Are shorts at work ever appropriate? No one agrees

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Fashion is subjective, and not just the artistic designer clothes you see in glossy magazines. What you’re wearing today might make you cringe 10 years from now when you flip through your photo album. To be accurate, when you flip through your Facebook photo albums on your featherweight glass tablet. Take a look around at the people walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant and you can probably find a few things wrong with what they’re wearing. A yellow shirt that used to be white. Socks with sandals. Pajama Jeans.

While workplaces usually have their own wardrobe guidelines, many employers leave specifics up to individuals. The hope is that workers can use common sense. Of course, not everyone’s definition of common sense is the same, so inevitably someone wears a Van Halen shirt to an important conference and suddenly everyone’s forced to wear a uniform. Then no one’s happy as they walk around in their white and beige clothes five days a week.

Still, when the oppressive summer heat rolls into town each summer, the fashion world and real life once again collide. Workers, dripping in sweat on their morning commutes, wonder, “Can we wear shorts to the office?”

And suddenly everyone is a fashionista with an opinion. Some people think shorts are never acceptable in the workplace. Others think it’s fine if you work in a zoo or sporting goods store, but not if you work at a law firm.  Then you have some people — including many southerners who consider a “cool” day any day that doesn’t reach 115 degrees — who believe any wardrobe that prevents overheating is essential.

Because fashion is subjective and every workplace has its own guidelines, no one person can give a definitive “yes” or “no” answer to the question. Tom Ford, king of fashion, thinks men should never, ever wear shorts. Yet designer Thom Browne thinks you can wear shorts as part of a suit. If those two can’t settle the issue, then we’re not going to cast a vote.

Instead, we took to Facebook and Twitter to ask you, the workers and career experts, what you think about shorts in the workplace. It sounds like a silly topic at first, but people feel passionately about it. To some people it’s a workplace sin; to others it would make them much more comfortable for 40 hours each week. The responses were adamant and abundant. Here are a few of our responses:

First we have the yeas.

“Yes yes yes.” – Pam Richardson

“It’s OK unless you want people to pass out from heat stroke.” - Patrick P.

“I had the great fortune to work for 17 years at two amazing companies that allowed shorts at work. Apple Computer and Hewlett-Packard. I feel that employees should be allowed to wear shorts providing that they look nice, (no cut-off jeans) and a nice polo/dress shirt (no ratty looking T-shirts). Of course if you are in a sales/marketing or high level executive position you might want to continue with the standard business dress until the rest of the world catches up.” - Gary K.

“You’ll miss a lot of parcels if you refuse to let the UPS guy in shorts in the front door.” - Gail C.

“I work at a university, so our dress code is very relaxed. I pretty much wear whatever I want to work. I figure if they want me to wear long pants then they will provide me with a clothing allowance so I can purchase them.” - Kevin L.

“I would love to wear shorts to work, but it’s such a taboo thing – and I don’t know why? Shorts can be professional too!” - Corey H.

“Ummm, I’m wearing them right now. They are professional and very suitable for work. Promise.” - Tamera D.

Now, the nays.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” - Charlotte W. [Note: Extra Os and ! included to preserve Charlotte’s passionate tone.]

“In HR and I say nope, if it’s in a professional business setting office. ‘Why?’ you ask. To cut down on issues in the long run because all it takes is one person not to know what ‘nice’ shorts means or what ‘professional length’ means, etc.” - Amber T.

“No. The best is business casual or dress down Friday. But not shorts.” - Jan S.

“No shorts to work. Not even when worked in Mohave Desert at [135+] degrees.” - Rose B.

“Nope not professional. I think ladies can wear dresses, and men should go for short sleeved shirts and lightweight pants.”- Tracey S.

“If companies allowed it, I think people would do it. There are some very nice, almost prof. looking shorts out there.” - Stella N.

And then the “Well, it depends…”

“It depends on the workplace, and if you meet with outside clients.” - Jeff F.

“Not at the office, but at a construction [site] – like where I work – would be appropriate.” - Steve C.

“Shorts (mid-thigh) are OK for delivery people who are often out in the heat of the day, in the summer. Inside an office they are not appropriate. Unless ‘skorts’ make a comeback (knee length split skirts) women should never wear them to work!” - Stephanie B.

“The appropriate shorts for the office are ones that are cut just below the knee or longer. They should not be of denim. It should be the shorts version of dress pants.” - Andra G.

“It depends on how much you deal with the public, or how much the public sees that half of you. I work in fast food; the public only sees us 90 percent of the time from the waist up. For this reason shorts are permitted but with guidelines on length, color, and material. Besides standing in front of three ovens all day gets hot. I for one don’t like sorts and don’t wear them though.” - Andrew O.

“For FedEx, cops and U.S. Post Office.” - Laura G.

“I work for a commercial insurance company in Boston. Wearing shorts at work is definitely dependent upon the nature of the business. In professional settings it would depend whether you meet clients in your office or not. We have an appropriate policy which allows for shorts only on Fridays during the summer season unless you have a client meeting that day. Shorts do have to be appropriate in length and style. After the summer season we can wear jeans on Fridays only. Other than that we are business casual.” - David F.

“Some places don’t allow shorts or some summer weight pants in order to maintain a professional environment. I can appreciate this concept except during this intense heat.” - Jennifer M.

Meanwhile, over at our sister Twitter account, @CBforEmployers, Amy wondered, “Shorts… what about JORTS? #kidding #maybe” And with that tweet, she proved why companies have strict dress codes. First it’s shorts, then jorts (also known as jean shorts), then Jams, and then garbage bags with arm holes cut in them.

We gave you our six guidelines for summer wardrobes, which are good rules to abide by for many workplaces. But that doesn’t mean they work for every single job and industry. Share your thoughts on wearing shorts to work. Is it a yes, no, or depends kind of situation for you?

  1. I think it depends on what kind of job it is. If its casual, sure! As long as they are not “booty shorts”. But if its a more suit and tie kinda place, and skirts kinda place, maybe not!

    • I wear a speedo and bikini top myself. What the heck kind of article is this? hahahhhahahah! This will certainly take the edge off my job, national budget deficit, social security cut concerns.

      • I always wear shorts to work – under my kilt. The nay-sayers have obviously never been to Bermuda (Yes – the home of the shorts), the south pacific islands, (Figi, Tonga etc) where the usual attire is shorts for men with shirt, tie and sport coat type jacket) It is a cultural thing and a respones to climate conditions. With global warming we may see more shorts and less below the knee coverage.

        • Bermuda shorts look ridiculous even in Bermuda.If you are an executive or high ranking member of a company you must always look apropriately dressed.
          The ¨comfortable ¨look has limits no matter where you are.
          In reason to be taken seriusly you need to dress the part or else you´ll look like a clown.
          A linen suit,loafers,shirt and tie would do it for summer.
          You can always dress down AFTER you meet the client and feel comfortable doing so but it is nothing worse than arriving to a meeting wearing jeans,a polo shirt and sneakers to find a group of people waiting for you in full dress business suit.
          Remember you can make a first good impression only once.
          Between been overdress or underdresse I´ll take overdress anytime.

          • Who the heck are you to say that shorts are not professional??? As a retired cop from NY city my wife and I have traveled extensively over the world and I must say that shorts are defiantly IN where ever the weather dictates.

            Jon Y

    • why do people care? For those that said “no”, why do you care what I’m wearing to my job. I work in an office and we can wear whatever we want, including shorts. I don’t know how that affects you…or anyone. If you meet with customers and want to present yourself as more professional, go for pants…Clearly, I think the answer is that it depends on what you happen to be doing that day and what your visibility is.

      I am 100X more efficient when I’m comfortable.

      • Thank you – I also work much more efficiently when I’m comfortable. I’ve never understood this notion that wearing comfortable, but presentable clothing somehow takes away a person’s ability to work. I’m interested in the ages of those who said no to shorts at work.

        • Who determined what dress is to be considered professional in the first place? I think the only place a strict dress code should be required is when safety is an issue, such as construction or working with machinery). I also feel more productive when I’m comfortable, which in the summer would involve shorts and in the winter jeans. While I don’t necessarily think business casual clothes are all that uncomfortable, they are not near the same as some khaki shorts or nice jeans. I just don’t get why people judge so much based on appearance. I could come to work naked and put out the same quality work as I do when I’m in my business casual, after all it is me doing the work not my clothes. Of course, even if businesses have “no dress code,” they would still have to have some dress code- that is, stipulations on lengths, colors, styles (no jorts or cut offs), collared shirts…etc.

          • totally agree with you Mr Mike !!! Specially here at the tropic would be very nice working in shots but society is very ortodox.
            Greetings from Venezuela !!

      • I’m 23, and I say unless you are a delivery person, bicycle cop, work in the recreational/sport industry, then no shorts. Period. I always wore at least a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt to class in college, sometimes slim tie or no tie. I dressed this way for class even on days when it reached triple digits. On Fridays I’d go casual with a pair of khakis and a nice polo shirt. And no, I did not go to a private prep school.

        I think at the very minimum, business casual environments should still require employees to wear at least dark denim and a TUCKED in collar shirt, whether it’d be a polo or short or long-sleeve dress shirt. If you work from home, then great. I usually work in shorts and a t-shirt at home, where no one really sees me.

        For me, I felt better and more productive at school…mainly because I started taking things more seriously when I began dressing up. Leave the shorts strictly for hot days during off-duty hours please.

    • Short shorts and mini-skirts are very nice to look at, but can be a bit distracting; depending on the woman wearing them. I don’t usually notice guys in shorts, but my male employees better now show up wearing them!

      • Please expound on why your male employees shouldn’t wear shorts. I am not what you would call a younger person, and am a certified professional, but believe that I work more efficiently if I’m comfortable – and sometimes that means a tasteful pair of shorts! Remember, there was a notion not too many years ago that professional dress did not include even Dockers. Now they are generally accepted in the office and may not even be defined only as “business casual”. It’s high time we look at people for who they are and not just what they wear. Using that criteria, men wearing earrings, having longer hair or tattoos would still be ostracized.

        • How does a male having earrings, tattoos or longer hair change how they would work as opposed to what they are wearing? I have none of these but know plenty of people who do and most (not all) have professional jobs and are very good at them. Maybe your comment was sarcasm?…

    • In the 115 degree weather, I’d freeze in shorts, inside an air conditioned office. In my twenties and early thirties, I may have looked good in shorts, to some. But, now, No!

  2. Lifeguards, Pool maintenance, Athletic Directors, even landscape maintenance in the desert summer heat… these people is it not only appropriate, it should be mandatory!

    • In AZ, where I live, no landscapers wear shorts. They all wear long sleeve shorts and hats as well. Skin cancer is a killer concern and if you are outside for 12 hours a day you have to watch out.

      • Some may be wearing long pants, long sleeve shirts for the protection as well. Especially working in scorpion hot spots. I live in AZ as well, and when working outside I am fully covered as well as gloves. As far as shorts in the work place, I wear them. Working in a tire company

    • It definitely depends on where you work and the circumstances. If you’re a judge, shorts wouldn’t be so appropriate. But a summer camp director won’t be able to live without their shorts. It really depends on what you do, where you work, who you see, and the company dress code.

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  4. I used to work in an office setting and the temperature was at least 95 degrees outside so I decided to wear DRESS SHORTS. I was pulled to the side by an egotistical Supervisor and told to never do that again. I didn’t see anything wrong with it as the women were wearing sleeveless sun-dresses and shorts on this very hot day. If rules are going to be made like this, it must be for all and not just men.

    • I agree. Men are put into some kind of dress-code box, whereas women, mostly(not always), can wear a far greater range and style of clothing.Look at a tie for instance(upside down noose).Some argue that it looks smart, but it looks smart on women too.Smacks of sexism to me. Men very seldom mention the term sexism but a lot of subtle sexism against men occurs in society today.From young it starts; “boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, but girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice” if I recall the rhyme properly. Women these days are allowed to be outspoken and men must just hold their peace.Anyway, Jesus looks at the heart. He is not impressed at clothing.Neat shorts are not unprofessional.It is just scary to break out of the box at times, but that is the only way you gonna be free…

    • Depends on the job. Here, they would send you home. At my last job, a woman’s shoes had to have a backstrap.

      The rule that I follow is that you don’t want your mode of dress to become the topic of water cooler conversations. You don’t want to look like you just cleaned out the garage and you don’t want to look like you are ready to procreate the species. Save all this for the weekends.

    • Why not wear a khaki kilt? Women wear pants and HR doesn’t say anything. I dare HR to say anything about a man that wears a kilt and sport shirt.

    • LOLOL…dress shorts are like sports tuxedos,an aberration of the minds of ” myself and what I want first” instead of the team work of a well organized company with
      rules and regulations.

  5. No they are not. Most offices are air conditioned which means you don’t need shorts. The dress shirt & shorts look is also moronic to say the least.
    amateur hour is over. what you wear & how you act says alot about you.

    • It’s not only company related but also industry related too. There is no simple yes or no answer!

      Will the author of this article think next time before writing…

    • Think of the money and fuel, not to mention emissions, that would be saved by using a little less AC in these offices. I think offices that don’t directly interact with clients have the option of dressing down to shorts. To me, it’s the same argument about whether jeans are ever appropriate.

    • We have air conditioning. In the office buildings. The ladies all wear hose, heels, suits, dresses… men are in suits and ties. We are the best looking bunch of people you could find anywhere. We enjoy dressing nice. No one complains. No one is a hot sweaty uncomfortable mess. With the rebirth of the 60′s style and MadMen, we ENJOY looking fantastic, dressed up and turning some heads.

    • AMEN !!! BRAVO!!!
      At work you represent the company you work for and unless they are a bunch of uncivilized egotistical morons living in the Boondughs you must comply with the dress code impossed by the rules and regulations.
      In my company you can express yourself ,be super comfortable and have your own “style” while you make the unemployment line.
      Can you picture an emergency room female doctor wearing a bikini or a Fortune 500 executive wearing cut up jeans,a muscle shirt,sneakers and a baseball cap???
      America is going to hell in a hand basket… many ignorant souls never realize that with a position of importance you have certain duties to go with it.
      If you feel been less comfortable and produce less because of the business attire let me know…I have several openings in Antartida and the Amazon jungle….lololol.

      • I am a retired soldier and a retired nurse. I spent many years in one version of monkey suit or another. Considering both jobs have well established dress codes (AR 670-1 for the Army and nursing no opened toed shoes with long pants for nurses) It might surprise some of you that we frequently wore shorts in the Army for the duty day. It was called the Army PT uniform. As an NCO I had direct knowledge of the work my soldiers did. They did much better both in quality of work and the amount they were able accomplish on the days they wore shorts. As for nursing, I had several facilities that allowed females to wear what they called “coulettes”. They were shorts that would come to just below the knee. They looked very sharp and did not deter from the quality of work my aids would put forth. As a matter of fact the care provided was much better as everyone was more relaxed. The patients were happier and the environment was much more condusive to healing. Never were open toed shoes ok due to safety. As a supervisor if I felt sombody had inappropriate attire I sent them home to change or required them to cover with a hospital gown. Unfortunately as a male the “coulettes” were not appropriate for me. I did also work as an administrative nurse. I wore a tie every day. When we had dress down days (on Fridays) I would only not wear a tie. It felt right for me. I didnt feel the people who wore jeans were any less professional than I, just more comfortable. The very small number of people who would sniff or turn up their nose at the sight of jeans, certainly hung on every word they were told by the professionals that were there providing care to their loved ones. To the nay sayers and down talkers I say this, Scorn is for the prudent in all others it is juvanile and undeserved. So I spit on your childish scorn and challenge you to pay attention to the quality of the individual and not the quality of their attire. I have seen many a waste of flesh in a tie or pant suit wearing a Rolex watch or modest jewlery and not doing their job worth a damn.

  6. I work in South Florida – north of West Palm Beach and south of Stuart. The windows don’t open in our bulding so we are “under air” (set at 75 degrees) 100% of the time. My boss wears shorts 95% of the time, but he has the tanned legs for it. My ugly white legs are covered all the time.

      • lol. True. Bare those ivories, I dare you. Who cares what people think. Okay most of us do, but it benefits us very little/nothing (being concerned what people think of us). Those same people we are so self conscious about wouldn’t care if you died on your way home from work, so why spend so much time worrying about what ppl think of you? Dare you to bare your ivories.And if you are hairy bare that too.Since when is hair yuck? In our programmed little minds maybe…

      • Nope, mine would be red and peeling. No skin cancer for me thank you very much. Don’t assume that everyone tans or is willing to tan. I see the broad spectrum of shorts and summer wear in our office. Some are too tight, too short, too revealing, but for the most part people follow common sense rules.

        • Do you wear sun block on your face? Put some on your legs too if you are worried about skin cancer. That sounds like a silly reply.Do you wear short skirts? Better get out the sun block too, cos skirts are generally shorter that shorts…

  7. Only if your workplace doesn’t have AC – if it has AC there is no reason you should be wearing shorts to work. You can make it from your car to the building without shorts.

    • What is so yuck about leg hairs? Are you perhaps brainwashed by society to think that? When you see blood, do you also go yuck? It is a red sticky substance, much like cordial syrup.I think you should examine why you think it is yuck. Is it perhaps you probably shave and can’t stand seeing hair, because from young you were taught hair is a big no no? Just a thought…

  8. Why do you think you need to have an opinion about what other people should wear? Pretty insecure. Figure out what makes you comfortable, others can do the same for themselves.

  9. I was the safety manager at a company which did electronic circuit board assembly. This required soldering, The building was a bit warm, so the employees asked for wearing shorts.
    We came up with:
    1. 6″ inseam, and not advertising tight.
    2. Those who dealt with customers or venders: not allowed.
    3. Asesemblers and technicians who solder, must have a heat resistant mat on their lap.
    Failure to follow would result in revokation of shorts privaledge.
    They stuck to the rules.

  10. My office is casual but shorts I don’t think so…I mean come on people try and look nice I have to look at you!

    • Short skirts are a no no. See through blouses are a no no. Low cut tops are a no no. We have lost the perspective of true decency, thanks to being brainwashed by society and the media. Shorts, in reality, are far more decent than what most women are allowed to wear these days. So I say YUCK to your low cut tops, short skirts and see through blouses. Have some decency, and get dressed, and then come back and talk to us about our little privilege to wear shorts…

      • LOL. You just made me remember a woman who would wear a garter belt and garters with short skirts to work. She looked more dressed for a Playboy shoot then banking. Low cut blouse with draped imitation pearls. Usually the skirts were in some cotton candy color. When you walked up the stairs behind her it was quite a show. No one ever said a word to her. The male execs loved it. She was water cooler talk. Oh, wait. That was for spreading sexually transmitted illnesses… nevermind :)

  11. I’ve worked in many diffierent kinds of company’s. One would not have let shorts be worn. The one I work at now lets you wear what ever you want.

    • How are your production/sales figures when you wear shorts? Are they less? Don’t wear shorts again. Are they the same? Wear shorts every day if you like…What I am trying to say is, surely shorts are not a hindrance to production and sales?Small minded people have small minded rules…

      • Who cares what you wear? As long as you look presentable and not like you just mowed your lawn or washed you car….you should be fine. Im in sales and though I only wear shorts once a week (sometimes more) I have no troubles making a sale in that attire…people buy from ME not the little guy riding a horse logoed on my shirt. I do think that you have to feel comfortable in whatever you wear or else people can sence that youre not.

  12. I just love to see the men at work in their shorts. All winter long I wait for the birth of spring to view the hairy legs, bandy legs, and tribal tatoos, and lets not forget the wrinkled, old tees that look like one is ready to get the hose and wash the car. Why not make it a rule that men must wear rubber flip-flops, crummy shorts, and tees from ten years ago, then maybe all would opt to break the code and dress in a more eye-soothing manner!

    • Therefore women over a certain age should not wear dresses and skirts, cos them little wrinkled, saggy skinned pins leave much to be desired.Or let ppl be themselves and be more concerned about the condition of their hearts and attitudes, than something as trivial as a misplaced tattoo or hair.What is the big yuck about hair? It is hair for Pete’s sake. Grow up…

      • Graham, you are on a roll. We know you believe we are all brainwashed and against this but everyone is entitled to their opinion. We have certainly heard a lot of yours. Your are not going to change anyone’s opinion on this topic by preaching.

        • Okay, just tell me one thing. Is it right that women can wear just about anything they like, and men must wear what they get told to wear, most of time dressed up to the neck?Well if the guys in the USA do not have the courage to speak up and change things, I guess they must just accept the bias against them.We certainly do not accept everything that gets dished on our plate here in SA.We stand up and speak out, persecution or not…

      • How about no make-up lines, no painted nails, no fake nails, no jewelry other than ring or watch, no colored eyes, no darkened or extended lashes, no artificial scents (rose, lilac, petunia, sandalwood, etc.), no hair color that is not your own. That may even convince the better half to wear long sleeves and pants.
        God gave us hairy legs, knobby knees, chicken legs and “cankles”, and I kinda believe that neither he nor his son had too many pairs of slacks, pants or trousers.

  13. Nice dress shorts are O.K. What is taboo are short shorts on a guy with a cut off muscle shirt showing his saggy arms. I am an H.R. Director and have to deal with this sort of attire.

    • I think you are way off. Women, especially school teachers, should not be allowed to wear see through blouses, short skirts, or tops that reveal cleavage. They that do are tempting their students to lust, thereby endangering those students, and fellow teachers souls…Leave the men and set some rules for the women for a change…

  14. Shorts rock at work.Been wearing them for 19 years at my job,Security Super. on Maui.I spend a lot of my time outside on the job,so very appropriate here.

  15. How come all of the No category were all from just Women? are there mixed review from both men and women? not that im biased but it would be nice to see it in hte article.

  16. Everyone who is against shorts, please read:

    Soemone will colapse due to the heat, hit their head on a desk or blunt object in the work place, then sue the living hell out of the company, for not having the a/c cool enough, and forcing them to wear long pants/socks/shoes/dress shirts/jackets/etc. All it takes is one person passing out from the heat, to change pointless dress code.

    Think about this.. in most countries in Europe, August is an off month for everyone. The heat does not bode well to school, nor does it to the work place. There are reasons there is no class in the hot months of summer. The work place is really no different. All of the HR people who posted should consult the legal department before making dress code rules. Your job will be on the line once somone sues your company b/c you caused heat stroke in one of your employees.


    • RU serious? Most office buildings have a/c, so why would someone suffer from heatstroke? Your argument makes no sense!!

      • At my work, the people who make the Dress Codes can’t see why anyone would wear shorts ( not professional looking !!!!!). So do i look better in my no ac’d area with sweat dripping off my forehead unable to concentrate???

    • Depends on the type of business. I work for a landscape company. The office staff could wear shorts but don’t, for the most part. (We don’t generally get clients at the office.) Most of the designers/salespeople do, but they’re outside a lot. The crews wear company t-shirts but do wear long pants because of safety issues.

      Doesn’t really bother me one way or the other what people choose to wear to work as long as it looks neat and professional.

  17. We are permitted to wear shorts during the summer as a fund raising opportunity to support charity. Cost is $1 per day or $40 for 3 months. Proceeds go to a specific charity. Those who want to can and those who don’t want to pay can wear the usual business casual. Personally, I don’t like wearing shorts to work, but I did today because the heat index is going to be 115. It’s only 10 am and already it is 86 degrees.

  18. I wear shorts to work, 85% of the year. I work in FLorida at a HVAC company. I am in and out of the warehouse. I hardly ever see customers and except for when the vp’s from the corporate office come up here. Then I wear capri’s. It bothers the bosshole that I do wear shorts but they are dress shorts not cut off jean or holy shorts. I do look professional in them, I think.

  19. by the way, one of my coworkers worse some shorts and she purposely let me see that she was not wearing panties. she spreads her legs open all the time. she is super hot. i think she wants me.

    • okay your seriously disgusting grow up will ya? like if your talking about that stuff then the person who works above you needs to be worried about other inappropriate things you are doing not if you can wear shorts or not. maybe like uh oh i dunno sexual harrassement. perv! Just stating a point.

  20. One of my co-workers purposely wears booty shorts, skirts, and see through tops so I can see her boobs. she is super hot. she does this to make me excited, which it does. one day she showed me she was not wearing any panties by spreading her legs open.

  21. I work for a company were our interaction with our clients is by phone, they never actually see us. I work in the South where it is hot nine months out of twelve. The owner of our company likes working in shorts and that is “our companies” dress code. I consider it a benefit of my job. If we are going to have in office guests, we are notified of it and are asked to dress accordingly. I don’t see this as a yes or no question, it depends on what the company mandates as acceptable dress. For me, I love it.

    • All I hear is HOT HOT HEAT HOT HEAT in these comments. Do shorts cut back on productivity, probably no. Do shorts cut back on sales, probably no. Why does one need a reason like the HEAT to wear shorts? If they do not harm business and are neat and not sexually revealing, WEAR THE RUDDY THINGS…

  22. Matt. Anyone who passes out in an air conditioned office cannot blame common office attire. Be real. And I am wearing shorts as I type. But I seriously doubt that I will have a stroke because I am forced to switch to dress slacks:)

  23. I live in Houston, Texas. Its hot here, much hotter than where most everyone else here comes from. 100+ degrees PLUS 80-90% humidity every day from June until September. And I still say heck NO to shorts in the office. Maybe its becasue I’m a banker and have to wear a full wool suit and tie 5 days a week, but shorts look so unprofessional. When I see my co wokers outside of work wearing shorts it STILL looks funny to me.

    Before banking I worked at a tech company in Dallas where it was cubeville and not client facing whatsoever. And when people would wear their ratty jeans and shorts to the office it was tough to take them seriously. How can I go “run that report” when you are wearing grass stained white tennis shoes and a march of dimes tshirt from 1987? We are all adults, lets start dressing like them. 85% of college frat boys dress better than our average american worker.

    • Obviously you are an uptight banker type… the very type that has been the downfall of our country in recent years. Something wrong with the attitude, maybe the shorts thing in the office would revitalize the economy instead of oppressing it like banks are doing now. So you should loosen up, be a little more human, accept the responsibility of destroyimg people’s dreams instead of passing the buck ans saying “it’s just business” AND wear shorts once in a while on a hot day.

      • Hmmmm…people in this country have been progressively dressing sloppier with each decade and look how far the apple keeps falling from the tree.

    • You said it, you’re a Banker.

      I’ve been in business for over 25 years and known within my Industry. I wear shorts and not once have I lost a client on how I dress.

      I look for education not designer lables when looking for employees. It seems though the Banking Industry does given what that Industry has done to the American Economy.

  24. What aggravates me is that women can wear skirts, the male equivalent of shorts, yet we have to wear long pants. I guess sometimes, though not very often, girls have the advantage.

    • …and an upside down noose (tie), and a long sleeve shirt and closed shoes.Women are often given freedom, wearing low cut tops, short skirts sandals, free and easy, bright and breezy. Men on the other hand are clothed right up to the neck, and all the way down to their feet.Often only their heads and hands stick out. lol. The world system is taking us for fools. Women should, in theory, be dresses decently , with little flesh revealed, and the men should be able to dress a more relaxed. Satan is laughing at the fools he is making of most of us. Just like the women’s lib movement, us men should stand up and take the next generation into freedom and equality…

    • Wait, skirts are the equivalent of mens shorts? I thought women’s shorts were the equivalent. And that upside down noose you’re all talking about, throw on a bra (and some high heels) for a change. And wear it EVERY day whether you’re in the office or not. I’m of the view that as long as the clothing looks professional it’s fine. Shorts can look very nice and pants can’t look really unprofessional. Common sense should prevail here, unfortunately…

      • @Jennifer: Great response to all of the poor, slighted males who believe that a woman’s dress code is more relaxed. (Bras are not an option, whereas ties usually are.) I thought this article was on the question of shorts in the workplace, not the restrictive nature of ties and pants. I could never wear shorts in the workplace (lawyer), but can sport them at home any time I like. My boyfriend wears shorts to work daily in the summer (tennis pro). It’s quite job specific. As for see-through blouses and muscle shirts, that’s a different topic. While most that is tacky is also inappropriate, not all that is inappropriate is tacky.

        • @Karen.
          Don’t try and cloud the issue. The issue is that women wear bras to hold up their breasts,1. so we cannot see how droopy they are and 2. so it hides the nipple area? Men wearing shorts do not reveal private body parts.Women should, like men, in all fairness, be forced to wear slacks, a shirt and tie, then we would have equality. Not women dress as they please over there bras and men dressed up to their necks, over their boxers.

      • @Jennifer
        Get real Jennifer. To wear high heels is a choice. If you value your image over your comfort, that is your choice.The point is some businesses do not give the males the choice.That is where the difference is.It is called bias…

  25. Had a brother-in-law that tried to press the issue at IBM. Years ago IBM said ‘skorts’ were OK but shorts were not. He went out and bought a pair of skorts that would fit him and wore them into the office. He was an engineer. He was also fired.

    • I assume that you are not a lawyer; because if you were, this would have been easy money for you and your brother-in-law.

  26. I’ve always enjoyed looking at women in skimpy clothes. Men’s bare skin doesn’t do much for me though. Yes, girls, wear dresses, skirts, pants, shorts or nothing at all if that’s what you like


  28. I wonder what the age was of the respondents. It so depends on the work place and actvity. When I started out a woman always wore hose too. Times change, but there is always someone who must push the limitis. Your attire and how you present yourself can make you or break you. Don’t limit your career.

  29. I’ve worn shorts to work, year-round, for twenty years. Sandals as well most days.

    Professional sales position, paying 150K + bi-annual bonus. As long as I make the company money, why shouldn’t I be comfortable? Besides, have you ever tried to ride a bike to work in long pants? Greasy chainstays are incompatible with trousers.

  30. Pls ,stay proffessional ,depends on the company ,and the type of job you do ,i think women look nice in shorts if they stay proffessional ,men no dice ,they do not turn me on .

  31. I have worked for the last three years as a sales manager for a forty million dollar a year company in the mining industry and seventeen years before that as a steel fabricator for the same company. Even when we have meetings with the corporate big wheels from the largest mining companies in the world you will not see many suits and ties. Mostly blue jeans and t shirts and the occassional shorts wearer. I think the fact that the mining industry draws it most prominent members from hard working men and women with experience that have worked their way up through the years and are not all college alumni and the fact that our jobs take us to hot, dusty mine sites gives us a relaxed environment where almost any attire is acceptable. You might even give off the vibe of being snobby no matter how proffessional you might appear if you enter certain areas of our industry in a suit and tie. There are forty people working in the office with me right now, from the CEO to HR , IT, and sales and not one of them have on a tie and rarely do the women wear dresses. We all love our jobs. Relaxed, happy employees make better workers. Actually a suit and tie walking towards you in this industry might at first give you a slight feeling that something bad is about to happen since they are so rare.

    • Hallelujah. An example of what I have been saying all along. Shorts do not inhibit sales and production. But I have seen that small minded managers and business owners do inhibit sales and production. Focus more on management and less on attire, albeit that one should not dress provocatively or indecently, exposing flesh which should only be viewed in private…Most managers/owners intimidate and oppress their staff. That is what causes low productivity and sales figures. Wise up dudes…

  32. I work in an IT department in Texas, I wear shorts March through October, hate to wear long pants. If workplace allows it and you use common sense, wear nice shorts, Wear Shorts!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I work for the government so yea I can wear shorts if I want. Most people dont even dress up where I work or they over dress and wear their party clothes to work.

  34. my company’s based in the Deep South. currently, 10AM and 90F outside. darn right i’m in shorts during the summer!

  35. It depends on what your boss wears and if you assire to his position or higher. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

  36. I work at a university in a semi-professional department. I work with instructors. We are allowed to wear shorts and t-shirts, as long as they are respectable-I’m pretty sure a Spongebob or Family Guy t-shirt would be frowned on. And, although I can’t say for sure, I’m fairly certain that “jorts” would be frowned upon. I am a warm natured persona and when the heat index is triple digits, i wear shorts-either khaki golf shorts or maybe mid length cargo shorts.

  37. I would guess the answers vary greatly based on how far south of the Mason Dixon line you are. Here in South Florida shorts are the attire at 90+% of the business at least 75% of the year. I work a sales job intereacting with customers all day every day, and I don’t mean retail, and I wear shorts with a nice Polo or button down short sleeved dress shirt. Never once have I had anyone make any kind of negative comment about my attire, it is simply the only way to dress down here. I would feel kind of silly putting on a suit every day, which I am sure my type of job would require in the north east. Here in Florida from the law office to the unemployement line, all you are going to see is shorts.

  38. Whether or not one should wear shorts at work depends on nature of work. A blanket ‘yes’ or ‘No’ may not be practical and is not advisable. However, this is something that should be left to each employer who should decide after well considered deliberations in the best interest of every one. At the same time, I feel, it is good for companies to have dress codes for their employees, unless type of work warrants otherwise.

  39. I have never understood the thinking behind no shorts at work. Even if the public comes into your place of business – what are THEY wearing when it is 90+ degrees outside? I personally would not be offended if I saw someone in an office wearing shorts – as long as they weren’t showing off too much. Dress shorts, and nice shirt – no big deal. People spend 1/3 or more of thier life at work – why not allow them to be comfortable? I think dress shorts would be more appriate than some of the dresses I have seen on women. And believe t or not some men get hot and thye would look really unprofessional in a dress – so I say LET THEM WEAR SHORTS – just no booty shorts please- male or female!

    • Dressing too casual just because our clients, customers and patients do is a poor excuse. If one reads the studies and countless books on appropriate dress, they would realize that one’s appearance is paramont to the businesses image. In my business, there is no exception with the employee’s appearance. They represent me and my business. They can get a job at a car wash if they want to wear casual clothes to work every day. But if they want my good salaries and benefits, they must comply to my standards.

      • Exactly – YOUR standards. But what you should care about is your clients/customers standards since they are the ones paying your bills. Personally when I go into a place of business in the summer and I’m wearing dress shorts I don’t feel comfortable with a bunch of stuffy “business professionals” in long pants and ties who are obviously suffering from the heat. They are making me, the customer, feel under dressed to do business in that establishment. I’ll take my business where I feel comfortable.

      • @Jim
        Your company may be successful, but if you took the time to seek, you will find that many other companies, maybe even more successful than yours, allow there employees to wear shorts…Get real.BTW. What does the dress code of your female employees look like?You would not have double standards would you? i.e. ladies wear what they basically want/don’t want and the guys must dress up to their necks with an upside down noose around their necks.If you can spot bias here, be a man and change things…

        • @Jim,
          You’re lame. If I knew your point of view before deciding to do my business with you, I’d choose another business. I’m curious how your employees see you as a leader.
          BTW Jim, I served my country for over 20 years to protect the freedom of employers like yourself and even the largest organization in the USA defines why certain dress codes are necessary other than threatening retirement and medical benefits.

  40. It’s just not professional. If you have a work place that is rather laid back, then go for it. However, once you start relaxing certain principles and work structue, there will be more to follow. Unless, you are running to work, literally, there is no reason to not wear slacks and a nice shirt. None.

    Go ahead, get lax people. There will be more concessions in the future to have even fewer regulations. All this impacts the overall professionalism and production in the work place.

    • what a lot of bollocks and drivel…You wouldn’t perhaps be a ‘women’s libber/keep the males in bondage’ person would you? While you girls go to work in by and large anything/close to nothing as you please, us men must dress up from the toe to the neckline.Forget it, go get dressed and come back and we can talk again…

  41. I have worn shorts for 20 years at work. From a pair of Loudmouth shorts to basic black and tan short. I get favorable responses.

      • @Jim. Are you blind? Have you not read the comments from some highly successful people who responded to the article? They wear shorts SHORTS. Shorts do not hinder professionalism , productivity, sales or any other good business ethics, but small minded individuals do…

      • @ Jim,
        You are questioning his income? It must be “staisfying” (as you put it) enough to have the time He was decent enough to answer you as well. Is your position also “staisfying”? Maybe you believe that anyone wearing shorts at work could not possibly have an income as “staisfying” as your own. Does your wardrobe contain a pair of shorts? Do you wear them in private?
        I challenge you to post a comment box for your employees requesting changes to the dress code.

  42. In Bermuda and other hot countries police and service men wear shorts as part of their uniform. If the shorts are khaki or the same material as nice trousers, and a nice shirt or polo type top is worn with them, they look good so no reason they should be banned from the work place. I don’t think short shorts or cut offs are appropriate for work though. And women should refrain from shorts unless they are knee length.

  43. All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question; does your boss wear shorts? If yes, you are in the clear. If no, then you are stuck with pants. It is risky business showing up in shorts when your boss does not. Your boss will notice and it is impossible to know what he/she will think about it.

  44. My office is business casual with jeans on Friday. As unfair as it seems, a woman in a skirt seems fine, yet wearing nice shorts just seems a little too casual for this environment, even if it means men have no choice but to always cover their legs. The building has decent air conditioning, so it’s not like they are suffering a whole lot for it.

    However, my husband is a delivery person, in and out of the heat all day, driving in a truck with unreliable a/c. He still looks clean and neat in his short-sleeved button-down shirt and pressed shorts and is less likely to miss deliveries because pants sticking to his legs makes him miserably uncomfortable and slows him down.

    • Amanda, you suck. You just admitted your bias, i.e that it’s unfair, but in the next breath you basically say that men must just live with it. In the land of the free, and the home of the brave, I thought more males would stand up, speak up and give you women libbers a bit of opposition. Seems like in America, the females are wrapped in cotton wool, while the males are targeted and oppressed. Lol, stand up men and go for it. Let’s start a males liberation movement for a change.

  45. This one isn’t hard in all reality. If you work in a professional environment, shorts are not acceptable. If you work in retail or an outdoor environment, shorts are appropriate if it fits the enviroment. In restaurants and healthcare environments, shorts don’t offer protection from spills. But really, most of us males and women of certain ages and sizes have a better appearance when our legs are covered up. Live in all the denial and professed freedom one can muster, but unattractive is unattractive.

  46. Shorts shouldn’t bother anyone. Women are allowed to wear a skirt to work and have their legs showing. My advice is to for men to wear shorts and see if anyone says anything, if they do, wear a skirt the next day. If they say something about the skirt you will probably be able to get them to change their policy on shorts.

  47. I do not think shorts are apporpriate for work – especially if you work inside a building. I can certainly agree that people that work outside (UPS, construction, etc.) should wear them.

    But they do not look professional. I work in a community college – where it is air conditioned. I don’t think shorts are appropriate for the faculty, staff, or anyone working inside.

    If they did allow them, they should have to be a reasonable length – not too short. I also don’t agree with wearing denim anything.

  48. All you have to do is create a policy the details what is appropriate for each position. Then you don’t have to worry about people wearing shorts. They will automatically know what is professional and what is not.

  49. If you’re a woman, as about half of us are, you can get around the shorts issue and just wear a nice-ish lightweight skirt that, depending on your age and where you work, is appropriate in length. That’s how I stay comfortable during our scorching summers here in DC!

  50. I worked at a company where it was appropriate to wear shorts that were proper length and you had a nice shirt on. No t-shirts were allowed. But there were times when the Board came in and we were not allowed to wear them. Don’t understand why, because the board was always in the conference room and never set came out unless they used the men’s room. We were not allowed to wear sandals or flip-flops. Actually I prefer the Bermuda Shorts look. Some wear the socks some do not. But I think it is very professional and looks alot better then the way some dress today with all the new shorts styles that are out!

  51. I don’t think shorts are ever acceptable in a office setting. We own our business, and I still don’t wear shorts to the office. It just doesn’t look professional. My husband on the other hand, works out in the metal unairconditioned shop. Last year he had heat stroke and ended up in the hospital, so I insisted that he start wearing shorts. (he is an automotive painter)

  52. I do sales in a small office where we never interact with any customers or suppliers. We never have been allowed to wear shorts to work because the owners are way too controlling. I know I would do a better job if I was allowed to wear whatever I choose and I am certain my co-workers feel the same.

  53. The only time shorts shouldn’t be worn is if safety dictates they not be. When ever I see someone in a suite and tie when it’s 110 here in the Desert I seriously question his basic intelligence and certainly wouldn’t trust him with my business. I expect people to dress appropriately for their environment, not based on arbitrary and discriminatory mores.

  54. My guideline for shorts: If the shorts did not have separated legs and were, instead, a SKIRT of the same fabric, length, style, would it be appropriate?

  55. I don’t wear shorts unless I’m staying at a hotel that has a pool and, even then, only when I’m going to use the pool. I work in an office with my door closed and I don’t have to deal with the public, but I still choose to dress more professionally than I would after work or on the weekends.

    Ultimately, it depends on the job and the work environment.

  56. They do it in Bermuda all the time! I’m wearing “Bermuda” type shorts right now. As long as you don’t look like a slob, regardless whether your office is uber professional or not, I don’t see a problem with it.

  57. The next article on this web page should read; IS WEARING SHORT SKIRTS, SEE THROUGH BLOUSES, SKIN TIGHT SLACKS, LOW CUT TOPS EVER APPROPRIATE. Men are already dressed up to their necks, while the women are basically allowed to get away with anything, by and large. It looks like the women’s lib movement really has bore some fruits, while us men were sleeping. Women, especially teachers and lecturers should have to dress decently and not bare skin that should only be seen in private. They get away with murder, while us men stand by sheepishly. Get some guts men, and speak out…Lets start a MEN’S LIB movement. Why should we be oppressed while the women run around free and easy?

    • Graham I agree ! I am female and I think it is totally unfair that women can wear dresses and skirts, low cut shirts really thin fabric clothes and men in the “professional” environment are stuck in long pants, high collared shirts with ties and jackets. These men do go outside and are supposed to not sweat or suffer while the women -big and small are walking around half naked – oh please thats fair? Really – come on people. Men deserve to be comfortable in the heat just as much as the “weaker” sex! Human beings suffer from the heat – the one way to help is to not constrict the body from releasing the heat or to not hold it in with all that clothing. So I say men – put on a dress – it is professional atire – at least according to all the opinions on here – and you will be cooler!

  58. I wore short to work today. I work in an engineeering department, so our dress is usually casual (dockers and polo shirts are OK). My shorts are NOT ratty cut offs, the are more like the dockers I usually wear, just that the hem is just above the knee isntead of the ankle. One of the first guys I saw in the office this morning said “I think you have the right idea”. I said when it is 100 degrees and 90 % humidity (like it will be today), if seeing my legs offend you, look the other way. Of course being less than a year away from retirement with the severance and unemployment being more than I would earn between now and then lends a certain amount of independance to my attitude.

    • @Allen
      Hey Allen, no need to look for excuses why you wear shorts. The millions of women who under dress every day don’t make excuses for themselves, so why should you. I give you permission to be yourself and be happy and free.


  60. To me this argument is silly and shows how soft we’ve become as a nation. I was in the jr. high marching band in the late 1970s. We marched in 90 degree heat (sometimes behind horses) in wool uniforms with jackets and hats that must’ve weighed 5 pounds. But we were the best looking and best sounding band around. They’d call that child abuse today, but back then nobody thought anything of it. I think that experience influenced how I dress for work now. I could wear whatever I want at work, but I choose to wear long pants, a dress shirt and dress shoes because I feel more professional and I do better work as a result. Now people expect to show up to work in shorts, stringy sun dresses and flip-flops. There’s no sense of pride in one’s appearance, everyone just wants to be comfortable.

  61. I am from the school of thought that a comfortable employee is a productive employee. That being said, I am in a warehouse environment which takes me from internal customer service to outdoors year-round. I see employees wearing any and everything and nothing is said. I wear shorts (below the knee and neat) and never hear the end of it. I keep doing it anyway, knowing it’s a personal attack.

      • @Kevin
        I admire you for your courage to stand out.
        See how sick society has become? Women wear next to nothing at times, and it is acceptable, but us men want to wear something a little cooler and it becomes a problem? I say society, in all it’s biased, hypocrisy can get lost. Me wear a tie? Suck lemons. Me wear long pants if I do not choose to. Same. We must change the perception of society, and it starts with us…

  62. well, i’m wearing shorts at work right now. they are knee length. they are cut-offs. i work in scottsdale, az, and live 60 miles from my job. so, to conserve gas, i drive without a/c on in my car. this is the second time this month that i’ve worn these to work. my manager hasn’t said anything to me about them. i’d be less concerned about the person wearing knee length cut-offs than i would be about the person wearing a “dress” that barely covers her butt.

    • true. It is time we spoke out and got things in perspective. If it is wrong for you to wear shorts, then SURELY it is wrong for Miss Barebums to continue in her dress code? It is about time that we spoke out and addressed the inequality imbedded in society. You may take some flack, but any person who made a difference had to take the flack sooner or later…

    • IF shorts are at the length of 6″ inseams, then underwear won’t show through. That should remove any objections and increase comfort, balancing the two. I hold by the no bare midriffs and low cut tops. T-shirts would cover that and are light weight, so that should be fine. Polo shirts with shorts–fine.

  63. I live in Phoenix where it is over 100 degrees for 5 months out of the year. We are allowed to wear shorts to work as long as they are an appropriate length (and jeans) and are paired with a nice shirt. We have definitely had people push the limits and HR deals with them one on one. Personally I am more productive when I am dressed comfortably.

  64. I work in a 911 center where the only people who see us are the Police officers that come to pick up paperwork.

    We are allowed to wear pretty much anything, within reason. Right now I am wearing shorts and a Super Mario tee shirt. My boss doesn’t have a problem with this. Heck, he wears shorts to work.

    We are also allowed to wear whatever shoes we want, as long as we have clean feet. Even my tattoos aren’t a problem and I have 4 on my legs, one of which goes from my hip to my knee and is over half visible when I wear shorts.

    • I actually think having tattoos exposed at work, unless you are a tattoo artist is much more inappropriate than wearing shorts. I don’t care where they are, cover them up in the workplace. No one wants to see all your business.

      But it could just be my bias against tattoos because (in my opinion) most of them make people look dirty, but different strokes. Again it depends on your workplace.

      • @MsRickie.Yip. You said it.It is just your bias.I don’t have tattoos but it definitely does not dirty one.If there are pornographic images,that may be classed as dirty. Otherwise I don’t believe tattoos defile a person. Like Jesus said, evil thought’s like murder adultery,etc… defile a person.

        • Again this is MY personal opinion of tattoos. There was a time when they were not as prevalent as they are now. Now, it seems like everyone and their grandmother has a tattoo. Most of the ones I have seen make the person look dirty. I am not judging the person or saying that they are a social deviant, they just have a different form of self expression than I do.

          I am saying that I PERSONALLY don’t like them (and acknowledged the biad because I don’t like them) and I’d prefer not to have to see them in the workplace, period. Whether that is my workplace or yours if you are working at a store, counter, restaurant or in the service industry.

          The same with piercing. On the weekend or after 5:30 put your nose ring back in, or the piercing in your lip, roll up your sleeves and show off your tats or take off your jacket and let everyone see your art work, but again unless you work in a tattoo shop, in my opinion it’s generally not professional.

          • What society has been brain washed into believing is acceptable and professional, was considered indecent and unprofessional not too long ago.Like for instance, see through blouses, short skirts and low cut tops. I still see it as cheap and unprofessional in my opinion, as well as many others.I will say though, that many women who dress so(even tho distastefully) ACT professionally, as do some of those who have tattoos.So for me a semi dressed women is more ‘unprofessional’ than a person with tattoos.

  65. Unless clothing somehow impacts the performance of the worker or co-workers, clothing should not be a factor.

    Whether I am wearing a trench coat or shorts, wingtips or clogs, I perform best when comfortable and not forced into apparel that discomfits me.

    In a uniformed occupation, of course, the uniform and it’s message are a part of performing the job, and the applicant should be fully aware when selecting that career field.

  66. The question was “are shorts at work ever appropriate?”
    The answer is in the question. “yes, they are appropriate if they are appropriate!!”
    If there is a work-related reason to wear them, then they are appropriate.
    Beach Lifeguard = shorts (not because of the heat but for safety reasons)
    Office = No, never.

    On a slightly different topic, there is nothing wrong AT ALL with wearing socks with sandals.

  67. In my 25 yr professional career, from programmer to now C.T.O. for the past 10 years. I never had to wear a suite and tie. Somtetimes I chose to but never had to. And I wear dress shorts, golf shirts and hirachi sandals everyday during the summer. In my business as a software and technology solutions provider, I’ve learned that people respect you for your industry knowledge and the ability to provide custom solutions that solves their problems more than what you wear being a suit or shorts. There are a lot of sharp dressing under qualified, under performing professionals that no matter what they wear, can’t do the job. My rule of thumb is wear whatever does not alienate or make the client uncomfortable. After all, they are the ones you have to sell. It’s worked for me thus far and i don’t plan on changing.

  68. I think tastefully done shorts are acceptable, but it depends where you work. You have to know the culture of the organization. A safer bet for women may be Capris. Sorry men, all I can say for you is to wear a polo shirt or leave the tie at home during the summer.

    At my last job we could only where jeans in the summer. I mean we’re experincing a heat wave on the East Coast this week alone. Who wants to wear jeans in the summer? That was the dumbest idea ever!

    My office is pretty casual and most people do not abuse the policy, but some people do look like they are going clubbing instead of going to work. One of which is our 50+ Chief of Staff!

    A couple years ago I worked with a man that preferred to dress as a woman. I really liked him and he was my friend so I can’t say anything negative about him. He changed his name to a female name and even had fake boobs. he was just more comfortable as a woman. He had more women’s clothes than men’s clothes. It was frowned upon to say the least; especially where we work. although our office is in a very well-known inviting area for homosexuals.

    His supervisor’s only rule for him was not to come in with his mid drift exposed. He wore dresses, heels, nails, make-up, hoop earrings, the works! When they had job cuts, he was one of the first they let go.

    Again although he was my friend and I liked him the way he was, there are some things worse than wearing shorts in the office.

  69. I wearing shorts today…I do not meet the public I am in HR. Our standard dress code is business causal but we can opt out by contributing to our current charity. Our current charity is school supplies, bring a school supply item or pay $1.00 and you are issued a dress down pass. We also have dress down days when there is a theme. This past Tuesday was shorts day, lots of folks wore shorts and lots of folks did not same with the dress down not everyone participates. I live and work in Texas were we have had 100 degree weather everyday for the last 43.

  70. Well, women can wear shorts, long pants, or skirts and so on (even open-toed shoes) to the workplace, no problem. And in this modern western world it’s men who really need equality and liberation. So, men should be able to wear shorts to the workplace.
    Where I work, men can, when doing overtime and night shift.

    • @Rudi
      Very true my friend.Women in years gone by have been having marches, demonstrations etc…(some they won, and some they lost) to ensure their fight for their rights, where us men have by and large been sleeping. If every man stood up and spoke out, the system would have to change, just like it did for the women.Otherwise don’t expect change, if you don’t want to stand up…

  71. This really is not a “yes’ or “no” question. The answer is simply “it depends”. It depends on the type of work you do. If you work in a professional office, then I would say “no” to shorts as clients would be coming and going all day and you would need to look professional. If you would where you are exposed to the heat, such as warehouse, postal employees, delivery persons, then of course shorts would be perfectly acceptable.

    • Who are you to say?Are you wearing a skirt or low cut top?Please do not tell us men what is appropriate or what is not.Who gives you the bloody right?And since when do shorts affect productivity/sales adversely?
      In studies of universities in some eastern countries, the marks/results of the male students dropped markedly when the institution allowed the female students to “dress down”. Get your own house in order first.Get dressed, it is UNPROFESSIONAL…not us wearing shorts.Look up the word hypocrit…

  72. I was a rep for Specialized Bicycle Components in the late 80′s and early 90′s down in LA/Orange County. I wore shorts 95% of the time. Black Khaki shorts with a black Specialized polo shirt with the red S logo. It was always between 80-95 degrees and sometimes a heatwave would take over for a week or two. If I had to wear slacks during those times, i would have fainted.

    The best time I had was when we had temps in the 103-108 range one week. My manager was flying down to travel with me to visit my largest customers. I told him on the phone we were having a heat wave. When I drove up to the hotel to pick him up, he was dressed in a sport coat, slacks and a tie! I was in my black shorts and black polo. My boss frowned at my outfit and told me he was disappointed with my attire, but we had no time for me to drive back to change. When we got to my customers, they were dressed exactly like I was and they asked why I hadn’t told my boss about the weather (105 that day). My boss was sweating profusely the whole meeting. Driving to Yorba Linda and Fullerton definately didn’t help! By the end of the day, my boss had soaked through his shirt, ditched the coat and tie and had his sleeves rolled up.

    After that visit, he never came down again with a coat or tie and at that years trade show, our entire company switched to polo shirts and khakis instead of suits and sport coats!

  73. I work in an IP law firm – we haven’t any dress code – other than not be tacky in our clothes. Since we do not see clients, there isn’t a need to have a dress code. Not one of us has ever “crossed the line” in what we wear to work.

    The only downside is when the partner brings the children to work. They are unruly and run around the office and go into the other attorneys office and get their golf clubs and play with them (without having asked the attorney if it’s okay – since we are in a meeting when they tend to do these things).

    I do not like having them in the office. The partner has let them put files away, purge files – all without much supervision (he doesn’t like to have questions asked to him). Lets all of us know that his kids could do a better job than any of us.

    Okay. I digressed.

    As long as shorts are knee length – men and women – and the tops are nice, there isn’t any reason how come we shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts.
    Summertime is hot! And is only going to become more hot!

    • Wow, I feels sorry for you! I could not imagine someone reguarly disrupting the office by bringing their kids to work. In an emergency perhaps, or if they are there a short while on the way to an appointment, but to have them filing documents (in a law firm no less) and purging documents, is too much. Then having the partner demoralize the staff further by telling them that even their untrained off spring could perform your job. I hope you have great pay or benefits or something else keeps you there because I would be ready to bolt!

  74. I am a 60 Year old female & work in an office with 2 men … one is older & one is younger..
    We rarely see clients in the office.When we do we are aware that they are coming. I do wear shorts to work.. Knee length dress shorts & denium . I sit at a desk & am seen from the waist up.. All the client sees is my sweater set or dressy blouse & pearls or other matching jewelry. I am complimented on how nice I look..
    I do understand that people will bend the rules .. One day bermudas & the next day Hot Pants!!

  75. I live in Hawaii but I am working in DC right now. I find it interesting that shorts and t-shirts are totally acceptable and are the norm in Hawaii , yet, the summer weather in DC is hotter and muggier than anything I experienced in Hawaii. However, in DC, I see all the people going in and coming out of the subway literally soaking in sweat. I think, depending on the the profession, employers need to ease up on the dress code. Its better to see an employee with professional looking khaki shorts and a polo shirt versus someone in a dress shirt and slacks with wet spots on the back, chest and arm pits.

  76. Remember the day when we desired to look and act professional? We did that in hopes of being treated like a professional. If you don’t look professional, you won’t be treated like one. It’s just the way it is. Sorry for it being an imperfect world. Dress like a bum, get treated like one.

    • Guess that is why Jesus’ disciples were rejected by your FALSE, hypocritical society. Nothing has changed. They were also considered bums, they had no steady jobs, moving from town to town.Even Jesus had “…no place to lay his head…” Your heart is what God looks at, not your Armani suit. Some ‘bums’ are more honest and trustworthy than the ‘respectable’ people. In fact, there are probably more ‘bums’ in heaven, than you ‘respectables’ may think…

    • If you think shorts are unprofessional, what do you think of short skirts, see through blouses etc…I think they are cheap and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and down right indecent(no matter what hypocritical society says). Get real and see things for what they are or do you have double standards?

  77. short skirts? shorts? whats the diff? Fashion.
    people are so hung up on appearance instead of substance.
    its really quite aggravating.
    As a boss I would not mind if my staff wore shorts, if it made them happier people and more productive members of the group. If a person sits a at a cubicle all day, does it really matter??? I have never been to Nike HQ, but I would EXPECT them to at least wear running shoes, their apparel, etc…
    they seem to be doing pretty well…dont you think?

  78. I am a CIO in a high profile role, and I wear shorts to work. Dress codes are really not up to todays standards anymore. I would rather hire someone who is relaxed, wears what they want and do a supurb job at work. Rather than someone who is forced to dress a certian way, and feeling thus has something else other than work on their mind, and might second guess themselves. I always say if you want to dress in a suit and that is who you are, by all means go for it. However if you want to wear sweat pants, shorts, tank tops, then I am ok with that as well.
    It is what is in people’s minds that I want, not what they wear

  79. Depends on the company’s dress code. For casual environments, there is usually more leeway than the most professional of settings (banking, law, medicine). I work in customer service where shorts, knee length or longer are allowed, but no sleeveless tops, excessive cleavage/showing of skin allowed.

  80. for women bermuda shorts and capris are good.. for men, no basketball shorts.. must be some type of khaki, only denim on fridays..

    • uh oh, you would not be female would you, once again dictating men’s attire? Please, females have no say here as to what men should wear. Or to balance things, we should be laying down what you women/girls wear. No joke.

  81. If you sit in an air-conditioned office all day then no. Personally I think shorts on adults in a work setting look rather juvenile. And the people I’ve worked with who insist they just can’t function unless they’re permitted to dress exactly as they please often seem to have other “issues.” I don’t know why but there does seem to be an awfully high correlation…. If they’re “more productive” dressing a certain way, does that mean they’re less productive if they can’t? The usual “I’d-be-more-productive-if-I-got-my-way” argument speaks volumes.

  82. the last 2 promotions I receive was because i agreed to have intercourse with my bosses. they were both females. yes, they were hot.

  83. I don’t understand why women are allowed to wear those pants that are like high water pants or clam diggers. They are basically shorts because the pant leg only goes slightly below the knee so most of the lower leg is exposed. Oh and women seem to be able to get away with dressy flip flops too. Men on the other hand cannot wear sandals or shorts. Not fair at all. If a woman can wear those types of pants and sandals, so should men.

    • I would love to see the man who is daring enough to wear capris to work. How about men wearing dresses? If you feel women get away with more regarding their manner of dress, then by all means, please feel free to wear capris and dresses.

      • In a previous company I worked for they began allowing women to wear capris during the summer months. The following week some men showed up wearing men capris (yes I am serious, I have no idea where they found but they fit them rather well) as a way of proving a point. The men were taken into a meeting an advised that they could not wear them while the women were allowed to continue wearing capris. There is definitely a double standard in terms of dress for men and women in the workplace

        • I believe there will always be a double standard. Women and men are not the same and the way they dress isn’t the same nor should it be. This my personal opinion and I’m sticking to it!

          • Well, women can more or less decide what they want to wear, and so too should the men.It is not a question of that they wear different types clothing, that goes without saying.It is about CHOICE. Women have a CHOICE, what about the men’s CHOICE.Lucybeagle says I am a woman hater because I highlight the bias.LOL…Grow up. Are you perhaps sexist?

          • “I believe there will always be a double standard.”
            Using your own words,Lucybeagle. I will battle for equality for all people, and in this case for the men, because just as women’s lib freed the women, I will not quit until the men also have their equality and freedom. Call me a woman hater, or whatever you like, but I never give up until one day all men will have the CHOICE to wear shorts(and dresses/bagles) as they choose…

      • i personally love wearing womens clothes and would love to work in a situation that would allow me to do so and btw lucy i have seen men wearing capri’s and sandles and they look very nice it just has to be done well. omg have you ever seen the people shoppping in walmart? talk about inappropriate

  84. I was told once that you should dress for the position you would like to have next.
    That being said, all of you who prefer to wear shorts to work apparently have the desire to work in a sporting good store…….and that is okay as long as you don’t whine later about your crummy hours, pay etc….

  85. Shorts should never be allowed in an office. If the work is outdoors, then, maybe they would be ok, especially in the heat. People seem to have more and more problems deciding what is appropriate office wear and the trend is dressing down, which is not a good thing. Fighting everyone’s urge to wear flipflops is bad enough, I don’t want to see them in shorts, too, especially the men, YUCK! It’s a shame when people don’t even have the common sense to know what is appropriate business wear and the attitude that “they should give me a clothing allowance if they want me to dress a certain way”, is just an excuse to be a slob. ANYONE can afford appropriate clothing, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be appropriate. You don’t need to make a personal statement with every ill-chosen outfit.

    • He/she is a slob because he/she chooses to wear shorts?But women can wear short skirts, see through blouses, low cut tops etc…?Phew, are you for real?It is called inequality, look it up.I do not hate women, as implied by Lucybeagle, I just cannot believe that one set of rules is okay for women, and another for men.Because I highlight the bias, I am a woman hater?I do not see the sense in that argument.It is very easy;if woman can wear what they want to to work, I will surely wear shorts if I want to.And BTW, when I feel like it, I do. So have a thrombosis, but wear shorts I will…

  86. My work place(a university) forbids employees from wearing shorts, as they are “unprofessional”, even for those of us who work in back rooms and never deal with our customers. Female employees however, are allowed to wear Capri pants (pants that end below the knee, like shorts), coulottes (wide legged pants that end at the knee, like shorts) and “dressy Bermuda shorts” with a matching jacket, which despite being “dressy”, ARE shorts. Men must wear trousers. Talk about dress code inequality! If men must cover their legs, then female employees should be required to wear pants, or dresses with nylons. Our students on the other hand may wear shorts, as may their visiting family members. Outside contractors working in our buildings may wear shorts, as do mail carriers and police officers. Duh and duh.

    • I challenge you to take a stand and say something. Change is uncomfortable some times, and requires some guts and determination. Say something and ask a few questions. If you don’t, who will, I always say.What are they going to do?Fire you?Women took a stand in the women’s lib era. Maybe it is our turn…

  87. I work in the finance department of a manufacturing company and the ladies can wear shorts. I tried to wear shorts one day and got called in to HR for wearing them. The ladies can also wear sandals, but I cant. Discriminate much? Do I have grounds for a lawsuit? Attorneys, hit me up! Lets take these jokers down!

    • @Tony hello my name is beauty that is not being fair to you tony a woman can not show anything that a man can not show nearly as much to me i think that as long as the shorts are both a good lenght for men and women then they should both have the same rights even though i am not an attorney that is justmaking good sence to me so tony if they do not let you wear your shorts then s u e the b o s s b u t t that will not allow you to wear your shorts as well.

  88. This is the reason I work for myself. I come to my office everyday in shorts and a t-shirt. (personal choice) But if i go out to visit clients or to make sales calls it’s business casual. Living in Florida where it is warm 365 days a year I see no reason why not.

  89. I’ve worked for companies at both ends of the spectrum. When I was a financial auditor, I was required to wear a suit in Phoenix in the summer. I know work for a small non-profit and can wear whatever I want while in the office. If I have an external meeting, I’ll wear business casual or a suit depending on the situation. For a good laugh, see the episode of “The Office” regarding casual Fridays.

  90. Well, I hope where my husband works will make an exception. Due to serious medical problems that happened overnight my husband now wears leg braces. He has such pain in his legs he can barely lift them to pull up shorts let along dress pants. He sists in a cubicle all day and only sees clients when he goes out to visit them and most of them wear shorts during the hot weather. Oh and he has to wear special sneakers for his leg braces. There are times when exceptions can be made. We use to ba able to wear anything we wanted on Friday but then they decided we didn’t look professional enough (we dress better than most of our customers) they took the office’s option to dress comfortably during really hot weather but allowed the plant to dress as they please…..they get to be comfy in an air conditioned plant and we get to sweat…not fair……

  91. What next? How to comb your hair, make sure you brush your teeth, i don’t like your shoes..Women wear skirts all the time. I don’t see the difference in men wearing shorts. As a matter of fact its less revealing. Whoever has a problem with it is the problem. How menial.

    • I agree. It is personal just as I stated in an earlier post. People bring their personal mess to work and find something to complain about. This same person comes and goes as he pleases and when called out on it, acts as if it’s his God-given right to do it.

  92. It looks like the only opinion that counts here to Graham’s and if you don’t agree with him, then he gets crazy. Apparently, he is also a woman-hater. Graham, you seem to have forgotten that this is just people’s OPINIONS and everyone is entitled to their own, not only yours. It’s none of your business what I wear to work. I dress appropriately for the professional office I work in.

    • No, wrong again Lucybeagle. I do not hate woman, I just hate the bias in the workplace, and unfortunately it is for the woman and against the men, in this instance. You woman rant and rave when things are biased against you, but as soon as a male protests against inequality, you claim that they are female haters.Grow up and accept that there is bias.Or are you too small minded…?

    • No, wrong again Lucybeagle. I do not hate woman, I just hate the bias in the workplace, and unfortunately it is for the woman and against the men, in this instance. You woman rant and rave when things are biased against you, but as soon as a male protests against inequality, you claim that they are female haters.Grow up and admit that there is bias.Or are you too small minded…?

  93. 135 in the Mojave Desert? lol that is an extreme! Death Valley in the Mojave reached a record 134 in 1913. If you are going to argue a point at least use correct facts. Shorts are appropriate in all professions if we decide they are. As a society we can set these types of guidlines. I do not want anyone to tell me what I can and cannot wear! Unfortunately, people are stuffy and worry to much about what they look like rather than who they are.

  94. My workplace has a dresscode of “business casual” while it is exceptable to wear nice, longer lengthed shorts, I choose not to because I think it takes away from looking professional. As a younger person (mid twenties) in the work place I pefer to be taken just as seriously as some of my older co-workers and I dont believe that happens when you come to work wearing shorts.

  95. I am a sales manager for an event company in Dallas Texas.
    I wear shorts almost every day in the summer with a nice polo shirt and “boat shoes” with no socks. Most of the time my shirts are tucked in, and I wear a belt. Professionalism has very little to do with pants vs. shorts. I have an evergrowing client base who could likely care less if I stop by in shorts vs pants either at their facility or on their job site. It would almost be pretentious at times to be wearing friggin slacks in 100 degree heat. It is clearly not the “sensible” choice of attire. Besides, imagine what level of cleanliness/hygiene you would be at in pants all day when you are spending time in and outside. Wear what makes the most business sense and be as comfortable as possible. Clients will be able to tell. when you are relaxed and comfortable, they will usually be the same

  96. I work as a Customs Officer and I did wear my shorts Uniform one weekend. You should see the pictures!!! Simply marvelous if you ask me…

  97. I am a Security Officer that is outside alot in Phx, AZ i would like 2 wear shorts but some companys want Security 2 sufferin the heat i say as long as u look nice & neat it should not b a problem

    • I’m sorry but a security officer is supposed to be in a position of authority. It’s not that companies want you to be hot, but they want people to take you seriously. If someone dressed in shorts is telling me to stop doing something would I listen? Probably not!

      In industries where you are required to wear a uniform, not enough people take pride in their appearance. For People, Firefighters, and Military Personnel I don’t want them in shorts. Sorry, but I don’t! I wanna be able to take them seriously.

      • @MsRickie.In many countries the police wear shorts. I suggest you do not go there, as when an officer gives you an order, you may not take him/her seriously.You may end up in a wee bit of trouble…

  98. I work in an office-type setting at a local car dealership and I wear shorts to work. (I’m the receptionist.) These shorts are strictly for work attire, though. Dressy w/o fuss and no more than 1/4 inch above my knee caps. I also have a few pairs of dressy capris. Pair them up w/ a pretty summery dress top and it looks very “smart”. We have dress-down on Fridays (jeans) but I still wouldn’t dream of wearing my “normal” shorts to work that day. (They’re by no means “booty shorts” but still not appropriate work even for a casual day.) Instead, I usually wear a pair of more casual capris but still maintain appropriatness for work.

    However, I do believe the ability to wear shorts should depend on the position held. My father and brother are both foundry workers–and not in the office, either. Both hold different positions; one could, if he chose, wear shorts. The other would be a safety conern.

    And, of coure, you always have “The Dress Code Rules” and those few employees dim witted enough and lacking any and all common sense, to push the envelope which, as someone said, forces the rules to be rewritten.

  99. I was allowed to wear shorts where I worked. (I’m retired now) I seldom did. Why? Most chair seats are scratchy fabric or vinyl covered. They were NOT comfortable to sit on with bare skin. Most times light weight loose slacks were as cool as shorts, and I didn’t stick to the chair seat, or get fabric imprint bumps on my skin.

  100. IF one allows sneakers and sandals/flip flops, then shorts MUST be allowed. I would rather see shorts than dresses & skirts with sneakers, which are inappropriate at any and at all times. In hot weather (certainly the case in the eastern two thirds of the USA now), it’s insane to prohibit shorts in the workplace, period. People must be allowed maximum summertime comfort while looking presentable. My rule is that shorts are allowed, no underwear or bra straps should be showing, period. No low waist pants or skirts, no bare midriffs in the work place. No breasts showing, either. T-shirts can cover that. Legs must be allowed to get circulation so shorts need to be allowed.

  101. As a telecommuter I could work in my underwear, I suppose. But, when I was in the office, I paid a fee to be able to wear shorts. The money went to office activities.

    There is never going to be a concencus here.

  102. I live n Palm Springs, CA and the summers can get as hot as 115 degrees, all the guys and the girls in the office wear short pants even the BOSS.

  103. shorts to work? sure, why not? as long as you have nice legs its ok, men with hairy, ugly or flabby legs should know better….so either shave your legs or forget about it.

  104. In Bermuda, they wear bermuda shorts as dress attire. In the Navy they had dress shorts for hot weather climates. Why “YES” shorts can be dress attire appropriate for work as long as you wear knee-high socks and dress shoes.

  105. It depends on the job. In my job we are required to be outside often walking, playing baseball or other games. We wear shorts or die.

  106. It should depend on what kind of job the person is doing. If I go to a law firm and the guy is wearing shorts with a suit that would just be awkward. But if you are talking about the poor UPS guy in the heat of the day sure why not he deserves a chance

    • yes agreed.but non managearial fresh graduants should be allowed shorts.and office boys definitely.

      similarly,i wouldnt expect a female profesional in a short least not without appropriate tights at least

  107. What it comes down to is if you’re going to be meeting with people such as clients. The second thing to look at is what it is that you do for a living for example if you work in a law firm then the environment and dress code has always been known to be business professional. My personal opinion is that in most jobs you should be able to wear shorts with rules like how long the shorts are and what type of shorts. For the people that live in areas that get real hot then you can understand why people would wear shorts its only common sense. Personally, I have never been able to wear shorts in any job that I have worked at and in most of my jobs I work in an office environment but I don’t meet any clients. My work is all online and over the phone.

  108. Our company was taken over by a Canadian Corporation, and no raises this year but we get to wear shorts/jorts and T-shirts and sandals/flip-flops to improve morale. 50% look like hillbillies at Wal-Mart for the first time. The Salesmen no longer bring Clients to the office. I quit shaving regularly and getting haircuts; why bother becuase who cares?? (I still shower at least every other day!)

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    AMERICA, YOU ARE A SEXIST SOCIETY. WOMEN (AND SATAN) HAVE FINALLY GOT THEIR WAY. LOLOLOLOLOL. Even though the bible calls women the weaker sex (look it up) , I think they want to remove those bits from the bible. It is too sexist, mmmm God is sexist, boycott God…

    • I believe shorts are fine, if they look professional. I enjoyed the heat stroke comment. I am a teacher from the state of New York. Heat can effect your proformance. Sometimes the classrooms are over 90 degrees during the normal school year. In the summer who knows how hot the classrooms are.The classrooms are not airconditioned. People talk about extending the school year, this shouldn’t even be concidered if the schools are not airconditioned.

  117. Shorts are Fine!!! I work at a law firm, and guess what? We wear shorts, jeans, and even flip flops. Now, no one comes in wearing booty shorts or anything like that but it’s normal to see the Partners here in shorts and jeans, a t-shirt and flops or tennis shoes. We do dress up if we have to go to court or meet important clients but that’s it. We get are work done just fine. In this economy it is ridiculous to expect employees to go out and buy a seperate wardrobe of professional clothing just for work. Who can afford that?!! It’s time to get the stick out of the kiester if you know what I mean. If you want me to wear suits, skirts, hose, high heels, cardigans and khakis, you better give me some more money to afford them.

    • You are getting money, unless you are working for free. And you just said you do dress up for certain occasions, meaning you have some if not all of those you just mentioned.

      • Yes, I’m getting money, but not enough to afford enough dress clothes to wear everyday. We dress up, once every 2 months or so. So I have like 1 or 2 outfits aside for that and funerals, etc.

        Let me guess, you think dressing casual at work is bad thing?

        • @ Jeana, yes Andrew obviously believes that shorts will translate into poor sales, poor productivity, and poor attitudes. He (probably a she in disguise) obviously has not read some of the other posts here, in which some successful business people have stated how well they are doing, even though they mainly wear shorts. Andrew is an idiot, so talking sense to such a fool is a waste of energy…

  118. It all depends on the job. Those who work outdoors should be able to dress in the proper attire, but jobs whose people require customer recognition (police, logistics, maintenance, etc.) should be wearing standardized uniforms.

    Wearing shorts to office work is just tacky and self-serving. It doesn’t matter how “good” a person looks, it’s not professional or mature to wear shorts to an office. Just as most companies frown upon evening wear or revealing clothing, it is simple professional courtesy to keep the shorts, t-shirts and flip flops at home. I’ve worked in offices where non-holed blue jeans or casual clothes are great, no problems, even with (clean) sneakers. People just need to understand where the line is drawn.

    • somehow women can freely adjust the length of their skirts besides choosing to wear long pants altogether,but men cant freely alter the length of their pants,and most definitely cant choose to wear a kilt?there is a mismatch in freedom of choice here

  119. Whatever style of clothing you were wearing when you were interviewed and hired for the job, be it shorts, a business suit, or a bikini, should be what you wear to keep your job. But through time, like almost everything else, we become complacent, and detached from the importance things once were during the time we were pursuing them. And then we often don’t realize how important it was to keep it until after we’ve lost it.

  120. This seems like such common sense, but like was stated some may not exhibit that too well.

    It depends on where you work. Some people likes to push the envelope and talk about expressing themselves without regard to where you work as an excuse. That’s ridiculous, your attire must match the environment which includes your fellow employees and your companies customers/clients.

    Your job is not about you as an individual in most cases. Save self express of an extreme nature for private time not time on the clock.

    Even in my profession as a truck driver where I will wear shorts when I want, there some things that I wouldn’t wear. Tee shirts that might offend customers that I deliver too.

    I don’t even know if my company has specifically issued direction on this, mostly because I don’t need direction on this. It’s common sense not to greet customers as an extension of my company cursing, dressed outrageous or being disrespectful.

    I don’t know, maybe I am just old, lol.

  121. Oh, the dress code at the office is such a hot topic! I work in a law office and the dress code has been a sore subject for many, many years. Yes, everyone has their own views because your style of dress is representative of your personality. Let me say, just because a man wears a dress shirt and tie [professional attire] it doesn’t make him look professional if he is not groomed and clean or has body odor and if the clothing has tears and stains. And, one body part is no different than another [cleavage is frowned upon but let's show everyone where the sun don't shine--Not!]. So, yah, everyone should be adults and have common sense or they ruin it for everyone else!

  122. Did you notice that the ladies are saying No to shorts and the Men are saying yes? Ladies get to wear skirts which allow for more comfort than business pants, why not allow men the same comfort? The right shorts look as good if not better than pleated pants. If you are worried about us having harry legs well, stop looking at us.

    Anyone who has worked in an office environment knows some people can take it to far whether its formal or not; too much cleavage, skirt too short, open toed shoes and the list goes on.

    Ladies stop being selfish. I have been working at an office for the last 5 years and had the opportunity to dress myself and let me tell you A comfortable employee is a happy employee.

    • u said it right.if women can argue that they should not get workplace harassment regardless of what they dress,then we should be able to argue our rights to wear shorts without rejection from our firms.problem with feminists is that,despite all the equality they keep repeating,they tend to only look out for their kind.

  123. Oh, the dress code at the office is such a hot topic! I work in a law office and the dress code has been a sore subject for many, many years. Yes, everyone has their own views because your style of dress is representative of your personality. Let me say, just because a man wears a dress shirt and tie [professional attire] it doesn’t make him look professional if he is not groomed and clean or has body odor and if the clothing has tears and stains. And, one body part is no different than another [cleavage is frowned upon but let's show everyone where the sun don't shine--Not!]. So, yah, everyone should be adults and have common sense or they ruin it for everyone else!———————–Ginger stole my answer.

  124. hello the people of earth im going to lick your faces clean and i think that if your comfortable with what your wear then you should be able to wear it

  125. y e s i think that a person should be able to wear shorts to work as long as a man and woman wears the shorts at a respectable length and a cute fitting not too tight ,because i think that if bosses would allow a two or three days of wearing shorts to work day is what it should be called this bosses could be a new trend sitter for fashion cool idea to me though maybe to other employes at the work environment also who knows,maybe also at the work places here in america and globally this would relive stress at the office,and this would be a rejuvinating time for the boss or bosses and also for the employees as well soooooooooo bosses and employees every where get out of the dark ages and try a n e w awakeing at the work places besides it does not hurt to give this trend a t r y.

  126. It depends on your work environment; if it’s casual/creative/small/etc. or some combination thereof, it’s probably fine. I admit, I won’t risk it but I can’t say across the board that it’s never acceptable. As far as the argument that it’s no different from women wearing dresses or skirts, I have to say that that isn’t 100 percent accurate. A skirt that is too short/flimsy/casual/etc. is no more ‘professional-looking’ than shorts and would still be frowned upon in most workplaces, whereas a wool or silk skirt worn with quality flats or kitten heels is a different animal all together.

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  128. They are not professional. So if you work in a casual place (a place where college students might find a part-time job or even high school kids might find one) then go for it! If you are looking to advance your career, then put on a professional skirt or dress or pants. Also, no tank tops!

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