What Does Your Favorite Sport Say about Your Career?

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sportsquiz1With March Madness chaos in full swing and the NCAA tournament starting today,  it’s hard not to think about sports in general, let alone the sporadic daydreams about where life would be if we could have made it in the pros.

But just because you didn’t make it in the professional athlete arena doesn’t mean you’re destined to life in corporate America. In fact, there are plenty of sports careers not involving physical participation that might be better suited to your interests.

To help you figure out what your sports calling might be, CareerPath.com, a subsidiary of CareerBuilder.com, has created the Sports Career Snapshot, powered by SSI Inc.

How it works
Users respond to 24 pairs of statements, choosing the statement in each pair that’s most appealing to them. In one question, for example, you choose whether you would rather be a landscape architect or a marketing communications specialist. In another, you decide if you work better with plans in place or if you like to figure things out as you go.

After you take the quiz, your interests and behaviors are matched to a color, which leads to a snapshot of what sports profession is best suited to you. From there, you can go on to take a more general career evaluation to determine what careers outside of sports are a good match for your personality.

As always, I had to find out for myself exactly how this all worked — and I was secretly dying to know if I made the right decision when I hung up my softball cleats for a pencil and paper so many years ago.

What’s your calling?
Here are the possible results of the quiz and what careers would be a good fit in the sports industry:

If your results are: red
You enjoy active participation in sports and enjoy the immediate satisfaction of a concrete aspect of the game — a great play, terrific shot or fast pace thrills you. You’re most likely to participate in outdoor sports, regardless of conditions, and tend to like sports that require strength and endurance.
Suggested sports careers: If you like tangible results, you would enjoy the manufacturing or designing of equipment; you might also pursue a position as the general manager of operations for a stadium or sports facility.

If your results are: blue
You take pleasure in many of the more intangible and abstract characteristic of sports; you are drawn to the aesthetics, creative possibilities and strategic thinking in the game. You lean to sports that require finesse or artistry — or you find the artistry in the particular sport where others may not. You’re likely to have as strong an opinion about the event as the look of the team’s uniform or the architecture of the stadium.
Suggested sports careers: Use your creative juices to pursue careers or hobbies that involve sports journalism or photography; you might also consider blogging about your favorite teams or athletes.

If your results are: green
You like interacting with people when participating in sports. As a result, you are drawn to team sports that allow for healthy socialization.
Suggested sports careers: You’ll likely find success in a career that involves relationships. Try coaching, giving lessons in your chosen sport, selling season tickets, fundraising or maybe taking a stab at being the team mascot.

If your results are: yellow
You are drawn to the quantifiable outcomes in sports. You tend to gauge everything on the playing field by how it holds up to dependable benchmarks, like batting .300, rushing for 100 yards or shooting par on the golf course. You enjoy and understand sports by finding a way to track performance.
Suggested sports careers: Try your hand as a statistician, official scorer or timer for events. You’d also make a great referee or official, maintaining rules and fairness in competition.

These are only some of the results you’ll get from the Sports Career Snapshot. For your own free career evaluation, please visit:


  1. This article is such (deleted). Sports are ok for team building but to say that my favorite sport is connected in anyway with my career, unless I am a professional athlete is ludicrous at best.

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