The Best Job in the World?

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sydney1 While I was walking to work today, bitter at the fact that the working world doesn’t follow the same stipulations that schools do when canceling classes because of freezing temperatures (it’s -25 degrees today with the windchill), I got to thinking about how much I’d like to be on a beach somewhere far away… with warm sand, blue water and sizzling sunlight.

Interestingly enough, when I got to work, I had an e-mail from a co-worker waiting for me. Inside, was a link to the most amazing job description I’ve ever read:

Position: Island caretaker. Duties: Lazing around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for six months. Salary: 150,000 Australian dollars ($100,000).”

This is not a joke.

Australia’s tourism department is seeking one lucky person to “stroll the island’s white sand beaches, snorkel, maybe take a dip in the pool — and post photos and videos of his or her experiences on a weekly blog,” while  residing on Hamilton Island, which is part of the Whitsunday Islands, for six months. (Hello, I could do that.) In addition to the lucrative six-figure salary, the position includes free lodging in an oceanside villa and airfare from wherever you currently live.

Applications are open until Feb. 22 and 11 finalists will be flown to Hamilton Island in May for the final selection process. The job begins on July 1.

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  2. I am a student from CHINA .
    I like Australia very much.I have known that
    “the best job” for a long time . It’s very interesting .

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