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Everyone has a different definition of “fun.” For some, fun is a night out on the town, while others prefer relaxing at home. Fun could be traveling every week or traveling once per year; some people think reading is a good time, while others would rather go see a movie.

No matter what your personal definition of “fun” is, according to a new survey by Ritz Cracker, fun is vital to all aspects of our lives – our relationships, presidential candidates, living location and of course, our jobs.

Eighty-seven percent of people think fun is an important quality when choosing a spouse; an additional 84 percent believe having fun can add years to your life and 79 percent say fun influences where they live.

Here are the findings on how fun relates to the workplace:

  • 84 percent of employed people say they have a lot of fun at work
  • 77 percent say the ability to have fun at work is an important part of choosing a job
  • 42 percent say having fun at work is more important than making good money
  • 69 percent of people agree that their boss is fun

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