Co-workers are strange. Very, very strange.

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Co-workers can really make or break a workplace. A bad boss can make your life miserable, yes, but at least you can commiserate with your fellow disgruntled colleagues. In most situations, they are the ones sitting next to you eight hours a day. They engage in idle chitchat with you and exchange e-mails with you all day. They are as important to the job as your job duties.

Not everyone is so lucky. A recent CareerBuilder survey finds 39 percent of workers think they don’t fit in with their colleagues. Workers in health care, sales, and professional and business services were most likely to feel like they’re out of step with their co-workers.

When asked to share the most bizarre things they’ve seen their colleagues do, surveyed workers had some unique stories:

  • Co-worker ate the cheese off the pizza box at a company meeting.
  • Co-worker talks openly about flatulence.
  • Co-worker in the cubicle next to me wears 3-D glasses with the lenses removed.
  • Co-worker repeatedly bangs a mallet on the table for no apparent reason.
  • Co-worker whistles eight hours a day.
  • Co-worker chews tobacco and spits it into empty soda bottles.
  • Former boss brought a baby sippy cup to a meeting and started drinking out of it.
  • Co-worker cleaned fingernails using a counterpart’s business card.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder, has the following advice for anyone who encounters this unorthodox behavior at work:

  • Talk it out: Talk professionally and honestly with your co-worker about his or her behavior. Be sure to do this in private and try not to embarrass anyone or make the situation worse.
  • Take it to a higher level: Don’t be afraid to get your boss involved or talk to HR. If the behavior is hurting your ability to do your job, it might be time to call in the big guns.
  • Mix it up: If you can’t come to an agreement with a co-worker who is bothering you, ask to be reseated in another area.

I’ve not been (un)lucky enough to witness any workplace behavior quite as strange as the ones above, but I’m guessing some of you have. Feel free to share the strangest things you’ve seen at work. It’ll make you feel good to get it off of your chest and it will probably make the rest of us feel normal.

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  2. I work with a coworker that is so annoying.
    She talks to herself ALL day long and she has
    a very negative attitude. Can’t stand her and
    wish she would leave. But no such luck……

  3. Those are the wierdest things?
    Cheese from the pizza box, 3d glasses, sippy cup, cleaning fingernails – all wierd but harmless.
    Talk about flatulance – never met a man that didn’t talk about farts (although most wait until women are not around). But there’s a saying: “Farts are just plain funny”. Of course people talk about it!
    Whistling 8 hours a day – yes that’s annoying
    Chewing tobacca – yes that’s disgusting
    But seriously? If these are the things that make people want to quit their jobs, what a spoiled nation we’ve become!
    If your job allows it, I suggest investing in a good set of headphones. That will make most annoying coworker habits quite tolerable.

  4. I have 2 coworkers who thinks so highly of themselves that it makes you want to gag. We are federal employees so all we hear about from the two of them is how they work for the taxpayer and should be working 8 hours a day. The rest of us do actually work for 8 hours & some of us work 9 hour days but of course the two that talk about it all the time are the ones that work maybe 2 hours a day and spend the rest gossiping about other workers, talking about their kids, and just being annoying. Also, my coworkers think it is okay to come to work sick-while I’m not saying to stay home if you just feel bad there are times when you are sick and are better off at home, NOT at work infecting your coworkers-especially a pregnant one.

  5. You have my pity; that sounds like my neighbor! She has three indoor cats, never cleans the litterbox and keeps it next to the kitchen. She’s trying to work as a substitute teacher, but no one ever calls her in twice–I don’t wonder why; Her grammar, punctuation, and spelling are horrific! She posts handwritten posters of her political opinions in her front window, visible only to other residents of our Condominium. She has no patience, and a very short attention span. She wanted the closest parking space, and got it, but now doesn’t want it because there is a guest space next to it and claims that people constantly park too close to her (NOT true, we’re all afraid her “car” will drop parts on ours). She comes to Board meetings and tries to comment on everything (she’s not a Board member). She’s never read the Declaration of Condominium or Bylaws, and expects us to explain to her when she’s breaking the rules–but doesn’t want to meet in person because she hates confrontation (and she’s always confrontational), but also won’t read nice messages we leave for her–she only seems to ‘get’ about two sentences worth and then tosses it away! Right now, our town is going through a process of taking a general “planning” map and defining specific zoning boundaries; we are incorrectly shown as low-density residential and should be high-density residential. She wants to stay high-density residential in the delusion that this will magically make her high-density residentail home worth more when she sells it (as if we’d ever be so lucky–she’ll die there). She’s going to the public hearing to participate–meaning she’s going to tell the Planning Board she wants it left that way. However, if (God forbid) we ever need to replace one or all of our buildings, we’d be delayed for a number of months trying to get a zoning change to do so–but she thinks she knows everything, so won’t even consider that what we’re saying may have merit. I’m considering disconnecting one of her battery cables the evening of the Public Hearing; although she considers herself a “green” activist, she won’t WALK the eight blocks to City Hall. She thinks we should lower the HOA dues because she can’t find permanent employment, but wants us to replace a dead tree she had the developer plant that is inappropriate for the space she put it in, and wants us to REMOVE her large concrete patio and replace it because it has a few cosmetic cracks in it; the tree would eventually heave and crack the whole thing, plus the foundation of the building. God help us all (and I’m not religious)!

    • I now share my office with my boss and he is young, much younger than me. Last Friday for example, we got let out early, at 1, at least the “Team” got let loose. I on the other hand didn’t get let loose until 3. Nice, to know your boss does not consider you part of the team becuase you are older than him. It really shows and makes the day a living Hell. I am setting here dreading going to work righ this minute. But it would be hard to find a job that pays as well where I live so I have no real choice, we are barely making it as it is.

  6. What a bunch of complainers you are. BooHoo. My neighbor talks about farts, eats cheese from the pizza box — quit being so judgmental already & maybe YOU might be able to get along with others.

    And always remember this — the things that annoy you most about other people are really the things you hate the most about YOURSELF!

    • lol, that was the stupidest thing i heard…”the things you hate the most are the things you hate about yourself”?… lol sorry no I don’t eat chesse from pizza and and wear 3d glasses and stupid stuff people do that annoy me, if they annoy me… why would I even do them!?

    • I’m not annoyed by my supervisor’s behavior because I hate it in myself–he’s just disgusting and rude. I certainly don’t loudly burp numerous times a day. I don’t hock up snot and spit it out in the kitchen area. I don’t spend a bunch of time complaining about how busy I am and how much work I have to do and then go into my office and make personal calls for 2 hours (about his vacation plans, getting his car fixed, refinancing his mortgage, etc.). Because he’s “so busy” the boss has shuffled off work he should be doing onto me. And then I get reprimanded for not getting it done quickly enough. I don’t fart, clip my toe nails, play loud music, sing made-up songs to myself in a high-pitched tone, blurt out random comments to myself and then giggle loudly. I also don’t chew so loudly people outside of his office can hear him eat. I don’t take 2-hour lunches, and claim that I should get paid for my vacation days because I was actually working from home. AND I don’t leave work-out clothes hanging up in my office so that the whole place stinks like BO. Nope, he’s just disgusting and it makes it more difficult to complete work around him. Which is what I have to do, five days a week, 7-8 hours a day…yuck.

  7. I had a an older co-worker who danced around the office while singing “hail, hail the gangs all here”. She also did not wash her hands after using the restroom but liked to touch people when she talked to them (on the shoulder or arm).

  8. one of my older female co-workers is a “touchy-feely” person. She continuously touches my clothing to see what kind of fabric it is, or hugs me when she is happy. While mid conversation she will randomly lift up her skirt in order to adjust her stockings.

  9. OMG! You all really do sound like a bunch of children. Be glad you have jobs and co-workers at all. So many are homeless now. Others are living with relatives and coming into my company on a regular basis, begging for work.

    Have any of you ever been homeless? Out of work with no relatives to sustain you?

    I’ll bet those same co-workers could list a few annoyances that you do yourself. Most people don’t see all of their own imperfections.

  10. I work with this co-coworker that such a major troublemaker always running to Management about the way people dress, she only been with the company less then 3 yrs she compares herself with people that been with the Company over 9 yrs, she very envious and jealous person she trys everything in her power to make others look bad so she can look good in front of Management..She always says people in the office act like kids, when she the one that when she chews gum pops in all day long or when she drinks slurps with the straw. Plus when she talks you cannot understand half of the time.. C.Weaver

  11. I saw a fellow employee clip her toe nails while we were having a meeting. I thought my very polished and proper boss was going to faint.

  12. Female coworkers are the most annoying coworkjers of them all. They are so petty, envious and catty acting. Here are some of examples of the petty things my coworkers do in the worker place. I work a county job and my co-workers all seem to copy what I wear. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. For instance, I like to wear express jeans. One of my coworkers commented that she liked my express jeans. Next thing I know she and two of my other coworkers are all buying and wearing express jeans too(the same ones). Everyday they look me up and down to see what I am wearing. One day I wore a blouse to work(tha I didn’t think was all that). All my co-workers commented on how sexy the blouse was. One co worker in particular commented and said ” Oh I hope you are going to a party or something after work.” Talk about jealous. It is so annoying. Then I like to wear boots(it’s just my thing) next thing you know one of my other coworkers is competing with me and starts wearing boots too. I am not a competive person, but I don’t mind the competition if it is on a level where we are competing for something of significance. I don’t think competing with me on out doing who can where the better boots is signigicant for competition. Oh, and I am the only person on my team that is not married with children. One co worker in particular (who is married) is always trying to tell me what to do with my life. Oh you should get married and have children, my coworker says. One time my coworker told me that she does not have a joint account with her husband so I said (because I thought that is what my coworkers wanted to hear)Oh I though all married people had joint accounts. Immediately one of my coworkers turns around and stated no I we don’t , it is actually confusing to have one. It caused problems when I had one.” I have concluded that female coworkers are the most annoying coworkers of them all.

    • Maybe feel flattered that they admire you and want to copy what you wear. Have some fun with it. Go to a second hand store and get some more style and outlandish stuff. Then watch them go nuts.

  13. That is bad but I have a worse one. She doesn’t take a bath, at the most once a week. It is so disgusting that I would quit my job if I didn’t have to work, but I do.
    I have given hints, slowly taken it to higher managers and no one will do anything.
    I had to asked to not sit next to her, it makes me want to vomit, I’m sure she doesn’t wash her hands, if she won’t wash her body. I am praying hard and applying to get out as soon as possible.

  14. I had a co-worker who had serious hygiene
    problems to be polite. He stank to high
    heavens enough to make you pass out! He
    even had bugs crawling all over him. Others
    were jailbirds and we had stolen everything!
    All this for a quickback from the government!
    And they wonder why quality is down.

  15. I have a coworker who loves to talk about her cats. She loves to talk baseball. She loves to also pick at her crotch because she has a yeast infection (several times a year) while she talks baseball to our very proper boss and tries to touch people with her crotch picking hands…eeewww. She brought her flea infested cat to the office in a carrier so she could later take him to the vet. …you could see the fleas hopping all over and they had to ask her to please leave immediately. She’s the receptionist and refuses to pick up the phone because she’s got creditors hounding her and is scared it’s one of them… She loves making racist jokes (and we’re a small town business) with Spanish and Asian people present…=sigh= once she decided she was bored and did jumping jacks at her station and tripped over a little baby carrier one of our clients brought in…Scared the parents and the Baby and she was upset because she tripped.

    This woman has to be seen to be believed!

  16. I have a coworker who’s from china and doesn’t bath — EVER. He wears the same clothes every day (raggedy sweater, grey dingy T-shirt, polyester pants, navy socks, and worn out Puma tennis shoes). His hair is so dirty and greasy it sticks together in clumps and looks like it would break off if you touched it. His breath is so bad that we can’t even stand close enough to him to hear him clearly. We just have to say “Yeah, yeah, okay” and step back before the green cloud hits us. We tried giving him subtle hints by first offering him gum, then breath mints. Finally we had to tell the boss, because his B.O. was so bad that it was actually causing some of us to become nauseous when he was sitting nearby.

    • This is really sad, and a cry for help. Clearly this young man needs a help up and some compassion. If we all took the time to help someone in need instead of judging and talking about this individual, more can be accomplished. This is a year after your post and I just pray that someone in that company took the time to talk to this young man to find out what his needs were and helped him with those needs.

  17. They really want to complain about this stuff? I have worked in a prison for 17 years. Not complaining, but I’m surrounded by murderers and gangsters. Enough said.

  18. And these are just the office jobs. I can’t imagine the types of things sewer cleaners, farmers, porti-poty maintainance guys, etc. have to go through.

  19. Coworkers are nice people, but yes they can be strange…there is one that can be professional with clients, but will behave like an immature teen (he’s about to be 30). The funny thing is that another collegue who is becoming 45 thinks this guy is funny. She admits that she could go back being 30 something. It slipped out (finally) that she thought they would make a good couple. She is married. The two of them chat all afternoon across the cubes and spend their time on facebook. Our boss is either unaware of this or is fine with this. As for me, I don’t care to mingle with these people and would prefer to get the work done.

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  21. Lisa…We have the such similar story. I work in a school district and most of my coworkers are females. While 40% of them are very nice, the other 60% are either petty, selfish, or simply annoying. That clothes competing thing…I don’t know what is it about that…It always happens. I’m one of the few single women in the office, and I always try to look nice and dress appropriately. There’s this woman (married with two kids) who is always trying to copy me. She must have written down everything I wear everyday, and goes out to shop. (She goes shopping constantly.) You might think I’m paranoid, but NO, my style is very distinctive and creative, I KNOW when people copy me. She’s smart and doesn’t do it right away, but one week later she would show up to work wearing the same style or the same color ensemble. It may seem petty, but it is highly annoying. If she’s so competitive, then create her own outfit and style. Stop using my ideas to “trying” to outdo me. I get this at every job I’ve ever had. The girl at my last job was craziest. Not only she copied the way I dress, she tried to befriend all my friends. Whatever I had, she must have it, too. You know what happened to her? She seduced one of the male coworkers (who’s a buddy of mine) and ended up suing him and the company for sexual harassment. Why do I always get these crazy annoying people as coworkers? Damn it…

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  24. This person sounds like they may be ADD or ADHD… perhaps her neighbors would be doing her and themselves a favor to alert Social Services to her situation.

  25. Well I am deployed right now..
    I work 13-15 hours a day, 7 days a week, and when we do get time off its either 6 hours in the morning or the afternoon twice a week.. Full days off are not allowed..
    There are 6-8 people crammed into our office, it hasn’t gotten hot yet, but being around the same people, for so much out of the day, for 12 months, and when you go home, you still see the same people in shower? and the bathroom? You also have to all go eat at the same place, and its not like you can leave and go somewhere else, you are stuck here..
    so yeah, 12 months, 13-15 hours a day, same people, no ALCOHOL, no porn and no sex…
    No “civilian” attire is authorized, so its wearing a uniform, ( boots, t-shirts, jacket and pants, hat) to work everyday.. even when the temperature gets over 120 degrees.. and if you are a female you can’t have your hair down at all..
    yeah… thank a soldier..

  26. What the hell does clothes have to do w/ anything? You girls complaining about that seem to be the ANNOYING ones of the office. Get a life, or get a real job.

  27. Ya’ll have horror stories and such but what i have going on is a co-worker who never showers and then pick her scabs, pimples and watever dandruff on her head then eats it! She also openly picks her nose! And to make things worse, she does this in front of customers (and we see them slowly back away from her….). Now i understand that there are some people who are unable to afford housing and are homeless, but this chick has the option to not work if she didnt want to. We talked to management and they went to talk with her about her appalling, unlady-like habits. Nothing has changed so we all have to suck it up now and just deal with it. ………….

  28. Lisa and SC,
    Wow, take it as a compliment that people like your clothes. What petty, childish, little gossips you two are. Do you seriously think that people “at every job you go to” really think that much of what you wear? Or could it be that you are just wearing the same old Wal-mart outfits that everyone in town is buying? Trust me, you aren’t that unique. A truly unique person would be flattered. Makes me want to break into song, “you’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you…”

  29. What a list of whinning complaints. Its difficult to take the list of STRANGE STRANGE STRANGE behavior. We have grown into a nation of sissys. Anthony Balderrama i think southpark did a skit about dueche of the year and im putting your name in to receive it thei year. LOLOL what a Bi*ch.

  30. i am a chef at a high end restaraunt, where daily one might expect to deal with coworkers alarming inability to handle feedback, fighting language barriers, puting out fires, feeling more like i run a cooking school than a restaraunt, working the 14 hour day unreppentingly, feeding the egos and ambitions of my cooks, being betrayed by the same people i hire, not to mention the way a dressing room smells after 14 hour saute shifts with no mention of a break, only to find the best in the people i work with regardless of there ineptitudes.

    if you dislike the people you work with, on a less than professional level, and cant find a glimmer of goodness in them, search within yourself for greatness, passion for what you do will over ride any amount of annoyance. the acorn becomes the oak

  31. Think you’ve got it bad? I am very even tempered, so they sat me in a cubicle next to the guy that apparently had every annoying trait you list here. I had to write really detailed documents, so when he talked (loudly) and whistled 8 hours a day it really hurt my concentration. Believe me, after the sixth hour of shrill whistles, you get a monster migraine. I endured it for three months and then the last straw was when quality said that my work was really suffering. I cut a path to HR and they had a talk with the guy who just kept on whistling. I got a headset to drown out the jerk’s loudness and he tried to get me in trouble for it being a hazard to wear headsets at work. What a clueless jerk. He picked his nose and wiped it on his pants, insulted people and was always goofing off. He must have had some blackmail material on someone because he was so gross but apparently untouchable. I finally left and got a job with some really nice people because they refused to do anything with the guy.

  32. The most annoying thing that happened at my previous workplace was a few people who clipped their finger nails. The loud “Tink! Tink! Tink!” was beyond bothersome. I told them to do their personal grooming at home, but to no avail. One “Tink!” guy sitting next to me would also suck food from his teeth each day.

    The second most annoying were the ringtones on some of the cell phones (which were always turned way up load). You could always tell who’s phone it was. One woman had no problem publicly arguing with her bum daughter about money. She would also bring in the bum daughter’s sick kids and then the rest of us would catch whatever plague they had.

    My immediate “supervisor” didn’t supervise anything unless his boss got all over his butt (which was more like a request). When told by someone “I already have three jobs going”, he would use the word “multi-task” as an answer. His multi-tasking was gabbing on the phone about golf or reading/answering emails, taking off for haircuts/oil changes/flat tires/etc, or having a nap in his van. The “boss” ignored any complaints and has now retired with a potfull of money. But, he’s an aged, opinionated, left-wing hippy-guru who just wanted the world to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. It’s no wonder the company is about to become extinct.

  33. I share an office with a coworker who constanty burps, farts like its normal behaviour and i am too shocked and embaressed to say anything.. also constantly steals whatever food i put on my desk when i am not in the office..

    I think i win this argument..

  34. I work in a job that is mainly populated by men. I wish at times there were some more girls, and then I remember some of the things that go with that. I am amazed at the clothes thing being an issue in other work places, though. It seems like the women may be kind of insecure that are copying the clothes. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery they say. Sometimes formulating a style of your own is hard and if someone steals your look they may just be trying to look good themselves. I think I may have gotten similar styles that I liked, but not the same exact thing. I had someone do it to me years ago and went so far as to color their hair the same. That took it a little too far and added the creepy factor. Come to think of it, she dated a guy I was seeing after we broke up (shiver!).

  35. mycoworker is a crackhead, actually an ice head. total drug addict. he smells like rotting flesh, lacks personality of any “concierge” type of person. screws upconstantly causing the company thousands of extra dollars, is always listening and giving the latest gossip, even before it happens.

  36. Get over yourselves. Everyone has their quirks and you may be just as annoying as the person next to you. Nut up or shut up, if you have a problem with a co-worker, approach them like an adult, tell them you have an issue with something they do. If you approach it professionally, they should aquiesce to your request, but if they don’t, punch them in the mouth.

  37. well, i have to say people like to complain and then probably feel really good about how they just expressed there feelings . if you think about it u people have chosen the life style of publishing personal stuff into the whole world or as we call the internet. very intriguing .

  38. okay people its definately true you are spoiled and get anoyed to easily just think any situation could be worse like the same situation but theres a leak above were u work or your missing an eye or something things can always be worse so juust be happy with everything you have and every thing you dont have but come on this is for posting anoying workers not critisizing people after they just went along with a harmless article if some one started this then aparently they wanted to hear about it not about how you think your self riteous because other people complain more than you and come on you embarasing yourselfs , one person said its only what you hate about your self……. that is the most rediculous thing ive ever heard in my life, please linda think about what you say before you type it not every ones a hypocrite stop acting like you have all the answeres to life and just live it, because i do haha bye

  39. Okay, the women competing with each other at work? That sounds pretty typical to me. That is a woman thing and women do that….for some stupid reason. I’m a guy and I notice it all the time. I’ll take my girlfriend out to dinner and we’ll walk by another woman already seated and she’ll check out what my girlfriend is wearing. I’ve seen it so many times. It’s friggin’ ridiculous. Why do women compete with each other like that so much??? Guys don’t do that. It’s like they have this mentality that they have to be the prettiest. Friggin’ childish if you ask me….and these are 30- something year olds!

  40. “And always remember this — the things that annoy you most about other people are really the things you hate the most about YOURSELF!”

    i would desagree,because i can put up with a lot but it is really annoying when the other woman i work with(we are the only women in the department,incidently)is unwilling to do the work that is expected of everybody else because she is lazy and because she’s a girl and she should be able to get a guy to do it instead.when i not only do my work plus work circles around her(and most of my other coworkers).it gets real annoying when you are literally doing 3 peoples work while they “work”(are so slow even an 8 year old could get it done more quickly) or are too busy socializing.especially since i am middle aged,way overweight and have a fused spine,this is mind blowing to me that i do work cirles around so many of them.
    it isnt always about having a bad day or being distracted cause you are stressed out over something or sick blah blah blah…we all have off days and if someone is genuinely a good co-worker…you know this and can shrug off a transgression now and then.but then you have people that are just clueless and usually management that is lacking to minimize this sort of thing

  41. Ha,ha you talk about bad co-workers. I used to work as a janitor, and had to clean the women’s and men’s bathrooms. The men use to put boggers on the mirrors, crap on the floor and spit snuff on the floor in the water fountains, etc. The women would put their dirty pads on the floor. The factory use to provide soap for these people in the showers so the men who would stink could get a shower and maybe use the soap. We would have a couple of guys who would be on vacation and would come into to work to shower, so they wouldn’t use their water at home. Talk about men grabbing themselves at all times, only if they knew that soap and water would take care of that.

  42. quite interesting about sitting next to someone who answers your questions when she’s not even involved in conversation!!!!!!…and who works Sooooooo slow,says stuff like some people would love if she passes away,eats goldfish and pop for lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY altho she has illness, highlights & checmarks every field on computer she has to enter info frm and limply hangs hand to side as she uses mouse!!!!!! i handle by turning on my music and chair dancing

  43. Not true. I have a guy at work that whistles radomly all day at work with no apararent method to his madness. It is annoying as H-ll and contrarary to what you stated I dont’ whistle…. ever.

  44. I agree, what a bunch of cry babies. Every job I ever had there were jerks I wouldn’t give the time of day to, but was forced to spend 9 hours a day with. Get over it; in this economy you’re lucky to even have a job.

  45. All your points are valid except one thing! I am an analyst and I read material all day analyzing data trying to make sense of it. That being said it is very annoying to have some idiot whistling all day around me. There is a time and place for everything. Also I am not lucky to have a job. I am qualified and blessed.

  46. I teach in one of the finest colleges her in China. I have this female colleague, in her late 30′s, an old maid. She is from Malaysia but of Chinese descent. She likes criticising anything Chinese (in the mainland), our good-hearted Chinese colleagues included. Before coming to China, she spent most of her life in Singapore. She studied college in Singapore and worked there afterwards. This is the reason she always opens her sentence with “In Singapore…” when she wants to brag anything about herself and Singapore and wants to put down anything Chinese or nay other thing outside Singapore. She even claims she feels more like a Singaporean than a Malaysian. She always says, “Oh, my dad is…, my mom is…, my sister is…” Even if no one asks, she tells about where her parents and sisters go, how rich her sister is. (BTW, she has 2 other sisters and all of them 3 are single. No wonder…)
    She believes she is better than anyone else. She even told people in the church during a bible sharing or prayer meeting how this guy doesn’t deserve the promotion he got, how another woman was expecting for that positio but it was obvious she was the one who was expecting for it.
    She manifests power tripping too. She would even let one male colleague (who happens to be her subordinate) wash her lunch boxes or plates after luinch.
    What annoys me, and the other colleagues is, her NOISE. She is loud, noisy and talkative. She has her own office (becuse she holds a coordinatorship position) but every now and then, she goes out and hops from cubicle to cubicle. If she wants to talk with one of her subordinates, she would talk in a very loud voice, unmindful of the others in the next cubicles, myself included. And she doesn’t say what she wants to say in a modulated voice. She just talks so loud and long. We have a lounge for long talks but she does hers in the area where others’ cubicles are. Other course coordinators aske their teachers to thier respective offices when they want to discuss things. But this one just wants to annoy people.
    At times too, when she receives calls on her mobile phone, she would go out of her office and walks to and fro in the cubicles area, talking in a loud voice. Horrible.
    Not a very few of us have addressed this annoying practice. We have sent her emails, talked to the higher-ups, even told her frankly about her annoying habits. One time she said it’s her personality and we must respect personal differences. Sometime she would be quiet after a confrontation (e.g. after she was blatantly told, after she received an insulting email, etc.), but not long after, she is back to her old self.
    She laughs in the most diabolic tone. She talks in a loud voice. Even in public, she has the tendency to talk very loud. She loves attracting attention especially because this is China, and she thinks she is very special because she speaks English. And she wants others to hear she speaks English, even though she has an equally annoying SINGAPOREAN accent, mixed with her Malaysian accent.
    One guy is very angry at her that he sent her an insulting email. He even yelled at her and told her humiliating words. But these were ineffective. She really is SICK and HUNGRY for attention. No wonder, she is the only female colleague who is single at that age, and who has no boyfriend. Who would want a noisy, loud and talkative female companion at home?

  47. One of our new managers bounces a tennis ball on the wall while he is on the phone, instead of doodling, like the rest of us. On the other side of that wall is the office of his administrative assistant. She is very annoyed with hearing that ball hit the wall, but can’t say anything because this is her boss.

  48. This is all very laughable. Are you truly that sensitive and fragile that you can’t handle small annoyances in the work place? If someone refused to do their work or showed blatant incompetence it’s one thing but nit-picky nonsense about their preferences? Suck it up! I wear the same thing everyday…’s called camoflague. Sometimes I smell because I haven’t been near running water in a few weeks. My colleagues….many with graduate degrees….make fart jokes because there is no form of entertainment in what little down time we have. We all talk about our pets and families often because we appreciate them and are thankful we may get to see them again. Yes, I chew tobacco and it’s dirty but if that’s my 1 sin, then go ahead and damn me. If you complain you simply aren’t working hard enough or aren’t challenged by your responsibilities. Walk a mile….or 25… someone else’s boots.

  49. I think everyone who posts on this website should be EXTREMELY grateful to just have a job. I have been out of work for 10 months and hoping to hear something this week from the bazillion job apps I have submitted. So quit complainling and try to make the best of the cirmunstances!!

  50. Our office has low cubicles where you can see each other. The guy infront of me is always staring, so I put up a bunch of tall fake plants. He drinks sodas constantly, so belches loudly alot. He clips his finger nails at his desk, digs in his ears and picks at bumps on his head, sometimes until it bleeds,then wipes his head with a dirty paper towel that he throws on his desk and uses over and over again. He then touches things like keyboards that others have to use too and does not wash his hands when he leaves the restroom. It is pretty disgusting. Our team lead has talked to him about it and he says he has ingrown hairs on his head that cause the bumps, but won’t go and see a doctor about it.

  51. First, there are hygiene laws. Like washing hands after using restroom, That’s for the crotch scratcher, which CAN spread many germs I would not want. Think and look up first in your company’s rule book then hit the laws of your state. If a co worker is seen by the public and consumer, then many of the posts here need to be addressed to upper management. But have your rules, ethics, guidelines in hand. Sorry but a person that doesn’t bath, bad breath that bad is something that upper management should be taking care of. If anyone here doesn’t think the boss doesn’t see these problems, like the women that runs to them all the time, is THE trouble maker, they know. But under no circumstances should anyone have to be touched, and have to be near anyone that has bugs in there hair take it. Open your your thoughts to the boss or in a manner as nice as possible, leave a note, there are hygiene laws believe it or not. As for someone copying your clothing, say something!! Or wear something for a week that is so silly, so she goes out and buys the same thing. Then let her in on your little surprise that you did it due to her constant buying the same clothing you do. Make it seem like a simple joke maybe she will get the point. Most married women with children are jealous of single women. They do not have the money or the freedom of you. They are just want to be, like before they got married and had kids. I used to work in a hospital and seen it all. But we did something about it. But did it in the right way. No one should have to quit their job. Leave a bar of soap on the desk, bug scam-poo (get it?) on the other, magazines and acting like a adult for the ones that act like kids and copying your style. There are many things you can do with tact, that will get the message across. If none work go to the boss. No one should have to put up with all the posted said things here. Think and use state laws and company rules. As for the women that wont answer the phone, there are laws for creditors that call the work place. I did it for a friend, look them up and when they call read them the laws of your state. They are NOT allowed to call once they wrote her a letter, called her home. By the creditors calling her work place is harassment and shows SHE never took care of her bills, or returned there calls. Please post the results, I am curious.

  52. One of my co-workes has had a diabetic sore on his calf that has not healed in six years. I think that it has started to rot. Yellow or green puss leaks out of his leg down into his shoe and then onto the floor. He smells like walking death. Our supervisors have sent him to the nurse but it only stops the smelly leaks for a month and then back to gangrene smells for us all. YUCK. He is also a nose picker.

    • Ewwwww!

      You win.

      Though I feel sorry for the guy, too. Sounds like he’s in denial. I mean, that can cause you to lose your LEG.

  53. I’m one of the lucky ones–the only female in a small group of guys, so I don’t have to worry about the petty women-competing stuff. However, I do have one coworker that, when he’s in from the field, is always on the phone with a family member–his mom, his kids, his grandma…and he’s loud. The boss finally asked him to curb the calls at his desk (after nine years!), so, hopefully it will get a bit more peaceful.

    I know it’s got to be rough when other women “copy” what you’re wearing–but, remember, copying is the best form of flattery. I know it’s still annoying (I’ve been through it…), but, maybe, if you think of it otherwise, it might make things more peaceful. If you can’t do anything about it or don’t want to say anything about it, looking at it from another perspective can help how you feel about it.

  54. Terry; I sympathize with you. My above remark was for you, and here it is again: Wow, that is truly disgusting and very very annoying! Get a fake gun@ LOL

  55. Z works for a div. of a major, OK!
    You all have it made! I work w/zelots from religous to alcohalics to psycodics to felons! They have come in drunk from alcohol, religon and eat anything that will produce flatulance and have contests to see who can stink the most! Idiotic as that sounds some are pure and simply that! Working high in very cold inhuman conditions, dirt, grease,fumes etc. They think nothig of lying there way out of anything, stealling, assault and battery, robery! Other than all that and more, it’s a great place to work! You have to look out for sputum where you work though from the snuff chewers! Wearing ear plugs help also if you are sensitive! They swear and pick on anything that walks including animals! We had a nurse quit once because she would not treat employees as bad as magement wanted her to, she was not from the U.S. Well have a good day as I know you all will. zba

  56. You people don’t know what an annoying fellow employee is. I work with an employee that comes to work with a loaded handgun and has it with him all day. The boss knows about it but doesn’t do anything about it. The boss says it’s part of the job…… come to think of it all of us carry one.


  57. I’ve worked with a head chef who ate out of the garbage bins. He ate the food the waitresses scraped off the plates of diners. I guess odd behavior doesn’t just limit itself to the office.

  58. I’ve got you all beat.I work next to a guy that belches,passes gas,hacks until nearly passing out,groans and mumbles ALL DAY LONG.We’re talking 30 to 50 belches a day.And he does it right next to you as if it’s perfectly normal.

  59. Wow, you’re just an obnoxious brat. Are you still in high school? “Omg, like, they’re alllll so trying to copy me cause I’m just so much, like, hotter, like, I really wish they’d like, stop, cause like, I just find them all to be just like, so, like, annoying….” Grow the heck up, dearie. Everything about your post annoyed me, there’s not a word that you typed that gave me the idea that you’re an adult, and this is coming from a 23 year old cubicle worker (not exactly old!).

  60. All right, for all of you who are annoyed at the copycats for “stealing” your “style” grow up, and lose your ego. Copying is the greatest form of flattery, and they’re probably not even aware that they’re doing it. When they go out to the store they just see things that they’ve seen on others that they like, and I’m sure that they’re not specifically thinking of you. The world does not revolve around you, and you’re just not that dang important.

  61. My boss is a hoarder, we have paperwork that is 3, 5, 7 years old. A new person came in, who had worked here before I got here, but is now back. She started cleaning up, which was great, but now it’s to the poiint where if a piece of paper is on a communal table for more than a day, it’s gone.
    She has come in to my “office” and told me that I have to clean up and get rid of stuff. She has even commented on my personal items, pictures, desk ornaments, etc.
    I can’t stand it.

  62. For those of you who think we’re being petty and complaining too much, obviously you don’t have coworkers with any bad habits – and if you do, you must have a very high tolerance for annoyances or the patience of a Saint. Try working with someone who whistles 7+ hours a day and makes god-awful noises every 10 minutes – and this happens on a daily basis. Everyone who has posted has legitimate complaints because WE ARE the ones who have to deal with these people’s bad habits that affect our lives at work – and our actual work in my case. I totally appreciate my job but that doesn’t mean I can’t be affected or disgusted or unnerved by the bad habits of those around me at work. I only feel bad complaining around the person who has worked in the prison for 17 years (or anyone that works there)…God Bless You.

  63. I have a crazy OR director. She is so negative and unhappy. She forgets about her own duties and responsabilities here. Out loud my boss curses and gets on to you in front of all the patients. She is a raging alcoholic. She’s lazy and hates everyone. How can someone that unplesant make in a company for 18 years long and not get fired. She wont leave unless she dies in her sleep. My co-workers are all over weight yet get on to me for eating healthy and being skinny. They all complain about their husbands and kids. Everyone seem so unhappy here. They want more money but hate working. I feel so out of place here, I have been working here for almost 3 years and it gets worse as time passes.

  64. Texting has become a real annoyance, the phone buzzing every 30 seconds. people cannot look you in the eye because thy are always staring at the phone. it is rude!

  65. Sounds like your a little chatty kathy, Honestly i don’t see what the problem is Marcia, i thought this was a place to discuss ‘odd’ workplace behavior not complain about zoning laws? I’m not sure what you were complaining about it was very haphazard

  66. Those all seem fairly benign. Although the whistling and mallet bit would get old quickly. Get a grip people, pizza box guy needs more calcium in his diet, fart guy has bad gas and is trying to prepare you for the impending smells, 3-d glasses guy is a nerd but who do you go to for your IT problems, the chewer is addicted to nicotine and isn’t bothering anyone with second hand smoke cut em a break and dont look at the soda bottle or the bulge in his lower lip, your old boss forgot his regular coffee cup and is being environmentally conscience not using one of the styrofoam cups the coffe mess provides, necessity is the mother of invention he didn’t have a nail file so he used a business card….. CHILL OUT!

  67. The coworker I work with has all these beat. He chews on his fingernails until they bleed. Picks food out of his teeth and eats it, picks his nose and eats it. Farts to where he almost goes in his pants then walks out of the room and leaves you with the stench. He sticks his hand in his pants and picks his ass and then eats potato chips out of a giant bag in the lunchroom without washing his hands.

  68. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but be taken aback by how much this comment sounds like that of a high schooler. They are “jealous” of you and boots are your “thing”? Maybe youre getting yourself too worked up?

  69. The worst is a fellow I used to work with. He would walk up to other men including me and say he was going to beat them up. He also talked dirty to the women at work, usually disgusting them. I quit because they wouldn’t fire him.

  70. Loud radio!! Very loud reggaetton ghetto kind of music in the office! My former “Operations Manager” IS use to put this kind of music when the president of the company is not there. Unbelievable! For sure I did quit!

  71. This is all part of the work environment. I think we have to talk to our coworker but in a controled way. I mean if your boss know that you like your job and you obey the law everything will be fine in the end.

  72. To those who are having trouble with their coworkers emulating their way of dress — try to think of it as more being the office trendsetter than it being competitive on their part. You must be doing something right if they want to copy you, so it means you have good taste. They look at you and think, “I want to look that good” and so they go shopping. It’s so hard to learn how to dress properly at the office — most of the catalogues and magazines show looks that are way too trendy or sexy.

  73. I work with a gal. She is fairly negative about work and men. But she hooks up with men. Gets pregnant and then sues them for child support. She has hooked 2 already. Oh and she has no problem contacting HR about any little thing.

  74. There was this one guy at my job that popped gum all day long. He was was very annoying with it……………… Oh wait a minute, that was ME!!! My coworkers were fit to be tied. They finally mentioned it to me and we all realized that I was doing it subconsciously. Once made aware of it, I stopped, atat least at the office. Just try to let others know of the problem. It may be very innocent and easily resolved.

  75. When it gets to quite in my department, a co-worker insists in playing a “fart” amd #3 song very loud. I mean, the while department can hear it and into the next clear as day. She also like to pay her radio loud enough on normal days that everyone around her gets the benefit of hearing her favorite singer and her, sing out the hits. Glad I do not sit directly next to her, but 2 rows over is not far enough sometimes.

  76. Ah, the headphones. My boss thought that would solve the problem of people playing their music too loud and offending/irritating others in the office. Now, with the headphones on and music still turned up – they just sing out loud themselves now. Talk about screeching cats!

  77. We have a co-worker who squatted down threw his arms up to his side and squawked like a chicken yelling “cokadoo doool dooo” while waddling down the production floor main aisle.

  78. I can relate! I am a male, but my boss copies EVERYTHING I do EXCEPT for my clothes! I bought a boss starts looking at motorcycles and has me pick his new Harley out for him! My co-worker buys a boat, what sdoes the boss do? Buys a boat…a bigger one, no less. My wife and I are purchasing a home, this guy actually directs me to send him the listings of all the homes I am looking at so he can evaluate the decision for me…then guess what? Yep…he buys a home! He is in the middle of a divorce, always full of drama and is so paranoid others are talking about him or out to get him. He even bought the motorcycle I wanted and has the same truck I do but in a different color! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!

  79. Thats it?! I think i could quite possibly top all of those people by myself and i’m not even the worst employee. I share an office with 3 other very unfortunate co-workers. I love to workout so naturally i have a high protein intake. My cubicle just so happens to be next to the door leading out. I use this to my advantage let me explain. For those of you who don’t know the effects of a high protein diet, as i mentioned earlier, it happens to make your stomach very bubbly, and in return it gives you gas. I like to enjoy my days with fart soaked office environments. Basically one of the many foul things i like to do is pass gas and then, do you remember the door? Yes, i shut it! There is no escape, we’ll there is but at least the shut door guarantees each and every one in the room a taste of my pick of breakfast, usually eggs butter and a protein shake.
    Anyways here is my piece most of the posts here are from ladies and it sounds like something a lady would do, nit pick everything, and if there isn’t something to nit pick they find it. The clothing thing who cares honestly i buy my jeans at grocery stores, who cares about express.

  80. hired as clerical admin. asst. to a 3 person dept./ one billing clerk administrator leaves another comes in a few weeks after I began. New one, with office, gives inaccurate, wrong directions or directions opposite of what supervisor spoke in other room. Can’t speak to this one (tried) she merely stares blankly and emotionless at computer screen. This one hands me wrong stuff, I bring it to her attention, again ‘no response.’ I give out the correct info. The topper was an obvious word stated to me when she was new with hands on hips.
    Standing over me, as a “mama” to a “child” and and using a word to indicate small child. I ignored. It’s all called ‘bust the chops’ to get a reaction.

    Can’t be proven. There’s no ‘law’ against ‘bust the chops’ … it’s done by the

    We can only take it til we leave. But we never ‘give the reaction’ they so
    want from us. (that will lift their fragile esteem)

    It helps to have a FAITH in THE GOD who sustains us and keeps us strong.
    (and in the end…this one actually made us stronger, little do they know)

  81. I had a group of coworkers who started throwing food at other employees during a corporate picnic. We’re talking melon rinds and chicken bones, at people in suits and dresses. Really weird.

  82. More than one person in my office chews and spits tobacco. It’s gross behavior and the tobacco smells awful.
    A co-worker next to me chews ice all day. Another snorts up mucus and spits it into his trashcan. When he’s not doing that, he’s swearing at women, calling them names I can’t repeat here. I complained about that and it helped for a while.
    I don’t appreciate co-workers who listen to iPods. It’s very unprofessional and rude and I don’t understand why that’s tolerated by superiors. One co-worker either doesn’t hear people talking to him and his phone ringing, or he uses his iPod as an excuse to ignore.
    I highly doubt talking to them about these behaviors would help the situation, as this article suggests.

  83. My coworker reads his email outloud. He also brushes his teeth at his desk and has brought in a mini basketball hoop and shoots hoops all day.

  84. My BOSS chews tobacco all day and spits it into a coffee cup. It is disgusting. He can’t even have a conversation with anoy one without spitting-GROSS!!!!

  85. My coworker wears a charm bracelet on her right wrist and it bangs ALL DAY LONG against the desk, calculator, computer….UGH!

  86. Lisa & SC – Have you ever considered that those women may not have the creative mindset that you do and are just not as fashionable? Take it as a complement that they copy your style. They obviously believe you have good taste. Be a better role model. Go shopping with them and help them put together their own style.

  87. I think eating cheese from a pizzabox doesn’t compare to working with someone still high on cocaine from the night before or working with someone who suffers from autism and deals with stress by yelling, crying and talking to himself… but then again I am happy for this person that he manages to keep his job despite these shortcomings.

  88. Lisa and SC have got to be some of the most vain and petty people based on these comments. Your comments just scream of high school cliques and someone getting all up in a dither because a girl at school has the same, or similar, notebook as you and you have to tell everyone that you were first and that everyone else is a knock off of your style. Please, I bet your style was probably influenced from magazines, or celebrity sightings or what not and you have decided to claim it. NEWSFLASH! It is a work environment where there are only so many ways you can dress to be appropriate, and if someone has similar boots, or likes your pants, say thanks I got them from ‘store name’. Based on your comments, you two are the types of women no one likes to work with.

  89. To those gripping to peopl about complaining – shut it. the article is about annoying co-workers, what do you expect the comments to be about!

    My coworker drives me crazy. She constantly talks over people, completely takes over conversations, sighs, pounds her feet, talks to herself and worse of all she isn’t that good at her job. But when I bring it up to her, I’m the guy who can’t ignore things so it’s my problem. Ugh!

  90. Is this legit? This is what you are complaining about? How other women “copy” your clothes. Perhaps you are wearing what is considered “trendy” And so are they. Grow up. Just be happy you have a job and not living on the streets. Selfish.

  91. I fit in pretty well with my coworkers – we are all pretty much nerds and geeks on the same plane of existence.

    However, the only they do that annoys me to no end is that they eat with their mouth wide open so that everyone can hear all of the smackly, sloppy, crunchy sounds of food in their mouth.

    But thats what an iPod is for.

  92. I know this is weird somone copying how you dress, but the most sincere form of flattery is someone copying you. It just goes to show you….You have a great style.

    As for the OB and other annoying issues, as the author said…confront them head on. But some of these need to be “learn to live with it”.

  93. Ok. For those of you that are complaining about your co-workers copying what you wear….REALLY????? You’re acting like you’re in high school. Is it that annoying??? Consider it a COMPLIMENT that they like your style, outfit, whatever, get over it and move on!

    Now as for STRANGE behavior, I have a co-worker that plays opera music loud all day, everyday! Some of the music sounds like I should be in cemetary. It’s so creepy sometimes. I usually tune them out and listen to my iPod while everyone else complains. They also brew coffee at thier desk everyday. I like coffee as much as the next person, but I don’t want to smell it all day. it canbe quite nauseating.

    I have another co-worker who has a a picture of Jesus as her desktop background. Problem is that when she send a screen shots of certian files you get the background as well which is in appropriate for the workplace.

    Last but not least, there is another that comes to work as if she just rolled out of bed. NO LIE! Her head is tied in a scarf all day, she wears house dresses and SLIPPERS with SOCKS!!! Even in the winter. She is seen when either entering or exiting our floor or building with a cart that has bags of stuff; looking like a homeless person. Thing is she works on my floor in one of the departments! I’m amazed that no one has said anything to her.

  94. I used to work with an elderly gent who would hum “doo-dee-doo-dee-doo” all day while he worked. He would also belch while he ate lunch, so when you were out on a field assignment with the guy, there was really no escaping it. And not only would he belch (then say excuse me, at least), he would feel compelled to tell you what it was that caused him to belch. “That was the tuna….” Like we really cared Jim!? Oh and my personal favorite was that he would need “Mr. Clippy” all day long while he was working in Excel. You know, the “help guy” in Microsoft Office that looks like a paper-clip? I would hear Mr. Clippy tapping on his monitor incessantly – I felt like saying “Come on, dopey, why don’t you answer Mr. Clippy so i don’t have to hear him trying to get your attention”? He had to be one of the most annoying coworkers I have ever had!

  95. before i say anything, i must admit-i am the weird co-worker. you know-the one who listens to weird music, has oddball hobbies and says some off the wall things. with that said:

    -we had the b.o. guy at one photo place i worked. i mean, he literally stunk up the whole store. i had to hide in the minilab to escape the stench.

    -there was this woman at this other place, i swear all the hygiene rules were because of her. she apparently was into some bad drugs and would show up stoned off her tookus. sometimes she’s come in weraring pj’s and slippers. one time, she engaged me into talk about how i should get “laid”. it was scary. very scary…

  96. Those of you who comment that everyone is a bunch of children, just SHUT UP! Stop acting like your so much better than everyone else! You gossip too! Don’t deny it! This is all for fun and this is what the article is about!!

  97. I agree sounds like a normal day for me. Like why would any of those things make me crazy. Maybe if they spit chew on me, farted on me, or cleaned my fingernails with my business card. I’m sorry, but lamest article I have read.

  98. I work with a girl who wears a hood all day while sitting at her desk (not a coat with a hood–just a hood), or sometimes she wears a pair of nonprescription glasses with paper taped to the sides so she has no peripheral vision. She claims it helps with her headaches, but I get migraines too and I would rather suffer than look like the office freak.

  99. Regarding linda’s comments “And always remember this — the things that annoy you most about other people are really the things you hate the most about YOURSELF!”

    ALL IS CAN SAY IS THAT IS RIDICULOUS! Too many People lack common courtesy and manners. Stop reading so many self-help books.

  100. I’ve had some odd coworkers in my day: including one who saved all of his energy drink cans and built a pyramid which he would not remove ever when the boss ordered him to, another one who left rotting food in our shared workspace for so long it attracted a literal swarm of thousands of ants and then yet another who would remove shoes and socks to clip his toenails at his desk.

  101. That’s it? Wow. BORING. I had a coworker that peed while on a conference call. She forgot to hit mute so that we couldn’t hear it. Made us all laugh, but never did I feel like I was “out of step” with her. In fact, it made me feel better about life knowing that other people did embarrassing things. I try not to be judgmental because I never know what habits of mine gross out my co-workers. If it doesn’t hurt you, accept that things happen and move on. The boss brushing her teeth at the desk, not particularly pleasant, but better than her breathing on you later. The lady not washing her hands after using the facilities, NASTY and should be addressed (privately and professionally). Talking about farts….what man doesn’t??? The boss with the sippy cup? Probably sleep deprived and didn’t have time to wash any dishes–that was the only one that was clean. Who cares anyway. Cleaning the nails with business cards? It no longer belonged to that person anyway. Once you give it away, they can use it for toilet paper if they want.

  102. I work with someone who picks her nose – AND EATS IT – all the time! Not only that, but whenever she needs papers (and they could be on your desk) she will lick her finger and then rifle through piles for what she’s looking for! it’s horrible knowing what that finger has been doing and then she’ll touch stuff on your desk!!

  103. The guy I share an office with rips through 4 BAGS of life savers a week! BAGS! He slurps, sucks and SLURPS so load all day long I actually leave the office!! I don’t understand why he need to slurp on his candy all day long. Actually, I’m very surprised he still has teeth.

  104. Well, Lisa, you sound like one of the people I work with.
    Nobody likes her, because of her “I’m better than you” attitude.
    You don’t “own” certain jeans or boots, and don’t flatter yourself…nobody is copying you.
    In fact, they are all laughing at you behind your back.

  105. Well I’ve read some of the posts and my co workers are annoying as all get out but some of these stories are unbelieveable! Ewwwwwwwwww.

  106. That’s the dummest thing I’ve ever heard @Linda.
    “And always remember this — the things that annoy you most about other people are really the things you hate the most about YOURSELF!”
    Really – so the annoying people with the brushing their teeth at their desk, farting, singing, etc. We hate them because we hate that about ourselves. I think you need to put a helmet on before you hurt yourself.

  107. Lisa – Seriously?! Think highly of ourselves much? Apparently you think you are a God in your place of employement and I’m sure that since you are such a fashionista that they are all jealous of you and what you have. Must be hard to be so awesome rockstar.

  108. Nice perfume, must you bathe in it??? I have co-irker who wears cheap awful smelling stuff and applies it very heavy. I am sensitivie and allergic to this kind of thing. When approached about it, she just stated “well you know I am going to wear my perfume.” I also have co workers who use scented hand lotions and potions from bath and body works constantly. At times the women’s restroom on our floor reaks of scents so bad, I opt to take the elevator to another level. Speaking of the elevator, I have often had to wait and take the next one because it smelled so strongly of the ladies perfume. I feel bombarded.

    Our director did put out something asking folks not to use fragranced items in our office, but there is no official policy, so it goes on.

    Folks, please use scented products very lightly in the work place or better yet, not at all. There are those of us with real issues in regards to it. Also, you may want to do some research on the ingredients those products contain. Not healthy at all.

  109. You want bad…..I have a girl next to me that not only talks across cubicles (not a naturally quiet person either), she calls her doctor and talks about her pussing toe with green ooze coming out of it (GROSS!!), she chomps on her gum and pops bubbles all day and you can hear her saliva swishing in her mouth. On top of it, when she does use her intercom to talk, she has it on speaker and yells into it-not sure if she understands the concept that you can pick up the phone and be more private. I have a nightmare next to me and have asked to be moved and my one boss is her friend so he doesn’t take me serious and then my other boss laughs at it and thinks that it is funny. This is my first cubicle job and I am sure it will be my last!

  110. I have a female coworker (senior manager) who frequently farts and burps in the office – in meetings and in front of clients. She just lifts up her butt off the seat, so we can see when it’s coming. Then she picks her ear wax with her fingernails and eats it in front of us.

  111. Everyone on here is complaining about the very behavior they are displaying. Guess what? We are all adults. If you have a problem with an individual’s behavior, smell, attitude, or anything else… Tell them! From one adult to another, you should be able to have a conversation and explain the situation to them. Sometimes, people don’t even realize the (YOUR) problem and will happily oblige if you get over yourself and out of your own way!

  112. There are ways to get over annoying co-workers. I sit next someone who hums, whistles and has a permanent frog in the throat. Have a great radio with and awesome set of headphones, turn it up and rock out. No more annoying co-worker!

  113. Marcia, I fear your behavior is as inappropriate as your neighbor’s. This is a forum to talk about the annoying habits of CO-WORKERS.

  114. Give me a break. It’s not asking too much to expect common decency and base-level manners in a public environment.

  115. Taking it to a “higher level to talk it out is NOT an alternative to a resolution to an ongoing problem in the work place, it will either get you fired or your life will be made so misarable you want to quit. Been there!!

  116. Lisa, no offense, but you sound like you may be a man writing as a woman.

    If you are truly a woman you should take your “big girl pill” and act like one. You sound very school girl and a bit jealous.

    Good luck.

  117. You should have one who thinks she has the market cornered on religion. She comes in grinning like Gomer Pyle and sings and prays (so that everyone can hear her) ALL DAY LONG – EVERY SINGLE DAY. Another co-worker says she makes her want to stand up and say every curseword she knows. All over her desk and counter is religious plaques and sayings. Instead of being uplifting, she makes me despise her which is obviously affecting my spirituality as well.

  118. I worked with a guy who had too many annoying quirks to list them all. For starters, he is socially inept. He’s totally oblivious to all social norms and doesn’t even realize that his behavior could be construed as abnormal. Any time there is free food around, he goes straight to it, piles his plate high then takes it back to his cubicle to eat. He chews with his mouth wide open making some of the most disgusting noises I’ve ever heard. He takes his work laptop to the bathroom with him and types while sitting on the toilet. He’s even been spotted at the urinal with his pants around his ankles while peeing and typing at the same time. Now that is what I call weird. He also brings Dungeons & Dragons books to work to plan his D&D campaigns at work. And he uses the companies printer to print out his documents for such things also. He once printed a training packet consisting of 2000 plus pages to take home to “read” so that he wouldn’t have to come to work to read it without asking his supervisor if it was okay. He consistently messes up his work because he’s in too big of a hurry to finish so he can get back to playing games or planning his LARP or D&D campaigns (yes he is a Live Action Role Player also). He will play video games full screen on his laptop at work and try to minimize when anyone comes around, even though by the time they get to him, they’ve already seen what he’s doing. I once caught him watching a 3-D movie with the red and blue 3-D glasses on. He also keeps an electric shaver at work that he uses to shave with at his desk. He leaves garbage on his desk to rot for days before throwing it away (I’m talking about banana peels, apple cores and stuff like that). He assumes he knows what he’s doing rather than making sure by asking someone who actually does. And the list goes on and on.

  119. I have a co-worker who was not at her desk much when she first came to the department. I kept track for a month and went to our manager about it. He was also observing her on a more sporadic basis. This same co-worker turned the back of her pants down while making a sarcastic point cleaning up some water on the floor and we got to see some vertical smile. Not a pretty site in the break room and during lunch. I was the only one not laughing. Both times the manager took care of the situations and the behavior stopped. If she had found out I went to our manager, there would have been hell to pay. She’s also very rude, crude, sarcastic and uses what I feel is inappropriate language when addressing people around her. She is also aggressive in her demaeaner and is very hard on people when the least little mistake or omission is made. Sometimes she can be funny and nice but more often than not, she’s not very pleasant to be around. Luckily or unluckily we are losing our jobs so I won’t be around her anymore. Lately, she’s been updating her facebook page. Hopefully, there won’t be another of her at my next job.

  120. When someone refuses to see how annoying other people are, they’re usually annoying themselves. As adults, we need to understand that office space is shared and it is not all about you. It’s okay to lighten up the day with a little humor (sans sexy jokes), but some people just go too far. Yes, headphones are very effective, but my coworkers can be heard even through the loudest volume. This is work, for crying out loud, not Kindergarten.

  121. Lisa and SC crack me up. Imitation is the highest compliment someone can give. You sound like a bunch of high school girls. I’m retired now and remember all the crazy workplace stuff. The petty little things that bother people make me laugh. You want tolerance than BE tolerant. Learn to look the other way unless it is something that directly affects others and their work abilities. I worked in the time when smoking was accepted anywhere and my office was smoke FILLED and I a non-smoker. So I went home smelllng like I had the habit. I showered, let my hair dry and hoped my family and friends wouldn’t smell the smoke. I think the hardest things to tolerate that I have read here must be those with unclean personal hygeine – the extremes. It is difficult to do your work when you are physically ill because of the other person’s hygeine. Brushing your teeth publically also is quite silly and childlike. It seems like many people in our culture today are the products of allowing children to “be themselves” and not learn any personal disciplines or good work ethics and manners in general. I see men today that wear a hat everywhere. They don’t take it off in a restaurant or an inside area. But that is something they have chosen to do. It’s not hurting others. Because of the way our society has developed over the years it seems we must tolerate some things at work and learn to handle certain things in creative ways. It should be the responsibility of the management to set standards for acceptable personal hygeine and behavior as well as interpersonal conduct within the office and what items are allowed to be brought to the workplace. Since accountability is not important anymore than when people DON’T do their jobs there is no recourse for those who do. What people do at home is their own business until it spills out the door and affects the neighbors. As to the fashion snobs: Grow up!!

  122. its rough but they got to live too.usually the biggest jerk is the one that will never back down or leave you in a pinch especially when the going gets really rough

  123. I am dealing with the same thing. I have a coworker who is friends with a Pastor’s Wife. I’ve never heard women who suppose to be so Christian talk about everyone in and out the work place including me. I use to let it bother me. Not anymore. I realize that at the end they will be the ones who has to answer to God. Devils. As far as troublemakers, yes… one of them are. She tells the supervisor everything only just to cover her tracks because she’s done something and was caught. Nosey and don’t have a life or a man. The other one was married 12 times so I see why she is the way she is… Been around the world many times. Wore Out! I have to pray for them before I come to work and during all through the day… God Help us learn to ignore them.

  124. Lisa and SC: Did you ever stop to think that the “married with children” types are coping a single, popular young woman just because they want to be like you, and not trying to be better than you? A lot of women like that have a longing for a free lifestyle; or just to have friends who are ‘cool’ instead of ones who want to compare baby pictures.

  125. In this closed office, there are two cubicles with a partition separating us. My co-worker talks to her mother over the phone for a least an hour a day in the am, then her brother for another hour or less. After that, another co-worker comes in to chit-chat. I mentioned to our boss how this is disrupting my ability to analyze financial data–and it does! He told me to talk to them privately. Done, but this still happens. I learned how to tune it out and increase the radio volume. On top of this, she brings in breakfast food (fast food) and I can hear her munch on it for at least 30 mins. (I’m healthy, work out daily, and jog during lunch so this behavior bothers me greatly.) Then, her laziness hits the charts when she got her own personal printer because she didn’t like the 3-in-1 office machine and said that it would not allow both of us to print and copy at the same time–not true since it is networked. Lastly, she has the nerve to email me questions when I’m in the same room! I wait until she approaches me to ask or I reply by speaking to her. I find this extremely unprofessional. I try to think of things that I do that may bother her, but I cannot think of any. I stay extremely quiet, keep to myself, and get my work done promptly. THAT may bother her and she might be trying to get me off track somehow. Therefore, I am looking for a transfer or promotion in a different unit.

    • Oh my god, you really take the fat-free cake. You want to control what your co-worker EATS because you don’t APPROVE of it?

      Seriously, who died and made you the food police?

      Bully for you that you work out and eat healthy…but did you ever think that maybe your coworker finds the stench of smugness and the crunch of carrots a bit annoying as well?

  126. The story about the person who clipped toenails at a meeting and the boss who almost fainted is FUNNY! I don’t have any complaints per se. I work with 30 other folks but I’m a supervisor, so I have my own office. However, it wasn’t always like that; I had a cubicle for years. Luckily, I’ve worked with people where all of us are like a family. We all have our personalities, but we work things out – and we communicate our feelings/thoughts if we’re pissed about something. I started at the bottom of the totem pole and years ago when I worked in a file area, there was a man who held conversations with himself. He actually had 2 distinct voices! You didn’t know he was talking to himself unless you walked by the area where he worked. Strangely enough, he was also very intelligent. He could read 2-3 books at once, recall the information and was a good employee. That’s why he was never fired. Go figure. To “Roland”,”Lola” and “G”, wow. You folks really have to deal with something! To “SC”, instead of getting upset, try reverse psychology. The next time the “copycat” buys something like yours, tell her (and make sure that someone else hears it) “Hey! I see you’ve bought something I’ve already worn! You really like aspiring to be me, don’t you? I didn’t know I was so special! Thanks!” Smile at her and then walk away. I’d be willing to bet she’ll never copy you again. Doing so will remind her of what you said…

  127. I have a coworker who stares at me all the time. I’ll just be looking at my monitor and notice out the corner of my eye that someone is there. And he’s just staring at me. Or he’ll walk into my cube and just watch me work. Even if I talk to him for a bit, when the conversation is over – he’ll just stand there and watch me work. Just weird and annoying.

  128. I’m sorry but this is just too funny. I work in an office full of misfits. There is something wrong with everyone of us. Not quite as bad as this lady though. lol

  129. What you people should do is stop whining, I’ve had my share of annoyance’s in the workplace. I used to be a mechanic. I’ve had annoying co-worker’s and even worse customer’s, bleh! But you know what I learned from the ordeal? I learned that there isn’t anything you can really do about it, so deal with it, there’s always going to be someone to get on your nerve’s. I found its easier to just have fun with it. I remember this one guy that played religious music all day, I bought a stereo and turned it up so he couldnt hear his, then I waited for the boss to come out and swiftly turned it down, he got yelled at, blamed it on me, but I played my innocent card and he still got in trouble, HAHAHA!

  130. its just sooooo SAD that some co-workers just have to gossip about others, to FIT IN!!!!!!! , fit into what???????? – did you ever take a good look at what you may have contributed to make your work environment so UGLY – as to want this co-worker to leave??????? – stop and think for a minute or two – what comes out of your mouth and the mouths of others – bet you see a different side.

  131. Try working 3 feet from someone who talks to herself all day long, whistles when she is walking trough the office, and moans when she eats her food (sounds like she is having an orgasm). I have politely asked that she doesn’t eat at her desk and I turn up the volume on my radio (the I end up being the annoying one…sorry). I tell her I am not a morning person and pretend to be in a bad mood in the mornings so usually that works so that she doesn’t talk to me for the first half of the day. Worst of all she pretends to be the nicest person on earth but she is not, she is actually the biggest B ever. She does things to appear they are on accident but really its her way of getting even which I think is just evil (I try to stay on her good side). I try not to have 1 person have such an affect on me but it truly is hard. I swear when ever she calls in or is scheduled off I come in to work happy thinking I will not have to deal with her. I even get relief from just getting away from her for an hour for lunch. Someone save me I hate my job because of her!

  132. My ex-supervisor sat next to me and his breath stank like Kim chi all the time besides his clothes smelled like he wore them for a week straight, funky.

    I had a woman next to me in another job whose English language was limited to a pair of sentences, “Oh my God” and “In the worst case scenario” a thousand times a day.

    I had co-workers that talk to themselves and sing loudly and horribly, very distracting.

    Some co-workers stink like ashtrays, not only their breath but their whole person, smokers walk in packs.

    The worst is the female co-worker who makes you look bad and gets management attention because she cries for everything causing the sympathy of the crew making you look like the bad guy.

    To the guy that works in a prison, you make more money than a professional, your benefits have no comparison and you can retire young. We can exchange jobs if you like because for what you have and will enjoy early in your life I can be guarding mother-in-laws and lions at the same time.

  133. Our office is filled with lots of fun characters. However, the best would be the female co-worker that puts her head phones on at her desk and sings ABBA loud enough for everyone to hear. It’s a disco dance party every day!

  134. Annoying?
    o A co-worker making a clicking sound in the back of her throat because she had an itch. SEVERAL times throughout the day, and very loud. Did I mention we worked in cubicles?!

    o On the other side of my cube was a hummer. She hummed all day, and not even recognizable songs!

    o An adult (grown-up, not a child, not incapable…) threw up in the bathroom and came over to ask me to call building maintenance to clean up her vomit. Really?! When I told her I didn’t have the number, she gave up and put an Out of Order sign on the bathroom!!!

    o BO… bad hygiene… unfortunately, I’ve had a few co-workers with this problem in different industries – office environment and food service. Yuck.

  135. The guy next to me calls her girlfriend on daily basis and talks to her about personal things which we all can perfectly hear. I wear headphones to avoid that. He also reaches his groin often for some comfort.

  136. You never know what is in the mind of co-workers, if they imitate you don’t be mad, that means that peoples admires you, it is a type of flattery. Last year I had to constantly go the bathroom, and unconsciously was always complaining about pain, once an angry co-worker told me that I was always complaining and that made her unconfortable. It turns out that I had chron’s disease and a very sick bladder with two stones the size each of a golf ball, I underwent surgery and got treatment for my disease, the doctors were surprised that I was working (8 hours a day and always standing up, because it was retail) and that had not been absent as I was really very sick. After surgey my co-workers are a little more understanding, maybe they realized that although I was very sick, I went to work and nobody had to do my work for me. Never the less those same co-works are constantly absent because of their children, or other excuses, but I don’t complain because you never know what’s cooking in their pots!!!

  137. I have a coworker that curses all the time especially when he is having problems working with any basic computer technology (i.e. word, excel). It frustrates me because A. you should no how to use these programs and B. why can’t you behave/control yourself at the work place. This wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t sit right next door to a very religious coworker (and the wife of a pastor) who tries to play religious music to counteract his foul mouth. Which makes for a very hard workday for me because I can’t concentrate!


  139. Strange? My office of 10 people went out for lunch together to celebrate boss day. We sat down at the local Mexican restaruant and the waitress took our order. It was fairly early (beat the noon rush) so the place was still empty except for our group. My co-worker #1 ordered and then excused herself to go to the restroom. After she came out of the restroom another co-worker #2 went to the restroom. Later, at the office, I learned that co-worker #2 went to the restroom at the Mexican place and discovered human feces in the sink of the women’s restroom. I wasn’t watching that close but I don’t believe anyone else went to the restroom before employee #2 except for employee #1.

  140. Prank’s make work more fun too, I had this buddy that liked to mess with our vehicle’s on his lunch break, so I scared the crap out of him by disconnecting his shifter cable under his truck. It was so funny, he got scared. He had some funny prank’s, but I know more about car’s than him, so my pranks were better. Use you knowledge to you advantage. Whiner’s are lame, and manager’s dislike them as much as anyone else, maybe the manager’s aren’t doing anything because YOUR the on the bug’s them?

  141. One of my mechanics talks to himself all day, sometimes swearing at himself,changes latex gloves every 15 min. or less,goes into the bathroom for 20-30 min. and talks loudly to himself(or his immaginary friend). He is obsessed with keeping his hands clean,won’t touch any doors,handles without having latex gloves and a towel in his hand. He drives a small older car and it has newspaper covering the seats,has day old or older bread and snacks in the trunk from a bakery.
    He has pigeons and other birds flying around in a spare bedroom in his duplex which is a total mess,newspapers,magazines are piled up along walls, and the ceiling has leaks.

  142. Wow. I find it amazing that most of you have jobs, much less coworkers.
    If you guys use the same punctuation, spelling, and diction at work, as you did in these posts, then your bosses have more to worry about then someone who wears to much perfume. As for the ‘ladies’ who find women to be the worst of coworkers, after reading both of your posts, it is more then obvious that the petty, jealous, snide, and gossipy woman in the office, is sitting at your desk.

  143. I had a co worker that became a supervisor and took out her bais behavior by speaking and having conversation about things that happend to her durring the day outside of work that offended lots of people, her name is Heather Frankel. After I made the boss aware and HR they acted like they were concerned and listened to me but then ended up terminating me a week later. Sometime going to HR or speaking to your boss about someone isnt the right choice or course of action unless you have another job ready

  144. Oh yeah, one more story: I was driving through western South Dakota and stopped at a gas station to get a refreshment. As I went to go pay for the drink I noticed a sign behind the counter that said ‘Employees must take shower before coming to work’.

  145. My co-worker is so loud that no one in the office can hear each other. My boss used to close his door, so he can focus on his work. All we hear is her voice. She’s on the speaker phone in addition. She stinks. She uses cheap perfium which goes in your nouse and stays there all day long.She eats at her desk and has food all around her. The carpet has big oil stains, because the scattered potato chips, she drops. She uses a metal ruler and bangs the table a couple of times during the day , so even you are half dead you wake up from it. She drops objects from a distance in her trash can, so pwerfully that you think a bomb exploded next to you.She talks about everybody and insults everybody in their presents.
    She insults minorities, she makes fun of your religion, nationality, and makes fun ofyou at every step of the way. She intrerupts your conversations with others, and takes over.She is very hard to work with, and not only that, but your had is spinning after a day of work spent with her. When she leaves the place she acts like nothing happened and talks to you in the most charming way. At this point you don’t know if she is the most insensitive person in the world, or the smartest ever.

  146. I have a co-worker that is so gross. He sits here and talks like a baby to his co-workers on the phone and to his wife it gets even worse. He pretends to be Hispanic and tries and speak Spanish while talking his baby talk. Yes, I know not so gross, but really it isn’t necessary!
    So why is he gross you may ask? Well let me tell you, besides being one of the most annoying person on the face of the earth he sucks food out of his teeth, after he eats from his desk. His desk by the way is dusty and mold is growing out of his keyboard because he has never cleaned his desk. The dust bunnies are growing out of the backside of his wall. He swallows his hacked up phlegm throughout the day which is very gross to hear. While he never spits – he really needs to.. but that would be too gross I think I would die so I’m thankful he doesn’t do that. The mold is probably growing from his desk from the food that falls out of his mouth along with the germs that come from his mouth from his incisive coughing. Yes I know how insensitive of me.. but if he cleaned his desk once in a while, and was an overall clean person then maybe he wouldn’t be having the outrageous allergic reactions that cause his all these sinus issues. Another habit of his .. is he scratches his very dry scalp then he proceeds to bite the skin off of his fingers afterword’s…. and you know he has to have built up skin in those same fingers he is sucking on. He takes his shoes off and airs out his feet…
    I’m grateful for this job, I get paid well and the work is good. HOWEVER working next to this guy has been a nightmare! And while I hate to complain I can’t wait for him to retire. As I type this lovely description of him.. he is removing the pictures from his cubicle and I only pray that he retires very very very soon!

  147. I work with a relgious nut and we get to listen to gosphel music turned up loud every morning. This same person talks loud, eats loud and when on the phone to a client, she uses a lot of inside company jargon when providing service.

  148. Who cares if people copy your style of dress??? If something so superficial as the way people dress bothers you, you are more shallow and petty than those who copy you. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! Get over yourself! You’re worse than a teenager!

  149. first off need to chill out and take a step back. you are probably some loser chick that noone really likes. youre the butt of everyones jokes, but it okay. nahh 2 you.

  150. My co-worker snaps her gum for 30-40 min intervals several times a day. It is so annoying to me it feels like fingers scraping down a chalkboard. I discussed the situation with the supervisor who basically told me I had to handle the issue myself. I printed an article about how rude it is to snap gum in public and placed it in her mailbox, but it did no good. After realizing nothing would change I placed a fan near me on the desk counter and I run it all day long. The fan provides enough noise to drown out the snapping gum plus the gossip this same co-worker does at various intervals throughout the day. Alas, I finally have peace.

  151. My co-worker Nato is always late because he has to wait at the bus stop until the children board the bus. Then when he finally comes to work all you hear about is his new side business selling applebags and teabags. If I hear about his applebag one more time I am going to scream. My other co-worker Steve is even worse…(when he shows up). Steve arrives around noon plops himself down and looks out the window all day. Sometimes he and Nato discuss teabags for hours. Nato would like help getting his applebags off the ground but Steve is only interested in teabags. How can I get them to stop the distractions?

  152. i work in a restaurant and i am a cashier so thank goodness that i dont have to really work with all the other people at my work.But, there is this one lady that works there, that is the most two-faced phony poser that you can ever imagine. she will be so nice to your face and make you think that she genuinely likes you and she will make you believe that she is your honest friend, and then the next day a different co-worker will come up to you and say “why do you even talk to her? do you know how much she was bad-mouthing you not even a week ago?”. She puts on the best front known to man to all the customers that go in there. She does it just to get a really good tip from them, and then when they leave she will come up to me and tell me that they are morons, and that they smell ect. She is just such a negative energy in the establishment and i hope that the big bosses from corporate catch on to her little game and can her. Everyone will want to throw a huge party when she’s gone!!

  153. Ahh yes…annoying co-workers. My annoying worker shows up to work 45 minutes late EVERYDAY, then talks incessently (in a foreign language) on the phone til about noon, goes to lunch, then finally begins her work about 2. She talks about 30 decibels too loud, and I swear my ear really bleeds on the side that she sits. To top it off, she likes to turn her music up really loud when a song she likes comes on and ask everyone in the office if they want to dance with her, and starts screaming “aye aye aye.” I’ve been trying to get out of here for 3 years now.

  154. I had a boss several years back who used to drive by our houses when we called in sick to see if our cars were in our driveways. I found this out because she confronted me one day after I had been out sick & told me that she knew I was faking as she didn’t see my car in my driveway when she drove by (I lived on a back road that only went into & out of my small neighborhood, there was no way she was just passing by & noticed). Of course I had to call my doctor & have him fax her a note saying that I was at his office. After she got the doctor’s note she told me “well any way, I still know what you do & where you go on your lunch breaks” WTF?!? Was it the Burger King, the Wal-mart, or the bank trips during lunch that she was talking about??? And these were some of the less odd things she did & said. She was a real nut-job.

  155. Wow.. these are things that are annoying… but rather than complain about the habits you find most annoying (I mean, after all is said and done, if you have taken all the steps recommended here by the CareerBuilder writer, and things haven’t changed, understand… they never will. I mean, how do any of you propose to change someone/anyone that sees nothing wrong with what they are doing [again, I think the annoying habits are bad, but there are also those that try to belittle others and gossip and do things to make others feel inferior [now, put that in your hat and call me Bullwinkle]) .. once you have tried your hardest and done the recommended steps to trying to alleviate what you are complaining about, understand that YOU cannot change OTHERS unless they are willing to change. So.. now what? You find creative ways of dealing with it… you become quiet [I see no reason to become one of the pack to get along with them... that means THEY were able to CHANGE YOU!! AND unless you want that change, why submit?] .. take a walk when they seem to unrattle you.. file in another room, go to the restroom and if no one else is there talk it out to yourself making certain YOU understand that the only person YOU are capable of changing is YOU.. and YOU ability to cope.

    As the one writer wrote.. understand the big picture.. be thankful for having a job, for having a roof over your head, for your family who doesn’t behave in these bizarre and uncharitable ways.. and feel sorry for the coworkers that do because, when all is said and done, for behaviors which belittle and hurt others, they must be lacking something very basic in life.. and for those with only annoying habits feel gratitude that you don’t live with them 24/7.


  156. I work with a female who is very smart but very annoying. She reminds me of Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. Every thing anyone says, they will get a full blown explanation on the subject by her. She is so nosey and butts in on everyones conversations etc. All of my co-workers are totally annoyed by this and most of us either walk out of the room or ignore her….you would think she would get the picture!

  157. I bought my co-workers this politically incorrect cook-book for the secret santa last year.. and now they all hate me.. i can’t tell you the title.. but if you google “whipped & Beaten Culinary works”.. you can find it.. but don’t go if you get offended easily!

  158. The next time she moves in put your hand on her shoulder at arms length and tell her to cut it out.

    I had the same issue with the gay guy at the office and I told him the next time he tried it I would break his arm

  159. Amen Lily

    To have a job in todays troubled economy is the one blessing
    far to few have. And to be so judgemental about a few less
    then gracious folks is sad. I am so glad in my own world just
    to have a job I do a little happy dance just before I get here.
    I dont want to scare my fellow co- workers. Or end up with
    someone complaining about a little happiness.

  160. Dumbest article ever with stupid advice that even teenagers are capable of figuring out. Way to make a name for yourself with drivel.

  161. I had a guy once who worked right next to me do the unthinkable…he always talked about it and other very gross stuff. He actually crapped in his pants, enjoyed it, and sat at his desk all day with it!

  162. This is the biggest sign that our society has become too self-indulgent, and while I don’t think it was the author’s intent, we should applaud him for bringing it to light. I can assure you that the people who supplied these “horrors” from the workplace have habits and personality traits that are just as annoying if not more. The only difference is, the guy who is chewing the tobacco doesn’t care (or at least tolerates) that you listen to your NPR too loudly and that feta cheese you put on your salad at lunch smells like feet. Everyone thinks they’re special, everyone thinks they’re beyond reproach, everyone thinks that anyone who impinges on them in anyway is a criminal. Get over it, get over yourselves, and if you’re going to continue to stuff the comment box with notes about how a co-worker is harming the workplace environment, stop and ask yourself how it really affects you and your abillity to work. When you inevitably reach the conclusion that it doesn’t, turn around, sit back down, and do the rest of us a favor and shut the F*&% UP!

  163. I’d rather work with any of those people than you whiners and complainers. I’ve worked with, and managed, all kinds of people. The toughest to deal with are those that complain about others for the most trivial things. Lighten up.

  164. Wow, Lisa, narcissistic much?

    Boots are a current trend. Express is a popular store, their jeans are popular. You didn’t invent either of these trends. I wear boots and express jeans, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be like you. Talk about petty! You’re griping about how terrible women are to work with. Take a look within, my pet.

  165. I have a co-worker that’s sooooooo freaking annoying. I feel like throwing a party every time he takes off from work. This guy whistles/taps off beat to music that he plays on these jumbo sized 1965 earphones, smacks extremely loud when he eats ANYTHING (even gum), uses his speaker phone all the time, never pulls his own work load weight, and complains about everything. It’s enough to make you want to scream. He even had to nerve to ask me to lower my voice because it was picking up his speaker phone and the other person could hardly hear him speak. Since I was talking a co-worker about a time sensitive work related issue….basically doing my JOB. I told him “The best solution to your problem would be to pick-up the receiver and have a nice day”. Honestly, some people can be real jerks.

  166. I feel the most anoying things at work are a loud ringtone on a personal cell phone and personal texting during work time. I am at work to work, my cell phone is placed on vibrate and left in my purse. The important people in my life have my work number and if there is an emergency they can get in touch with me. All others that call my celll number can leave a message.
    I also have a problem with the texting generation. I am close to 60 and yes I do text message. I do however have respect for my job and coworkers and have, on very rare occasions, texted while on my lunch break. One of the administrative assistants has been spoken to several times about text messaging and she continues inspite of the warnings. The management does not follow thru with action to prevent this so idol threats are very frustrating. Companies need to adhear to their policies and or amend them but not ignore the course of action needed to be taken when policies are not followed.

  167. I have taken over a job for someone who has been promoted. But she won’t let go of her old job! She logs onto the application during the day, and when I’m trying to run processes, she will cancel them because it’s not the time *she* thinks they should be run! She wrote a memo to my manager the other day expressing concern that I wasn’t getting work completed, and yet, whenever I try to complete work, she cancels it! And when I spoke with my manager, he said, “I don’t want to get into the middle between you two.” Well – if he doesn’t get in the middle soon, he’ll have the fill the position again, because I’m ready to quit!

  168. I used to work with the biggest Korean I have ever met. He would eat a bucket of warm yogurt throughout the entire day. It would be dripping off of his spoon, splashing back into the bucket, quite repulsive. He never used articles when he spoke and never pluralized words, which was actually funnier than it was annoying. “Stevie, yogurt have probiotic.”

  169. You women who actually pay attention to and care that other women dress like you make me ill. Why do you care? It’s petty and ridiculous.

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Get over yourselves.

  170. I used to work with this guy John that was always staring at my butt. He couldn’t get enough of it. I tried to dress conservatively, (yeah right) but that didnt work. He also loved my belly button diamond. That guy Steve never oayed attention to me. I think he was sahomo..

  171. What! You can’t be serious. That’s why you don’t talk or speak to co workers because you think of yourself as ALL That! If someone talks about you all day long and you seem to say “Get oger it” Quit being sensitive, you are not all woman.

  172. People keep saying that all these whiners should just get over it and be happy they have jobs – but when a person smells and makes you sick, or whistles all day and disrupts your ability to do your job – then you have a right to complain.

    That being said – some of these things are just too funny – we should try to see the humour in most of the situations. As for clothes copying – who gives a crap?
    I had that happen to me in HIGH SCHOOL. Take it as a compliment and laugh it off. Besides, I would feel more sorry for the person who was so driven to compete and insecure that they found it necessary to imitate the way I dress. It’s extremely petty to complain about something like that – makes you sound like a high school princess.

  173. Plug in your ipod, put in the ear buds and drown them all out! Then YOU can forget you have the ipod on and sing too loud & annoy all of them!

  174. We sit in cubicles. The girl that sits over the wall from me absolutely refuses to blow her nose. She will snort so hard she ends up gagging herself. The rest of us gag right along with her. She says it’s allergies and the doctor told her there was nothing they could do for it. Umm…ok…my doctor gives me shots for allergies and I don’t make those kind of noises. Management and H.R. have been advised because she will snort and spit into her trash can, along with sneezing, coughing and gagging all without covering her mouth.

  175. My co-worker coughs only at work and not when we go out for lunch. It is just about to drive me insane because it is all day long. Nerves maybe?

  176. It truly is amazing how stupid people act in a work environment. You are hired to perform a job. Where does it say in that job description that you have the right to HARASS your fellow co-workers. Most companies have anti- harassment policies in place. SMART employees know how to use it to their advantage. Others just GOSSIP, cause trouble, LIE when held accountable – or blame it on someone else. Wake up people….so many in the unemployment lines waiting for your JOB!!!! Obviously, you dont want it!!!!!! Think before you condemn your fellow workers. -

  177. BRAVO!! You took every one of those words right out of my mouth…plucked them right out of my mind! Is this a copyright issue? : ) I totally agree with “farts being funny”! I think I have even been guilty of openly laughing about them at work myself. Especially when I accidently fart in front of someone. What can you do to save face but laugh and apologize. Is this considered openly talking about (OMG) “flatulating”?
    Great comment, jrh!

  178. I have a coworker that eats her eye bugers. She talks out loud and sings and dances at her cube. But all in all, she is a very nice lady. I have another coworker that is so obese, that she grunts in her cube. I don’t know what she does, but it sounds like she’s taking a crap. She also talks very loudly, and in general is a social moran. For example. Anytime our boss says we have a meeting to attend, the first thing that comes out of her mouth is, “is there going to be food?”. She weighs at least 500lbs or more.

  179. One of my co-worker’s is the most disgusting man I’ve ever encountered. He smells of italian hoagies left your car on a 90 degree day. He talks to everyone every time he walks by you, using one line humor that no one ever understands but him. As he walks by he also must shake the change in his pocket. Atleast its a warning that he’s coming your way. Once engaged, he will talk to you until someone saves you. We actually have a buddy system. If one of the girls in the office sees you’re stuck, they will call you and act like they’re a customer just to get him to go away. He has passed gas in front of customers as well as in staff meetings. He sleeps at his desk on a daily basis but always seems awake when free food is in the building. Everyone rushes to get food before him so he doesn’t touch it before they get to it. He will literally stick his entire hand in a bowl of chips and move it around before he takes his share. I just don’t understand how a man of his age has gotten through his entire life with no manners!!!!

  180. One of my co-worker’s is the most disgusting man I’ve ever encountered. He smells of italian hoagies left your car on a 90 degree day. He talks to everyone every time he walks by you, using one line humor that no one ever understands but him. As he walks by he also must shake the change in his pocket. Atleast its a warning that he’s coming your way. Once engaged, he will talk to you until someone saves you. We actually have a buddy system. If one of the girls in the office sees you’re stuck, they will call you and act like they’re a customer just to get him to go away. He has passed gas in front of customers as well as in staff meetings. He sleeps at his desk on a daily basis but always seems awake when free food is in the building. Everyone rushes to get food before him so he doesn’t touch it before they get to it. He will literally stick his entire hand in a bowl of chips and move it around before he takes his share. I just don’t understand how a man of his age has gotten through his entire life with no manners!!!!

  181. iwell, i also agree with most of the comments posted, and for Lisa i think it’s just not women but most of the men also. i wonder most of the time latley, actually why most of the people come to a work place int the first place, whether they even know or do not give a damn about their responsibilities and priorities etc with regards to the job. my coworkers, mostly around 30 or younger, the most important thing is what’s in between their legs and act like headless chickens at the sight of an opposite sex. then the cell phone (sigh!) messaging, facebook, romance, dating, flirting, appearence,gossiping etc etc etc, but the work! and not to mension the managers ahh haah, a bunch of pathetic womanizers if not slobs to tell the least. any female worker who starts here, whithing weeks becomes a queen and

  182. To the ladies that are complaining that their female co-workers are “copying their style”…grow up and get over yourselves. First of all, haven’t you ever heard the saying “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery?” Second of all, the fact that you are complaining about it makes you sound like you’re in high school and that you’re competing for “best dressed” or something.

    If it really bothers you THAT bad that you can’t get over it, try a little helpful guidance with these co-workers. If you’re such a fashionista, then you should have no problem helping them find their own style with a few constructive suggestions.

  183. I have an annoying co-worker that talks about her family most of the eight hours and plans her vacations out loud. She also has this sinus problem that is very annoying she rubs her noise and makes this very disgusting noise. And when she eats she sounds like a dog gulping her food down… she annoys me..

  184. Geeze, if someone copies my style, I figure I got it right!!! Also, if I see someone wearing something I never thought of, I appreciate the idea. I can sympathize with having to work with stinky people or an office tattletale, but that is all
    For my own little habbit – I have a really itchy back and would use the metal ruler in my desk to scratch it when no one was around. I felt self-conscious about it until I saw the owner do the exact same thing with his. Now I feel much better

  185. I don’t know about being strange; but how about plain annoying?
    This comes from co-workers being dumb to everything around them (like they are the only one that exists) and just being inconsiderate all together.

    Cubicle Related:

    Using the speaker phone for all of your conversations rather than just picking up the phone.

    Loud and long song ring tones on the cell phone left ringing/playing while you are away from your desk.

    Talking to yourself. (weird category) and shouting explicatives.

    Yelling out to others across several cubicles instead of just getting up and walking over.

    Radio wars: where everyone plays different music and keeps playing it louder to drown out the other. Every hear of headphones?

    Singing; especially when you don’t know how to or even have the talent to.

    Loud personal conversations on the phone. Last night’s sex, spousal fights, etc.

    Most all of these comes back to irresponsbile bosses who don’t give a damn and are too busy practicing golf in their office. It is no wonder why American productivity is down and shows like “The Office” are so successful on TV.

  186. men are not the only ones that talk about farts. i have two people i supervise and the woman is the one talking about bodily fluids; especially farting. but to make matters even more annoying, both of them quote Seinfeld 8 hours a day. this happens so frequently i don’t even know if what they are saying is their own or a reference. i would much rather hear some whistle (as long as it is not out of tune) for 8 hrs.

  187. Remember, there are people in other countries that do not have a job and would be glad to have yours……OH, WAIT!
    There are people in THIS country that would be glad to have your job!

  188. What if the annoying person is your boss. My boss is so negative. Makes negative comments all day and has a bad attitude. It’s rare to hear anything positive coming her mouth. She likes to dwell on things even after problems have been solved. It’s driving me crazy!

  189. My first name is Shannon, and I have a coworker that insists on addressing me as Shannon-bo-bannon. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it’s demeaning, childish and unprofessional.

  190. I’m sorry but I don’t stink, talk to people constantly, interrupt other’s while they are talking or put my hands on food others will be consuming. I also do not pass gas while others are around. I usually have enough class to excuse myself. I think my co-worker bothers me because he does all the things I was always told are rude and obscene

  191. A former co-worker slept at the office. He had a van parked outside, but we live in a very cold climate so he had patio furniture cushions he slept on inside. (This was all because of several bad business decisions by him – he is an engineer and made a lot of money). He washed his underwear and socks in our lunchroom sink and hung them in the company coat closet. When we came in on Monday he would have the whole office smelling like fish or burned grease from cooking his meals on the George Foreman Grill we had there. He left all the dishes dirty in the sink for one of the two women that worked there to clean up. He washed his hair in the Woman’s bathroom and bathed in the kitchen sink. He left so much pubic hair in the sink it made my co-worker gag until she almost threw up.

  192. At federal agency SSA, 90% of the employees are related to each other which creates a strange working environment for everyone. One of my co-workers has 46 relatives working at the Agency. Her husband works downstairs, cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles work on other floors. Promotions are based on family relations not credentials. If you are not related to anyone at agency, you are mistreated by other employees at agency. It’s become a family business and no longer civil service.

  193. I know how you feel.

    I frequent a mealsite and one of the others was that way, I placed a bar of soap on the roof of his car on the drivers side and apparently he found it and used it. Unfortunatly he must have used it all up, because it was same old, same old in a short time.

    The guy is from China?
    Bet he’s sending most of his money to relatives still in China.
    Does he have a green card?

  194. Sounds a lot like one of my co workers. She is VERY negative and the walls between us are so thin that I hear her constantly talking to the printer, fax machine, computer, or herself all day long! So, you are not alone!

  195. Listen, I agree. Coworkers are mostly idiots. The politics of a workplace are ridiculous and tiresome. For the most part I just want to do the work and go home so I can socialize with people I actually like. But the only thing I have to say is to the single women that are complaining about other married women copying them. It is the sincerest form of flattery. They are jealous because you are still hip and they are stuck with a boring house life. They see how cool and sexy you look and realize it’s better than how they look so they use you for inspiration. I would be ecstatic if I looked so awesome that everyone wanted to look like me. I say just let them copy you and be happy they are. You might think they are trying to outdo you but in reality they are just wanting to be as sexy and cool as you are. You should be a humanitarian and allow them that little bit of satisfaction and be happy you are not the one that needs to copy someone else.

  196. I’ll tell you what I think is the most annoying behavior of all — people who faultfind and take offense as though they are superior to others — not THAT is truly offensive and annoying!!!

  197. My experience is actually with a strange boss. This guy is so bipolar! He got so upset reading an email one day that while he was opening an item he’d purchased for breakfast (and i’m guessing it was incorrect) he huffed and puffed and threw into the trash. LMBO!! About a minute a two later I heard the paper rattling and saw that he had retrieved it from the trash. SMH!
    He also does other strange things such as smacking while eating in the office. I hate that! To make matters worse, he usually does this while wearing his “Do Not Disturb” earphones.

  198. When I first started with my new company I was absolutely elated, the pay was great, the environment was perfect, the sweet little town was instantly home, and everyone was so personable and polite, it my my dream job.

    Then I realized we had a co-worker who was ‘less than thoughtful’, he was obnoxious on his best days. I was just happy that he sat on the opposite end of the department so I didn’t have to put up with him.

    Till my department moved and our new seating arrangement was two to a cubicle. When we got our new seating assignments everyone in the office loudly objected to being assigned to sit next to him and as I was viewed as the most amiable, the diffuser, I got the news, he was my cube mate.

    I sat next to ‘Happy Jack’ for over a year, listening to his constant loud babble, foul language, snipping and cutting remarks, pornography on his PC, pranks. I tried to talk with him to reason out a midway point for us to get along so many times that after awhile I just resorted to wearing earplugs to attempt to block him out. I even went to management and was told that they would move me real soon, try to hang on till then. Finally it all came to an ugly head when he emailed me porno which erased a critical file I was working on for management and I blew my lid. I ended up in medical where they called the paramedics cause my b/p was 215/145, I was stroking out.

    When I came back from my 1 week mental health leave (what the company labeled it) they moved me to ‘the quiet cubicle’ but I could still hear ‘Happy Jack’ in the background. They didn’t do anything to him but give him a documented verbal warning. I on the other hand I got a final written warning placed in my permanent file for pornography, the one ‘Happy Jack’ sent me that wiped out my hard drive. Now I had never had any disciplinary actions, verbal or otherwise, and had even been awarded the highest achievement awards three consecutive times and I had only been there 2 years. I fought it to the best of my abilities, even went to the state for intervention but alas I lost and was told to just keep my head down and it would pass over time.

    I finally left the company a year later when the company relocated to another state but was unable to get employment in aerospace again as the disciplinary action for porno stuck in my file. Can’t get a government clearance either for the porno discipline and mental health leave.

    This is probably the worst extent of what can happen when seated next to a Mr. Strange. Looking back in hindsight I should have quit early on, then filed action against the company. I may have still lost but I would have spared myself a lot of aggravation and my work record.

    Peace to those who struggle with their own ‘Happy Jack’. Sometimes being right is not enough. You have to take care of yourself first, so if it’s find a new job then do it.

  199. What about “chewing gum” and popping and snapping it all the while it is being chewed? No one has mentioned this annoying problem. If you are working close to someone and they do this everyday, all day, it is very annoying, and can drive other’s around this person to just want to strangle the person that is commiting this act. How do you deal with this?

  200. Lisa,

    I don’t think they are jealous and competitive. I think you are paranoid and delusional. You need to get over yourself. And you need to learn how to spell.

  201. Lisa – you are a complete egotist. Do you think maybe your coworkers wear boots because they like to, not because you did. You are definitely the “there’s one in every office”. I bet you think that people use the restroom at work just because you did.

  202. I worked with a woman who had a pot belly pig that was acting up, so she had it processed and brought it to a company function as ham. None of us could eat it since we had seen pics and knew it by name. This is truly the most bizarre thing I have encountered in the work place.

  203. Oh boo hoo. All kinds of people do strange things..I am sure I do too. No one bothers me because I am not neruotic, people will be people…now where did I put my spit cup…seriously..oh there it is…sipt.

  204. I am not really sure how chewing tobacco and spitting it in a coke bottle is strange, maybe it’s a regional thing? I see it all the time here in Oklahoma; I’m to the point where I’m actually happy if they spit it into a seal-able container, to where others don’t have to smell it. I definitely prefer it to people who smell like smoke all the time. (I do not engage in those particular bad habits, FYI, it just bothers me that people who are not from this area of the country would label a tobacco user as strange, he’s probably just a very normal “redneck”.)

    Here’s a weird situation. Some people from work carpooled to a conference out of state. One particular co-worker brought an unusually large and heavy suitcase, so large that other suitcases had to be moved from the trunk and stored underneath everyone’s feet, making the 12 hour car ride extremely uncomfortable. To top it off, the strange co-worker did not change clothes or bathe for the duration of the three day conference. We still don’t know what was in the suitcase.

  205. I work in retail, so when I’ve thought I’ve seen everything from the customers, that’s when my coworkers bring me new things to laugh about. Or just gape at. Whatever the situation.

    I have one coworker that will randomly break out in foreign accents. Doesn’t matter what she’s doing, ringing out a customer, working on the floor, she does it. She also breaks out into song, and she’s not bad at it either. She’s one of those that when she sings, it’s actually good.

    I fortunately work in a store where everyone likes each other. It’s a very friendly environment. Very close knit, so we’re all quirky.

  206. I once worked at a factory with a guy who had a CD with only about 2 songs on it that he literally listened to all day, and sang with – badly. It made an 8 hour day seem like 12.
    And to those griping out everyone for venting their frustrations – that was the point of this article. Come off it, you just need to vent sometimes.

  207. my former (thank goodnes) boss used to enter into the office area that was shared by me and one other girl.. the boss would annouce herself with the following statement: My twat lips hurt.

    while pointing at the referenced area.


  208. how does one know that one has a bad attitude and talks to herself all day long?????? Appears to me, bad attitude is coming from the sender….who may be standing around watching people work – verses WORKING. Must be one of those blonde moments.

  209. We have a femaile co-worker in our office who is whacked. She talks out loud to herself all day and announces out loud what she is going to do next ie. Ok, now I got to send him a fax” She sings to the radio and even worse when she does not know the words she sings “do do do”. She blurts out “OK” loud dozens of times a day for no reason, blurts out loud “OK that’s done” dozens of times a day. Says loud “Oh my god” dozens of times a day. Annoying?? On top of that she arrives late to work every single day by 20-45 minutes. Horrible attandance, sick days, etc.

  210. What a bunch of judgmental babies! Shut up or put up! You all whine too much! Be glad that soldiers have died in wars for you to be so anal! In many other countries you might be shot for even thinking what you have written.

    Obviously you have ALL forgotten the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated!

    The columnist was giving advice, take it for what it’s worth. (It was free by the way, so not always good advice) It was meant to stir up your thinking processes. Some of you might want to try that once (thinking for yourself).

    Oh yeah, and Marcia – TAKE A FRICKING BREATH! You ramble too much!

  211. I hope the co-worker will eat the cheese that falls on the floor.
    I hope the co-worker will walk into your office to pass gas.
    I hope the co-worker will watch 3-d movies at loud volumes.
    I hope the co-worker will bang the gavel on the other side of your wall with no warning.
    I hope the co-worker will whistle only one note for 8 hours.
    I hope the co-worker spits tobacco on the floor.
    I hope the boss drinks out of a cup that looks like a woman’s breast.
    I hope the co-worker puts the business cards back where they found them after they’re done cleaning their fingers.
    You people need to wake up. Because something seems strange to your cookie cut, mass produced lives doesn’t mean you need to correct it. Time spent out of your comfort zone is time for learning, and if the things listed are what takes you out of yours then you have a lot to learn.

  212. Wow! After reading the article and listening to some of the complaints on here, I have to conclude we’ve become a nation of pansies! Who gives a rat’s behind if some dweeb likes to eat the cheese off a pizza box? And the annoying whistler? Who cares! Be thankful that person is so happy and not one of those postal types that will blow your head off at a moment’s notice. The flatulence expert? So what? ALL men will talk about cutting a good one. Believe me!

    If this is all some of you have to complain about, be thankful! That tells me you don’t have enough to do on the job. Unlike some of us who do have real jobs and have some real pains to deal with.

  213. What really ticks me off is all the people today openly using the “F” word. It is really sad to hear supposedly educated, professional people (including bosses) constantly using the “F” word in meetings and group conversations. For what ever reason we are bombarded all the time on TV, Movies, etc. with the use of this word. To me it shows ignorance, lack of maturity and just plain stupid!

  214. you all aint seen nothing, mine eats with his mouth open wide,smacks,grunts,farts and belches. sometimes his false teeth start to fall out,so then he arranges them by flipping them around in his mouth. then he’ll smoke 2 cigs and then find somthing else to eat. he’ll lift up his shirt to wipe off his face in public and show anyone his big ass gross belly. its big and hard looking. my wife had twins and her belly never looked like this.

  215. This joker in my office blows all of these folks away. Try digging in your ears for earwax with a tweezer, wipe your findings onto a notebook, then come back to eat it after several rubbernecking episodes to (unsuccessfully) make sure the coast is clear! This all happening during a round table discussion with all 20 employees cramped in small conference room. Also picks nose and clips fingernails …that hit me in the eye one time.

  216. I recently moved into a new cube and there was a chicken bone left on the floor from the previous cubedweller. I had one neighbor who ate 6 meals a day and bragged that her candybar only had 200 calories. (!!) She’d also go on and on about her guitar lessons, french class, european trips, and music training, all of which I don’t think actually happened. I’ve been stuck by apple-eaters, which would be fine if not for their poor eating habits that include chomping on that first bite and chewing subsequent bites with their mouths wide open. I had a neighbor who would turn around in his chair and listen to every conversation I had, work-related or not. I must say, I’d rather have these annoyances with a paycheck, then to have no annoyances unemployed. It’s still fun to vent, though!

  217. I admit we must have some sort of annoying behavior too but I don´t think any one can handle bugger eating!!! Yes, my co-worker eats his bugger, I have him across my desk and somehow he manages to think I can´t see him but I can!! It is so disgusting I don´t know what to do about it, whenever I see him doing it I fell tempted to stand up and tell him “Stop that, I know what you are doing” but I guess I would feel so embarrassed about it and would´nt be able to exchange words with him as fluently as know. I really feel so misserable whenever he does that!!!

  218. i have a co-worker that talks to herself all day. thinks she makes no mistakes and asks everyone 3 -4 times a day at least how they are doing. if you upset her she runs to the boss. plays music way to loud. we are all thank full that we have jobs, but it is called consideration to those around you. takes only a bit of common sense which most lack. be considerate to your co-worker. keep it to a minimum. we all have to work together.

  219. I sit next to a guy in an otherwise quiet office that:
    - plays air guitar.
    - bangs imaginary drums on his desk top.
    - sings songs out loud that he makes up.
    - dry humps everything in the office.
    - blows and pops bubbles with his bubble gum.
    …all in an office environment.

  220. I was hired by the owner of a company that when I finally met him AFTER being hired realized why..He had NO TEETH and his speech was so badly garbled that I could not understand what he was saying. I most often would nod say yes every once in while, and occassionally chuckle to give the impression I could understand his words. The next in command would say things like “Fusstrated and Flusstrated for the word FRUSTRATED. I was told not to fire anyone without first discussing it with them which turned out to’re gonna wanna dump all these illiterate losers with no concept of personal hygiene but we won’t let you/ All of the people I had under my supervision were drunks, dummies and slobs. It was a nightmare and hillarious all at the same time. My Terminal Manager would spell the word paid “PAYED”

    The Maintenance Director showed up at a training session for employee alcohol testing half an hour late asked for a test kit to “see how accurate it was” and then told the group comprised of the owner, safety supervisor , terminal managers etc. that he had taken a couple of shots of Scotch (black Velvet I think) from the bottle he keeps in the fridge in his office, before coming to the session.

    all true and all still happening!

  221. I totally understand that! Not only does my co-worker talk to herself all day but she also hums and twirls her hair….she is driving all of us crazy! She claims it’s stress! She can’t handle her job either. We have re-delegated her work so many times that we all have to work longer hours to get her things done but she still puts in overtime. She also lies on her timesheet! She needs to find another job!

  222. A co-worker sits on the other side of the wall pops his mouth all day long, then makes this sik-sik-sik sounding noise also with his mouth. He also talks excessivly to other co-workers and when no one is available, he talks on his cell phone. This goes on 80% of the time in a week. The other 20% I believe he actually works.

  223. We have a co-worker that puts everyone else down at work tomake herself feel better. She makes fun of someone losing weight and sais haha you didn’t lose any this week but she should really check herself out in the mirror and see her muffin top hanging all over the place. We are doing a weight loss challenge and yet she eats all this junk and stuff her face and claims she is doing so well ya right. There are woman here that are actually working to lose the weight and I’m sorry honey but when you top over 200 and there are other that weigh over 70 pounds less than you and you make fun of them your just plain jealous. Or how about the fact that she feels the need to walk around and rat everyone else out for what they are doing instead of minding her own business and do her own work. I can’t believe nothing is truly said to thsi person. SHe uses vulgar language and causes a hostile work environment I think I rather the sippy cup or the talking to themself than someone that goes around picking on everyone else to make themself feel better.

  224. Had a former co-worker who started a habit of eating sunflower seeds in the office. He would sit at his computer, spit the shells out into s styrofoam cup he held below his chin with his left hand and work with his right hand. There were always shells on the floor around his desk. This is as disgusting as chewing tobacco when you have to watch it most of the day.

  225. I work with someone who taps or clicks his pen literally ALL day and whistles the entire day long too. Even worse i have a birds eye view of him all day and it is so distracting to a person’s work day! I have tried to make light jokes to get my point across without sounding like a wench, but he just doesn’t get it!

  226. I have the pleasure of sitting between two very different women. On one side (right next to me) I have “Suzy Sunshine.” All day long I have to listen to perky Suzy brown-nosing all the bosses (who she then talks bad about later) and just bubbling over with enthusiasm. Lately she has started to hum to herself all day lont. It’s really annoying.

    On the other side of me (thankfully with a desk between us), there is “Debbie Downer.” To her, the glass is not even half-empty — it is always bone dry. There is always something wrong with her physically and she has to tell you all about it. If you tell her it’s a nice day out, she will respond that it is, but it makes her allergies flare up. She complains about everything!!

    I know that I am lucky to have a job, but sometimes I have to take a day off just to get away from these two.

    (Note to the two women who complained about people copying their style — remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery!

  227. Beth,
    Your comment made me laugh. I don’t find tobacco spitting strange, but I find it to be a disgusting, repulsive habit. So glad I work an in environment where that is not acceptable.

  228. A co-worker sits on the other side of the wall pops his mouth all day long, then makes this sik-sik-sik sounding noise also with his mouth. He also talks excessivly to other co-workers and when no one is available, he talks on his cell phone. This goes on 80% of the time in a week. The other 20% I believe he actually works. By the way, Delusional you really are delusional.

  229. there r mainly men @ my job.. the woman that work here actually work more than they gossip.. everyone gets along great.

    there’s just 1 annoying person that i noticed. this guy is always being x-tra or piggying back off of every e-mail adding in what he can do if this person can’t. he offends people w/these kiss asssss e-mails and it ridiculous… than he is always out of the office.. where does he goes noone knows.. he than comes back and says – i’m taking lunch.. i don’t even knw what his title is? i’m friendly w/everyone here.. but i keep 2 myself..

  230. Donna,

    I have faced this problem before. Gum popping is my all-time pet peeve. It makes my skin crawl. Here’s what you do: After you have listened to the gum popping until you can’t take it anymore, approach the person politley and gently. Say “I’m sorry, but your gum popping is very distracting. Can you please spit out your gum or put in a new piece?” That’s it! Just ask them to stop. Most times, they don’t know they’re doing it or that it annoys others to no end. I have noticed, too, that after a piece of gum has gone “stale,” that’s when the popping begins. Just ask! I swear it works. I have done it a million times, to strangers even. So what if people think you’re a Capital B Word? They’ll get over it.

  231. What do think of a co-worker taht has always work with her supervisor adn had a good relationship. now this worker is saying that she was hit back of head by her supervisor when it was really a tap on head…now she has put grivances against her supevior, shen it was not a hit but a tap…yes, it is 0 tortlence in workplace, but she did not leave work until time to close and she never mention to her supervisor at all . this worker has been baby by her boss and now that job has new management and want things do as they should of been done forever…the boss is good, but i think this boss is to nice and has gotten in troulbe cauxe of this sitution…now the supervisor has a grivanes against her and could lose her job. how do you deal with thiis….

  232. I have co-worker that makes noise ALL day long. She listens to Howard Stern on her head phones and laughs histerically ALL morning. She files her fingernails at her desk. She talks to her crazy hypocondriac mother loudly on the phone. The worst part of it is she has the higher ups convinced she is a great employee, when she has the worst work ethic in the office.

  233. This why the sitcom Barney Miller was so popular and why it remains entirely timeless – because it reflects this real life situation in the workplace. In this case a squad room full of NYPD detectives that have absolutely nothing in common; disparate human beings that really do not like each other but who’s loyalty to each other as a team with a common goal overrides their deeply fractured differences.

  234. I think I worked with that same person. She actually told the HR department that I was wearing jeans one day. (Jeans are not allowed in the office) Please keep in mind I wear suits to the office almost every day. This day I wore a pair of dress trousers and a wool sweater with closed toe pumps. More than appropriate for the office.

    HR called me into their office to talk to me about it. When I walked in they said, What would possess you to wear jeans to work today?” I looked down and said that I didn’t think my Ralph Lauren $900 blue trousers were jeans but if they didn’t want me to wear them any more, I wouldn’t. HR then apologized looked at me and said. “Oh, you aren’t wearing jeans and those pants are beautiful.”

    I still have the pants and have never worn them to the office again.

  235. What you guys face is nothing. I have a co-worker who thinks of himself as an “OCTOPUS” with eight tentacles. He goes about demonstrating mock sexual acts with his imaginary “tentacles”. It’s a daily drama demonstrated on chairs, sitting co-workers, partitions. He fantiscizes sending his “tentacles” undergroung through the concrete floor and into the Vice Presidents cabin (I don’t need to be more explicit). Whats equally irritating id the fact that this deprived individual gets over excited at the sight of a lady, upon which hs flexes his muscles and changes his accent. In addition to the above, all his commments and gestures revolve around bodily secretions especially semen.

  236. Homeless people most of the time have more consideration to others than coworkers. I beleive you are mad because people are describing you in their comments. Don’t you think?

  237. The author of this article has exhibited just as much egocentric behavior by writing this article as they have claimed these other people are. Maybe if you lived in the South as I do you wouldn’t consider tobacco use so vile. You lack of understanding others mannerisms leads me to consider that fact that you are also culturally stereotyping some people as well.

  238. One of my co-workers hums constantly-just a three note hum… not any particular song. It was really bad up until a few months ago when our department moved and I was placed very very far away from her.

  239. Those of you whining about your co-workers. I can’t help but wonder what those same co-workers think of you. Maybe they think your the annoyance/ office joke. We all have habits and oddities that others find strange. Lighten up and focus on something else. There are more important things to worry about. Like keeping your job in a slow economy.

  240. Lucky Me~I don’t think you covered the total foulness of the mucus issue. Its hours and hours of a 2 part process. Part 1, accumulate a cup or so of crap in your throat, and suck it up into your nostrils via strong intakes of breath. This makes a sound like a Buffalo choking to death. Then, part 2, all of the slimy sounding junk is expressed via the nose by a series of long bursts that penetrate even the best headphones and goes on for minutes. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.

  241. I just want to say that emulation is a sincere form of flattery! It’s not competition, she just wants to look as good as you! Why do people buy clothes that they see on hollywood stars or models? Because they thing they are fantastic! I wouldn’t take it negatively, but see you coworker as someone who may feel like they don’t know what’s in fashion, but sees you as an expert on it. They are just trying to fit in and not be old fashioned.

  242. I have one that pops gum alllll day from 7am until 4pm and it gets on my last nerve! I am happy to be working but my job has enough stress the last thing I want to hear is gum popping all day!!!!!

  243. My boss picks his teeth with his mechanical pencil while he’s talking to you, he will then use the SAME pencile to scratch or dig in his ear!

  244. I once had a new co-worker who wore shorts, flip-flops, and a wool cap break the ice by pulling his own tooth out with a pair of pliers from his desk. I was still on a customer call and he’s trying to show me the tooth as I mouthed out “what the f…” to him. Oddly enough we ended up becoming friends.

  245. Spitting into a clear bottle at work is pretty nasty other folks don’t need to see that. If you are going to dip at work use a starbucks cup

  246. Uh oh, I think I might be a “strange” coworker. I quack. Yes, quack. It has become a habit. I quack at my coworkers. At first they thought I was weird, but now most of them quack back. And they give me stuffed ducks as gifts. I also can do a really good ape call, but that would be too loud for the work place. Quack!

  247. What annoys me about my co-workers is that they rummage through my stuff. I can’t keep anything here. I have spoons, forks, knifes, and condiments in my drawer and sometimes I find it missing because people have gone through my drawers looking for condiments or forks instead of the kitchen. I wouldn’t dare to keep anything personal here.

    On the company’s dime, I supply the co-workers with candy. I keep the supply in my cabinets but sometimes they get greedy and take packets of candy for themselves when I’m not here which reduces the supply for everyone else in the office. It’s just frustrating at times to be here.

  248. The purpose is to vent your frustrations about your workplace. Yes, I hate to complain, since I’m fortunate to be employed, but sometimes the annoyances are so bad that you cannot do your work, EVEN with headphones.

    I shared a small office with a coworker (no partitions) who took and placed personal calls all day long to every family member imaginable. The thing that made it so much worse is that these calls seemed so unimportant and pointless that it just drove me crazier (ex: “There’s chicken in the freezer. Can you go buy buns?.”) Not to mention she has trouble controlling the volume of her voice. She would also text all day long, and had her phone on vibrate, which would rattle her desk constantly. If this doesn’t contribute to an unhappy workplace, (thus MUCH less productivity) I don’t know what does. It took over a year for this to be properly dealt with (bosses don’t want to hurt your feelings anymore apparently). Now I have a private space, but I’m telling you, it was hell. I can still hear her voice a few offices away… no joke.

  249. How about being fired becasue your co-worker tells about her drunk a logs everyday and was sent home three times because she was still drunk? I was fired for complaining about her apperance- dress code- and attitude – they called it harrassment—when I tried to collect unemploment they tried to stop that-however they did not document anything Then my boss wrote me two letters -one email and another a card saying how she missed my feindship. Is she kidding. My life is better today – and happy to be out of that toxic place!!

  250. Well I have been next to a person for 5 years who sleeps all day, snores, and when she is awake she talks over cubicles so loud she is disruptive, I have a hard time functioning, I have complained to the supervisors, HR, etc and nothing is done. I think it is because she is on FMLA. Who knows. I have never experienced anything like this before. I read above the possibility of moving. I earned my place by a window out of senority. It is not fair. I have tried ear sets. When I am on the phone it is so hard to hear. Hear voice is very loud and carries. I have also tried to speak with her and let her know she can be a bit loud and she becomes very defensive. When she is sleeping several co workers have woke her up. Her lead only tells her ” Pammie wake up.” It is unreal. It is driving me crazy. When she completes a call she makes sure everyone in the office knows exactly what a @^$^* the person on the phone was. She pops pain pills like candy, I often wonder if this causes her to sleep and talk so loud. Any suggestions other than what I have already done.

  251. Wow it sounds like you’re the catty one- someone has to be competing with you just because they decided to wear boots? Really, grow up.

  252. are you fucking serious!!!!!! it’s this type of petty bullshit that will ultimately be the destruction of this once great country! truly pathetic!!! is this what we’ve become? really? a bunch of college educated whiney ass, little pukes, that need someone to write us an article so we can better understand how to deal with someone who isn’t of the same dial tone that i am? you know when it all comes crumbling down around us, we need to remember one thing, we got EXACTLY what we deserved

  253. I had a co-worker who used to line up his spent shell casings on the edge of his desktop computer. And when several female coworkers complained about it, our boss needed to be counseled by HR after defending the practice. I looked at my boss and pointed out the guy was a contracter, just let him go. I always wondered if he kept the gun in his desk, just in case we were attacked by terrorists. Seattle, what a place!

  254. My coworker eats yogurt every morning at work. It takes her at least 20 minutes to eat the tiny little cup. Each spoonful is a visually inspected in which I mean it is turned over a time or two before entering her mouth. I guess she is making sure the yogurt to fruit ratio is adequate. After she eats that spoonful of yogurt, she licks the spoon to make sure she gets every freaking drop of yogurt mixture that might be embedded in the grooves of the plastic spoon. Front side, back side, down the handle. Back and forth, back and forth, like a dog licking its’…ummm….leg. BTW, She uses a plastic spoon because it is smaller than regular utensils and she doesn’t want to take time to wash a regular spoon. Niiiiccccceeee.

    Then she repeats this process. For. Every. Spoonful. Of. Yogurt.

    When you think there’s nothing left to her yogurt container, she then scrapes the remnants until she gets that last spoonful of yogurt yumminess. The “kill me now” factor is after that last spoonful, she painstakenly scrapes little bits of yogurt until the container is completely clean. Seriously, nothing is left in the container. No residue at all. , , , …UGH!!!

  255. I work with a co-worker who has to look at you while talking to you. The worst is when you are in the restroom and she comes in she’ll strike up a conversation with you (and wether or not you respond) she’ll go into the stall next to you, stand on the toilet and look down at you while you do your business; talking to you the whole time.

    Comments to her like “that’s not appropriate behavior”, “Do you mind”, “if I wanted an audience I would have left the stall door open”, etc have no affect on her.

  256. My boss prints a set of reports every morning – which is about 50 pages. He takes a look at them – for about 1 minute – then rips them in half and throws them in the trash. Totally freaky and a waste.

  257. I agree with practicing the goldenrule. I also think hats should be removed when entering a building or cover. You guys should quit complaining about others-lest you ask what they think of you. If your coworkers have annoying AUDIBLE habits get an ipod and a set of noise-canceling headphones. If the problem is someones BO then talk to the person politely but firmly. If you don’t necessarily share teh persons taste in attire give them a gift certificate to a high end store(most of the time they offer rebates through the mail-cost you nothing) or ask to spend some time with them outside of work and take them shopping(a nice gift). subtlelty is never under appreciated. If that does not work tell your bosses that there are clear violations of company dress code and WITHOUT POINTING, show some examples. But before you do this BE THE EXAMPLE OF GOOD BEHAVIOR.

  258. The worst this is to work with a lazy, back stabing and think there s..t don’t stink. Also work with Temp employees all they doo is mess things up, and you get blaned for there mistakes, then get fired over a head hunting boss that has no idea what she is doing.!!!!

  259. I had a coworker who would use the speaker phone on every call, I knew everything about his tasks and in meetings when he was not there could answer management whenever they had a question about status of his work. Another coworker made the comment that I back spaced a lot and that my keyboarding was too loud, no one else could hear it. I told him to turn his hearing down, he was too sensitive. Once my manager sat next to me and whenever the Capt came by (we are civilians) they would get into loud verbal fights about work. My partition wall was about three feet high so it was essentially in my office. I would finally start asking some questions of each of them, which seem to throw them off track and the yelling contest would break up.

  260. I adore all of my co-workers, they are each quirky in their own right, but makes for a fun day. I have always for the most part, enjoyed the people I work with.
    We talk about farts all the time, it makes for a fun day!!

  261. I’m lucky to not have had really annoying co-workers. The worst I got was someone in the office next to me talking on the phone a lot in another language. But if you have this kind of issue it can just be solved with an iPod and a pair of headphones. If your job will let you do that then you can drown out any annoying sounds that your co-workers might be making.

  262. I’m a stay at home mom (16 years and counting) so I guess my co-workers would be my children and you don’t want to get me started on their gross and annoying habits. But what I wonder is how many of you could handle what I do? It’s a VERY lonely and boring job. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to laugh at someone elses quirks.

  263. What about the co worker who NEVER SHUTS UP ABOUT HOW PERFECT HER KID IS? Nobody cares on a day to day basis what hes doing every minute of his day ughhhh shut up!

  264. Oh, My! Hope you feel better after the rant you posted here concerning your neighbor. It is almost as long and obnoxious as her “shortcomings”.

  265. I have an idea. Instead of everyone on here just complaining about all the people they work with, do something about it!!!! Nobody is forcing you to stay at your job. If there is something about your job you don’t like, then go find a different one! It’s really quite simple. Otherwise, quit all the petty complaining and just learn to accept people as they are…quirks and all.

  266. I have a female co-worker that cackels like a witch, butts into conversations, and makes crude and sexual comments about everything. She is the only female in a group of 8 guys and she is driving us all nuts!

  267. The company I worked for played loud elevator music all day coming from ceiling speakers placed directly over our cubes. When I complained to management I was regarded as a troublemaker. I had to wear ear plugs or go crazy. It reminded me of one of the means of torture reported at Guantamano.

  268. This guy next to me says basically all the time – he phones people and without saying hello he starts “basically” and then the conversation isnt basic at all – he also likes to through the air quotes about a bit too frequent – and say feck , fecksake – on fridays he is like father Jack.

    Would sasy something to him but think he might take me out… and i dont mean for dinner……


  270. I had a coworker twice my age who used to hate the sight of me. One day I was accused of making a mistake right in front of her and once the supervisor stepped out of the office she (coworker) stuck her tongue out at me and walked away. Three minutes later she walked in the office and the supervisor returned to apologize to me stating that I was doing a great job to continue my good work because it wasn’t my mistake. Guess who came to me afterwards trying to make up?

  271. I have had more than one annoying coworker but one sticks out more than others. An older woman boss of mine would sing (badly) a lot. While we would attempt to concentrate, she would talk to herself. If that didn’t work to get attention she would regale us with stories of her children (many of them) and “her son in law the doctor” and his lovely wife. This woman could not bother to repair a missing tooth from the front of her dentures. She played favorites, refused to give crucial information, displayed a negative attitude continually and basically was a royal pain in the ar$e.
    As for Linda, you are the annoying coworker. Guess you didn’t realize it but other people are allowed to dress however they choose. You didn’t invent boots and jeans so get over yourself.

  272. I work in a very small office, just the 2 of us. My co-worker is also the owner of the business. I can honestly say, I have never met a more unclean person then he. I swear, homeless people are cleaner then him. He bathes maybe once a month, and most days smells like poo. He must never brush his teeth or use mouthwash because his breath is so bad there have been times where I literally started gagging when he was talking to me. He changes his clothes maybe once every other month. By month 2 his jeans are so dirty it’s distgusting. How do you tell your boss that he has a serious problem with hygiene? Not to mention, you should not have to tell an adult that they need to bath, brush their teeth, and change their clothes. We are not talking about a child here! In addition to his lack of hygience, he talks to himself all day long, mumble, mumble, mumble. He makes weird noises constantly. When he talks to people on the phone, he insults them. He laughs at everything, EVERYTHING. His actions have gotten considerably worse over the years. And we are talking about a 53 year old person here. Yes, I could quit, but I’m not stupid. I won’t quit unless I have another job to go to, and believe me I have been looking for months! I have a mortgage, car payment, credit card bills, the normal bills. With the economy the way it is, it’s hard to find another good paying job. But, as soon as one comes along, I’M OUTTA HERE!!

  273. SC, you mentioned insane females copycatting and all that. I hate that crap.

    Here’s an annoying co-worker for you. When I was working under a particularly large Nursing company as a trained, certified CNA, I hadn’t even finished my 10-day training and on my last day of it, I was on the floor and had just returned to work. The aide who was supposed to be with me, didn’t let me know she was going out to smoke and left me alone. Because of a situation that ensued because I had no help, caused me to get fired. THAT is a NASTY habit. BTW, this is the same CNA that was basically tossing the Residents into their chairs and wore her ID tag right where they could get cut — often.

  274. All I have to say to Lisa is, “Get over yourself.” You obviously think you are superior to all of your co-workers, which is the most annoying quality a person can have. You take a positive situation where people admire your sense of style and make into a negative one (because you can’t stand anyone being on the same level as you). Then after putting such importance on Express jeans you criticize her for shopping too much. The truth is, you’re the one who gives female co-workers a bad name (i.e. that we’re too competitive, selfish, materialistic) not them, so shut your trap.

    You may have one gripe to make about people telling you how to live your life but otherwise, I’d be glad to work in your office.

  275. At my old job we were re-arranging what desks everyone sat at. When I went to my new desk, I had to clean out all of the chewing tobacco from the guy who sat there before me. Then the guy I sat next to ate sunflower seeds all day long and never emptied the cup at night. Just kept adding to it until it was full.

  276. Cubicle Dweller… sounds like some of the idiots over the PA at my local Wal-crap store. If I were you, I’d start putting in Reume’s quietly to find other places of work since this one isn’t doing you any better. Otherwise, go up the ladder and talk to the Upper boss above the other 2, or file a Written complain to HR.

  277. I used to take minutes in a weekly management meeting and one day my boss started licking his fingers in the middle of the meeting. He just sat there like a big, fat cat licking his paws.

  278. I have a co-worker which is actually my supervisor, and I share an office with her. She constantly talks about politics all the time. She has gotten me to the point to where I look at people like democrats and republicans which I never did before. She refuses to eat at a restaurant because a republican owns it. She has nothing nice to say about a republican just because of their political beliefs, even if they are a nice person overall. I cannot stand to come to work to share an office with her that she has literally made my stomach hurt and made me clinically depressed and then when she eats, her jaw pops when she chews. So can it get any worse than that? When I go out to eat, she thinks my name is Toby, and she wants me to bring her back something to eat as well. She cannot finishe her work because if I order something via internet, she is too busy trying to put her big foot in my shoes or trying on my clothes in the office and flitting around in the office. She has no boundaries whatsoever. Talk about unprofessional!!

  279. Are you kidding me, these are the worst you could come up with. Stop whining, get back to work, and be happy you have a job. You have a lot of people out there to support! What a nation of pampered little babies we’ve become!

  280. I had a coworker who mumbled all the time, you could hardly make out what he was saying. He was fat and red-faced. I have no clue as to what if any work he did. He should have been fired years ago. And he had a red Swingline stapler….Way too overprotective of that thing. They finally moved him down in the basement. After our company office burned he decided to take retirement. ….Now I work a construction job.

    Art imitates life.
    ; )

  281. Delusional, It’s you who needs a reality check. To compare these problems with soldiers fighting for your freedom is just plain stupid to say the least. You’re taking a truly annoying situation that some people have and comparing apples to oranges by bringing up vets like me. I don’t want your help to defend what I or others might have done. You quote the Golden Rule and yet does it actually strike you that maybe it’s the weird people at these places that don’t follow the Golden Rule by subjecting others to their slovenly habits?

  282. Lisa and SC – immitation is the highest form of flattery. You must look great because women don’t typically want to copy other women’s styles. If they see your petty posts, they’d probably not feel so inspired anymore.

    Two thoughts for the readers: 1. Be grateful (for your job, your coworkers, the $$ you bring in, etc) – it will change your perceptions/perspectives 2. Be as gracious and generous with others as you want others to be with you – everything comes back around in your life. I promise you, you have habbits that make someone want to spit nails as well.

  283. Anyone remember the Dark Crystal with the bird whining with “HmmmmMMMMmmmm…HHHMmmmmMmmmmmm”

    A person at work does that…it is annoying.

    We have some people that just say a word over and over and over even on the phone.

    The guy next to me clears his throat every time he passes in front of you and on the phone.

  284. To everyone saying, “You should be happy you have a job” or “Quit whining and quit worrying about others”. Whatever. How do you know that we aren’t all happy that we have a job? It’s simply that we want others we work with to act civilized and professional. Yes, there may be some on here that are complaining, yet we don’t know all the facts and that they themselves are being childish. But, I would tend to believe that the majority of the people on here have a legitimate situation to complain about, because people, in general, are inconsiderate a-holes. So, to all those people telling others to stop being whiny babies, why don’t you get off of YOUR high horse and let people vent a little bit about the inconsiderate people they have to work with. I, for one, had to work with one of those people that whistled incessantly. It’s very hard to concentrate on your work.

  285. There are a lot of people chewing gum and clacking on your ears, that drive me crazy and their hair extension all the way down to their butt and their wigs, when you talk to them they give you unbelievable story, who are they kidding just themselves, then when they get a man to date them if he does not like the hair , they take it out like they never said those stories, I am embarrassed to talk about this, then every sentence start with he says this and that, I wish there is a law to wear their natural hair at work places.

  286. My Boss picks his nose and chews his fingernails in meetings. He’s always got a booger on his nose and fingernail chips on his shirt. He also chews his pen and sniffs it. A truly disgusting individual.

    I’ve also had a cooworker who had no problem farting in the office…nasty!

  287. I worked in a men’s max security prison for the last 10 years. Talk about weird. Everyone seemed to have their quirks that make some of these look relatively mild-and that is the staff, not the inmates! Now that I’m laid off, I guess I must have fit in well with this bunch of misfits because I miss my former annoying, rude and crude, dirty-joke-telling, prankster coworkers. Well, I don’t miss the dental hygenist who never brushed her teeth and never washed her hands after using the restroom, she was just plain gross.

  288. We had a group of workers from our other location move into the empty cubicles on our floor. On more than one occasion, a lady in that group would eat part of her hamburger in the bathroom and then try to flush the rest of it down the toilet. Our cleaning lady was in tears. For a month straight, the weekly senior managers meeting was nothing but fielding complaints on how nasty and dirty these 30 women were!

  289. Former boss in a state job shaved her armpits every morning in the neighboring cubicle. She weighs 350 lbs+ and would do her personal hygiene in her cubicle.

  290. I think it is valid for people to voice their complaints about co-workers. Even for those of you who have lost your jobs, you at one point (hopefully) were working and had issues with some of your co-workers. We have to be with these people for at least eight hours out of our day, so yes, we get to know most of them. We even have some people’s work routines down to a science!! Like the Smoking Crew’s breaks for instance. Please stop calling people cry babies, and “people who should be grateful to have a job”. I work in a realty management company and there are typical CHARACTERS at my place of employment. 1) The Office SWEET gossiper (say this with a lisp) 2) The Office Know-It-All 3) The Lazy Bum 4) The Office Bully/Kiss Butt/Micro Manager 5) The Facebook/MySpace Lovers (which has been blocked in rest days, YEAH!) 6) The HR snakes and so on and so forth. The Lazy Bum is absolutely amazing. He arrives at work around 8:00 and receives about TEN phone calls from his WIFE all before 10:00AM. Why??? We have yet to understand why. The Office Sweetie is great friends with the Lazy Bum and Sweetie harasses women here about any little thing. . . Imagine that a Sexist Sweetie!! Sweetie also allows The Lazy Bum to get away with bloody murder, but, when he had more women working under him he acted like Hitler, attempting to get many of them fired by starting rumors. And he’s known to be in his office throwing a Sissy oops I meant Hissy fit! Cursing and throwing things. Though I do not condone violence, it does make you laugh to imagine some of these Idiotic people getting their due.

  291. It’s hard to believe some of these copmpaints! You all should be considering yourselfs luck to have a job. I was laid off in Nov. 2007 and have’t had a regular gig since. Suck it up and move ahead. Too many compainers in this society.

  292. I have a co-worker that clears her throat every 3 seconds….but she’s not clearing her throat, just making noise. Is this a case of turrets syndrome? Just wondering! :)

  293. I have a co-worker that likes to get right up in your face and talk (she wispers loudly, actually) and she smells like coffee and cigarettes. She always invades everybody’s personal space because she thinks what she’s saying shouldn’t be overheard. I’ve tried sutbly backing up from her, but she just keeps coming forward. So annoying!

  294. LiLyPierre: I hate to call you out or go off topic but post such as yours is what annoys me the most. Must like co-workers that seem to think they know it all or that they are high and mighty when they are just as guilty as the rest of us.
    Here is a fun fact for you. While you condemn the rest of us for commenting on an article, you clicked and read the same article that we read. It was not titled, “The 10 reasons for unemployment” or anything of that string of thought. You condemn the rest of us for comments made yet your own curiosity drove you to select that URL. Hmmmm, “hello Pot my name is kettle”

    So LiLyPierre I say good day to you, and if you would please next time you show up to work please stop all of the whistling, please take a bath, and for the love of all that is holy leave me alone.

  295. Ha, ya’ll think you have it so bad working with these people for 8-10 hours a day. I am a fireman and I work with my co-workers for 24 hours a day. We sleep in the same rooms as one another we bathe in the same bathrooms…If you truly think you have it that bad to work with someone for a whole 8 hour workday try living with them for 24 hours. We work 24 on and 48 off…so that equates to we live with them a third of our life.

    So when you think it cant get any worse just think of having to live with them as I do.

  296. I will take any of your jobs and you can have my unemployment check.( which will be gone at the end of April). I know I could deal with any of these issues.
    There are ways to work with all of these issues. If you are not trying to help resolve these issues you are part of the problem.

  297. I had an officemate who would:
    1. Brush her teeth at her desk and spit toothpaste and rinse water in the trash.
    2. Trim her leg hair with her scissors and left the hair on the floor for EVS to sweep up.
    3. Floss at her desk.
    4. Trim and file her nails!!
    5. Leave food in the microwave.

    It grossed me out so bad I had to switch offices!!!

  298. My brother Bertis works with me…. He never seems to change his clothes and it smells like he actually doesnt even change his socks or underwear for that matter. People are starting to look at me like I am the same way and its the furthest from the truth.

  299. LOL shit this is funny. All the things on that list are normal around here. I do a lot of things on the list

    Co-worker ate the cheese off the pizza box at a company meeting. i would
    Co-worker talks openly about flatulence. yes
    Co-worker in the cubicle next to me wears 3-D glasses with the lenses removed. totally
    Co-worker repeatedly bangs a mallet on the table for no apparent reason. why not?
    Co-worker whistles eight hours a day. i could
    Co-worker chews tobacco and spits it into empty soda bottles. Pretty often (grizzly mint in a mountain dew bottle)
    Former boss brought a baby sippy cup to a meeting and started drinking out of it. lol
    Co-worker cleaned fingernails using a counterpart’s business card. whatever works for ya

  300. Kera,

    Wearing perfumes, colognes or after shave which causes another person distress from allergies, asthma, etc. Can be stopped – legally. Like smoking, anything that a person does which affects another person’s HEALTH in the work place opens the business up to a lawsuit if management will not take steps to stop it. Some perfumes/fragrances are also severe migraine triggers for some people.

    If fragrance is worn, another person should NOT be able to smell the scent unless they are within a foot of the wearer. Scent is supposed to be subtle and pleasant. It should NOT be strong enough to knock someone out if they happen to walk into the elevator, restroom, or office space of the wearer!

  301. I can relate! My next-cube neighbor talks to her self all day long, but she also has a very loud “slow leak” and is always tisking and swearing under her breath. She is hostile and completely unapproachable. She is leaving to another department (poor people).

  302. I gotta second that. This article lists a few slightly annoying, slightly disgusting habits but it is just the everyday grind otherwise. As far from “weird” as it gets, really.

    Of course, if I worked in a clean room for Intel, this might be a different response. I’m pretty sure that the rest of the world is enjoying little quirks like the ones listed above constantly.

    I suppose that my point is this: Everybody has gripe about a coworker. There’s nothing “weird” about that or the slew of stories in these comments. This article couches everyday grievances in terms of the “weird” so that it will gets hits when the true purpose is to provide a forum for all the whiners spouting off in the comment section.

    Really. If you need a hanky, go get one. If you need to talk it out with your coworker, do it. But spraying bs here is not productive.

  303. Seriously! How annoying are all these people who keep scolding us for complaining about our freaky co-workers? How probable do you think it is that these guys are considered the annoying ones at their jobs??

    Leave us be! We need to vent some how.

  304. Lighten up ya friggin witch….it’s a light-hearted article that’s supposed to be humorous…..go buy yourself a sense of humor.

  305. All this against your neighbor, u need to be religious. It might convince you that you need to be her friend and help her with her grammar and other weaknesses.

  306. I don’t think anybody could be that bad… maybe if you take some time to get to know her you’d see that everyone has something good to offer. She just sounds lonely to me, and it’s offensive to people who are religous that you put (i’m on religous) at the bottom of your rant, because of what it implies.

  307. DEDH – shuddup – so the workplace should change for your pregnancy – don’t be so self absorbed – BTW you seem to have plenty of time to notice someone else not working – maybe your 8 hours a day is suspect – when I worked for the DoD I worked 10-12 and never whined or cared what the other guy was doing

  308. Ok Linda…And always remember this — the things that annoy you most about other people are really the things you hate the most about YOURSELF!

    Really? Just because I find the unprofessional things others do at my place of work annoying doesn’t mean I actually do them! I would highly doubt that all of these people posting are hypocrites.

  309. If someone has an obnoxious habit or is disrupting work and refuses to change – set up a secret webcam and capture it. Then anomyously email it to everyone on your local area network. You might give them a warning (again anomyously) that the “avenger” is watching you.

  310. Oh my word. You need to get over yourself. Wearing boots is “your thing”?? Apparently the rest of the planet has copied you because they have been a big trend for quite a few seasons now. You are delusional, and clearly the one who is the competitive one. BTW, if someone comments on a “sexy” shirt in the workplace, you’ve definitely got it all wrong. What an inappropriate clothing choice for a county job. I feel sorry for you.

  311. Been there with the guys and their chewing tobacco. I would sit in hours long meetings between two guys that were spitting into soda cans. Felt more like a duggout than a white collar office.

  312. My braless, biker chick coworker puts her headset on and “sings” opera-like to her acid rock so loud that even having my headset on full blast can’t drown her out. She does this to drown out the other co-worker that talks to herself constantly. This place is a zoo. The problem is with all of this is no one knows what common curteousy is anymore.

  313. I have a co worker that is very ambicious. Not for the love of the job, but to get more money to party and do drugs. He even has managed to get our boss addicted to aderrall and is selling it to him to supplement his rent. They are even going as far to set me up as a failure so that he can get promoted up to my position. But When I look at the big picture, he is setting up the boss as well because he brownnoses with all of the bigwigs trying to climb the ladder as fast as possible, with no knowledge as how to run a maintnenace related company.

  314. Maybe we need to start back teaching work ethics in school. It seams that we have all forgotten the ten rules of work ethics, There was a time when you were proud of your job, now you are proud of having a job. Sometimes you do things just to make the time go by faster and do not relize we are bothering someone else. Maybe someone one else is just looking to be bothered just to make their day worth while. It’s just like the guy at Golden Coral the other day that thought it was funny that he had a cell phone blocker. He almost had to eat it. Just put it this way it don’t work under tea. He said it was just fun to see all the people trying to use their phone. I didn’t think it was very funny that he had his fun and didn’t like my fun of mixing his tea for him. We need to get back to the work ethics rules.

  315. So she should leave her job because someone else isn’t following the norm of cleaning their self and is smelly? Really? It all comes down to respect, and people who don’t respect others, don’t respect themselves.

  316. I work in a public school office with 3 other women – it’s LOUD (lots of kids) constant phones. One gal stands up whenever she gets a phone call and talks REALLY loud while facing me. One thinks the sun rises and sets for her and glares at me all day. The other puts her chair down so low no one can see her. I call it the kennel. You figure it out.

  317. I think it’s funny all the people making posts about “quit complaining” etc etc, and yet this is what the whole point was – to have people post what their coworkers do to annoy them. Of course it’s petty, of course we are glad to have a job – and annoying coworkers, but this is exactly the place to make those rants & posts about the annoyances. For you jobless with no sense of humor, I truly hope you find your annoying coworkers very soon. I have annoying coworkers too – but they aren’t annoying ALL the time…this whole topic is laughable and I’ve enjoyed reading the silly annoyances/weird things people do…

  318. We are a family owned business, in a relatively small office. My desk and another co worker are close to the bathroom. We had a co worker that would use the facilities and disregard his actions while in the facilities. But thankfully after an email to the office and then a second email copied to the boss/owner, he has corrected his ways. Thank goodness for candles, vent fans, and air freshner. very disrespectful.

  319. The problem is that people are sooooo rude, self centered and inconsiderate that they don’t even care to have the professionalism to behave properly and maintain some ettiquette. This is why I believe that telecommuting should ALWAYS be an option in today’s workplace. This is another sideffect of the entire SLOBBIFICATION of America, to include horrible workplace attire, no manners, poor grooming and a laxed attitude towards life. Managers should be shot for allowing this type on nonsense to go on at work. It takes nothing for people to shut up, do their work, focus and leave their screwerd up personalities at home. One would think that people were raised by wolves… but this is the sad world we live in!

  320. I had a co-worker who would walk sideway with his back against wall. Another co-worker like to print out documents and read them in the bathroom stall and laid the pages on the bathroom floor. He also loves to bring the newspapers in the lobby to the stall while taking a dump and would put it back where they were after he was finished. Another myterious co-worker who we were never able to discover his identity occasionally took a dump on the bathroom floor.

  321. I have a co-worker who does mot understand the words “Blow your f*^%$ing nose.” He sits around for hours snorting up his mucus and this is extremely annoying. I tried to bring this to his attention, but he did not get the message.

  322. I have a co-worker that everytime lunch arrives she digs right in and eats. Never once did she wash her hands which is disgusting. When your coughing all over the food and then touching it. Ask me if I lliked to share a soda with her and I quickly refuse!!!! Just Nasty!!!

  323. She must be related to the one I saw every morning going into another co-workers desk drawer, taking her deodorant and applying it right in the middle of the office. Crazy!

  324. In a huge room with over 40 programmers, everyone was required to turn their phone ringers off and use a “light” to indicate a ringing phone. This was to keep the noise down. Yet my co-worker refused to use voice mail and used an answering machine instead. Not only did we have to listen to his answering machine several times a day, but he talked back to every message! How annoying. I found out yesterday that he is now the boss!

  325. I have a co-worker who clips coupons once a week, sings all day to her CD’s. The singing rivals that of a whale mating call. But worst of all she clips her toe nails at the office!!! I have a male co-worker who DRONES on and on through out the day, telling the same stories over & over. It got so bad, we invented a Bingo game full of his stories. Eventually, we quit because we started thinking, gee if he’d just tell this story, I’d get a bingo. We don’t want to hear the stories!! He is a tattle tale, forever instant messages the boss to try to get his co-workers in trouble. The supervisors ignore it, like they ignore everything. He can’t be told he’s wrong, or what would have been a 15 minute conversation turns into a 4 hour long speech.. And to the people who say oh, boo hoo. Of course, I’m happy to have a job & that’s partly because I suffer in silence, try not to make waves & whine about it later to other co-workers, friends & family & of course on line when the subject comes up!

  326. I have a co-worker who makes a big deal about what my boyfriend does. I’m a very privet person who keeps my home life home, but one day she asked me if I had a boyfriend and what he does. I told her he is a USMC and he works overseas. She has been so rude to me and never has anything nice to say about my boyfriend or the USMC. I never told her anything about him or us or talked about my home life at work. So she has no reall information to go from. I stopped talking to her 8 months ago and yet she still keeps talking to me….

  327. Hey “G” Get a life and a real job!!! You work at a prison?? What a looser!!! You have to be so lazy and proud to work there. The prisons are so locked down that the guards don’t do crap!! Its all computer controlled. What is your joint???21/3 or18/6 so you can sit in the bubble and sleep you lazy uneducated piece of crap.
    What were the job qualifications?? Heartbeat??Count to 10??
    I bet u make up stories to tell so it seems like u have a tough job….OOOOthen there was a fight and someone got slapped…yea right…the inmates are so scared of getting tickets or commissary taken away they don’t do nothing. Makes sleazeballs like you work for nothing..get paid for nothing.
    Inmates need to take the prisons back!!! So punks like you actually have to earn your money. You are worse than them…You are a piece of garbage!! You suck up taxpayers money and sit on ur but and press buttons on your touch screen…or sit in the tower and watch porn and drink and sleep. You are just a scared punk who most likely got his face beet in many times by bullys and now you want to act tough. Get a life you scared little boy.

  328. If they chew tobbaco…leave em alone. It’s their affair and I’m sure you’re annoying in your own right. Oversensitive Americans…find something legitimate to bitch about whiners.

  329. Annoying employees are the worst. But perhaps the most annoying employees of all are the ones who enjoy working long, unpaid overtime hours and weekends. They make people who don’t (the people who have lives) look bad. Read Corporate Life Sucks for more.

  330. I used to be subjected to the smells of 2 male co-workers who would purposely eat bad stuff for lunch and tell me they planned to return to the office and stink it up. They would tell me to plan on an early day or find something to do outside of the office that was work related because they planned on passing gas. Luckily, I was laid off and no longer have to deal w/ that anymore.

  331. I’m living in Mexico, and some co-workers have an awful habit. Day after day and in any situation the people are smoking despite the law forbides that. Unfortunately I can’t to complain about this because the people that smoke are the owner and his relatives, whose are working in this company too.

  332. First off, I am thankful to have a job. BUT, when you are forced to share a very small office with co-workers, everyone should be courteous and respectful. I do not appreciate sweating my a$$ off all day because somebody insists on running their heater all day. PUT ON A SWEATER. I can’t take anymore clothes off at work and am wearing t-shirts in the middle of winter…can’t wait for summer! Also, I don’t want to hear YOUR music. If you want to listen to music, please get yourself some earphones. I have to make phone calls all day and don’t want to hear classic rock guitar wails all day.

  333. The absolute worst for me is the adhorent sound of people chewing gum and snapping it! A professional environment with gum chewing allowed especially in a call center environment or helpdesk environment.

    I was always told to eat with my mouth closed! Has this country become a nation of outright animals with no sence of conscience toward their fellow man. What a discusting sound not to mention the spread of diseases.

    You can many people repulsed by this type behavior in every office environmnet and there seems to be no mention of it by the management.

  334. I have no complaints about any bad habits from any co-workers, but the people that complained about co-workers that have poor hygene should tell higher personnel that it’s a health issue and let them deal with it.

  335. Three of us shared an office/cubicle. One of the co-workers used to turn around to sneeze in our direction instead of turning away or covering his mouth!! Sooo annoying. This is addition to crunching on chips like an animal :)

  336. We are all weird in our own special way :)

    There is a lady here that complained about people talking in the kitchen during lunchtime…She made it a big fuss, the company spent over $3000 to move the kitchen door to the other side just to please this woman. She then complained again and they ended up moving her to a different cubicle.

    This lady I swear is the woman we call the cat lady, we think she lives with 50+ cats and tons of junk. She buys soap and coffee in all different scents/flavors and has it shipped to the office, it got so bad that they had to tell her to stop.

    So we all have our annoying things, but that’s how we are.

  337. I have two annoying co-workers. One likes to crack gum and when she’s not doing that, she sucks on sunflowers seeds, cracks them open and then spits out the hulls in an empty styrofoam cup. Some days, I just want to slit her throat or hopes that she will eventually choke on the gum. The other co-worker is just completely disgusting. She breaks wind all day, scratches at her unshaven armpits or inhales her heavily congested nose all day instead of frigging just blowing it all out in a single blow. I miss alot of key information in this office because I’d rather just wear my Ipod all day than to listen to the two of them. UGGGGGH!

  338. I happen to work with my brother Bertis….. thats right his nickname is BERTIS…. some say it is latin for the name Bert. He received his new nickname the first day he interviewed at the company we both now work at because he shaved his head prior to his interview but forgot about the patch on hair between his eye brows. He had a Unibrow like no other and closelt resembled the character Bert from the Bert and Ernie.

    Now these days Bertis has decided to go on a personal hygene strike against his fellow co-workers because someone stole one of his cheese sticks. He always puts his name on his brown paper lunch bag that he brings in every morning. It is so embarrassing…. he looks like a 5 year old in kindergarden doing so. Now he goes on this hygene strike until somebody replaces the cheese stick that was taken from him.

    Does anyone have an idea of what i should do… this is rather trouble some. He smells like he sh*t himself and refuses to budge until he recieves an apology and an additional cheese stick for his trouble.

  339. Becky, I too have a problem clearing my throat too, though not every three minutes. I went to the doctor & he said it is acid reflux, he gave me meds, but they don’t seem to help. I tried avoiding foods that cause it, also no help. It bugs me too, it hurts & is troublesome. People think I’m asking them to move or something, when I really am just clearing my throat, and I’ve been on the phone with a voice activated system & it thinks I said something. “Sorry, we didn’t get that, let’s go back….” No!! I cleared my throat you robot!!

  340. Sometimes I believe God has allowed me the opportunity to work with people who cause me to grow as a person. I’ve had to learn more about patience and empathy and I’ve learned to appreciate the good co-workers more. Besides growing as a human being in understanding others, sometimes I believe that I’ve been put in a certain situation so I can be a help to someone else. There might be a time I’ve had a certain position because God wanted the other person to be shown love and I had to overcome myself to reach out to them.
    I am very aware that working next to someone who gives you a hard time every day can wear you out mentally but it can be a character builder too sometimes.

  341. As far as the list above it all sounds pretty petty. I can understand complaining about a co-worker who farts around you, hawks up luggies all day or has serious body oder on a daily basis, continuous offending foul language, porno talk or video, but come on… eating cheese off of a pizza box, wearing a silly pair of glasses, drinking out of a sippy cup. Who cares??? I’ve been in a few companies where I have had to compain about someones actions and none of them have been as petty as some of the ones on this list. If you don’t like the glasses the guy is wearing don’t look at him, if you don’t like the cheese being eaten off the box don’t watch him. Let’s figure out what to do about the serious offender instead of nit picking about the small stuff.

  342. I know comments/examples were solicited for this site, but seems like so many people simply have a “victim” mentality. Poor me. Whaaaa! Can you belieive I have to put up with someone clicking their charm bracelet ALL DAY?. Are you serious? I have people in my office that annoy me to no end, but I need a job and they need a job. Sometimes some people just don’t have a clue either. We have become a nation of narcissistic whiners and complainers! For the people who have more time to whine instead of work, you may have to look up the definition of narcissism in the dictionary. Of course, it would never pertain to the whiners or complainers. I hear so many kids everyday say how “this” or “that” is “sooo annoying”. Seems like these people are already flooding the work force with their whining and complaining becuase something doesn’t grant them instant gratification. I’m sad about the downfall of our American culture.

  343. Anyone complaining on here about all the ppl complaining about their co-workers are most likely the very annoying co-workers that we’re all talking about.

  344. To all those telling folks to stop whining or toughen up:

    This entire web page is here for the purpose of posting about “Strange Co-workers”. I would think that sharing stories about “Strang Co-worker” activity would be …..appropriate.
    Yes, we are glad we have jobs. Additionally, there are things that we can and should do to present ourselves as least offensive as possible for others who have to work with us 9 hours a day.

  345. I have a co-worker who is suppose to be in a high professional position who swears all the time. He not only uses all of the colorful language he also talks about farting and occassional burbs. No one is perfect and I realize that this is how he handles his stress. It sure is better than dealing with the other professionals who fell into the catagory of blatant sexual harrasement. (my previous employer) I also ran into another person in another professional field who has a rancid case of halletosis. His teeth were bad and I sincerely believe he has no idea how bad his breath is. No amount of Altoids will cure his rancid bad breath. I wonder how his co-workers deal with him???

  346. You all should be so lucky that you have coworkers to complain about. That only means most likely that your life is going fairly smoothly and that you have a decent job insomuch as your coworkers are your greatest concern. THAT is a blessing. I’ve been out of work over a year now.

  347. i work with my dad in construction and he flashes people when the drive by, he is 370 by the way sooooo its pretty hilarius :]

  348. Everyone that’s saying “You are all a bunch of complainers” “You all sound like children”…settle down. It’s just fun conversation. Don’t get so worked up. We ARE happy that we have jobs and people to talk to all day. Just because we’re all talking about our co-workers doesn’t mean we’re complaining. Just telling stories.

  349. I work in a healthcare environment where the marjority of my co-workers proclaim to be christians. But, for the most part, domonstrates behavior from the other side (devil). My supervisor is the head devil. Proclaiming to be a minister/pastor and the worst gossiper then all (lies terribly) and domonstrated unorthodox behavior and keep the people at each others throat. He continues to make those miserable who do not look up to him and causes chaos all day. Only those who plead to him, tell him he looks good are given what they ask. How much worst can it get!

  350. Sounds like your brother Bertis might have a few issues that need to be delt with if you know what I mean…. I mean who shows up to work smelling like he sh&t himself… I feel your pain my friend. I can easliy see how people may judge you as well…. because the apple doesnt usually fall to far from the tree if you know what I mean.

    Sounds like you may have to get your brother some serious help or hose him down for that matter…. what a nastey SOB.

  351. I have to agree, these things aren’t that big of a deal. This article reveals more about the state of our nation and the introverts we have become. It’s the same in our our neighborhoods and even homes! We would rather be couped up in our own little world of selfishness than actually have a real relationship with other people.

  352. I worked for a government contractor. My boss at the time was partially responsible for helping the company get the contract so they kept him on but gave him no job duties. He literally had nothing to do all day long so he spent at least 6 hours a day in my office looking over my shoulder, watching me work and commenting on what I was doing. He would jingle the change in his pocket almost the whole time. HR told me to live with it and I did for two years because I couldn’t find a better paying job. When he finally retired, my co-workers ribbed me about losing my “roommate”.

  353. I have a coworker who is always asking personal questions and then I’ll hear from others that He has been talking about My personal stuff in a very slanderous and negative way. The thing is, He thinks these people who come to Me with what He has been saying are His friends. You know, this stuff has made for a very ugly work place to go to every day. But what can I do, I have to pay My bills.

  354. We have a co-worker who is a nature fanatic and makes loon calls whenever she gets stressed. Out loud. In the office. When there are visitors present.

  355. I too am qualified, but that doesn’t seem to matter to some of the people that do the hireing. Some times I believe they think I might take their jobs. (they are SO right)

  356. Why post anything here about coworkers? That seems like passive agresssive rambling without resolution. That is why offices have “grapevines” and problems with trust. Perhaps some of your cowrkers hate your whining about silly, trivial things and complacency about things that really matter.

    I have worked with some real pieces of work in the Engineering Industry, seen some things done that if not corrected could cost someone their life. Nothing is more sobering than having to meet and discuss why there was a jobsite fatality and how to prevent it from happening again.

    The best thing to do is look at your own quirks and determine if there is something potentially annoying you do that coworkers may be reacting to. If you can honestly think of nothing talk frankly & directly with the individual.

    Managers don’t want to babysit or solve playground problems. Adults should be able to talk it out. Be rational, direct, and objective. One thing I’ve learned working with some real knuckleheads… if you try to solve the problem directly with a coworker, privately, that coworker will respect and appreciateyou more (if they are mentally stable.)

    Should the offending coworker run to management later, offended by your attempt to resolve the problem directly, that coworker will only blackball themselves and you will be better viewed as a team player for attempting to resolve the conflict.

    If it comes down to a confrontation with a supervisor and the coworker all that really need be said on your part, “I attempted to resolve a conflict directly with my coworker. It seemed rather juvenille to have to involve management in something two adults should be able to work out. Where did I go wrong in doing that?” If needs be, a good manger will have some constructie criticism for you on interpersonal conflict resolution or at least be able to explain why your coworker ran to them.

    It is no different if the problem is with a supervisor. Just make certain the “problem” is really worth discussing. Trying to correct a supervisors idiosynchricies will backfire and make you look like a petty fool. Pointing out something, unsanitary, showing poor hygene, or unsafe will bring appreciation with (mentally stable managers.)

    If the manager is a manager by default, and not because of aptitude, with a history of listening blocks, and poor interpersonal skills, then involve their Supervisor or HR. It had better be with good reason and truly for the betterment of the company or you will lose and lose in a very big way.

    Cheese off of the pizza box at a company meeting!? Does it hurt anybody? What does is it really matter? My father is a World War two Vet who was stationed in Japan after the bomb was dropped as an MP. He saw some real horrors and told me about them at a young age partly because of his frustration with my juvenille, picky eating habits. I can’t see food go to waste, even cheese on the pizza box, without remembering his stories of children rummaging through garbage cans for food to eat and many others. I can leave the cheese alone now, but there was a time I could not see food go to waste without feeling guilty and like I should do something about it.

    Instead of needling coworker quirks and becoming a backbiter maybe you ought to try to understand what may dirve a coworker to a particular action. Daily bathing is “an American thing-” in many parts of the world people can either bathe or have fresh water to drink for the day.

    We should count ourselves lucky to have the luxury to be so damn petty.

    So ends my rant…

  357. I have had coworkers who clip their fingernails at their desks. It doesn’t make me like them less–but it certainly is quirkly and the sound can be very annoying! :)

  358. I have found it helpful to ask God how I need to change and as he changes me everyone else’s differences seem not to bother me like they use to. Prayer can change the other person or change us to accept other people.

  359. My co workers are all okay as people- they have varying habits, but we all agree that occasionally, everyone annoys someone else. You haveto be an adult and live with it. Some of you tho- honestly- get over yourselves!

    What gets me is when the people replying here have made cracks about people “copying” them and their “unique individual style”… I mean really ladies, the world does not revolve around you. Why be so petty? Even if they are getting similar things, its not like you invented them or made them yourself- they bought them in the same off the rack shop you did. There is no beauty queen title and no one is “competing” with you… and if you think they are, you already lost the competition for “nicest person in the office”.

    People that have BO or sores might have an illness or take medication (such as chemo) you don’t know about, and instead of compassion (which you all would expect/ demand I’m sure) you whine and complain and carry on… cope with it! Pay less attention to them- how do you all get your work done with how much attention you pay to everyone else!

    Someday it will be your turn to have a sore that won’t heal, or to be facing the end of your life and hoping for the next year or so to be able to work… and you wouldn’t want someone to drive you out of work- thus losing your insurance- because they were overly sensitive. “Sorry Lisa, but I know you have cancer, but see, Donna thinks you smell bad so can you go off and die with no money and no health insurance because Donna would be much happier that way. But she’d like to have your boots…”

    We all have imperfections, we all have annoying habits, and we can either choose to be petty or we can choose to be decent people and accept that not everyone is like us- and if we want acceptance and to get along nicely, it means giving acceptance to others. Rememebr about glass houses and stones?

    If someone is hurting someone else through fleas or hygiene that is over the top maybe they would get your “hint” if they weren’t so used to you being so nasty and judgemental.Maybe your boss would do something about it if they hadnt already had enough of your constant negative drone. Someday, you will be judged too. Who would you rather be, the person who was there but was kind, or the person that spent all day looking for yet one more thing to criticise? Life is too short to be that miserable. Like I said: my work colleagues are not perfect- but they are good people, and I am happy to work with them, happy they accept me for who I am and in return I am happy to accept them for who they are.

    Gee it’s nice to work with adults. I pity the people you perfect people work with!

  360. I have a co-worker who is so annoying…. she constantly says “shuuuummmmmmmmmmmm” and drags it out like that. OMG it drives me nuts I want to choke her sometimes! She doesn’t want to say “Shi*”, or “Shoot” so she says “Shuuuummmmmmmmm!” and everytime she tells a story about something it take her like 25 minutes, and she will follow me all over the office just talking talking talking, and when something happens she will be like “shuuuummmmmmm” hahahaahhaha!

  361. Hi U*Guess,

    I am going to step out on a limb here.

    From what u just described I would like to Thank You for Your Service.

    We could all learn a lesson from u. After all we don’t go to work and get shot at everyday.

    Thank you again!

  362. @ Gina-”Most married women with children are jealous of single women. They do not have the money or the freedom of you. They are just want to be, like before they got married and had kids.”
    What an unfair generalization. I am married and find that many of my single friends envy ME. I have more money now than I did when I was single-shared expenses tend to leave one with more disposable income-and I’m not sure what you mean by implying that married people have less freedom than singles. I go where I want, when I want, and my husband has no problem taking charge of our child when I go out. My husband and I trust and respect each other as individuals and mature adults, which is what I hope you become someday. Unfortunately,your attitude will probably ensure that you remain a lonely old maid, vainly trying to delude yourself into believing that you are happier that way. I’m sorry for you.
    Of course, you could consider going back to school to pass the time….your grammar is deplorable.

  363. I work with a man . who talks to him sellf all day. sit’s behide his desk and makes a ha sound to him self . as he reads the newspaper. coworker bangs his hand on desk . ( and states I want to know why?)

  364. for everyone that says that hygeine is not a reason to complain has never lived on a ship with a bunch of nasty people. Being in the military and working with people that don’t shower is the worse especially since you have to live with them too. i do agree that a lot of this is stupid crap. i get bothered when they guy next to me doesn’t take care of the maintenace on the equiptment that we use to save lives or keep us from loosing ours. Those are the things that bother me.

  365. don’t you just hate the workers that comes in early, jumps in and helps with every hard job, does research to know how to do just about any job in the company, can answer all the technioligical questions ask, works through breaks to keep the jobs going, cleans up after himself and others, and stays late to make sure production is flowing. Don’t you just hate that kind ofoffensive employees. Think god we don’t have many of them left, because someone else decided that he maay be trying to hard and showing the rest of the people up. Don’t you just hate that kind of coworker. Hell I wish I had a dozen of them on my crew.

  366. What makes me sick is the people who posted about us being whinners. I am darn greatful for having a job but I don’t see that as a reason to deal with poor behavior from coworkers or having to smell a gallon of colonge everyday until I throw up and have a migraine. So excuse me and my asthma for needing to breath and needing to complain about it.

  367. I know that it’s never a good idea to complain and as the saying goes, It just won’t help anything if you do because no one will listen. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes but how do you deal with the person who always notices what everyone else does but becomes so offended when his own shortcomings are mentioned?

    Example: A couple of years ago we had a co-worker that everyone liked very much…Older gentleman that knew his job, a family man and someone you could always count on for good advice (concerning the workplace or personal matters). Problem: He chewed Red Man Tobacco and spit pretty much everywhere…In trash cans, empty soda bottles, on the ground and the most disgusting place of all, In the drain of the water fountain. As nasty as that may be, It really didn’t bother me personally because I never drank from the fountain anyway.

    To get to the point, I have another immediate coworker of 13 yrs. that was totally disgusted with this behavior and always griped and complained about how nasty and inconsiderate it was. At the time, he himself smoked cigarettes. Now he has since given up the cigs BUT picked up the habit of chewing tobacco…same brand as the gentleman he often complained about and he also doesn’t care where he spits it. There are drains below floor level that have standing water in them at the warehouse where we work and he often spits in them. Anyone who knows about tobacco knows that over time, It starts to smell…especially when it’s spit in standing water in a hot warehouse. One day, I took a gallon of bleach and sat it beside the drain in our work area and was going to pour it down the drain to get rid of the smell. He came up and asked what was the bleach doing there and he told him what I planned to do. He got SO VERY PISSED OFF that someone could have the audacity to do such a thing…..Hmph..pour bleach down the drain like MY spit actually stinks. He snatched the bottle from the ground, took the cap off, poured the bleach down the drain and slammed the bottle in the trash can. As I stood like a deer trapped in bright headlights in total disbelief that he was this upset, I noticed the bleach had spashed all over his pants and new boots that were suede. HAHAHA. what an ass!

  368. Lisa, if your co-workers are copying your Express jeans, you guys all need a new job because you’re not getting paid enough. I can’t believe you think you’re all that because you dress in clothes from a mall store. Maybe everyone is dressing in the same “designer” brands because the only other choice where you live would be WalMart?

  369. what happened to the three R’s:)

    Respect for Employer, Respect for co-workers and last Respect for self.

    Co workers arent strange, oddballs, nor wierd.

    Were all different. Diversity.

  370. Wemons in the workplace always be a drag. Never can do anythings but want to be having payed the same be driven my crazy or what have you. Tell me all the time to puts water bottle up ! Lift this lifts that – I be like do it yourselves you be haven the sames titles as me. Plus dont gets me started on callings in sick or being lates. If I was as lates and sickes as some these wemons I be have been fires already. Plus all the times of the phones talkings to there girlfriends and textens on htere cell phones never stops. I be like how bout you maybe be doing some works or somethings be you at work – Im like duh.
    at end of day it seriously did 3 times as much works plus all stuff that havings me dos for thems and they get same check as me! No being fair hells no ! But I digress .

  371. Sorry to hear that. my boyfriend used to work in a store where one of the other clerks did not shower ever, it was so bad that many of the customers complained so much that the boss had to say something. It was so gross, and smelled so bad. I feel for you. This guy had a girlfriend who also didn’t shower. The point is that you should find a way to get the boss to see that this is affecting your work, or the customers. Maybe then someone will listen. Good luck!

  372. I love this article, or at least the responses to it.

    I don’t see why some here are saying that it’s “nitpicking” or “you should be happy to even have a job.” The people saying this are likely the annoying coworkers the article is talking about.

    For the NORMAL people who come in to their job JUST to earn money, not to slack off, an annoying coworker can seem less like a mild annoyance and more like a great injustice.

    Every single time your coworker makes a phone call unrelated to work, or everytime they come back a half hour late from lunch, THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU. I don’t understand how people cannot see this, everytime it happens to me I seethe with anger.

    But recently I’ve realised that it is just the American way.

    So I started slacking off. Now I don’t stress about anything, think Office Space.

  373. The most annoying thing that one of my coworkers does is do math during the slow times at the register. Just to make sure that the store was correct in the discount or to see which item has a better price per size. He’ll then ask me to help him figure out the problem.

    All those the ones you stated on there are pretty harmless, I wouldn’t quit my job over that. Then again, I work for a company where I work with over 400 people a day (more on weekends). My weirdest moments are with customers, not coworkers.

  374. I have been made aware that my brother is on here blogging about me having personal hygene problems. One man even went to the extreme of commenting on it. However, it is not me with the Hygene problems, it is him. The guy wears the same 2 pair of pants every week. In addition, he comes into other peoples cubicles, farts, and walks away. I mean what type of co-worker does such a thing? It gets so bad that he oftens visits the bathroom an hourly basis just to take “swips” at the smell that has accumlated over the day. If that isn’t enough, after taking swipes and not washing his hands, he comes over and digs in the assorted company popcorn basket. After eating the cheese covered popcorn he proceeds to like his fingers and then places his hand back into the basket for more handfuls of corn.. He is one nasty dude.He also has been caught stealing bag lunches and cheese sticks.. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can approach him about such topics? Personally, the hire ups in the organization are starting to look at me like I am a “swiper,” who doesn’t wash his hands, licks his fingers, and sticks his hands into the pop corn basket.. It’s not anything you want to be associated with.

  375. This is to “linda” who called everyone who posted a “bunch of complainers!” I’ll bet you’re right in there eating the cheese off the pizza box, aren’t you? It’s only because office politics now tolerates this kind of excremental behavior from staff that the rest of us have to put up with it! This has nothing to do with being judgmental and everything to do with being raised by wolves! If you have no manners and don’t know how to act in a public place, then just stay home with your 3 cats.

  376. I looked at all the annoying things listed and you know, couldn’t find my problem. I have this co worker Erica, she is young and stupid. It was about three months ago when I was in the first trimester of my pregnany at work and I was feeling a little nausous at work.

    With everyone filling seats and just me and her standing I use a paper to fan myself a little but I didn’t look very well. Now naturally being that the second month, I learned how to control my natural raging stomach pain and irratable esaphogus. This girl shouts at the top of her lungs ” Don’t puke!!” everyone looked over and I was flushed.

    I wanted to exit but like a deer caught in the head lights I just stood there imagining my fist impacting her face. I wish I could replace her. Want to know the awful thing? I got her hired.

    This isn’t the first time, it won’t be the last. This girl is so loud and obnoxious but only when people are around. She likes to be in the spotlight. Which is fine, I don’t mind that part, but its with other people’s bussiness. That is a problem. Is there anyway to get her fired?

  377. we have an employee has many cats in her house,comes to work smelling
    like cat pee all the time,also smokes, so her chair smells like cat pee & smoke
    making us cough sneeze and me particular wheezing to the point I had to
    get a prescription inhaler and I dont have a history of asthma until now…
    also she gets dizzy quit often bumps into chairs, says we are in her way,
    also yells at people in the office when she gets frustrated or confused,
    and sometimes yells at people on the phone when she doesnt get the
    information she needs…definitely needs pschological help. yes we
    have complain the office manager.she just feels sorry for her…..

  378. I worked with a guy that would clap loudly at completely random times and for no reason (other than trying to get attention and “be funny”). In a quiet office, it always scared the crap out of me when he did it. I even had headphones and listened to music, but I couldn’t turn up the music loud enough to drown out his random clapping (and without hurting my eardrums).

  379. I worked with a guy who – I kid you not – pulled a handful of lomein out of the garbage and ate it. He would clean his silverware by licking it. He had more food in his beard than I would eat for lunch. Hanging over his desk was an “ornament” containing chicken bones and cicadas…
    He was one strange dude but likeable nonetheless!!!

  380. Best laugh I have ever had — because we have all “been there”! Yes, we can all sympathize and empathize. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a cure for any of the “offenders”. I have found a kind, straight forward approach usually works or enlightens us (the person passing gas may have a medical problem you are unaware of and/or they are unable to control; the diabetic with leg ulcers for years that won’t heal & is gangrenous – he cannot control that and may even have one foot in the grave). One never knows the battles others are fighting in their lives. A little kindness and forgiveness goes a long way. It can make your life happier regardless of the many annoyances in life.
    I am grateful to wake up each morning and able to see and able to walk or even move my legs. I work with someone with some annoying behaviors but I am alive to be annoyed by them. It’s a good day. :)

  381. Sorry, I just have to vent about this. I once worked next to a gal who was quite religious. All eight hours of the workday, she would mutter and whisper prayers, in the cube next to mine, sometimes with great passion if she was upset. Non-stop. I am serious. Worse yet, several times per day she would call her mother and sisters, and they would say prayers together over the phone. It was her third cube location in a year because everyone complained about her muttering. I tolerated it for about 4 months and then couldn’t take it anymore either and complained. Guess what? She was rewarded with her own corner office, and thankfully the door was kept closed!

  382. OMG sounds like you work / worked at the same government facility that I did. How about government employees saying things like if we dont want you here we can make you go away even if your doing a great job. Yes sitting doing nothing with feet up, stairing into no where, doing nothing. I turned around one time and noticed it and I was told “just thinking how I want to do this” that went on for 2 1/2 days. They make so much money and do absolutely nothing. Sit in other Government co-workers cubes and chat for hours on end. Then when you need them and go looking for them cuz you need a signature they give you the look of death, how dare you bother me doing nothing… Norfolk Virginia

  383. In response to DRB:
    I find it funny that you complained about other responders’ poor writing skills when you yourself made an obvious error in your typing.

  384. Okay…I have the ultimate annoying co-worker story! I worked with this woman a few years ago. She was hired to cover for me when I went out on maternity leave so her position was temporary at the time of hire with the possibility of going full time if she worked out. Her 2nd day on the job she was telling me about giving her boyfriend sexual favors! I was typing on my computer and I was so shocked that I couldn’t even respond. Then, as time went on, she would yawn. Now, this wasn’t just any type of yawn. She would stretch her arms out, arch her back and let out this loud orgasmic sound. Every time she did it it would make me laugh. One day we had a meeting in our conference room and there were about 10 of us in this meeting. The door to the conference room was open and this woman’s desk was just outside of the room. At one point when there was a lull in the meeting, she belted out one of her orgasmic yawns and everyone in the meeting had looks on their face like “what the hell was that?” Me, my boss and another co-worker nearly lost it with laughter. When my boss went up to her after our meeting and discussed her “loud yawns” her reply was, “when a girl has to yawn and girl has to yawn.” I have to admit that this was all quite comical to me but it did get a bit tiring after awhile. But that isn’t the worst. The day before the office closed for Xmas vacation, we all exchanged gifts. This lady felt bad because I gave her a gift and she didn’t have one for me. I told her it wasn’t important but she proceeded to tell me that she had something to give me but her sister told her it was inappropriate. I immediately thought to myself, “what on earth was she thinking of giving me?” Then before I can say anything, she tells me that she went to Mervyn’s to purchase some underwear. When she got home to try them on, she realized they were too big. So she told her sister that she was going to wrap them up and give them to me! As I mentioned earlier, her sister said that that was totally inappropriate so she actually asked me if I would’ve thought it was inappropriate. I was shocked at the fact that she thought this would’ve been okay after working with me only a few short weeks. Needless to say, she didn’t last here very long after that. One of the other supervisors here had a talk with her about her conduct and she started crying to him apologizing and then said, “she isn’t getting any sex.” Aside from her crazy outbursts here and there, she talked to herself endliessly saying, “you gotta be shitting me”, praised herself when she did well, burped and passed gas on a daily basis. It was all like an ongoing nightmare that I laughed at every day. But I have to say I will never ever forget this woman.

  385. Moderators please dont be delteing my opinions. I not a good type or speller but I tring to do my best. thnks

    Wemons in the workplace always be a drag. Never can do anythings but want to be having payed the same be driven my crazy or what have you. Tell me all the time to puts water bottle up ! Lift this lifts that – I be like do it yourselves you be haven the sames titles as me. Plus dont gets me started on callings in sick or being lates. If I was as lates and sickes as some these wemons I be have been fires already. Plus all the times of the phones talkings to there girlfriends and textens on htere cell phones never stops. I be like how bout you maybe be doing some works or somethings be you at work – Im like duh.
    at end of day it seriously did 3 times as much works plus all stuff that havings me dos for thems and they get same check as me! No being fair hells no ! But I digress .

  386. All of the people that reply to this very good and accurate story looking down upon the complainers either don’t have a job or work in a private area. Let me come into your office space someday and start making fart jokes, whistling and playing drums on my desk all day, then you’ll change your nonsense.

  387. I once worked with someone who never changed his outfit, and had a superior attitude. He also had a tendency to tell customers how to run their businesses, and we lost a lot of customers as a result. The company no longer exists because of him.

  388. I have a co-worker who coughs without covering their mouth…EVERY SINGLE TIME..its so disgusting! Like how much strength and energy does it take to life your hand, into the shape of a cup, and put it over your mouth..or cough in your shirt or something! I think its just rude when people do this without anycare or remorse. Spread your germs, its a free country. SMH!

  389. Yeah…ok…while at work, working at a computer in a room full of other people encoding mail, there was this “fish” odor. I mentioned “Somebody must have brought fish for lunch!” All of a sudden the room erupted with laughter and I realized it wasn’t “fish for lunch after all”. It caused such a commotion that our supervisor had to call a break and when we came back, the smell, and a female employee were both gone.. ..oooopps…

  390. one of my bosses comes back from lunch, and then–maybe an hour later–the fartfest begins. talk about silent-but-deadly! he does open his window a crack sometimes, but that actually seems to push it into the inner office area even more, so most afternoons we sit trapped in an unpleasant fug of flatulence. one co-worker, whose office is on another floor, walked in and when the smell hit her she gave me a nasty look and said (very loudly), “good GOD, su, why don’t you leave the office if you have to do that?” i know the guy who was responsible had to have heard her–she was right outside his open door–but did he stand up and admit it was him? of course not. even though WE all know it’s not me, it’s embarrassing to think of how many people from outside our group must think it IS me. our former director bit the bullet and spoke to him about it a few years ago, but now that person is gone, and Captain Thunderpants is up to his old tricks….

  391. The most annoying situation is when you are the only man in an office with women older then you specially when they are pregnant.It’really stressful.They only talk about stuff like cooking,children and most of all a lot of gossip.

  392. The co-worker I need to vent about makes bird noises and has a loud laugh that sounds like the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz. She is very uncouth but turns a lot of $$$ in her department so it’s over-looked

  393. I work with a guy who spends his entire day as one of those internet ‘ask the mechanic’ guys, and does web page design for the fire department. He actually has figured out a way to skate this way for an entire year, while management lets it happen. Similar to Milton from OfficeSpace, except he is still being paid. No one knows his exact job description and no one will talk to him or ask him about it.

  394. ONly in America people waste the time with this. Get a life people and leave HR alone and any other lawsuits. You guys are pathetic, what this society had become !!!!!

  395. People say that all the time and it’s not true. There are a lot of things other people do that annoy me, some of which I understand I have to learn to tolerate, and although I am SURE I annoy someone, they are NOT the same things that I do.

  396. All I have gathered from your comments is that you have a very high opinion of yourself and cannot get along with fellow female coworkers. I have always believed that imitation is the best flattery. Obviously they are complementing your sense of style. Enjoy it!

  397. This article was a lot of fun! But it was even more fun to read everybodies comments! It was a great way to waste time. How many people who commented on this have been or are in the military? If any can say “yes” then you’ll realize how small most of these oddities are. We are deployed, an average of 70% of us are addicted to some form of nicotine. At times, we don’t have the option of washing after going to the bathroom (which is putting it politely). Most of us are taking some form of body building supplement (which causes flatuence) to help with muscle recovery and give us additional calories we can’t always get from eating. We work 12 hours a day in confined spaces, nerves and frustrations run high. What’s worse, eventually you reach that level of comfort with your co-workers that makes even even the most relaxed person uncomfortable after awhile. You don’t see us complaining!!! WOOO Can’t wait until man-love Thursday!

  398. When did we start talking about annoying neighbors? You and your pouting is annoying me. If you don’t like your neighbor boo hoo, move to the country and stop you pouting.

  399. I have a boss that likes to sit back, all the way back-almost tipping out of his chair, with his feet on the table, hands crossed behind his head. He has the most disinterested and pained look on his face. He does this in meetings, too. Hard to know if he’s having a bad hair day (but he’s primarily bald), PO’d at his boss, not getting enough of…, or if he simply doesn’t GiveASh!!. I’m going with he doesn’t “GAS”. Really hard to respect someone when they don’t show an ounce of respect just by their body language.

  400. These are too funny! I’m lucky – all of my coworkers seem to be mature, professional, and easy to get along with. My ONLY complaint is The Cougher. This woman has the most unnerving, dangerous sounding cough, and it’s loud! When I first moved to this floor, I thought she was just getting over a cold. That was 9 months ago! Later on, I though she must be a smoker. But this isn’t that kind of cough. She seriously sounds like she’s dying. Now I’m starting to think that maybe she IS dying. She must have cystic fibrosis or tuberculosis or something like that. Doesn’t that debilitating cough bother HER? Why doesn’t she see a doctor or hurry up and die?? One of those two things has to happen!

  401. I used to have to work FOR a lady who giggled & laughed at you no matter how serious your statement was. At seminars, when people would make suggestions about better ways to run the business, she would laugh at, and sometimes even ridicule the person who made the suggestion. And to make matters worse, the boss thought it was great that she kept things “light”, so all of us had to put up with it. After NOT too long of a while, NO ONE would suggest ANYTHING, or comment about anything at the seminars. GO FIGURE!

  402. I agree with everyone who is saying that if all you are commenting on is people whining about coworkers, YOU can be the ones to be quiet & stop complaining. The article is about irritating coworkers….if you don’t like what people have to contribute, why would you waste your time posting? No one is complaining that they HATE their job, or that we’re spoiled because of annoying things our coworkers do- we’re complaining to others who understand! Jeez louise.
    That being said…I have a coworker who tries to make herself look so much better by volunteering to take on extra work. When I offer to do the work, she won’t let me help so that she can get the credit for doing it. When our boss isn’t around she complains about how much work she has to do!

  403. my co-worker takes her extensions and weaves out of her hair at her desk while eating BBQ chicken….now normally this wouldnt bother me, but at the workplace. Come on now….have some class and do that crap in the privacy of your own home. We are not getting paid to re-do our hair and eat food and lick our fingers clean, ugh!

  404. A coworker nearest to me has a habit of sitting on top of any table nearby wiith his shoes on one of the table legs. At one time he went out the office just to order another worker not his under him, to go to the office to collect his keys for his car.

    Later on he was sent to the human resources manager to give an explanation for a variety of abusive actions.

  405. I have the most annoying coworker ever. If you suggest something that is slightly different then the way she wanted something done she will litterally cry in front of everyone, customers included, then she will call her husband and tell him that we are all being mean to her. Then her husband will call my hubby or any of the other girls that we work withs husbands/ boyfriends and tell them “Controll your wife.” The girl is in her 40′s seriously who does that?!

  406. I used to work with a woman who, on the first day I sat down in the cubicle next to hers, let me know that if I ever forgot to brush my teeth in the morning, I could use the toothbrush & paste that she kept in her desk drawer. Because, yes, she often forgot to brush her teeth in the morning. Nothing says camaraderie like sharing a toothbrush!

    So every time now that someone I work with or nearby annoys me, I just think to myself “at least I don’t sit next to her anymore.”

  407. Wow, I guess I’m lucky! I work for a State public health dept. with medical staff, such as nurses, physicians, etc. We’ve had our share of strange employees, but we have great management. They keep an eye on things, write up people for unprofessional behavior, and have fired people. Who says a civil servant job is permanent? The State also has strict rules, such as no smoking, no tobacco of any type, no heavy perfume/scents, shoes must be kept on your feet, clean clothes, etc. Believe me, if someone does not follow the rules, it is noticed, and they are counseled. Most people end up quitting before they are fired. We do have our share of coworkers who hum all day, talk to themselves, etc., but that’s piddly stuff, and most of us can tune them out. We have one clerk who must be border line schizophrenic, and I can tell when she must have her ‘meds’ adjusted. Her hygiene goes out of control, talking to herself and answering goes into high gear, then she starts yelling. Her supervisor sends her home, after counseling her. She’s gone a day or two, returns, then she is more ‘normal’. One thing though, it’s great having a job even with a 15% paycut. I know too many people who have lost everything! Those of you with a job, count your blessings.

  408. yes, we should all be happy to have a job now days….we are poelpe of creatures if we like it or not, we come to work and do our job and those who have problems with work, because they think when come to work it is play area when it is not….in all jobs you bossy, nosey, laiar, gossphip, etc. those who are not happy should just be thankful they have a job….

  409. I feel your pain!!! I HAD a coworker that I think would take a shower once a week or maybe every two weeks…and loved to gloat about how many men and how many times she did IT a day!!! Can you imagine the stench??!!

  410. I agree with Mic the sippy cup drinking boss and the like is not a problem for me. Ecentricities can make the workplace more interesting. I think people just get bored and act out on it. Only thing I really can’t stand is negativity – whining about the job or your personal life. My coworker was unhappy with everything in his life from his paycheck (“I made twice this much in the Army”) to his wife “(Never marry a girl because she looks like Brittney Spears, Chris”. ) It can suck the joy out of being alive to have to be around that kind of thing all day long. I agree with previous poster that some people don’t have a clue why this is not appropriate behavior. Seems to be their lifestyle: here’s what’s wrong with my world, let me share it with you instead of an actual conversation about something interesting.
    My favorite coworker would rather talk about ideas (God, climate change and how to fix it, and so on) than his personal stuff. Or sports. He’s the one I find myself shootin the breeze with.

  411. People shouldn’t have to “get over it” when these idiots are making people miserable at work. You shouldn’t whistle all day, yell about everything you don’t like, gossip about everyone, or do any other of these stupid things. BE COURTIOUS PEOPLE! Think about others once in awhile instead of your own selfish behinds.

  412. I work with a woman in her LATE 60′s. This isn’t about age but it is relevent. She should have retired 10 years ago, however HER HUSBAND won’t let her stay home. HE is retired. He is a smart guy….. He sends her away for the day so he can be alone. She is horrible. The groaning all day long, loud sighing, talking to herself is bad. However, it’s only the tip on the iceberg.
    She goes out for fast food, eats it, then calls the place she got it to complain it was horrible and demands her money back. At least 1x a week this happens. She doesn’t have any children, by choice, and acts like a baby. She calls her husband 50 times a day and they talk baby talk to each other. It’s ridiculous. She reminds me of betty davis in hush hush sweet charlotte. Buldging eyes, large lips, extremely overweight, LAZY and creeps me out. She mentions all the time that she will never leave unless she’s fired. She wants to be fired so she can collect unemployment and stay at home. I just know her and her husband will die millionaires. Always looking for free things. Didn’t get a flu shot until she found them FREE. Lastly, she should retire so someone who NEEDS a job to support their family can replace her. Selfish Cow.


  414. My office hired a temp worker to assist with data entry. The woman was very nice and almost capable of doing that job. The unfortunate part was that I could smell her from the next cubicle and I ws often interrupted to go over to assist her with her project (repeatedly, the same questions, and then would try to engage me in conversation). (It was horrific to have to stand over her shoulder and smell the decaying, rotten body smell that filled her cubicle).
    One morning there was a loud thump! The temp woman had fallen out of her chair and could not get up. Another co-worker and I rushed to her cubicle to see what had happened and there she was sitting on the floor ( 300 + pounds of her) we made sure she was ok, and asked what we could do to help. She asked us to help her get up…I am 110 soaking wet, and the guy who was assisting is a pretty big guy (and very hygenic)…we both loked at each other and would rather not have had to – basically body hug her- , but together we boosted and lifted, using whatever angles we could to get her up, while holding our breath because of the smell. After she was safe in her chair and we were assured she was ok, the two of us spent the remainder of the day filling out accident reports and talking with various supervisors regarding the incident.
    It was very annoying and needless to say, two full-time permanent employees did not get any work done that day and neither did the temp worker. I am an admin assistant, not a health care worker. We hired a temp to assist with getting more done and ended up not getting anything done.

  415. The only truly annoying co-workers are A)unbathed or B)a boss with a HUGE god complex. I can deall with everyting else. I wish Stay at home mom the best

  416. The “Copy Cat” thing is soooo totally stupid. You do not own a “STYLE” or the copyright to “BOOTS”. You are a little full of yourself to even make that comment. I am sure that your co-workers think you are a self absorbed jerk and do not want to be anything like you. Do you design your own clothes or buy them online or at a well known store that MILLIONS of women also shop? HMMMM, I wonder if you are wearing the same thing I am today? Grow up and stop your whinning. I think you are the problem!!

  417. I agree with you , people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. everyone has annoying habits.I know wife tells me about mine everyday.;lol

  418. My boss is basically Michael Scott from “The Office”. I have never met a more clueless man in my life. I am embarassed for/by him about 20 times a day. Any social interaction is just insufferable. When we go to restaurants with clients I just cringe because I know he’ll say something to the waiter/waitress that is totally bizarre and uncalled for. He’ll burst into vaudeville several times a day…seemingly out of nowhere. He gives you no chance to express your actual opinion…instead he’ll get a new pair of glasses or whatever and storm into your cube and say “I think my new glasses are pretty cool, don’t you?” Ummm, well you’ve phrased that question so that I can answer it only one way or I am the jerk. So I have to say “Yeah, that’s cool” to all of his questions, so now he just assumes I love blues and Mexican food as much as he does. He lives in a constant state of delusion and I’m sure that in his head he is the coolest boss on the planet. The minute he leaves the office you can sense the collective sigh from my co-workers because he’s out of hair for the time being.

  419. Dear Bertis sibling, what you need to do is buy your brother a whole box of cheese sticks and get him a bert and earny card or just make a card, Get everybody around to sign it and leave it for him, Go to toysRus and but him a bert and earny lunch box and pit a piece of duck tape on it with his name on it. Just leave it for him and see what he does. If he don’t change, Make him feal like the only person in the room and don’t let him bother you. Two can play that game, just play to win. HAve fun.

  420. Reading through the comments, I’ve come to realize I have the most bizarre coworker. I have a Coworker that eats his earwax

  421. HeyReuben James

    As for the comment directed at those who work in the prison system. They retire early because it is one of the professions with the highest rate of early deaths due to stress. When they are hired the must provide a detail account of every birth mark and tattoo on their body should they ever be taken hostage. In addition, they fear for their life and the lives of their loved ones because cons have jobs in prison such as cooks as well as they do get out of prison. If you made a prisoner mad while in prison they will try to find a way to harm you and if they get out they won’t go after you they go after your family when seen in public. When you are in public you are careful what color clothing you wear so if seen by an ex con you are not misconstrued as choosing sides with a gang. There is so much more I can share. So tell me now would you still like to work in the prison system?

  422. I used to work with a girl who would walk around the office barefoot, alot. I had to share a cubical with her and see the bottom of her dirty feet everytime I came back to sit at my desk because she sat with her feet in the seat of her chair. She would eat peanut butter almost everyday from the jar and leave huge globs of peanut butter on the spoon sitting on her desk. She spilled coffee, water, soda, etc several times in a 3 month period I had to share that space with her, almost spilling it on me a few times. She made my days loooong while we shared our small little space.

    I have also worked with a singer while listening to her music with head phones. This must be pretty common, people who sing out loud. She is a germaphobe……I didnt know there were so many sents of GemX!

  423. Haha these are all funny yet disgusting! What happened to common curteousy and manners? As a friend says sometimes, “Some peoples’ kids!” and really that is what it comes down to… These people that do all these annoying habits were probably never taught otherwise. The ones that were are just lower class and have no consideration! Some of this was petty but there is nothing wrong with bringing to light things that keep you from doing YOUR JOB. I have annoying inconsiderate co-workers pretty much everywhere I’ve worked and its taught me a LOT of patience…ha. Also some people are just neurotic and probably don’t have mental capacity to even know or understand what they are doing. So I say laugh and complain when you can, get it out and then do something about it or stop talking about it.

  424. Concerned Brother, you are funny, keep up the good work. And, the little deodorizers for cars work well indoors. :)

    Lisa, you are a crazy B, oh and your clothes suck.

  425. I have worked in different offices for 26 years. When I was in a cubicle, I heard everything about everyone, and kept my mouth shut. I put up with all sorts of noise and silly acting people, and said nothing. But my life and what I was doing was constantly discussed. People have to comment and gossip about everything and anything. I have even had an antique flag I had on display in my space discussed. So after bit, I was fortunate. I got another job, in the same industry. I have my little space and I talk to no one except about work. The closest anyone gets to my personal life is hearing my cat stories. There are no pictures on my desk. There is nothing from my private life on the walls. I do not discuss anything but work. When there is a party here, I do not attend. I do not even celbrate my birthday in my section. Why because I am sick and tired of dealing with judgemental people and burnt out to the point one probably can smell the smoke. So I will be the office hermit.

  426. Don’t get me started….I have the seventy year old woman who can’t hear and talks really loud on the phone, she also farts around and just expects us to take it becuase she’s old. My bosses take shit two times a day after they use the bathroom you can’t use it for three hours it’s like they pooped a dead calf. My other boss likes to play pocket pool while talking to people. Than I have the cat lady who’s so lonley at home when she gets to work all she does is talk, no one listens anymore so she’s basically talking to hersef! The supervisor on the floor is so overweight he’s in denial goes to the Gym but comes back with a supersized McDonald’s meal, the other day he told his wife on the phone, “this is it I’m going to loose weight” hung up the phone with her and ordered Chinese take out for a family of four all to himself, I can’t take him saying he’s going on a diet anymore!! one day I will explode@!

  427. Lisa,
    It sounds like you should get back to work, and stop putting yourself on your own pedestal. Express is a huge, multi-national retailer. I have about 5 pairs of Express jeans (which I love, by the way). I seriously doubt anyone is out purchasing clothing just to be like you. And boots?? Really?? Maybe you should trademark yourself and every piece of clothing you own so nobody will be allowed to replicate your outfits. You seem to be the petty, annoying female co-worker I would despise. I’m not sure how old you are, but some life-lessons are much needed for you…I’m 25, and would never in a million years even THINK the things you are describing; let alone publicly complain about them. You are most certainly not that important, and if you are in fact so “fashion forward” that your homely female co-workers are “stealing your style”, you should go to FIT and make fashion design your career…but I’m pretty sure Express jeans would not be top design there. Get it together.

  428. When you work with people in general, one is
    exposed to their habits. Working with women
    is challenging to say the least…the gossip, jealousy,
    backstabbing, etc. Men can be just as bad. Some
    individuals have to put others down to make themselves
    look good. Insecurity? Others go around to see what you
    are wearing. If you are truely working, since when do you
    have the time to be the “fashion police”?

    For others, they get pure joy out of causing trouble and putting things
    into the mix. Unhappiness at home? Personal problems? There are
    people that the job is their HOME! They have nothing to look forward to
    after work is over. Just very sad to say the least. Here are some job basics
    101 that I have found that worked for me……

    1. Do the job that is expected of you.
    2. Respect yourself and others. Be cordial.
    3. Don’t say things that you will regret later on.
    4. Avoid the gossip mill at all costs.
    5. Report to work on time, and leave on time.
    6. Show flexibility and be a team player.
    7. Maintain your personal problems to your self.
    8. Maintain good hygiene. Wear clean work clothes daily.
    9. Women wear minimal makeup. Dress appropriately.
    10. Men shave daily. Keep hair neat and trim.
    11. Avoid heavy perfume/cologne.
    12. Be considerate of those around you.

  429. To DRB – I agree with you completely. These complainers should try proofreading instead of worrying about what their co-workers are doing. Maybe they could get a better job.

  430. Wonder why these people’s parents didn’t teach them personal hygine, to eat and chew gum with their mouth closed, not to pick your nose, and general manners. Hope everyone who reads this realises that your children need to know this stuff to be successful in life.

    I have a horrible boss too. Leaves dirty dishes all over office for weeks, has a flem problem and he spits in garbage can and expects me to empty it, swears and bickers with his wife in front of everyone and even on conference calls (she works here too) and he smells so bad I can barely go into his office. Yuck, yuck and more yuck ….. but I’m not complaining to anyone else because I’m so thankful to have a paycheck so I can take care of my three children, who by the way, have wonderful manners and personal hygine.

  431. Concerned brother,
    Your brother is juvenile and immature. Everyone at some time has “lost” a lunch or snack. Tell him to grow up. If he is in management or personnel, you are stuck. If not, go above his head.
    And if you are so concerned, buy him the damn cheese stick and move on!

  432. I once worked with a manager who hard punched her employees in the back with her fist in front of customers! She would stand behind you and demand everything go exactly as she wanted or watch out!! When giving a refund to customers she had to be there to use her manager key and when the cash drawer opened and you pulled out the money the customer always held out their hand to receive it but she wouldn’t allow you to give it until ALL the paperwork was signed first! This is when she would land the biggest punch even if she THOUGHT you were going to hand the money over! The customers would all see it and get upset and call the main office! The only reason the employees didn’t beat the heck out of her was because she was a BIG STONG ex-army sargent! She couldn’t keep employees for more than a few weeks either! After I quit the next gal who she punched got into a knock down drag out on the floor and they still didn’t fire her! Even after several lawsuits they still keep her! No job is worth being humiliated and abused!

  433. Co-workers can be annoying but I agree w/ those who say we should be greatful we have jobs in this economy (especially if you’re working a job you strived for!). We all have annoyances and probably have some we do ourselves. My biggest complaint is that a coworker may not discuss it w/ me (as advised in this article) and cause endless trouble such as starting rumors. I would like to think that most arent aware of their habits.

  434. While i agree that we should all be greatful to have jobs, that does not mean we should have to tolerate incompetence. I work with 5 other people in my department, only 1 of those 5 have been here longer than i have. That person comes in late every single day by at least 20 minutes minimum, 30-40 maximum. The other’s don’t take their job seriously and talk about eachother behind their backs and do not stay focused on why we are here which is to support our users. Bottom line, the work ethics of today’s average joe schmo has changed drastically along with corporate america. If the companies best interest were in the interest of its employees, we would all be in a better place.

  435. Ok, now that I’ve wasted 3 hours of time when I should have been working, I’m going back to playing computer games, picking my nose (and eating it), picking my ears (and eating it), exchanging sexts (or better yet, explicit phone calls) with my boyfriend, popping my gum, stinking up the restroom so that no one can use it for hours, and plotting to copy my oh-so-trendy coworkers outfits… oh even better, let me shop for those clothes online while at the office, so that I don’t waste my precious time at home.

    I mean, come on, really?!?! If all of the people that were talked about in these comments were really that much of a drain on the company, do you really think that they would still be gainfully employed? The fact that the original article was written, and that so many have posted in response, may indicate that we have a more profound problem in our midst than that of annoying coworkers. Perhaps we should all be more respectful of others, be it with regard to their clothing, their religious beliefs, their personal hygiene, or whatever it may be. A little bit of mutual respect (note, not tolerance, in case anyone is confused by this comment) would go a long way. If someone made me aware of a habit that I have that is disgusting to them, and was respectful about it, I would do my utmost to correct that (and not just while at work). On the other hand, if it were disrespectful, or hint-dropping (ok, I’m a bit dense with hints, I’ll admit it) I would likely not be very responsive. Just something for us all to think about – evaluate your own behaviors, attitudes, and motives… then talk to the person that annoys you about it in a private, non-confrontational manner. Humiliation and/or revenge will get you nowhere fast.

  436. I had a very terrible co-worker who was just awful in general, and he also whistled the WHOLE work day! That was annoying enough, but he whistled very off key and terribly to go along with it haha.

  437. DRB, you used “then” when you should have used “than” in two places and “to” when you should have used “too” in one place. I wouldn’t talk about punctuation, spelling, and diction. How about brushing up on your grammar? Sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol! You are right, though.


  439. A lot of these comments people are making sound like some of the offenders are in the autistic spectrum. They are clearly unaware they offend others and you just have to point blank tell them to stop. I know this because my son is autistic and much of what you say he does. We have to contantly remind him of good behavior. I’m not saying all these people are this way, but clearly that ‘s what some of them do suffer from.

  440. Well, I think people are just venting! I don’t think they are neccessarily ungrateful. But you ( and everyone else has to admit) at work, where most of us spend 40 hrs. a week with these people (co-workers), there is both comedic things that happen and irritating things that happen between co-workers!! People are going to do strange things, and things to irritate you. I too work with “booshie” ladies, a lady who reinacts every story she tells, and straight up a– holes. And yes, I am sure I get on other’s nerves at My new attitude is to try and laugh it all off, which irritates my boss at!

  441. The worst I ever work experience I ever had a gay boss that loved ATTENTION and would do or say practically anything to get it, particularly attention from other men. He had a Jeykyll and Hyde personality and a wicked sense of humor. He would get on the phone and break out in the loudest, most obnoxious forced laughter you could ever imagine. Worse than a laughing hyena! Loud enough to make your ears ring.

    Even though he was married with kids, he would spend hours on the phone with one of his male lovers so others could hear his way-too-intimate detailed kinky perversions. But worse of all, he had a sadistic side, and enjoyed humiliating and embarrassing new male employees with “initialtion rites” as if his office were some sort of college fraternity. It was like a game for him but it all came to an end when the company’s absentee Owner showed up unannounced one day and caught him in the act of trying to intimidate a young new hire to undress in his office as part of the ritual. (We had tipped off the Owner as to what was really going on in that office). End of game, end of bad boss :)

  442. For all the people who had a comment about the complainers, you are most likely the annoyer. And, if you are not, then you don’t work in close quarters with an annoying person. Therefore you can’t relate to the pain we go through sitting next to annoying, disgusting people. So stop being annoying, nasty and disgusting and act like a civilized human being, by acting appropriately in the workplace. Please and thank you!

  443. All of the post about annoying co-workers are halarious to me. However, I sit next to one, and I don’t think its funny at all. She does almost every annoying thing that you can imagine. She:
    *Blows her nose and it sounds like a trumpet (realy it does). I was on the phone with my husband one evening and my co-worker blew her nose. He paused our conversation and said “What the F” is that? He could not believe someone could blow their nose that loud.
    *She pops gum all day long.
    *Her cell phone rings loud all day.
    *Her desk phone is on the loudest volume possible.
    *Each time she dials the phone she put it on speaker. (thank God when the other person picks up she pick up the reciever).
    *She talks to herself out loud.
    *She blurts out things to me out loud that I don’t have the slighest clue of what she is talking about (just random things she thinking about).
    She is just annoying that behaves like a cave woman.

  444. I am glad to see there are so many people that think those that are “complaining” are thankless bitchy idiots that arent grateful for their job.yes the economy is bad.yes there are people out of work.this only means that those of us with these screwed up situations are probably stuck with them till the economy improves and those that think we are the complaining,bitchy,idiots prolly have fantastic jobs where nobody ever does anything annoying,gross,or insulting that they have tried to deal with and management/hr wont do anything about.
    I’m just glad to hear i am not the only one that finds people that insist on humming,whistling,singing or other odd affectations annoying.

  445. “I mean, come on, really?!?! If all of the people that were talked about in these comments were really that much of a drain on the company, do you really think that they would still be gainfully employed? ”

    yes boohoo i know these people would still be gainfully employed cause i work with a no good piece of doo doo that my employer wont fire even though management knows she isnt worth a s**t.
    you dont have to agree that something is annoying to someone else because you wouldnt mind it if someone was picking their nose and wiping it on the wall next to your workspace..and i do believe these folks have prolly tried to deal with these things in a respectful way ..initially…but why things never change…what to do??

  446. Production workers lead a much harder life than office workers. Then as a reward they get laid off when their job is outsourced.

  447. i have a co-worker who always pokes me (and others) on the shoulder with his index finger, while staring at you for minutes at a time. we try to ignore him, but he keeps poking and staring, until he gets your attention. and when he does have your attention, he keeps you occupied with his stories for way too long. he’s friendly…but annoying.

    oh, “steve,” if you’re reading this…this is not about you, but you can quit poking me.

  448. Burping on the hour every hour is disgusting. What makes it worst is the fact that the coworkers acknowledges how disgusting she really is with statements like this after burping: “I feel like a cow regurgitating.” How gross is that. You admit to being disgusting.

  449. I was victimized by another coworker copying my hair and fashion style. Flattary? Not. It was very annoying especially in such a small office environment. I am definately not a celebrity. Those “copy cats” need to get a life of their own and express their own creativity and uniqueness.

  450. Emily, I literally storted a laugh (at work) when I read the orgasmic yawn story. Funny stuff.

    If you think listening to whistling is bad… Try only listening to whistling of the smurf theme song. La-la—la-la-la-la–la-la–la-la–la—la—la-poohhttthh (insert dead bird sound) – Stuck in my head every day.. And I don’t even mind the guy…

  451. Emily, I want you to know that your post is making it quite difficult for me to refrain from exploding into a serious hee-haw fit right here at work. I too work with an “orgasmic yawner”!

  452. There is a woman at my work who randomly reveals things about herself (ex. he breast size) and says things like “I know I’m hot and I f*** with all the guys.” I don’t really consider her annoying or even offensive, but it seems like pretty strange workplace behavior.

    I do get irritated with a few of my coworkers who repeatedly call out sick because they went out drinking the night before and are hungover. Though I’m pleased to say that doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore.

    We also have the “stinky” one, the one who’s always late, the one who speaks in tongues that no one can understand, the know-it-all, the snob, etc.

    On the flip side, I’m sure there are people at my work that get irritated with me. For the most part I’m not a very social person, which causes most people to mistake for me being a b****. But occasionally I’ll be in an especially good mood and if I happen to be working with people I’m comfortable around I’ll randomly break out into song. Several of my coworkers will then join in for a good round of “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener” I’m sure there are some who are less than amused. But hey, we work in a warehouse, so we shouldn’t have to be quite as strict and proper as people of the cubicle world.

    Everyone has weird quirks and it doesn’t matter where you work, you’ll never be free of a workplace annoyance. You just have to deal with it the best way you can.

  453. I remember now why I became a truck driver in my past life. Hours on the road alone and only fleeting interactions with co-workers…..I mean customers.

  454. I have a co-worker that listens to her Kindle all day while she’s working. She even takes it with her when she goes to the restroom, takes packages to the mailroom, or goes to heat up her lunch. Seriously! How can you get any work done when you are listening to a book all day? Seems to me it would be hard to focus on work.

  455. No, they are not. Men and women are equally catty and annoying. I have worked with an office full of women and and office full of men. The men would comment on how much makeup I was or wasn’t wearing, tell me how I should do my eyebrows so that men would like them as if that was all I was there for, and talk about me when they thought I could not hear them. They would say that I wasn’t as smart as the managers thought I was, that as a female I didn’t belong there, that as a female I got away with doing less than they did. Definitely not true since they spent so much time worrying and discussing what I was or wasn’t doing.

  456. Those who steal food, either from your desk or from the refrigerator, can be dealt with easily. Pick a day and leave some food where you know the perp will take it, but before you do load it up with the hottest pepper you can find. You will only need to do it once!

  457. Someone in my office is involved in a sexual relationship with her married boss. So the boss ignores all of her bad behavior in the office and then accuses the rest of us of being catty bitches.

    One day the boss is going to do something she doesn’t like and then he’ll see her claws come out.

    Right now, we’re just waiting for her to get served by another local lawyer. Turns out she overheard some proprietary information in our office (a lawfirm), passed it on to her boyfriend (who’s a lawyer with a different lawfirm) but added her own little twist on the information she heard, and he used the information illegally in a case he’s involved with. The opposing attorney is going to sanction “Lisa’s” boyfriend and initiate a lawsuit against “Lisa” and her boss. I can’t wait!

  458. Your kidding right? I’m sure all your co workers look at you as the competivite, catty one. Who cares about clothing or boots…grow up

  459. LOL! For those of you commenting about this article and these posters complaining, I’m afraid you’ve missed the point. This isn’t a story about whiners and complainers. It’s just a little humor about the occasional wackadoo that we’ve all worked with at one time or another. Lighten up folks!! Have a little laugh! Comiserate with your fellow employed non-wackadoos about the weird behavior we’ve all probably seen.

    In the spirit of getting over MYself (LOL), I offer up this funny example: I had a coworker years ago who wore heavy perfume. I’m sure others of you can relate to that type of coworker, but my story has a twist. I am the laid-back, friendly-with-everyone type at work, so this woman eventually befriended me (in fact, she sort of forced herself on me one day and asked me to bring her back lunch – which she ended up doing EVERY time I went out – ha ha – I thought she was weird but I didn’t mind the request). Anyway, one day she confessed to me that the perfume was to mask that she didn’t bathe every day due to a dry skin problem. TMI!

    Even more strange is that about 10 years later at a different job with different coworkers, another woman (different from the first) confessed that she also didn’t bathe every day due to dry skin.

    I am a $hit magnet apparently for these types of stories…

    But the moral of this story is: please don’t confess to anyone your grooming habits (or lack thereof). Not to coworkers, or even friends and family. Just keep it to yourself please, or you’re story will end up on an online message board someday!!!

  460. While I have a disgustingco-worker who is also guilty of a lot of this piddly little stuff, what bothers me most about her is her lack of work ethic. Everyone in our department has caught this person reading romance novels on the job at least once – some of us catch her several times a week. It’s not on her lunch or break time, it’s when she should be working. She constantly palms her work responsibilities off on the rest of us and our boss refuses to do anything about it. Formal grievance anyone?

  461. LilyPierre, I’m sure the people here complaining about their coworkers are quite grateful they have jobs and aren’t homeless. And while the article asked for “weird” versus “annoying”, which may or may not be the same, this is a discussion of the articile. Lighten up, even people with jobs and homes can let off a little steam or complain about their coworkers without it meaning they aren’t grateful for what they have.

  462. Regarding Lisa and all of the comments that ensued about copying…
    Lisa, I understand your frustrations, but please understand some of ours also. I apologize on behalf of all women in our late 30′s for the nasty remarks geared towards you. Let me explain what might be happening, from my point of view/experiences…
    When I got out of highschool, my parents couldn’t afford college so I got a job at the local factory. Great pay and great future for retirement, especially for someone with a brain, but no degree. We wore old jeans, old shorts, whatever was the nastiest as we would come home stinking of and/or covered in ink. WOW, there were some annoying co-workers too. It was a loud place. And a stinky place.
    Then I got married, had a baby, moved 5 states away and got a job as an Admin. Asst. It was at the beach, so the dress code was “Beachy-Office” if that makes any sense. Sundresses and nice sandals. The Corp. at large started a “women must wear pantyhose” to work. Yea right, at the beach? Sand is everywhere, it’s humid and 90 degrees all summer, etc. so our office was exempt. Anyway, back to the point. I had another baby 4 years later and became a housewife for 11 years. Soccer Mom, TKD Mom, errand running Mom. Now divorced, job hunting like crazy, and HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO WEAR to even an interview, let alone what is appropriate for office wear.
    Every single office has different expectations for their employees clothing. Every single employee has different expectations about clothing for their co-workers. I would not only be the copier, I would also ask you where you got your clothes. Some of us just need a sister to show us the way. I know where to find the best deal on everything from whole chickens to diapers to the best places to let your kids go to camp, but have no clue about fashion. I have about 5 really nice suits hanging in my closet, but due to the “divorce diet” they are about 7 sizes too big, even to be altered. It’s not our fault, it just is what it is sometimes. Help a girl out. (BTW, I do have a bunch of girlfriends. I don’t know how it happened, but they are all either 15 years older than me, or 15 years younger than me. With MUCH different fashion sense than I am comfortable with for myself on either level, hahaha). Talk to her, ask her if she wants to meet for coffee and go shopping at TJMaxx or something in 3-4 weeks (to give time to save and splurge) and give her pointers. I bet you will become great friends. I need someone to do that with me, and would hate to think that someone disliked me just because I was confused about “what not to wear”.

  463. To All commenting about “grateful for a job,” have you been homeless,” and “you should be so lucky”…etc. :

    What exactly does being annoyed by a worker have to do with being ungrateful that you have a job… or in one specific comment on here- not being homeless. So does your argument afford that if everyone in the nation had a job, only then could we “rightfully” complain about being annoyed by the idiocy of our coworkers? But, we have no right to be annoyed since there are homeless people and struggling families? Life is situational, everyone’s annoyances and problems are only relational to their own situation.

    You are also probably the ‘person’ who thinks that eating beans everyday shouldn’t be complained about, because at least you get food, and there are people in the world who haven’t eaten… What if you detest beans? I completely believe that people should be grateful for what they have, as should employers on a side note, but being annoyed by someone 8+ hours a day does not mean they are ungrateful. They are annoyed… and honestly, you give the business world slackers, agitators, irritable, unreasonable, inappropriate, and simply useless employees an EXCUSE, by telling the rest of us we should just ignore it and quit crying, instead of making them accountable.

    I’m so tired of hearing… “you should be happy,” “at least you have …,” “other people aren’t as lucky.” Get over it! It is normal and okay not to absolutely love everything in your live, especially your job. I have worked hard for a long time, and am still far from where I want to be, but to work with someone who does not work hard, have the knowledge, and lacks willingness to grow – then interrupts my day or makes me look bad by association – is IRRITATING!

    It’s okay, we’re adults, we can tell others we are irritated by someone at our job… the world won’t end, we won’t forget the homeless, we are still grateful, and it doesn’t mean we are overly negative… we are simply annoyed! As for luck… I’m lucky for a lot of things in life – family, friends, nieces and nephews, love, laughter – but as for work … it has NOTHING to do with luck. I WORK, I have this job because I have worked for it, earned it, and frankly I do deserve more… although, I am still very GRATEFUL! I’m grateful for many things in life, but to make comments like people don’t work for many of the things they happen to be grateful for is degrading. Even relationships, friends, family, love, and laughter… many times take work. In my personal life, I would only put up with someone interfering in my relationships for a very brief moment, why is it expected we should do it at the work place?

    PS- Regarding the comments about food thieves… they should be fired. If they stole the stapler, or a chair, or reams of paper they would be let go… why is it acceptable if they steal right out of another employee’s pocket?

    And, yes I have dealt with this at the workplace, it is disgusting. For those of you, especially with children at home, who just ‘get over it’ and accept the company not finding a resolution after they steal your food, think about it for a minute. They are in actuality stealing your money, which then takes things away from your children. If they took your kid’s lunch money, I bet you would be infuriated.

  464. my coworkers generally don’t annoy me but there was one day where most of them got together and started talking about how horrible pregnancy is. I tried to let it go at first, but they were being rather loud. I got up from my desk looked at them and said “try having two miscarriages, at least you get to experience the ‘horrible’ side affects of pregnancy.”
    I was told to take the rest of the day off.

  465. Jrh,

    I agree with you 100% – just wearing 3D glasses or picking cheese off a pizza
    box doesn’t make you politically incorrect.

    In fact – maybe the person wearing the 3D glasses is just trying to lightin things
    up a bit in a work place with poor morale.

    I have been in the work force for a long time and have come across worse behavior! I have worked may years as professional. I have a BS in Business and two Master’s in Engineering – I have seen past coworker”s act out or do things to would make the hair on the back of any person’s neck stand up!

    And for the author of this article, blog or whatever you would like to call it, to say that they have never seen a person “peel chesse off of a box, plate etc.
    is just a little hard for me to fathom.

    I think it’s time for people to realize that in the work force you are going to have coworkers that don’t fit into your preconceived “norms”. As long as it’s not interfering with your work Performance or the behavor is not out right
    offense take a deep breath – and worry about your own behavor and work

  466. I work with an 82 year old woman who can’t hear herself fart, she does this ALOT. The worst thing she does, pulls out her dentures after eating and licks them clean!

  467. omg – these things are funny people! we MUST laugh (of course at ourselves) but it’s so much more fun to do so at others.
    now really, who didn’t crack up thinking about a coworker sitting at their desk with 3D glasses on!
    work with me here…!

  468. I think what a lot pf people don’t notice, you choose the job… in order to keep the job you have to perform accordingly. I’m extremely patient so the nail clipping, eating their pimples, and kicking their feet against the wall doesn’t bother me. I get it, I was picked on as a kid by my siblings I got a tougher skin, but I applied to the job and got the job because I was qualified. I did something right and I’m not going to let some one else ruining it. I get stuck with ther weirdos!

    What bothered me the most is a female coworker who always began her sentences “I wonder what would happen if…” Usually it meant she thought of something extemely creepy. A hispanic coworker came into work talking about sad news of how some parent put their baby in the microwave. The creepy coworker SMILED! Then she said “I wonder what will happen if you put a hispanic baby into the microwave… will it turn out like a black kid?” She found it amusing. We complained and many times we confronted her. She would use staples and paper clips to cut herself to see “what would happen.” There were beanie babies scattered across her cubicle and you weren’t even allowed to look or talk about them or she threw a fit. She talked to them constantly. Then the Twilight craze came and she would wear a cape and fangs every friday because we were allowed to dress casually on fridays. She was nuts. Our boss said she was autistic and we thought she needed help. Period. My last straw was when she found out I was an atheist and tried to rid me of the “devil” with a cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen (NOT JOKING!!!). I quit so did a few others; I later found out she never saw or read Twilight, she just always had a thing about vampires and now that it’s cool she can express herself more freely. 10 months ago I bumped into my old boss who said the creepy coworker is in some mental hospital after trying to break into her house for firing her.

    If you can’t do your job because a coworker is a little weird it hurts your work. I think it is normal for people to release their frustrations there will always be someone who finds you annoying as well. My habit is those clicky pens and I’ve been told I type too fast and cause others to lose their “typing rhythm.” There might be other things others haven’t mentioned.

  469. Why hasn’t my posted comment showed up on here?
    There was no foul language – just my opinion and a little advise
    about the work place.

    I think this is censorship at it’s worst.

    Shame on the author (Anthony Balderrama) and
    for letting this type of censorship run rampant.

    I guess I will tell anyone whom is posting a resume or using Careerbuilders
    to use – what do think? – word of mouth spreads fast.

  470. i have a co worker who constantly runs over to my desk to fart… and last time he did that, he farted so hard he pooped his pants, had to go home and change his pants. he hasn’t tried farting around me since. :-)

  471. I have to share a desk with a woman who covers her hands in vasiline and doesn’t wipe things down when we change shifts.

  472. I worked with not one, but two extremely terrible coworkers.
    One put a picture of her parrot on her cubicle and would talk to it at 3 am(I worked third shift). She would pick her nose and talk about how brilliant Jeffrey Dahmer was. Very creepy.
    The other lady was just…nuts. She would hide patient info in her desk, and when she got caught she was able to talk the managers out of firing her. But, she did it all the time. Argh!

  473. Have you ever had a co-worker who picks his nose most of the time when you talk to him? It’s very hard to focus and not laugh. I’m very cautious when he hands me papers and things. They require a “booger check”.

  474. When I worked in retail, I worked with supervisors who knew what they were doing; stupidvisors that shouldn’t have been allowed around other people; and snoopervisors who wanted peices of information to hang over your head as blackmail of some sort. I got out of there as soon as I could. I almost had a nervous breakdown over all the crap that was going on. As pitchman will say: “But wait–there’s more!” But that is for another time.

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  476. I use to work with a nurse who would come and sit down beside me. Once she made herself comfy, she would let a loud smelly fart and laugh about it. I thought this was a show of poor judgment and inconsideration for her colleague. For some reason she loved to pick me for her unpleasant smelly deed. The odd thing about this was that she was a very popular nurse. I learned to pick an area where I was less vulnerable to her nasty attacks.

  477. People live in constant fear of upsetting those around them. Not one of those things listed bothers me at all. So what??? I work with my co-workers 8 to 12 hours a day. I commute two hours a day, I see my wife and kids for maybe 4 hours a day. That means the people I work with I see more than my own family. I am not going to waste a single amount of enegy worrying about all the annoying things they do, because they could just as easily come up with some for me.

    who are you to criticize those around you? Are you Ms. Etiquette or Mr. Perfect? Then stop throwing stones from your glass house.

    Live your own life and stop criticizing those around you. Be happy for once in your lives.

  478. I promoted one of my co-workers to a key holder position. Then he stopped doing his job and twirled his new keys on a lanyard all day while others did his work.

  479. I’m just happy to be working. All I can say is headphones are a wonderful thing. They mat get on my nerves at time but we are all part of one big team. I’m sure they need their job as well as I need mine.

  480. I used to share a large cubicle with my boss. I would eat canned turkey and bean chili daily which consistently wrecked my GI system. I would drop ass the rest of the day after lunch and point my fan in her direction. She took it like a champ.

  481. I like the folks on forums that complain about the complainers because the entire reason for the column was to talk about the weird things your co-workers do. OH MY GOODNESS. lol What a riot!

  482. omg, you sound like THE most annoying coworker of them all! don’t you know imitation is the best form of flattery? Also, all the things you are talking about sound petty and catty, so who’s catty? you are! i’m also unmarried and in the workfore, working at a company with mostly married people and the ladies do like what i wear and i tell them where i got things etc. it doesn’t bother me at all… they do talk about the things they can’t do because they’re married and give advice on things i could be doing, i don’t see that as offensive or annoying, it’s rather enlightening and i just listen and take what i want from it, it doesn’t mean that I have to follow their advice. Just saying.

  483. I had a co-worker that loved to sing. He kept insisting (at least once a day) that I sing with him or on my own. I kept insisting (at least once a day) that I can’t sing. It gets to be very annoying. I would have gone to the boss, but him and the boss were best friends. Also, he was a manager and I was just an assistant. I just had to endure and ignore.

  484. ok ok ok ok – jeeze people! This is a forum for constructive public opinion – it solves nothing to tear each other to shreds because you don’t like what someone else said!! You can’t criticize someone for being catty when you are making it a point to cut them down in turn! No wonder no one gets along in the work place, or on the street, or with their neighbours or ANYWHERE beyond their front door!

    The truth is people are weird. All of us have some quirk or foible that undoubtedly gets on someone else’s nerves. It would be wonderful if we were all aware (and unselfish) enough to notice our own challenges and issues and have enough courtesy and COMMON SENSE not to get on everyone else’s nerves. But let’s be honest. For as long as there have been people roaming this planet, we’ve gotten under each other’s skin. Whether it’s gum chewing like a barnyard animal or “TMI” or who didn’t put paper in the copier – we are ALWAYS going to irritate each other because that it just the way it is now, a hundred years ago, and will undoubtedly be a hundred years in the future. Perfect co-workers don’t exist. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, (I frequently get on my own nerves) but I’m cognizant enough to recognize when something I’m doing or saying is irritating to someone else. And if someone else gets on my nerves, I walk away, or I put on my head phones, or I leave the floor and re-centre myself. If it’s any help to anyone else out there try imagining you’re in an episode of The Office (and quite frankly there are some days I expect Ashton Kutcher to pop out of the ficus and tell me I’ve been Punked).

    With the unfortunate turn in the economy, those of us who are employed are luckier then we’ll ever know or appreciate. But being stressed out, depressed, worried, angry etc in our everyday lives make us generally miserable overall and every small thing that other people do that we find irritating seems magnified by our own unhappiness. Personally, I work 2 jobs because I have no choice, spouse of out work, mother in law’s home in danger of forclosure and being on the edge of bankruptcy. I will gladly take that person trimming their nails at their desk over not working at all. And I’m hoping they will be equally patient with my knuckle cracking.

    People are who they are. We stand in our own way most of the time and can’t figure out why we aren’t getting further, doing better, being happier etc etc. But things are not likely to change – they haven’t in the last 2000 years so why disparage the people around us. Chances are they have their own problems and worries we know nothing about but I bet you’d help them if you DID know! Nail cutting, gum snapping, sleeping at their desk aside! Food for thought or empty words falling on deaf ears, it’s up to you to decide.

  485. How about a co-worker that sits in here desk across from you and picks the dead skin off her feet? Working in a room that’s about 10′ x 10′…I put up with it for over 4 years….also always sleeping at her desk! That’s disguisting!!

  486. I found out from a friend that someone in the office where I worked and who I really didn’t know very well was really badmouthing me. I knew that this person didn’t like me, but this went beyond dislike. She told this person that I was a terrible worker and people in the office said that I was incompetent worker. She told her other things which weren’t entirely true. She didn’t really want to tell me but felt that I needed to know this. I didn’t know what to do as I had just gotten my first full-time job and had never encountered this type of hostility from anyone.

    What was interesting to me was when my friend brought this up to other co-workers, they never would deny that these comments about me were said or they wouldn’t look her in the eye when she expressed her dismay at these things being said. They would try to avoid the issue but I know that they heard these comments said about me. Everyone else seem to know. They knew and they knew I knew. Avoiding the issue was what they did. If push came to shove, they would do the same thing unless they had to tell what happened.

    With the exception of my friend, no one else ever struck up for me or told this woman to stop saying these things. Not even my supervisor. When I said something about it, avoidance was the reaction. I couldn’t do anything about it.

    I noticed a couple of years later at a party that this woman either bad-mouthed or said negative things about people. No good word about anyone or anything. I noticed this before but this time it was more pronounced. I really don’t know how you could overlook this.

    This happened over 20 years ago. If this happened today, I wouldn’t put up with it. I’m much older and wiser.

  487. The plant I worked at for just over 23 years was closed last year. I guess I was lucky to put in 50-60 hrs a week on the graveshift…..where I got to work in an isolated area……There was this one guy though……..a temp. His name was Phuc and he was from Vietnam. A little short dude….Remember the Seinfeld episode with the “close talker”? THIS guy was one of those…He’d walk right up to you within like 3 or 4 inches, look up and start talking. To everyone. You’d see him backing people up til their backs were to the wall. We called him Phuc U……..The even more annoying thing about him though…..If you were outside on a coffee & smoke break with him…..He was missing some front teeth, and he was CONSTANTLY expectorating ( spitting ) on the ground. NOT just in one spot either. You’d see these little wet spots every 6 inches or so…all over the smoker’s patio. We were afraid to sit down at the picnic table without wiping the thing down first…for fear we’d rest our arms in a fresh drool pool…..

  488. WOW! Perhaps some of these people complaining and having their poor me moment should learn how to spell and possibly use proper english?! Just saying! And to those in uniform….thank you! Not one person complaining on here knows what a rough job is…as you do!! God bless…

  489. YES – Thank you very much! The sacrifices made by both you and your family are very much appreciated!!! Wishing you a safe return home.

  490. Okay people it’s Lisa the fashionista is back lol i see alot of your’ll are taken my comment really serious and that’s ok every one has a right to their opinion..however, what i said in my comment was real not delusional, as i have had coworkers pettly approach me about what how they brought the same clothes as me and show me by saying oh look i have express jeans too.. i have coworkes that when i first wear something to work, for example i brought a coach bag and the next day my coworker went out and brough 600 $ in coach merchandise and came to work bragging directly to me about.. now i really don’t care what my coworkers buy whether they copy my style or buy the same bag e.t.c or not.. bit what i find annoying is when i have to hear about it like i really care becauses i don’t care if what my coworkers buy.. it is almost harassiing and annoying to be approaced directly with look i brought the same whatever.. buy it even if your copying me.. but don’t harass me about it because i don’t care.. well nice chatting with your’ll peace to you and al our annoying coworkers Lisa the fashionista lol later

  491. I used to work with a manic young woman whose cheating husband’s” pet names” for her were all negative explicative’s and who had slept in separate rooms since before they were married, who owned half a dozen dogs who were her “children” (which is for the best since even though she wants to teach elementary school someday she thinks human children are “little weirdos”), who talked endlessly about the squirrels in her yard- by name, who had incredibly negative things to say about her friends, family and former co-workers behind their backs (a good deal of which I found out later that she had made up), and whose family was insane (as in her mother burned her house down on Christmas Eve which, sadly, she did not make up).
    It’s not that she didn’t do her own work, that she distracted me from my work by constantly talking about these things, or that she told me all of these things her first day on the job that made her the worst coworker ever and off the chart weird. The oddest and most difficult thing about her was that when she noticed what a good relationship I have with my adult daughter, she started hinting that she wanted me to take over for her mother and give her the support and stability she had never received and eventually pretty much outright demanded that I do so. When I declined to take over the train wreck that was her upbringing she immediately started to cause me trouble at work, tricking me into covering for her mistakes, lying about me, sucking all joy out of my job and making me dread coming to work every day even though I had once had boundless energy for my job. At first I felt very sorry for this tragic wreck and even defended her, which I grew to regret.

    Now that I have been blissfully free of her for over a year the reduced stress has renewed me. I’ve lost weight, look younger and enjoy life again.

    I hope this helps those annoyed by flatulent whistling co-workers with poor table manners to put things in perspective. It could be so much worse, at least you haven’t had to memorize the names your office mate gave the 30 squirrels that live in her yard.

  492. I have a co-worker who “Digs for gold!”. EVERY day he picks his nose and YES it goes right into his mouth! At first I thought… that didn’t happen… but I saw it again and again. I started to point it out to other co-workers who have all witnessed his sly finger to the mouth routine… now it’s blown up to everyone in the office knowing of his dirty little habit.

    Many of us have complained to management about this and we have all been told that we could move to another location if it’s bothering us. Rather then have the balls to say something about the boogs, the working people are displaced for the one who sits surfing the internet eating his snot.

  493. Those things come almost close to what I’ve encountered…but not quite. There is not the remotest hint of professionalism in the place I work.
    How about the 300 pound worker that wears shorts to work? …Or the one who continuously pulls on her pants in the back and complains about her underwear “going up the crack of my a**”? …Then there’s one who whips up her top in front of everyone to adjust her bra. …One uses the F word 3 times in every sentence, …a couple discuss how their different psychotropic meds are not working, …one smears vaseline on her face when her skin feels dry, …one spends half her time on her cell phone arguing through text messaging with her boyfriend, …and another one is apparently completely from another society that hasn’t evolved to our level yet.
    …And should we discuss the one who lost her drivers license last year due to a DUI incurred during the course of a cancer benefit? Well, this year, after just getting her license back, she said she’s not going to drive during the same annual cancer benefit, and she didn’t. This year she got drunk, stole someone’s bicycle, wrecked it and broke her foot. So she’s off work for the rest of the summer.
    These are all health care workers. Do you feel safe now?

  494. To all the people complaining about the ones complaining.

    Sure listening to a topic of conversation you don’t like, or having to put up with behavior you find annoying might be small issues (and baby-like whining), but it is the topic of this article, not how lucky we should count ourselves compared to people with a lot less!!!

    While our worries might be small and irrelevant when you have no home, food, or job, they are still the worries that we do have.

  495. My boss, who I have to share office space with (his office is a room off of my work space), surfs a dating website all day long. He also has a friend that calls about 10 times a day and they crtitique the emails they send to prospective women on the dating website. This goes on constantly ALL DAY.

    I tire of listening to the constant banter about the “hot ” women he finds. I’ve asked him repeatedly to simply shut the door of his office so I don’t have to hear this to no avail. Astoundingly, none of these women stick around for more than 1 date. Gee, I wonder why…

  496. If you are thinking people are “competing with you” because they purchase same very common name brand clothing, maybe you should get married and have kids. It will give you something else to think of other than whether someone looks like you. And the comment of I hope you are going to a party because you are wearing a sexy blouse implies it is way to provocative for a business environment, not that they are jealous. You may wish to grow up a bit and realize that work is not high school and Sex in the city is not a real environment.

  497. I work in an office where 1 supervisor frequently comes in drunk or severely hungover smelling like alcohol. She and her crew are probably on break for more time then they actually work. The breaks wouldn’t be so annoying if I and a few other coworkers in MY dept. didn’t have to sqeeze in time to help them “catch up” in order to “keep costs down” Then if we don’t complete their work, they complain how we do nothing or ask “what we did yesterday”. My dept. doesn’t get a paycheck and a half for doing our job and half of theirs, to the contrary, bonus checks are awarded quarterly, and they get their bonus while we did a great deal of the work. Two other coworkers in my dept consistently come in late – I mean several times a week. One of them is almost always a half hour late and the other one clocks in at 5-10 after DAILY. This is a big deal when they are relieving you – then we periodically get notes in our mailbox advising us to watch our times to avoid overtime. This is typical in our office because our GM doesn’t have any management skills – he appeases the slackers, for whatever reason, and those of us who come in on time, do our work, and sometimes others, get worked like 3rd world orphans. If anyone approaches the GM about these problems, he will go to the employee in question and tell what YOU said, – in the end YOU get made out to be troublemaker and everyone carries on with drunk supervisors, half the staff on break, and the rest of us wondering what time we’ll actually get off because apparently the schedule doesn’t mean squat to those who can’t make it in on time. It’s frustrating to see bad behavior glossed over daily while yourself and the other coworkers who try to exemplify a good work ethic are expected to cover the slack. Because the slackers constantly need excuses as to why they did or didn’t do something, the rest of us have become paranoid and defensive and it is very stressful. To those of you implying that those of us complaining about bad behavior are whiners, well, YOU spend 40 + hours a week trying to deal with it and see what kind of mood you’re in.

  498. “Remember that the things you hate about other peole ar really the things you hate about yourself”

    This is actully a misquote of Jung..what he siad was the things you dislike about other people teach you about yourself. You may not have any of the qualities or quirks of the poeple with whom you dislike, but it may be a window into yourown intolerance or grandiose thinking of a being superior(just an example).

    Unless you coworkers are disruptive, hostile or worse just accpet that we all have our own quirks and forget it.

  499. I worked at PETA for 2 years, you have no idea the strange things I saw co workers do or the strange conversations I overheard.

    Watching someone eat pizza from a box or sip from a sippy cup would have a been relief.

    I’m just thankful, and always have been, to have a job and the ability to work.


  501. I can’t see how the things we find annoying about others are the things we actually hate about ourselves.
    I have this turkey in the cubicle next to me and everything he does that annoys me are none of the things I do.

  502. To all of you deriding people here for complaining: It can be very helpful, even theraputic to vent one’s frustrations on the internet, better than snapping and inflicting bodily harm on a co-worker, right (kidding, for those of you who lack a sense of humour)? Before you accuse anyone of acting childish, look at yourselves, specifically going here to start trouble. Some of you probably don’t have jobs and just want to start a little drama because your cable went out and you ran out of cheese doodles. Those of you saying “be happy you have a job” are likely unemployed themselves, there is a difference between not wanting a job and being annoyed with the people around you. Many of these people who are writing can’t work, not because they look for the things, but because they can’t NOT NOTICE THEM.

    I bet you holier-than-thou idiots are either unemployed or the very co-workers that do the very annoying habits people complain about and you feel so insecure that you have to scramble to make yourselves look good, which is the only reason you’re offended by this article and the people commenting. Perhaps you better do something more productive with your time than telling people “oh boo hoo, grow up” and do a little growing up yourselves.

  503. You might think wearing an iPod at work is unprofessional, but I HAVE to use mine. There is a guy who sits beside me a whistles all day long. Sometimes random notes, sometimes what could be a song, sometimes imitating the beeps that the printer makes (NO JOKE!), and if I wasn’t able to put my earbuds in a crank up the volume to drown out the sounds, I might have had a mental breakdown by me. I can’t leave the room. I can’t stop it myself. It’s like hearing nails on a blackboard all day long. I want to constantly punch him in the face, or throw something or scream, because it’s like torture. When he’s not whistling, he’s humming or sighing or groaning or tapping. The guy CAN’T sit still.

    Also, I have some serious hypersensitivity disorder (a real thing, as it turns out). Which means I’m sound-sensitive, photo-sensitive… pretty much anything you could think of. People blowing some of this stuff off like it’s no big deal need to get their entitled heads out of their collective arses.

  504. my filipino coworker who is married to a japanese guy, thought she had a chance to have a blonde haired blue eyed white baby. she even asked me what i thought her baby would look like.

  505. Ihave a co-worker who eats whatever is in the refrigerator if it doesn’t have a name on it and if it does he has to openit up and to see and smell what it is. If you are eating he sticks his face so close in hopes that he can get a taste through his nostrils. Its really sad. Whatever you have on you desk he thinks its for everyone. And it doesn’t matter what it is, a half eaten fruit, a cookie, whatever. Another thing he’s loud and abnoxious!

  506. I have had next to no co-workers I end up being barely able to stand for even an hour, let alone an eight hour day. Especially the ones that have to tell you every single, minute to minute boring detail of what they did last night, what they’re doing tonight, etc. Like “did you see that B on the Housewives of New Jersey last night?” or “Oh I can’t wait for the next Big Brother…” Get a life, people, really! Makes me just want to go it solo for the remainder of my working life and be an Ice Road trucker or something.

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