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Lady Gaga pretty much has it all: an unstoppable music career, a fashion sense that consistently makes headlines and a killer body to boot.  Apparently, though, there’s one thing she is missing in her life: an internship.

That’s right; at the top of the reigning music queen’s wish list is an internship with London milliner Philip Treacy.  The hat maker, known for his exotic, wild designs that Gaga often rocks on the red carpet, confirmed that he recently received the superstar’s résumé and application for his internship program. (No word on whether or not she’s gotten the  job.)

Lady Gaga wouldn’t be the first celebrity to take on an internship role despite already being wildly successful. Rapper and record producer Kanye West did an unpaid stint at the Gap last year and hockey player Sean Avery interned at Vogue in 2008.  So forget what you know about internships being for college students; these celebrities confirm that it’s never too late – and you’re never too successful — to be an intern.  

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a career rut or you’ve always wondered what it’s like to work in a particular profession, there’s no time like the present. Check out our tips for intern-hopefuls of any age.

1. Use your connections:  When applying for an internship, ask family and friends if they know anyone who works in the field you’re interested in.  As in any job search, an “in” at a company may help you land a job — especially if the company doesn’t have an established internship program.

2. Start your search early: If you think you’ll have time to do an internship in the fall, start looking now.  Companies with established internship programs often hire months in advance. Visit sites like CareerRookie.com for internship listings.

3. Check out  nonprofits:  Nonprofits often have limited budgets, making them especially receptive to the extra help an intern provides. Nonprofit companies require the same functions as for-profit corporations, so expect to find opportunities in human resources, research, communications and accounting.

4. Find a mentor: Once you land an internship, find a mentor in the company — someone whose job you’d love to do or who knows the industry well.  Ask to shadow this person for a day or set up an informational interview so you can ask questions about the job.

5. Maximize the opportunity: Even if you spend a lot of time at the photocopier or getting coffee, make the most out of your time as an intern. Check out your surroundings. What is the atmosphere like? Do people in the industry seem happy? What are the hours? Also, don’t be afraid to ask for more responsibility. Say something like, “I’ve always wanted to try event planning. Do you need any extra help setting up the event tonight?” It never hurts to ask, and you’ll demonstrate your interest in the job.

For more information on internships for older workers, check out CareerBuilder’s article: “Older Workers Taking on  Internships.”

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  2. so many people want to get into events thinking
    it is a fun and exciting career.

    the more the economy falters people are trying all sorts of careers or so called careers, ie”: party planning, florals, design,
    events..most of them dont know what they are doing

    there are not enough events to support this
    and you are better off going to nursing school
    or computer science, hotels, etc.
    ..even fashion merchandising is all being sent to china..

    FIDM is a joke and just a fun educational stop for people with large incomes to throw away
    money on their kids educations.

    we are a large and successful event company and
    ours and many others have had to lay off all
    our event specialists…

    just a thought. pick a different career young america. good luck.

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  4. It really is all about “who you know” when it comes to changing careers. However, the bills won’t wait while you go find yourself! Get a grunt job to pay the bills & intern/volunteer with the jobs/careers you’re interested in, even if you’ll be paid nothing.

    You need to make a mark on the people who are already in the field you want, so that if the economy should ever right itself & they eventually start to hire again, they’ll either remember you as someone vital, or you’ll at least have people within the company you can rely on to put in a good word for you. Plus if the line of work you wanted doesn’t pan out like you expected, at least you didn’t go to specialty school, incur new student loan debts, and THEN find out you don’t like this line of work.

    Most importantly, ignore all the “Hot Jobs” lists. The only list that should matter is that of jobs/fields that interest you. An above-average payrate won’t matter over the long haul if you can’t stand the line of work you have to do to make that payrate. Its a theme I see often, and not just because I know from personal experience! ;)

  5. Respect what suzanne markus wrote…If the govt cuts to many Public sector jobs and private aren’t employing…they will throw a lot of people in the jobs market..hmm..well good for her..right? well…some people want it and cant get it and others ….
    Best of luck to all and the lady

  6. It is always good to start thinking about a career early. I have known since I was 5 that I wanted to be in education.. I am 33 now and, through hard work, having kids, and lots of patience, I have just finished my first year teaching.

    It was very difficult getting the job I have now. I got a map of my state, drew a circle in a fifty mile radius of my home and sent resume’s, apps, and reference letters to every school district in that 50 mile circle as well as some outside of it. Only one district called me. And it is a very small district (lucky to have 800 students in the whole district).

    So start early, find something that you know you will love doing when your 50. Work hard and have patience and the perfect job will be there for you.

    (Oh, and dont become a teacher for the money, it is hard work, pays little, and it is a calling to be one.)

  7. Getting a job is not as easy as it is made to look.I am a fresh College graduate with a B.A. in International Relations. Because of the hurdles of getting a job, I am already thinking of diverting into creativity(fashion) so that I would not be idle and be a liability on my family…

  8. Just to throw a note out there from one of those “so called careers”.

    I currently work in the apparel industry and I attended one of those colleges that apparently was a”fun educational stop for people with large incomes to throw away money on their kids educations”. My scenario is that my parents took out a loan, and I took out a loan. We both funded my education and I am extremely grateful of the opportunity that I had. I actually grew up in a college town with one of the largest universities in the state, however I drove 40 miles every day to attend a private collage. Addittionally because I had three siblings my parents supported, I worked 40 hours a week while in college so that I had money for fabric, supplies, spending money, and so on.

    I did not attend a FIDM school, but rather a small design college in the south that had on an average 150 students. They had three majors: Fashion, Graphic, and Interior Design. It wasn’t a place where students had the luxury of finding themselves. It was hard work taught by working industry professionals who were passionate about what they did. I know had I gone to a public university and attempted to get an education in my field that 1) I would have missed half of the classes required to get a good starting job in my industry, 2) I probably wouldn’t have graduated due to hanging out with my friends from high school, 3) I would have lost interest because I would have had to take courses that were not relevant to what I do today (calculus anyone)

    While there were a large number of students that didn’t finish the programs because of the intensity level, keep in mind some of those schools are not all fluff. I am not stating that I don’t disagree with some of the comments out there, but keep in mind from the underwear you put on daily, to the socks on your feet to keep them dry inside your shoes, someone has to design those and make sure they fit properly. I can also say from personal experience there are those who get into those fields may initially have preconceived notions about the field, however most students when they start these colleges may not know of all the different avenues that the field can take you. For example, as a freshman in college I wanted to do costume design (a job which unless you are lucky pays very little). 11 years after graduation I manage a technical design department and ensure that garments fit for the mass market. I translate pattern corrects to vendors in china, and I make sure that the garments fit properly for an American Missy/plus customer. I also trouble shoot any potential quality defects that may occur such as bleeding of dye in denim jeans as well as ensuring that bead work doesn’t fall out on heavily embellished garments. And while yes, most if not all of the pattern jobs are sent overseas, it is still important to remember that you have to have someone here visualize the garment, someone here to explain the expectations or concepts to the factory, and someone here to sell it. You can not truly know the facets of this particular industry until you are actually in it.

    My point is that keep an open mind about those so called “so called careers” and those schools that parents throw away money at. Like everything else in this world all may not be as you think. Some of these design schools are very legitimate places to get a great education. And some of these jobs can be very profitable in the long run if you work hard and know the right people.

  9. Lady gaga-

    Is a great keyboardist/pianist but not soo good singer.

    A Wanna be Madonna..lol
    She may have a nice body but jeese oh pete she needs those big hats, and big fake hair, and big shades, and cases of makeup. Shes does not have pretty face (thats’s being nice).

    Madonna was a babe. Ever hear neone say she has a great body, nah well maybe now she is 50- And still has a great body!

  10. How stupid! I mean here is some lame brain woman thats got millions and millions of dollars. If she wants an internship why don’t she do one in Psychiatric Evaluations because this idiot definitely needs one. I wouldn’t give 15 cents to watch one of her shows for the next 20 years. Today’s music…if you can call it music is nothing but a bunch of junk. People running around half naked with their pants pulled down and their underwear showing or the butt crack showing. Then we got this Gaga idiot who might as well be showing us her twat…if she’s got one. For all I know she may be some fag in disguise.

  11. I hope the teacher watches her grammar when teaching impressionable young minds….your vs you’re…she should really know better.

  12. lady gaga if you are realy lady plz dont put the crosse of jesus our god in your neck and your clothes underwear its shame on you its jesus its god its not your client if you dont love him just respect him maybe you are not christien catholik but i am please dont put our sign in your bady.thanks and pease promess me you dont put the crosse in your bady

  13. Lady Gaga is the quintessential of the age. She is good and she needs to make more shows soon. My two cousins like her music well too.

  14. wowww, then why are you reading stuff about lady gaga, some people like her so shut up!! ur stupid and i bet ur a fuckin fag!!! get a life ass hole!!

  15. Lady GaGA is a joke. What does anyone see in her. I wouldn’t watch her, if someone paid me. She’s not my cup of tea.

  16. adoro a lady gaga uma grande artista da musica pop
    além se ser uma grande estilista de muito talento
    gostaria muito de um dia conhecela sou brasileia , adrimiro muito
    lady gaga um beijaooo
    se sua fam brasileia

  17. i LOVE how losers come on here and post hate about people when their own lives suck. someone who puts down gaga, who at 23, was the person with the 3rd highest earnings in the United States in 2009? is just plain naive and stupid. these earnings don’t come not having talent. this girl is intelligent, sensitive, considerate, candid, grounded, and has talent up the ying/yang. she writes her own lyrics as well as she did for acts like the pussy cat dolls and some rappers. she’s played piano since she was four. the monster ball performance is elating, and she knows it. it’s interactive performance art. and her fans who dress up for the show? it’s like a show within the show. her cast and crew work incredibly hard to pull off flawless performances, the flow of the show itself is more than commendable. everything is exceptionally well thought out and produced and executed.

  18. I don’t understand why people waste time talking and commenting on idiots like Lady Gaga.
    It’s such a stupidity to talk about the most stupid, irresponsible, and ugliest woman who wants to attract people’s attention with her unpredictable and ridiculous character.

  19. I love your comment. I totally agree. Look who is making money now. Hear what music and better be isolated somewher because this is not the art people need. Some junk people buy their albums and they become rich. There is not real art in most of the shows now.

  20. God must LOVE stupid people, because he allows there to be such a high concentration of them. Exhibit A: Lady Gaga.
    My mom and I thought he/she was a drag queen at first glance.

  21. She spent too much time on trhe arts and has no Idea what it takes to earn a living an be free.


  22. lady Gaga is talented and intellligent, everyonne who don’t like her is just haters. Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right even when in art form, worry about the United States economy morons!

  23. Gaga is COMPLETELY DEVOID OF ANY MUSICAL TALENT OR ABILITY…Anyone that has ANY respect for this disposable NO ONE either is 9 has awful taste in music or cant play their way out a wet bag on any instrument.. She CANT sing CANT play ANY isntrument with ANY conviction or talent cant write a song cant perform live without completely lip synching to a pre recorded CD Thank god no one cool likes this or ever will she will be back at wendys in a year

  24. that cracked me up when someone left a comment saying “i don’t understand why anyone would waste time commenting on lady gaga…” umm, hello, you just wasted time commenting her, dumbshit.

    yes, she dresses crazy. its called a gimmick. every artist needs something to boost their appeal. people used to freak out over britney spears flaunting her body but now they’re like “omg she’s so hot!” …so i guess it worked for her?

    why is it that people freak out over lady gaga and say they “hate” her? is it because they are homophobic and they heard the hermaphrodite/transvestite thing? honestly, people. regardless of what’s going on in her pants, she is still a human being. if you don’t like her music, don’t listen to it.

  25. she is unique artist, and I have no much comment about her. actually I also wanna say that her fashion is irrasional………………..

  26. Idont know why your so popular, Your not that good!! Buy the way, We dont want to know what you think about az 1070. Go wear your funny ass clothes, Rip the young with your high ticket prices !!! why didnt you boycot AZ We kind of wished you did, But you wouldnt have been able to rip the young and dumb off. You”ll be forgotten in short time.

  27. Okay [Daryl] you obviosuly aren’t aware of Lady Gaga’s intentions. She has great morals..heck she has them pretty straight. I agree with the idiots walking around showing half their ass but please dont denaturalize Lady Gaga. You know nothing about her. She is amazing!! Athough you may not like her “beats” have you considered her lyrics? I bet you haven’t. She actually sings about something. each song from her album deals with her fears. So back the F*** off. You look rather ignorant posting things about issues you aren’t even aware. thanks. I LOVE YOU GAGA!!

  28. And [Nora] you obviously haven’t seen gaga’s videos or probably havent been to her concert. She stands up for me so im doing the same. Gaga has much potential and you, like the rest of these ignorant fools, overlook it. plain and simple. Art needs to be appreciated with much patience. Gaga is the same way. F*** all Gaga Haters.


  30. I don’t know what make LADY GAGA so famous? maybes its her exaggerated make up. sometimes it’s extremally ridiculous. as for her song, i don’t think it should be the top over Mariah Carey or Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears

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