I hate this!

  47. I have had a few bosses who were asses. I am an Educator/Administrator who returned to the classroom in the past few years. I learned from them what NOT to do. Unfortunately/fortunately they were unhappy then and are still unhappy. My dilemma is that I am an educated woman, easy on the eyes, happy and highly skilled and personable. I am also of color and hear comments like; “you’re too strong” or “your review was harsh”, when others – who are generally not of colo,r are underskilled, limited with experience, very harsh and opinionated, not to mention – not necessarily lookers – are in positiions and earn promotions without anyone blinking an eye. It sucks. I’m on my way out of the door to new horizons. But, I had to vent along with everyone else because I think it should be said. If you are highly skilled, have values and have at least an ounce of support and/or motivation – leave while you are still able to show happiness at interviews. Otherwise, you will dry up at a company that could care less about you and your life and replace you in 24 hours if you died and went to heaven – with a surely much less qualified person/s to take on your shadow.

  48. I had an crazy bipolar abusice witch of a boss. She also fabricated things to get me fired, but Karma prevailed and they canned her to, she is older than me and will never work again, it too was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    • I’m curious as to why you think that just because she is older than you she will never work again. Her age should not matter. Her ability to do her job and ability to get along with others should be the determining factors of whether or not she gets another job.

      • Watch it with the Karma stuff because Karma works in two directions. Case in point: I have a friend who worked for a company in New Jersey. A rather incompetent woman was hired to work for her at the company. My friend documented the employee’s incompetence. Unfortunately my friend was the one that got canned. Now I am sure that the incompetent employee would be saying that my friend had some mental illness and got canned because of Karma (as the employee hinted that she was having her mother’s boyfriend, who practices Santeria, cursed my friend (no joke!). And, my friend was older than the said incompetent employee so I am sure that the employee would be saying that my friend would never work (especially if she believed in Karma, her mother’s boyfriend’s witchcraft and her own innocence).

        But, like I said, Karma works in both directions. Shortly after my friend tried to get this incompetent women fired and the incompetent women began bragging about Karma and witchcraft, the incompetent woman’s marriage started going down the tubes. Her husband was cheating on her. Now the incompetent women tried to make herself look good by posting all kinds of Karma will prevail remarks on her facebook as well as how she felt good because she had more facebook friends than her ex husband and how he wasn’t sorry, he was just sorry he got caught. Well, in the end the ex husband ended up with a much better looking woman (the incompetent woman was also really hard on the eyes) and her boss did find better employment elsewhere. Oh, yes, and the incompetent woman used to hide her ringless hand whenever in the presence of my friend but, since Karma prevails, my friend saw her ringless finger and as she was being walked to the door was also thinking Karma prevails!!!

    • Karma prevailed??? How did they not can you? Did you proofread your response before you posted it??? What did your boss fabricate? That you are careless, can’t spell or write a sentence? How dare you wish that a person never work again, let alone assert it so positively just because you couldn’t get along with them. What a nasty girl you are. You are the one that fabricated stuff about your boss and connived to get her canned. Karma hasn’t prevailed until your so called bad boss has secured high paying employment with great benefits and has a great life and you and whoever helped you are bankrupt and living on the street!

  49. William,

    I am so sorry that I am not going to make any spelling or grammatical errors for you to maliciously draw attention to while informing you that I just reported your unacceptable behavior to the webmaster. I hope you continue to have the miserable life your comments reveal live.



  50. MY boss the (troll) I’ll call her had me put on workmans comp after I took a couple of days of (couple being two), to recoup from straining my back on a delivery, lifting 8X 100lb brake drums that go on big trucks.

    ended up having to get an attorney after 3 months of fighting the companies insurance company to just get treated for my injuries with no pay the entire time mind you.
    and after a meeting with the boss and the companies attorney stating they had a letter from a customer saying I never lifted the stuff and that the old man also helped lift the parts aswell.
    and the customer only knew about my circumstances by my former employer disclosing my private info to the customer. their attorney also had me agree to coming back to work part time to be able to show that there is an end near they fired me for not being able to work the schedule they had assigned to me.

    and to this day still have not been able to get the whole bad situation into my past, I for as long as I live will never report to an employer that I have gotten hurt at work ever again it was a nightmare I would never work for the company again even if I were offered part ownership or given the company free and clear.

  51. …just to let you all know – the “easy on the eyes” piece is in there because women of color battle that obstacle too. It is real. If you look like a mammy character, you’d better have the softest voice and then some. I get it bad – as if I have a role in my appearance and I’m just saying… I just want to do my job, very well and work to better others’ lives. It’s a pathetic wish in a tough world. I’d wish we could be judged on the basis of our character, but that was a “dream” and we’re all living in an economic nightmare.

  52. At my first job I had an abusive boss named Hermine Spears. I was brought up to be soft spoken and respectful of authority. Hermine mistook my sweetness as being unable to stand up for myself. While my two co-workers got away with doing no work and spending their day on the phone (one was planning her wedding) I did all the work and got nothing but put downs and criticisms. As for the phone, I couldn’t even call my doctor to make an appointment. Hermine would constantly condemn people who she perceived couldn’t stand up for themselves and then would look down her nose at me. After a few months I got fed up and walked up to Hermine and ripped her up one side and right down another. She looked up at me with her nastiest expression and told me that I had better not forget I was speaking to my supervisor. I told her I didn’t care who she was, I was not afraid of her and was fed up with her taking my respect for her authority as an inability to stand up for myself. I walked out and went to our HR department (called Personnel back then). I didn’t know at the time that Personnel wasn’t on the employees side. It didn’t matter. The next day when I returned to work, Hermine Spears was as sweet as pie. Not only that but the entire office changed their attitudes towards me. I think that was unusual but even if it turned out differently and that nasty witch Hermine had fired me, I was glad I stood up to her! Hermine was the most miserable women I have ever met. Her daughter, Lorraine, even hated her. I remember Lorraine asking me how her mother was at work because she was such a nasty, vicious, miserable old bat at home!

  53. Gina Piazza. She used to work at Instanet and admitted that she overheard her superiors saying “what does that moron Piazza want now.” They were right, she is a moron. She now works at KPMG and is known to be incompetent, unrealistic, antagonistic, and rude. Everyone has complained about her rudeness and incompetence from her staff to senior managers and directors. She yanks things out of people’s hands, cries if she doesn’t get her way, and doesn’t know what she is doing. The only reason she still has her job is because she is friends with someone who is very powerful in the company (Ann Cohen). One of her former employees had a reference check company call Gina to see what she would say. Sure enough, Gina had nothing good to say (this employee got glowing recommendations from everyone else and was well liked) and now that employee has a transcript of Gina’s lies.

  54. its hoe by the way, entitlement programs just dont offer the best schooling they used to right? thank god for the unemployment line am I right “MAC”?

  55. I used to work for a small company in rural Nevada. The company was (and as far as I know is financially struggling) and since I am retired and simply used the money I made there to finance vacations, I told the owner that I was interested in purchashing some equipment from him. He smiled and told me that “I’ll sell it to you at cost.” Well it took him over 6 weeks to get back to me with “his cost” and I was a bit surprised when I saw it. It was nearly 2.5 times his cost. What he did not stop to think was that since I work there I see the invoices as they come in, I could install the equipment myself and therefore I know what his cost is/was. When I showed him what his cost for he equipment was and told him that I never expected him to sell it to me at actual cost, but 2.5 times his cost was far more than I could purchase the same equipment online myself. He then began to lie some more to me. He first said that his bid included installation and when I told him I did not need him to install it, he lied again by saying I could not do so becaued it would void the warranty. I then countered by telling him that was not so as I had talked to the company directly and they said it did not have to be professionally installed to keep the warranty intact. Well this embarrassed him to no end because he then knew for a fact I had caught him in 3 consectutive lies and about two weeks later he tried to issue a diciplinary action to me for violating company policy. Once again I countered him with his own policy manual that said I could look at the invoices. So the next thing I know, the vacation I had put in for 3 months earlier and that he had approved, was recinded by him. He cited a man power shortage as his reason. Once again he lied by citing this (the nice thing about a small company) as I talked to my co-workers and one was upset because she was only part-time and was going to work for me while I was gone and the other one had not even been offered the extra time. Now since this is a small company he is exempt from paying over-time so that was also not an issue he could rightfully bring up. He informed me that if I took my vacation he would fire me for a no call no show. So to sum it up I told him that not only was I going to take my vacation but I was going to draw unemployment at the same time (yes I know I could not do that but apparently he did not!) He fell for it hook, line and sinker by sending the department of unemployment a copy of my vacation leave request including his approval of it! Before I even left I was contacted by unemployment and they told me I could not draw enemployment while I was on vacation, however if he fired me for a no call, no show cause while I was on vacation, I could draw enemployment pay from him since I had given him reasonable notice. I did take my vacation and he did fire me. I ended up drawing more from enemployment that I was making while working there and don’t have to put gas in my car to go back and forth to work or listen to him lie to me any more to boot!

  56. I had one who lied about me to the manager. He knew it was a lie and thought it was very funny. I should have sued the bitch for slander.

  57. The enclosed ’4′ suggestions in how to get revenge all have merit (yes, success being the best ‘revenge’). But, come on, one of the BEST revenges is watching, waiting, & eventuallly hearing that THE DAY of RECKONING arrives hearing upon your jerk of a know-it-all (so-Called) boss has cooked his own goose…..and has FINALLY gone down for the count!

    Now, that’s the kind of revenge I”m talking about….SELF-INFLICTED, STRESS-ENHANCED HEART ATTACK!

  58. There was a construction company I worked for in Sioux Falls, SD back in the 80′s called Soukup Construction. It was then run by Carl Soukup. That man was maniacal, condescending, and threw temper tantrums no 5 year old could match. He was such an asshole, other assholes paled in comparison. It’s been years, but I hear HIS son runs it now, and he’s just as bad as his father was. They treated people like toejamb.

    We had finished taking out a dike around an old National Guard fuel dump at the airport. I was driving both semis and end dump trucks. When you do a Federal job, they are supposed to pay Federal scale wages. After awhile, I noticed that my paychecks seemed a bit light. I went back over my hours and found that they’d screwed me out of quite a few over time. When I brought it to the attention of their Office Manager, Car’s sister, she jumped up, started screaming at me, threw papers around and told me I was a liar. I went right back at her with the PROOF they’d shafted me, which made that old douchebag even madder. At that point, Carl pulled up outside, came in and saw what was happening. He swore at me and fired me on the spot. Knowing I had nothing to lose, I told them both to go fuck themselves, and that they’d
    be hearing from the Feds.

    Alas, when I reported those chiseling bastards to the Feds, I found out that you had to turn in a report WHILE the job was still going on, not after it finished. Stupid Goddamned rules, but Soukup got away with it. The company’s still around, but they’ve gone through every construction person in Sioux Falls over the years. They have a terrible reputation. But it goes to show that the worst employers, especially here in South Dakota, can get away with almost anything.

  59. I currently work for a numb nut boss. Spends more time dicking around on the golf course than actually making his business run. I am way underpaid for all that I have to oversee on a daily basis, including his screw ups. So I have adopted a policy of letting the mistakes happen, and letting the customers get pissed off, and letting him pay for his laziness and stupidity. Beyond that, I know that he is a HUGE tax cheat, and can prove it. I will prevail. Job security is knowing where your boss hides the receipts for all the stuff he writes off as business expense that really is not. The IRS would LOVE to catch this asshole. And I may just be pissed off enough to tip them off.

  60. I worked for this company based in Humble, TX for over 3 yrs. The regional VP is also the branch manager and my direct supervisor. He decides what should be done, then changes his mind in the next breath. He is gone a lot so I have to do most of his work as well as my own. He won’t hire a manager because feels threatened by other people doing a better job than him. He makes the admin bill for unfinished work so he makes budget every month, which usually adds up to around 25% of our target number. Every time he hires someone new, he trains them to do a job he knows nothing about anymore. When they don’t do their job right, I have to finish it since they have no clue when I ask them to do it the right way. I put up with being cussed and yelled at by the guys, but the manager won’t repremand them. He tells me he will handle it, then laughs with them on the phone later joking about how females are too emotional. So many admin have come through this office and quit because of lack of organization and leadership. After many attempts to make things better, I left after sending a documented letter and emails I forwarded to my personal email to corroborate my experience to HR and a copy of The No Asshole Rule to distribute throughout the company. I really hated that it ended that way but I would rather be unemployed than be treated like a second class citizen. Still unemployed.

  61. Once upon a time, I worked for Andersen Consulting as the IT Operations Supervisor for Cyprus AMAX Minerals. My manager (not my supervisor) took it upon herself to ‘groom me for management’ by setting up a (sometimes) weekly lunch, where she would proceed to tell me everything I was doing wrong, and how to do it as a good Andersen employee should. In the meantime, my supervisor, who I rarely saw, was more interested in advancing his own career than helping me do my job — which he couldn’t do on his best days!

    My manager was suddenly up for Associate Partner, and most, if not all contact with her ceased. The only time we in Operations saw or heard from her was when someone complained about some real (or imagined) problem. At those times, she was NEVER on our side!

    After 3 years of this, I decided that I did not enjoy management, and preferred to return to the technical track, as my skills were atrophying. (What did they expect with meetings all day long, almost every day?) I told my manager this, after talking to HR. She blew! She said she had been planning on moving up from her position, and moving me into it.

    After I changed tracks despite her complaints, she had me assigned to a supervisor — also a woman — who hated me, and clearly had an agenda to see to it I failed. (I later heard that she had told a co-worker, in confidence, that she was suprised that I was able to handle the workload she had deliberately dumped on me, hoping I would fail.)

    After one missed page, I was written up, then given the first and only bad review I have received in my entire 40+-year career, before or since.

    Cyprus was bought by Phelps/Dodge, and didn’t want any part of Andersen (can you blame them?). Andersen told us that everyone who had a good review in their last performance period would receive severance pay when the contract was ended.

    Of course, that meant I wouldn’t get it. My manager panicked, afraid that I would sue over that (I would have, too, and she didn’t have a leg to stand on!), and arranged with HR and my supervisor to have me demoted back to the earlier pay grade I had held, which would make me eligible for the severance package. Of course, they set it up so that I would have to make the choice to accept the demotion, just to keep the lawyers happy…

    Needless to say, I took the package and split! I had another job in a few months, which had much less responsibility, and a much lower stress level. I would never consider working for Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) again on a bet. And it also cured me of wanting to be in management. I will never again, by choice, take a management position!

    Someone earlier mentioned that they noticed most of the bad bosses are women. While I’m sure there are ‘reasons’ they are the way they are, I have had very good bosses who were women, and several bad bosses who were men. Perhaps it is because they are women, and not expected to behave so differently from male bosses, that people notice and complain about the aberrant management styles in women more often than the same in men.

  62. I worked for an OBGYN in Dallas along with a wonderful office manager (and person). The wonderful office manager was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to be out of the office some afternoons for chemo-therapy. The boss/doctor/owner slashed her pay to minimum wage while she was going through her illness. She went from over $60k a year to basically $6.00 an hour. He knew this would save him money and she would not leave as she could not lose her health benefits in the middle of battling cancer. I contacted the EEOC on her behalf and they would not touch the case as the office had less than 50 employees. This was a single lady with no other form of financial support. When she was done with chemo and he gave her the original salary back he wanted to fire her and have me replace her. I quit. My conscious would not let me work for someone who would treat a person so badly who was battling for her life.I would not allow him to fire her for me. I was healthy and able to find another job quickly. She needed to stay for the health benefits alone. I know that KARMA can be a bigger b#!@% than I ever thought about being…he will reap what he sows! EEOC—ha ha ha ha, what a joke!

  63. Let’s face it: The EEOC is about as ineffective a government agency as any of them! I haven’t run the statistics, but I would bet that less than 1% of their cases are settled for the plaintiff — assuming they actually decide to take it. No surprise here. These guys are politicians, whether elected or appointed. They know which side their bread is buttered on, and who butters it. They won’t bite the hand that feeds them…

    • EEOC is a joke. They accept your complaint, ask for the boss’s version then present the latter almost verbatim as their reason for not finding cause. They rarely if ever request documents, make on-site inspections, or speak to co-workers or supervisors. They obtain the boss’s version from HR. They then issue you a right to sue letter which is great if you have 50 grand for legal fees. Lawyers do not take these cases on a contingency basis

  64. What do you do when the Horrible Boss is the Bosses wife. No matter how many clients or employees we loose, it’s never her fault….AND IT IS!!!! We try to talk to the Boss and let him know, but we can NEVER get him to see what she really is…..a Cancer that is destroying the morale of all his employees.

    • You need to get the customers to document why they are unimpressed with your ‘Cancer’ without acknowledging they know it is the bosses wife. Subordinates will never hold the upper hand when she has the man alone at home. The customers is where the bread and butter comes from… if that doesn’t wake him up, you need to find a new job!

      • I worked with a boss’s wife that was the same way. She befriended a mentally ill man who, in a fit of rage, ended up shoving his boss (who was the kind, smart and competent) and then lied about the incident. The boss’s wife stood up for her male friend and karma did not prevail; not only was the mentally ill jerk never punished but they canned his competent boss!!! Most people that shove people at work not only get fired but they face criminal charges – but not this guy thanks to the bitchy boss’s wife.

  65. William is a troll. Don’t respond. In order to make him go away, you have to ignore him like he’s invisible. don’t respond to him.

  66. I am an office adminstrator for a church and my harrasser is also my pastor. It really gets me when people come in and talk about how wonderful he is. They have no idea what a mean-spirited micromanager he is…. and that is not even touching on the inappropriate comments and lewd ogling I get. The worst part is knowing that if I complain, I will lose my job. He is great friends with the chairman of the staff committee and brown noses all of the important members of the congregation. They have no idea that he behaves like this, since he only does it when we are alone. It would be my word against his… and he is a “man of God”. I try to pretend I don’t see it or hear it, but when I ignore him, he gets aggressive and angry.

    He tells me one thing and then expects another, micro-manages to the point of the ridiculous and sends emails that my mistakes have seriously eroded his confidence in my ability to do my job. If I make a mistake, and I do sometimes, he blows it way out of proportion and tells everyone. I have been on my knees praying that God will have mercy on me and get me out of this place before something worse happens. Times are tough, though, and jobs are few and far between.

    I have been documenting everything, for whatever good it may do.

    • Get off your knees. Buy a recording device and get some evidence. You might be surprised by how few people are lining up to handle the carnival of religious business. Pastors are notoriously abusive and transparent since they make a living on the tissue of “faith” and seldom deal with facts, truth, or consequences.

    • Get a small pocket size digital recorder and tape him a couple of times then you will have proof to reveal is inappropriate comments and when they bring this to his attention he cant say its a lie because it will be on the tape. God is not happy about him doing this. Remember to speak the date in to the recorder each time you record him making evil lewd comments and tape him like over a period of time to show a pattern. It is sexual discrimination and even though you can’t use it in court it may be enough for the chairman to see the truth. The Bible is clear what to do about a christian who sins and wrongs you. You take it to him then if he don’t stop you get 2 witnesses to approach him, then take it to the church, then cut them off.
      Your tape will serve as a witness for the chairman members.

    • I agree with getting on your knees, however if this is your pastor and your church this is toxic to your faith. Get out now, find another church,  God will provide another job and a good place of faith to help you grow. This is what you would be told to do by MY Pastor, and the board, and the congregation. Worry about your salvation, God can take care of the pastor.

    • I agree with David. Two words: tape recorder!!!
      Had to do that to an abusive roommate once. When we got to court and my attorney played it for the judge and entered the transcription in to evidence it pretty much won the case.
      A small tape recorder and a package of tapes can be purchased for under $40.00.
      Remember: God helps those that help themselves

  67. I retired from the Federal government a couple of years ago, and I must say I had exceptional, fair and rotten supervisors. Since we are talking about the bad ones here are three that I had. The first one, “I’ll give you so-so ratings to keep the competition down.” This guy could never explain his reasons for his evaluations, my group of Agents led our division in all areas of rating and past with flying colors our inspection. I found out after I transfered to our HQ and spoke with our supervisors that he did the same thing with them. He apparently commented to two of them that he hated competition, shameful. Second one “Lunatic” the first day he took over the office he told everyone that he would “get” anyone who spoke behind his back, along with other bizarre statements, screaming and “drama queen.” After learning that he had bad mouth me behind my back, I confronted him, to which, he claimed he never did. This fell apart down the road when he bad mouthed others in our group and we started doing the same back to him. Worst yet this clown would take international trips “fact finding” to shack-up his girlfriend, wasting thousands of U.S. government money. Several of warned him of this, he blew us off, we took it over his head, result nothing, he was transfered, the only justice in the end his wife found out and divorced him (his second marriage). The third one, “The Sneak thief” this one would piss everyone interjecting himself into other offices investigations, and with half a clue would partially derail the case, all this to show the bosses his was “working hard.” Why you ask this guy is a sneak thief, quietly he would take trips, hook-up with local whores, but oops, giving an STD to your wife can lead to divorce, and it did, she complaint to management and voila he is transfered. You want to stop reckless spending start monitoring 4th quarter spending in the federal government.

  68. I worked for a design firm that was very high profile in our city. My Boss was very incompetent, and had no people skills whatsoever. He was also a tyrant as far as time off was concerned and would make his employees jump through crazy (and illegal) hoops just to get time off for vacation or family leave. My grandfather died suddenly and I had to take some time off to help my family deal with funeral preparations and estate issues. Funeral leave was part of my benefits package, and I could take up to 10 days paid leave. I was asked to speak at my grandfather’s funeral, and my boss told me that I couldn’t take the time off to attend the funeral because it was inconvenient-translation; “I might have to work an extra half hour to cover your shift.” I reminded him that funeral leave was paid by the company, and that this situation was covered by our company policy. He pitched a fit and told me that if I went to my grandfather’s funeral that I might be fired….I was distraught…until my grandfather’s funeral announcement came out, and my evil boss found out that my grandpa was a very well known and respected leader in our state and community. Many high-profile people were sure to attend the funeral…the governor, senators, mayor etc. lots of wealthy people and kind of a who’s who of our state. My boss called me into his office and told me that it would be okay if I attended the funeral, as long as I worked in our company name into the eulogy. I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. He actually wanted me to give a commercial during my speech in church at my grandpa’s funeral, since there were so many wealthy people going to be in attendance, he thought I could get some rich clients for our firm. I played along with it and asked him to write down what he wanted me to say…then I gave it to the owner of the company along with my resignation letter explaining that I couldn’t work for someone with such a lack of integrity. (I was their #1 salesperson and if I took clients away from them and went to a rival firm they’d lose a fortune). What a weasel….he got fired, I was invited to stay on, and two months later HIS grandfather died…karma is a biyatch!

  69. I worked for a manufacturing company and was one of only three minorities in the entire plant. My supervisor hated me because of my ethnicity, and would often make me assist him and his cronies in finishing their tasks before allowing me to perform my own.
    Obviously, this led to my tasks being completed on very tight deadlines and required me to work a large amount of overtime. When layoff time came, I was right at the top of the list. My supervisor had been documenting that I was a procrastinator and continuously failed to meet my deadlines. I went away quietly and thanked the owner of the company for the opportunity to learn so much about the trade.
    Just one month later, the owner of the company contacted me directly and offered me the supervisor position and a sizeable raise. Apparently, after I left no one was able to meet their deadlines.
    When the owner of the company investigated the dramatic drop in production the resounding answer was, Mr. Smith used to do, or help with that. My supervisor had been claiming my work as his own and couldn’t perform after he got rid of me.
    The silver lining to helping everyone out was that I was the only logical replacement for the supervisor because I already knew the tasks that everyone else was performing! The owners turned out to be wonderful people to work for after the real dead weight was cut from the payroll.
    By the way, the ‘minorities’ in this plant are the caucasions… food for thought.

    • i was thinking the minorities were women initially until the second line ethnicity…
      i then thought latino so you caught me off guard when you said caucasian but it could have been any ethnicity
      see, when we dont know the make up of an environment we create – being creative is not always good so i thank you for that clarification

      • @Angel_007
         I am one of only 2 caucasions in my office.  I have been a new supervisor to this office for only 7 months, and it has been a real nightmare — we are all women except for one male, and although I had always heard women could be vicious, I never knew to what degree of viciousness women could rise.  I am amazed, my self-esteem is suffering, but I want to beat them at their own game, and so I stay until I leave on my terms……..

  70. In my younger days, I worked part-time for a bar owner as a bartender and a bouncer. The owner had jolly old time sleeping around with the female help until he made one of them the ‘manager’. Working in that atmosphere of ignorance, sexism, and ineptness was very difficult indeed. I can say with absolute conviction (no pun intended) that the best revenge is testifying at your bosses trial and looking him in the eye as you explain the reasons you came forward and are testifying as a disgruntled ex-employee. Luckily, the people he hired to come after me after the trial liked me much better than him.
    F-U Doug!

  71. Sometimes you are just going to have a bad boss and revenge is not the answer. My advice: keep your cool, make a list of your accomplishments there, and leave with class when you find another job. If you have been a good employee, they will miss you more than they imagined. Some of the posts suggest sometimes it actually happens that way, but don’t count on getting rehired. Remember, they’re bad bosses to begin with and may never learn from their mistakes.

  72. Best revenge EVER. After 5 years w. psychotic, abusive, narcissistic boss, got a job paying more, one that is in public eye. But the best part ever is that I headhunted out a number of other key employees.

  73. Articles like this, and you scumbags who come online to whine, are pathetic. How many of you have ever been entrusted to run…..anything? (close slack jaw, mumble “not me”).

    Instead of whining about a vaguely defined “bad boss”, let’s talk about the far more common, crappy employee, which is likely you. The crappy employee shows up for an interview as a job beggar: “I’ll do ANYTHING you ask. I don’t mind working overtime! I’m a FAST LEARNER! I’m a self starter!. I’m a problem solver!”. Once hired, it becomes obvious you never had actual parenting. “boss….know what fellow employee jimmy did? I caught him doing ‘x’!”. Did you ask jimmy why he was doing x? “pffft. that’s not my job! I want a cookie for narc-ing on someone!”. or: “I have to work ONE HOUR OVER????? Yes, you told me it happened a lot. Yes you told me it is not under your control. Yes I get paid for it. Yes I said it wouldn’t be a problem. But I don’t want to! It’s not FAIR! YOU should work it FOR me!”. or: calling boss at home: “I can’t log into the server and I don’t know what to do.” Try remembering your password and typing it in correctly. Why are you calling your boss at home for every tiny thing you do incorrectly/can’t be bothered to work through yourself?

    I could go on and on. Most people who whine about “bad bosses” are actually wrong; they are simply crappy employees.

    • And you are the whining winner! You sound like a bad boss who is just pissed because employees are rightfully letting off steam about their nasty, abusive and yes, whining, bosses. Stop whining and go read something that doesn’t bother you so much. What a humorless, pathetic existence you must have.

    • Careful Vlad…Read #91 / Rick’s street justice below… I have been a manager for over 20 years and I have had my share of worthless employees, but they were DEFINITELY the minority…the real problem employees were very few compared to the problem bosses…My previous employees still stay in contact with me after many years, and I never had to be concerned over a bat wielding ex employee…(sounds like you just may have to).

  74. I come to speak not of my own bad bosses, but my wife’s…for had it not been for “Denise” and her twisted sense of humor, “Margo” and I would never have met; names were changed here, but those who know Margo and I will know the true names/places named herein.

    Denise, her sister “Josephine” and her niece “Rochelle” all worked for the same auto dealership, as did Margo (the only member of the office staff who wasn’t family)…one bright, shiny day, Denise, Josephine, and Rochelle are discussing what constitutes The World’s Worst Date and come to the consensus that the WWD is (*cue dramatically-scary organ chord*)…a Short, Bald Man! Well, Denise derives great entertainment from the humiliation of others, but would NEVER humiliate Family…so they elected to humiliate Margo; that’s where I enter the picture.

    They give me Margo’s phone number (conveniently forgetting to either A, mention to Margo that they wanted to do this or B, get Margo’s PERMISSION to do this), laying down a Fantastic Line Of Bovine Stuff [F.L.O.B.S.] about how we have so much in common, Margo & I. Well, one VERY odd phone call later, we find that we DO have common interests and we set up a date; much to the irritation of Denise & Co., Margo & I fall in love. Denise grows more incensed by the day, having been cheated of her entertainment (which we find out about 6 months into the relatiomnship), and goes all Godzilla-on-PMS and FIRES Margo after 5 years with the company (“I’m sorry, but you’re just not working out as well as we’d hoped.”).

    Denise hires a new temp worker, who quits after 3 days…her replacement ALSO quits after 3 days…and HER replacement ALSO quits after 3 days…and so on, and so on…for SIX FREAKING MONTHS!

    Denise calls our home, profanely/brusquely commands me to have Margo call IMMEDIATELY; Margo, however, has by this time found other employment…5 minutes later, Denise calls again, outraged that Margo hasn’t called her yet. Well, it turns out that Denise’s continued employment was contingent upon whether Margo returned to the job she was fired from 6 months prior; Margo said no, and Denise had to go.

    Karma can be really NAAAAAAAASTY, huh?

  75. “dan”, your story is long, boring and fake. why bother? I can’t imagine the painfully dull life you lead, where making up stupid junk about others makes you feel “manly”. No matter how many of these stories you make up, your hair will not grow back. Losing weight is easy: stop hating yourself and eat less. That’s all.

    “Denise hires a new temp worker, who quits after 3 days…her replacement ALSO quits after 3 days…and HER replacement ALSO quits after 3 days…and so on, and so on…for SIX FREAKING MONTHS!”

    • Virgin Lad – Go back under your rock and imagine a life wherein you respect yourself, then MAYBE you can comment in a helpful way.

      • Little boy: his story is just that….a fictional story. You, being a stupid dupe, wouldn’t know the difference, and so it must be explained to you. Now david, you silly fruit, you may sit quietly in your mothers’ basement and wonder why you lead such a sad, lonely life. I know. It’s time you figured it out.

  76. All,

    I have been in similar situations as well being the employee with a bad, abusive and unethical boss. My story however is now from the other side, I have been the boss. I have worked for the same company for almost 2 decades, and I have had nothing but promotions and pay raises. But a while back my team of managers working for me did not like a person I hired or a person I promoted. Even though there was plenty of documentation to provide the reasoning for both, so they started talking and passing negative comments around to the rest of the team. It spread like a cancer, and some went to HR (which by the way, our HR people turnover about every 1 1/2 years). The new HR team ended up firing one of my managers, and this has been the hardest thing both professionally and personally for me to live through. I feel like a failure, and I feel like I let my team down. I have learned a lot from the experience, but this has been rough. I still work here, and with the same team but everyday it gets harder and harder because some of the people act like pre- schooler’s and can’t let it go. The Manager that ended up getting fired was the best Manager we had on the team by the way. The other managers had made statements such as “We want ______ gone.” And in the end they got what they wanted. I am now looking for another job, and I feel as though the company I work for is not the company I want to continue to work for any longer. The company I work for is a fortune 100 company and I still can’t believe they let this happen. The HR Person in charge of this issue is no longer with the company if that tells you anything. Just thought I would share insight from the other side……..sometimes it can be bad employees as well as bad bosses. Just a Director for a fortune 100 company’s 2 cents.

  77. Having worked for more than one horrible boss, I can tell you that the most important thing to do is — move on. You deserve better! And I know it’s not the popular opinion here — but William made me laugh until I cried.

  78. I HAVE a boss who clearly was very gilb and was able to pitch her private sector ideas to a City government Assistant Commissioner. The Assisant Commissioner who is fair and quite work oriented, believed my boss would be ideal, with HER intense knowlege of Excel and little novel ideas which really have no place in a unionized field such as City government (such as making you do a josb not remotely related to what you were hied to do, etc…).

    In a years time this boss has actually learned very litlle and instead relys on her experienced staff, most of which have been there twenty years or more. She requires that all information, in one area or another, be placed in lengthly and complicated Excel speadsheets most peope can’t understand. In this fashion, the information we put into these charts can be easily looked at and responded to without actually knowing it. Our ideas are and assigments are taken away close to completion and given to more favored people who don’t question this boss where they then get the credit for the entire project. They are allowed various trangresssions while the rest of the staff is targeted on vaious levels for simply questioning an agenda.

    The Assistant Commisioner, not wanting to get invloved in what he may see as petty office politics does not realize the damage this boss has already inflicted o the staff as a whole by dividing us. The productivity levels have fallen since this boss started and not just because we spend most of our time entering information on endless speadsheets.

    Now the entire staff is disgrunted, there are a grievances with various unions on behalf of staff that have been unfairly targeted, one employee retired over five years early because she couln’t take the changes made by this unexperianced boss and another two will shortly, one employee has started his own business and will be resigning soon, and those of us with many more years needed to retire and no viable options, distance ourselves from this boss regarding anything not work related and keep a paper trail for everything.

    This “boss”, is underhanded, manipulative, cunning with a nasty vicious streak but she suceeds because she pretends to befriend people and then feeds into their insecurities. When people are favored, many will do anything to retain this status and go along with things they know are wrong and others are too afraid of loosing their jobs.

    We have a bet going though, that we may not have to put up with it too much longer. SOME CHANGE is GOOD! :)

  79. I too have had a terrible boss, I was a cashier in a local (now a chain) farm, home and auto store. One day he yells in front of all the customers ” Hey —-! I think you need a dye job, your roots are showing” That man is still with the company! I left after a nervous breakdown. I think they should have canned him after I reported him, there were other things. He could have been the president of the “He men woman haters club”!!! I saw him not to long ago, he has no hair on his head, and it all fell down to his face. I could not see HIS roots!!!!!

  80. My boss was also underhanded and manipulative and enjoyed firing people.

    She’s stilll there! My best friend was fired over10 years ago; she went back to school and received a master’s degree. This boss demanded perfection, and when she didn’t receive it, would either lie or lie in wait to “catch” people doing something wrong. My friend was actually fired for lying on her timecard – she had stayed over about 15 minutes everyday and didn’t claim it on her hours.She went above and beyond what was expected of her. She was punished for being a good guy.

    This boss would love to use intimidation tactics. She could humiliate anyone at the drop of a hat. Once my cell phone went off during a meeting (the one time I forgot to turn it off) and she made sure everyone there knew who screwed up. I should have just let it ring and look around the room!

    I got fed up with always being treated badly and quit. The turnabout at this public library should alert her supervisor to a problem, but alas, she is still at the reins hacking up people and tossing the remains. I believe she is an alcoholic.

  81. vlad,

    Please allow me to chime in here as a person who has “run something” If these people were stupid little high school kids submitting their stories of horrible bosses, then I might agree that they could be “crappy employees”.

    However, you’re talking to people who have been in the same line of work for years, and/or have college degrees. They deserve to be listened to and more importantly, respected for what they’ve put up with.

    Having said that, yes, there are always 2 sides to every story, but when a majority of these bosses are getting fired, there has to be quite a bit of truth to what these people are saying.

    So, why don’t you leave them alone, get a life and stop trying to pretend like you know what you’re talking about. It’s obvious you don’t have a clue.

  82. After having been trained for nine years to run an Accounting Dept. for a large multi-national firm we got a Director who thought he was above it all and a real pain.
    Myself and my Mentor were the only two who knew the financials of the Dept.. I waited for him to retire and he then moved to the West Coast to retire where he was from origanally. After he got settled in out there I walked into the Directors Office and announced my resignation. This guy had no idea where the money was. And after doing it for years under my Mentor I did the paperwork my way and he was really no longer in the loop.
    I was called by Administration and offered raises and perks but told them no I have already accepted another offer. The Director got kind of out-of-sorts with me realizing he had no idea what was going on and was just a signature on the paperwork and his Bosses would now find that out.
    With this attitude in front of Administration I announced I would no longer be giving the Company two weeks notice and left.
    I heard he was fired shortly afterwards.

  83. I used to have this boss that micro-managed everything. He was short tempered and explosive. His own boss was very aware of how his “boy” was and never bothered to correct him. In fact, they lived together for a bit.
    Being in the corporate world like I was, I was constantly required to take ethics classes, which covered a broad array of everything from interpersonal behavior in the office to security at work, to creating a hositle work environment. These courses were designed to teach the employees in the company what was considered appopriate behavior while they were on the job, and none of it was actually practiced by the management in our own little corner of this big corporate entity. Well, after a few months of being harrassed by this guy, I figured that a call to HR was required. Fortuately those kinds of calls could be made anonymously and were taken seriously. Within two weeks there was an investigation and several impropriaties were brought to light. My manager exploded like I knew he would during his interview with the HR representative, and was subsequently terminated. His boss was demoted and eventually laid off because it was discovered that his unique management style didn’t fit with the corporate indentity the company was tryingto project.

    Ultimately I quit for greener pastures and took a job which nearly doubled my take home. Sometimes all it takes is a little observation to find the best way for revenge.

    • Your story is very uplifting.   In fact,  my heart soars like an eagle LOL.   Very glad to hear that things there went the way they SHOULD go.   It is so rare, that they do. 

  84. Bosses who are motivated by sales will do anything to sell!! I was a registerd licensed profrssional who was encouraged(told outright) to falsify records in order to increase sales. When I refused I was fired. I sued and settled out of court for a substantial amount. The worst part was he is still employed.

    • there is a new whistle blower law that gives a whistle blower not only protection but a sizable award based on the amount of illegal activity.  You should contact the SEC.

  85. My current boss is ridiculous – he’s a fence rider. One day he agrees with us, the next we’re doing it all wrong! He’s also a type A and expects everyone else to be. He’s scary smart too. He told me the other day “Why aren’t you guys keeping up with my knowledge? How come no one knows what I know? It’s easy!” He learns things almost by osmosis and the rest of us don’t learn like that. We have one person in the office that’s slower than the rest, and he’s constantly be pestered by the boss, who criticizes and looks over his shoulder constantly. We feel bad for this employee, but at the same time, his slow learning is holding the rest of us back, so we sort of agree, but we think the boss is being harsh, especially in front of all of us.
    We’ve all been working together for years (at least 10) and our boss (who wasn’t always) has driven us crazy over the years with his fence riding-so we’ve all learned to ignore him and do it our way.

  86. I have been reading this for the last two hours, and I have had my share of bad bosses. I know how exhausting it can be trying to be heard. I would like to share a story that I heard about a few years ago, and I am stilling laughing.

    I heard of a guy who was just a pathetic human being and not a very nice person to work for and harassed the the men and women sexually who worked for him. Well one day someone followed him to his favorite gym walked up behind him and hit him with a baseball bat then jumped on his pelvis which broke and left a note, we are tired of being bullied and you had better change your ways or the the next time it won’t be the hospital.

    He was in a body cast for a year, and when he came back to work he was the nicest guy you would ever want to work for.

    I think that accidents happen all of the time. Oh, I think that they call this street justice.

    I am not saying to do this but it sure worked for this one guy and his fellow employees.

    We have a general manager that oversees fourteen managers. I have been in several meetings and listened in on conference calls and he has never said anything nice to anyone all he does is be little them. They have all sent letters to upper management and hr. Nothing is being done.

    So american workforce, I think it is about time to be heard and not seen instead of being seen and not heard. WE have all put up with this for way to long.

    • Thank you for that story! Even though I am cracking up, I don’t condone violence, but in this guys case, I agree, “accidents” happen!

  87. Wow..a HUGE amount of awful, idiot bosses out there! Years ago my boss terminated me due to the fact I grew tired of his advances and went to HR and they sided with him! I tried to transfer and get away, cornered I did what I thought was right and it cost me my job. Oh well…I actually feel lucky, I am happier not being harassed and belittled daily. I hear he is still there and the same! But i really believe in karma and he will get his comeuppance one day.

    Although I have had a long unemployment, I feel better off being out of that abusive environment. Really sad and bull crap that people have to deal with these kind of issues in the workforce nowadays!

    • You’ve got that right.  My last job (which will likely BE my “last”) ended because of just one person,  who happened to be the General Manager.   I worked there about 10 months,  and all my co-workers,  supervisors, and customers complimented me so much on my work,  I was almost embarassed.   Everything was GREAT, except for that ONE GUY,  who just loathed me.   He refused to tell me why,  too.  After he fabricated 3 discipline charges against me,   I was too proud to allow myself to continue being treated that way.    For the first and only time in my life,  I told him to “Take This Job And Shove It”.   Of course,  I lost the job….but,  I made the RIGHT decision,  and I have zero regrets.   Faced with the same set of circumstances,  I would do the same thing,  without hesitation.    I hope you’ve succeeded in moving on to better things.   (I’m retired, and now suffer health problems,  so I wont’ be working anymore). 

  88. I was recently let go from my job due to my “standing posture,” and on Monday I will be going up to my employer and tell him that I will be contacting EEOC and DOL for wrongful termination. He basically fired me because of sexual orientation but wanted to sugarcoat and blame on the way I stand, which is still discrimination. So I definitely Will be filing a discrimination suit on them, which would ultimately damage their establishment (it’s fairly new, year franchise) and I’m sure it will not hold up well in court.

    In the meantime any comments or output on my situation would help.
    Please feel free to comment below. Assholes STAY away.

    • I understand and sympathize.   My Constructive Criticism would be:   DON’T TELL your former Employer what you intend to do.  Make it a SURPRISE.   Follow through with EEOC, etc.,  but don’t let (him) know you are coming.   Why give him more opportunity to try and cover his tracks?   Maintain “Radio Silence”.   Good luck,  too.   In many areas,  it’s hard to get any justice….it seems Potluck.   Hopefully,  the EEOC people in your area will be diligent. 

    • i agree with bnsajs to a degree.  with my experience i was and have had problems with the eeoc.  i do however suggest that you do the following (but the last decision of course is yours)
      1. document everything, take copious notes because in a court documentation is key – proof is difficult to deny and shows you are dealing with liars
      2. the eeoc is just your first step but know that if you hire a lawyer (which is expensive) the eeoc or your job will take you more seriously
      3. you can file in the next level court, the u.s. district court, state court, etc depending upon who you work for, thus you will need to research
      4. you should develop/establish a list of actions that have been conducted against you and try your best each time to write it down along with as much detail as possible (again this goes with documentation is king in the land of liars)
      5. communicate as much as possible in email – again this helps provide proof of what is happening. a good idea is to blind copy the email to your personal email or forward any of their responses to your personal email
      by now you should have recognized the documentation theme.  trust me when i say that it can darn near save your life and/or your career. when other co-workers do not want to tell the truth for fear of reprisal so they may not witness on your behalf but the documents will!
      the fight for justice is difficult but worth the fight!!!!!!!!!!

    • I FEEL you and sympathize with your plight. You SHOULD go forth with your wrongful termination suit, but don’t be disappointed if EEOC is not all you want them to be. Unfortunately you may have to deal with them in order to seek outside counsel and sue your company. But hang in there and follow all steps because eventually you will get the results you are seeking! I see your post was a year ago, so I hope everything turned out well for you!

    • Your best bet is to move on.  I know its hard but court and lawsuits are stressful and expensive.  You may end up hurting your chances for a better job because you may be viewed by future employers as combative.  I don’t know what state your in but many states do not even have to have a reason to fire employees.  Just file for unemployment (this hurts the company) and collect until something better comes along.

    • EEOC is a very slow moving process.  Have a friend who has had a case (Army EEO) for going on three years and it is just now getting to the magistrate process.  EEO, at least through the Army in this case, is not very good on following their regulatory timelines.  Good luck in your case!!!

    • Good luck on that!  My brother was fired because he spent a week in the hospital for depression.  The EEOC did nothing and attorneys laughed us out of their office.  His supervisor told him a month before he was fired that he should go on disabillity.  She knew he was getting fired.  The attorneys said that the laws are for the companies and not the workers in our State.

    • Be careful and think about doing that. If you file something against a company and there is a public record of it anywhere another employer may not want to hire you based on that.
      Just saying…

    • I know this is from a year ago …but I hope you did stand your ground! I had a case a few years back and when I went to the Dept. of Labor the guy told me that my former employer may try to retaliate! That scared me so I didn’t proceed with my case. Anyways the company that I worked for ended up going bankrupt and closing less than a year later because of their dishonest practices and word gets out (even in big cities). Now I wish I didn’t listen to the guy at the labor board and went ahead with the case. It would have taught the owner a big lesson in discrimination and harrassment…just incase he opens a new business, but doubt he will since he has no integrity!

  89. Just come home from seeing it. It’s arguably 1 of the worst, unfunny, irritating so-called comedies I’ve ever observed. I wanted to leave right after 10 minutes but my wife insisted on seeing it by way of.And when I say ‘irritating’, you need to see it to appreciate just how irritating it truly is. How can skilled producers, directors, and so on., be capable of going ahead with such trash.

  90. My boss fired me from my job of 13.5 years because I posted on my facebook wall that the movie Horrible Bosses was coming out on Friday and I was looking forward to seeing it, it looks like it’s going to be funny!   He thought I was referring to him and fired me.

  91. I work for a small family owned company doing order confirmation for their sales department. I receive a bonus based on piece work which means every order confirmed earns me money. The sales supervisor in a different department is supposed to bring the orders to to confirm. For they last month this woman has taken it upon herself to verify the orders thus taking away from my bonus. I have went ot my immediate supervisor several times following the company policy for complaints. However he brushes it off and says she is doing what she has to to meet her quota. Even though I have explained quite explicitly that it is cutting into my check and I even have evidence He refuses to see truth. However with a bonus program based on piece work it is crippling my abbility to earn money.That was the key selling point when hired was to be able to decide my own bonus but if I am being prevented from that by my own boss; as well as one  i dont have anything to do with directly. what am I supposed to do?; the supervisors are covering each others lying assthe woman really is a bad manager she has had hundreds of complaints over the years from employees, other supervisors,people that even just call for what ever reason. But because of some distorted sense of loyalty(even though she is a cancer who needs cut out)the owners wont do a damn thing.I just pray for this lady to disappear. I love my job and make decent money but for the stress its not worth it anymore!!!!

    •  @kelleyisfedup
       In my opinion..they are telling you to leave. Your own boss has undercut you. I would take the contacts you have and get another job and use them. Your boss apparently has no loyalty to you..so why return it?

    •  @kelleyisfedup
       I am not trying to be unsupportive, but if you talk like you write you need to brush up on your skills….

  92. What do I do when I work for a small company (only 12 employees), we all wear different hats so therefore I can’t transfer and the ass hole I’m having problems with is the HR person?- Mind you she is TOTALLY unprofessional.  She leaves early, in working here 3 years I have never seen her lift a finger when it comes to her own work- she only delegates, she’s lazy, dresses in pajamas (we work for a very esteemed ad agency), she does the “silent treatment”, writes emails complaining about me, CC’s me, and sends it to the owner. – I know he thinks she’s dramatic but he is not one to go to about problems, he HATES drama. She walks around talking about herself all day- laughing really loud on purpose so you have to be torturered with her voice.  I really cant stand her anymore, I want to strangle her- not literally, yet… please someone help me, It’s not as simple as changing careers, I’ve finally established myself here and I don’t have a degree to just go somewhere else…

    •  @Satanismyboss
       I sympathize completely.   Often,  people like her are placed in positions over others,  not because they’re good at it,  but just because they are the most AMBITIOUS (AND LAZY).    Since you’re in such a small outfit,  your dilemma is heartbreaking.   Indeed,  your options are very limited….but,  if you’re otherwise doing well at the job,  don’t leave.   Sometimes,  you just have to have Faith, that Kharma will take care of the awful ones.   Many of us are forced to suffer outrages at work and in life,   but it’s never an acceptable excuse,  to NOT be one of the Good Guys anymore.   Hang in there.  

    •  @Satanismyboss Remember by staying professional, outwardly treating her with respect and not talking to the rest of the staff about her, she is the one who looks bad. Of course, defend yourself against her but do it without drama and without losing your temper. Once you lose your temper, you lose the battle. If you do say something about her make it vague and impersonal such as telling someone “just watch you back”. Eventually your owner will get tired of putting up with her drama and miscommunications. I have been at my place of employment for 40 years, 31 years in the same department. I have seen them come and I have seen them go but I am still there.

    •  @Satanismyboss
       What you are saying is this woman is completely incompetent, lazy, and hostile. Are the other workers getting the same garbage as you? Why does she pick out you to complain about? Is this view of her yours alone? Sounds like there is more going on here. But..if this is the way she is..and it bothers others..get together with them and form a grouup. Go en masse to the boss. Or write her an email with everybody else..tell her what you feel and CC that one it to the boss. In many there is strength.

  93. I have had two different supervisors who were difficult to the point of being career threatening. Not only were these people not good for ME, but they were not considered good staff members by THEIR own supervisors. Both people finally lost their own jobs. Ultimately, I waited them out and they disappeared. This process took a long time, but was definitely a benefit to an entire department of people. One additional note to our excellent writer/author: This particular blog needs a more thorough proofreading.

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  95. I had some really horrible bosses,  but it never rose to the level of actually plotting murder.  If for no other reason,  just because my own life was worth more to me,  than the satisfaction of denying a bad boss (his) life.   There are some real bloody rotten stinkers out there, though.   At times, it seems like only the most aggressive,  demeaning,  morally bankrupt Bullies get promoted to being bosses.   Bosses are frequently NOT the most able, nor smart,  nor deserving….they are simply the most AMBITIOUS.  
    3/4ths of my work life was spent in Civil Service,  and my dim view of many of my bosses there was vindicated on MANY occasions.  LOTS of my former bosses were exposed for the rogues they were…..often,  they had highly public dealings with the Police (those were the MOST amusing),   and when they lost their jobs,  it was not for incompetence,  but for MISCONDUCT of the highest order – sometimes criminal actions.    It did offer some consolation,  to have my views of those people validated by outside circumstance.   At times, it’s worth a whole lot, just to have it proven to you,  that “It Isn’t YOU”. 

  96. My praise for bad boss is the Plexus plant in Buffalo Grove,Il  the department manager Fransis on the first shift.  I had only worked for them through a temp agency for three weeks.  During this time each day I worked there I had to look for either a chair that would accomodate my six foot two inch frame for my work station or stand in a hunched over possition on a cement floor without any anti-fatigue floor matts for an eight hour work day.  The day before the temp agency told me I was no longer needed for work the VP of the corporation was visiting and I didnt have to look for a chair for my station.  This was a little unusual with the norm I had been doing but was greatful I could start working on assembly right away.  The next day when I reported for work it was back to the same routine, looking for a chair for my work station.  When I only found the ussual broken down chairs I had to settel for this short office type chair that had my chin inches away from the work surface.  At the end of the day Fransis saw that I was using my lap as my work surface and said to me I thought I told you not to use your lap as a work surface.  When I responded back to her I asked my trainer to help me find a chair that wasnt broken down, Fransis responded back, if you cant work at your station the way we furnish it, you will have to find a different corporation to work for.  I was shocked that Fransis cared more about the corporations product than the hadicaps of its employees.  When I got home I got a phone call from the temp agency telling me the bad news that Plexus didnt need me anymore.
    At this time I would like to let the President and VicePresident of Plexus of North America know that they are doing a bang-up job for providing a good work envirement for Americans with Disabilities and that Fransis should be rewarded for her faithfulness to the corporation and its bottom line.  Thank you for your time.  mesch312@hotmail.com   

  97. I had worked same place for over 5 yrs. This was a very successful business. Budgets were met profits made. The existing boss was kind spineless but was a great fit for this industry. The employees worth having did great jobs were happy and loved there job. Flash forward ” old friend” of our companies CAO which was a sleaze bag had burnt all his bridges called in a favor. Existing boss was strong armed out and real piece of work sleaze bag low life with terrible breath slid in. This guy in his ragged car cheap shoes and suits comes in like a cock of the walk. He zeroed me out in numerous meetings and situations and was very nasty to me. He would call me to meetings per issues. Meeting would start he’d be on a totally different subject from what was suppost to be discussed. He would do this to try and trip me up. H.R., boss and myself had meetings were this guy would use profanity such as ” well I was nice to my wife last week but a DICK again this week”. I wondered what that reference had to do with anything but made him feel empressive. He and I finally agreed to disagree. I unlike him loved my job and alot of the employees. I agreed to resign my position. This was to get away from him and his non ethical or non moral Ora. Just in case” Mike” you know who and what you are. I pity your wife child and your mom who you move around from place to place
    with you. I guess mom’s always here to clean up your messes and tell you your a good boy. 15 yrs ago I’d pro ally rearranged his dental work but I’ve grown and groomed myself into a professional.

  98. My first real job was at a fast food chain.  The owners were two really young guys. I was working at the grill when one of the owners started cooking right next to me.  He began to scrap the grease off the grill, became angry and threw the grease.  Well the grease landed on my arm and burned me. Hurt like hell but I kept working.  This was 1977 and I was a minor.    I was afraid if I complained I would get fired. Can you imagine if that would have happenned to today.

  99. I worked fom 2004 to 2007 for a major international grain handling company in the maintenance department in Beaumont, TX.  Mtce supervisor, Ken Murphy was quite deft in stealing from the Company by ordering supplies/materiel and skimming 25 to 30% and allowing this practice to go for years.He got caught and had to answer a few times for his transgressions.  The final time he pulled this stunt and was confronted he staged a altercation to have me fired as he thought I would tell on him.. I had no Union backing for the “staged firing” but should have reported his thievery.  He was the type to undermine and get people fired at any means that seemed to threaten his position.  I was on of the victims. And yes, EEOC was worthless on my side.  Union was worthless too.

  100. It is very easy to blame “Bosses.” Is it at all posssible that there may be one or two problems with employees (coming in late, calling out sick, playing on the computer, texting all day long, talking on the phone constantly, taking  smoking breaks- constantly, not caring about the quality of there work, stealing , just doing as little as possable, just being downrite stupid,) 100% of all problems must be the fault of the boss because none of the above problems actually do exist and all employees are 100% PERFECT!

  101. i had a boss that was a tough person to work for. she was demanding and pushed me to a point that i felt like she was asking the impossible. however: over the course of a year i stopped resisting her and ultimately ended up becoming her top performing manager, and one of the top in the company. a few years later the company folded and we both lost our jobs. she ended up calling me a few years later and offered me a position to work for her again, this time as a team that can work well together. 
    sometimes our bosses can be one of those that are hard to work with but you do have to ask yourself, ” are they being hard on me because they see more in me then i see in myself?” or are they just a horrible boss

  102. Oh God, did I work for a women – that called herself my supervisor – I had over the 16 years there, and had had 5 great supervisors that were tough but kind. Each year at evaluation time I was alwasys told I was the best worker, I was always given the highest score and praised for my work. I loved my job—I loved my job, When my wonderful supervisor died of cancer we were given to the wolves , the new supervisor loved to play games with people-to hurt feelings and laughed about it. She would yell at you “Loud” in front of the entire office” I ask her kindly and very low to please stop yelling”  the paper she was looking for was – in her office !  She made me feel I was nothing,  She said she can do what ever she wanted cause she had more money than God, and laughed…..she said she could tell a lie on me or anyone and the upper people would belive her…She was mean, I had panic attacs, got so sick I could not breath. Why do they get by with treating people that way.  I went to corporate com, and things only got worse………

  103. What to do, what to do?  Yes report them and hope things turn out ok but if you work for a very large company and your boss brings them in millions and he is a millionaire guess who will win. 
    That was the case in my story; they ran several operating rooms at the same time.  Yes several operating rooms at the same time.  But they poured out the charm when being investigated.  So you know whose favor the investigator ruled.  It is sad but true money still rules.  Even at the expense of the unaware.  So what if a few screws, sponges, metal parts is missing when the final count happens and they still close up the patient.  It will take years for someone to figure out that there is a foreign item still in the patient.

  104. At my last job my manager was a bully….I did not have experience with the type of managing that she attempted, always went home depressed with a lack of self-esteem. I fianlly found another job and am much happier.I did mention this behavior with her boss when I did my exit interview and found out that I was not the only employee that this has happened to, and that she had taken anger management classes previously because of other employee abuse.

  105. I had a “horrible boss” too. I think we all have because every organization has a jerk in it. I worked as an accountant for several years at the most complex a spot in the department. My boss was abusive – screaming, yelling, hitting the desk, throwing things on your desk, pouting, glaring at you, etc. She acts like a high school bully. I applied for a new position within the same business almost a year ago and she litterally called me into her office and warned me that my decisions about my career today would have serious implications for what I would be able to do with my career in the future with the organization. She also told me that she took it personally that I would try to leave her department. My first action was to file a complaint for management intimidation because really… it could not get any worse. A couple of months ago after just dealing with it for months I finally applied for a new internal position to another dept and was offered the position a couple of weeks later. I’m just getting ready to move to the new dept so I cannot wait to see how things go without me. I’m not arrogant to think that it isn’t possible to function without me, but I can’t wait for her to see just how much I really did for her and the dept as a whole… not just the desk and the position that I filled.

  106. After reading about all these horrible bosses… I’ll tell you about this horrible employee.
    I was in a management position with a well known home improvement warehouse and being female in a male dominated world isn’t always easy… especially if you manage the Hardware and Tool departments.  I had grown up in a predominantly male environment in a lumber yard so this position was very well suited and natural for me.
    Before I accepted a lateral transfer from another department into Hardware and Tools, a male co-worker approached me and said that two of the men were overheard talking.  “Ned” (not his real name”) was overheard saying that he was going to do whatever it took to get rid of me.  This man repeatedly told others how he hated me and I didn’t belong there.
    A few months later, on my way to lunch a female from another department pulled me aside.  Normally she wouldn’t get involved in gossip but felt that I should know.  During lunch “Ned” was solicitiing donations from other employees so that he could hire a hit man to have my life terminated.  She said she didn’t find it very funny.
    The statistics show that the #1 cause of employee deaths in the workplace is not from accidents but from employee violence.  Given the seriousness of the situation, I spoke with the Store Manager who asked me to allow him to do an internal investigation.  Six months later I was told, “Ned was only joking and the others present that day said they didn’t think he was serious.”
    “Ned” continued to be difficult to supervise.  He rarely would respond when I would speak to him.  Instead he would stop… stare coldly at me… and watch me before turning around and doing his own thing.  He continued to speak to other store employees about me in negative ways until one day he blurted out to our Zone Manager that he just didn’t like my personality. 
    Several months went by and another employee heard another co-worker ask “Ned” how things were going with me.  His reply was, “I’ve almost got enough to hire a hit on her”.  This same employee said that “Ned” had approached her a few times over the past year about donations but now she didn’t find it very funny. 
    He was left in my supervision for another year and during that time he continued to be abrupt, rude, indifferent, obstinate and intimidating.  It got so that I was afraid to step off the curb on my way to lunch.  I looked under my car… around my car… inside my car and terrified to turn the key on for fear something may happen to me.   Always looking in my rear view and afraid to stop at lights, it affected my daily life both at work and on my off days. 
    One day when asked to assist a customer with a missing part in their recent purchase, he argued with me in front of the customer.  “That’s not how we do things.  They need to bring the entire tool back to exchange instead of asking for a missing part”.  And he refused to assist this customer.  I stood there dumbfounded and after handling it myself, I spoke to the Store Manager again and insisted that during my next 3 days off which started the next day, that “Ned” needed to be removed from my department by the time I returned.
    Although he had been relocated to another department just a few aisles away from me, no matter where I was or what I was doing I could feel his presence and I would turn around and there he was.  Starely coldly and watching me. 
    The other 10 men and 2 females and I had a great working relationship.  We all rolled our sleeves up worked hard and had fun interacting together.  Never had any issues with any of them nor they with me. 
    Even though I was moved around to many different positions within the store, for the next three years “Ned” continued to try to intimidate me with his icy cold stares and mannerisms.
    Yeah… I’m pretty sure I would  not enjoy this movie!!!!

  107. I worked for a company who offered services for disabled individuals.  The clients were mostly children and I had been with the company since 2008.  I began asking for a raise late in 2011 which was repeatedly ignored. I sent a letter, I sent an email twice, finally, after the third attempt, I was rudely reminded that I was at the top of my pay scale and no raise would be coming.  I promptly resigned, effective immediately.  Boy did that put the company into a tail spin! I had already arranged for care to the family that I was with so there was no lapse in care for them.  It did however take the company a few hours to react because it took until 10:30 ish for them to even open the email that I had sent them in forming them of my resignation.  My revenge? I am still with the family and the company was dropped like a hot potato! Also, I am with another family that used to use this company but no longer does. Needless to say, I came out on top!

  108. I had a boss that liked to nitpick his underlings to the point of exasperation. The company I was in had a reputation for having the lowest turnover rate in the industry. Once you are hired, chances are you retire from there 20-35 years later. Well, not in customer service if you were stuck under this boss. What’s worse, HIS boss always sided with him over any grievance or dispute with employees, because both of them were from the same engineering fraternity whose creed was more or less “always back each other up, right or wrong”.
    Well, my work performance suffered during his constant badgering all because I messed up on a project that I had no training for and got no help with. Nobody else under him was happy working for him. He had the highest turnover rate of any boss in the entire 2500 employee company.
    Then, his boss made a lateral transfer, meaning he just lost his security blanket. The other sub-boss in the department with the same position as my boss, got promoted to that position and proceeded with a department wide review. I believe I was one of 3 let go, but not without pouring my heart out on what I had experienced, and I detailed almost everything my boss did. I cleaned my cubicle out after everyone else had left.
    The next morning, I got 6 or 7 emails from co-workers asking me what the hell happened. I told them. Well, apparently, the rest of them got up the nerve to speak up for themselves about the abuse our boss put on them because a week later I was told he got demoted. Pulled out of his cushy corner office and put in a cubicle with the rest of his former underlings as an engineer, his old job.
    I was happy to sacrifice my job because I was emotionally worn out and burned out, but I also wanted my co-workers to be happier. So in that sense, mission accomplished. However, in hindsight, I should have transferred out or found another job once the writing on the wall became apparent that it was all down hill from there.

  109. I was fortunate to get the ultimate revenge!   My manager thought she was untouchable because of her effective cost-cutting and various awards.  She micro-managed us and would never take “No” for an answer.    I went out on a stress leave because it was effecting my health and marriage.   When I came back to work, she had been severanced out of the company.   Nice way to say “Your Fired!”

  110. I had a bad boss.  i had worked with him on the same team before at another company so when he offered a job oh sure.  turned out he was a bad boss.  Wanted everything yesterday.  Wanted all the credit.  Stole Ideas.  I had an office.  He took it away and gave it to a new hire and put me in a smaller office without windows.  I of course talked to his boss who sadly didn’t do much until his boss told him to ask him to resign.  So sweet revenge didn’t come from me he was a bad boss, bad employee, and everybody knew it.

  111. Let me start by saying that I am a male, and not a relative. Two strikes against me from the start.
    I have a boss that is so unreasonable that I, believe she is the seven heads of medusa.In the beginning she was all smiles and wonderful greetings. Then the hatchet fell. This woman has done nothing but create pure caos. Her boss thinks she can do no wrong as he sees her low cut blouses and smells her sweet perfume reminds me of the oddie cologne skunk cartoon oh oddie floating on the fregrance. Anyway the open door she promised does not exist. Do not argue any point with her as she will go off on you . Lies prevail with this woman as she is accusing you. I don’t have a chance of transferring to any other dept. She has made this quite evident. If you are one of her favorites you have it made, she will promote you. Many have quit and many have stepped down from the upper positions because of her but no oneevidently sees this as a sign of anything wrong. She calls in sick frequently…and her cousin whom she promoted is almost a disability case of her own…what a scam these two are running i could go on and on but what is the use…I am stuck where I am at as with many others.

  112. I had a boss once who proved her Einsteinian ineptitude. There was a major screw up in our department and in order to calm HER boss, she Xeroxed a test right from a manual and handed it out to all of us in the OR. Unfortunately for her (not for me!) she managed to copy the ANSWERS to the questions as well! So, I just copied the answers and I was the first person finished. Within minutes she had mine graded and brought it back. I looked and almost every third answer was marked as wrong!!! I looked at her asked if she was sure that she’d graded mine correctly? She replied very smugly that she had and that I needed to fix my answers.I walked right over to the hospital’s CEO and showed him what she’d done. I told about how she was constantly doing everything she could to make my life and job miserable and this was the proof. Needless to say, she got the reaming out she deserved, I got a 100% on my test and she NEVER bothered me again!

  113. If you have a bad boss like I used too, try and wait it out, sometimes they move up or someone/they will take care of your situation for you.  After 35 years in the workforce and having worked for 2  fortune 50 companies,I have seen allot of employee issues - DO not go to HR - they are all for the company.  If you really have to (which is what I did), find another job.   I believe in KARMA and I have seen it work many times.

  114. I once worked for a company that was contracted to read the water meters for one of the smaller cities in the central Florida area. After three years of me busting my tail, I was offered a job working directly with that city. At first, I was like hard work pays off, as I got a city vehicle and a pay raise. I was told that the only reason I got the job was that the (then) Asst. city manager wanted to date me. She told me bluntly that if I didnt she would fire me. She is 19 years older and we have nothing in common (My mother is only 24 years older so..) Too freaky and the having nothing in common, I refused, then got fired, then she started and continues to tell lies about me. Been doing so for the last 6 years!

  115. I’ve had nine supervisors in 5 years.  I have to train every new one, every new one wants to change everything.  I have not had one supervisor that had prior experience.  I have to train each one from the ground up.  Why can’t I get the position?  Because I have “no” experience.  I now have a 35 year old supervisor that acts like she is 15.  Hurray for me. 

    •  @Nasus I feel your pain. GM’s appoint the worst people and you know why?  It’s because they can’t afford to lose your work on the ground and they know it. Instead of rewarding you they lock you where you are on the  floor and give the supervisor job to a spreadsheet junkie or another yoyo that they know won’t affect the position if they screw up in the top job while youre cleaning up the messes on the ground floor. Then the bastards have the nerve to tell you, “you’re lucky you have a job”.

  116. Sad to read all of these stories.  I worked for a local outfit in Salem that did HVAC work. We had a General Manager who was real fiery, and in your face if you screwed up.  Now that I run my own HVAC outfit and see what kind of employees you get in the trades I understand.   Long story short My direct boss’s  I had two, A manager that I fully answered to and the company VP that I officially worked for, both had different management styles. One did not like confrontation, the other was the most calm and easy going man I have ever worked for.  Between the two they kept me pretty much insulated from the GM who was in reality a nice guy and just doing his job.  Over the course of 25 years we all changed and mellowed and the rough edges wore off.  I as an employee busted my butt and did almost any job assigned to me including 1 time floating under a house in flood water on a piece of plywood and kicking across to do a nasty job.  I did my best to run my service truck as its own little business and generate as much ethical profit as I could for the company.  I felt that I was treated well and can’t say enough good things about my bosses including the GM and the owner.  I only left because I was getting older and needed to do my own thing at least once in my life.  I wish I could mention names but the reality is we are competitors now. However S.A. and W.W and R.R  and yes J.G. Thank you, you took me from a stupid kid and made me who I am today. Thank you.
     R.P. @ C.City.Heating

  117. It was time for me to go to lunch. I told my supervisor that I was going to the restroom and then I was clocking out for lunch. He replied,” No. Clock out and then go to the restroom.” I replied, “No. I have to pee now.” (And I really did)  He replied,” Peeing is something you should have done on your break.” I replied, “I didn’t get a break because we were so busy.” He then goes on to state that,”You and I need to get on the same page.” I think to myself, We’re not going to be on the same page if you keep telling me when I need to have bodily functions.One of the many moments that clearly state how much of a control freak /asshole he really is.

    • @sandiejalice
       Actually you are allowed to use the facilities when you need to whether it’s your break or not, and whether your boss likes it or not!! If you have any type of kidney problems now you can sue your employer for never letting you use the bathroom! Document the date, time etc. Also check the labor laws!! And hopefully you told your boss to “piss off” no pun intended!

  118. I had a boss (8.5 years) that would use foul language my way in front of customers,  was always threatening to fire me,  didn’t communicate well so would pitch fits when asked for clarification,  always telling whoppers to the owner denigrating my performance, once threatened me with bodily harm in front of the owner.
    For about 6 months I had him relaying his instructions through the owners’ son in law,  that worked until he got a divorce one day and fired up his sick little projection thing by cursing me in front of a customer…
    Sooooo, I joined the other previous coworkers (40 years combined experience) that had enough of his crap and walked off the job never to return.
    Didn’t even take time to load my tools, asked a coworker to bring them to me.
    Since unions are practically non existent it would be nice to have some enforceable laws in place preventing employee abuse. (None in Montana)

  119. I am disabled with numerous mental and physical disabilities.My wife works as A caregiver on an over night shift so she can take care of me during the day.She had been working 40 hrs A week,but her boss just hired another caregiver with out telling my wife and took my wife’s hours away.Her boss has her doing all the extra work that she is supposed to be doing,but doesn’t want to.My wife was in an severe auto accident and almost died.My wife’s boss laughed and thought it was funny.My wife tried to  transfer to another care facility that the company she works for operates.My wife’s boss stopped the transfer and told my wife that she is not going anywhere.I think that it is just so horrible for the situation my wife is in.

    • @depressedworrier
       Get your wife an audio/video pen so that she can tape her boss! They’re only about $50.00 and well worth it!!! Everybody has a boss including your wife’s boss, or the people he works for! If I seen somebody do that to your wife I would report him! Tell your wife not to give up, keep on praying and in the meantime tape everything…eventually this “boss” will hang himself on his own rope!!!

      • @tjb333  Thank you for commenting .Unfortunately my wife and 2 other ladies were let go.The excuse was that the company was down sizing.We don’t believe that though.Because my wife faxed corporate her problems,even A copy of the unfair work schedules like the owners of the company told her too.I even called corporate to express my concerns because my wife was scheduled to work 14 hrs one day.Drive 1hr home,get 6hrs sleep,then drive 1hr back to work,and work another 14hrs straight.The day she was let go even,she was scheduled to work.But nobody called her and she drove 1hr into work for nothing.

  120. After reading all these posts, I can honestly say I have no desire to return to the workforce. I was “let go” from my last job for daring to take maternity leave. I was told I was expected back no longer than 6 weeks after giving birth. I informed them that I had a right to 12 additional weeks of FMLA and planned on taking them. I returned to work when my daughter was almost 5 months old and was given a completely new position. I had been running an entire dept and was now basically a data entry clerk. When they realized they were paying me an excellent salary for work that didn’t command it, they tried to get me to quit. Because I needed the medical insurance for my family, I couldn’t. I was constantly abused by my direct supervisor, telling me she hated children and anyone with children. To make a long story shorter, they finally “let me go” due to “lack of work”. I was able to collect unemployment which helped pay for Cobra which we needed. After hearing my reason for termination, Unemployment wanted me to file a complaint against the company but I refused. I just wanted to be rid of them forever. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 5 years and sometimes think I don’t ever want to enter the corporate world again!

  121. Saw an Army Garrison Commander take a lady out of her job for 14 months and put her in an isolated office without job duties, etc. in an effort to run her off.  She was finally fired after a very questionable investigation that was full of untruths, half-truths, etc.  Her life was ruined, but he is now enjoying a very prestigious fellowship at a large pharmaceutical company representing the Army as one of its best.   This is a crazy world we live in!!!! 

  122. Your article has nothing to do with hard American realities. In a country where you either work or you starve, there is a real world. For decades to did everything I could to remain employed. This is hard when the working world keeps trying to find ways to get rid of you – recessions, politics, early obsolescence, out-sourcing, in-sourcing, down-sizing, harassment – you name it. Finally, the working world got rid of me in 2007.  My employer had tried getting rid of me several times before this. In May of 2002 I took a fall down a ship’s ladder. I,broke my foot  and had to undergo surgery which was nothing more than putting the pieces between two metal plates. How successful the surgery was depends on which lies you care to believe, the lies my company told, or those truths left out by the doctors. Worse, are the lies one’s own family and the Social Darwinists tell you. Especially in the worst of times, is this fixation with  blaming the victim, this well-worn path of “wish you were dead,” taken by the state’s physicians, the company’s phony insurance company and their representatives.  Since my accident, my three best friends are my bike, the swimming pool, and chronic pain. I can no longer walk on uneven surfaces. Forget about mowing a lawn, hiking the Grand Canyon or the Adirondack Mountains, anymore. No more jogging for this former varsity track star. No more deep sea or inland sailing. No more iceboating, power boating, or water skiing. My parent’s camp on a lake in Upstate New York is useless to me. My sitting around makes everybody really nervous and uncomfortable so I don’t go back there anymore.
    When I returned to work, the company harassed me, probably because they didn’t like watching me limp around anymore than my family did. Maybe I made them uncomfortable, too. I was kept from doing my job. I was delayed, held up, harassed by representatives of this company. I was repeatedly threatened. Their security force made me their special project. This company started calling my return to work “politically incorrect.” When I questioned them on what they meant by this they said that I would have a job until somebody didn’t like me, and then I would not.
    In February of 2007, this company banned me from setting foot on their property ever again. And, if my company didn’t go along with them, then they would also be found to be politically incorrect, then not liked, until they too were banned. Still, after being made to write a letter of apology and attend anger management therapy sessions the company refused to lift the ban against me, and I was let-go.
    I am black-balled, black-listed, and banned from my previous line of work. I am past my mid-fifties, injured, unemployed and unemployable. The state says that I must be prepared to work for significantly less than I was making before. They say this with smiles on their faces.
    When I wrote a 44-page report and sent it to the governor, the United States Coast Guard, the FBI, the New York Times, the Seattle Times, my state representatives, my congressmen, state senators Murray, Cantwell nothing happened. One senator actually had the balls to write me a letter back telling me how my problems were not on the docket . . . and to go away, or else. All I received from all of these authorities was silence.  And a cheap plastic pen from one  state representative.
    Did I seek out legal help?  I heard a lot about how the marine industry was too big to tangle with, and to go away. My injury should have been an L&I claim, however, the State of Washington turned my claim down, saying that my injury fell under the Federal government, and the “Harbor Workers and Longshoremen Act of 1987.” And then my company lied to me, again. They never filed a claim. And now I have a chronic injury, am out of work, and on my own.
    The offending company . . . why British Petroleum. . . . and their refinery up here at Cherry Point. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to save my own life, living off my savings, while they created another “one of the largest ecological disasters ever”,  this time in the U.S. Gulf . . . something that came as absolutely no surprise to any of us who had been working day and night with them up here at Cherry Point. The stories I could tell you — the abuses alone of the Patriot Act (threatening civilian workers during a time of war).
    I’m just one person, the little guy, the little person, the small person, the nobody. BP, all of them, would just love it if I would put a gun to my head like that Louisiana charter boat captain, Allen “Rookie” Kruse, did. They would just love it. That would solve everything for them, because who remembers Allen “Rookie” Kruse? Nobody does. Everybody forgets.
    President Obama likes to say that this thing is bigger than just one person. But the way the government and business screws the Vanessa Walshs and her children, is the same way they screw the Allen Kruses, the same way they screw everybody  . . . just one at a time. The same fate awaits all of us. There’s a saying: “If you broke it, you bought.” But all I hear is how I’m broken, who is going to want me now?
    Hope is a war against the American people. Hope is a drug, the worse kind when used as a lie. Where is hope when everyday is the same for the one out of every three Americans on food stamps; the same for the tens of millions of children relying upon the school lunch programs; these same children who must watch as their brothers and sisters continue living at home, because they are the one out of every two college graduates who are either under-employed or unemployed and in debt up to their eyeballs. Meanwhile, we are told to sacrifice for some promised future that never comes.

  123. I had to take a  Family Medical Leave in order to get a break from my ‘bad boss’. I work in the social service field, providing activities for families. We can have as many as 21 projects in a fiscal year for two people to work on, which requires planning, outcomes, budgets, implementation, and final reporting to all aspects of each assigned project. The stress was overwhelming and my boss was newly hired as of one and half years ago. Why my company hired a PH.D graduate in Political Science as a Manager of a Social Services field I will never understand. He is a micro-manager, talks incessantly about things other than work, extremely policy focused, and treats you like a child. Very demoralizing. So I figured I needed to take care of myself and take the time to regroup. I still have to deal with him when I go back, but I have a lot of outside support now. I also filed a Workers Comp Claim. I don’t expect much to come of the claim, but I was able to have a voice and that helped. I may even be fired after all this, because we all know how companies back their upper management, so we will see what happens. Hang in there everyone!

  124. Its one thing to have a bad boss but when everyone else in management that hold higher postitions than your boss backs his behavior. That is when you really have an issue. Most companies would like for the employee to follow the chain of command when problems arise. Most management can clearly see that the boss is way out of line but will still turn the situation around to make the employee feel like they are the problem, I once heard that when applying for postions in management you can forget about the things tha are morally right because thats not how most of them operate. Yes, I had a bad boss but thanks be to God , I am hanging in their and I do not plan to transfer to another position or another job to get away from him. I am going to stick around to see when he reaps everthing he has sown. God did not give me the spirit of fear butof peace, love and sound mind. I believe it bothers my boss because in spite of him mistreating and lying on me I still continue to perform my duties to the utmost. At one point he placed me in horrible conditons to work . My spirit was badly crushed , in the midst of it all the job was still well done. He couldnt break me down that way so he began to conjure all kinds of lies and they failed also. ( I was hurt but I never let anyone know it) I decided to allow my hater to be my motivator.

  125. Bad bosses have irritated me for years, so does that darn cubicle!  Heck, I can’t stand it when there’s only a drop of coffee left and I’m the one who has to keep making a new pot!  Geesh, for that matter I hate Mondays!  I could go on and on!  I finally figured out a way to handle all this grief…now, there’s no need to get mad…and, you’ll feel better immediately!  Relieve yourself (men) on my Toilet Targets!  You can see more on my FaceBook page, just Google me!  There’s a whole set for most of the really annoying stuff in life!  Mr. Pister Toilet Targets are a great gift item for the upcoming holidays! 
    Mr. Pister

  126. My two bosses carried on an affair. They told me about it. They actually thought I would be happy! Huh??? We are the only three people in the office. I haven’t left my job because I can’t afford to take a cut in pay. I feel like the guilty one because I know about this and can’t say anything every time I see my bosses wife. My bosses wife was recently diagnosed with cancer too. Ugh. And, one of the girls that used to work at my office found that the big boss is paying the other boss for work that she is not doing. I know I need to leave to save my sanity but the job market just sucks right now.

    • @whattodoThe job market is horrible – if you can tough it out and pay off a few bills to get yourself in a position to where you can take a pay cut then I would work that angle.. I’ve been looking for over 4 months and not a bite yet…

      • @blackswan  Thank you. I am toughing it out for now. You are right, I am working towards being able to take a pay cut. Starting all over somewhere else scares me but the mental stress of this job has really taken a toll on me. I will be so happy when I can finally leave.

  127. Sabatour – I had a controller of our company that told two different managers that I had applied for the position and didnot get it.  Why not just paint a red bulls eye on my back!   One of the “managers” was a real nut job, she called the whole department into a meeting handed us a piece of paper and a highlighter. She told us to highlight while she read the meaning oof a deadline to us . He definition ” a line around a prison where a prisioner may go only at the risk of bbeing shot.”  I was so outraged that I bought the most gaudy gilded frame and stand a placed it in my cube.  The second manager was  just an right out liar , and i told her supervisors on seeral occassions. She called me into  her supervisors office because “I was not reaching the desired requirments”.  I asked both of them , and you know this because how many times have you actually done what you are asking me to do?  I get so infuriated when managers walkin at the top of the heap and have no idea about the job , and have not intentions of trying to learn. Afteralll, we were all idiots until they were hired and we should be glad that they are they are there now to save us! 

  128. My boss was the President of our company.  On a business trip together, he noticed a women in the airport with ample breasts.  He started commenting on it in front of me and my co-worker.  He saw the women again at the exhibition and said there’s my girlfriend.  Another former co-worker of his came up to our booth and he said “I just talked to my girlfriend” (dream on).  He was married with two daughters.  When he would talk to me, he would look at my face and then immediately down at my breasts.   It made me feel uncomfortable to say the least.  I left the company because I felt he was a functioning alcoholic with anger issues.  It is also uncomfortable for your boss to have a crush on you.  Never looked back and I am in the process of opening my own business. 

  129. A few years back a new manager was placed over my department. He got the job by blowing smoke up the GM’s rear about his supposedly former employement in my field. This moron is a fraud. Here’s how we get revenge.  We make up words about the items we work on and he repeats them to management like he knows all about it.  Sign him up for salesman calls via the net for janitorial supplies.  We drop his business cards off at gay bars seeking friendship.  Put him on Craigslist in the men seeking men section. Lot’s more. Yes it’s juvenile but at least you get to smile a lot about it.

  130. I had one boss that a counselor that I talked to said he was a true sociopath, had no feeling whatsoever for anyone.  My first 3 years there, he never worked a full week, came in at 10 when he did show up and sat in his office reading the Wall Street Journal.  If you had to talk to him, even the littlest thing, he would bite your head off, belittle you, etc.  When he finally retired I was elated to learn one of my co workers and friends got his job.  It gets worse, this guy becomes a totally different person and I decided he was scared to death with his new  job.  He put so much pressure on everyone, it affected my health; years of 70 hour stress filled weeks finally got my heart; I was in cardiac critical care 3 times in one year.  The last time I got out and came back to work, he chewed me out for missing too much time!  He finally concocted a way to get rid of me because of one of my employees was dishonest and had been lying about an audit of which I believed him (even though I knew he was dishonest) and knowing I was about to be canned over it, I went in and retired.  Screw ‘em!!  

  131. I had a wonderful Boss who decided to cheat on his wife. I became the collateral damage! First he gave her the store and she came in as an employee(scary) and after months of trying to train her, refusal to follow simple instructions even though I had run her store for almost 5 years affording her the opportunity to stay home, take pole dancing classes, go on trips and hang out with her girlfriends, etc-she thought she knew best. Then she started entertaining men at our place of business…needless to say my job had changed completely! While discussing her divorce proceedings she shared that she was hoping for a large amount of money for spousal maintenance, so keep my hours down to about 20. After meeting with the attorneys she was told she wasnt at her earning potential and she should let me go and take over my position.At first I thought she was just sharing, come to find out weeks later that was her hidden plan. December is our busiest month, 12 hour days, working 14 days in a row and she let me work all the hours-and then shortly after that when the store slowed down-first week in Jan she let me go. To top it all off she tried to fight for my unemployment!!  I gave up so much for this family, I worked my tail off and trusted I was in good hands…eventually it all came out she was dishonest and the courts saw through her and awarded me unemployment but today I am still struggling with the way this went down and how I was treated. I know in my heart that to wish her ill will is wrong but gosh I have lost so much from her actions against me…recovery from being wronged takes some time and it still hurts.      

  132. My boss of 11 yrs is a douch bag red neck. Im originally from Wisconsin moved to North Carolina so my wife could be closer to her family. My manager has absolutly no people skills. in the beginning I really ha a hard time dealing with his condesending attitude. But now Ive learned hes the one with the problem and not me so i have learned to ignore him and just do my job which btw I really enjoy. I dont /wpmt allow him to rule my life with his negativity.   His wife is really ugly so I just figure he hates the world because he see’s what guys like me have and is just jeolous…LOL on him!!!

    •  @tablerock
       Remember, even after all these years you are still considered “that yankee boy” to many people in the south. I had a friend who moved to SC to be near his aging parents. Even after being there for over ten years he was still “that yankee boy”.
      As for your boss being a redneck, think of the day he’ll be a a family function and say “Hey look at this” then do something really stupid which will get him either an honorable mention of full membership to the Darwin Awards.

    • What I find fascinating about the majority of this feedback is the lack of self accountability. Most people forgot to tell us about the things they did that were wrong whether is was retaliatory or simply disregarded because they hated their job. By reading this feedback, all I see is people ripping on a Manager/co-worker making them seem like they are 100% of the problem. I guarantee the people writing this feedback are ALSO A PART OF THE PROBLEM. I will tell you that most of these people will continue on with a “self righteous” chip on their shoulder and spread the cancer to another employer and co-workers.  I feel that if most of these people took a serious look in the mirror, they would realize the truth and could move on with a better and more self aware attitude to change their futures.  Bitter people fail to see the whole picture due to self ignorance.  Having said all of this, I too was fired after 25 years of service for attitude and performance.  In retrospect, I realized what I was fired for and will make a change to better my own future rather than blame it on someone else. My words of advice are to learn from the past and grow in the future.  Self awareness is the key to a brighter future in your personal and work life.

  133. I took a job that seemed to be what I had been preparing for all of my career. My boss was wonderful. I was valued for my many years of knowledge and appreciated. The team he put together was very functional. Everyone worked well together and slowly I turned the reputation of our helpdesk around from the “no-help-desk” and “helpless desk” aroound. I heard that the last person who had my position used to yell at people when they called for assistance. It took over a year of using all my skills to make people trust I/T. I streamlined processes and when I told callers that a tech would be at their desk within 10 minutes the tech appeared within that 10 minutes.
    Three years into my job my boss got a transfer to try to build another team that would function as well as out team did. That was the beginning of a nightmere for me. The network admin was promoted to “supervisor” (not manager because he didn’t have any kind of advanced degree). He saw the world in black and white terms while I saw black, white, and many shades of gray in mine.
    The day he took over he began removing my many duties one by one. Nevermind that I had done them all very well for three years. I was supposed to believe that that was for my benefit somehow.
    He told me directly that he would never hire another woman as long as I was on the team because “two women can’t work together”.
    The department was moved to another area in the building and I was physically isolated to a cube away from my techs. My cube also had  one wall that was lower and it had a shelf on it so people could walk up to me when they had computer problems. The fact that the only question anyone EVER asked me was “Do you sort of feel like you’re at a drive through?”  
    The guys in the department used to all go out to lunch together several times a week. I was NEVER invited, in fact that boss made sure they all met and then he paraded them past me. Some of them had the grace to feel badly, but they knew better than to cross him because they all saw what he was doing to me.
    Finally he had removed almost all of my duties there was a departmental “reorganization”. My job was eliminated. The only regret I have is that I had loved my job so much I cried in front of him. 
    Lots of my friends (many from the ompany I had worked for, but no one from my department) contacted me to tell me how awful it was that I had been let go. Many urged me to file suit for a hostile work environment, but I knew I’d never get another job if I did. So I just went out and got a job with more pay. HAH.
    That isn’t the end of the story however. About a year after I left the company I heard from several people at that company. Apparently, someone told his boss that he had a huge file of pornographic jokes on his personal drive on the network. He was escorted out. His reign of terror was ended. .
    Best thing ever: Last I heard he couldn’t get another job as a network administrator, he had to settle for working at a big box store as a repair tech.
    As for me, life is sweet. I/T is a tough job for women. I started many years ago as a hardware tech and ended up as a help desk coordinator. Now I am retired and the big box store (no names, but think of blue polo shirts) has had several rounds of layoffs. I’m sure as a short term employee he’s not there anymore.
    Oh, and his wife divorced him. Smart woman.

  134. I lived in CO when I took a job in Savannah, GA.
    1)      I spent every last dime I had to get to Savannah and had told my supervisor of this. Aware of the sacrifice and commitment I was making, he promised me (in writing) a $2,500.00 moving stipend. While he did reimburse me for the actual road trip, he put-off addressing vague IRS and university moving reimbursement policies and as a result I was forced to “live” in an extended stay motel. I was never able to acquire my own place and move my personal belongings to Savannah. Not being able to settle in with my own place and belongings made it almost impossible to acclimate.
    2)      I started approximately two-months before a major event was to happen (this was the second year the event had been done). Although the event had been on the schedule for six-months, nothing had been done by the current team. This event required a call for nominations, nominee selections and nominee bios that appeared on local TV, the university website and in event publications. The final nominees were not decided upon until six-weeks before the event and the records that would be used to create bios were either lacking, out of date or non-existent. During the short planning and implementing stage, I was given one directive when it was clear I was struggling- ask for help. The few people who could be of any help were not favorites of my supervisor and I was told to ask anyone but them for help. This was one of many roadblocks in front of me. Others were: having zero knowledge due solely to my newness, no notes or event guidelines from the previous year’s event, not being allowed to use the relevant experience of key people because of my supervisors personal issues with them, having to work with a difficult, unprofessional, immature, rumor laden and self-occupied group of co-workers, superiors, volunteers and nominees and a lack of supervisory direction, team work, organization and records. All of this created a very hostile environment that was not conducive to successfully completing anything. Despite everything, I was able to pull the very complex event together and it was a success.
    3)      During team meetings, my supervisor would stand next to me with his genitals close to my face. In one of these meetings, a discussion about lodging for an out-of-town conference turned in to an inappropriate joke about my supervisor and me having to share a room. During these instances, I was extremely shocked and uncomfortable.
    4)      Throughout my employment, I was constantly harassed, discriminated against, confronted, questioned, judged and gossiped about. Everything from my private, personal life, to where I was from, to my professional experience and knowledge was attacked. My supervisor did nothing to stop the assaults, defend his hiring decision or address my concerns. I was unable to go to the Director of HR, as she was not an unbiased, safe and confidential resource. I became exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally and found the constant negativity influenced my behavior and health (I cried a lot and could not control it and was unable to sleep or eat for days at a time). When I did try to stand up for my rights and myself or express my concerns, it was counted against me and I began to worry about retaliation.
    5)      After four months of service, I was forced to resign because, according to my supervisor, I was unable to get things done and I could not get along with others. There were two things that I was not done. I did not get alumni board members name badges ordered ( there were several members of the board who ignored my request for spelling verifications and university records were not reliable) and I was unable to write annual fund “ask” letters (I did enlist the help of a co-worker who was able to get first drafts to my supervisor for review). This did shock me. Four months is not long enough to make such a drastic decision unless the employee has done something extremely bad or the employer is trying to avoid something really bad. Although I was angry for being moved 2,500 miles to take a position that came with no tools, direction or a chance, I was fortunate to be out of a hostile and dysfunctional workplace. The Director of Human Resources said to me when my supervisor had momentarily left my forced resignation, “This is a blessing.”
    Not being properly on-boarded by my supervisor or the university or given the time to settle in to my new position and life, was a recipe for disaster and much of the above is not illegal, but it is unethical. During these four months, I was not perfect and did make mistakes. However, nothing that happened that could not have been avoided or easily addressed and fixed with some good, old communication between a supervisor and his employee. My supervisor did not have the innate human traits necessary to be great and successful. Integrity, selflessness, morality and earnestness. He was fired, shortly after I “resigned” and he was served with a lawsuit for wrongful termination from two other ex-employees he did the same thing to and who I was hired to replace.
    What Have I learned from this? What it is to be a bad supervisor and person others and always ask what the on-boarding policy is regardless if the employer is 2,500 miles away or in your home office. Good luck out there and always ask questions, even the hard ones!

    • @ejc871Thank you for sharing! I went through the same exact thing only I am in a different field. I am in Facilities and I was expected to fix a building that required millions of dollars of renovation and the company had no money. I researched them and found that they had raised $140M but once I started I realized they were completely broke, didn’t pay their bills and had a bad reputation with vendors. My boss knew nothing about Facilities was a tyrant and just plain evil. She fired me for no reason after 4 months  - they gave me no warning no specifics as to what I had done wrong and that was it! I agree you need to ask the tough questions up front but sadly many out there will still lie! Good luck to you too!

  135. Hello,
    I think I have a “bad boss” story. I am working as an English teacher in Vietnam at the moment and I have already left the boss that this is about and am doing quite better with income at my new jobs so that part was accomplished but there is still a matter to be settled. To keep it short, upon the last day of my previous employment after giving a two week notice to him, he presented me with what he called an “accurate cost analysis” of money owed to him, he came up with a figure that was 3 million VND less {$150 approx.} than what I got using his exact same figures upon my calculations. Now, that alone to most people is not much money {in Asia that is not so small} but what really was the kicker was that after me not agreeing to his figure, he proceeded to start yelling at me, kept all of my salary, kicked me out of the office and took the motorcycle key that he was letting me borrow and made me walk back home. To add to that, he kept the new laptop that I had bought and was making payments on to the computer store because his name was also on the purchase order and eventhough my remaining salary paid for the rest of the laptop payments, he felt it right to keep both my money and the laptop since I did not agree to his amount he figured that he owed me. If  “laptop money” is figured in with my salary money, the total amount of money lost with him adds up to around 15 million VND {$750} which is getting to be quite a large number {especially in Vietnam}. The problem is I am an American who is not rich to take the man to court and I am not stupid enough to walk into a foreign court without representation. This is my story which happened at a language school in Bac Lieu, Vietnam and the boss should be stayed away from unless you want to get shafted. My email is walka_walka_484@hotmail.com if anyone can offer some further help in this matter.

  136. I did forget to add to my previous text that at least I have gotten the satisfaction of many students leaving the language school that I talked about with the bad boss after I left there and who went to learn at another school I have been told. At least his actions have caused him to lose business it seems which is something that is deserved I would say. I am not looking to take the man for a ride but am only looking for a fair and suitable solution to both parties involved.

  137. Thank you to anybody listening and thank you if anybody can be of help to me with my “bad boss” nightmare. Happy trails to all you teachers out there and good luck with your students.

    • @walkawalka
       see my entry first, I am fillming shortly and hopefully online within a week or so watch it and share.. I will give all tips on what not to do and how not to be fooled the case is racked with corrupt CA state government including judges who violated my consitutuional rights.  Anyway if you can get out of your agency discreetly if you work for the government dont listen to crap about contacting attorney gen’s office for protection  that will be one of the worst mistakes you can make, and if you have an attorney you better hope and pray that they dont accept a bribe a few of mine did and they can and will screw you.. stay in contact and I will let you know when the film is released, it is racked with evidence of their criminal behavior good luck

  138. How would you feel if your boss constantly harassed you because you were the new person and he needed an outlet to release his frustrations? Most of that was due to a snitch who conjured up lies just because she didn’t like me and several others. Being admonished in front of others and accused of lying when you told the truth, these were every day occurrances. I work for a non-profit company (think of care given during war times and disasters). I went to HR with a 32 page document about all the things he said and did and they refused to even talk to him. They said they needed proof. I felt the biggest reason nothing has happened is because of his sexual preference and HR is afraid to go to bat. I am trying desperately to get out but there is nothing to go to. Times are hard in Michigan.

  139. I worked for a company that was almost all veterans (80%) doing outreach work for disabled and wounded veterans. My team was all combat veterans and military retirees.  We were given a supervisor who was a non veteran, was half our age (she was 24), and didn’t understand anything about leadership.  We tried to help her with her leadership style (every single one of us was either a NCO or officer and all of us had lead units from a platoon to a battalion).  She did nothing but cry and complain about how we weren’t supporting her (we initially tried but finally gave up due to her yelling about us making suggestions to her and then would tell us we didn’t know anything about leadership).  We finally had enough and went to the owner of the company (her boss)…and he told us there was nothing he could do, as she was some distant relative of his wife!Well, word got back to her that we had gone and talked to the owner, and she then took us one by one into the conference room and yelled and screamed at each of us and threatened us with our jobs (some of us had worked there from the start). We again went to the owner, reported what had happened, and this time he went and had a talk with her, and reported back to us “she says that she is not getting any support from the team”…and we proceeded to tell him why.Well, two weeks later at a company sponsored family event, she proceeded to loudly tell every single one of our wives and family members “your husband/father is a terrible employee and I don’t know how he made it thru the military but I guess the military is a good place for losers”.At that point and time, every single one of us on her team went to the owner and his wife and quit on the spot…and so did several other employees, who had overheard her. The owner was NOT amused but his wife felt that we were doing it “because she is a black female” (the owner was white and his wife was black, and our supervisor was black).We all then went to work for the VA as supervisors doing the exact same thing we had done for him, but with better benefits.  We got revenge when 7 months later, our former supervisor applied for a job, and we were asked by HR to give our recommendation on her…and needless to say, she got a major thumbsdown!

  140. I worked in a collections office and one of the people we were after was friends with one of the other employees in the office.  I discovered one day that my boss had swept this one under the rug.  I called him on it and he threatened to fire me.  He was on my case for everythng and even admitted he was watching me.  This man is truly sadistic.  I have since retired but I did so with everyone hating me for ‘stirring the pot”.  The day I left I checked and the girl still had not paid what she owed.g.  /He has since left the position.  I don’t think I’ve ever disliked anyone as much as him.

  141. I have a job where my boss hired a new girl   He has a bad habit of putting ads on Craigslist for employees and asking for pictures along with resumes.  He wants to see how cute and pretty they are before he hires them.  Can anyone say Lawsuit?  He has been getting rid of the people that he considers “not pretty”.  I have been in this job for 4 years and have been there the longest. He   started cutting my hours one day at a time.  His excuse, “well we’re not busy on that day so you can stay at home and we won’t need  you to work that day of the week anymore”.  The final straw was when I came in and found out that the new girl had been given the hours that I was working. I had had been reduced to 2 days a week What happened to not being busy on that day.  To top it off we have a “manager”  that couldn’t find her way of a paper bag.  I got the better deal.  I have a new job away from this fruitcake.

  142. My bad boss story is this.  Our company got a reality TV deal, and some of the employees were concerned about having to be on the show.  Our boss in a public meeting where customers and tv production crew were with in earshot and in a very angry tone put down the law, you’ll be in the show or you’ll find another job, being on camera is now a condition of your employment.  When some complained about the tone in which this very thinly disguised threat was made, that it wasn’t necessary to talk to us like that (as though we were two) he brought us up to his office for a private meeting where the same line was delivered in the same tone!  Fast forward to the beginning of production, we are told by the producers that some of us with have contract agreements but that the others will also recieve payment for being on camera, while our boss tells us that we have to clock out in order to shoot the scenes we are in.  ??  We have to clock out to execute a condidion of our employment?  Why does he believe he doesn’t need to pay us for our work infront of the camera?  If its because of lost production heaven help us when he figures out that doing our weekly hour and a half clean up takes away from production as well, or that we don’t produce anything while shoveling snow, or taking care of any other shop need that doesn’t directly involve production!!!  Imagine having to clock out to change the light bulb above your desk!!!!!  Of course the real reason he thinks he can do this is because he can just terminate us if we don’t like it he’s the boss, which is I guess a valid reason for us to not complain too much but its still BS!  What concern is it of his if the production company wants to give me money?  He should still pay me for fulfilling the conditions of my employment.

  143. haha, I was hired through Office Team at a shipping company. The boss there was like somebody out of a movie. Fat, glasses, loud and deep voice… he even had a secret stash of top ramen noodles in his office. Anyways, this guy was a total power-abuser. He’d try to “show” the  workers how to do their job and make them feel stupid. Keep in mind these were all simple tasks he’d criticize and “correct” you on how to do them. For instance, I was unloading packages off a pallet and he sees me moving a bit slow… after over an hour of unloading by myself and currently working on a pallet of 40, 50lb boxes. He yells “That’s not how you do it! Give me that!” -he grabs the box from the draw-strings (we all know NOT to do that) and they snap and the box falls to the floor and the box gets damaged and contents are messed up. Another time he sees me sweeping the floor… yells at me that I don’t know how to sweep, yanks the broom out of my hands and “shows” me. What a downright ass hole! It’s really only “his way” not the right way. He also had a knack for giving people scrutinizing nicknames- annoying.
    Anyways, I stuck around with this job, I got hired permanently, got a raise,  more hours and now I do more meaningful tasks =] IN YOUR FACE!!

  144. I was physically attacked by my supervisor while working as a temp. He jumped on me from behind and grabbed my neck and shook me violently. I was very ill at the time and came to work anyhow because temps are not allowed sick time. I  managed to get away from him and turned to face him. The look in my eye must have been enough because he left quickly.  I walked out the door and called in sick for 2 days so he fired me. The reason I was so ill was because I was going through the transition of becoming a type 2 diabetic. He gave me a severe whiplash injury and I had to apply for workmens comp. I was down for several months because diabetes slows the healing process. I called the police to report this but as there were no witnesses there was nothing I could do. However another employee had seen him shove me earlier and he was willing to testify and told the company he was obliged to. I wrote a letter to the local top manager but nothing was done. I attempted to sue him and the company but because I had applied for workmens comp my suit was denied. He was known for doing things like this and called it “the old snaparoo” . This all occurred in the wonderful State of NY. 20/20 hind-site says I should have called the police immediately but because I did not know i was injured for several days I did not call them. He was given a Mr. Congeniality award by his peers that year.

  145. I worked for an extremely abusive, downright sadistic boss for almost 6 years.  Tantrums, screaming, throwing things if something didn’t go his way, etc. were a common part of almost every workday.  The worst of it was when a problem arose that I had absolutely nothing to do with (such as any kind of computer problem), and he would take out his rage on me.  He was the CFO for a social services agency, and very close to retirement age when I began working for him as an accounting assistant.  His wife died from cancer about a month after I started at the agency.  If he was as abusive to her as he was to the people he worked with, then his meanness and spitefulness undoubtedly contributed to her death.  He once told me that if I quit my job before he retired, he would “put a contract out of me.”  He may or may not have been kidding, but truthfully I still don’t know if he meant it, and I didn’t want to find out.  So I stayed till he retired, then quit 3 months later.  He did give a good recommendation for me for a position I later applied for at a different organization, and told my prospective new boss to have me call him to let him know how I was doing.
    I never did.

  146. I was told I was needed to add to the accounting department since they were separating from the parent company. Within 2 weeks I found out they couldn’t run payroll (overpaying some and completely missing three employees from the register several times), lost invoices that were almost $200K that were over 6 months overdue and other idiotic mistakes that no accountant ever wants to get involved with. My boss took no responsibility for going over what had to be done and left it to me to tackle alone. He was always leaving to meet with his “man meat” but had his cell glued to his hip when his wife would call. He even left a meeting with all the other managers to answer her call and you could hear the yelling from a few feet away. After working 65 hour work weeks, the CTO sends out an email congratulating my boss on “his superior effort” in getting the company back to it’s normal flow while I got a simple thanks about a year later. He’s now the Director and had several bonuses paid out for more than I made in a year and after going to HR with documentation that he instructed me to do the assignments but was rewarded monetarily for my work and they did nothing, The new manager of HR said she’d rule against an employee in favor of the other managers because “people like me” should be glad to have a job because they don’t offer affirmative action and protected classification to all of “my people”. After that I started taking my lunch breaks and leaving after 8 hrs of work faithfully for 3 months and they needed me for two major projects but I couldn’t make myself available. The CTO became the president and hired his friend to become my boss but she was just as incompetent as kept saying she was confused when I explain basic accounting rules. After she got caught in a lie and blamed me, I learned from working with Mr. A-hole to keep documentation and proved that she was wrong. That created a thunderstorm of bs after that and I lost my bonus, got reprimanded for following her instructions whether they were wrong or not and she became part time but needed to keep her full time pay with two increases in two months so I just quit.

  147. I got a bad review from my boss because I picked up the slack of people that were not doing their part of the project. I successfully delivered the project on time with a more then happy end user. I went into my review only to be told that my efforts were appreciated but I did not follow the “process” so I got marked down. Needless to say things went south from there. That was the first time in my life I learned not to give 100% at something. Check mark for the worst management I ever encountered. I would have paid for a management 101 class out of my own pocket because I felt bad for her after the fact.

  148. i used to have a bad boss – for about 2 years – she was new to the dept and did her very best to “run me off” so another co-worker could have my position. I stood my ground – endured her abuse (regretfully) – and left when I chose to  – not her choice -but mine. In looking back, I probably should have just left a lot sooner and gave her what she wanted – instead I stayed and suffered a lot of emotional abuse.

  149. Automotive industry at it worst, I understand why there was a bail out now, Horrible Boss in management positions are bullies, to customers and employees. Only female doesn’t help either. Expect 8 cars a meh, I did 7and a half, and was written up because He got written up for not making total car sales for the month! Nasty, ignorant, ghetto, male dominated, and just plain a sorry ass person all around! Vengenance is mine says the Lord, His is coming, sooner than later. Too bad if he goes, some of us are going also! *Quote*! So sad. The largest retail in the Automotive Business, based in Florida! You know who you are, put do you know who your GSM’s are??????????

  150. I have had a few experiences with terrible bosses.  This last was was a kicker though.  The Controller of the company I worked with retired and a few months later another one was hired.  In between I was doing all of the Accounting for the company which consisted of three companies.  When she came on she was so busy “fixing” everything that she said the old Controller did wrong while I was still doing all of the Accounting.   I asked for help over and over and got none. My Dad became ill and I went to visit him for four days.  I am glad I did because he passed away six months later.  When I came back they had dissected my whole desk and started micro managing me.  My boss would yell at me in front of everyone.  The HR person was biased I couldnt go talk to her because she was in favor of my new boss. They did hire someone to help me and then left me accountable for the new persons mistakes.   Well, I was a nervous wreck for four months.  I had to take a tranquilizer before I went into work so I could cope.  There also was a coworker there that would berate me in front of everyone.  It was never stopped.  Four months later I was let go, probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  Since I have been gone, they split my job into three positions and the people that they hired have since left too.  The boss would pretend to care about me and then talk behind my back and started criticizing my family life.

  151. I was recently fired because of my boss.  She has a habit of lying and the company wanted me to lie to.  I had my values and refused to lie.  When I was called into a meeting and wouldn’t agree to what they were saying, I was fired the next day.  The night before they fired me, they put my job on the internet.  It could have been on there longer but I didn’t find out until the night before.  She is very unprofessional, she is very rude to the employees and there has been several complaints about her.  But the company still keeps her.  She recently discriminated against a pregnant employee and still has her job.  Unless the employee complains about her she will get away with that too.  She recently fired the employee she discriminated against. Unfortunately I live in Missouri which is a “right to work” state and they can fire me for any reason they want.  I tried to change to a different department to keep my job but they wouldn’t let me.  I’m not getting any interviews to explain what happened because I just don’t get that far.  I have to put down why I left the last job and its hard to explain being fired.

    • @PatriciaParmerThompson
       Right to work states were formed for union busting and paying low wages. You need a labor lawyer. What you are describing are federal labor law offenses. If you have proof or people working along side who have the same complaint..I urge to get a labor lawyer and bust these people. Right to Work states have to be busted as much as they can because they keep people poor and with very few rights.

      • @thnick  @PatriciaParmerThompson
         Do you know one that does not charge a high consultation fee?  I understand that lawyers time is valuable, but that is one of the things these bad bosses have always been able to count on, money to pay for an attorney.

  152. I wish there was a legal recourse to punish employers for bullying their staff.  There are anti bullying laws for kids, but I think adults need them too in the workplace.

  153. My boss always has food around and breaks it out during meetings.  She is constantly eating!  I realize we never get a chance for an actual lunch break, but it goes way above and beyond the call of food duty when she talks with her mouth full or we have to sit and wait while she chews and swallows before we can ge answers to our questions.

  154. After reading about all the horrible bosses- at least I know that I am not alone.  I worked in an local government organization that had no rules regarding the ethics of their managers – a achool system.  Any complaints that were sent to Human Resources were sent directly back to the horrible managers and you were singled out for humiliation.  One of the managers liked to vacation at nudist colonies and would show around pictures of himself.  He had cards made of him in nothing but a leather thong.  He had no education, the people he worked for dispised him and he stole ideas from anyone competent there.  Where is he now?  At the top.  Another supervisor made me sign forms that her son did his court ordered volunteer hours for me after his second DUI.  When my immediate supervisor was forced out, I expected to be able to move up into her position.  They told me that due to budget problems, the job was going to be eliminated.  I had to do both jobs, with no raise in pay.  I later found out that she was lying and holding the money in the budget to give a job to one of her friends.  She was later given a promotion to a finance job because she told them she had experience in finance- the liar had been a secretary at an investment firm 25 years previous.  Then, I had to do all three jobs with no raise in pay or title.  She liked to drink a lot and she and the guy with the nudie pictures took over the group that used county funding for employee social events.  They organized all social gatherings around drinking in the evening.  Only that little group ever attended.  She always gets pretty drunk at all of the county-funded functions.  They actually openly admitted that they cheated one of the competent managers out of his turn to go on a out of town conference trip becaue “he doesn’t drink and would be any fun.”  When the organization was downsized due to heavy loses, many employees were laid off and many are still on unemployment.  Who ended up running the show?  You guessed it.  Most of the competent people were let go.  The drinking group of friends stayed in their jobs or were promoted – they are hiring new employees in that are friends or relatives. I left right before they reorganized.  The place was destroying me.  I had an MBA and made less than the janitor.  I’d like to say that I went to a job that I love.  But alas, lack of progression in my old job made me look like a looser, so I had to go to another clerical job that ends up being mostly copying and filing in spite of being advertised as an office manager.

    • @Looserqueen
       your situations sounds eerily like the one i was recently “released” from. I now watch while a very good company with unlimited potential go down the tubes because of bad management. I was actually paid to leave my job and in my final interview the HR Director actually said she was tired of losing good workers because of bad management. My evaluation actually said that i focused to much on work and did not socialize and the last straw for the company was when I did not attend a surprise birthday party for my supervisor because I was troubleshooting customers and data for the retails stores. I recently got the most glowing written letter of recommendation from the COO of the company and it makes me wonder what they told her about my leaving. In my last department meeting my director actually stated to my co-workers that I was leaving to pursue my own business, my co-workers were shocked! My observations over the years with this company tells me that the COO brought in/employed her friends who used their influence to employ thier own friends who do all they can to ensure that the COO is unaware of how badly they are running down the company while pursuing thier own financial and egotistical interests - that in itself does not say much for the COO but it hurts my heart to know what will inevitably happen as a result. Just last week around 35 people were made redundant including directors (finally!) and i know it is because of bad management decisions. This is one of the best international companies in my island with the highest potential of being the most financially stable and successful companies going down the drain because of bad management. My heart is really really hurting for this company and the COO, but karma will not be denied.

  155. Just out of the military I took a job in a Pharmacy as the stock room manager and worked my way up.  One of the pharmacist was a A-1 ass and was hated by almost everyone.  I was up for a big promotion and he told the big wigs that I wasn’t interested just so he could keep me and make himself look good. 
    I eventually left that company and went to work for another where I was promoted to district
    supervisor.  The new company was expandings quickly and often purchased whole chains as well as individual stores.  One day I was to take over a small independent store the company purchased.  I was surprised that it was owned by my former boss and I learned he would be staying on with us. 
    It was with great pleasure that I terminated his employment as soon as the papers were signed.  I did so not because of our past relationships but because of a customers service issue the day we took over the store.

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  157. My Boss hacked into the phone system of a financial institution in order to compromise the stats of employees based on their ethnic backgrounds. My boss fabricated a story in order to fire a whistleblower over this matter to cover his ass.

  158. Thank you for this article, you were like an echo in my ear that magically made a smile reappear. I remember watching this movie, having my first liquid courage (sad but true at age 24) and telling my husband I had an abusive, over impulsive and aggressive boss. His reaction was as sane and sincere as many husbands would give it, he said “resign or I will take care of it, no one will insult you or ever hurt you so as long as I live”.
    However at the time I was very persistent to expand my career and find enough experience to feel comfort in considering resigning. My degree had little value without the experience I was getting and I bit the bullet. After a couple of months of things getting worse, working 10+ hrs a day to make sure my work and that of other “privileged” negligent employees was complete…I decided to leave because the bullying and the harassment got out of hand. I was so discouraged by the situation I consulted my reasoning to the company’s VP, and respectfully resigned citing every detail possible. From this boss sending people to stalk me, steal my work and ridicule my achievements, to every word and unprofessional “conversation” he ever tried to weigh on me. The VP not only tried to pay me more to stay, promising those responsible would be held accountable, but asked me to continue by his side because he knew I was an asset who was covering for more than 3 positions flawlessly. It was my biggest pride to hear him say this. Resigning broke my ambition, that invisible mountain we want to climb after paying our degrees and feeling true independence.
    My backbone then became my husband, who is now the mentor I never expected. His support for my decision to refuse to have my professionalism and well-being be bought goes beyond anything I could have hoped for to hold me on the other side of this nightmare. The first thing he asked me to do the day after, was to evaluate my strengths and reinvent my career path. I recall when he said this because I literally did not want to get out of bed, I felt broken and his words helped me get up. Now I am on my way to changing the situation I was in, reinventing the person who was stepped on, so that I can find purpose and never again allow someone to disrespect me in this manner.
    My family and friends all felt I was equally able to expand the three disciplines I have a knack for, but with a passion I had never had until all of this happened to me, I chose one in which this type of situation would be confronted in a very different way. I am now literally studying for the certification to put people like this man, who stole money from the company and defiled the career of so many (as I learned a few weeks after I resigned), to be held accountable for his actions. My drive comes from my former boss’s unjustified actions, but the results are for me to find peace in helping others through this and purpose to my experience. So thank you, reading this made me very proud of continuing on what I am doing now.

  159. I  know  about  incompetent,  emotionally  challenged  and  unprofessional  supervisors.  It  is    understandable  why  so  many  people  want  to  work  for  themselves!  First,  never  work  for  two  different  supervisors  in  the  same  environment  with  your  hours  divided  in  two.  Each  division  will  expect  a  forty  hour  work  week  from  you  even  if  advertised  as  parttime. 
    Second,  I  would  not  work  somewhere  where  your  profession  is  not  the  primary  one,  that  is,  working  in  a  “host  environment”  which  has  little  respect  for  or  understanding  of  what  you  do.  I  was  a  social  worker  in  a  medical  facility.  What  a  disaster!  Rather  than  encouraging  me  to  learn  my  job  through  others  in  my  profession,  they  stuck  me  with  a  nursing  supervisor.  She  simply  could  not  handle  my  learning  curve  or  encourage  my  abilities  as  a  social  worker. 
    The  other  supervisor  gave  no  clear  directions  on  what  and  how  to  do  my  job-  expecting  me  to  show  results  without  guidelines.  She  was  way  too  moody  to  be  a  responsible,  sensible  leader-  plying  us  with  homemade  food  one  day  and  bringing  the  axe  down  the  next.  Approaching  the  administrator  was  fruitless.  She  and  the  supervisor  were  friends.  That’s  always  a  black  hole  for  the  frontline  worker!
    So,  I  wish  you  well,  my  friends.  Be  careful  and  make  wise  choices.

    • @Rhythmman
       I completely agree with your recommendation to avoid working in a place where your role is no the primary one.  I work for a reinsurance firm where the primary function of the office is production and underwriting.  There is a small claims dept. and an accounting (accounts processing) dept.  I run the accouting area in that position I supervise three very good employees and one mediocre one.  Everyone in the office that is not involved in underwriting and production is a second class citizen.  Those of us in claims and accounting report to the lead underwriter for the department and he does not care one bit about any of us.  To him, you either write business and bring in premium or you are disposable piece of trash.  The salaries, the treatment from the manager, and the overall office environment reflect his sentiments.  I speak three languages and have a six years experience in the industry and my boss has literally told me that a monkey can do my job.  If I were in the home office working more directly in the accounting department th situation would be very different – I would be reporting to a VP in my same department who treats his employees with the respect that they deserve since he understands their daily work and their needs.

      • @hats44  @Rhythmman
         Agreed. I did tech support for almost all of my working life. I was never valued less than when I worked for a law firm. My manager never sent out anything explaining my position to the firm. I worked via phone. The previous person had to go to the desks of people who called and fix their issues.
        The legal secretaries hated me because I did not do the same. Had my manager introduced me properly it would have clarified that I would be on the phone with them and if someone was required to go to a desk I would send someone there.
        I was never valued less than when I worked there. At one point they sat me in a room with six women who were basically typists. They would all come in sick and not stay home. Then when I got sick (from them, of course) they would complain that I should stay home and not spread MY germs to them!
        Another time I was put in an open cube like the legal secretaries sat at. People coming by thought I WAS a secretary! I ended up editing documents for lawyers because I was sitting there! I did my best for them and think some of them actually appreciated what I did, but others surely didn’t.
        There were multiple affairs going on in that place. MARRIED legal secretaries sitting on their MARRIED lawyers laps playing solitaire all the time.
        I used to sit and listen to one of the senior partners yelling into the phone that whoever he was talking to would pay the firm or he’d personally go there and padlock the business!
        The last time I drove away from there I thoought to myself “Yay! I never have to go to that place again” (picture a party in my head).
        The funniest part was when someone sent me a list of “go to” people who were going to cover what I did. The list was three pages, single spaces, and was pretty much a list of the peole who called me the most. Hilarious!

  160. I agree that the best revenge is to succeed beyond their expectations.   The problem I have though is that I work for the governement and while my old boss was transferred to a non-management position in another building due to being a “bad boss”  he took it out on me and now two years or more afer his removal has told people that I sexually harrassed him and that was why he was removed.  Needless to say I have never even as much as considered what he is implying let alone act on it. Even though my boss was transferred I now have the problem of none of the other bosses wanting me to work for them in this facility because they are afraid that they will meet the same fate.  So now people I work with don’t want to work harmoniously with me.  I requested to go to a clinic closer to home away from the gossip but after two weeks of being treated badly and being given contradictory information during orientation I realized some may have been trying to set me up for failure in an effort to have me fired.    For instance I had a pateint come in for a B12 shot, I checked his chart for orders and to see when the last B12 was given but I couldn’t find an order for the medication to be given.  I went to the nurse manager to get assistance I was firmly told…”You don’t go to the chart first you just call the patieint back and give them the shot then you go to the patients chart:.  I know this person was not giving me correct information and she knew she wasn’t.  nursing 101   “always check your orders before giving any medication”.  Then I had to orientate in the lab drawing blood,  I was told by the technician with one patient “always do what the pateint tells you to do, then with a complete different patient the technician stated “you never let the patient tell you what to do.  I have considered moving to another position in the government but that would mean moving to another state.  I am about 5-7 yrs short of being able to retire so I don’t want to go outside of the government.  So basically I’m stuck .

    • @GracieMae05
       Hang in there as long as you can. We all feel your pain.
      I am on long term disability now and social security disability. My LTD will end in less than two years, when I reach full retirement age. It’s scary because my income will be cut in half, but I am already planning a way to earn some money at that time.
      The good thing is to plan ahead and look ahead because there is life after a bad boss or bad job. Good luck.

      • @LinSchroeder  @GracieMae05
         not going anywhere I have filmed to expose and now just waiting to see the documentary take off  thanks for your words

  161. try working for the post office.  i had been doing the job for 5 years, and when they needed someone, to fill a position part time which I was qualified for, they tried to hire the son in law of the personel manager.  i told the manager of my section, (who was over her) that I was familar with the job, and this guy hadnt spent one second in the position.  it was age discrimination, and also sexual discrimination.  the duch bag boss, then told my immediate supervisor to withdraw all my duties, and I was transferred back into a job which gave me carpal tunnel.
    the duch bags get all the great positions, and treat their employees like sh…t.  this guy then got a promotion to a position he hadnt any training for.
    so, there is no justice in this world.  oh, i forgot to add his ex girlfriend works in the building, and she has never done her job as a postmaster in another town.  his wife was smart enough to divorce him,  but the husband of the cheating wife decided not to divorce him.
    scumming manager all the way.

  162. I worked for a husband/ wife business that performed therapy on children with disabilities.  I accepted the cash posting front desk catch- all position because I needed a job. I was never given an adequare job description.  I was supposed to know this by osmosis.   I suffered rude comments from the husband almost daily.  My son who received thereapy there was alluded to as a thief and a liar by the husband because he took a piece of candy that I had bought incidentally..  I had late afternoon calls from an unknown number with a man hanging up on me when I answered.  I had Thursday morning calls when I was alone in the office which was freaky. The phone company stated it ws coming from an area which I knew the husband worked in during the day.   I had the husband’s best friend doing frequent drivebys to report if I was there or not at the business.  They padded my irs independent contractor forms with money I did nnot make in wages which would have been considered office supplies for their business. They passed it off as an accountant mistake! The last straw was when I was told that I would not be needed anymore and to uninstall a billing software and convert it to a word document manually and the computers went down.  I got no help on that from the husbnand as he sat and looked through his porn.  I was really done then.  He llied to his wife and said I left for no reason.  Then I told her that I knew he was the one calling there and frightening me and my son and the drivebys that were getting creepy.  To make a long story short, I applied for many clerical jobs with medical biling and couldn’t understand why I was not getting hired or even called.  I figured that he was giving a bad reference. I saved them thousands of dollars that wre never billled and got treated badly.   I found out this week, they had not paid the mortgage on their business and it is going to be sold at a tax sale.

  163. Belittling, condescending, hated women, played favorites, belonged to the “boys’ club,” you name it my boss did it. His best line was “Don’t you know who you’re talking to” like he was someone famous. He brown nosed and a$$ kissed his way to the job in the first place. When he was just a technician with us, he was terrible. I finally left because I couldn’t stand him any more.They fianlly realized they didn’t need him and eliminated his position (yes, he was useless). Now, he’s a delivery boy. HAHAHAHAHA

  164. Yes. I had a boss who tried to micro manage everything I did. I now have several bosses who all try to call the shots. At the same time. Each one says “My project is more important. Too many bosses in the soup will make it burn.

  165. I had a boss at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard who was in charge of the nuclear area vending machines and cafiteria.  I caught her misappropriating 2.65 million dollars in cash- meanwhile, I proof that she had added on 7 more rooms to her house in Silverdale using Navy Inspected and purchased raw material without appropriate building permits.  The Army investigated, gave permission for a lawsuit but I said “Naw”- the navy didn’t learn from “Tailhook” and they still have no honor after abandoning navy SEALS on Grenada.  Anyhow- she barely escaped jail time.

  166. My last boss was a joke! He owns a business and has no clue whatsoever on how to run it!!! I was only working there 2 weeks when he asked me to manage the store, because he was firing the previous manager for theft. He said the previous mgr. had stole about $30,000. in products and money from him. I went ahead and took the job, big mistake!!! His lazy nephew “worked” there, “not”. I would come in and find him sitting on the computer playing games everyday, or if I came in in the morning the business was smelling rotten because he would eat chinese food and leave it out on the counter to smell up the place all night. The DFO came in one day and found the nephew laying behind the counter reading a book and eating a sandwich! The DFO thought he was on candid camera!!! The DFO couldn’t take it and quit his job!  A customer came in one day and told me he was in the previous week when the nephew was “working” and found him behind the counter on the floor with his socks and shoes off clipping his toe nails!! He said it was gross! I started noticing “products” missing and also noticed the alarm box lid closed when I had on purpose left it open the night before when I closed the store. I knew the nephew was coming in during the night and taking product. What made things worse is I had deadlines to make, product to order and product to put away. The nephew would sit and play the computer all day not realizing his uncle had told me to watch him on surveillance cameras from my home! I would about have a coronary “I’m dead serious”! because the nephew would never work but would, play games on the computer, text, eat, socialize, but every now and then he would grab a towel as if he was dusting the store, but instead would walk around talking on his cell phone the entire time. I would watch via surveillance when it was his turn to close the store, as his buddies would come in and take whatever they wanted! On my one day off the nephew would come in,” I would watch on surveillance from home” as he would walk to the back office put his feet on the table look at his watch a couple of times and then dial  his cell phone, my cell phone would ring and he would say ‘I’m sick, will you come in and work for me? I’d say Nope! and hang up! I got tired of “my boss” always telling me to motivate his nephew! As far as I was concerned it was his nephews job to work and not mine to stand there and motivate him! The whole job was nothing but a joke, the boss would also send friends, relatives and co-workers from his job in to “shop”. They basically would ask a bunch of stupid questions and then when they were ready to be rung up they would say “i’m a friend of the owner and he said I could have a 30% discount, even if the item was not discountable they would argue with me and I say “what the hell” if the idiot wants to give away his store “no problem”! Anyways many times I couldnt even order product because they had no money in their account, but they always blamed it on the other manager at the other store they owned. I would have to spread out the product to make it look like we had alot for when the “real shoppers” came in to take pictures! It was a joke! They finally hired a guy to help me and we figured the other half owner must be skimming money, because we found out that two other managers had been fired for stealing what they said to be 15 and 20,000 dollars! And we wondered if all these managers are stealing, then why haven’t they arrested any of them! There are cameras all over the store…probably even in the bathrooms!!! I was sick as a dog one day, and in and out of the restroom,when the “boss” popped in and asked how things were going, I said ok but I had been sick. His wife on purpose knocked over my purse to spill the contents of it! While I was in the bathroom I had taken 2 pills and I think she thought I was doing drugs in there! I swear I really believe they had a camera in there! Anyways I got sick and tired of working like a dog for them…no insurance, no 401k, no vacations, no holiday pay, nothing and yet whenever the nephew wouldn’t get to work on my only day off they would call me to work! All I could see anymore was each owner stealing from the other and always blaming management! I finally took a vacation after the owners got back from their annual vacation! When I got back they had given the wife my job and fired the nephew! She took all my hours, and yet wanted me to be her back-up! Why would I want to be her back-up when they gave me crap for back-up! Let the nephew be her back-up!! Anyhow the company was a “health” company and the irony of all of it was that both of the owners were obese, but would give out health advice to people dieting on diet supplements, vitamins, herbs etc. Also, I don’t know what they did with the money the store did make because I went to cash my paycheck one time and the teller told me they had no money in their account! I called and told them they wrote me a hot check! Boy, did they get to the bank fast! Also they didn’t pay their electric bill and the power got turned off in the store! They were pretty pathetic, they made us sale products using flashlights for lights and writing down the items and cash! Also when the owner first had me close the store at night he gave me the wrong keys to lock the door!!! I was standing there sweating bullets until the idiot got there with the right key to lock the door, the idiot actually told me I was in the safest place in town, I guess he was unaware that many of the business surrounding us were held up at one time or another, or that it was me standing out there and he just didn’t care! I did so much for them besides my duties as manager, maid, maintenance , bank deposits, 11 hour shifts with no breaks, never got a penny in over time or a thank you! They made sure I didn’t get unemployment but thats alright!! I’m just glad they are finding out what it’s like working for “themselves!!! LOL!!!

    • Sounds like a couple of boneheads I worked for in radio in 2004-2005. They were too busy with their own crap they didn’t care if you were sick, had commitments with family or church. They wanted what they wanted. Then after they gave me the boot, I found out from the community the man who owned the business was on the sex offenders list for being with a 14 year old in a motel room. I was told by the two bosses to start doing drugs and drinking so I could fit in. I said “NO I Won’t do that, if you don’t like it, fire me”. They eventually did. Just because the program director couldn’t stand I was attracting all the females to my radio show and he  couldn’t attract flies with his vinegar voice. The whole lot were lunatics. @tjb333

    • @tjb333 Sounds like a store I worked at. I eventually figured out what their scheme was and moved on. Glad you did, too!

  167. I think we should all do a live show on what these horrible bosses have done to us.. Now that is really reality show.. I would be the first to stand up.. not only did I have horrible bosses with the state of california, but even demonstrated proof of thier illegal activity the state of california through the attorney generals office continues to protect them.. man I think we should put it on youtube  horrible bosses exposed!  who is with me

    • @genesther
       why don’t you go to a newspaper and share your story?  I’m sure there are plenty of writers who would love to expose corruption.  I am looking forward to reading about it!

      • @thebub
         hi I did go to several all in sacramento and they  acted as if their lives depended on them not covering the story then I found one who would not be afaid and I am beginning to work with him, thanks for your reply

    • @genesther
       Hi,  I am with you and I am serious!  These bad bosses getting away with hurting people mentally and emotionally.  Look at the toll it takes on their being able to provide for their families.  How in America can this be allowed to happen?  Have you tried getting an attorney when you have the proof that you were/are being treated illegally?  Who has $290.00 just for a consultation.  If you are serious about the youtube, read my story and then let me know.  I have considered youtube before reading your post.  Have you every gone to http://www.yelp.com?  You can post your comments about any organization good or bad.  I am ready to stand up and tell names, places and what happened!

      • @keep it real
         hi I replied via email to you so I will not repeat.. I tried many attorneys here, they are scared that the state will not let them practice bottom line they are cowards but I am not afraid I will look for your story I just finished filming and they need to edit it.. I will keep you informed of my progress and you please do the same…

  168. Excellent idea! Why is it we are not allowed to expose the truth …but they have the power to say what they want to our potential employers? I also lost a lot of customers and the opportunity to tell them how this owner treated me, she told lies about me and said I left on my own and left her to fen for herself without any help. All untrue!  I would love to stand up for being wronged also!

  169. I have always thought that karma would get them and I have been right. One nasty boss I had ended up selling car parts instead of heading up an I/T dept. Three companies have closed completely.
    Then there was the creep I wrote about on this site. He got what was coming to him. Oh, and he wasn’t born in the U S although I believe he did have a green card.  But after 9/11 who would hire someone who wasn’t born here over someone who was born here? A hint to his nationality: His first name was Bruce.

  170. I’ve had some wicked bosses, and currently dealing with one that makes Saddam Hussein look like a good guy. Granted the boss isn’t killing anyone yet, but causing accidents left and right. Some are disabled by their actions. Several bosses yelling they want their project done first because it’s more important. If I could tell them where to shove their stupid projects, I would. This is NOT Communist China yet! But they are trying to make it so.

  171. I had one boss that really worked me over and got me fired, I kept tabs on who was working for him and kept in touch because I was getting work from them. I gently suggested that they keep their resumes out and leave ASAP when they complained to me about him. I never even had to bring up the subject they always did. Many did and the jerk got demoted because the company figured out finally that he was the problem. I started doing work for them as a vendor doing exactly what I was doing for them and charged them three times my hourly rate there. I wound up making twice what my ex supervisor did. The people that quit generally found higher paying jobs, I see him in the store often and I just smile and ask him how he is doing. His wife always steps back so he can’t see her laughing and shaking her head, Oh shes leaving too but he has not figured it out. He is absolutely clueless.

  172. i have a boss that is literally mentally abusive. Its an everyday thing for him to come in a complain about the littlest minute things. Also hearing his voice or getting a phone call my heart sinks because I HATE dealing with him. Also the company I work for is a father son busissness, and let me just say his son is WORSE!!! Everyday I think about quitting my job, but I am in retail management, running a multi-million dollar store with no college experiance.

      • @badteacher @TroseII I have really been thinking about that lately, but the worst part is, I uprooted my life and moved over 70miles from my family and friends, got a new vehicle and am in a rental agreement til next August… :- So stuck in between a rock and a hard place..

    • I have no college degree, but have been in health care over 43 years in management-member of the county and State medical societies and known for my excellent work with national insurances—helped grow this company from 7 employees to 47–and I found myself unexpectedly fired and out of a very good salary and no place to go–I hope things can work out for you-stress is bad –loss of income and livelihood just as bad.  God Bless You-hang in there.@TroseII

  173. Boy, I think I’ve had the worst bosses ever!  I guess a lot of people have creeps for bosses.  The problem is they can do whatever they want, lie, cheat, manipulate, be sexist, use the good-ol-boy system to protect one another, and there is really not much you can do but move on.  Yeah, go and become a howling success if you can figure out how.  I haven’t figured out how yet.  :(

  174. My boss was a bully. There were five of us. Eventually one of them began acting out of frustration to the point that was forced to resign. One more resigned as she felt disenfranchised and hopeless after we complained individually and as a group. So three of us remained, we were getting very sick, stressed, taking fmla, etc. The boss used to take turns at bullying us. She never took on the 3 of us at the same time. We felt isolated from the larger peer group, ostracized, and singled out. Until we decided to get together and address the problem with human resources. Eventually, we got transferred out to another department. Unfortunately,  the damage was done. Out physical health got deteriorated. We suffer PTSD, we still cry when we remember the maltreatment from the boss, we suffer chronic headaches, insomnia, take antidepressants, overeating, etc. It is amazing how much damage a “wanna be boss” can cause to employee’s sanity. She is still in the company and supervises 5 new people.

  175. Be honest and you are fired-simple as that. It happened to me at 61 years of age after  an annual view, merit bonus, raise and over 11 years with the company.  90 days later fired and remind by them that Michigan is an “at will” State and yet, I was the second manager fired over 55-and in all the years of business, they only had 2 managers and both of us were fired, meanwhile the under 30 crowd keeps getting more and more money for not anymore work- just whining and winking and blinking…..just shifting  stuff around while they buried me in work.

  176. Be honest and you are fired-simple as that. It happened to me at 61 years of age after  an annual view, merit bonus, raise and over 11 years with the company.  90 days later fired and reminded by them that Michigan is an “at will” State and yet, I was the second manager fired over 55-and in all the years of business, they only had 2 managers,  both of us were fired. Meanwhile the under 30 crowd keeps getting more and more money for not anymore work- just whining and winking….just shifting  stuff around while they buried me in work.

  177. It took me several months to realize getting fired from a small, politically corrupt municipal government was the best thing that ever happened to me! Ah sweet revenge when I pass my immediate boss and he can’t even look me in the face; I know he knows he back stabbed me and is ashamed, as he should be. He hates the cold and guess where he is stuck? In freezing, drought ridden WI.  From what I can tell he is now going to be a dog catcher.  Not bad for one who got a 10,000 raise even those his responsibilities were reduced by at least 60%.  He fired me for dishonesty, lying and insubordination even though he in the past had me housesit, take care of his dog and wrote a glowing letter of my excellent work.  He lowered himself to the level of his boss. I will always have my dignity.  He sold his soul down the river.  Goodbye, Leatherneck and Bobblehead! 
    I would say more but am under a gag order.  Does that tell you anything?
    And now in a few weeks I get to start a whole new life, enjoying the warmth and love of family and friends. Turns out God knew what He was doing.

  178. I had a boss that wanted me gone in a big way.  I had had 4 bosses before him and he was the most obnoxious of any I ever had in my career.  All I did was let him hang himself.  I didn’t do anything nasty or vindictive.   I just didn’t back him up or cover his mistakes.  One day the office building janitor was replacing the emergency exit signs.  At that moment, this boss got fired.  As he was leaving I just smiled and pointed to the new sign.  He got the point.

  179. My boss looks for every miniscule mistake and with a sneer, points it out to me.  He even said that perhaps my pain medcation has made me less of a worker (back surgery).  Considering I came back to work after six weeks so that I could do year end work, I would think that would be greatly appreciated.  The worse thing is the God complex he has.  I have trained as a dog groomer and am patiently waiting for an opportunity to leave him high and dry.

  180. I had the most incompetent boss ever a few years ago. She spent her days doing MY job because she had no idea how to do her own. So, dozens of powerpoint presentations were created by her that no one ever saw. So ineffective and inefficient. Out of her fear that she would be discovered, she terminated me. I found the greatest release of stress and tension in my departure. I’ve gone on to bigger and better while she will always be an incompetent.

  181. I was an employee for a Natural Resource division for the state of Utah.   There was so much crap and laziness in this dept. 75 %of the people could not handle a job in the private sector they would be fired.  My supervisor did not like that I kept up on my job part of her job and was asked to catch up another lady who was a year behind in her reports so she made my life a living hell.  She would do everything in her power to belittle me and to make sure I was never included in any meetings.  I had to had in daily reports to her telling her what work I had acompolished for the day.   I have heard in the last 6 months they have already gone through 2 employees no one wants to work for this woman but at the same time upper management doesn’t want to do anything about the problem even though I was told on several occasions they know what a beast she is and they are just waiting for her to retire.    Yep that’s the state of Utah for you.  Wish the gov. would take a good look at who he has at the helm of his depts.  Oh I failed to mention all of the family members in the same division…. Yep and they are the only ones who have been getting promotions and raises.   Soooooooooo glad I’m out of there….

  182. Middle management can be a dead end street, on a previous job my boss was like many that knew how to keep good employees down. An advance position opened in another location and when I inquired, he told me that the company had me where they wanted me (he had told them I should not be considered since replacing me would be a great burden on him). He also had the worst manners of interrupting a business conversation with customer by stepping  between the customer and mysefl and pointing out a mistake or difference in judgment on invoices and orders. When my wife was expecting our daughter and having complications, I was told I could not take of any time at all since I had not earned any vacation time, no time at all even with out pay!!!. However I did take the afternoon off when my wife went into labor, had emergency surgery and by C-section/hystrectomy delivery of our daughter. The Doctor told me that if I had not taken her in, another hour would have been the end of it all. Our daughter will graduate from H.S. this spring.
    After 3 years I left the job for a national position with a manufacture that told me they were sad when I left them after being there for over 10 years. My wife and I now manage our own business.
    Oh ya, they boss at 50 that was basicly a tyrant, quit his position to live on his retirement saving and ended up hanging himself.  SAD.

  183. Definite Horrible Boss Story:  Husband/Wife team; I don’t ever recommend working for a couple btw, I would never do it again.  Anyway, she wore the pants, I don’t think she owned a skirt/dress.  She ordered us around like dogs, either you did what she said when she said it or you were on her crap list.  She asked us to do tons of things not on our job description as well, like running personal errands using our own vehicle.  She would bring in her kids for us to “babysit”, they would run around the office and eat in front of patients who were unable to eat,  making a huge mess of crumbs and smears everywhere that we had to clean up.  Meanwhile we had to somehow do our regular job as well.  The regular patients  had to watch their children eat……how rude.  I would get reprimanded for calling in legitimately sick, but other staff would not.  They would actually call me at home when I called in sick and tell me they needed me to come in for the afternoon because they were busy!  I said, “hello”, did I not call in sick?  Yeah, I would still be sick.   My ideas for things around the office which, by the way, I was asked for were shot down only to be reinintroduced maybe a month later by said wife as her own.  How genius!   Get your own ideas!  You have a degree in marketing not me……….how’s that working for you? Not to well obviously if you have to constantly steal other people’s ideas.  Ridiculous.
    Then I had a letter from my doctor for a medical leave of absence with no frame of time given, and she said she would give me the entire summer off because they care about me, we are like family, etc.  I said “wow”, how nice, ok!  Two days later she tells me, just to be clear we never agreed to give you the leave of absence and we don’t think you are happy here; we’ve decided to let you go!!   Yeah, because that is what you would do if you cared about someone and treated them like family!  She also said she didn’t have to give me the leave because they only employeed 16 people.  A few wks prior a different employee quit saying she wanted to spend more time with her kids, yeah that wasn’t really it, she was sick of all their garb just like me and about two wks aftr I was let go yet another one quit; not sure the reason she gave, but she didn’t tell them the real reason.  Not long after that another one bit the dust as well.  They treat their employees like crap and think they are going to hold on to quality people while providing what used to be really quality care in that office while now their main goal is all about the money and how good they can look and only doing things in the community if other people will see it or be sure the it will be in the Press.  The real sad truth is that I really did used to think of them as family, Too bad it wasn’t a two way street and I didn’t know them for who they really were.  I recently went through a serious surgery requiring an 8 day hospital stay that they were quite aware of and they didn’t so much as send me a card! Now those are some nice people!! Good thing they go to church every wk. Why do they bother?    Ah geez, seriously I think my ex, bosses wins the prize….not in a good way either :)

  184. This story is not finished yet. I am waiting for my claim, which I won, to be reviewed on appeal by the workman’s comp board. I filed 2 grievances against the vp at my school, let’s just call her Wednesday (that is the nickname the teachers had for her because she looks and acts like Wednesday Adams), because she refused to give me a prep period. I had 40 students on my caseload and was the only person in my district without a prep period, asked her very kindly for one, and she just glared at me. After I won the first grievance, was supposed to get a prep period but didn’t, she began retaliation. I had never received a negative evaluation in my 20 plus years of working and guess what? She gave me one, which happened to be a bunch of lies. So I had to file another grievance and I got it removed from my file. I thought that would be it, but things got worse, so much worse for me. She began stalking me, would come into my classroom and just glare at me. She had the new special education director by the balls and had him put my evaluation in a memo, which I had to listen to while sitting in the principals office with all of the administrators. She let students I wrote referrals on go off on me while sitting in her office, smirking. There is more, but the last and final straw was the new sped director calling me, telling me very sternly I was being watched by Wednesday, she had noticed me on 2 occasions coming in from lunch at 12:42, and I was to be in my classroom at that time. When i explained that was a minute after the lunch bell rang, no one was in their classroom but in the staff room. He told me in a very loud voice, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE OTHER STAFF, YOU ARE TO BE IN YOUR CLASSROOM 5 MINUTES BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE OR YOU WILL BE PLACED ON A PLAN OF ASSISTANCE, ARE WE CLEAR?!” At this point I realized my health was deteriorating, I called an attorney who told me to file a stress claim and go see my doctor. This was over a year ago and it still is not settled. I do have some satisfaction. Wednesday was canned and had to move to Idaho (those poor souls). I plan on writing about my experiences and possibly make this into a movie!

    • @bttrfly21You haven’t even heard the half of it. I only heard rumors of parents filing complaints and knew of 3 other teachers who filed grievances as well. How do people like her get to a position of authority?? And to think, she used to be an elementary teacher!

      • @badteacher  @bttrfly21
         THE BIGGEST bully in my small high school grew up to be a kindergarten teacher. I was horrified by this revelation!  She had a pea brain and cheated her way through the Physics class I took with her.  People like this are toxic and sneaky.  Sometimes they get promoted because firing them is so difficult. if you promote them, you can stick them in an office and pray they do less damage.  BITE THE BULLET and fire them!

        • @justdoitright  @bttrfly21 Yah, the principal is a drunk and hired her so she would do all the work. God am I so glad I’m outta there. I may be broke, but I do have the satisfaction that I will not, nor will I ever work my ass off, giving 110% for a bunch of admins who don’t appreciate me.

  185. I had a boss that told me he didn’t have to be nice/civil/polite because I worked for him, and that whatever I said or thought didn’t matter. 
    I had another boss who kept his female friends names in the Rolodex under “P” for pu##y, “because that’s all they are.” This same loathsome creature kept pornographic pictures all over the office we shared, and told me he had a right to do whatever he wanted.

  186. Let’s see… there was the business owner who hired very young people and tried to “fix” them to her standards.  Then I worked at a good company, til I discovered that every single one but me were members of an extreme religious congregation.  All was very good til a church member needed a job (bye bye to the outsider).  Most recently, I was hired to build a team that hadn’t existed before.  Using outdated and suboptimal software, and building a team as I went,  I cleared two hundred backlog tickets, established procedures and standards and built a thriving, vital team.  My department went from being a joke to being trusted and valued.  After about 6 months, my boss started gaslighting me.  She would change the rules, deny conversations, and go over everything I did, nit-picking about variations in how her monitor represented color.  A highly accomplished colleague noticed as well, but I couldn’t prove anything.  I am now in a much happier job, valued and better paid.  The colleague left as well and my team was looking for new jobs.

  187. I worked for 5 years at a career college. Educators typically do not make much money but it was a full time job with benefits and I loved helping my students. However, the time came when I need to go back to work for corporate to survive. I posted my resume on a job board and soon was contacted by an agency. The agency told me that they had a client that is really interested in interviewing me because of my human resources background and the fact that I also have experience working for a college. Long story short. The client had just fired their HR manager because they said he was incompetent. Well what I found out is it was actually a two person job and the manager did not want to pay for an HR assistant. By then I had quit my job and was stuck. The manager harassed me from New York every day. I stop taking lunch, breaks, and came in early and left late. Could not charge them for the over time because I was still technically under the agency. Here is the kicker, the agreement with the company was that this was a temp to hire job because they did not want to pay the agency the large retaining fee. So when that was paid the promise was that I would no longer technically work for the agency. I started documenting this bad boss’s behavior and reported to management where I was working what was the real problem with getting things done in. I did not want to become another casualty like the last person. I honestly believed that management in the St. Helena location did not know what this New York manager was doing to hinder productivity. Well the last week I was told the assignment had ended (not fired). I now have no job, no benefits, and currently living with different people. I have a Master’s degree and good work ethics. Would love to do something creative to expose these people. Would love to help others.

  188. My boss begrudgingly promoted me to consultant and then did nothing to support me during of the busiest summers our center had ever seen.  When she asked how it was going, I said “busy”.  She then said, “Well, that’s the life of a consultant.” and proceeded to sit around gossiping about her crappy marriage.

  189. My boss was incredibly immature, petty, vindictive and a gossiper.  She and another sub-manager spent their days talking about personal problems and gossiping about staff.  After I returned from a difficult maternity leave, my boss proceeded to gossip about my medical condition in public areas where clients could hear.  As a result, those clients refused to work with me.  She then lied to me and told me the clients wouldn’t work with me because I had a tattoo on my ankle.

  190. “Terrible Bosses” are some of the reasons why the unemployment rate is high.  It’s not the total economy’s fault.  It should not be blamed totally on the democrats or republicans.  Some of these companies/agencies have managers, supervisors, directors, etc. who are so political (partisan toward their friends, family’s friends, down the street neighbors).  Instead of making the right discerned judgment regarding a hard, dedicated, honest, reliable, knowledgable employee, they (bosses) will become insecure, intimidated with the employee(s) who denote them the most good.  The most good for their bottom line.  Some bosses are in place to intentionally hurt some of their employees.  They (bosses) hurt their employees in many ways, especially their future career. Is is very unfortunate and sad that these bosses are continuing to work for these companies. One question – what is wrong with the company that employs and entrusts these incompetent bosses to destroy lives of their staff and infringe on company’s profit margin? I am yet unemployed because of the insecurities of previous bosses.  They look at my experiences and educational background and become intimidated. It is inequitable and unjust.  My nature is calm.  I’m vigilant, an excellent listener, follows directions, detailed, people and career oriented.  I am vibrant and ready to support the ideal company who is interested in my talents and skills to surge their bottom line.
    All the “Horrible Bosses” need to be exposed, find help or whatever thearpy needed to fix this economy!
    It is much to be said about this topic of “Terrible Bosses”……It is deplorable that some of these companies are being sued for having this type leadership in place!

    • @nojive
      I had an employee come to me and tell me there was feces on the wall in the men’s room. I got gloves and a bucket. With great surprise he asked, “Are you going to clean it off?!” I turned to him and said, “Are YOU going to clean it off?” He said “I would quit first!”  Well, yeah, that’s what I thought.  This time, I clean it. Next time YOU clean it.  Part of being the boss is leading by example.  Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. If you will clean what I cleaned that day, your people see that you are not too prissy to do the dirty work.  I told my crew  “I will never ask you to do something that I would not or have not done myself.”  I raised more teenagers than I can count and had a great time teaching them work ethics.  I was invited to sit on a board at the high school for preparing kids to go to work.  You do not have to care until you bleed. Just care about SOMETHING and really good things happen! Many bosses are brutal. I had a brutal boss but i was not one.  I had high expectations of everyone including myself. Realistic high expectations!

      • @justdoitright  @nojive
         Thank you!  I needed to read this.  Exactly the type of manager I have always been.  So glad to read this.  After my recent experience I am fighting anxiety and taking medication.  I am so afraid of being unemployed and at the same time afraid of these people who seem to be promoted to management positions because they have no morale compass.

        • @keep it real  @justdoitright  @nojive I’m with you. I would be so much worse off if I would have stayed at my job but I was not sleeping and crying several times daily. I’m just waiting for my claim to get (hopefully) approved by the board. I heard it’s rare for a board to overturn a judges decision on a workmans comp claim. Anyone know for sure?

  191. This same worthless boss rarely offered support or room for growth.  I shared my concerns with upper management about our center’s low productivity and offered a 7-point plan identifying areas of weakness that I felt should be addressed.  My boss ‘confronted’ me by taking away one of my clients and then telling me ‘it was no secret how I felt about her.’  She went on to say that ‘she knew everything I had said about her.’  When I defended my point in bringing up deficiencies, she proceeded to tell me ‘I was the problem at our center.’   She then ran after me, down the hall shouting and threatening to fire me.  That one landed me on leave for 2 weeks!

  192. This loser boss and her butt-kissing, sub-manager finally got the best of me.  Our center was informed that a long time client was in critical condition in the hospital with a heart condition.  I had known this child for nearly a decade.  In my grief, I posted a picture and a prayer message asking for healing during this difficult time.  The following week, I was fired.  I was never informed of a social media policy and never signed any agreements to that effect.  The picture, by the way, was a gift from the family.  So in essence, these two ruthless scumbags exploited the death of a child to settle a personal score.

  193. I was a restaurant manager. There was a lot of district manager turnover and none of the bosses wanted the repairs my store needed to come from their bonus check.  The building had bats in the attic and a leaky roof. When it rained hard, bat guano tainted water leaked from the ceiling into the kitchen, into the makeline where food was kept while orders was being made! There was faulty wiring, some outlets would shoot sparks and could not be used. The rear door was secured by a board when I was there alone at night.  I asked nicely for repairs. When an employee slipped on the floor because the torrential rain was coming through the ceiling, I got into a shouting match with my district manager. THIS guy was promoted so he would do less damage. One day he was crossing his fat legs in my tiny office. He had to hurl that leg up, I guess he could not just lift it. He hit the pencil I was holding and the point went right into my palm. He said if I wanted medical attention, I would have to take a drug test. NOT a problem.
     I gave up. I could not in good conscience serve food that I did not trust was safe to eat. I took pictures and mailed them to OSHA.
    OSHA came and found FAR more violations that I had mentioned. The store was fined thousands of dollars and given a timeframe to make it all better.  They cheated and shortcut as much as they could.  I was determined to have been the problem child who turned them over and I was transferred.  The next building was in better shape, but the manager there was an addict on pain meds. Her shift leaders broke every rule I ever heard about how a lady uses words and HR would have cringed to hear them yell “Allright you bitches!” when it was time to rally the troops.
    I started with this company in a one horse town. The manager who trained me cleared a million dollars profit every year for years and years. I was raised by a nurse. Put these together and I was a very well trained restaurant manager who knew how to make money AND knew clean from nasty. I would think this would be appreciated. Sadly, these people had no conscience.  I have had a hard time finding a company that does.
    I left and took a job as store manager at the new outlet mall. Retail is not for me, but I stay dry when it rains!

  194. If I could give any advice, it would be to speak to current and former employees while deciding on a job offer.  Linkedin is a good place to start. 
    I’ve also found in my experience that the bosses are not always bad people (although some of these stories sure give evidence to the contrary), but it’s the system that’s at fault.  The bosses may not be qualified, or may be pressured into things they normaly wouldn’t do.

    • @thebub
       No matter how desperate, going forward, I am going to do my reasearch on potential employers.  Linkedin and yelp are good places to start.

      • @keep it real  @thebub
         always go forward but dont let anyone mistreat you.. that is what the state thought they were going to do… but not for me.. they owe me and they are going to have to do right by me.. have a great one

  195. You can write things down but really, any employee  that needs the money is held hostage by the very same “bosses”–and in my case, the employees on a daily basis had a complaint about how they were treated or what was said to them-but again, if you are honest and tell the “bosses” what appears to be legitimate concerns coming from the employees and why the employees are not bringing it up directly to them, you end up getting fired. Then they go to the “scared as hell”employees who are afraid now of loosing their jobs and everything is fine.  One doctor discussed his bathroom habits habitually to the employees….. even when they didn’t want to hear it and I would get the calls……unbelievable!!

  196. My immediate manager was a nice woman. She quit and my current boss, who was then her boss, simply gave me her work but no promotion or raise or title. Six months later, when I specifically asked her about this, she said “if you don’t like it, there are plenty of other opportunities on the outside”.
    I decided then that the best revenge is to just do EXACTLY what she said and not keep fixing her mistakes. My boss frequently gives me stuff to post on the web and I used to proofread it or find it flat-out wrong. Now, I don’t even look at it. One day, she somehow mistakenly sent me her own personal credit card statement  instead of the file she wanted posted, so up on the web it went. She didn’t even notice. She was the type to ask “did you post that file?” rather than simply looking at the web site to see for herself!
    Also, this woman is EXTREMELY overweight (300+  pounds) and is constantly “dieting”. We make sure the lunch room is always full of cake, cookies and other things she can’t resist–and at least once a month chip in and buy her a gigantic box of chocolates.
    She is a “neat freak” and especially hates when the carpet is messy. I always “accidentally” spill coffee on the carpet outside her office. She goes into a total rage–her face turns red, and she actually calls meetings to tell us to be more careful. It’s hard not to burst out laughing. I also “accidentally” will leave crumbs and things in the lunch room and watch her put on gloves and scrub the countertops. It’s in vain because the same “accident” will happen tomorrow that happened today.I bring my laptop to work and use my phone as a wifi hotspot to play online games at least 10 or more hours a week. Whenever she peeks her head in my office, I always look very busy. 
    I’m currently looking for a new job. Once I find one, I’m going to give two weeks notice, then call in sick every day so there will be no time to transfer my knowledge to the next poor sucker who works there.

  197. Let’s talk horrible boss. I lost my last job prior to this one for a lay off as business was bad. I thought I found my dream job better pay into months received a pay increase. Everything was great I ran the entire office while the boss and field guys were mainly out in the field.  He brings in an estimator which we got along great and then the estiamtor need an assistant. fine she seemed nice but turns out she is the worlds biggest liar. would be on her cell all day calling her country while they were out not doing any work because she did not know how too. so here i am stuck with everything. my boss is the type unless he sees it wont believe it shut my mouth did my work and everything. so here she is claiming to have all these big jobs yet she let it slip she was only there as a temp but tells the boss she worked for them for years. now yesterday out of the blue no warning nothing i am told they cannot afford both of our salaries business slow sorry we have to let you go its business. i know they think she has a in with companies to drum up their business i know the truth. I was professional kept my  cool and left. now she is texting me no stop asking me for help in everything saying she cant handle the job. i refuse to respond. i know she lied through her teeth and now its catching up with her. i am getting fed up with the text and want to accidentally send them to my former boss. One thing i hate is a lying piece of trash. i found out she worked for this small company five years ago only lasted a month they could not take it and now she claims she has all this experience but wants me to help her cover her ass. to me it was a slap in the face how i was just let go no warning nothing did a great job and they think she knows everything. should i make sure they see her text i was told by a trusted co worker who was shocked that  they will see she is a liar and no’s nothing then will call with a bs story to get me back. he suggested to respond to her text through email which she uses the boss and have copies of all her text and make it look like i was too busy to get back to her and give her vague a nswers. this is the only way he will believe how she reall yis and he was made a fool of. i never like to throw someone under the bus but i know she cost me my job to keep hers and now wants my help

    • AliHart1 
      What a moral dilemna!  You have a chance at exposing the woman who cost you your job.  My advice, take it or leave it…I would email my former boss, but not by forwarding the incriminating evidence.  I would restate how much you loved the job and if things pick up you’d love to be considered for any openings.  If I answered the texts, I would recommend she ask her boss how he/she wants things done.  I would tell her that’s the best way to learn her job.  That way you burn no bridges, you do no wrong, and if things work out and you get your job back you’ll have no enemies.

    • AliHart1 I would pay a visit to your ex boss and show him the texts first hand. You dont want to use emails which can be used against you. You just may get your job back if you want it. If not leave it alone and keep going.

  198. I work for Attorneys’, I have a college degree as a Paralegal, my signature on my email does not reflect this title that I’ve earned and worked so hard for.  How would this make you feel, what would you do?

    • paranono Quietly find another job. Use the Attorneys list of Associates for networking but be careful to avoid going to work for close associates. Watch for the ones that are being careful around them. If these people treat you like crap they are treating others like crap and may even hold themselves above the law. Watch listen and take notes.

  199. tjb333 Not sure what your state limitations are but you should be able to appeal your unemployment issue. If you can you should.

  200. I had a boss at USF Federal Credit
    Union in Tampa Florida who didn’t like me. She made/ and is
    still making my life hell. She made working conditions so bad that I had to
    quit. After I quit, I found out about 4 years later that even though I gave my
    2 weeks notice and quit in good standing, she decided to get back at me and be
    vindictive(in spite of her always bragging about being a Christian) by telling
    potential new employers lies about me and saying that I’m not eligible for
    rehire (which I was) and just smearing my name. I hired an investigation
    company and I have it in writing about what she did. In spite of what she did,
    management of the credit union (including the HR Manager) didn’t fire her, nor
    do I know if she was ever punished. My ex-boss’ name is Robin Rennard and the
    HR Managers’ name is Shelli Nicola.
    I tried suing, but I didn’t find out about what she was doing until the statute
    of limitations had run out, so there was nothing I could do.
    Since I quit in 2006, I haven’t been able to able to obtain decent employment,
    because of what she did.

  201. That is so wrong, I am so sorry and completely know what you are going through. So there is no way to sue her for defying your name? It just seems like something could be done since she is lying about your work performance. Have you thought about starting a new career? I’m up to my head with student loan debt but at least I’m happy and realize it wasn’t me, it was her. Much luck to you and I know it doesn’t seem like much but karma is a real bitch and she will get hers someday.

  202. jt1991jt1991 This may be difficult to hear, but it sounds like your best option now is to go to this lady and make peace with her.

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  204. I have an abusive boss and I want to report him, but am afraid to, because I need my job. I work for a small business. My boss is the owner. I was promoted to be office manager. I am not on salary, i don’t have a degree, and I dont make any decisions for the company, he makes all decisions. My boss does not pay me over time and I work over almost every week. The business is a call center and he holds us, wont let us leave when the system, computers go down and he does not pay us for it. He yeal’s ,screams, cusses us out. He also bangs and hits the table. He makes hateful remarks. He also talks about sex in meetings. I am a female employee BTW. He has rules in the office, but the rules do not apply to all the employees, as he has favorites. Any suggestions please????????

  205. I work in Academia, where both students and department heads evaluate our performance. For more than eleven years I have gotten high merit or highest merit evaluations from three different department heads. This year the department head stepped down, and on anyone that she was holding a grudge with our evaluations. One professor, who had enormous duties outside of teaching was a target because he was paid more money than her when he was hired–but he is practically a department head within a department based on his duties; same thing for another colleague–she told him that he should be fired for making too much money, although again he was doing the job of a department head; and me. According to her I was making too much money as well. I had only been at the institution for 6 years longer, and taught an overload every year save this one.

    But none of us makes as much as the local HS teachers. We are within driving distance of three other states where we would be given huge raises to go to work. Of course each of us has a mentor in the administration, and we will seek some kind of relief. Oh, why this year? because this is the first year in the last 6 where we might get a tiny raise. So she hit us in the wallet as a last act of petty revenge.

  206. I worked for a nonprofit. I had to take leave because it got to a point that every day, I would break down in tears when I thought about work. (I also had some personal things going on- sue me!)

    While I was on leave, I was told by a co-worker that my boss was openly telling people that she thought I was taking advantage of the company leave policies. (I was actually in a psych ward while I was on leave- it WAS that bad.)

    After taking leave, she continued to rate e poorly on performance evaluations, citing that I took FMLA (that’s illegal by the way) and I got injured outside of work a few times so I had poor attendance, and cited complaints that if they had been addressed at the time, would have been resolved.

    I asked for a pay raise and a promotion; after dragging myself in to work with the flu to maintain excellent attendance. She asked me to submit a proposal, which I did. I was told several times that the proposal was excellent and a meeting would be set up soon with myself, my boss, and other higher ups to discuss it further. That meeting never happened, even though I continued to work there for 9 months after I submitted the proposal. I also got turned down for 2 jobs in different departments that I applied for in the company.

    After moving onto a much better job with better pay, I’m now off all the meds that I had to take to stay sane at the old job! I’ve thought about anonymously sending a management 101 book in the mail to my old boss. Thoughts?

  207. I was also a victim of cheap managers and boss of a sick company, Zeon solutions inc. They cheated on me and fired me. I wrote mail to the company’s client about their behaviour towards employees, and client took work back from that cheap company and idiot boss. Lol

  208.  @bnsajs
     I agree with all my heart, I had a situtation that I presented to the EEOC and it was like I received  a slap in the face from the EEOC,  I truly believe they were bought off,  JUST A WASTE OF TIME.  I was so hurt and disllusioned.  No one to help, no where to go, I cried.
    The listener

  209.  @bnsajs
     OMG!!! I have never read a more TRUTHFUL statement! And let me add that about time the EEOC even gets to the case, you don’t even CARE anymore especially if you have already left the company. So you know what I did? All of the so called “upper management”, I e-mailed each and every one of the lying, scheming, a$$wipes and told them EVERY thing I always wanted to say! I cursed them out for EVERYTHING they were worth, and even told one of the jerks that I couldn’t WAIT to see her downtown because I wanted to see just how BAD she thought she was then! (I am also female :-) ) Right after I thought she got the e-mail, I called her line, and when she answered the phone, she sounded so shook up and pathetic that it made ME feel better all around! THAT was closure for me. Fortunately I never had to use them as reference and after 2 years, it’s ALL GOOD!!!

  210.  @bnsajs
     yes. if you have a solid case against your employer, i suggest you skip the mediation process and let the eeoc go right into the investigation part of it because the mediaton claims to be neutral i dont think it is. I believe their main purpose for suhhesting mediation is to save the company (eeoc) money and time from doing a thorough investigation. Have a strong mind to stick to whatever your purpose is for going to the eeoc.  stick to the facts . ive recently learned that during the mediation process the main purpose of you being there does not have to be discussed.  Your charge is not what they want to talk about and dont have to and in most casses will not talk about it.  So my point is what is the purpose of mediation? The eeoc will convince you to go through the mediation process but its not always the right choice. Trust me Ive been there.

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