Metros where employment is growing

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McAllen TexasI’m probably as sick of writing about job loss as you are reading about it. Today I have some good news to report.

Yesterday, the Brookings Institute released the Q3 edition of its MetroMonitor, a “quarterly, interactive barometer of the health of America’s 100 largest metropolitan economies.” The MetroMonitor analyzes trends in U.S. metro employment, unemployment, economic performance, housing prices and real estate-owned properties to determine the rate of the country’s recession and recovery.

So what did they find with regards to jobs? Looking at Q2 2009 to Q3 2009, the overall percent change in employment change in the top 100 largest metro areas was -0.5% and also -0.5% for the entire U.S. Eleven metros that saw increases in employment in the last quarter and another six saw no change at all. Here are the 11 metros that saw positive job growth:

  1. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 1.3
  2. New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner, LA
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.6
  3. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.5
  4. Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.5
  5. Columbia, SC
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.3
  6. Worcester, MA
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.2
  7. Jackson, MS
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.2
  8. Raleigh-Cary, NC
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.1
  9. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.1
  10. Madison, WI
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.1
  11. Syracuse, NY
    Change in employment Q2 2009-Q3 2009: 0.1

The MetroMonitor also compared the largest 100 metros’ peak employment quarter to the most recent quarter (Q3 2009), measuring the extent to which employment has recovered from the recession’s full impact. In that respect, only one metro area has seen employment growth from its peak until Q3: McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX whose employment has risen 1.4%. When you consider that the percent change in employment for the 100 largest metro areas was down -4.3% since the peak and down -4.6% for the entire U.S., there seems to be a lot more healing to go … but at least we seem to be on the right track.

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  2. What? I live in the Mcallen area and there are lots with no job. There might have been a job growth, but there are still MILLIONS without a job, including me!

  3. I have worked for the KY state department of transportation before.Would like to find a job with the state or county government in Jefferson county KY.


  5. Don’t believe the Washington Arlington lies. All jobs here require the impossible to get Top Secret Security clearance…no clearence, no job, no exceptions. Look at any job postings in the area. The so called job growth is from people joining the military and being stationed in Fort Belovoir, Quantico, Aberdeen, Andrews AFB etc.

  6. It is nice to heir that somewhere in our country employment is improving. I wish to know more about jobs for Instrumentation Engineers with Mechanical Engineering background with 29 years of experience, still willing to work and being beneficial for corporations and his family.

    Best regards

  7. Let’s head west heppie ki yea mother-f’ers with all this effort to save the the cunt-tree we are just as f’n depressed as you depreressed people in the f’n east. What about the west? Well California in dying and then for f,n the rest of us it’s not much easier. The idea that that the vegas peolple “say” they have their own Boom, is a redicluious recovery program (in short it’s a donkey’s ass plubicity stunt? This is for people who have too much money to the point they could stay home light up the barbague, throw their mix of bennies in with the charcoal and have the same result. (They done’t even have to pack bay and pay for darn thing) or end up with blooded matteress’ at the scabby hotel and the still their money goes up in smoke. Buy some medical maryjane; that’s a better idea you get the same high. You burn your money like you want to and the bags stay in the basement.dah?

  8. Yeah, right…the only reason Mcallen TX is doing well is because they are snuggling up to the Mexican border where all the REAL job growth is! That and they wont have far to go go when they also move across the borger to sample some of that ummm good cheap Mexican labor and the lack of irritating ‘govment’ regulations!!

    These short sighted ‘American’ executives should’nt be to concerned though…wont be much longer now till the US is Mexico!

  9. This article is basically a big half-truth, at best. Half the “metro” areas (sorry, but 106,414 people does NOT constitute a “metro area”) listed here are shown as having a job growth rate of 0.1% or 0.2%. Statistically, that’s in the noise, and might as well be ignored. None of the “cities” on this list have anything approaching significant job growth, and are probably just random fluctuations.

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  11. NYC area #3, really? Well, if you define it as 3 states maybe, but the aggregation of everything from Long Island to Pennsylvania makes it kind of meaningless. NYC itself certainly is not where employment is on the rise, only thing going up here is rent and cost of doing business.

  12. Our Leadership (Of This Country) REALLY should tighten thier belts just like the common man does. Many of us are struggleing to make ends meet; while they continue to eat STEAK & WINE EVERY NIGHT!!

  13. Why don’t you provide us with some useful information instead of this net equivalent of used toilet paper? Increases of less than one percent does not indicate a significant change in the job market and is an insult to the intelligence of any sentient ‘job seeker.’ Also in this down economy (thanks to the actions of the idiots in D.C.), no serious job seeker is even going to consider seeking a position hundreds/ thousands of miles away without significant incentive to do so.

    Last time I checked, that type of inducement was rare and the cost of relocation on your own dime would be prohibitive. Please do not waste your time or ours with useless information such as this. For the people who reside in those areas, I sincerely hope the job market does rebound in a truly significant manner – not .5 percent (give me a break!). As for the rest of us it has no bearing whatsoever.

  14. Beaumont,Texas is growing with home building,road and bridge building,refinery hiring,fast food employment and many more improvements around the city. I would place Beaumont Texas as one among the rest as a growing and viable city that have seen significant growth and economic development.

  15. Great article and news, Kate. I suspect we will be seeing more of this kind of data in the next year. But how long does it take for the average job searcher to actually feel the change in their own job search?

    There is more news to consider: in 2009, in the US alone, about 40 million people will have been HIRED. True, this is much less than the ranks of the unemployed, but the psychological impact of this news should be great.

    The message to job seekers is, pump up your game so that you will be one of the forty million. approaches the job search in this way. The job search is treated like a marketing campaign with scientific research and job search campaign management tools. It really offers a new way to think about, and be effective in, the job search.

    Best regards!

  16. What are the job opportunities in Orlando, Florida State
    Can you please, give the job websites to search for jobs at Orlando, FL.

  17. McAllen – I wonder about the stats for increased employment in McAllen TX. McAllen is a city that has grown in cooperation with maquilladora operations in Reynosa Mexico just across the border. Typically a business surge in Reynosa is reflected in a supporting business surge in McAllen. Recently though I’m aware of at least one example of a company down sizing it’s operations in Michigan and consolidating what remains to McAllen resulting in just a shift in location of business activity and overall net loss of jobs.

  18. My life is so odd these days sidelined by unemployment, major financial losses and the loss of all benefits. Still I am not quite ready for rehab — so there is no safety net for the normal seeking work! I barely have language to describe my life these days. If it were not for family members I would be on the streets because even the shelters are full. What employers are saying to me is, ‘ maybe next week, call back in a month, etc..’ And these are the employers who have encouraged my applications! What the Obama wonks are referring to when they speak to the media pronouncing the recession over has no meaning whatsoever for me. I know I am not alone in that. My professional friends who are still working in jobs that have doubled in size but not in salary because of the massive layoffs tell it best. One well informed executive took me to lunch (kind man) said that since: Americans don’t really make things anymore, if you are not in health services, insurance or educational services you won’t see your job come back or a rebound in employment for at least another year — maybe even 18 months. The people with money and others who generate capital are simply not spending even though they have recovered about 80 percent of their losses. Ordinary families are going to have to hunker down and the social fallout is going to be trememdous.

  19. Where have all the high tech jobs in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry go, where are the upper Management to Executive Sales and Marketing career positions gone to. What has happened to the Scientific Instrumentations Sales industry, have seen nothing growing there. Who would want to live in the 10 growing places economically, have been there (collectively) might as well starve here then die or freeze to death there.

    Trapped in the Hotel California dreaming of heading east, but only as far as Colorado

  20. Indianapolis- I have tons of maintenance experience with upscale hotels, and have cross over industry background.

    Most hotels are in trouble, few hire this time of year, when they do they are flooded with applicants that are willing to work for and accept a job for sub-industry level pay.

  21. I am grateful that people are getting back to work or starting thier own business.

    For the complaining messages above; it is no wonder that you have no employment opportunities.

    One of the requiements for employment is knowing how to spell. Many above do not.

    Another requirement is to LOOK for an EMPLOYMENT opportunity and stop feeding off of the very government that you seem to hate so much.

    Commitment requires the employee to go to work on time every day, do thier work the best they can and don’t cry foul every time things are not the way you want them to be (your way); after all companies large and small develop and grow due to the leadership forging the path and the management keeping the path moving in the direction that the leadership forges. The employees being managed are the core resource for the leaders and managers to teach and to learn from.

  22. So, in light of the rosy statistics being presented to us, who’s unemployed?

    1. My niece, a Phi Beta Kappa 2008 college grad with a triple major: Japanese, Chinese and Computer Science: out of work for more than a year.

    2. My daughter, a former Fulbright scholar with a master’s from NYU, published in national multiple academic journals, and now in a PhD program at another major university: couldn’t even find a summer job.

    3. My husband, an Ivy League honors grad who put in 27 years at a major corporation — the last 13 of them with “outstanding” job ratings; scored the highest in the company’s history in their technical training programs: officially “laid off” 3 times since 2001; no full-time job since 2006. (Should I even bother to mention that the executives who found him too expensive to employ deserted the company’s sinking ship in multi-million-dollar life rafts?)

    4. Me, with my master’s degree, additional post-graduate study and nearly 25 additional undergraduate hours in technology courses (undertaken at my own expense to remain competitive in my chosen field): Laid off in early 2007 after nearly 30 years in my former profession, and now relegated largely to clerical work just to remain employed.

    The fact is that American industry and the “job market” that used to feed it has been completely destroyed. Aided by those who took over the government in 2000, the bad guys in private industry have made off with everything that made this country and its economy great, and the only ones left with jobs are those who are willing to feed their insatiable greed.

    If you’re lazy, incompetent and/or willing to do anything for money, then you will fit right in. If not, you’ll have to join the rest of us on the way to total ruin.

  23. If anybody needs pallets for shipping freight on Long Island, Upstate NY or the New Jersey Area please call me at 516-790-2116.



  24. Charles you are right. But what about the few people who do everything that they should. They get up and go to work on time, and do a great job. And than they are let go because management suddenly realizes they can save 80% by sending work over seas. Or they cut marketing in print, bill boards, catalogs, calendars, magazines and advertise online only. And this may not work, but for some reason management thinks that people aren’t looking at print anymore. Well a great deal of people who are unemployed used to write or produce promotional goods in print. And now we are out of work, single parents, who have no money to go back to school for that second major in internet application development, or continue towards that bachelors that may or may not be a good investment. So when that marketing industry or customer service industry or personnel management jobs went oversea that left a lot of people with out an income in the USA to spend on others in the USA – and thus that domino affect… Other industries have or are following suit. Well if there are less people to manage – than there will be less managers too.

  25. i agree. lots of those jobs are in the security/paranoia business and require top secret clearences.usually for kids that just graduate from college that have never spat on sidewalk.if you over 25,have bad credit,traffic tickets,student loans etc your hinney is grass

  26. Well, if you want to use the U-HAUL statistics as to where everyone is going; they report it’s Houston, Dallas and Austin Texas for rental dropoffs. The main areas everyone seems to be fleeing is Californication, Sin City Nevada and the whole State of Floriduh.

  27. welcome to the new world order, or capitalism at its would be a good time to read:pytagoras,plato(the republic)freud(civilization and its discontents),
    jean jacques russeau(on the theories of inequality)emmanuel kant,nitzche, all of his books. BECAUSE PEOPLE CAPITALISM IS ABOUT TO TURN

  28. American Inguinety- sounds like you have your very own family “brain trust”! Ever considered starting your own company? Sounds like a powerful amount of brain power going to waste.

    I was laid off of a job about 15 years ago, with only a B.S.- made the decision that, I never wanted to be a the mercy of the ‘company’ and the only one I could trust not to lay me off was- myself!

    Since that time, I have never made a fortune, however, there has never been a day that I have been without meaningful work, food for my 2 children (single parent most of that time) and a roof over our heads, safe, warm and dry.!

    I admit it requires HARD work, reselience, creativity, flexibility and a high degree of self-motivation- but that is why it is great to be an American.

    So maybe it’s time to rethink the mentality of work for the corp for 30 yrs and then retire gig. America did not start out that way.

    Best wishes to you- you are right- it is HARD. But my husband’s proverb- Hard is just hard, it is NOT bad.” Not only that Hard can be down right satisfying.

  29. Interesting rticle. Those who responded, might I suggest spell checking your response? If prospective employers are reading, they may take heed when seeing typographical errors.

  30. All we can do is keep trying.
    I am a single mother, no
    child support and a leasing agent for a government owned property. Every day I am told my property is going to be sold and am stressed to the max about how I will support, feed, cloth, and house my child. Loosing this job means loosing my home.
    All I can do is wake up and keep looking for something, somehow, somewhere, that can
    enable me to survive and take care of my son. If I don’t try, than I will fail. Everyday we MUST try.
    My recomandation to people is to not work in my industry. Yes, people always need an apartment. But this industry is a game to our owners. They are not intreasted in the people and families who work for them or how it can destroy lives. They promise you a position with the new company so that you stay on and help to famileriz them with the property and then bring in their own
    crew. After that you have two weeks to
    find a new home and job.
    It’s is all about the buy and sell game. Forget about the loyal and faithful employees who have been
    there for years.
    It stings, yes. But I, as a single mother, can’t give up. I will always remain optimistic that somewhere out there is a company that cares about their employees and their families too.
    There was once a time where that exsisted, and say what you want about me, but I will forever search for that dream. I am an
    American. That’s what being an American means. Never give up on
    your dreams for your family. I will
    always teach my son that same value.

  31. The country that I love is going to hell in a hand basket. I am lucky to be employed (for how much longer?). I have taken a 20% pay cut. What angers me the most is the new administrations “jobs created or saved” phrase. How cowardly. The country sold out a long time ago with NAFTA and has gotten worse with corporations setting up shop on some island so not to pay corporate taxes to the US. The internet has taken away the walks on Washington that took place in the 60′s and 70′s. The government has us all where they want us; off of the streets, demonstrating on the internet where they can hit the delete key and that is that. Anyone still lucky enough to have a job is paying for the government retirement benefits paid to those who work 20 to 30 years for the government then leave with full benefits at age 50 to 55. All of us looked away when they taxed our life insurance benefits (GTL on your pay stub). Late night meetings in Washington behind closed doors to figure out new taxes to hit us with to help pay for their retirements. They are not worried about us, they are worried about preserving their retirement packages. Soon, if your lucky enough to have health insurance partially paid for by the company you work for, it will be taxed as income. The “bail out” the new administration has implemented is not intended for you or me. Try to apply for a reduced mortgage. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has set it up so that your property will be undervalued for the relief that you were promised. Prepare yourself, the worse is yet to come.

  32. I’d like to know about Southwestern States such as Phx or Tucson or NM metro areas. I want to relocate from CA to a southwestern state.

  33. Unfortunately the “small business” that has helped develop this nation to the #1 country in the WORLD, has been devastated and ruined by the greed and ignorance of a few people at top levels. The ability for other countries to “take away” our jobs, only really benefits a few people who are already rich, while selling the scam to the rest of americans that our jobs are being outsourced for our “best interest! When americans lose their jobs, no matter how big or small, we lose our self preservation, our dignity, our ability to pay taxes, even our faith starts to deteriorate! The outsourcing of american jobs is close to treason and it destroys America from within. Who in the heck voted for their job to be “outsourced”, anyway? This is the question of the decade, who actually gave our jobs away? Which government officials, senators, congressmen and corporations opted for more money instead of more jobs for Americans? Who are the government officials who took corporate bribes and money from lobbyist for themselves instead of taking the best interest of the americans “they” are supposed to work for? I would really like a list of congressmen who betrayed their fellow Americans by taking away their jobs for a suitcase of money for themselves. What kind of “scam” is now being sold to Americans as their government? I want Americans to unite for themselves, their children and their country. Surely 300 million Americans can override a couple hundred senators, congressmen and corporations that are “killing” this country for their own personal gain. Who killed the electric car? The same people who were supposed to create and protect it. Who killed “small business”? The government and corporate personel whom were in charge of “it’s” well being. When Americans are united we can solve our problems and even help solve global problems, but “this governing body” that we have today, seems to want division and destruction of America, starting with it’s core, outsourcing small business, this is in very close proximity of treason. And just think, when all the American jobs are outsourced, for a suitcase of money to a few individuals, where will our taxes come from? I wouldn’t bet on the foreign countries or the “government officials” or corporations who voted “for” the outsourcing!!! United Americans with “jobs”, created and defended this great country and we are the only ones who can keep it this way!!! KEEP OUR JOBS, KEEP OUR COUNTRY!

  34. The best thing this article accomplished was bringing the reality of an incompetent governing body out in the public forum. Thank you for helping me realize how fortunate I am to still have a job. However, our local government is still talking job cuts so no one is safe. Have a backup plan and use your total skillset to create your own 2010 destiny. This country was built on innovation so everyone put on your thinking caps. Keep the Faith

  35. I live in the supposedly “growing” NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area. Just about every adult that I know who is over the age of 45 is unemployed or seriously under-employed (in the sense that 60-eyar-olds with advanced degrees in engineering are now bagging groceries or taking orders in sandwich shops just to have some kind of income), and most of us have been in this situation for two years or more.

    Why not face it? The “American Dream” of good education and hard work leading to a comfortable life has been completely destroyed by the avaricious forces of “free market” economics and the politicians who have been paid off by its advocates.

    If you want a job nowadays, you really ought to move to India or China.

  36. Hello to all. First and most, Trust and pray that God will provide for our families. I am orth Carolina, employment has been droping way before the economy took a hit. Many people out of a job. Thinking about the situation we might not get the job we are looking for, But if we just get something,anything that is an honest days work, cut back on spending on needless things, and commit to a serious budget, we should be able to hold our own even if it means having two jobs, whether its part time or fulltime. It sounds crazy, but every corporation is restructuring somehow why not the average family in america do the same. Happy New year! God Bless America!

  37. I hear people’s despair, anger, and fear from the economic downturn in America since 2008. However, I think there are solutions that Americans should address to their nation in order to reduce the bloodshed of job losses and economic downturn that is crippling the america society.
    1. Immediate cease any war efforts around the world. Including Afghanistan. The USA has drained its treasury of deploying as the international police force of the world, since it cannot even have enough resources to police its own crime ridden cities. it has no business in trying to enforce its rules against other nations with the military and politics its plays at world stage. That would automatically free up deficits and reduce deflations of US currencies in the open market.
    2. Create trade laws to penalize USA and international corporations with head offices in the USA to outsource jobs to other countries, government could raise tariffs and customs charges on imports and foreign made products and services, triggering a trade war but USA market can be self sufficient without opening its own markets to foreign investments. thus preserving made in USA markets for its own workers.
    3. Open trades only to foreign countries which offer similar trades policies and markets for USA companies, so the trade can be more balanced not one sided.
    4. Downplay its importance in United Nations and NATO. and encourage other countries to participate and contribute more to the international area cause. By playing a lessor role as a Big Brother of the United Nations, USA can save billions in foreign aid to countries whose corrupt government relies constantly on USA aid to keep themselves well fed, and deliberately creating destitute in their own countries to maintain foreign aid support from USA and other so called developed nations.
    4. Government focus on small business loans and support local economic development, increase banking and financial sector support for local community business. instead of supporting large corporations alone. this can be achieved through changes in the state legislations for the financial sectors as well as business laws.
    5. Downplay the importance of Wall Street and create local stock exchange centers across all states instead of focusing on Dow Jones and NYSE alone.

    I think if the USA government can rethink their economic, political, and business policies, the country can become a prosperous and a great nations again.

    Kam from Canada
    A neighbor of USA

  38. This post was pretty generic and not too helpful.

    To be truly helpful, you must post the job growth
    by sector.

    Some places the jobs are all top security clearance jobs, other places the job growth is in fast food
    (In & Out Burger starts over 10/hr
    and requires english proficiency)

    In some cases the jump in jobs is due to a
    large military transfer which doesnt
    automatically translate to jobs for the locals.

    If someone tells me there is a 1 percent gain
    in jobs, but cant tell me what the 1 percent
    gain is over and cant tell me the breakgown of
    WHAT jobs these are, the posting is of no use
    to anyone.

    I do hope the person who wrote this blog actually reads the comments rather than just dashing off another erroneously rosy prediction
    next week.

    I can read a lot of anger & hurt from the
    commenters on this blog. I read articles daily
    that try to raise my spirits, but if theres no
    fact to support it then spirits will be dashed
    just as quickly and they will sink even lower
    than before. People are tired of the roller
    coaster of the media raising spirits only to
    have them dashed yet again.

    Putting people through this roller coaster
    over and over is just plain cruel.

    I beseach you, PLEASE!, before trying to write
    another blog like this, lets have some useable
    facts so that peoples hopes wont be raised

  39. I know that the market in the city we live in is difficult but I want a Metro list that prioritizes New York City, first and foremost! Its what is very necessary in these extremely difficult times. If you’re having trouble finding employment then how in the name of common sense how are you supposed to pack up and head to another city?? A college needs that kind of employer to actually invite them for a possible interview/hiring, totally on their dime…Some things haven’t changed! Unless you’re from a an affluent family you just can’t go jet setting to other cities for a job…Come on now!?!

  40. McAllen #1???? WOW!!! I live down here and have been looking for a job… any job for almost 4 yrs now. Something that hasn’t been addressed is the issue of “language”. To get a job down here you HAVE to speak Spanish and HAVE a Spanish last name. If you don’t… all of your degrees and experience won’t make a difference! Resume is thrown out without consideration. Phone slammed down on your ear…literally. I was called ‘useless’ and they didn’t even know me. My husband & I moved down here with the company that he is employed with. Back home I NEVER encountered this. I’m ready, willing and able so where’s the jobs???

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  47. This is such a lie! If you click on to see the career builder sites for each of these cities to see what kind of jobs they are referring to, you’ll see they require an investment. *Non traditional jobs, may require an initial investment. Are you kidding me, these scams can’t be considered employment!

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  51. Yep! Obama has held true to his promises!!! He has changed America! Changed it into a bankrupt money owing overtaxing ex empire. We have the opportunity in the next few weeks to take our country back but it’s not going to happen if we keep taxing and spending. Give business the incentive to hire new people! Remove thier tax burden. Give the American people the right to decide their own health care alternatives instead of giving them ultimatums. Listen to the federal sales tax advocates because it will get the IRS off all our backs because we don’t have to pay tax unless we buy something. It really makes sense to me! I pay 28% of my income on federal income tax now I would gladly trade that for a sales tax. I’m gonna pay the tax one way or the other but I won’t have to pay Jackson Hewit or H&R Block $100 to prepare a tax return!!!Lets take back our country, become prosperous and become a Republic again. Ya know? There is no mention of democracy in our constitution!! We are a Republic and I pledge my alegience to the Republic!!!

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  63. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he just bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! “Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship.” by Harry S Truman.

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