Job Seeker Spotlight: Frank Maturo, sales and marketing

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People are so much more than the skills or work history listed on their résumés. With Job Seeker Spotlight, we give individuals the opportunity to highlight their creativity, personality and passion for employers who are looking to hire today.

Today’s featured job seeker is Frank Maturo from Folsom, Pa.

Continue reading for more about Maturo:

  • What is your desired position/title? Sales and marketing
  • What industry are you looking for work in? Marketing, advertising or communications
  • What’s one project or task that was successful because of your effort, and how did you ensure success? I bring enthusiasm, personality and knowledge to trade shows, marketing events and other networking functions. I have an unmatched ability to connect one-on-one with people to understand their needs, while creating excitement about the products and services we offer.
  • How do you demonstrate passion for your work or your profession? I dive right in to new projects, and I constantly seek new challenges. I share my passion with everyone I meet through social media and personal networking; letting people know what I’m involved in and why they need to be a part of it. I’m always on top of the latest trends in my field so that I can be the first to share new information with customers.
  • What personality traits would be an asset to a future employer and the teams you’d work with? I am driven to succeed beyond expectations; to not only deliver, but to WOW my customers with our products and services. I bring levelheadedness, humor, a gift for making personal connections and the ability to see the bigger picture that keeps our team focused on our goals.

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Connect with Frank via LinkedIn.

(Are you an employer and want to contact Frank? You can find him today in CareerBuilder’s Resume Database.)


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