Stimulus package for job seekers

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stimulusNow that Congress has passed and President Obama has signed the $787 billion American Reinvestment and Recovery Plan, its intent is to create or save up to 4 million jobs over the next two years.

If you’re a job seeker, no doubt you’re probably wondering: What does this mean for me? What kind of jobs will be created?

We’ve scoured President Obama’s remarks, detailed information about the legislation, and key provisions on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Web site to answer your most burning questions.

How will the jobs be created?
“The goal at the heart of this plan is to create jobs — not just any jobs, but jobs doing the work America needs done:  repairing our infrastructure, modernizing our schools and our hospitals, promoting the clean, alternative energy sources that will help us finally declare our independence from foreign oil, ” said President Obama.

Those jobs will create almost half of the projected jobs including the modernization of roads and bridges (835,000 jobs); public transit and rail improvements (200,000 jobs); prioritizing clean water, flood control and environment restoration (375,000).

The rest of the job creation is expected as small and large American businesses garner new business opportunities, via small business loans and tax incentives.

Watch this video detailing the President’s plan.

What industries will be targeted?
Ninety percent of the jobs created will be in the private sector. Funding will be extended to all types of industries and companies, but it focuses on:

How will this work?
Federal and state agencies will create the jobs/projects that need to be done. When companies are selected for the work and funding, preference will be given to those who can begin spending within six months – that is, create jobs quickly.

This creates a trickle-down of work. For example: An engineering firm that wins a contract, will need to increase staff to handle the work and also hire materials suppliers, which in turn would need to hire workers to handle the new invoicing that comes through.

How can I find these newly created jobs?
If you want to know what opportunities will be available in your area, The White House blog posted “Jobs in all 50 states” last week which gave more information about where the actual number of jobs came from and a fact sheet on state-by-state job creation details.

In addition, the government has created an oversight board and a Web site, to show the public where the money is going – the contracts that are available and the companies that receive them.

Granted, this plan isn’t as neat a picture as I’ve painted. It’s complicated and still being dissected. We’ll keep talking about it. Tell us what you think.

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  2. Very nice, but what will sustain these programs after the money is gone. I see sevice sector jobs, science and technolgy. but what about manufacturing? The only manufacturing boost was to the american automobile industry. America’s manufacturing has fallen prey to foreign competition unfairly subsidized by foreign governments. We can not hope to have a growing economy based on trading the same tired dollar bill back and forth in service related industries, while a substantial amout of the dollar bills being traded, are leaked overseas to foreign governments. We need to produce something in this country with the natural resources we have, in order to grow. When the money is gone we will have nice roadways just like the eightlane highway in North Korea, with no cars on it. The construction jobs will go away when the money runs out. Education-wise we will have the most educated unemployed people in the world. Science and technolgy are a great thing, but once the tecnology is sold, the purchaser doesn’t need you any more. Even if you don’t sell it, once foreign governments get their hands on the finished product, they are very good at reverse engineering, and we all know they honor our patent laws don’t we. Look for another stimulus package when this money is gone, then another, then another… until we have sold our children and grandchildren into slavery.

  3. “Federal and state agencies will create the jobs/projects that need to be done”

    Big deal. I’ve been unemployed for 5 months. I’ve tried for many years to get a government job. I have skills and education, and have even applied for the very jobs where I have trained the people working in them, but I’m not a minority, not disabled, and not a veteran, so I’ve never been considered. This stimulus plan means nothing to me other than a huge burden my grandchildren will inherit.

  4. I am glad jobs will be created but they don’t sound like the kind for females that can’t do heavy things. What is available or will be available for women with arthritis?

  5. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid suckers if you think this neo-Fascist-Communist will help improve the job market with his dictorial pork-filled Screw-the-U-S-bill. Jim Jones is laughing in his grave.

  6. Since the “Stimulus Plan” removed the proposed E-verify requirements and weakened existing e-verify criteria, I would be very interested in seeing figures on how many of the proposed jobs go to immigrants and not American citizens. With over 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country and congress calling for a quota of over 300,000 legal immigrants this year, it seems to me those of us without jobs are liable to stay that way. Many of the job areas listed in your article would seem to require specific education or previous experience in the field.

  7. I think the President and Congress did a great deed to create jobs. Somebody had to do something. It is about time that we have a President that is concern about the Country and the World. It is our kids future that have to pay for it but in the Long run, it is a benefit to everyone.

  8. This boondoggle of a stimulus is a bust for anyone who is not in engineering, construction and law enforcement. It would have been better to give business a tax break up front and have them create the jobs. These jobs to “rebuild’ America are not permanent.

    People just don’t jobs. They want careers. These pinheads in Washington think that the masses just want jobs, as if they are some uneducated rubes in the Great Depression.

  9. I am an experienced Senior Project Manager with 30 years experience. I have had a minimal response to my resume, which has been posted worldwide for six (6) months. I really don’t need adds trying to sell me a new resume service or pulications on someones idea of how to find a job. I need a job

  10. Our indivudual State Transportation Director or whom ever is responsible to get quotes from supplies must be monitored to make sure the right company is selected that will do the job in HD quality and gauarantee the work to last.
    Does not do any good to rebuild roads and bridges with stimulus money only to have to patch or repair in a short period of time.

  11. Carl, where are you located? We need to get you elected into Congress. You are much more intelligent than the idiots in there, now.

    Why is it that the ‘average’ person can look at the economy and FIGURE out what it needs to succeed, but our elected officials are blind to it? Do they have their heads so far up Wall Streets A** that they can’t smell the roses? It seems to me that our elected officials are bought and paid for by the “Big Banks” who are using OUR MONEY to fund their BONUSES, PARTIES, JUNKETS, and RETIREMENTS.

  12. I agree that something needed to be done but this is just another chance for the Dems to push out their spending now that they have total control. What is one thing we know about construction jobs? These jobs are not long term and only seasonal. When there is bad weather, do they get to go work? I feel sorry for my son’s grandchildren.

  13. Exactly what I keep thinking. I don’t have training in the medical field and the majority of jobs that might be saved and not created, seem to be male oriented. What a crock.

  14. This is great! Sounds like a journey back to Depression-era times. Public make-work programs with no long-term planning…hmm…FDR did that. By coincidence, he was a Democrat, too.

  15. Unfortunately the present bunch in Washington doesn’t comprise the sharpest knives in the drawer. We are seeing an earnest attempt to create by fiat a socialist utopia. We are to be good little honeybees with no aspirations to personal freedom and few personal responsibilities. Those who do step up with ambitions for achievement are to be punitively taxed on their unfair exaltation (if they are allowed resources at all), except of course the queen bee who gets to live large on the rest and sting whomever she doesn’t like.
    Socialist utopias, despite the initial excitement, fall quickly into dystopias where lies are constantly told to the crowd and to one another to save face.

  16. Both the concern and leadership shown by Obama in his first few weeks as Commander-in-Chief are remarkable. Many will continue to speak and write dispicable things about him that do nothing more than divide our nation. remember “united we stand divided we fall”. Some have written and said the stimulus package will do nothing well creating meaningful jobs when good jobs are limited is something. Many wonder what will happen once work projects are completed well those projects have to be maintained for years to come not just created, and other jobs will be needed before and after completion. In order for this country to unite everyone has to stop the divisiveness and get creative. helping not hurting this nation should be the mindset to prepare our next generation.

  17. Wow….who made the government in charge of creating jobs? Their jobs do not create wealth, but create dependent children. Like the Bush plan, this “stimulus” package is a giveaway that should be scrapped. Like Margaret Thatcher once so eloquently said, “Socialists have been able to persuade themselves and many others that a free economy based on profit embodies and encourages self-interest, which they see as selfish and bad, whereas they claim socialism is based on, and nurtures, altruism and selflessness. This is baseless nonsense in theory and practice. … For man is a social creature, born into family, clan, community, nation, brought up in mutual dependence,” and “”Good Conservatives always pay their bills. And on time. Not like the Socialists who run up other people’s bills.”

  18. I agree. America needs to manufacture and produce! How can we promote “Buy America” when the products available are made in China, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, etc…?????America is supposed to be the leader of the world in this aspect. Let’s promote production and manufacturing in America!

  19. I’m a 10pt veteran, 30 years Medical Technologist, minority (which does not matter here)without a job. Am continually posting resume for Govt and private. In my opinion HR Managers ought to be better educated and less bias in application reviews. As a past hiring official HR personnel are extremely preselecting, the jobs that are being posted, there is already someone preselected for that slot. “Just keeping it real”. Is anyone overseeing HR practices?

  20. I am 53 years old with over 30 years of experience in my field. I have worked very hard to do what has been necessary to make a decent living for my family. I can tell you that there is no direct link between this package and job creation for people like me. This is nothing more than a money grab for power seekers in Washington D.C. Obama is not the friend of anyone who works hard and has been an achiever in the United States of America.

    I’m canceling my subscription to CareerBuilder immediately as a result of this propaganda piece.

  21. I think the stimulus package is a joke. It helps only a few people for a short amount of time. I work in manufacturing/production company and we are about to go out of business. So for the kind of work I do the stimulus package will not help me at all. I also hope they make sure that its Americans that get the work and not illegal immigrants They don’t pay taxes and they send the money to their families in other countries in which it does nothing for us Americans. I think they need to put more money in the American peoples hands (average working people – not the rich) and I’m not talking $500.00 dollars I’m talking THOUSANDS of dollars. It doesn’t take a genius to know that would get the economy moving again. If we got bailed out then the whole country would start spending again which is all we need. You would not need another bail out further down the road.

  22. I need a Good Job I have a lot of experience But I am weak in English So how i can get a good job and learn english How I do Stimulus Plan for future career Development . In our Country political is a bad factor .

  23. Michael M.,
    Bush is hardly entirely responsible
    for “sending all the jobs oversees”
    ( I assume you meant overseAs ). Big
    labor unions and their heavy handed,
    over paid slackers (who can’t make
    a car to compare to overseAs imports)
    are probably ALOT more to blame for
    the exodus of most manufacturing jobs
    over the past few decades. When the
    democrats start putting the reigns on
    the GREEDY union tyrants maybe the
    equally stupid Republicans will start
    putting the reigns on EQUALLY greedy
    corporate CEOs.
    If we could just get BIG Unions out
    of the Democrats pockets and get BIG
    corporations out of Republicans
    pockets, we might just be able to a
    country run by We the People. Anybody
    want to start a march on Wash. D.C.
    with pitchforks & torches?

  24. TO J. MEYER
    While I can understand your frustration be advised that minorities, those who are disabled and veterans are also in dire need of jobs so your case does not warrant you pointing the finger. We are all in need of help and words of PREJUDICE will not give you the desired return interests in your resume. Best of Luck!

  25. I think that it’s great to have a president who’s actually concerned about all Americans, however, I fear that the least of those who have lost their jobs (blue collar workers)are going to be left out of the loop. There just aren’t enough jobs to go around. When the dust settles, the poor will still be poor and the sick and uninsured will still have no healthcare.

  26. I agree with Keith a tax break for companies would provide a more effective long term stimulus to the economy, at this rate we will have improved roads, schools and more law enforcement when the money runs out… what then?
    After 25 years in manufacturing I still don’t benefit from the current plan.
    When does my “trickle down” effect occur, before or after bankruptcy?

  27. ” the most educated, unemployed people in the world “; sad but true. But what do we expect? Our “leader” is well- educated with no work experience.

  28. I thank God for President Obama, because of his compassion, intellect, and drive to do what is right. It has been very difficult for me, however, I feel encouraged that I will find a decent job position, and things will improve for me as a homeowner.

  29. My question is: How will this affect me? I am an Administrative Assistant and have been seeking employment for awhile. In the meantime, I am attending school to brush up on my computer skills. I will be certified shortly.

    Would appreciate hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Jo Bufanda

  30. Will somebody please erase Washington D.C.? Then we maybe we can elect a whole new Government, and start out with a fresh group of sensible Congresmen & Senators, and a President who really knows what to do! Not just spend billions on worthless ideas, that will only benifit a few!

  31. OBAMA is heading toward the destruction of health care as a business and the denial of care provided to the elderly. Read Tom Daschle’s book on health care reform and be enlightened to this left wing liberals agenda.

  32. The Government is not in charge of creating jobs, but jobs are created in the aftermath of much needed funding provided by such for jobs; funding and tax breaks for small businesses is a perfect example. If the government doesn’t were will it come from in the current economy. Banks were not lending to each other or even to many who have perfect credit. With Obama’s stimulus package it HAS started to loosen across the board in many states.

    Bush’s stimulus could not hold a match to Obama’s because many citizens who qualified for a stimulus check never touched a penny of it let alone spend it because they were behind on mortgages, overdrafts,equity payments, etc…had direct deposit and the banks took it. On the other hand Obama’s plan allows payment over time allowing citizens to control or spend it were they need it most providing for their family.

    As far as Margaret Thatcher is concerned yes she’s made money from her publication, but the ism’s is nothing more than words that cause divisivness in our nation and the world for that matter.

    Good conservative or not anyone who does not have employment not only suffer themselves but family as well. Running up other peoples bills is exactly what happen the last 8 years with an unjustified war, poor leadership of Katrina and Rita, poor knowledge and leadership this nations economy, and a host of policies that drove our nation in to a rut. UNITED WE STAND!!

  33. But what do we expect? Our “leader” is well- educated with no work experience?

    Whats troubling but to be expected is the perception of Obama by many who consult FoxNews and other biased media. Educated yes work experience well some things can’t be taught in schools and colleges.

    Things like true leadership and caring for others regardless of what gender or background. Obama has done more in less than 2 months for women and struggling citizens of this nation and in the political world thats called work. Hint: The last 8 years.

    Obama spoke and warned about the consequences of a war in Iraq and bank deregulaton long before any of this current crisis occured and affordable healthcare has always been a prime goal on his agenda.

    My gosh as a senator he created a task force on cervical cancer, providing greater access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, and helping improve prenatal and premature birth services. In the minds of many that would be labeled as work.

  34. Whoever wrote Obama is headed toward denial of care for seniors should remember three things Obama accomplished as a “Junior” senator.

    (1)In 2003, Barack Obama sponsored and passed legislation that expanded health care coverage to 70,000 kids and 84,000 adults. In the U.S. Senate, Obama cosponsored the Healthy Kids Act of 2007 and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Reauthorization Act of 2007 to ensure that more American children have affordable health care coverage.

    (2) In the midst of the 2005 debate over Social Security privatization, Obama gave a major speech at the National Press Club forcefully arguing against privatization. He also repeatedly voted against Republican amendments that aimed to privatize Social Security or cut benefits. Obama has also voted to force companies to properly fund their pension plans so taxpayers don’t end up footing the bill.

    (3) Obama has supported a number efforts to strengthen Medicare, including voting for legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate for cheaper prescription drug prices and to extend the enrollment period for low-income beneficiaries.

  35. Yes, I would love to walk to the capital with a pitchfork and torch, but not all just for the president though.
    I am not excited about this stimulus bill what so ever. I am a 34 year old single mother, I am in college to receive AA in general business, and I have mainly worked as a waitress or bartender, and currently work as a tax preparer. So, this bill does not affect me in any way what so ever. But Yeah for the people in construction, science, law enforcement, and healthcare. And yeah to the people who were lucky enough to get unemployment in the first place, and still get to receive it!

  36. I’m sicking of hearing this from people. Clinton thought it would be good for the economy – Stupid, Bastard Bush had 8 years to change it but he didn’t. He only gave those businesses more tax breaks even though they were sending jobs overseas. Don’t blame it on Clinton – the Clinton years were the best years financially for most people. I knew a second term of Bush politics was going to be end of this country and I was proven right.

  37. Carl gets it!! We have given away our manufacturing base in this country and sold our future for a short term stimulus package? What a joke!! This gravitation to off-shore manufacturing did not by the way start yesterday. It has been going on for years and since the current gang of thieves in Washington doesn’t recognize it, the practice of continuing to destroy our manufacturing base will keep us on the slippery slope to becoming less than a world economic power. We need to manufacture something with controlled labor costs that enables us to compete in the world market. I worked in the semi-conductor business for most of my career and have seen most of the manufacturing plants close and move it’s production facilities elsewhere.
    Obama will also look for money by destroying our military budget! How scary is that!!!

  38. Dear Stephen, Read Tom Daschels book which goes along with Hillary’s Healthcare plan. This health care plan is like any other HMO plan, cost is first and the patient comes second. That means procedures will be denied. In the UK age has been placed on certain procedures, i.e. renal dialysis, without it the patient will die. Is that clear enough? Also reimbursement to hospitals will be less under this plan. I think that means many future pay cuts.

  39. President Obama has a unique style in delivering a speech — I think he is sincere in what he says and “hopes”, yet his inexperience in economic behavior is glaring in his stimulus package.

    The selections of bridges and roads as his initial emphasis sounds like he picked those areas from a textbook depicting a “heirarchy of needs” (i.e. ” … a nation has got to have bridges and roads so goods can travel thrugh the land).

    What will happen is those businesses local to the construction will prosper yet suffer – prosper due to the workers in the area spending their money while they are there working, yet suffer due to the traffic congestion and loss of revenue from the “locals” not patronizing their establishments. If the construction is more rural, only the workers will benefit and there will be considerable question marks as to who after that — assuming the workers spend the money they make.

    A certain portion of construction work is necessary yet so is a certain portion to be allocated to existing businesses — especially manufacturing. Green energy production that keeeps our dollars here and aids manufacturers in controlling costs is critical in this or any economy in this country’s future. An in-depth understanding of the US economy is necessary and unfortunately Mr Obama is showing his considerable lack of knowledge.

    We’re Americans — we will recover. It will take longer than necessary and we will have to endure an inexperienced President along the way.

  40. This whole article is a joke – as is this “stimulus” plan. No where in here does it say how the money is distrubuted, what the RFP/RFQ process is, and who makes the decision on which comanies/people get the contracts. Even the links in the article are worthless, since they only site reports that say what a great plan it is.

    If you believe that government creates jobs, you are sadly mistaken. Government creates government jobs that suck money out of the taxes you pay. Why would anyone want the federal gov’t to manage any kind of business – especially after the mess they got us into? They are not accountable to anyone.

    If they really want to get the money into the economy fast, they should have cut individual and corporate taxes for three months to generate the $800B. This would allow everyone that EARNS the money to keep it and re-invest as they see fit, not the way the government wants it spent. This will never happen though, since everyone would actually see the true amount that they give to the gov’t each month.

    Obama’s statement that 95% of people will get a tax cut is a joke. Only 46% or so even pay taxes. The reduction in your taxes will only amount to about $32/month. How is that going to help anybody?

    Granted, some of the larger infrastructure projects need to funded on the federal level, but that’s it. If they want the economy to come back, they need to get out of the way, and get rid of the restrictions that tie the hands of business.

  41. many are the affliction of the poor but God drivs away the flies of cows without tail.

    Let us all keep faith that once again,America will rise up to his calling as a great nation with hope for the future

  42. Good plans, but implementing it will take time. I am an out of job senior citizen (but not yet eligible for full retirement)I will probably too old to have a decent job by the time the stimulus plan will take effect. I don’t hope for it!

  43. I totally agree with Susan Feb 26. I made more money in the Clinton years than I ever have. I’ve been unemployed for 3 months, thanks George. We’ve lost alot of our retirement earnings, thanks George. I wonder what George is doing right now?? Does he actually watch the nightly groom and doom news and ask himself if he could have done better? Heck no, he made his millions and is eating a gourmet dinner that was prepared for him while millions of families are struggling just to get food each week for their families. What a crime. Thanks George, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  44. ok. I have about 20 wks left on unemployment with all current extensions affordable to me in NJ. So . . will those benefits be extended . . or should I begin preparations to vacate our home?


  45. I agree that the areas of focus for these jobs are important; however, millions of dollars are going to Michigan roads???!!!

    Okay, so there will be road workers put back to work. Maybe they should try using a more durable substance rather than black top to fill in pot holes to begin with. Second, as I see it, there are very few middle of the road jobs being created out of the stimulus pkg. at least in Michigan.

    Money is going to roads, police, military sites, etc, but none to mainstreet or mainstream America?? Isn’t that what this was meant to stimulate?

    Sweet Jesus!

  46. I think the Amish people have it right. Live a simple life and have less impact on the environment at the same time. They’ve probably put less of a carbon footprint on this planet than anyone. We need to start living like our parents did. Basic necessities-food, clothing, shelter, and good health care, growing a vegetable garden, pay cash…and do some fun things along the way, like a vacation here and there. We don’t need a fancy car, but we all need a home. And a good job to keep that home. Then as the country’s debt shrinks, we can loosen up that belt a little bit. But not too much, or we’ll be back where we started. It’s a pretty sight to see (some)prices coming down in the grocery stores-really good sales! Hopefully prices will come down in other areas as well to a more realistic level, so we can breath easier…and survive.

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