8 jobs that are innovative and in-demand

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There’s a set of jobs that is receiving some well-earned attention. President Obama has mentioned these jobs often in his speeches about improving the economy, nearly every industry and field are influenced by the discoveries these workers make, and your children’s toys and education are both directly affected by what these workers are capable of.

What are these incredible jobs? Commonly referred to as STEM careers, which stand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, these roles are driving the economy and redefining what modern life looks like. Whether you’re beginning to plan your career or are considering a change, check out this infographic and keep reading to learn about STEM careers and why these jobs are leading industries across the nation and world.

The top eight STEM jobs
Within the set of occupations, these STEM jobs have the most projected growth through 2020:

Money, money, money
While the majority of new and replacement jobs in STEM require at least some postsecondary education, they’re a good return on your education investment. The U.S. average salary is $43,460, compared to the average STEM salary of $77,880.

These workers can expect a big paycheck for their hard work. For example, the highest paying STEM jobs, making $100,000 or more, are

These workers also have more freedom in their careers to go out on their own. Between 2009-2011, the growth of self-employed STEM workers in the U.S. was nearly twice the rate of growth for all self-employed workers.

The top 11 STEM locations
These top 11 metropolitan areas have a strong concentration and large volume of STEM jobs (compared to total employment). Even better news: these locations are predicted to grow their STEM employment by more than 6 percent in the next five years.

  1. Where are the links for people currently on SSDI? — Tips during the interview process? While I am able to walk with out adaptive equipment, do not need any adaptive equipment for daily function, there are jobs I know I can do, until job post includes a 70 lb lifting requirement.
    How does one with limitations present themselves during the interview process? How do we present ourselves on the application without placing focus on disabilities rather than abilities?

  2. @Gloinn10 Great question. We have several articles that offer help and resources for those with disabilities in all stages of the job search and employment: Check out “Disability Employement Resources 101″ here: http://cb.com/UDIdyq; “When and how to disclose a disability at work”: http://cb.com/UDIq4E; and “Success on the job with a disability”: http://cb.com/UDIsto.

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