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Here’s what I’ve been reading today to kick off the workweek:

  • Are we nearing the end of the recession? — Bloomberg
  • Putting a cactus near your computer monitor might be good for you — The Daily Green
  • Jobs where the paychecks are getting bigger — Forbes
  • Tips for those considering online classes to boost their careers — 45things
  • 40 years after the moon landing we wonder: How does one get a job at NASA? —
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  1. I managed to graduate from highschool with a combined GPA of 1.92. By my stellar sophmore year, I could boast of a combined GPA of 0.9. Needless to say, it took me 5 years to graduate and a move from Southern California to Portland Oregon where it’s too cold to not be in the warm classes. I was admitted to college and graduated from there with a 3.70 and have a very good job in the nursing profession. I was called a late bloomer.

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