Job Seeker Spotlight: Ivy Barber

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Today, our spotlight shines on Ivy Barber, a woman who had some very ambitious career goals but wasn’t quite sure how she should pursue them. Ivy had a few ideas about jobs and titles she wanted to go after, but shortly after beginning her first conversation with CareerBuilder, she made a realization: The jobs she had in mind didn’t reflect her passions, nor did they foster the skills she wanted to develop.

Working with Jill Hinrichs, one of our career coaches, Ivy went through the “Five Lives” exercise where she talked through what life would be like if she were to pursue the different career paths she was considering without restraints like pay or location. During this self-discovery,* Ivy realized that no matter what she does, she wants to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. She uncovered that not all of her ideal jobs would allow her to use this passion and live her values. Knowing this, she was better able to focus, map out her future and lay out the steps she needed to take in order to move closer to her career goals.

*For a little more about self-discovery and career exploration, watch this CareerBuilder webinar hosted by Jill!

But that’s not the end of the story. Despite having a clearer picture of herself and what she really valued, Ivy admitted that she was afraid of really going after her dreams. Who hasn’t been there before? While this topic could necessitate another post – even a series of posts – there’s one tip that stands out among the ideas passed to Ivy: Don’t view failure as going back to square one – at the very least, you’ve learned a thing or two. Here are some other lessons to take away from Ivy’s experience with CareerBuilder:

  1. Don’t let anyone else tell you what success looks like; pursue what success means to you. Imagine money isn’t an issue for a moment, and think about five jobs you’d like to pursue. Ask yourself what kind of legacy you’d like to leave behind or how you’d like to be remembered. Let these thoughts guide you when choosing a career, not worries about your financial situation.
  2. Use social media to your advantage. Will employers be able to tell what you’re passionate about by looking at your social media profiles? (NOTE: They’re looking.) Highlight your skills and interests by taking part in conversations relevant to your career goals.
  3. Seek out a mentor. If you find someone you think you can learn from, start asking questions and schedule an informational interview with them. You won’t be able to build this relationship overnight. You’ll have to work hard, but the potential reward is worth it.
  4. A little positivity can go a long way, and it’s something employers are looking for during your interviews. Everyone makes mistakes, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up when you make one or two. Look for the silver lining in every challenge you face, and ask yourself, “How can I turn this into an opportunity?” or “What good can come out of this?” Though it sounds corny, it’s an extremely effective mental exercise.

Here’s what Ivy had to say about our Job Seeker Spotlight and working with Jill:

“As a result of working with Jill I now feel very confident in my career goals and I am eager to use all of the tools and information I have received. I believe this program is life changing, and I am excited for others that will have the opportunity to participate.”

With increased confidence in herself and in her resume, which received a little love, Ivy said she feels more empowered in both her personal and professional lives. She now has the additional tools she needs to move her job search/career forward, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, Ivy!

What is Job Seeker Spotlight? Each month, we want to shine the spotlight onto job seekers like you. The goal of Job Seeker Spotlight is to showcase individuals who exemplify creativity, personality and passion for their job hunt but need a little push or assistance in making their goals achievable. Each job seeker works with a certified career coach to assess their current resume and job search strategy. Working together in a pair of one-on-one sessions, they create an action plan designed to enhance the job seeker’s approach toward their career journey and empower them with the tools (and confidence) to succeed.

  1. Thanks for the great advise.
    I am looking at embarking on the next phase of my life and at 50 want to make sure that I make my career choice fulfulling. The most important is spiritually centered and balanced but financially secure as well. My goal is that I be able to help as many people along the way as is my fortune to come across.
    I am taking your suggestions to heart and looking to incorporate them before I select my next profession.
    Have a wonderful life,

    • Thank you for sharing your story Diana! Spend some time using the Discovery exercises in this workbook: If you haven’t already, check out the webinar mentioned in this article as well. It will help you walk through similar self-discovery concepts that can add focus to your goals.

      Once you have a firm grasp on your path, think about organizations that you are already a part of or ones that hold the same value and beliefs. Then, find key individuals (network) within the organization. Who can share more information on opportunities, culture, etc. (informational interview)? For a career change, this can give you a better idea of what transferable skills you can highlight. Best of luck!

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