Retirement could get tougher for more people

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Last month I posted about the latest survey findings that showed retirement was slipping away for many workers. The survey found more workers that could retire won’t be because of the economy.

With some automakers facing some big obstacles, there’s a chance pensions could also be a thing of the past. For many workers, the promise of a pension is a big driving force to stick with their jobs, so the idea that they could end up with less than they expected is not welcome news. As this New York Times article points out, the paperwork alone for revamping the system can be a hassle of epic proportions.

Read the full article for details.

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  1. True. I believe people in my generation (Gen X and Y) will find it hard to retire if the economy does not progress and economic reforms are not put into place. Let’s just hope that Obama and the private sector do a good job of turning things around.

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