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I recently returned from a short vacation in a small, coastal town in Oregon. It was one of those places that is breathtakingly beautiful – but at the same time, it’s so small that it makes you wonder, how do people make a living here?

As the days went on, I answered my own question. Roseanna’s Cafe, Lex’s Cool Stuff, Bernie’s Grocery – everyone owned something in town. Then it hit me: this is the kind of town that will always have places for people to work.

So, I decided I would give those folks who want to get out of the city for a bit and explore something new, a few ideas.

Here are 10 jobs you could pursue in a small, coastal town:

  • Grocery clerk There will always be a demand for guests to have snacks,water and soda while they entertain themselves and others.
  • Wait staff Eating out on vacation is a must – everyone will need a waiter/waitress to recommend the town favorites.
  • Coffee shop barista Unfortunately, not every town has a Starbucks, so out-of-towner’s depend on the local coffee shop and bakeries for their morning fix.
  • Postal worker Forget to leave the keys under the mat for your housesitter? Stop by the local post office and have this guy/gal help you out.
  • Bartender My family was ecstatic to find that the local watering hole was showing the NFL Sunday Ticket… a townie tavern is a must on any vacation.
  • Parks & recreation employee Every small town has something to see – whether it’s the state park or the state flag, these workers can help you find it.
  • Forestry technicians In coastal towns, vegetation is abundant – these guys must tame it to keep it beautiful and under control.
  • Seafood manager Another coastal specialty, seafood managers need to sort and select all of the best sea creatures to wow your taste buds.
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