Today’s Most Dangerous Jobs

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Workplace Fatalities

In a culture that is filled with cubicle jobs that we’re quick to label boring, we can easily forget that some jobs are dangerous. Commuting through rush-hour traffic in a big city can feel like a life-or-death adventure every morning, but for many workers that risk disappears once they exit the six-lane highway and pull into a parking lot.

For other workers, however, physical risks are part of the job. Whether you’re a police officer on patrol or a construction worker building a skyscraper, danger is a daily concern.

The new workplace injury statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are a mix of good and bad news. The good news: Fatal workplace injuries were down 28 percent in 2009 compared with 2008. The bad news: 4,340 workers still died as a result of on-the-job injuries. So we’re happy to see a reduction in fatal injuries, but don’t we want that number down to zero?

Which sectors had the biggest improvements?
If you look only at the raw numbers, here are the occupations with the most fatal injuries last year:

  • Transportation and material moving (1,376)
  • Construction and extraction (988)
  • Management (514)
  • Installation, maintenance and repair (317)
  • Sales and related (269)
  • Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance (248)
  • Protective service (243)
  • Farming, fishing and forestry (229)

The change in percentage of fatal workplace injuries by industry reorders the list a bit:

  • Transportation and material moving (28 percent decrease)
  • Protective service (21 percent decrease)
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (18 percent decrease)
  • Construction and extraction (16 percent decrease)
  • Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance (6 percent increase)
  • Resident military personnel (21 percent increase)

What does this tell us?
Although drawing conclusions from preliminary numbers is  tricky, you can make some general observations.

As the BLS notes, the construction industry has experienced significant setbacks since the recession began in 2007. Therefore, a reduction in fatalities could be linked to the reduction in construction jobs. Again, a mix of good and bad news.

Fewer deaths of law enforcement officers and firefighters helped with the decrease in fatal injuries for protective services. And while many cities have struggled with budget issues to compensate and retain law enforcement officers, they have not laid off workers on the same scale that construction has. Therefore, the decrease in fatalities seems to be a completely positive change that doesn’t correlate to fewer employed police officers and firefighters.

To read the full report from the BLS, visit its website here.

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          • hmm it is a decent question and i always enjoy thinking about trivial questions when im bored. I would think that the “burnt” setting is for things that are a little thicker than bread, such as english muffins, bagels or frozen things. Or maybe some people just like theyre toast burnt.
            @Susan Some of the most brilliant minds ponder the most trivial of things

          • were on the computer, unless we are typing a report for our boss or something stupid like that, noone gives a crap how u spell stuff.

          • Honestly, you can still be a well educated person and use typing abbreviations. And thinking about toasters and many ways that the world is pointless is very engaging for the mind.

          • Perhaps learning correct sentence structure would be a good idea. Maybe you should take some of your own advice and go back to school instead of posting comments that no one is interested in.

            • ” Maybe you should take some of your own advice and go back to school instead of posting comments that no one is interested in.”

              Gary, that should actually read like this:
              Maybe you should take some of your own advice and go back to school instead of posting comments in which no one is interested.

      • He didn’t say it was his toughest job he said it was his safest. And why ridicule him about it with your experience? You really don’t know what he does now. He could be a shark feeder and something tells me you’d still ask him if he had to do it in a war zone.

    • I didn’t believe my Army job as a Medic, was all that safe, especilly when I was leveed to Viet Nam, and placed with the 4Bn 9th Inf of the 25th Inf Div. The long marches through the boonies, the never ending rain, and the stifling heat, made me wish I was back in Germany, relaxing with a Pilsner in a gasthous, instead of dodging bullets, and motar fire, as well as being ever so alert to the boobie traps placed all over the place. I do have to admit though, some of the medic jobs were plush,.

    • Who thinks that medical work in the Army is safe? How somebody could be so foolish?! Think about infectious diseases outbreak in Afghanistan or Iraq! And how abour major Malik, the mental health specialist?

      • I can not stand ignorant people. The military is the reason we have the right to say what we want.

        You have no idea what people do for YOU everyday!

        • No the first Amendment is the reason we can say what we want. American Ingenuity lets us say what we want. The internet lets us say what we want. Capitalism lets us say what we want…. The Army helps keep conflict from escalating but also never lets it die out so that we can have training grounds and a reason to have a kick ass army. Trust me semper fi boy the Army isn’t the “reason” we have the liberties we have here, the original thought behind not taking anothers opinion is what landed us in this place.

    • The most dangerous job anyone could have is working in an office. Depression from boredom and lack of movement can lead to suicide.

    • No one really knows what this is like except someone else who walk the point. Congradulations to you and what you did. US Army 1967 to 1989.

      • To everyone out there who has served our country, my profound thanks and appreciation. You all make me very proud to be an American. Thank you.

        • I lost about 13 feet of my gut in Vietnam but the two men in front of me were evicerated. I was drafted and was not there to “serve my Country”, I was there to keep safe the fat cats in the board room from having to look elsewhere for all the petroleum products this country ‘snorts’, like crack. Obviously, it didn’t help so now too many young lives are being wasted in the Middle East. By the way, I believe the original comment was about the “safest job”, not the most dangerous. To Bull dog, you’re right about that!!! I was shot down in a market in Guatemala. I was just trying to keep people from starving but some ‘military type ‘ figured I must be a “commie” since I was hanging out with “poor people”….

          • and Robin, thank you but even though I’m descended from 12 signers of the Declaration Of Independence and 22 signers of the Constitution, and The Father of our Country,,,,,, I’m not at all proud to be an American. I am in the process of Immigrating to latin America… The Hubris here in this country is too thick for me to breath.

    • As an old vietnam vet i relate to that being the most dangerous job anyone could have had. You must have been very good or very lucky.

      Thanks for your service.

      • obviously you are one of the most un – American people i know… if it were not for people like this man who went to fight and serve for our country and OUR (YOUR) freedom we would not have what WE have today… why dont you get up off your spinless ass and go serve YOUR country and then see “WHO CARES”… you are a jerk

        • Hey Billie Boy, why don’t you eat shit and die? Then we’ll see who cares. Love from another Viet “Goddamn” Nam vet (1967-1968).

        • well i do not ever remember a single time when a history teacher told my that America had ever been invaded by anyone so all u guys that got tricked into joining any branch of the militaryand sent to fight someone elses war that was not for our freedomethat was u men fighting their fight for them not for us evan now we still fight ing … for what we got all the oil we needed out of Iraq and bush got his daddy’s shooter for him we protected his family after the bullshit with the towers and flew tham to a secure place in Affy. we should have killed them on the spot so now we r fighting the tallaban who gives a flying F@#K about what the tally do in there country so in the end i respect u men for your courage but i will not ever fight for a country that will not stand up for it’s own country men

          • Last time I checked. The whole REASON we are fighting these wars is because they flew the f@@@@@@ planes into the world trade center..For you to sit there and say you wouldnt defend this coutry is a disgrace. I am a soldier myself and have spent 3 yrs over seas to iraq and korea and damn proud of it. You put these boots on and stand up for whats right and then and only then you have the right to talk down..

          • What a completely waste of time. I tried reading your statement and translated it as “I have no fucking idea what I’m talking about.”


            I’m assuming that this list is excluding military simply because it is a given that the military is a dangerous position.

            Vietnam is a bit different than the regular military, as it was a time of intense war. People try and compare the war of today and the war back in the 60s. Tough beans, they’re completely different. Stop comparing.

            I’m going into the Navy and unless N. Korea spazzes the fuck out, I’m fairly sure my job won’t be all that dangerous. If it was 1942, it might be a different story.

          • Will you please get away from your keyboard, your stupidity is beginning to splatter all over everyone else. You may not support the war(s) but at least support the ones who would and did give their lives for your sorry excuse for one!

          • If your history teacher told you America was never invaded I guess they never told you about the Revolutionary War, Pearl Harbor, 9/11. Those were all invasions. As for being tricked into the military, I joined and served US Army 1972 to 1975. I’m proud of it and of every other soldier sailor airman marine and coast guard also. We’re not a perfect country we don’t make perfect decisions but we’re a whole lot better than the rest of them. The libs want to hand our country over to the Moslems. Don’t see a lot of progress for the Women’s Movement going on in that eventuality. Think about it.

          • We weren’t invaded, we were attacked just like pearl harbor, only more died on 9/11 than on December 7, 1942. I believed you might respond if someone occupied your house, but would do nothing to help a neighbor or your country….enjoy your freedom it is a gift earned from those who serve now and in the past.

          • Hey Jeremy, buddy, there is no oil in Iraq. So get your shit together, Iraq and Afghanistan are two completely different regions, how old are you, fuckin’ five? Spell “Taliban” right and maybe people will give a flying fuck about what you say. We have soldiers working their asses off to fight for their country and to keep alive to keep YOU alive so you can say the dumb ass shit that you do. How ’bout you learn a little bit about how much our military means to the citizens. It means alot. How about you keep your fucking mouth shut. You have no right to speak unless you are in the armed forces. From a 15 year old in high school.

          • Wow! I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be giving anyone any kind of lessons. Based on your spelling, it’s obvious you didn’t pay much attention in school and are not very well read. I’d think twice before writing something publicly again. And thank you to everyone who has served our country!

        • first thanks to all that served past and present. Iv got lots of family that spent time in I don’t meet the requirements but I think everyone should serve two years its the least we could do

      • He would care if we were invaded, he would be crying were is the *%$#ing military. He would crap his pants. He doesnt have the guts to do it himself but minimizes the service of others. Retired Army Medic, Combat wound-spent a month in the I.C.U after a roadside bomb in Kirkuk, Iraq

        • Geez everyone’s a vietnam vet…whatever. People talking about if we were invaded? what?? by who?? You guys need to get over the whole…”my military service was the most dangerous job…more dangerous than ANYBODY can imagine…” I think we get it…now go get a real job so you have something else to talk about…isnt it getting old after 40+ years

        • well said. I appreciate your service and the service of all of the rest of the guys . This person makes me sick. I hope he enjoys his life compliments of the US Service men and women!!!

      • who cares. are you serious. if it wasnt for these people we would probably be doing what we are. im not in any armed forces but i sure thank those people who are. i have family who is and spent two years in iraq. if you think its funny you need to be put in iraq and see how long you last. tell the peole that what they are doing is stupid and see if they dont shoot you.

      • I don’t want this guy anywhere near our armed forces…he is the kind of person who is only concerned about himself. I bet he is even embarrassed to be an American.

        To tell the truth i am embarrassed that he is one!!!!!!!!!!!

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        • Hanoi Jane?! Jeezus, get over it already. We were led into a war in Iraq under false pretenses. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. The fact is that we’re sending our best people into harms way with many casualties, not to mention coming close to $1 trillion in spending on the bloody affair, not to mention tens of thousands of ruined lives in Baghdad. And there are murderous despots all over the world, so the argument that getting rid of Sadam was worth so many American casualties should apply to every one of them, too. Does it? I DO support the troops…way more than anyone does who would support putting them into this obscene situation.

      • I care. Thanks for all those who served so that I could stay in my warm home in my warm, dry comfy bed and know that my family and I were safe. For those mothers (including myself) who have children who have served and are currently serving…WE CARE! You ungrateful b********! Spoiled Brat are you? Got everything handed to you?????

      • For Dan. Dan I truly feel sorry for you, but then on the other hand Hmmm.
        if stupid was a comodity you would certainly have the market cornered

    • HUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/60th Mobile Riverine Force, 9th Inf. Div. + 2/47th Mech Inf, 9th Inf. Div. 1968 (TET), 1969, part of 1970. Walter Reed Army Hospital 6th Months in a Body Cast (Bouncing Betty)

      Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk. It Ain’t Nothin’ but a Thang. Ya Nam Vets Get it.

      The rest of ya. BITE ME.

      Crazy Nam Vet 1968

      • I agree, was in riv div 514 in 68 and 69. The old saying was “our boats were glass-our balls were brass” black berets forever. SAT CONG

    • To all you who think it’s funny to comment on what someone says and say things like how you burned your hand on the grill at burger king well it’s just very disrespectful. I am 14 years old and reading things that some of you adults say is like i’m on my facebook page and reading high schoolers comments. Now that should tell you something. You need to grow up. Keep your negative opinions to yourself and stop with the rude comments. And to all of you who have served our country in any way… thank you. i am truly grateful for everything you’ve done.

  1. I find it interesting that they lump Farming, Fishing, and Forrestry into the same braket. Fishing and Forrestry are still very dangerous occupations. With all the safety restrictions imposed on farm equipment now days, plus all the conveniences built into tractors and combins that make it so almost never have to leave the cab to make an adjustment. I would say that farming is fast losing it’s status as a dangerous occupation.

    • you think theyr safe jobs???? have you ever seen what a PTO can do to a body? what a fall from 100 ft or a chainsaw wound looks like have you ever been on a fishing boat?

      i dont think you have because a chipper or a pto can do 10x more damage and almost always kills ….a PTO will rip you apart quicker than you can say i was wrong…do what we do for a day…

    • that may be true on new equipment but you also need to understand that a majority of farmers are still using equipment that has all the fancy buttons in the cab. the farm is one of the more dangerous occupations because of all the things that can take a limb. one bad step and your foot is stuck in a auger and your there until somebody finds you.

  2. most dangerous job I had was landing on that asterioid and planting nukes, then taking off and blowing the nukes. Lost a good friend Bruce on that mission.

  3. i think this article is wrong for the most dangerous jobs it isnt the transportation and material moving at number 1 the most dangerous job that i ever had was workin in the oilfield working on the drilling rigs drilling for oil…..and the TV show that showed the Worlds Dangerous Jobs rated Drilling For Oil Number 1 as the worlds most dangerous jobs cause you never know whats gonna happen as well as transporting materials but working on the drilling rigs can kill you faster than transporting materials

    • I was wondering when someone would say something about drill rigs. I ran a sampling rig for three years. Nobody on my rig got hurt, but there were some close calls. I met a guy that blew his face off when they drilled into a gas line, then another was stuck on his platform after his rig became electrified from drilling into a buried electrical line. He said the auger was smoking from all the electricity flowing through it! At my current job, the worst thing that can happen is I can fall and go splat!

    • I doubt very much that the transportation industry is the most dangerous! The only thing that makes it dangerous at all is the idiots in the four-wheelers that like to play their highway games…which by the way, is dangerous for everyone around you! Then of course, thanks to the government, we now have the foreigners out here driving with us. Most can’t speak english therefore, I doubt they can read it. That, too makes it dangerous for everyone on the roads. I can think of many jobs that are more dangerous than sitting on your butt, driving up and down the highways….like a vet… who served in” any” of the wars!

  4. People assume something as benign as a maintenance worker would not be a potentially fatal job, but as your records indicate there has been an increase in fatalities associated to maintenance workers. Can we attribute that to the fact that employers expect maintenance workers to do far more than their job description truly requires, to their gross lack of oversight and adherence to safety measures and the complete lack of substantial penalties issued by governmental oversight agencies when accidents and fatalities occur. In fact, governmental agencies such as OSHA are restricted to reviewing only the violation reported to them…effectively, if they notice or observe potential deadly safety violations while conducting an investigation, they can do absolutely nothing about it. When you add youth into the equation, and often youthful workers have the most dangerous jobs, the statistics can be astounding. Thinking they’re just going to work each morning and everything will be ok, is a huge mistake; work, can and often is deadly.

    • OSHA is a joke they’r field workers come to a job site and can be told anything…. they dont know industry….they just dictate whats “safe” and up to code

    • There is a lot of kids here posting crap but the 14 year olds post was one of the best.

      Thank you to the U.S. Military for the job you do for all of us.

  5. the most dangerest job I ever had was working for the Rail Road…Had to take a Medical Retirement too many injuries could not preform my bad I really loved going to work

      • There a new article back in the 90′s about a woman going into the doctor about her tongue hurting. When the doctor had inspected it, roach eggs were hatching in it. The only thing they could come up with was that she had gotten a paper cut earlier from licking envelopes. It can be nasty and dangerous.

  6. Presenting raw number fatalities without telling us how many people are employed in that industry is pretty useless. Without such info we can’t even determine the fatality RATE, which is more important than the raw number in determining which is a more dangerous industry.

    • Jess, you state the major flaw in this study; it is such an obvious error that the conclusions drawn by this study are false and missleading. If readers miss this point, they may also may miss the spin politians try to sell us during elections….be aware.

  7. Most dangerous job I had was starting up my first business, a brothel. Times were tough, so I had to run it by hand and risked getting shot every time ;)

  8. Most dangerous job I had was in the Local 66,POINTERS,CLEANERS AND CAULKERS FOR 5 YEARS and worked on the empire state building caulking widows from 7oth floor down to 4oth floor setback ,NYC LOCAL UNION WATERPROOFERS BAC LOCAL 1 NY …


    • Asbestos supervisor 7 years, can barely breath now. It’s knowing you will get mesothemioma for sure. All respirators leak, but it paid so well, now its to late.

  10. If only there were a way to reduce the risk on those jobs…. But what needs to be done, needs to be done, I suppose… The most dangerous job I ever had? Watching my quadruplet cousins.

  11. Some of the most dangerous juobs are in healthcare. Everyday we are at risk for contracting horrible diseases… HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and others. We may come in contact with blood and body fluids so many times. When I first started working in healthcare I had been workiing in a hospital for about a month and stuck myself caring for a patient. We help others and always put ourselves at risk.

  12. “workplace injuries are down 28%”
    But, number of employed is probably down MORE than 28%
    So, is it really an improvement???

    • Depends on what you are after. Umemployment rate or safe workplace?
      Since these threads focus on dangerous jobs, let’s say safe workplace.
      Then, the changes in number of employed will not affect the overall percentage of workplace injuries.
      Ex. If there were 100 employeed and 10 of them got hurt, that is 10% injured. Or 90 uninjured and 10 injured. Now 10% of total employeed gets laid off or are no longer employeed. That is 9 out of 90 uninjured and 1 out 10 injured employees getting laid off. That makes 81 uninjured and 9 injured still working. 9 injured out of 90 total employees is still 10% injured.
      Therefore, workplace injuries dropping by 28% is still relevant and very good thing.

  13. Actually, fishing for crab on the bering sea is the most dangerous job i know. 10 lives lost every year in that job. and im going to work on it.

    • Other than military service, I would agree. There are over 100 fishing related deaths for every 100,000 fishermen out there. For a job, I would rather look into another field.

  14. I believe one of the reasons the fatal injuries are so high in the transportation and material movers is because the companys are hiring inexperanced people to do the jobs. They think they are getting cheep labor, but it does cost them in the long run. To bad too,,,cuz there are a lot of good experanced men and woman out there that can do the job safely but they’re not cheep. I guess it’s as they say,,,”you get what you pay for”.

  15. most dangerous job I’ve ever had? – commercial oilfield diver in the late 70′s through mid ’80′s; I still work in the deepwater offshore industry, now with Remotely Operated Vehicles – maintenance requires working-at-heights permits and some confined-entry permitting but basically a pretty safe job – except for the helicopter rides to and from the boat!

  16. The most dangerous job: Professional fighter, large city. Been in the fire service for 37 years. Was a firefighter for over 20 of them. Nothing I know is more physically and mentally demanding, also rewarding.

  17. Best job I ever had was working on the golf course while I was in college. I slept in my car at night & moved sprinklers every 2 hours. Mowed fairways during the day. Showered and took evening classes. If I didn’t have class, played free golf. What a life!! now I am 42 with 4 kids and wish it was that easy!!

  18. The most dangerous job I have held was a casino Black Jack dealer. I was threatened with death nearly every night by a person who lost all their money. I was never harmed, but I think the threats were very real at times.

  19. Most dangerous was scraping “tunnels” that brought in water from the bay to boil for steam to force through a turbine to turn the generator for electricity.

  20. U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman @ 2nd Mardiv 2nd Recon Batt. 11 months in first gulf war. several gunfights in which we took moderate sniper fire. This was NOT my most Dangerous job ever. I actually worked for a cellular engineer constructing cell towers shortly after leaving navy. Tallest tower climbed was a 900 footer to change an FAA becon light, in January, in the rain, at 2 a.m. that was the last tower i climbed.

  21. I worked the City Center Constrution Job on the strip in Las Vegas we actually went on strike because of how many deaths and how unsafe it was!!!!

  22. Working on the filght deck of an aircraft carrier during flight operations – at least that used to be on the list of most dangerous places to work. I had a couple of close calls and I knew some people who weren’t so lucky.

  23. Dumb question:
    What is the correlation between unemployment rate and the reduction in fatalities?

    Is it possible that the first people let go during times of higher unemployment are the people that are more likely to be injured or killed on the job due to lower compentence?

  24. I think the most dangerous job would be in the military, you never know when you are next on the list to die. You never see the bullet that has your name on it. If you are a medic, clerk, infantryman, artyman, etc, because you in the military are first and formost a soldier, it doesn’t matter what your specialiity is. Also, I think it should be the highest paying job in the world. In war, the soldier is the first to go, he just doesn’t quit his job, he goes because he is ask to defend his country and his way of life. Just something to think about.

  25. The most dangerous job I had I worked at for over 12 years was Tower Erector. I have worked at heights over 600 feet with the only safety being a 6ft. positioning lanyard. Within the last 3 years I lost 2 very close friends to falls off the tower. Unfortunately this industry loses way to many people every year to falls from towers. Unfortunately my career was cut short last November when I fell off the steel and shattered both my legs. I spent 6 months in the hospital, had 6 surgeries and at one point they thought they were going to have to amputate 1 of my legs but luckily they were able to save it. I had to learn how to walk all over again and it has been an uphill battle ever since.

    • Steve my prayers are with you and your recovery. My father retired 10 years ago after 40 years of iron-working. 36 years ago he was on a job where the building they were erecting collapsed. He had to dig to help find a many of his friends that lost their lives, my uncle lost his leg in that accident. It is a very dangerous job my husband right now is on a job where he is 385 feet in the air. I think the best advice my father gave my husband when he was training for this trade is to ” Never think you know everything because when you do that is the day you get yourself killed. I’ve been in this for 30 year and I still learn something everyday.” My husband leaves for work every morning and I always see him to the door to let him know I love him and to be safe. The article is right, people don’t quite realize that without people like you risking your life do do this work they would not have that office to go to. God bless you and good luck to you and your health.

  26. The job i have now is close to a road rangers, i chg tires, do jumpstarts and also unlock vehicles. most of our tire chgs are on the highway which is pretty scary especially at night. so i guess it could be considered kind of dangerous

  27. Most dangerous job in civilian life was commercial fishing off the Oregon coast.Not
    as dangerous as Alaska but you sure gotta pay attention whenever your on board the boat to stay safe.

  28. Most dangerous thing I do is drive my car everyday… It’s ridiculas how distracted drivers are these days. Better watch youselfs or you will get run over by a driver who is so distracted they don’t even notice they ran something over… Black boxes in cars and tougher distracted driver laws needed. It’s just not safe anymore, no matter how careful or defensive you are.

    • School bus driving. Lot of stupid people on the highway, and they are all in a hurry. I am transporting the most precious cargo on this planet. Our future.

  29. Injuries on the job can be a catastrophic event for people trying to feed their families. Conditions are only getting worse for the worker. Those charged with improving conditions are far too overwhelmed and increasingly under-funded. Those responsible for insuring the rights of the injured have become a sham at best. Workers Compensation is supposed to minimalize the impact on the injured workers life but widespread abuse has turned into another insurance strictly for profit of the insurance company scheme.

    In Maryland, all the company has to do is claim the worker was no longer employed there. The truth may eventually come out in courts IF it ever makes it that far.. but by then the injured may have lost everything and often the injuries go unaddressed.

    The solution seems to be to increase the immigrant labor force because they are even easier to cover up claims.

    America the beautiful ( thanks GW )

  30. Cubicle work can also be dangereous – for you heart. Sitting on your butt for 8 hours a day has been shown to be a risk factor for heart disease, independent of physical exercise. So if your an arm-chair warrior, like me, get up now and again and move/stand/stretch!

  31. I’ve been in the military, a cop and a steelworker. Now I drive a gas tanker in a major metropolitan area. I don’t know what a safe job is and probably couldn’t deal with the boredom!


  33. Most dangerous job of my life was Tanker/Bargeman on a tow boat working on the Mississippi and it’s tributaries. Deep Ice In February on the river is like being on skates on a steel barge covered with ice and the only thing from stopping you going over the side is a 4″ high toe rail….now try that at night walking out to 6 barges you are pushing up river to change out the batteries in the running lights on the head of the tow.

  34. I am safety coordinator in a steel mill with 6 plus years without a lost time accident and 4 plus years without an OSHA reportable injury. My question is how does the overall unemployment rate factor into these low fatality numbers, could it be the less people working the lower the injury and fatality rate.

      • Actualy no, any employee has the right to make on the spot corrections here if a safety rule is violated. We have monthly safety meetings. An excellent safety incentive program. A group of people that are mostly military veterans who understand the meaning of cooperatrion and teamwork. The janitor has the right to correct the Vice President if he commits an unsafe act without fear of reprisal.

  35. Management at 3rd? Management is vague. I suppose 500 of those were managers from the randomly exploding jars of toxin factory. I guess that would make sense.

    • was waiting for this one to come up. My husband has been doing that kind of work for over 23 years. I m thankful for everyday he walks through the door at night.

    • Agree. Close friend lost his father couple of years ago from falling off the tree. Definitely in the top 10 of most dangerous jobs.

  36. The most dangerous job that I have ever had was holding an apple on top of my head and letting a professional archer shoot it off as part of a show. It was a trick but it looked real and dangerous haha. I told my girlfriend that it was real and she had a fit after she saw it.

  37. Safest job I ever had was filling out unemployment applications 44 years ago. Write, seal, stamp, and mail. 10 days later open envelope, spend check, fill out new card. HHMMM…. kinda like now, isn’t it?

  38. i spint 18 yers as a moose wrangler in alaska. We wood rope dem moose by da horns an then try ta tag em with a dart gun in da belly. Ther aint nuthin more dangerus

  39. My adrenaline fixes keep dragging me into what people would view as an unsafe environment but that is not the case. Every thing you do in life comes with dangers and if you plan accordingly then you will make it through all of those dangers. ( or just be a lucky sh–) that helps. I have done everything from Skydiving instructor to deep sea diving and I just love that rush. which means when put into a scarey perdicament I will usually not freeze and do the right thing. So if any employers need someone that can handle those crazy situations I would love to speak with you about a possible career change.

  40. I work in Human Resources. There are days when I am afraid to walk to my car, drive home. Working in an office is not always a safe work environment.

  41. most dangerous job i had 17yrs working roofing walking on steel beams laying sheet metal and roof on high buildings, also working for a armored company picking up large amout of money in detroit….RUBEN

  42. Oh I almost forgot my friends, friends, brothers, uncle, nieces sister
    had to remove gerbils from Richard Gere’s ass on a semi regular

  43. My safe-est JOB, was working for Mr. Marriot, in Columbia SC,as a DOORMAN, No THEY CLLED US THEN BELLhops,I met Penny Marchal,James Cann,Omar Empps,Hollie Berry,Jerry Luewis,Mark Waldburg,Stacey Dash,Lelo, Tupac And many more Celeb,s.Boy that was good tipping back then.

  44. I’ve done foundry work most of my life. THere ere are more foundry-men killed on the job every year than firfighters yet you never hear about it, and every time a fireman loses his life in the line of duty they shut down the City for the funeral. I don’t get it…….

  45. We have gone four years without an OSHA reportable because everyone here is a part of the solution. A problem regarding safety arises and everything stops until it is corrected. My 26 years serving in Combat Arms MOSs in the Army was a sight more dangerous than anything I do now. We also have a very good safety bonus program that encourages people to be aware of the surroundings. Any employee has the right to correct any other employee on the spot for safety violations.

  46. WHat’s bullshit is the steel mill guy who hasn’t had a recordable injury in 4 years. That’s not statistically possible. School janitors have more injuries than that. I suspect that either they have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for their workers (ie, you get hurt, you’re fired) or he’s just not recording them.

    • Quite the contrary when you operation a 10-4 shift and a problem arises anywhere in the facility all operations stop until the issue is resolved. We provide the best PPE available and ensure ongoing training in all areas including first aid and cpr. Any person here has the right to stop all operations if they find a legitimate safety issue. We qualifty for the OSHA Star program which means for those of you who are familiar with it that we are only inspected once every five years.We also have an excellent safety incentive program.

  47. i do believe they was talking stateside private sector jobs…now i was U.S.M.C 72/76 helo door gunner you grunts could hide in the weeds i could only hide behind a Cal and huey made a good target

  48. Im in telecom, we build communication towers, sometimes in excess of 1000 feet. it can be dangerous, but not if you use your head and safety equipment. I would like to commint on the photo-No harness, no safetyclimb. If we were ever caught doing this in our industry, we would be shut down-probably permanently due to the fines and penalties. And this picture is published all over the web. it

  49. Most dangerous job was fighting oil well fires for Red Adair. Easiest job Police Officer, Patrolman, riding around in a car 8 hours a day.

  50. Stupid veterans have their head too far up their arses to realize that there plenty of dangerous jobs besides the military.

    Stop living in the past, you sissies!!!

    “get killed, walking your doggie!!!”

  51. A point-man and machine gunner in Iraq (2006) the first time, and a squad leader the second (07-08). Pretty dangerous……but I’m sure there is worse

  52. Most dangerous jobs, hands down, are military related. Because you could have a dangerous job in the real world, and if you didnt’ like it quit the next day. You can’t do that in the military. You have to suck it up and tough it out. Those are real men and women. God bless to my boyfriend, and everyone else serving our country!

  53. Most dangerous job I ever had was repairing steam leaks on live lines. It required drilling into flanges and valve packings with steam temperatures up to 600 degrees and Super heated steam @ 3,000 psi. Some of the lines carried ammonia and other chemicals as well, nasty job then. Nothing to see ambien temps go up to 160 degrees in a powerhouse penthouse area, where you may get in 15 minutes of work time before you ran to a slop sink to stick your head under, and then go back for another 15.

  54. My most dangerous job is being a power lineman climbing a wood pole 70 plus feet on two little spikes to keep the lights on and one little mistake could kill a person in a second!!

  55. Space shuttle or work in space

    Reason why…high radiation and no oxygen in space, heatth factor, and calculations have to be very precious to travel in space. Beautiful scenry but very dangerous.

    Very small percentage of people work in space compared working on Earth. They tend die more than on land.

  56. Steve my prayers are with you and your recovery. My father retired 10 years ago after 40 years of iron-working. 36 years ago he was on a job where the building they were erecting collapsed. He had to dig through iron and steel to help find a many of his friends that lost their lives, my uncle lost his leg in that accident. It is a very dangerous job my husband right now is on a job where he is 385 feet in the air. I think the best advice my father gave my husband when he was training for this trade is to ” Never think you know everything because when you do that is the day you get yourself killed. I’ve been in this for 30 years and I still learn something everyday.” My husband leaves for work every morning and I always see him to the door to let him know I love him and to be safe. God bless you and good luck to you and your health.

  57. No matter what job you do, you always should think doing the best so job can be as safest as possible.

    Medic in the Army is not that easy, speacially in war zones (Iraq, Afghanistan), if somebody think different I strongly believe is wrong, but people never went there to “taste it”

    I wish everyone to have a good day.

  58. Huey Crewchief for ten years. 1500 flight hours and only crashed twice. How did management make the list? must have been a lot of disgrunteled employees shooting thier manager. :) Infantry is the most dangerous. I flew them in and out. Always less coming out than going in.

    • That’s right. If it hadn’t been for those brave souls, I would have to fix my own Big Mac instead of having someone serve it to me thru the drive thru window.

      • Hey the military guys would love to serve it to you with their foot …right up your alimentary canal…”would you like fries with that? Oh, yes, we’ll supersize it for you.

  59. how about landing on a aircraft carrier,north of the artic circle, at night, in close to hurricane cnditions…with the low fuel warning lights glowing in the cockpit….

  60. Management is on the list again. I wonder why?
    #1.. If they didn’t treat some of their employees like crap.
    #2..If they stopped playing favorites with the kiss-assers or brown nosers.
    #3..Think their s__t doesn’t think.
    I could go on and on about my manager. The snot nosed little punk will get his some day!

  61. I am amazed that infantry jobs aren’t on that top ten list. My son is a 0311 in the USMC and his job is extremely dangerous!

    Thanks to all who have served and are currently serving! I appreciate you!

  62. I worked in the private secti as a corrections officer and also as a ramp agent around commercial airplanes. To me that was my most dangerous jobs. God Bless our servicemen and women. I have two that are serving in the Navy.

  63. The Co. I work for also has very few OSHA recordable incidents, they hand out 3 – 5 day suspensions so most employees refuse to report. We have a zero tolerence policy and safety bonus program also. Robert sounds a lot like our safety NAZI

  64. how can you all say ur proud to be an american. I am grateful for the soldiers but this country and the government is garbage to be thrown away. The government is all corrupt and care nothing for the people. Screw this country

    • Listen here you piece of crap, If you do not like this country go and live in Bagdad Iraq or somewhere in Afganistan where they will chop your head off and put you out of your non-country lovin ASS.

    • Get out!!!! Go live in Iraq or Afganistan or even Mexico. You think our gov is is bad. I will take a bad day here over a great day there any time.


  66. This was supposed to be a post about the most dangerous jobs, not a praise to the American army. So, to all of you Americans:
    Your country and government are full of rednecks and anti-terror terrorists. Your army has fought for things that you have not grasped. Lives have been wasted for a bullshit cause. And all I can say is you are not half the Country Canada is.

  67. The safety of our guys is so important to us that we have even allowed light duty work for people injured off the job so they would not be without income. The almighty dollar is not the bottom line here. Employee safety is and yet we still manage to make a profit. We stage unannounced mock OSHA drills with an outside contractor periodically just to keep everyone on their toes. In PA the hospital or doctor who treats any employee injury is required by law to submit a report of the incident to OSHA. We even keep a log of near miss incidents which are always followed by safety training to avoid a real accident.

  68. The most dangerous job I ever had was being a missionary surgeon in Africa. I don’t think anybody thinks about missionaries and how they put their lives on the line for something they believe wholeheartedly in. Not only do many American doctors give up good money to help those less fortunate but they also walk through the valley of death day in and day out in many foreign countries. Here’s to the MISSIONARY, just like the military, they are at the tip of the spear and they make a difference in peoples lives!

    • That’s right pencil penis, the military guys have whoppers so stretch your mouth out you scump sucking worthless piece of excrement.

  69. Man the toughest job i had was on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 there we were me and McTavish surrounded i tried to surrender but i couldnt the game wouldnt let me so i had to blow up the gas tanks and drive a snow mobile a couple miles and ramp more then a 100ft it was brutal until we got into the helicopter and flew away U.S. Rangers (2009-2010)

  70. Like the author said the numbers are tricky. One flaw is that many construction accidents and fatalities are not actual construction accidents. They are car accidents where some idiot ran off the road and hit a construction worker.

  71. I’m proud to be an American. Proud that many of you served in various capacities, in various wars. Thank you! Ashamed of some of these others on here that don’t understand the sacrifices necessary to maintain our freedoms. I had uncles, brothers, father, daughter, son-in-laws, friends etc. who served in different branches in different places at different times. I applaud you all!

  72. To those who have served this great country, God Bless and Thank You for giving me the chance to get up in the am and go to work, to drive down the road with out getting blown up, and to think with out you , USA WAKE UP

  73. Let me tell all of you something, There is nothing more dangerous than the guys who have been to war either in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan, or anywhere else. I have been to Iraq with 1-26 Infantry out of Schweinfurt, Germany and had the chance to serve with soldiers that gave their lives for there country every day becouse they were asked to and they volunteered for missions, that got a lot of them killed. We lost a lot of soldiers when I was there. Anyway, I just have to say in there is nothing that tops dangerous on the rictur scale like being in the middle or on the outskirts of the Bagdad Iraq getting shot at, mortar fire all day long, and dodging small arms and rocket fire, and not to to mention Improvized Explosive Devices, Car Bombs, and EFP’s around every damn corner that you turn. I have had and worked many high hazardous jobs and nothing even comes close to the experience I had in Iraq.

  74. like it makes a frakin differance what u nerds all the most dangerous jobs is getting home alive after wherever u frackin were doing that day and moment enjoy its all over dec 21 2012 marc predicts

  75. Theres danger in any job if you consider life from all angles I suppose. For me the most dangerous is being a mom & being an American. I worried for nine mos about keeping my most precious cargo safe. Then continue to worry for the rest of my life that my children will remain safe. So I too must say THANK YOU so VERY MUCH to ALL of our sons & daughters, husbands-daddys & brothers ~ wives-mommys & sisters~ to ALL of our brave fellow Americans who sign up in any branch of the Military to protect & serve our beautiful country, our rights and freedoms. I pray for the safe return of each and every brother or sister who goes off to unknown foreign countries to keep our country & our families safe. I know I am all to ignorant to the lengths that a lot of these people must go & I can only thank God that I will probably never have to know. We set here at our computers and ponder that question about dangerous jobs~ The military person & their mom & dad~ their family~( I have a nephew whom I was never personaly close to but am eternaly greatful to because he has served three tours in Iraq) Thats hard for each and every member of the family. As a mom myself I can only imagine HOW HARD it has got to be to send a child off, to have the heart wrenching awful wait for their safe return. My daily job isn’t easy, I do in-home personal care for the less fortunate~ my client is part of my family so I have to go into her home every day & watch her struggle in her wheelchair, & watch as my 14 yr old sister struggles to lift her hand to try so hard to feed herself because she too is confined to a wheelchair forever & is totaly disabled due to spinal muscular atrophy. So all in all I consider my job a blessing. Just as I consider it a blessing to be an American. Thank You, ALL OF YOU who serve and protect me, my family, our country and all the people here & our freedoms.

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  96. Most of what you say is supprisingly accurate and it makes me wonder why I hadn’t looked at this in this light before. This piece really did turn the light on for me as far as this topic goes. But there is one point I am not too comfortable with and while I try to reconcile that with the central theme of your point, let me see what the rest of your readers have to say.Well done.

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