Job Seeker Spotlight: Amitha Gumpalli

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 Today, our Job Seeker Spotlight shines on Amitha Gumpalli, a woman who recently completed her studies in the U.S., received her master’s degree and is currently looking for work. Amitha is in a unique situation because to work in the U.S., she requires a visa sponsorship from any company looking to employ her. Running out of time, she came to us looking for some help with her job search.

Amitha was extremely focused on getting a job – and that actually may have been working against her. Rather than leading with how she could help, she seemed to be leading with, “I just need a job,” potentially scaring off employers with her approach. In order to get her back on the right track, Jill Hinrichs, a career coach here at CareerBuilder, told Amitha to review everything she was doing through the lens of a hiring manager. “Did I clearly state why I would be an asset to this company? Did I sell my strengths? Mention my accomplishments?”

During her second session, Jill conducted a mock interview with Amitha to ensure she felt comfortable addressing why she could do a job and why she would be a good fit within a company. Though time was of the essence (and still is), taking a moment to reflect and refine her job-search strategy was crucial to Amitha’s success. If she could shift her focus away from simply landing a job to making sure she was communicating effectively, Jill knew Amitha would be much better off (and find a job much faster).

Here’s what all of us can take away from Amitha’s experience with CareerBuilder:

  1. Lead with your enthusiasm. You want employers to like you – that’s understandable – but you’re not too cool to get excited about a potential opportunity or the chance to develop your skills. Show enthusiasm to your interviewer and send a message about how much energy you’ll bring to your position.
  2. Don’t lead with an “I just need a job” mentality. Instead, lead with questions like, “How can I add value?” or “How can I address the needs of this business?” This approach will help you clearly define the relevant skills you possess, how they align with a given position, and it will allow you to focus on the results you’ve seen/your accomplishments using these skills.
  3. Practice does not always make perfect. “Practice makes permanent” is a bit closer. If you take the easy way out when practicing, you won’t move your interview skills forward. This may mean recording and reviewing your answers to frequently asked job-search questions, or even writing outlines to ensure you know what you’d like to cover. Afterward, take a step back and review your answers from a hiring manager’s perspective.

With a new resume to strengthen her new approach, Amitha says she feels more confident in her job search. She also recommends career coaching to those who need a little push in the right direction. We hope your time in the spotlight serves you well, Amitha. Stay focused and keep moving forward!

What is Job Seeker Spotlight? Each month, we want to shine the spotlight onto job seekers like you. The goal of Job Seeker Spotlight is to showcase individuals who exemplify creativity, personality and passion for their job hunt but need a little push or assistance in making their goals achievable. Each job seeker works with a certified career coach to assess their current resume and job search strategy. Working together in a pair of one-on-one sessions, they create an action plan designed to enhance the job seeker’s approach toward their career journey and empower them with the tools (and confidence) to succeed.


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