Let it snow?

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The calendar still says fall, but several areas of the country were recently socked with a nice heaping helping of snow.

Personally, I’m all about snow around the holidays, but the novelty of snow usually wears off after the new year…which is about the same time that snow is coupled with some of the coldest temperatures of the season!

Some people LOVE snow in any season, though, and though most of us just complain about scraping it off of our cars, some people want to work in it every day. 

Who, you ask?

Snow shoveler: Shovels snow into truck or open sewer from streets and other public thoroughfares. Chops ice and packed snow, using pick or ice-chopper, to clear area around catch basins, fire hydrants and street corners. May spread salt or thawing chemicals onto roadway from rear of moving truck, using shovel. Average salary: $31, 972

Snow removing supervisor: Supervises removal of snow from thoroughfares and public places, such as airports, government buildingsand streets. Average salary: $39,469

Snow plow operator: Maintains highways, municipal and rural roads, and rights-of-way in safe condition, performing combination of following duties: erects and repairs guardrails, highway markers, and snow fences, using handtools and nails, and power tools. Average salary: $39,890

Ski instructor: Teaches bumbling fools like me how to stay standing while whooshing down the slopes. Average salary: $29,661

Ski patroller: Picks up bumbling fools like me when we FAIL at standing and skiing at the same time. Also surveys grounds and reports on trail and ski lift conditions. Average salary: $19,354

Snow blower: Operates a snow blower to clear sidewalks and paths. Average salary: $18, 712

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