The best comments of 2010

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We appreciate all of our readers. But sometimes, we appreciate your comments even more. Since it’s the very last day of 2010, here is wrap up of some of the best reader comments of the year.

You shared some funny stories about calling in sick …

“I was running some surround sound speaker wire through the attic and fell through the ceiling right into the house; I had to wait for the repair man to come over the next day to repair the hole where my body had went through …  my boss said he believed me because it was too absurd not to be true.” -Michael, on “A chicken attacked my mom, and other reasons you called in sick”

“I had a co-worker who had stayed up partying all night and called in drunk. My boss couldn’t even be mad at her because she was so totally honest.” – Dani, on “Is there a reason you’re late or is it just an excuse?”

“I had an employee call in and say that he had clipped his toenails to short so he couldn’t come in. Really????” – Cathy, on “A chicken attacked my mom, and other reasons you called in sick”

“I had vision problems this morning. I just couldn’t see myself coming to work.” JR, on “Is there a reason you’re late or is it just an excuse?” (This one was shared in one variation or another by a few dozen of you).

Vented about co-workers …

“It’s ok to run over your co-worker, but [you've] got to be clocked in. In the state of Washington.” -Joe, on “The weirdest work stories of 2010”

“I remember we had a guy [at work] who quit and went to grad school. He used to comb his beard into his desk. Then play with the pile. Make a little pyramid. Almost like a Zen garden. We drew straws on who would clean out his desk …” – Analyst, on “How NOT to job hunt”

Corrected each other’s grammar …

“Grammar is spelled with an a not an e. Common spelling error.” – Dan, on “Don’t say that to your boss, say this instead”

“G-R-A-M-M-A-R” - Wellnow on “Is your boss more like Michael Scott or Oprah?”

“Nancy — your noun-verb agreements are abysmal.” – Mark, on “Don’t say that to your boss, say this instead”

And offered some pretty great advice …

“If you are terribly shy, I recommend joining Toastmasters. It is an easy, safe, supportive environment to help you build self-confidence. Most everyone who joins is shy when they come, but it eventually goes away if you keep going to meetings. It’s like building muscles as the gym. It doesn’t happen the first time you go, they build a little more each time till you eventually have muscles. Try it I think you will be surprised how much of a difference it can make.” – Julia, on “An easy way to feel powerful at work”

“The last thing you want your interviewer to feel is that you are there just hoping to get a job. Do some research on every company you apply for. Make a great first impression by dressing sharply, being humble and gracious, and appearing as if you can get along with any co-worker. Make your interviewer feel (without going overboard) that you want a job with their company for a specific reason or reasons.” - Justin, on “Interview mistakes you wish you could take back”

“Here’s an old-school, no-tech method for catching typos in your resume: read it backwards. The lack of context and gestalt makes those misspelled words jump right out at ya …” - Bobbo, on “So you think you’re a great candidate?”

This is just a small sampling of some of the gems we’ve seen this year, so thanks to all our commenters. We look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions in 2011. Happy New Year!

  1. A few years ago a new employee called the morning she was supposed to start working with us and said she couldn’t start that day because she was out partying at the bar too late the night before. She was asked not to come in at all and someone else was hired in her place.

  2. Kaitlin Madden,

    Your story on “Best bets for jobs in 2011″.

    This story is the worst lie I have ever heard. Accountant makes $60,000? Please you are insulting us.

    Web developer, You didn’t do you research woman. This position is outsourced to people that live in India. Now let me help you out on this one. Go to and you can post a job that people in America would do for $1200.00. Yet when you make that post, don’t worry you can get the same work done for $400.00.

    Personaly you didn’t do your research. Stop your lying.

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