Real life jobs of real-life royalty

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For a while there, it seemed like the whole world was obsessed with the royal wedding. People on every continent hung on every detail of the nuptials, from the dress, to the guest list, to the honeymoon. Even after the fact, tabloids can’t stop reporting on Kate Middleton’s grocery trips (she does them herself!) or the partying/shopping/dating-habits of the royal sister-in-law.

At this point, we all know enough about the royal couple and their immediate families, so we decided to see what other royalty from around the world are doing outside of their stately duties or what they did before marrying into it.

Here are some royalty from the around the world and their real-life jobs:

Princess Madeleine
Royal title:
H.R.H. Princess Madeleine, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland
Occupation: Student and philanthropist
Princess Madeleine has dabbled in several fields of study, including law, architecture and design. Most recently she began work on a postgraduate Organization and Leadership degree. She also is an active member of the World Childhood Foundation, an organization that works to prevent sexual abuse of children and help its victims.

Prince Guillaume
Royal title:
Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg
Occupation: The prince is the third child of Luxembourg’s Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, but he is also a successful businessperson. He currently sits on the board of directors of ArcelorMittal, a steel manufacturer based in Luxembourg.

Princess Angela
Royal title:
Princess Angela of Liechtenstein
Occupation: Former fashion manager
Before she married Prince Maximilian in 2000, Princess Angela was a standout student at the competitive Parson’s School of Design. She then served as fashion manager for designer Adrienne Vittadini.

Prince Joachim
Royal title:
Prince Joachim of Denmark, Count of Monpezat
Occupation: Agricultural business operator, military reserves
Although Prince Joachim is royalty, he is sixth in line to the Danish throne, so having a career is probably a good idea. The prince spent many years in the Danish military, spending eight years as squadron commander, and today remains an active member of the reserve. He also owns and operates Schackenborg Manor, an active farm where he also resides.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Royal title:
Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates
Occupation: Real estate developer, jockey
Although the prime minister had a hand in making the 2,717 foot-high Burj Dubai a reality, also known as the tallest structure in the world, Sheikh Mohammed’s true passion is in horse racing. He not only owns an Australian racing empire, but he also races the horses himself. In fact, he won the silver medal in 2010’s Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games’ Endurance competition.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.
Although we don’t officially have any royalty in the United States, we do have some political families who are as close as we can come to royalty. In the past, the Kennedys were the family to beat, but now it seems as if the Bush and Clinton families have begun their own dynasty. Think about it – can you remember a time when one of these political families wasn’t involved in politics? For the sake of not feeling left out, here are two women who could be part of a new American royalty. (Sorry, Sasha and Malia, but you’re too young to make the list.)

Chelsea Clinton
Royal title:
Chelsea Clinton
Occupation: Student
Clinton’s most notable achievement could be that she grew up in the public eye and turned out to be an intelligent, seemingly normal person. However, already armed with one undergraduate degree and two masters, Clinton is currently studying for her Ph.D. at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. She also served as a consultant and for a hedge fund prior to returning to school.

Jenna Bush Hager
Royal title:
Jenna Bush Hager
Occupation: Teacher, television correspondent
Like Chelsea Clinton, Hager spent eight years growing up in the White House and went on to have a successful career. Not only is Hager a teacher in a Baltimore charter school, but she’s also a correspondent for NBC’s morning show “Today.”

Did we leave anyone you care about off of the list? Who else would you consider to be American royalty?

  1. Now the day has come only few hours there for royal wedding so people around the world will watch the wedding T.V. media will also awaiting to live royal wedding all over the world so all wish them to live lifelong together with one or two children.

  2. The Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg you are referring to (there are 2) is the 5th child of former Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and his late wife Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte (nee Princess of Belgium). Prince Guillaume has 4 older siblings: Princess Marie-Asrid, Grand Duke Henri, Princess Margaretha, and Prince Jean.

    The current Grand Duke’s heir is also named Guillaume. Nearly all of the Luxembourg royals work real jobs.

  3. I sort of like what Jenna Bush Hager is doing the fact that she passes on Education to young people, one of the most important gift to give young people. Though I have a big respect for the young lady Chelsea Clinton, how did she get to serve as a consultant for a hedge fund prior to returning to school? I thought one needs to be a business graduate or financial mathematician to serve as a consultant. The good thing in both cases is that both young ladies are an excellent example to our young ladies to push forward in education.

    • How mistaken these people are to think that America doesn’t have a royal family. In fact, America houses the most prolific royal family of them all. Now talk about royals, this family is so important that even their own children don’t know they are royalty. Why? So that when they come to rule, they’ll always remember what it was like growing up poor on the streets of America, like so many others and so that they’ll understand what it means to earn a living rather than having it handed to them. Their father decided this long ago before taking a vow of poverty and leaving his family behind to go fight terrorism. As for his crown? He wears many.

    • America has a prince and a princess, but even they don’t know who they are. I assure you of this though, William Prince of Wales knows because he was the one in line to marry their mother, that is before some American beat him to the punch, but he married a defecting ballerina for love, not a crown.

  4. The closest we have to a real princess is and will always be the great Caroline Kennedy. She has style, class, manners and values. LOVE HER…………………………

    • Why would it be Caroline? Because her mother was money-hungry (really she married Onassis for love!?) of her dad was a philanderer who was tragically killed? Why not Bobby’s kids then? I think it might be because you are old like she is… Some of us weren’t born then! And even you are too young ( I might think) to remember GW’s step-kids, or JA’s or TJ’s etc… Well glad that old rickety mind sort of still works for you, but you might want to try using it before you respond.
      I am just glad we have no royals in the great USA!

  5. What a mean snippy comment; we’re all entitled to our opinions – thank goodness not everyone’s mirror yours.

  6. The Prince,Princess and Queen of England are all FREE LOADERS..Living off the wealth that was Raped and robbed from poor countries.
    Get a life blood suckers…No wonder why Princess DIAN had so many men on the side.
    Charles and that Bitch Queen were too busy thinking of how to screw another nation, so Dai had the green light to go SCREW some other men.

  7. Quentin Kūhiō Kawānanakoa (born September 28, 1961), is the head of the House of Kawānanakoa. His claim to the throne of the lapsed Kingdom of Hawaii was supported by the native Hawaiian community, who refer to him as Prince Kawānanakoa. He is a politician of the State of Hawaii, serving as minority leader in the Hawaii State Legislature.

  8. I was wondering what this site calls ‘off color comments?’ What a great job we’ve done of letting other countries know how kind we are. No wonder they all think we were raised by wolves! Travelling in other countries, their reaction to Americans in general, could be a result of sites like these and comments that have place only in the loo!

  9. absarica smith what did they do….It will be an even greater depression but we must rebuild industries …Does anyone know true capitalism..wouldn’t totalitarianism, fascism been better than the mommie dearest hodgy facism of princessly self worship and imagery…..How about Joe Cocker on a continued mudslide from a buckhead cocktail of the incrediable hulk.

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