Job recovery?

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On Friday, we told you that the BLS  reported that employers slashed 524,000 jobs in the last month of ‘08 bring ing the grand total number of jobs lost in 2008 to  2.6 million jobs in 2008.

ABC News produced two segments about the U.S. job situation on Friday. The segments, which feature CEO Matt Ferguson and VP of Corporate Marketing Jason Ferrara, take a closer look at which sectors are hiring and tips for searching in this economy.

In his weekly YouTube address on Saturday, President-Elect Obama also discussed the BLS numbers and a report released by the Obama-Biden Transition Team analyzing the number and types of jobs the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will create.

Watch all three videos after the jump.

Where to Look for a Job — ABC World News Tonight

The Job Crunch – ABC Nightline

  1. The picture still looks pretty bleak, but we’ll see what happens after the change in administrations. I’m thinking the new economic programs will need some time to work and we’ll get a better idea of our progress at the end of next summer.

  2. I enjoyed the 20/20 piece, there was a lot of really good information given the time constraints.

    But I have to ask, why were Facebook and MySpace mentioned but not LinkedIn?

    Seems to me that at a time when people need all the tools available to them leaving a big one out is odd.

    Maybe it was en edit by ABC, maybe it was an intentional omission of a competitor?

  3. I read one of your articles today regarding the best areas of the U.S. to look for jobs.

    Though the employment stats sound impressive, its off of a very small base and unless you are in the medical or IT profession there isn’t anything in these areas of the U.S. for most of the rest of us.

  4. Here is another un-noticed bit of fallout from Facebook, Linkedin and MySpace – IDENTITY THEFT.

    I had my personal info there in effort to use every tool to find a job, however by exposing yourself like this you’ve given people all of your past history, areas you’ve lived, where you went to school etc. This made it very easy for ID theft, I have since pulled all of my info from these sites and have mentioned to friends and family.

    p.s. to all you HR recruiters, try to take a day and look at resumes (seriously) of those people whom have been out of work and based upon their past experience have alot of potential…just because they aren’t specifically from X industry doesn’t mean they can’t become one of your best – plus, if you have someone whom needs a job and someone that already has a job…why do focus on the one whom already has a position – do something for the economy and give people a shot! Remember, one day this could be you on the other side.

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